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L.A. Bonds Studios


HISTORY IN THE MAKING   “Son  Of  The  Living  God”  Stage  Play     2004-­‐  Written  &  Directed  by  L.A.  Bonds   A  story  of  the  death  and  resurrection  of   Jesus  Christ  from  Mary  Magdalene’s   perspective.      

“Raising The  Son”  Stage  Play     2007-­‐  Written  &  Directed  by  L.A.  Bonds.   The  story  of  Joseph  as  reported  in  the   Bible;  Book  of  Genesis.        

L.A. Bonds  Studios  is  a  full  Christian  theatrical  production  company   located  in  the  heart  of  Atlanta,  GA.  L.A.  Bonds  Studios  was  founded  by   playwright  and  director  L.A.  Bonds.  Mrs.  Bond’s  vision  of  fusing  Christian   beliefs,  tragedies  and  issues  of  the  world  with  stage  play  productions   provided  the  impulse  for  L.A.  Bonds  Studios.  Uniting  both  gospel  and   theatre  entertainment,  Mrs.  Bonds  assembled  a  team  of  highly   experienced  individuals  to  produce  the  polished  and  distinctive  look   exemplified  in  every  L.A.  Bonds  production.  As  a  Christian  theatre     company,  L.A.  Bonds  Studios  transforms  the  typical  stage  play  into  an   informative,  memorable  and  inspiring  experience.      

What We Do We offer  a  combination  of  gospel  and  contemporary  stage  plays  designed   to  offer  solutions  to  relevant  issues  people  face  every  day.    We  are   committed  to  bringing  new  work  and  new  voices  to  the  stage,  from  artists   within  the  diverse  communities  of  Atlanta,  as  well  as  from  across  the   nation  and  abroad.  Our  team  of  experienced  producers  and  cutting  edge   theatre  professionals  consistently  meet  the  need  of  every    L.A.  Bonds   production.    Beyond  our  theatre  work,  our  staff’s  capabilities  also  include   film  and  marketing  development  for  industries  such  as  Music  and   Television  entertainment.    Spearheading  productions  expanding  across   the  globe,  we  have  an  eye  for  style  and  a  fresh  perspective  to  meet  every   production  challenge.    

Coming Soon  

”Green Grass”  Stage  Play  –  August  2011   “God  Did  It”  Stage  Play  –  November  2011   “Justified”  Stage  Play–  February  2012   “Just  Friends”  Web  Series  –February  2012   “I  Think  I    Do”  Stage  Play  –  August  2012   “Paid  Programming”  Film  –  October  2012    


Reaching People & Changing Lives

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African   American  (89%)   Caucasions   (23%)    

L.A. Bonds Studios mission is to enrich and enhance the lives of people living in Atlanta and surrounding areas by offering a broad range of quality Christian theatrical programs for their entertainment and education, and to provide people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to participate in play production and other theatre activities.

Hispanic/Lacna (10%)   Unidencfied   (9%)    


Our tie to the community is embedded and unequivocal. We are totally committed to our audience development and community outreach efforts.


From Our  Founder,  L.A.  Bonds     “Thank  you  for  choosing  to  learn  more  information  about  this  

production company.  It  is  truly  a  blessing  to  write  stage  plays  and   films  that  not  only  provide  opportunities  to  new  actors  but  also   change  lives.  I  am  fueled  by  a  passion  to  fulfill  God’s  mandate  for   these  turbulent  times.  Through  each  stage  play  I  exhort  and   encourage  the  audience  to  deepen  their  intimacy  with  God  and   arise  to  their  divine  calling  and  destiny.  Each  year  I  am  encouraged   by  the  support  of  the  community  and  people  of  major  cities  across   the  U.S.  to  continue  to  make  a  Christian  mark  in  theatres.    I    enjoy   what  I  do  and  invite  you  to  join  me  in  continuing  this  embedded   tie.  We  rely  on  the  community  to  ensure  our  longevity.  Therefore,   I    invite  you  to  support  the  arts  with  your  attendance,  volunteer   time,    and    sponsorship.    Support  is  what  our  communities  need   and  we  want  to  continue  to  deliver.  When  you  support  L.A.  Bonds   Studios,  you  become  a  partner  with  a  Christian  Theatrical   Production  Company  that  is  still  making  history  “.   Sincerely,    

L.A. Bonds    



L. A.  Bonds  Studios     749  Moreland  Ave.  SE  Suite  C-­‐201   Atlanta,  GA  30316    

Mailing Address   P.O.  Box  566592     Atlanta,  GA  31156    

(678) 837  –  5884      


L.A.Bonds Studio Press Kit  

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