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A riveting new 13 part television series hosted by Frank Abagnale

“I’m simply like many people that fell under the seductive influence of the real Frank William Abagnale Jr . . . He has a dazzling I.Q. with tremendous style.” “People like and trust him . . . when you meet Frank you understand in a second how he can pull the wool over your eyes.” “. . . even today just meeting and knowing him he can sell me 8 days of the week any time he wants to.”

“He’s a dapper well dressed, well presented man who exudes a brand of confidence I wish I had.”

“He has a way of engaging you with his eye contact, energy and intelligence.”

“The seminar that he put on for bank security experts and law enforcement people could have been a one man show on Broadway. . .”

“He would never steal from mom and pop’s pockets but rather big corporations. . .”

“. . . It empowered my work as Carl Hanratty to see what a smart, confident, brilliant and charismatic man he (Frank) is so that I now better understand their relationship.” ~ tom hanks

“. . . I didn’t make the movie to honour what he did in the past but rather what he’s done with the rest of his life”. ~ steven spielberg

“. . . Even though he’s the most famous bank robber of all time, he’s really a nice guy that was just misguided as a teenager.” ~ leonardo dicaprio

hosted by

Mr. Frank W. Abagnale (Ab'-big-nail) Mr. Abagnale’s rare blend of knowledge and expertise began more than 40 years ago when he was known as one of the world's most famous confidence men. This was depicted most graphically in his best-selling book, Catch Me If You Can, a film of which was also made, directed by Steven Spielberg with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. A Broadway musical of the same title was also created and in April 2011 opened on Broadway. It has since been nominated for four Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Between the ages of 16 and 21, he successfully posed as an airline pilot, an attorney, a college professor and a pediatrician, in addition to cashing $2.5 million in fraudulent checks in every state and 26 foreign countries. Apprehended by the French police when he was 21 years old, he served time in the French, Swedish and U.S. prison systems. After five years he was released on the condition that he would help the federal government, without remuneration, by teaching and assisting federal law enforcement agencies. Mr. Abagnale has now been associated with the FBI for over 35 years. More than 14,000 financial institutions, corporations and law enforcement agencies use his fraud prevention programs. In 1998 he was selected as a distinguished member of “Pinnacle 400” by CNN Financial News – a select group of 400 people chosen on the basis of great accomplishment and success in their fields. In 2004 Mr. Abagnale was selected as the spokesperson for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). He has also written numerous articles and books including The Art of the Steal, The Real U Guide to Identity Theft and Stealing Your Life.

scam me if you can

scam me if you can



Fraud Squad, the hard hitting TV series that reveals the inside of fraud crimes now brings you a gripping new twist.

This series takes an investigative approach to fraud stories revealing details about each crime and the criminals behind them. This is done through compelling story telling and cliff hanging bumpers to ensure viewers return after each commercial breaks.

Portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in Steven Speilberg’s hit film, Catch Me If You Can, Frank Abagnale is touted as the most genius fraudster of our time. His brilliant mind is now used on the right side of the law as he works for the FBI to help outsmart scam artists and to help catch these criminals. The incredible Frank Abagnale will now host this new season called Scam Me If You Can and for the first time on televison, he’ll take us through the anatomy of a scam and his incredible insight into the dark minds of these con men and women. This riveting new series will teach you how to spot scammers before you become their next victim. Who do you trust? . . . this series will have you asking that question more often.

Each Episode will begin with a one-minute teaser that encapsulates the episode highlighting the most intense story points and leaving the viewer with an “I gotta see this” feeling. Following the teaser, the show opens with quick one liner testimonials from people such as Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and the head of the FBI about how brilliant a con man Frank Abagnale was and who he is today. This is Inter-cut with moments from the movie Catch Me If You Can. Mr. Abagnale will then introduce the episode and take the audience inside each scam and the mind of the criminal. In wrap up of the episode

he’ll give us his deeper insight into the tricks the criminal has used and how we can spot other con men in our own lives so that we don’t become victims. This one-hour series has six acts, each with cliffhangers about what’s coming up next. Upon return from the break, a brief recap will provide some context to the story for the newly tuned in viewer. The series will make use of actual images related to the crime with very limited use of recreations (close ups of hands, money and contracts). The images will have motion at all times (zoom, tilt, pans, slides). These well told stories are quick in pace through interviews of law enforcement officers, experts and victims, threaded by the narrator’s V.O. and in some cases, the criminals themselves. The editing will sync with a tense and suspenseful soundtrack with some carefully placed matching sound effects. The colors will be rich and saturated with a hue theme of emerald, cyan and magenta. This beautiful treatment greatly enhances the production value. Bumpers, will urge the audience to get further detailed information from the broadcasters site on each episode, the particular type of crime and where to find help for victims. The site will include the Frank Abagnale and Catch Me If You Can brand. The producer will provide a comprehensive library of all fraud crimes to embed within the site.

