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Adrenaline  pumping  through  my  veins   Like  I’m  waiting  in  the  locker  room   Waiting  to  see  my  opponent   Ready  to  put  all  my  anger  into  him   And  the  rest  of  his  ass-­‐wipe  team   But  I  can’t   I  get  the  goosebumps   With  just  the  thought  of  never  playing  again   Never  seeing  the  gridiron   Never  having  that  bond   Never  playing  again   Never.   But  now  its  over   All  I  can  do  is  reminisce     At  what  was   Because  it  is  truly  gone  forever.   The  game  I  loved,   Devotion   Dedication   But  now   Devastation     As  I  take  a  step  back   And  look  what  at  what  was   What  could’ve  been  but  now   Like  a  friend  that  has  spurned  me   Found  another   And  tossed  me  away   Like  a  piece  of  scrap  paper.   Like  a  parent  who     Has  abandoned  me     When  times  were  tough   And  left  me  to  fend  for  myself   Like  a  lover   Who  has  moved  on   Without  me  knowing.   Football  the  game  I  loved   Like  a  rolling  stone   Passes  me  by     There’s  no  tomorrow   No  future   No  more  practices   No  more  games   No  more  team.   Nothing.   Some  say  it’s  only  sports,  

Only a  game   Cant  feel  the  power  behind  this  poem   So  lame.   To  you?  Maybe   But  to  me?   My  everything   The  reason  I  put  hours  into  the  gym   Sweating,  not  for  myself   But  for  my  team   My  coaches   And  my  fellow  captains   The  bond  we  shared  during  that  season  was  one  that  can  never  be  replaced   Three  that  have  seen  the  lowest  of  the  low   And  decided  they  never  wanted  to  go  back   Decided  that  they  didn’t  deserve  to  have  to  go  through  that   Decided  that  the  coaching  staff  put  too  much  work  to  watch  that  happen   And  they  achieved   What  happened  been  done  in  years   I  guess  this  isn’t  a  sad  time  to  be  leaving   The  sport  I  love   Maybe  it’s  just  bittersweet.  

Spoken Word  

Steve Chimo Economos is a disc golf legend, and deserves respect.

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