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home chic home meg RodgeRs’s Design Collaborative showcases Philly’s finest home goods, all undeR one unassuming Roof. By Marni Prichard Manko

products, from top: Japanese paper screen, 18th–19th century, Liao Collection; circa-1970s Sigurd Resell Falcon chair in rosewood, leather, canvas, and metal, Fisher Grey Collection; 1974 David Roth string painting at Moderne Gallery.


Hidden behind the walls of Kensington’s Arts and Industry Building, the Design Collaborative is a 2,000-square-foot treasure trove of some of the area’s most meticulously curated artwork, furniture, rugs, paintings, and anything else that goes into decorating one’s home. The brainchild of Meg Rodgers of Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design —who owns the warehouse and just put the finishing touches on the Hyatt at The Bellevue’s recent multimilliondollar renovation—the Design Collaborative is comprised of some of the area’s most accomplished designers and artisans, including Fisher Grey, Moderne Gallery, John Pomp Studios, Calderwood Gallery, Liao Collection,

Warren Muller, and Kevin O’Brien Studio. “I was trying to find the really key anchor dealers in Philadelphia,” says Rodgers. “People who really know their stuff and together we could offer an incredible mix.” Even Rodgers can’t help coveting the one-of-a-kind accents here: She has her eye on a ’70s string art piece from Moderne, leather swivel chairs from Fisher Grey, and a sepia-toned Asian screen adorned with an elephant, horse, and rabbit. “You can find anything from Asian to folk art to modern—we want to represent everything,” says Rodgers. “There’s so much amazing quality stuff in Philadelphia that people simply don’t realize.” Design Collaborative, 215-558-5863


PhotograPhy by Daniel Muniak (Portrait); gregg krantz ©2016 (ProDucts)

The more the merrier: Boldface names from Philly’s diverse design community are now sharing an address in Kensington. from left: Joshua Thibault, Gregg Krantz, Warren Muller, Marco Angelucci, Meg Rodgers, Michelle Liao, Robert Aibel, and Joshua Aibel.


Philadelphia Style - 2016 - Issue 3 - Summer - Meg Saligman  

Philadelphia Style - 2016 - Issue 3 - Summer - Meg Saligman