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8/7/18 8:43 AM

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Number 1 – July/August 2018

Competing with



t seems as if more and more amateurs are tossing their winter hats into the snow removal game. When it happens in your service area, though, are these newbies perceived as a threat to your business or a joke? I pose this question because, last winter, I remember a bunch of teenagers hawking their snow removal services on my neighborhood’s Facebook page, armed with a simple shovel and the will to get the job done in the frigid Wisconsin temperatures. But I also remember how frequently desperate neighbors used the Facebook page as a call to action for either direct snow removal help or recommendations for pros. Naturally, this memory led me to the question: How often do you have to compete for a snow removal account with amateurs? Social media and the sharing economy are giving them a more level playing field with professionals, with the likes of Facebook where kids can advertise their afterschool snow removal services, and other amateur service offerings from Craigslist and similar social platforms. Of course, these greenfoots—most lacking a business license and proper insurance—don’t have the same overhead a professional snow removal contractor does, so they can offer basic services at a lower price point. How do you compete? Where does a snow removal pro fit in? Do you find yourself having to prove your professionalism is preferable to a cut-rate price from rookies and fly-by-nights? How are you convincing your customers that paying a little extra out of pocket at the outset, instead of paying for the hassles of hiring amateurs later on down the line, is in their own interest? Drop me a line and let me know!

Do you find yourself having to prove your professionalism is preferable to a cut-rate price from rookies and fly-by-nights?

Carrie Mantey (920) 542-1238 cmantey@acbusinessmedia.com


4 Longing for Snow Blade Longevity?

There are a number of factors that can help future-focused snow removal contractors lengthen blade life—from blade choice to preventive maintenance to operator training.

10 Five Snow

Attachments You Need to Survive Winter


Dealerships offer a variety of types and brands of snow attachments, giving you great opportunity to choose the right attachment or combination of attachments to suit your unique needs.

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8/7/18 8:42 AM

By Ryan Frey

Longing for Snow Blade There are a number of factors that can help futurefocused snow removal contractors lengthen blade life—from blade choice to preventive maintenance to operator training.


t’s not that hard to walk into a dealership, take a look around and pick out one of the least expensive snow blades. It’s new. It’s made to move snow. And the price seems reasonable. It’s harder to know if that shiny good deal is going to pay off in the long run. Sure, it may get a new contractor into the snow removal business or add to a contractor’s existing fleet—and it’d likely do a good job to begin with. But how long is it going to last before another bargain blade needs to be purchased? And how much downtime might there be if its components aren’t made for the rigors of the elements? While there’s no easy answer, there are a number of factors that can help future-focused snow removal contractors lengthen blade life. From blade choice to preventive maintenance to operator training, it all helps extend a blade’s lifespan and, as a result, provide a better return on investment.

Before the Buy It all begins with matching the plow to the carrier. While it may be tempting for contractors who just bought a new carrier to save money by using a blade already in their fleet, they could be putting efficiency and longevity at risk. Using a bigger carrier than recommended for a blade can cause stress fractures and cracks in the blade, significantly shortening its life. Meanwhile, using a car-


rier that’s not big enough for the blade doesn’t maximize the blade’s potential. Beyond finding the right match, some blade features and components are simply better engineered and built to withstand harsh day-to-day conditions, and last longer than others. Choosing a new or even used blade with such features can lead to years of use with little downtime. Carbide edges are a prime example. While they cost about four times more than steel edges, they can last as much as seven times longer, which means fewer replacements and, in turn, less downtime. A contractor can go through two sets of steel edges in a season, whereas a carbide edge can last more than three seasons. That’s a half-dozen fewer stints of downtime to replace the edges, coupled with 43 percent savings over those seasons in product cost. That savings multiplies when compared to rubber or polyurethane edges. These softer materials may fare OK on smaller, lighter-duty blades and are even required for some applications, such as airport runway jobs, but for clearing large parking lots or roadways, they are impractical. Rubber and polyurethane wear faster than steel and much faster than carbide, even when lubricated in wet conditions. In cold, dry areas, rubber gets brittle and wears down even faster over dry pavement. When it comes to cutting edges, carbide isn’t the


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8/9/18 9:02 AM

Ensure the blade you choose is made with steel that offers the ideal balance between steel gauge, weight and abrasion resistance. Choose blades with cutting edges that are made with steel that has abrasionresistant properties of AR400 or better.

only feature that contributes to longer wear life. Reversible edges that can easily be flipped and replaced double edges’ useful life as well. The material type matters beyond the cutting edges, too. The thicker the blade’s steel, the heavier duty it is, but there’s a caveat: More steel means more weight, and thus more strain on the carrier or the need for a larger carrier. Some manufacturers combat this by using steel that offers the right balance between steel gauge, weight and abrasion resistance. Choose blades with cutting edges that are made with steel that has abrasion-resistant properties of AR400 or better. This ensures a long wear life without a significant weight increase. Blades that incorporate steel tube frames also better resist flexing, helping the blade last even longer. Threats to a blade’s wear life also lurk beneath the snow, as it’s inevitable the blade is going to hit some-

thing hidden below. While best known for improving productivity, segmented blades that trip over obstacles lessen damage. To get the longest life from these trip edges, look for a model that connects the panels with parallel steel linkages rather than polyurethane block systems. Parallel systems keep the moldboard properly aligned during use, eliminating the risk of damage when piling and stacking snow. Hydraulic systems also can make or break—literally—a good return on investment. The simpler the hydraulic system, the less it should cost to maintain, and the longer it should last since there are fewer cylinders and pins to wear or break, and need replacement over the life of the blade.

