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Prospectus 2013/2014

Mission Statement Greenhead College aims to provide a supportive environment in which individuals feel valued, grow in confidence and fulfil their potential for academic, moral, social and physical development; to continue to be a centre of excellence for a college of its type, providing within its means education and training of the highest quality for each individual student; and to be a major force in enabling its community to reach the nationally set foundation learning targets through the offer of a level 3 curriculum concentrating on A-level provision.

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Principal I hope that this prospectus will give you a flavour of the college and what we have to offer. Greenhead specialises in A-level teaching: we have a national reputation for the quality of our examination results, not just for high pass rates and many high grades, but also for ‘value added’ – we accept many students with modest GCSE grades and help them perform outstandingly well at A-level. The college has a happy and purposeful atmosphere, which visitors often comment on: this comes from the warm relationships that exist between staff and students. We all treat each other as adults, which means that everyone is valued, and can flourish and achieve their potential. The staff and I like to see all individuals complete their courses successfully, and develop into happy and confident young people with an interest in important issues and the welfare of others. We are proud of our reputation – we have many awards, such as Queen’s Anniversary Prizes, and regularly receive acclaim from inspectors: this is partly attributable to all the staff of the college (teachers, technicians, and all the others who work here) but it is also to the credit of our students, their motivation and positive attitude. Thank you for showing an interest in the college: I hope you can come to see us on one of our Open Evenings when you can talk to staff and students one-to-one about your own particular needs. We look forward to meeting you.

Martin Rostron Principal



the College Why choose to study at a sixth-form college? A sixth-form college caters exclusively for students in the 16-19 age range. It gives you the opportunity to make a fresh start after GCSE in a new social environment that is also academically stimulating. Owing to its size, a sixth-form college can offer a broad range of subjects and subject combinations, a wealth of enrichment activities, generous pastoral and learning support and specialised careers advice. A recent study published in The Times newspaper (August 16th 2012) has found that students at sixth-form colleges are more likely to pass their exams and achieve high grades than similar students at other institutions.

Why choose to study at Greenhead?


The college is widely acknowledged to be an outstanding provider of education with a history of excellence. Since 1999 we have been an official Beacon College, a “Centre of Excellence”, and full inspections by Ofsted, in 2004 and most recently 2008, have judged the college to be outstanding. More recent visits to verify these judgements have confirmed the grade: we are delighted with this especially as sixth form colleges have

been measured against higher benchmarks than schools. Since then, every OFSTED visit has reinforced their positive opinions. You will have access to first-rate teaching and learning support. Our examination results are outstanding, placing us near the top of the national sixth-form college performance tables. The pass-rate is very high and so is the proportion of students gaining the top grades at A and AS level. Indeed, the results at Greenhead compare well with all kinds of institutions, and in a “like with like” comparison our students’ achievement of A*, A or B grades would exceed the performance of similar students in many, and probably most, well-publicised selective and independent schools. There is a warm atmosphere and a friendly environment in which you will be encouraged to develop. Personal tutors provide continuous pastoral support, looking after the welfare and progress of the diverse population of students and guiding them on to the next phase of their careers. We have an extensive range of enrichment opportunities and a vast work-shadowing programme. You will be able to take part in activities that range from short courses to all kinds of sport, music and drama, as well as voluntary service in the community or the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. The college enjoys a convenient site within walking distance of Huddersfield town centre and its bus and railway stations. It occupies attractive and well-maintained buildings where you will have access to modern facilities, equipment and resources. Talk to past and present students or visit our web site at to find out about life at Greenhead College.


your Course Greenhead College works alongside Kirklees College and Huddersfield New College to provide the full range of educational opportunities for students of all ages, interests and abilities. At Greenhead, we concentrate on Advanced courses of study, which take two years. In most courses, AS levels are taken at the end of the first year and A-levels at the end of the second. A GCSE re-sit course in Mathematics is available for students who need it.

The Curriculum

Applied AS/A-levels

Greenhead College aims to offer equality of opportunity to all students in terms of both access to, and the teaching of, the curriculum. All students are encouraged to achieve their potential, and to recognise and respect the worth of all individuals irrespective of gender, race, religion/belief, age, disability and sexual orientation.

• •

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) • •

AS/A-levels •

There are two parts to each A-level qualification. An AS (Advanced Subsidiary) qualification is taken at the end of the first year and an A2 (full A-level) qualification is taken at the end of the second year.

