Jan/Feb 2014

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Above: The Deltec Homes design has an open, circular oor plan. Right: Homeowners Dwight and Kimberly Purvis built their energy-efficient dream home on seven acres just south of Lawrence, KS.

By Julie Koppen Photography by Valerie Kutchko


imberly and Dwight Purvis may seem like a couple unlikely to build their own house. By profession, he plays the French horn in the Topeka Symphony Orchestra and she spent 25 years as a pharmacist. But the pair wanted a home that was unique,

energy-efficient and would last the rest of their lives. And they wanted to build it themselves. After extensive research and a trip from their hometown of Lawrence, KS to visit the Deltec Homes headquarters in Asheville, NC, they decided to buy a prefabricated home kit that had built-in energy-efficiency features.



Lawrence couple builds circular geothermal home