Maintaining for the Future Besides hydraulic system simplicity, regular visual inspections of the system go a long way in getting the best life out of a snow blade. Check the hydraulic lines and linkages daily, looking for wear, cracks and loose Be sure to use the appropriate down pressure and speed. Excessive down pressure can quickly wear out cutting edges and, when paired with faster speeds, can cause significant blade damage when hitting an obstacle hidden under the snow.


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8/9/18 9:02 AM

connections. Sure, it’s probably not feasible or even the first thing on an operator’s mind when heading out at 2 a.m., but it should at least be done at the end of a shift. If a hydraulic line does come loose, it can get caught in the carrier, or pinched or cut by the blade. What could have been a minute spent checking and tightening the line becomes a more time-intensive process to repair or replace the line. Not only is that downtime unnecessary and undesirable, but Murphy’s law Rather than predicts it’s going to happen in finishing the job faster, the middle of a big snowstorm. excessive speed often Even less dramatic damage, such results in blade damage. as cracks in hydraulic hoses, can Similarly, strong down lead to significant downtime if pressure may seem to be left unchecked since hose chafing causes leaks and leaks cause the best way to scrape a road right to the surface, component failure. Maintaining a regular but that, too, can schedule of greasing a blade’s backfire. moving parts also adds to the product’s life. Check the owner’s manual for recommended grease points and set a schedule so it’s not forgotten. Be sure to choose grease with an adequate cold rating, as well as strong moisturerepellent qualities. It’s common knowledge that snow melts and, if that water gets into areas lacking lubrica-


To get the longest life from a segmented blade’s trip edges, look for a model that connects the panels with parallel steel linkages rather than polyurethane block systems.

tion, it can seize a blade’s moving parts. If components lock up, maintenance time increases exponentially. While it’s important to keep moving parts moving, it’s just as essential to keep stationary parts stationary. Regularly check a blade’s parts and fasteners, ensuring they’re tight and in place. Pay special attention to bolts along a blade’s cutting edge. Blade operation causes vibration and stress, which can loosen bolts. If a loose bolt isn’t spotted and tightened, it may shear off when going over a manhole cover or other obstacle, requiring the operator to stop and make repairs. For the best blade life, annual maintenance checks— whether at the beginning or end of the season—should be done. Before storing a blade for the summer or taking it out in the fall, thoroughly clean the equipment. Once cleaned, it is easier to spot issues, from loose parts to cracks. Tighten parts when feasible and replace others when needed. Whether completely worn or not, some parts benefit from annual replacements and changing them can ensure greater uptime during the peak snow removal season. Swap out skid shoes annually, for example, and replace the cutting edge if needed. Using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and keep-


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Commercial Duty Full Trip Plow 3/4 Ton Trucks with Plow Prep 1 Ton and Heavier Trucks

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304 Stainless Steel Moldboard & 1/2” Steel Cutting Edge An investment that will last.

Floating A-Frame™ Contour the road for clean scraping.

Quick Mount II™+ with Jack Switch No need for a jack with integrated, swing down feet, and hydraulically-operated mount height adjustment.


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ing backups handy not only increases uptime, but also lessens the risk of using a less-than-optimal replacement in a time pinch and ending up with damage. When inspecting the cleaned blade, look for areas where the paint is scratched or worn. Use custommatched spray paint from a manufacturer or dealer to cover any damage. While this goes a long way in terms of resale value, it also helps prevent rust, prolonging blade life.

The Drive toward Longevity Getting the most use from a blade isn’t just in the selection and upkeep. Correct operation also has an impact. Intuitively, the faster something goes, the quicker the task is going to be accomplished. That’s not the case with snow removal, though. Rather than finishing the job faster, excessive speed often results in blade damage. Similarly, strong down pressure may seem to be the best way to scrape a road right to the surface, but that, too, can backfire. Excess pressure causes premature wear, especially on cutting edges. Plus, the combination of too much down pressure and speed can cause damage since something is inevitably going to be hidden under the snow and, when hit with extra speed and pressure, be more likely to damage the blade. Operators also should avoid angling the snow blade forward. While doing this can occasionally clean the surface better, long-term use can be detrimental. Manufacturers design blades to be used perpendicularly to the ground, so tipping the top forward


Cutting edges that are made with carbide, and can be flipped and replaced provide optimal longevity.

can wear cutting edges and blade wings faster than if used properly.