• •

Most full A-levels are made up of four units of which the first two lead to the AS qualification. 50% of the marks for the full A-level are awarded to the AS qualification. It is possible to take an AS qualification without going on to complete the full A-level. An AS/A-level pass is awarded a grade from A to E. An A* grade at A-level is awarded to those who achieve at least 80% overall and exceed 90% in the A2 units.

The six module single award is equivalent to one A-level. A three module course leading to a single AS qualification is also available.

This qualification is equivalent to half an A-level. Like an A2 course, a successful extended project is awarded a grade from A* to E. A growing number of universities give credit for the EPQ in their entrance requirements.


What qualifications do I need to start on Advanced level courses? Taking an A-level course is relatively demanding. To succeed, you will need to have coped satisfactorily at GCSE level. Most students will take four different subjects in their first year of Advanced level study, or three and a GCSE resit in Mathematics. For this reason, we have a minimum entry requirement of five full GCSE passes at grade C, from at least four different subject areas. This must include a grade C, or higher, in GCSE English. Courses “equivalent to GCSE” will be accepted only at the college’s discretion. We prefer GCSEs as they provide more appropriate preparation for GCE AS and A-level courses. To progress onto Mathematics or separate science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) AS and A-levels, you must have a grade C or better at the higher level of GCSE Mathematics, Additional Science or separate sciences as appropriate. If you are predicted a grade C in GCSE Science and apply for AS Biology and/or AS Chemistry you may be asked to attend a summer school.


How many subjects will I be able to take? You will embark on four courses chosen from our list of A/AS level subjects. The rest of your programme will be made up of tutorial support, an OCR IT course and options from our wide range of enrichment opportunities. In the second year, all students take up A-level General Studies. Other courses such as AS level Critical Thinking and the Extended Project Qualification are also on offer. The pace of work is fast and you need to commit yourself to a regular programme of private study, at home and at college when you have no timetabled lesson, devoting about sixteen hours a week to this. The status of Advanced level work is high and leads to higher education and professional training.


your Subjects Try to choose subjects that you enjoy and which make a sensible combination for any career you may have in mind. Our experienced Careers staff can advise you. You will find fuller details of the subjects listed here on the college website,, and in separate departmental handouts available from our staff at Open Evenings, when they’ll be pleased to answer your questions.

Subjects available at A and AS-level We expect to offer the following subjects next year, subject to staffing and demand. ART AND DESIGN* (This course includes textiles, graphics, fine art, photography, 3D and multimedia) BIOLOGY BUSINESS STUDIES* APPLIED BUSINESS* APPLIED ICT* CHEMISTRY COMPUTING* ECONOMICS* ENGLISH LANGUAGE ENGLISH LITERATURE ENGLISH (This course allows you to combine the study of language and literature equally) FRENCH GEOGRAPHY* GEOLOGY* GERMAN


* These courses may be taken without a prior qualification in the subject.


AS/A-level General Studies All students take the AS and A-level General Studies examinations which test general knowledge, thinking and communication skills. We provide preparation classes to cover the broad syllabus. The vast majority of students pass, thus obtaining an extra qualification, which is proving more and more useful for gaining admission to university or employment.

The end product is usually a written report, a completed log book and a presentation. Students are assessed on how well they identify and use resources, carry out research, develop their ideas to realise an outcome and then reflect on the outcome and the process. Greenhead students have been very successful and we are pleased to be leading the way on this exciting new qualification. Join us!

Other subjects available Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) The EPQ offers students an opportunity to develop essential skills for higher education and the workplace, in a subject area of their own choice. It is a personal study over which they can exercise control. They can explore further an interest arising from their A-level subjects or a topic for which they have a personal passion. This level of choice and flexibility means students are engaged and motivated and they gain valuable research, project management and communication skills. The assessment, which is 100% internally moderated, covers both the process and the end product.


GCSE re-sit in Mathematics This is a one-year course.

Information Technology All first year students take an OCR IT course alongside their AS levels. A range of IT courses is also available to all students as part of the college’s enrichment programme to complement their Advanced courses of study. We aim to ensure that all students have the opportunity to become proficient in IT before leaving the college. OCR examinations in Text Production, Word Processing, Business Presentation, Mailmerge and Legal Text Processing plus others at Levels I, II and III are held throughout the year.