executive producer

doug connolly Doug Connolly, a veteran in the television and distribution business for more than 35 years serving educational and broadcast markets. He was appointed CEO of Magic Lantern Communications and continued there for 17 years. He was then appointed Managing Director of Distribution Access, a subsidiary of CHUM Television. Doug managed the unit for Discovery Canada following its acquisition by CTV Ltd. and later negotiated its independence from CTV in 2009.

Today, he is President and CEO of a group of companies servicing broadcast distribution to production and educational services, all under the parent corporation of Magic Lantern Media. Mr. Connolly has turned Magic Lantern and it's group into one of the largest educational distribution companies in Canada serving world markets.


daniel d’or Daniel D’Or heads up development and production at Canamedia. He is the creator, director and producer of the first two seasons of the investigative crime series Fraud Squad. Now Dan is taking the series to the next step by moving to a one-hour format and introducing Frank Abangale Jr. of Catch Me If You Can fame as the new host of Fraud Squad. Dan is a prolific producer and director with over 20 feature films and dramatic television series to his credit. He owned and operated

Greystone Productions that provided the North American television industry with comprehensive technical and post production services. For Dan, aviation is a life long passion second only to production. So, it was inevitable that he combine a helicopter company, Ryan Helicopters, with production services to become a specialist in aerial cinematography. Dan provided these services for feature films, television and live sporting events, garnering awards and recognition from around the globe.

producer/law enforcement expert

craig hannaford Craig Hannaford had a long and successful career in law enforcement rising to lead Canada’s national fraud investigation unit with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) He has worked with the FBI, the Secret Service, the US Postal Inspection Service and many foreign police agencies including Interpol. Craig has been recognized by the Director of the FBI for his dedication to fighting international fraud. As a “top fraud cop”, Craig has investigated just about every scam there is and has busted fraudsters around the world.

Fraud Squad is able to make use of Craig’s extensive investigative experience and law enforcement contacts to search out and produce riveting fraud stories. In adition, as a key partner in Fraud Squad, Craig brings his planning, organizing and implementation skills to the series and it's related ancilliary services. Craig, an accomplished public speaker, is sought out by radio and television to provide commentary on topical fraud issues.

episode one

episode two

deadly doctors

who’s behind the mask?

Christine Daniel, a California doctor, recommends an herbal remedy to her patients that will cure their cancer better than traditional chemotherapy. She charges her cancer-stricken patients $100,000 dollars under the table for the bogus treatments. One of Daniel’s victims is even her pastor’s wife!

Amanda Grimes, once a Scottish princess, works her way into the inner circles of Hollywood, connecting with stars such as Woody Harrelson, Keanu Reeves and Robert Downey Jr. Her fall from grace leads her to unleash a series of travel scams including one that targets the wedding plans of the “Los Angeles Times” travel editor.

In Los Angeles, Dr. Kenneth Tailor recruits hundreds of vulnerable homeless people to undergo completely unnecessary surgeries, in exchange for a small kickback. He conducts over 60 unwarranted surgical operations every month, and bilks medical insurance for millions of dollars . . . until something goes terribly wrong. In Wichita, Kansas, Dr. Stephen Schreiber and his pharmacist wife, Linda, team up to provide thousands of unwarranted narcotic prescriptions to addicts with the sole intention of increasing profits. Their “pill mill” makes over $4 million dollars profit but at a tragic cost. Over 68 of their “patients” die as a direct result of drug overdoses.

Tahir Malik, a man who never set foot in a law school, impersonates a lawyer for many years trying over 50 cases in Chicago courts . . . and often wins! The source of Malik’s legal knowledge? . . . studying episodes of the TV series, “Boston Legal.”

episode three

episode four

i love him to death

the real sin city

Lonely heart Robert Merrill meets the love of his life online, a beautiful Brazilian woman. When he flies to Brazil to meet her, he finds that his new love is not whom she seems. Robert is lured to a remote location, where a criminal gang imprisons, drugs and forces him to reveal all of his banking information. After draining all of his cash, the thugs strangle Robert to death.