Call in Backup When longevity is needed, customer support is key. Plus, the more experience a manufacturer brings to the design and engineering process, the more likely its products are going to withstand long-term use. Additionally, a manufacturer that backs its products with a favorable warranty is more confident in how they’re going to hold up. Look for a product that is going to be supported at least through its first couple of years. That way, if something goes wrong, there’s no stress in getting a fast replacement. More often than not, though, the longer the warranty, the less worry there is going to be of a breakdown. When it comes to making a snow blade last, there’s more to consider than purchase price. From the buying process to day-to-day use, the right choices and actions add up to a blade ready to go the distance season after season. Ryan Frey is the general manager of Horst Welding. Horst Welding has been manufacturing equipment solutions for the snow removal and agricultural markets for more than 20 years. Its HLA brand of snow removal equipment is one of the most extensive on the market. For more information, please visit www.greenindustrypros.com/10155831.


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8/9/18 9:02 AM

Visit www.greenindustrypros.com/10155825

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8/9/18 9:02 AM

By Nick Arndt

When used on tractors, certain snow attachments can be paired for added versatility.


You Need to Survive Winter Dealerships offer a variety of types and brands of snow attachments, giving you great opportunity to choose the right attachment or combination of attachments to suit your unique needs.


now removal is typically only thought about a few times a year—when the white stuff is dumping, flying and blowing around. However, it’s important for snow and ice management professionals to think about this crucial task before it’s an immediate need, and be ready with the proper equipment to get the job done. Most dealerships offer numerous types and brands of snow attachments, giving customers great opportunity to choose the right attachment or combination of attachments to suit their unique needs. Here are five of the top snow attachments to consider this winter.

1. Brooms

Most brooms can be used as soon as snow hits the ground, making them an ideal tool for zerotolerance contractors that maintain busy, highpedestrian properties.


Most brooms are capable of clearing snow up to 2 inches cleanly and down to the pavement, and can be used as soon as snow hits the ground. This makes them an ideal tool for zero-

tolerance contractors who maintain busy, high-pedestrian properties. These kinds of customers—hospitals and retail establishments, for example—have the highest expectations of preventing slip and falls. While great for professional snow management, brooms aren’t often used by homeowners. One reason for this is homeowners typically wait until snow accumulates to clear it, so they need more than the general 2-inch limitation a broom can handle. Also, snow can’t be thrown strategically with a broom in the way a snow blower allows, limiting the ability to place it in a designated area. Another thing to keep in mind when selecting snow attachments is brooms are designed to clear a typical sidewalk, which is 52 inches wide. The width of tires running the unit must fit within that footprint to avoid driving over and compacting unremoved snow, or disrupting lawn on either side of the pavement.

2. Blades Simple pushing blades are a staple in the snow removal industry, come in all shapes and sizes, and fit almost any machine or application. Smaller blades work well on sidewalks and residential driveways, while large blades can be outfitted on a wheel loader for larger parking lots or roads. Straight blades are typically used in conjunction with other pieces of snow management equipment


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8/7/18 8:39 AM



Tool for the Job!

High visibility meets increased versatility!

The new mpower Grid Light is bright enough and tough enough for the demands of your job. Silicone lenses withstand usage and Mother Nature with scratch-resistance and high UV characteristics. Customizable in LED lighting colors and size/mount options.

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8/7/18 8:39 AM

A hydraulic wing pusher operates in three unique ways, making it one of the most common and popular snow attachments.

Box pushers work efficiently, both moving snow and containing it while it’s pushed to a designated location for collection.

that move the snow with more precision. For example, blades may windrow or back-drag snow from hard-toreach areas that then gets pushed into piles by a containment pusher or blown away with a snow blower.

driveways. The unit acts as a straight blade when wings face out, a containment plow when wings face forward or a back-drag plow when wings face back. An operator can windrow large areas, contain plow into piles, or back-drag from close areas, entryways, parking stalls or residential driveways. Similar to a blade, versatility is enhanced when used on a tractor and combined with a rear PTO blower. The operator can essentially move snow anywhere and in any fashion.

3. Rear Power Take-Off Snow Blowers There are two common types of rear power take-off (PTO) snow blowers, each operating on a slightly different method for snow removal. Rear-facing snow blowers are similar to common walk-behind snow blowers and are typically used for residential driveways. When used on a tractor and combined with a front blade, the operator can push snow, windrow or back-drag, then also use the rear-facing snow blower to move the snow pile with the same machine. A skid steer, for example, only Whether the permits one function at a time, middle of summer or the whereas the tractor allows more first day of winter, it’s versatility. never a bad time to start Inverted or drag-style snow blowers operate in a unique way. thinking about snow Featuring an auger that faces removal. the tractor, the operator backs into a driveway, about 12 inches from the garage, for instance, then blows snow as the tractor drives away. This style of clearing driveways has been popular in Canada for years and U.S. contractors are beginning to follow suit. The process, intended for professional use, is especially effective for contractors with very densely populated accounts or several within a neighborhood, as the operator can travel to and from each property on a tractor vs. needing to transport a unit with a truck or trailer.