Support for

Learning The College Library and Resource Area The Library and Resource Area occupies a central place in the college and it provides an impressive academic support service for all members of the college community. The book stock stands at over 16,000 volumes including access to 2,500 ebooks, with magazines and newspapers providing up-to-date information and opinion. Books may also be borrowed from the University and Kirklees libraries as the need arises. As a multi-media resource, the Library has built up a large stock of DVDs and CDs which are available for students to use in college or on overnight loan. Using the Internet and Moodle connections, students can tap into a vast and readily available fund of ideas and information to help them carry out a wide variety of course and project work. Our qualiďŹ ed librarian, Mrs Ros Moors, together with her assistant, Mrs Caroline Batchelor, is always

Information Technology The college regards Information Technology as very important for all students and is therefore committed to making IT facilities widely available both for individual use and for teaching and learning. There are four IT rooms close together on the ground oor of the main building containing a total of eighty-six computers. These are both teaching rooms and open access areas for students where, in addition to teaching staff, technicians are available to provide help and support. There are also two fully equipped rooms for A/ AS teaching in Computing and for Extended Project workshops. The majority of departments have their own computer facilities enabling students to exploit new teaching and learning strategies in lesson time and during private study. The college has a link to the Internet which can handle a large number of simultaneous users. We also have an extensive Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) on which

willing to show students how to use the Library to its best advantage and she runs introductory sessions for all new students each autumn term. Finally, the Library and Resource Area, which is open from 8.30am to 5.30pm daily, provides a quiet and comfortable working environment, with 150 study spaces.


departments publish their own material and which is accessible from home. All students have access to college e-mail facilities, and wireless connections in the Library and the Reading Room enable students to use their own laptops and other mobile devices.


Services Pastoral Care and Guidance Our pastoral system is designed to offer friendly support and professional guidance throughout the course. Your Personal Tutor is the first point of contact for any concerns regarding college. You meet your Personal Tutor in the first few days and become a member of a tutor group, attending weekly tutorial sessions focused on topics such as careers, health issues and study skills. We monitor your progress each term via a two-way dialogue between you and each subject teacher, followed by an interview with your tutor, who will collate the comments and produce a written report, which you can then take home. Your parents will be invited to discuss your progress and/or any problems at parents’ evenings, although they may make an appointment to talk to staff at any time. If you need support settling into college, a Transition Mentor is based in the Study Centre and you can always talk, in confidence, to one of our College Counsellors.

Study Centre The Study Centre is designed to provide an additional work space for students to complement existing facilities in college. It is fully staffed and offers structured packages of generic Study Skills including personal organisation, time management, note taking and proof reading. In addition, lunchtime sessions are provided at key points in the academic year to support UCAS and PaWS applications and revision schedules.

Careers A purpose-built pastoral and careers suite houses large rooms for group discussions, tutors’ offices for individual interviews and a careers library, which annually receives a Careers Library Standards Certificate. The department has also achieved the Quality Standards in Careers Education and Guidance Award. Your tutor will encourage you to begin planning ahead in good time and to make use of all the facilities available in the careers library.


Disability Support We are committed to supporting students with disabilities and actively promote a policy of inclusion; all students are encouraged to make a full contribution to college life. Our aim is to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere where there is shared commitment to value diversity, empower students and facilitate successful progression. Prospective students are welcome to contact the Director of Student Services for further information.

There you will find information about career qualifications and opportunities, courses in higher and further education, sponsorships, bursaries and gap year projects as well as local jobs and training. Our Careers Advisers, together with the Calderdale and Kirklees Careers Service, are on hand to give you individual help where necessary; we also collect students’ accounts of interviews and the university offers they have received which form an up-to-date resource bank on which you can draw.

We hold a Higher Education Information Evening for parents on the subject of applying for a university place and its financial implications. Visits to universities, colleges and careers conventions are organised and mock interviews, a careers conference (“What’s Ahead?”) and an Employment/Gap Fair are offered to assist students in their progression. The following information shows the destinations of the students who left us last summer.

Destinations of A-level Students 2011 • Higher Education 89.2 % • Further Education 2.8 % (including Art Foundation) • Employment and Professional Training 4.2% • Seeking employment 3.8% A complete list of student destinations will be available at Open Evenings or from the college office on request.