In this unprecedented story, a group of corrupt politicians and city officials take over an entire city – Bell California. They recruit the Chief of Police to protect their activities! They pilfer the city’s treasury for millions of dollars, and destroy the city’s finances, its employee pension fund and its credit rating in the process. It takes some real tough cowboys to shut down this major scam.

Soon after Debbie Best signed up with an on-line dating service, she develops a relationship with a seemingly wonderful man named John, an elegant antiques dealer, who travels extensively in search of collectables. But John soon finds himself mugged and penniless overseas in desperate need of cash and goes to Debbie for help. John continually asks Debbie for more financial help until her bank account dries up. In the end, Debbie discovers that she’s just one of John’s many on-line “lovers.”

episode five

episode six

victims strike back!

Nightmare Holidays

After Australian Keith Jones is swindled in an investment scheme, he decides to track down and confront the crooks. It goes badly for this amateur sleuth as the trail leads him to a deadly gang in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. You’ll see actual footage of this nightmare as he decided to bring his camera along to document his journey and confrontation with the criminal gang.

Holiday scams can destroy your vacation! You have to be alert to who or what is waiting for you in paradise. Scams cannot just clean you out of your cash and belongings, they can lead to much darker and more terrifying experiences.

When Dr. Dean Axelson is defrauded in a “black money scam” he is both embarrassed, and furious that he got taken for so much money. Determined to get vengence, he approaches the police, who coordinate an international sting operation. Terrified, Dr. Axelson goes undercover for the police to lure the Nigerian fraudsters out of hiding. He offers to meet them in Amsterdam to offer them more of his money . . . but who’s trapping who?

This episode looks at victims whose holidays were ruined by cons such as the “Rental Car Scams” or by slight of hand fraud artists. Beware! Travel scams can lead to more frightening cons such as taxi impersonators who can take you down very dark and deadly roads.

episode seven

episode eight

investing religiously

identity theft nightmare

Mormon Bishop Shawn Merriman uses his authority as a representative of God to convince friends, family and members of his church to invest their savings in his stock investment fund. Only Merriman doesn’t use their money to buy stocks – he uses it to fund a lavish lifestyle, destroying the savings of his investors and leaving many of them penniless.

Nancy Nesby not only loses her money and her credit rating, she also loses her freedom. After her name is used to commit crimes in cities across the country, this completely innocent women is arrested and jailed . . . six times!

Bradley Collins poses as an evangelical preacher, and tells his victims that they are “blessed” to be considered investors in his stock scheme. Claiming that he prays for weeks about his investing decisions and receives divine guidance from God, Collins actually does very little stock trading. Instead he moves money from one account to another while collecting “commissions” along the way, taking his modest parishioners for over $30 million dollars.

In a similar case, a law-abiding mother of two, Kimberly Fossen, is arrested for drugging and robbing men she supposedly picked up as a prostitute. Incredibly, the case against her is based on DNA evidence! Only the DNA belongs to the criminal that’s using Kimberly’s name and identification. The real Kimberly spends 24 horrific hours in jail before the police finally believe her story.

episode nine

episode ten

this home’s a steal!

white collar gangs

The 2008 housing meltdown opens a door to con artist Glen Alan Ward. He approaches hundreds of distressed homeowners across the U.S. explaining that he can delay foreclosure on their homes indefinitely for a fee of $700 dollars a month. Although it appears he is making good on his promises, he does so by filing fraudulent bankruptcy claims on the homeowners behalf, temporarily halting foreclosure and destroying the credit of his victims. He collects $1.2 million dollars from distressed homeowners across the country and leaves his victims in a worst financial state.

You don’t expect to see bikers or other street gangs in suits. But in reality, many members of criminal gangs are now working in the office, 9 to 5!

Matthew Cox and Rebecca Hauck led law enforcement on a nationwide chase and ended up nd on the US Secret Service's most wanted list. They went on a rampage of identity theft and mortgage fraud throughout the south and were using many aliases to hide their tracks. This modern day Bonnie and Clyde go on camera to tell us their inside story.