5. Box Pushers As the name implies, box pushers are just that—boxes that push snow. Because of their design, they also contain the snow while pushing it. Especially effective are box pushers with floating cutting edges. Rather than one long section of cutting edge, these small spring-loaded sections break up the pusher’s cutting edge into smaller sections that adjust to changes in terrain. This accommodating design results in better scraping down the pavement for cleaner results faster, and requiring fewer resources like salt and sand. These pushers are ideal for contractors servicing large commercial properties. A unique style of box pusher offered by some dealerships features a design that allows the box to be removed while operating, quickly transitioning to a straight-blade pusher that can angle, windrow or back-drag. Whether the middle of summer or the first day of winter, it’s never a bad time to start thinking about snow removal. Taking the time to outfit your equipment with the right attachments is the first step in preventing accidents when the snowflakes begin to fly.

4. Hydraulic Wing Pushers The hydraulic wing pusher can operate in three unique ways, making it one of the most versatile and popular options for snow management, and appropriate for both commercial properties and residential


Nick Arndt is an account manager for RDO Equipment Company in Moorhead, Minnesota. Connect with him on Twitter @RDONickA or Instagram @rdonick. For more information, please visit www.greenindustrypros.com/10936638.


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8/7/18 8:39 AM

Reliable performance isn’t expensive to build. We’ve been proving that for decades.


SDLG wheel loaders give you exactly what you need — simple operation and easy upkeep at the lowest prices in the industry. If you own an SDLG, you already know this. If you don’t, it’s time you did. To find your local dealer, click or call. * Prices are subject to change without notice. Visit sdlgna.com for details.

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1.0 yd / 74 hp

2.5 yd / 171 hp

3.0 yd / 184 hp

4.0 yd 3 / 241 hp



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844-TRY-SDLG 844-879-7354


8/7/18 8:39 AM



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When you’re purchasing a vehicle to help drive your business, you don’t want to waste time. Your Ford Commercial Vehicle Center makes the process as efficient as you are, offering trained and certified commercial sales professionals ... as well as priority financing and service for commercial customers. With an expanding network of dealership locations nationwide.

ford.com Shown with optional features and aftermarket equipment. Super Duty,® E-Series and F-650 shown without standard antenna.

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8/7/18 8:39 AM


SNOW & ICE REMOVAL Snow and Ice Management Request-forProposal Creation and Best Practices Knowing how to describe your service requirements in a snow and ice management request for proposal (RFP) is difficult, particularly given the variability of winter weather and the variety of property types. Therefore, the Snow & Ice Management Association established a best practices guide called Purchasing Snow & Ice Management: Quality RFP Creation and Best Practices to organize the procurement process to aid in the creation of RFPs, contracts and monitoring procedures. The document is divided into chapters that focus on: • A 52-week timeline that outlines dates to follow to ensure contracts are issued enough in advance to allow time to procure and allocate resources for the service sites. • Defining a clear level of service to ensure that those bidding for services are pricing appropriately. • Understanding what goes into creating a scope of work to meet level-of-service requirements. • Defining terms and conditions, and the role they play in the RFP process.

Equal Parts Snow Removal and Landscaping SnowWolf redesigned the ProPlowFX all-purpose plow to work equally well for snow removal, and light dirt moving or landscaping. The company says the attachment boasts: • A semi-floating torsion system that provides built-in shock absorption and variable down pressure—from zero to full down pressure—on the blade. • Automatic oscillation that allows the attachment to rise or fall up to 5 inches on either end to follow the contours of the surface, scraping it clean. • A blade with a reduced height of 27.5 inches, which is ideal for smaller skid steers and compact tractors. • A trip lock-out feature with the flexibility to adjust the tension on the trip mechanism for three options. • A moldboard with an aggressive curvature to enable snow rolling. • The capability to angle the plow 35 degrees for faster plowing with less trailoff on the leading edge of the blade. • Compatibility with machines that weigh up to 8,000 pounds. • Availability in 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-foot lengths. www.greenindustrypros.com/12360041