Quality Assurance ‘Inspirational’, ‘outstanding’, ‘exceptional’, ‘exemplary’ and ‘impressive’ – such words pepper both of our most recent full inspection reports from OFSTED (January 2004 and January

throughout the two years we can work together, teachers, personal tutor and student, to achieve the individual’s maximum potential: you will have regular ‘monitoring’ interviews with staff in which targets and ways of maintaining and improving performance can be discussed, and encouragement can be given. The system is supportive and motivating for students, and it also helps teachers measure their own performance – it is not simply a statistical exercise, but rather a catalyst for partnership and success. Over the last few years, compared with over 1100 institutions nationally, Greenhead College has been in the top ten per cent for added value, meaning that an extremely high proportion of students perform well in all their classes. Our pastoral system is also ‘original’ to us and has been much copied: we do not ask every teacher to be an expert in university and careers guidance, for example – instead, we have a team of around 20 ‘specialist’ personal tutors who have ample free time to see students on an individual basis, as well as in their ‘tutor groups’, throughout the year. They offer individual support to students for many things, and also provide a specific contact point for parents etc. OFSTED have judged this service also to be ‘outstanding.’

2008). The college currently scores “outstanding: grade 1” on every measure. How do we maintain this excellent performance? As inspectors have said, ‘the process of monitoring the quality of teaching and learning is rigorous and transparent.’ Quality assurance is based on ‘value added’. In our system (in use here since 1988) we analyse students’ GCSE results when they arrive. This helps us – and you – to predict your likely A-level results: it means that


Our systems have attracted national interest and have been adopted by many schools and colleges: over the years we have run numerous courses for teachers and lecturers from all over the country to help them implement them in their own institutions. This work has been acknowledged by the award of Beacon status.

Enrichment In February 2001, the college achieved its second Queen’s Anniversary Prize. This time the honour was bestowed on the enrichment programme. The citation declares, “The College’s enrichment programme is a national exemplar of what can be done at sixth form level to extend students’ education and personal growth beyond their academic courses. Hugely varied and demanding, the programme calls on students to develop self-reliance, promotes citizenship and prepares them to meet the world of work or further study with confidence and commitment.” Feedback from Ofsted in 2012 identified one strength of the college to be a “well managed and extensive enrichment programme with a broad range.” On the next few pages, you will find details of some of the activities which go on at Greenhead outside the classroom to enrich your education. These include sports, music, drama, voluntary service in the community, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and work-shadowing - all options for you to choose, mostly on Wednesday afternoons but at other times as well. Courses vary in length from seven weeks to a whole term or the whole season or year if that is your choice. You can organise your own pursuit if you so wish. Activities vary from year to year but recently have included those below:


• Abnormality of the Mind • Archaeology • Bible and Literature • Backgammon • Book Binding • Book Club • Brass Band • Censorship • Chess • Choir • Clarinet Choir • Climbing • College Drama/Musical Production • Counselling and Listening Skills • Creative Textiles • Creative Writing • Cricket Team • Crochet and Knitting • Cult Movies

• Debating • Drama Documentary • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Gold) • Electronics • Engineering Project • European Cinema • Fencing • First Aid • Golf • Heavy Books Journalism • Law Mock Trial Competition • Law Society • Managing your Personal Finances • Medical Ethics • Medical Society • Music Appreciation Society • Music Technology

• Myths and Legends of the Dark Ages • Photography (digital and film) • Risk • String Ensemble

• Swing Band • Voluntary Service • Wide range of Sports • Yoga • Young Enterprise Scheme

Greenhead Voluntary Service in the Community (GVS) A large number of our students choose to do some form of voluntary work in the community. This fulfils their enrichment requirement but also a number of career areas will be looking for the type of people who are selflessly and generously willing to help others. Medicine, nursing and primary teaching particularly require evidence of the exact amount of voluntary hours that a student completes. Students are encouraged to find their own placements at a time convenient to them; this may be in college time, in the early evening or at weekends. However, there are also some schemes that are coordinated by the college. Popular placements include assisting in local hospices, hospitals and care homes, working with adults and children with learning difficulties or disabilities, assisting in mainstream schools with literacy schemes or specific subject support, helping in charity shops, helping with Brownies and Cubs and coaching local junior sports teams. Students are requested to commit to a minimum of two terms and record their weekly attendance. The Greenhead Voluntary Service Award is issued to all students who complete 40 hours or more of voluntary service during the academic year.

