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Greenleaf Board Meeting Minutes 3-22-2012 Julie Winsor Barb Kennedy called the meeting to order. Board members present: Barb Kennedy, Jansi Garner, Sharon Hall, Julie Winsor. Items of Business discussed: Swim bands---green for homeowners, blue for guests/visitors. ---give a receipt for green bands; $5/each charge for lost bands. ---keep a log of blue bands/ possibly give receipt/check off name- when returned

POOL—Cobb County Public Health---annual health inspection fee $260.00 Need—‘No pets allowed in pool’ sign. New regulation---Updated regulations now require pool operator training. This is a mandatory course that a homeowner from our neighborhood must attend: ‘Certified Pool/Spa operator Course (CPO)’ will satisfy this requirement--- $150 charge. Class takes place on May 8th & 9th, 2012, from 8:30-5:00pm. Topics such as pool and spa chemistry, testing, and treatment will be covered. The CPO certification is valid for five years. The instructors are certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Contact number: (770) 435-7815. One homeowner has already offered to attend; Jansi said her husband could possibly attend. (Could we postpone taking the class? Price of class may increase if we wait; needs to be done in the next two years; let’s just get it out of the way.) Drainage problem to the right and left of the gate at the pool entrance---standing water. Barb will get quotes for french drain to alleviate standing water. To the left of the pool where the landscaping was done---the gardenias don’t look well die to the standing water. Jansi will get one of the three estimates for the work. Men’s bathroom—leaky hose in men’s bathroom. Last 3 or 4 years we have had bathroom problems. CLEAN UP on Friendship Church Road

Saturday April 21st 9am-10am. We’ll supply gloves and trash bags Pool house keys—Barb had keys made so each board member has a key to the back of the pool house. Would like to clean out/organize this area. 3281 Fruitwood—in foreclosure—Barb called GMC—caretakers. Property is in need of pressure washing. Barb left message for Terri. Barb will continue to call until she talks directly to Terri. Cobb County Water System ---barb faxed in pool repair bill ---she was told there was a good possibility that they would credit us for refilling the pool. Tax Return for HOA (considered a nonprofit corporation) H & R Block wanted $500 to file one form (form #1120H). This was due March 15th so Barb filed a 6 month extension until we get copies of a more intense ‘script’ of the tax----this was the advice she received from an accountant. ‘returned transcript’ ‘record of account’ provides most detail This is in progress. INTUIT payment network—possible way for homeowners to pay HOA assessments. Will cost HOA 50¢ per transaction---idea tabled for now. Account Balances as of 3/22/2012: Checking Account: $34,264.15 Savings Account: $10,918.45 CD: $6,085.89 Motion to transfer $28,000 from checking acct to savings acct. Motion seconded. All board members in agreement to make transfer of funds. HOA dues---currently 36 homeowners have not yet paid for 2012. Technically, not late until 30 days after due date of March 15 th.

New neighbor—1568 Vineleaf Drive, Julie will get free welcome bag from Great Harvest, and take by. Neighborhood get together for adults. Email from Andrew Smith, 3279 Fruitwood, Get together for adults April 15th or 22nd. Approximate time---4:00 to 6:00pm. Invitation to all adults---bring your own beverages and heavy appetizers. POA not HOA. We are officially a POA (Property Owners Association). Barb asked several questions of our attorney—Michael Rome, as to what that means, and how it is different from an HOA. Quarterly Financial Report---The board will post a quarterly financial report on the website listing the current balances for the checking, savings, and CD accounts. Flood plain/Nature Trail ---Barb has the plat map of the area. She asked Michael Rome what is the status of the property. Lights left on at pool----Jansi and husband noticed lights left on at the pool last week in the bathrooms and in the equipment room. They turned the lights off. Barb will call pool contractor to make sure lights are turned off each time workers leave. Concerns about gate to pool parking lot---Sharon shared concerns about children playing on gate at pool parking lot. Gate was squeaking heavily, but attending parents allowed children to continue playing/swinging. New ‘homes for sale’ signs for entrance---Barb picked up new signs that were ordered to replace the signs that were worn out and falling apart at the front of the neighborhood. We will need a posthole digger/auger to install---possibly board members’ husbands will be able to do this soon. Meeting was adjourned.

Board minutes 3.22.12  

Board Minutes 3.22.12