Extra Ground Clearance for Underbody Scrapers Mack Trucks recently released its Mack Granite Axle Forward model with 6 extra inches in the chassis ride height for more ground clearance for underbody scrapers, making it ideal for snow removal. The Granite model also grants: • A full range of motion for the underbody scraper to articulate in excess of 45 degrees in both directions, enhancing the ability to remove snow in the winter and grade roads in the off-season. • A shorter wheelbase for more maneuverability and less weight. • Simple plow installation without the need to move other chassis components. • Availability with the Mack MP7 or MP8 engine, and the mDRIVE HD 14-speed automated manual transmission with creeper gears. • The Mack ClearTech One single-package exhaust after-treatment system, which combines the diesel particulate filter, selective catalytic reduction and diesel exhaust fluid into one unit. • Mack GuardDog Connect, the company’s diagnostic and repair planning system to enable the quick diagnosis of issues, proactive scheduling for repairs, and confirmation that needed parts are in stock and ready to install, all while the truck is still on the job. www.greenindustrypros.com/12422820



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8/7/18 8:36 AM

THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS PARTNER You couldn’t ask for a better business partner than the John Deere 4R Series Tractor. When snow threatens to keep businesses closed, the 4R makes sure to keep you and the communities you service up and running. Dependable. Proven. And ready to be your number one earner. That’s the legacy a good business partner leaves behind. Visit your dealer to learn more about America’s Tractor, the John Deere 4R.


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A Cool Selection of Snow Blower Parts and Accessories

Versatile Four-in-One Plow Attachment

Scraper bars, paddles, shave plates, skids, runners, fasteners and V belts are among more than 125 popular snow blower parts and accessories in Rotary’s 2018 catalog. Other items include bearings, shafts, drive discs, auger and axle bushings, air vanes and ignition sets, plus SnoStik for removing slush and snow from the discharge chute. Other catalog features include: • Replacement parts for most brands, including AYP, Bolens, Gilson, Honda, Husqvarna, Jacobsen, MTD, Murray, Noma, Snapper and Toro. • 30 different MaxTrac tire chains and TerraGrip traction belts, which include a traction aid that helps prevent steel from touching the driving surface, in a variety of sizes to fit most tires. • Over 9,500 different outdoor power equipment parts, including 315 new items. • More than 1,675 pages complete with photos, descriptions and cross-referencing numbers for most brands. • Many hard-to-find and discontinued parts. • The flexibility to be downloaded in a PDF format.

SnowWolf introduces the QuattroPlowHD snow plow to tackle four distinct functions—as a high-capacity hydraulic angle snow pusher, angle plow with wings, wide-angle plow with wings and back-drag plow—with one piece of equipment. For heavy equipment, such as wheel loaders, tractors and backhoes, according to the company, the QuattroPlowHD is also highlighted by: • The convenience to switch from one type of plowing to another in seconds, without leaving the cab or even pushing a button. • The versatility to set the plow for a fifth function— wide-angle plowing—in 60 seconds or less by leaving the cab to reposition the wing cylinders so the wings only rotate back 90 degrees. • Availability in 10- and 12-foot lengths. • A hydraulic smart valve that gives operators complete control of the wings without removing their hands from the steering controls. • The ability to carry more snow than an angle plow when in the back-drag position. • 35-degree-angle tips on the wings to provide greater carrying capacity while minimizing windrows.



Clear the Way for Fast and Effective Snow Removal KIOTI front and rear snow blowers help clear the way with fast, yet effective snow removal. These snow blowers also boast: • Easy mounting of the front-mount snow blowers, which operate on a mid-mount power take-off (PTO) drive, by a quick hitching to the subframe, whereas rear-mount snow blowers hook to the three-point hitch and operate on the rear PTO drive. • Availability of four front-mount models, each equipped with four blades, a balanced fan, a manual chute deflector and a balanced auger. • Availability of standard-, medium- or heavy-duty rear-mount snow blowers in widths of 54 to 96 inches. www.greenindustrypros.com/12422675



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8/7/18 8:37 AM



The Ultimate Tool for Snow Removal!


Push, Pull, Windrow & Stack with One Plow! The Fox VersaPlow snow removal system features a revolutionary new design that provides the ultimate in efficiency, combining the functions of a box-style containment pusher, a backdrag containment box, and a conventional snowplow into one rugged piece of equipment. Hydraulically roll the end panels into any position from the cab. All functions are always at your fingertips.






STack Patent Pending

www.foxattachments.com | 800-433-5620 Visit www.greenindustrypros.com/10155825

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8/7/18 8:37 AM


SNOW & ICE REMOVAL Telehandlers Transforming the Snow Removal Industry Merlo offers compact, easy-to-handle telehandlers with optimal operating performance, comfort, efficiency and safety. With the ability to work 365 days a year, according to the company, these telehandlers additionally deliver: • The capability to strategically position snow with the telehandler boom to save space. • A 40-KPH speed. • 360-degree vision. • Electronic engine management for fuel economy. • A compact size that allows for maneuverability. • A load capacity from 2.7 to 7.5 tons. • A bucket capacity from 3 to 5 yards. • Four directional wheels. • A spacious cab.