Engineering Education Scheme This involves working with a practising engineer on a problem currently facing a real company. The students meet with the engineer on a regular basis and work on a solution to the problem during a residential week at a local university. They then produce a report and present it to a group of assessors. The scheme offers a unique opportunity to experience the challenge and excitement of a career in professional engineering. There is also the opportunity to gain a Gold CREST award.

The World

of Work Project and Work Placement Scheme (PaWS)

“It was a fascinating experience to see and feel what is was like to be part of a theatre company.”

One of the highlights of the college year is the PaWS week held in June. Students have the opportunity to participate in either a wide range of projects, designed for both enjoyment and for academic and personal development, or to spend a week shadowing and working with professionals in their possible future career areas.

“Completing this placement has further confirmed to me that I want to become a modern foreign languages teacher and shadowing the teachers has given me great experience, ideas and enthusiasm. The whole experience was invaluable and something that was truly enjoyable.”

Greenhead operates one of the most extensive work placement schemes in the country. In 2012, nearly 650 students gained firsthand experience of the world of work across the UK and abroad. Students may organise their own placements or we have a wide range of placements that students can apply for. We employ a Placement Manager who is always on the look out for new contacts. Many students’ career paths have been decided on the strength of their work placement experience.

“This has definitely given me inspiration to do a chemistry related degree and to pursue this as a future career.”

Oscar, Chol Theatre Company

Alisha, Kettlethorpe High School

John, Nufarm UK “My time at the lab not only benefitted me academically, but I feel that I gained confidence in working in an adult environment and strengthened my passion for chemistry as a subject.” Sophie, Vivimed Labs Europe Ltd

Comments from some of last year’s work placement students: “I found my placement very useful. Not only did I gain more knowledge about the legal profession, but it allowed me to decide that I definitely want to be a solicitor. Although it’s hard work, I found everything I did interesting and the experience will be invaluable to me for university applications.” Sarah, Bury & Walker Solicitors “I want to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor more than ever.” Aysha, Spire Elland


“Although an initially daunting prospect, I found the week to be not only enjoyable but more importantly of utmost value to me in giving me a view into a real working environment in an area of great interest to me.” Tom, Joliffe Cork LLP “I loved following stories and hearing the scripts that I had written being read on the radio.” Bethan, Dearne FM

“This experience has not only been interesting, but also very beneficial to me as it has furthered my ambition to study International Relations at university and to possibly follow with a political career. It has given me an insight into the inner world of politics and shown me how enjoyable and surprisingly rewarding and diverse a career as an MP can be.” Jessica, Shadowing Jason McCartney MP

“The skills I have used and developed are communication, teamwork, leadership, management and organisation.... I was able to perform and present my team’s idea to a panel of judges.” Manisha, Dragon’s Den “The whole project helped me not only to develop my film making skills but also team work and working to a deadline. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s something I’ll remember for a long time.”

In June 2012, over 400 students were involved in over 50 different projects. Projects included workshops led by external experts and our own staff and covered a variety of topics including management, radio and television, engineering, team building, law, music, sport, art and creative textiles. Some projects resulted in students gaining nationally recognised qualifications such as emergency first aid and sailing.

Laura, 48-hour Film School – National Media Museum, Bradford

Comments from some of last year’s project students:

Sanna, Interview Preparation

“I will remember my PaWS week experiences for many years to come. The laughs, the learning and the pure love of every location I journeyed to and every person I met along the way.”

“I have a deeper understanding of how to felt and how to make the wools work together in harmony.” Charis, Creative Textiles Project “I have successfully learnt how to create a professional curriculum vitae and to fill out a job application form for paid employment and voluntary work.”

“I think that this project was far more amazing than I imagined it would be and to do a live show was definitely the cherry on the top.” Laura, Radio Project

Bethany, English Language Development Project


“It was a stimulating task, fun and challenging … I will never forget it.” Amy, Cycling Coast to Coast “This project has been an excellent opportunity for me to develop my understanding of the deaf community.” Heather, Deaf Awareness and Signing “The engineering project has been highly valuable for me as an individual in addition to being a lot of fun.” Matthew, Engineering Project at Bradford University

“I have benefitted from doing this project as I am now more confident in the lab whilst conducting experiments and have learnt new skills to help me with my A2 Chemistry work.” Alexandra, Lab Rats – Huddersfield University “The project led by the RAF was very beneficial to me and my confidence has grown. I joined in with a range of problem solving activities.” Sukhpavan, Personal Development Project


