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Background Triggered by the sad fact that the environmental impact and the social gap in Indonesia grew bigger despite the business growth, we came to a realization that the future business could only be done with the understanding that We are not alone and we have to share with others.


his understanding can only be supported by doing proper Green Business and Activities with business ethics beyond compliance. It is the only way to keep the business sustainable in the future. Green Line Care we established in 2007 as a private limited company with a mission to develop innovatively eco-friendly products and services, community empowerment, conservation programs, and contribute our profit to social and ecological development in Indonesia. We call ourselves as “Green Social Entrepreneur”. In 2009, we set up Green Line Community as a non-profit company focusing on community empowerment, and Green Line Conservation, focusing on forest restoration and carbon trading

(supported by South Pole, Carbon Asset Management Company from Zurich).

Value “To establish sustainable business creativity by involving the community as the main component, and caring for environmental preservation” The objectives of our value are... 1. To urge equality and welfare among related doers/actors, 2. To manage activities openly and professionally, 3. To implement the concept of “Not Just for Profit” as the fundamental understanding of all related parties, 4. To improve the Quality of Life of all related parties.

In 2010, we started a mutually benefiting partnership with CV KWAS SME industry engaged in furniture and handicraft that already acquired FSC labeling and GFTN (Global Forest & Trade Network) WWF in Central Java. The objective of this partnership is to create sustainable job opportunities for more people in Indonesia.

3Ps for Green Action

Social Performance

Environmental Performance

Profit “not just profit� Economic Performance

Commitment in involving the Commitment in taking an active community as the main compo- role in conservation as a respon- Faith in doing sustainable activities while upholding equality, sibility to the next generation nent in doing business openness and professionalism Terms of uses: Terms of uses: Terms of uses: Labour conditions; Health & safe- Product performance-use of enty; Employee welfare; Diversity & ergy; Product performance use of Profits & Growth; Assets & Liabilinon-discrimination; Talent devel- materials; Supplier management; ties; Dividends & shareholder reopment; Worker council; Human End of life services; Product safe- turn; Choice information; Comperights; Privacy; Product respon- ty; Visual impact; Advocating sus- tition; Investment & divestment; sibility; Sustainable marketing; tainability; Eco innovation; Work Technology transfer; Bribery & corruption prevention; EthicalSocial investments & commu- environment trading & consumer rights nity involvement; Philanthropy; Openness

Retirees Empowerment We conduct social entrepreneurship training to prepare employees entering the ‘last chapter’ in their lives (retirement) with something they can contribute to the community and environment.

Partnership with organic farmers

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MUI No: 01014002100709

* Sample Chickens Independently Tested in 2009


e have established a mutually benefiting partnership with organic farmers. Our products are organic quality chicken, fruits and vegetables. The objective of this partnership is to create a sustainable job and healthful food for more people in Indonesia. Our products already exist in high-end market in Jakarta and Bali.

Lighting for People Lighting Poverty

Off-Grid Lighting Solution

“1 out of 4 people still lives in the dark.”

“We start by patching every kerosene lantern with better light that is brighter, clean and safe.”

Indonesia still has a lack of access to electricity and other forms of power, which means that Indonesia is still poor in electricity--particularly lighting. Based on data from International Energy Agency, Indonesia’s electrification ratio is around 60%, so 40% of the country’s population have not yet enjoyed electricity. PLN or Indonesia’s National Electricity Company has targeted a 100% electrification ratio for the whole archipelago by 2020. This places the country together with some developing countries that also still have an electrification ratio below the average.

To lessen energy poverty in Indonesia, Greenlinecare joins forces with the Government and major multinational company. Right now Greenlinecare is working together with PLN’s CSR for a project in NTB region. Greenlinecare has also partnered with local government for projects in Papua and East Borneo to help the people there get access to lighting. We create simple solution for them, 5 bulbs for 5 days with rechargeable motorcycle battery (a charging kiosk with solar panel could serve 100 families).