GrandStanding with this Power Broom Attachment Toro designed this power broom attachment for multi-season use—clearing snow off sidewalks and driveways, as well as clearing debris or dethatching grass. Adding to the versatility of the Toro GrandStand Multi Force stand-on mower, the 55-inchwide power broom also delivers: • The ability to clear snow down to the pavement, especially for properties that require zero snow accumulation. • The convenience of attaching to the GrandStand Multi Force stand-on mower. • Optimal machine balance and power transfer for each attachment. www.greenindustrypros.com/12399116



Customized business insurance for more peace of mind As a small business owner, you know firsthand that each day can bring its challenges. With over 30 coverage options for customized insurance, we can build a policy that’s tailored for your business—from a full line of Commercial Auto insurance to General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Business Owners policies, and more. Because when your unique business needs are covered, you can focus on what matters most—running your business.


Progressive Casualty Ins. Co. & affiliates. Business and Workers’ Compensation coverage provided and serviced by affiliated and third-party insurers.

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8/7/18 8:37 AM

For additional snow-handling products and equipment, please visit the Product Guide at www. GreenIndustryPros.com.

The VersaPlow Brings Versatility to Plowing

Plows that Get Pavements Back to Black

The new Fox VersaPlow combines the functions of a box-style containment pusher, a back-drag containment box and a conventional snow plow into a single unit that mounts to a skid steer or compact loader. Other features include: • Availability in 8- and 10-foot blade widths with a steel trip edge or urethane resilient edge. • Advanced hydraulic controls that allow operators to change the configuration of the VersaPlow without the need to mount or remount equipment. • Suitability for retail parking lots, apartments, municipal campuses and industrial areas. • A 14-pin connector to fit most skid steers and compact loaders, a 7-pin CANbus adapter for some Bobcat machines, or a universal single-button diverter control and harness. • A floating or standard-mount configuration.

BOSS Snowplow launched its SK-R skid-steer box plows to unlock the force and maneuverability of the skid steer to get pavements back to black. The company says these box plows additionally boast: • A durable 1-1/2- by 8-inch reversible rubber cutting edge that cannot only stand up to winter’s worst, but also offer quieter plowing operation and protection to sensitive surfaces. • Articulating, heavy-duty wing shoes to maintain pavement contact on uneven surfaces and provide optimal wear resistance. • A fixed attachment system that attaches easily to the skid-steer attachment plate. • Availability in 8- and 10-foot models. • An optional back-drag edge accessory—simply rotate the box plow forward, and pull snow away from buildings, doors or objects.




82400B 100LB Rock Salt Spreader


82500B 100LB Rock Salt Spreader

V I S I T U S O N L I N E AT: W W W. C H A P I N M F G . C O M

8500B 200LB Rock Salt Drop Spreader

C A L L U S T O L L - F R E E AT: 1 - 8 0 0 - 9 5 0 - 4 4 5 8

Visit www.greenindustrypros.com/12288976


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SNOW & ICE REMOVAL Fighting Snow and Ice with Stainless Steel BOSS Snowplow believes that, for some, the best way to fight snow and ice is with stainless steel. That’s why the company is introducing its BOSS XT plow in 8-foot, 2-inch and 9-foot, 2-inch stainless steel models. The BOSS XT plow also provides: • Flared blade wings and an enhanced curl design that allows users to throw snow higher and farther over existing banks. • The ability to increase the blade width on a stainless steel plow by a full 22 inches at a 30-degree angle with convenient stainless steel plow wings to cut plowing time. • The capability to attach and detach the wings within seconds. www.greenindustrypros.com/12421472

V-Blade Attachments for Snow Removal Versatility John Deere’s snow utility V-blade attachments provide multi-functional versatility for snow removal or light dirt work with skid steers, compact track loaders or compact wheel loaders. The three models available—the BV6, BV8 and BV9—further offer: • Four hydraulic angling positions, including straight for larger cuts; V-configuration for pushing through hard pack; scoop (both sides inward) for snow stacking; and 30-degree right or left positioning for moving snow or dirt. • An electrohydraulic valve for independent blade function that operators control from the cab. • Trip springs to protect the vehicle from impacts. • Availability of a rubber cutting edge. www.greenindustrypros.com/12352436

Tough, Reliable, Rugged

Optional Pull-Back Kit

36-Series Snow Pushers for Skid Steers & Tractor Loaders

• Available widths of 8-ft and 10-ft • 7-gauge moldboard with 5/16” end plates, AR-400 skid shoes • Adjustable 1.5” x 8” ultra rubber cutting edge • Models for “universal” skid steer attach, JD 400/500 attach and Euro/Global tool carrier

Engineered, Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Visit worksaver.com to learn more Worksaver, Inc., P.O. Box 100, Litchfield, IL 62056-0100 Phone: 217-324-5973 • Fax: 217-324-3356 worksaver.com • E-mail: sales@worksaver.com

Designed. Engineered. Remarkable Value.