Activities Sport and Recreation There’s something for everyone at Greenhead where we offer a wide range of sports and recreation. You can opt for any of the activities provided as part of the Enrichment programme. Choose from the typical list below: • • • • • • • • • • •

Athletics Badminton Basketball Bollywood Dance Circuit Training Climbing Cricket Cross Country Running Fencing Fitness Football

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Golf Hockey Judo Netball Rugby League Rugby Union Squash Table Tennis Tennis Trampolining Volleyball Yoga

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme The Award provides an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development for you – second to none. Achieving the Gold

Award will give you confidence and a wide range of skills that are highly attractive to employers and universities and colleges. You are recognised for doing things you want to do (and maybe doing already). You will make a difference to other people’s lives and your community, be fitter and healthier, make new friends and have memories to last a lifetime.

Participants at Greenhead College complete the Gold Award and develop: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Self-belief A sense of identity A sense of responsibility New talents and abilities Team-working and leadership skills Planning and time-management skills The ability to learn from and give to others in the community Self-confidence Independence of thought and action An awareness of their potential An understanding of strengths and weaknesses New relationships Skills including problem-solving, presentation and communication.

To qualify for the Gold Award a young person must satisfy the requirements of the following five sections: Volunteering, Expeditions, Physical Recreation, Skills and a Residential Project. Demanding - but fun! For more information on the scheme, go to


Competitive Sport The icing on the sporting cake here at Greenhead is the chance to play for one of the college sports teams. Here, sport is at its competitive best; challenging, rewarding and above all successful. Every Wednesday afternoon, the Greenhead sports teams play against other colleges in Yorkshire and Humberside to improve their standing in the British Colleges League. Success in this league, a frequent occurrence here at Greenhead, often leads to the award of trophies and the selection of many of our players for county, regional and national squads. The college fields three men’s football teams and one ladies’ team and in 2012, the first X1 won the West Yorkshire U19 colleges league with seven players gaining selection for the county team. The second X1 were also successful, winning their British Colleges West Yorkshire League against many colleges’ first teams! The college rugby league team competes in the Student Rugby League Yorkshire section and the rugby union team plays as part of the BCS Yorkshire and Humberside competition. In 2012 the rugby league team won Division Two of the Yorkshire League whereas in the

ladies’ rugby league team, Ashlea Prescott was selected for the England Students Squad for the second year running. The college hockey teams have an enviable reputation with the men’s, ladies’ and mixed teams gaining national and regional success. In 2012, the ladies’ team reached the semi-finals of the National Cup with five players representing the British Colleges team and Molly Rawnsley achieving selection for the England squad. Both the men’s and ladies’ teams represented Yorkshire and Humberside at the British Colleges Finals, the ladies taking the bronze medal position. The mixed team finished their season strongly winning the Yorkshire League and reaching the Sixth Form Colleges National Cup Finals. Our netball team reached two national finals in 2012 travelling to Essex and Bath. The second team won the West Yorkshire League against other colleges’ first teams showing the strength of netball at Greenhead. Individual honours go to Leah Collins who was selected for the England U19 netball team as well as the British Colleges squad along with Harriet Gill. In tennis the ladies’ and men’s teams represented the region in the national finals with Luke Johnson gaining a silver medal in the singles and the


doubles’ pairings of Jonathan Prince and Harry Edwards, and Kim Atkinson and Katie Rowe also securing silver medals. Other sports gain recognition too with students in swimming representing the region in the Colleges National Finals. Greenhead students were also Yorkshire relay champions in both male and female events and competed in table tennis, trampolining and cross-country in the British Colleges National Final where Max Kaye achieved a brilliant individual gold.

