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Alice th e Apple A Beginner’s Guide to Fruits and Vegetables written & illustrated by William Greenlaw

For Alice, my grandmother

Alice the Apple A Beginner’s Guide to Fruits and Vegetables Copyright Š1998 William Greenlaw Printed in the United States of America All rights reserved Special thanks to Martin Krumpholz

Alice the Apple fell on the ground, and due to the fall is not perfectly round.

Artichoke Ann has thick, stumpy leaves. You may eat them with butter or whatever you please.

Barny Banana all snug in his peel. If you zip him open he makes a nice meal.

Hey bro, how's it going?

Side by side and covered in sauce, the Baked Bean brothers tumble and toss.

Broccoli Bob has a strange sort of habit. He uproots from the ground and chases the rabbit.

Orange and slim and good for your eyes, Clara the Carrot has a crunchy surprise.

Celina is the Celery Stick, crispy and green. A favorite in meals or as a snack in between.

Please, come back!

While Conrad Corn was resting one day, a kernel popped off and rolled away.

Carl the Cucumber is bumpy and green. And though he’s quite nice, he looks sort of mean.

Carl 's brother Clarence


Tell me why!

Elvin the Eggplant ponders why he has been named after an egg but not layed by a hen.

Varied in color and hard as a rock, Fran is the Frozen Vegetable Block.

Gary the Grape grew up on a vine, dreading the day he’d be stomped into wine.

Clint the Kiwi is fuzzy and rough, but a tangy green fruit hides under his scruff.


A full head of roots grows from his crown, Larry the Leek lives life upside down.

Lana Lettuce is always quite tense, what with Ricky the Rabbit just over the fence.

Mr. Lemon Mrs. Lime play together all the time.

Martin the Mushroom, delightful and gay, sits very still and smiles all day.

I make myself cry!

Oliver Onion may make you cry if you’re slicing him up right next to your eye.

Otis the Orange grew up in the south, and as strange as can be has a tooth in his mouth.

Paulina the Pear comes in all shades of autumn. But what doesn’t change is she’s big on the bottom.

Perry the Pea has four tiny brothers. All live in a pod with room for no others.


Pomegranate Annette Hiding in cracks, crevices and folds, you’ll eat with delight the seeds that she holds.

Large and lumpy and covered in mud, Pauly Potato is a fine lookin’ spud.

Rudy lives underground

Rudy the Radish is tiny and cute. He’s tasty in salad even though he’s a root.

Strawberry Sally is plump, red and sweet, and she’s covered in seeds from her head to her feet.

I'm just big - boned.

Tubby Tomato a fat one indeed. Full of good cheer and small orange seed.

Timmy the Turnip lives in the ground. He’s purple and white and big all around.

Watermelon Wayne is lots of summer fun. His juice is real sticky and he weighs about a ton!

The End.

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Alice the Apple  
Alice the Apple  

A Beginner's Guide to Fruits and Vegetables