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CLEAR THE WAY FOR MORE BUSINESS. BEEF UP YOUR FLEET WITH THE SV340 — our biggest, strongest, meanest skid steer yet. This productivity monster can handle the heft of heavy snow while easily maneuvering into those hard-to-reach places that trucks and plows can’t touch. Rugged, reliable and versatile, pair it with a CASE Sectional Snow Pusher to plow through winter, or any of our other 250+ attachments to help bring in additional business during any season. Learn more at CaseCE.com/Snow


750 OFF




©2018 CNH Industrial America LLC. All rights reserved. CASE is a trademark registered in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its subsidiaries or affiliates. *Offer valid on the purchase of a CASE Sectional Snow Pusher from July 1, 2018 through October 31, 2018 at participating CASE dealerships located in the 50 United States and Canada. Offer subject to change or cancellation without notice. Prior purchases are not eligible. $750 discount is given as a line item discount from your dealer on your invoice at point of sale. Limit one redemption per household or business. Government bid and rental company purchases are not eligible. Dealers, please reference MB18-173.

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SNOW & ICE REMOVAL Comfort in Cold Conditions Milwaukee Tool recently refreshed its Heated Gear product line, each item powered by M12 REDLITHIUM battery technology, with faster heating to provide a better experience for the wearer. More specifically, according to the company: • M12 Heated TOUGHSHELL jackets use carbon fiber heating elements to create and distribute heat to the chest, back and front pockets. Milwaukee added a Quick-Heat function to helps deliver heat three times faster than before, fully heating up the jacket in 2.5 minutes. Other features include: FREEFLEX mobility gussets to help users maneuver more easily, three heat settings, up to eight hours of run time, machine-washable construction, a compact charger and portable power source for on-the-go charging via micro-USB in wall outlets, vehicles or computers. • M12 Heated hoodies also use carbon fiber heating elements to heat the chest and back with the new Quick-Heat function. Combining a cotton/polyester exterior with a thermal lining, these hoodies further feature: three heat settings, up to six hours of run time, a fitted hood for use under a hard hat and machine-washable construction. • M12 Heated AXIS jackets and vests consist of AXIS Ripstop polyester, providing a lightweight, compressible design that can be used as an outer shell or a mid-layer, and protecting the wearer from wind and water. Quick-Heat distributes heat three times faster to the chest, back and shoulders of the jackets, and the chest and back of the vests. Available in men’s and women’s sizes, each comes with the M12 compact charger and portable power. www.greenindustrypros.com/12422612

The Ultimate Sidewalk Spreading Solution The SnowEx Drop Pro 600 drop spreader provides the controlled application of bagged ice melters and bulk rock salt, making it the ultimate sidewalk spreading solution for use with utility vehicles (UTVs), tractors and other compact vehicles. The electric-powered spreaders additionally deliver: • Precise adjustment of the spreader’s material feed rate. • A 6-cubic-foot material capacity and 36-inch spread width. • LED indicator lights and a digital diagnostic display that make it simple to accurately set the spread rate and monitor spreader functionality from the cab. • Maximized material flow and consistency. • Polyethylene hoppers supported by corrosion-resistant steel frames. www.greenindustrypros.com/12422616

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Next Generation of Expandable Wing Plows Fisher Engineering recently updated its XLS expandable wing plows with new blade options, sizes and more. Some upgrades include: • Expandable flared wings to help operators maneuver confidently in areas like parking lots or alleys. • A flared height of up to 36 inches on the expandable wings, giving operators the ability to maneuver more snow than ever. • A model that measures 8 feet, 6 inches long and reaches 11 feet when fully expanded, while all models measure 31 inches in height. • A trip edge to protect the equipment. • Easy touch-button or joystick controls that independently change the position of each wing, switching from scoop to windrow to straight blade right from the driver’s seat. • Availability with yellow powdercoated steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel. www.greenindustrypros. com/12422836

Prevent Salt Waste, while Protecting Landscaping BOSS Snowplow designed its EXACT PATH drop spreader to precisely drop deicing material to protect grass and landscaping. The company says the EXACT PATH additionally offers: • Variable-speed control and precise application to make quick work of sidewalk jobs. • Availability in 2.5- and 6.0-cubicfoot capacities. • A stainless steel hopper and frame with a polyethylene cover to keep materials dry and free-flowing. • An eight-position adjustable feed gate that allows the adjustment of material discharge amounts without tools for extra flow control. • A top screen with a bag splitter to easily open bags and filter deicing material. • Three mounting options to fit utility vehicles (UTVs), compact/sidewalk vehicles and tractors. www.greenindustrypros.

The HLA SnowWing is built for those who like to lead the assault against snow. Designed to fly in different formations the SnowWing is adaptable to any snow clearing task replacing a variety of other snow blades with a single tool.