Music and

Drama There is a diverse and exciting range of drama and music enrichment activities on offer, whether you are studying them as academic subjects or not. Rehearsals are always in progress for a rich and varied programme, which caters for all musical and dramatic talents and interests. In the autumn term there is the opportunity to become involved in a full-scale college production. Open to all students, the production provides creative opportunities for performers, musicians (both composing and playing), costume and set designers/makers, stage managers and lighting and sound designers/operators. You will often be working with theatre professionals to achieve a feast of music and sound, acting, singing, dance and striking visual imagery. Past productions have included ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Grimm’s Tales’ and ‘Cabaret’. Also in the autumn term we are looking for writers, performers and designers to be involved in a theatre-in education project

children. Past shows have included ‘The Anansi Stories’, ‘Revolting Rhymes’ and ‘Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish’. There is a wide range of activities on offer in the music department ranging from the public performance of our college ensembles to music technology. These are offered whether or not you choose to follow music as an academic subject. We cater for a wide cross-section of musical interests as part of the varied enrichment programme. In addition to following the AS and A-level music courses, students have the opportunity to join a range of ensembles. There is a flourishing Guitar Club for all-comers. Swing Band, College Choir, String Ensemble, Brass Band, GC12, Clarinet Choir and a variety of smaller chamber groups rehearse regularly in readiness for our public performances during the year. We tackle ambitious and challenging repertoire and welcome everyone who would like to perform. The autumn term sees student ensembles and soloists take the

interviewing young people in local schools and working with local police. From these interviews a script will be written that will be performed in a tour of local schools the following term. You can become involved as a researcher/writer or performer or be involved in both aspects of the project. Later in the academic year there is an opportunity to create an original piece of theatre for a local primary school. You will devise, design and perform an exciting show and workshop for a specific group of


stage during October in our Autumn Concert. This term concludes with a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols performed by the college choir in Holy Trinity Church. The spring term gives students another performance opportunity in our Spring Concert and the summer term concludes with an opportunity for students to perform their compositions and a range of solo and ensemble items. Whatever your musical and dramatic interests, there is something for you at Greenhead.

Recent College


Twelve per cent of the A-levels taken in June 2012 merit the new A* grade. Geology/Geography students enjoy a dramatic trip to Iceland at Easter.

Leah Collins was selected to represent England U19s Ladies Netball team. £2406 is collected on Charity Day on behalf of Cancer Research UK and The Laura Crane Trust.

Production of Beauty and the Beast. Arooj Amer, Emma Chadwick, Harris Vaughan, Jessica Clay, Paige Shaw, Rebecca Swithenbank, Teejaii King, Toby Leek and Toby Mellor are elected as new Student Officers. A visit to Wall Street and a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank sees our globe-trotting Business Studies students in New York. The college holds its first Just Chill Day to raise awareness of the importance of relaxation and mental health issues. Spanish exchange to Manresa near Barcelona.


The Law department visit the Supreme Court, Lincoln’s Inn and the Houses of Parliament. Greenhead students collect a total of five gold, nine silver and fourteen bronze awards in the biology, chemistry and physics Olympiads. French exchange to La Flèche. Five ladies’ hockey players were chosen to represent the British Colleges team. Molly Rawnsley was selected for the England Squad. Art students visit Tate Britain, Tate Modern, The Victoria and Albert Museum and The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

Alice Hardy, Alan Ma and Max Palmer were all successful in their applications to the highly regarded and competitive architecture course at the Bartlett, UCL. Thirty-two students start courses at either Oxford or Cambridge universities in October 2012. Seven players from the first X1 football team gained selection for the county. Alice Cousins was selected from thousands of applicants to take up one of only seven places on the BA (Hons) Theatre Practice: Design for Stage course at The Central School of Speech and Drama.

English students enjoy a workshop with actors at the Globe Theatre, London. 14 students and staff travelled to Mongolia to play a key role in preparing a brand new children’s centre building and work on a children’s summer camp. 25 nation members of the Stocksmoor/Olgiate Molgora Twinning Association paid a highly enjoyable second visit to the college. Exciting developments: we open a new cafe and social area, a new Mathematics and Physics building, state-of-the-art Chemistry and Biology laboratories and enlarged and refurbished English classrooms.

Congratulations to Jacob Ragan on his achievement as Under 18 National Champion in Track Cycling. In summer 2012 he won a Gold Medal at the Manchester Velodrome in the Scratch Race. He also won Silver in the Individual Pursuit Race.


College Inspection The inspectors stated: • Students do far better than predictions based on their prior attainment at school • There is an exceptionally large proportion of good and very good teaching • Expectations of both students and staff are very high • Staff at all levels are totally committed to the college’s values and aims • The college’s commitment to equality of opportunity is reflected in its focus on each individual • Students come from diverse backgrounds and the individual support they are given is exceptional • Very few students leave the college before the end of their course • Governors and senior managers give clear direction. The full report can be viewed on line at

How to apply We welcome applications from students irrespective of gender, race, religion, disability and sexual orientation. 1. To come to Greenhead in September 2013, you need to complete the application form.