In one remarkable case, a street gang in San Diego corrupts an entire financial institution, bleeding it dry as its employees quake in fear. In another case, a violent Los Angeles street gang finds that drugs and murder are less profitable than white-collar crime. They set up a fake business front to commit fraud.

episode eleven

poor psychic believers Some psychics know how to use their talents for one thing - to trick people out of their money. A family of psychics in Florida scammed victims out of $25 million dollars. Psychic Rose Marks and a bunch of her relatives have been convicted of defrauding their customers. One of Marks’ claims was that she could communicate with Michael the Archangel and obtain divine guidance for her clients. A Florida police detective along with a self-proclaimed psychic are convicted for their part in a scam which elderly and seriously ill people are told they would be magically cured of various diseases. Despite a spirited defense, psychic, Linda Marks and detective Jack Makler, both go to jail. Marks tells sick people she can cure them by praying over their money. Detective Makler is assigned to investigate some of the claims, but instead he helps Marks avoid prosecution in exchange for a cut of the action.

A psychic who tells clients that she’s carrying out “God’s Work” is arrested for conning almost a million dollars from a woman who thought her family was possessed. Peaches Miller, of Florida, convinces a female client from California that her family was plagued by evil spirits and that people are looking to kill her. Miller uses this fabrication to strike fear into her victim and then squeeze the woman of more than $800,000.

episode twelve

episode thirteen

lending a hand

in the end

In a gruesome scam, David Player concocts a scheme to cut off his friend’s hand and split the accident insurance money. The scheme actually works. Player and the “victim” collect over $600,000 in insurance blood money. They get away with it for awhile until their money spending trail exposes this gruesome fraud.

Olga Rutterschmidt and Helen Golay befriended homeless men and then took out life insurance policies on them. These angels of death staged car accidents killing their new found friends. However sharp detectives noted similarities between the various hit-and-run deaths and started to unravel this brutal and lucrative criminal plot.

Detroit firefighter Brian Baulch doesn’t remember the bricks raining down on him amid the inferno of a blazing two-story office building. He was knocked unconscious. The hail of debris broke his nose and both feet, six ribs, his pelvis and six vertebrae. Criminal Calvin Jones torches the building to fraudulently claim insurance money and doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way.

Jean Crump, a mortuary worker, concocted a scheme to invent people in order to defraud insurance companies. With the help of co-conspirators, Crump created fake people and obtained insurance policies on them. When these factious people “died”, the fraudsters cashed in on the insurance. The story gets stranger when investigators learn that the criminals buried a mannequin and cow parts in order to make sure the coffin had the right weight when it was sent to the crematorium.

radio Frank Abagnale’s Radio FraudCast • 30 and 60 second interstitials designed for the morning and evening work commutes immediately following the news. • The topic of each FraudCast will align with corporate sponsors and advertisers that relate to their specific industry sectors, i.e. Credit Card company/Credit Card Fraud, Banking institution/Financial Frauds etc. • Each FraudCast will encourage listeners to watch the TV series in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. • This initiative provides “free” marketing to increased traffic for the TV series.

multi media Youth Fraud Awareness Campaign • The nation-wide campaign of PSA’s would encourage youth to take the Fraud Awareness Quiz on-line and win great prizes. • Posters would be placed in 17,000 libraries across the U.S. in conjuction with the PSAs.

scam me if you can

ancillary opportunities • Unlike many other TV series, “Scam Me If You Can” has the ability to reach corporate advertisers with added incentives for their brands recognition. This creative has a correlation to their operations, image and bottom line. They understand that in revealing fraud crimes to the public, the incidence of victimization is reduced. • Advertisers in the series and involvement in the complimentary ancillary opportunities (below) will be seen to the public as a “safe” company to deal with and the perception that they “care” about the viewers. • The ancilliary products below provide viewers with the reason for watching this series. They can protect themselves through awareness of how these potential crimes can easily happen to them.

educational institutions Lesson Plans • Lesson plans could be created for integration into all levels of school curriculum.

social media Victim Support • Facebook, twitter etc, would provide specific fraud type victim support.

website • U.S. site would coincide with radio and TV broadcast • The site is designed to be an interactive community for the public to see information and assistance relating to every fraud type.

Canamedia is a division of Magic Lantern Media 2 Pardee Avenue, Suite 102 Toronto ON Canada M6K 3H5

Scam Me If You Can  

Fraud Squad, the hard hitting TV series that reveals the inside of fraud crimes now brings you a gripping new twist. Portrayed by Leonardo...