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120 degrees. Helpful programs to take the sting out of high bills are the equal pay or budget billing programs utility companies provide. With one year of past utility history, Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and the Portland Water Bureau will average projected use over the next 12 months and set your monthly bill at the same predictable amount, with no seasonal variations or surprises. A new local program open to City of Portland residents is Clean Energy Works This is a hassle-free pilot program making homes more energy efficient with no upfront costs. It is open to all electric or gas-heated homes and includes an energy assessment, a personal energy advocate, qualified Energy Trust contractors, and a low-cost loan paid back monthly on your heating bill. Enjoy a more comfortable home while helping the environment. Do you need water-saving kitchen and bath faucet aerators or low-flow showerheads to lower your water bills? Contact the Portland Water Bureau at 503-823-4527 to have some mailed out to you for free.

Outside environment

Not only do views of trees have a noticeable calming effect on our psyches, they provide natural habitat, shade, seasonal beauty, soak up storm water, clean the air and store away carbon dioxide. Connect with Friends of Trees to see about an upcoming neighborhood group planting in your neighborhood, or for the yard www.friendsoftrees. org. Trees, maintenance, and planting are available at reduced cost ($25 - $75 per tree). Disconnect downspouts (keeping water runoff at least six feet away from basements and foundations) can yield quarterly discounts on the sewer portion of your water bill, and you can also get paid for the initial disconnection. Check out this free City of Portland Bureau of Environmental

Services (BES) program for your home: Want to learn how to do more with less while preserving resources? Contact the Regional Green Building Hotline at 503-823-5431 or Valerie Garrett is the Coordinator of the Regional Green Building Hotline and Annual City of Portland Build It Green! Home Tour

Dear EarthTalk: Which woods are OK to purchase, and which are not, in the interest of preserving forests and not harming those who depend upon them? -- Jon Steiner, Boise, ID Deforestation continues to be one of the world’s biggest environmental problems, especially in fast developing regions like South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. Cutting down large numbers of trees erodes land and silts waterways, displaces native people and wildlife, and releases tons of carbon dioxide (which is stored in living wood fiber) into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. Of course, wood products are essential to modern life. Without wood we wouldn’t have the buildings, furniture, paper and other essentials we make use of every day. That’s why protecting sources of wood has become a leading concern among not just environmentalists but everyone else as well. In response to the problems wrought by increasing deforestation, some forward-thinking wood products professionals teamed up with environmentalists, native people’s advocates, community forestry groups

Cool on the outside…

...Green on the inside.

Our office is committed to reducing our environmental impact on our world. • Recycling/reducing waste items • Digital x-rays/intraoral pictures • Reducing water usage • Amalgam capture system reduces exposure to people and groundwater • Participating in Clark County PUD ‘Green Lights’ program to offset our energy usage. • Non-toxic/Biodegradable cleaners. • Check our website for more ways we are green...

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Columbia River PDX c Green Living Journal d No. 9 Summer 2010


Green Living Journal Summer 2010 # 9  

"A Practical Journal for Friends of the Environment" Articles: Power Plants of the Future, Recycling Books, Locavore Basics, Clean Diesel, E...

Green Living Journal Summer 2010 # 9  

"A Practical Journal for Friends of the Environment" Articles: Power Plants of the Future, Recycling Books, Locavore Basics, Clean Diesel, E...