Community Empowerment


e design this program for people who live in remote areas. The objective of the program is to provide effectively creative solutions that suit the local potential and natural resources of the people. For instance, in Bintuni, Papua - East Indonesia, partnering with Multinational Gas Company, we are now running assessments on the solar oven solutions. The area has abundant resources from the sea but because of the limited infrastructure, these potential resources have been wasted. So what we do is train the people to be able to make their very own solar ovens using their local resources and also make fish balls, dried shredded fish, etc. as an added value.

Green Partners Our Work Concept Basically our organization is not big, with only 15 members in the core group. Nevertheless, we network with several parties who are in line with us to take action in Green Social Entrepreneurship and enact working groups based on the potential of each group.

Green Activities on Energy (ecore - energy cost reduction) The activities include lighting program for people; research and development on wind turbine with Jasa Marga Cooperative, the highway operator; and ‘zero’ energy river pump that has been implemented in Sulawesi and Java areas.

Green Activities on Art, Craft & Furniture: Craft & Furniture Development in Jogjakarta, Central Java.

Indonesia is very rich in art and craft products. However, innovations in the design are still limited and the quality has not been a priority. This is the reason for us to form a consortium with several entrepreneurs who are willing to share ideas in finding the best solution to have a sustainable market and create job opportunities. We are now in the process of assessment program. This program plan will be run together with some Entrepreneurs. We strive to be consistent in our responsibility towards the community and environment by applying fair trade principles and FSC labeling.

Art, Craft & Furniture

As part of our endless commitment to preserve the environment, Greenlinecare also brags about environmentally-friendly products while stay foproduct assembled by PT. Green Line Care Indonesia cus at improving people’s lives. One of the products is the energy saving light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. At the moment, we have already established our own LED assembly facility. Due to its relatively high prices, LED lamps are commonly offered as replacement for conventional lamps to government offices or big corportations, including factories or plants as alternative for energy-saving program aimed at saving operational cost. Greenline is also conducting product customization aiming at people with limited income. The product is called LIMAR (Listrik Mandiri Rakyat), a very low power-consumption lamp. LIMAR has undergone series of modifications

to make it a user-friendly product for people inhabitting rural areas spread all across Indonesia where electricity is scarce. LIMAR is often delivered as aid in CSR program of particular insitutions or companies both state owned or private. Greenlinecare continues to develop the ‘driver’ installed as part of LED component to achieve the most efficient and long-lasting LED lamps. We also continue to find a more environmentally-friendly materials used as part of LED components.


Retirees Working Group To date, we have had two groups--one consisting of retirees from the Indonesian Central Bank (Bank Indonesia) and the other consisting of retirees from the Ministry of Forestry. Having vast knowledge and experience in their fields, the retirees can keep on staying active while, at the same time, share what they have got with the community.

Ecosystem Restoration

Salat Island Project, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

The third largest forest area in the world and half of the world’s tropical peatlands are located in Indonesia. The country has huge biodiversity. It is one of the five most species diverse countries on earth. Sadly though, the largest emissions from deforestation and degradation of forests and tropical peatlands also happen to be sourcing from Indonesia. Every year the country’s forests are sharply disappearing

at a rate of over one million hectares, which is nearly 4,000 square miles. It is no wonder that all priority-setting exercises have identified Indonesia a global priority for actions in conservation. Green Line Conservation cooperates with local and international organizations, such as South Pole Carbon Asset Management Zurich, Orangutan Land Trust (OLT) UK and KEHATI Foundation to restore and preserve the rainforest of Indonesia. Central Kalimantan has been chosen as the first project location. At the moment, Salat Island, along with its surrounding area, where the project takes place, is in the process of achieving its concession. Once the project is up and running, it will not only take care of the forest and its biodiversity and wildlife, but also the local people whose lives depend on the sustainability of the forest area.

Forest Conservation Club (FCC) FCC was established in May 2010 by devoted members of KEHATI, Rimba Raya, Global Green, South Pole and Green Line Conservation as the initiator. The club serves as a medium for people from different walks of life who care about conserving the environment to know more about the latest developments in conservation. Anyone with the spirit of conserving--instead of destroying--is welcome to join the club.

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