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Greenleaf Pool Assessment Meeting 21 January 2012 --- 10 am @West Cobb Church Barb Kennedy called the meeting to order. Board members present were: Barb Kennedy, President; Jansi Garner, Treasurer; Sharon Hall and Julie Winsor, Co-Secretary.

There were 17 homeowners were in attendance. Proxy forms were counted: All present were in favor of the Pool Assessment (of $54 due by June 1, 2012) to resurface the pool. Together with present and proxies we had 38 total for. The members present assured the board that they would get the remainder of the proxies needed. Total needed is 51. One present was against the Pool Assessment to resurface the pool.

Items of business discussed at meeting: ~The Association needs a minimum of 51 votes in favor to commence with the resurfacing. Homeowners in attendance that want the resurfacing done said they would ask their neighbors to sign a proxy in favor of the resurfacing. The group felt working together they could secure the additional 13 votes needed to have the work done. ~Robert Kennedy, head of the pool committee, explained the particulars of the resurfacing to those in attendance. He also said that the board had agreed to replace the sand in the filtration system, replace the pump, and change the pool to a saltwater system. This is normal routine maintenance that has not been done since the pool’s inception. The board feels it is a health issue and not an option. The saltwater system is less expensive in the long run. According to one homeowner who has the same system in his own

pool the water is not salty like the ocean, and leaves your skin feeling like you have been to a spa. ~Discussion about different courses of action in relation to the pool followed. It was decided in the end that the best choice was to get the remaining votes needed and let the pool expenses be shared by all the residents, because it positively affects home values for all residents. ~Residents in attendance related concerns about not knowing their Greenleaf neighbors as well as they would like to. Andrew Smith volunteered to head the Social Committee. Barb Kennedy said social activities, such as pot lucks and get togethers would come from homeowners support and not from the Assn. budget. Ideas for neighborhood events and get togethers are always welcomed. The meeting was adjourned.

General Meeting regarding pool  

General Meeting

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