It features patented Rotary Actuators, Tire Protection System, and an exclusive removeable wing tip for clearance under low overhangs such as trailer pins. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Canada - Corporate Office (519) 291-4162 United States - Steve Sepaniak (585) 329-8571 www.hlasnow.com Visit www.greenindustrypros.com/10155831


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SNOW & ICE REMOVAL Straight-Blade Plows that Clear Large Properties and Long Roads Efficiently Fisher Engineering recently launched its HC Heavy Contractor plows for heavy contractor work as well as municipal applications. Other features include: • An 11-gauge powder-coated steel blade reinforced with eight vertical ribs in order to handle tough tasks. • A height of 34 inches, and widths of 9 or 10 feet, allowing them to clear large properties or long roads efficiently. • Compatibility with trucks up to a 27,500-pound gross vehicle weight. • An oscillating A-frame for improved scraping and cutting-edge wear. • Larger hydraulic rams, pins, gussets and hardware, plus a T-frame design with a massive center pin. • Faster hydraulics that are enclosed and protected from bad weather conditions. • User-friendly universal control options. • The MinuteMount 2 snow-plow mounting system. • The SECURITY GUARD anti-theft system. • Customization with a range of accessories, including snow deflectors, blade angle stops, shoe kits, cutting edges and more. www.greenindustrypros.com/12422827

ADVERTISERS INDEX Bobcat Company.......................................................28 BOSS Snowplow........................................................... 2 Buyers Products Company.........................................7 CASE Construction.................................................... 23 Chapin International...................................................21 ClearSpan Fabric Structures Inc............................. 27 Earthway Products Inc.............................................. 24 Ford Motor Company......................................... 14, 15 Hiniker Company................................................... 9, 19 HLA Snow/Horst Welding........................................ 25 John Deere...................................................................17 May Wes Manufacturing........................................... 22 Progressive Insurance...............................................20 Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery (SDLG).............................................................................13 SoundOff Signal........................................................... 11 Worksaver Inc.............................................................. 22


C A Snow Plow as Tough as the People who Operate It Western Products designed its PRO PLUS HD straightblade plow with the strength to tackle the challenges of heavy contractor jobs and municipal applications. According to the company, these durable straight-blade plows additionally provide: • An 11-gauge powder-coated steel blade reinforced with eight vertical ribs for added strength and stability. • Larger hydraulic rams, pins, gussets and hardware, plus a robust T-frame design with a massive center pin. • A width of 10 feet and a height of 34 inches. • Compatibility with up to Class 6 trucks. • A simple design that can be customized to fit specific needs with a range of accessory options, such as half-inch, abrasion-resistant carbide cutting edges; blade angle stops; snow deflectors; shoe kits; and more. www.greenindustrypros.com/12422813

Quit Being a DRAG—Get a Back-Blade Plow BOSS Snowplow introduces its DRAG PRO rear-mounted snow plow to improve productivity and efficiency when clearing parking lots, loading bays and residential driveways. Designed to clear snow using the back of the truck, the DRAG PRO also delivers: • The reduction of the number of passes required with plow widths ranging from 8 to 16 feet. • The power to open wide to maximize the area being plowed. • Availability in 8-foot fixed-wing, 8- to 12-foot hydraulic folding-wing, and 8- to 16-foot hydraulic folding-wing models. • Independent wing control of the hydraulic foldingwing models via a remote in the truck’s cab. • Simple attachment and detachment for quick operation. • Easy access to the hydraulic valve to raise and lower speeds. • A low-profile coupler design for unobstructed tailgate use and visibility. • A steel blade cutting edge and urethane wing edges. • Availability for four-wheel-drive ¾- and 1-ton trucks. www.greenindustrypros.com/12422832


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t e


m i




F O R N E A R LY 40 Y E A R S C L E A R S PA N F A B R I C STRUCTURES has been providing public works departments with structural solutions that promote efficiency.




I NDUSTRY -L EADING W ARRANTIES - ClearSpan structures are built to last. With triple-galvanized steel frames and durable covers, they withstand corrosive environments and will compliment your business for decades to come.

C OST -E FFECTIVE B UILDING S OLUTIONS - Drastically reduce construction costs, monthly utilities and maintenance requirements, while getting a structure that is superior in quality and functionality.

I N -H O U S E F I N A N C I N G I S B A C K - As low as 4.99%. V ISIT WWW . CLEARSPAN . COM OR CALL 1.866.643.1010 TO FIND OUT HOW WE CAN HELP WITH YOUR STRUCTURE NEEDS Visit www.greenindustrypros.com/10301082

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Seasons change. So do Toolcat™ utility work machines. With more than 40 front-mounted attachments, plus limitless combinations of complementary category 1 PTO attachments on the Toolcat 5610, you can transition to spring, summer, winter or fall in minutes.

Learn more about the Toolcat lineup: Bobcat.com/SnowPROLineup 1.877.745.7813 Bobcat is a Doosan company. Doosan is a global leader in construction equipment, power and water solutions, engines, and engineering, proudly serving customers and communities for more than a century. Bobcat ®, the Bobcat logo and the colors of the Bobcat machine are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries. ©2018 Bobcat Company. All rights reserved. | 1302

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