4. If your school is participating in the Common Application Process, you may apply online. 5. The closing date for receipt of all applications is Friday 15 February 2013. 6. All applicants are invited to interview. We discuss the course and subjects that you have applied for, in the light of a recent school report, your mock examination results, your interests and your career aspirations. 7. The college is heavily oversubscribed, so the Governors operate a priority system. We offer places first to pupils in the 11-16 partner schools; we then offer places on a competitive basis to all the other applicants, no matter where they live or what school they go to. Normally we have around 450 places available for non-partner school applicants. Students from the 11-16 partner schools will not lose their priority status if they go to Huddersfield New College or Kirklees College first to improve their GCSEs or to take an equivalent course and then apply to Greenhead for an advanced course. 8. Firm offers of a place at the college are made by letter by mid-April.


2. If you attend one of the 11-16 partner schools (All Saints, Almondbury, Colne Valley, Holmfirth, Honley, King James’s, Moor End, Netherhall Learning Campus, Newsome, North Huddersfield Trust, Royds Hall and Salendine Nook) your school will forward the completed application form to the college on your behalf. 3. If you attend any other school, you must send your completed application form directly to the college.

9. For applicants with disabilities, further information on access and support is available from Mrs Kim Askew at the college and on the college website. 10. If you have been predicted a grade C in GCSE Science (including GCSE Chemistry and/or Biology) you may be invited to attend a summer school in July 2013.


Who The College Governors Chair Eva Lambert

Vice Chair Roger Bryant Arooj Amer Ruth Baker Clinton Burhouse Mark Hanson Gail Howe Charles Kaye Rob Kelly Mehboob Khan Toby Leek Simon Moor Christine Milsom Mark Partington Martin Pearmain Martin Rostron Peter Skuse Ranjit Uppal Pete Woodcock

Greenhead College Student Association (GCSA) This is the recognised student association in the college, with a democratically elected executive. In January nine student officers are elected by the whole student body. Under the terms of the 1994 Education Act, students have a right not to belong to the student association. GCSA, the formal channel of communication between the students and the college administration, promotes student welfare and organises charity work and various social events. It publishes an annual report and accounts.

Clerk to the Governors Debra Todd The college code of conduct, register of interests and minutes of governors’ meetings are available to the public on request.

Greenhead College Principal Martin Rostron

Vice Principal Anton McGrath

Assistant Principals John Blake Peter Gordziejko Christine Milsom



Financial Support

The college will not charge fees for tuition or examination entry (except for resits or where attendance is unsatisfactory or coursework uncompleted). There are no charges for course materials, although special clothing (e.g. lab coats) and stationery will have to be provided by the student and some departments sell text books. In the case of field trips, a contribution from the student to cover board and lodging, but excluding tuition and travel, will be expected. Some optional activities (e.g. enrichment, theatre trips, exchange visits, etc.) may have an associated cost: this will be notified in advance of the event.

The college operates a Bursary Fund to assist students with low household income.

Some applicants might not be supported by government funding for education (e.g. non-UK or EU passport holders recently arrived in the area): in these cases we do reserve the right to charge full fees for the course.


The means-tested Bursary can give students regular weekly financial support to assist with travel to college, meals and equipment and one-off amounts to assist with items such as essential college trips. Application forms are available from the Student Record Office or from Tutors.

Dates of Terms 2013 - 2014 Tuesday 27 August – Friday 20 December Monday 6 January – Friday 11 April Monday 28 April – Thursday 10 July

How to Find Out More You are invited to our Year 11 OPEN EVENINGS 2013 from 6.15pm to 8.45pm. Thursday 10 January 2013 Tuesday 15 January 2013 Monday 21 January 2013

Prospectus Designed and produced by Concept4 01282 612222. Edited by Simi Standeven. Photography by Ian Kennedy. Other photographs by Greenhead staff and students whom we thank for their permission to reproduce them. This prospectus relates to the academic year 2013/2014. Information was correct at the time of publication but there may be alterations before or during the academic year in question. Sections of this prospectus are available in alternative formats on request.

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Greenhead College Prospectus  

Greenhead College Prospectus