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Come Join Us for a Family Fun Day! In just a few short weeks our family will be gearing up for our annual Old Mill Festival and Hotcakes for Huntington’s event. Info about each activity is included in this Newsletter. We really hope you will bring the family and join us for a day of food, fun, and support for a GREAT cause! For more information, please visit our website, or contact Amanda at or 260-367-2394 or 260-316-2218.

Hotcakes for Huntington’s! Once again, we’ll be serving up Hotcakes made from the flour made at our Mill! Once you taste how delicious they are you’ll be running to the Mill to pick up some to make your own at home!!

Hotcakes will be served up from 8am-11am. Cost is $6.00 per person.

CALLING ALL BAKERS! We are so excited to announce Contest Rules: 2. Home canned fruits, the addition of a Baking Contest 1. The majority of flour used in vegetables or meats are not and Bake Sale to this year’s permitted in products. your recipe (at least 50%) Festival! The purpose of the MUST BE from the 3. Recipes must be provided that contest is to promote use of the Greenfield Mills-New Rinkel show which ingredients were flour made at our Mill. Profits Flour. This includes whole used in each part of the from the bake sale will go to wheat, pastry, bread, graham, product. raise money for Huntington’s cornmeal, or buckwheat. 4. Contestants should carefully disease. 2. All recipes and entries become wash their hands and make the property of Greenfield sure that their hands do not Mills. have any open cuts before When: food preparation. Saturday June 16, entries will be 3. Each entry must have a accepted from 10-11:30am, with the judging taking place at 12:00pm. Where: Bonneyville Mill County Park 53373 Co. Rd. 131 Bristol, IN 46507

separate entry form with the complete recipe written on one side of the paper only. 4. Please bring in disposable or nonreturnable container. 5. Each pie/bread entry must submit two pie/breads for judging and sale.

6. Just 2.5 miles south east of Bristol on Co. Rd. 131, south of St Rd. 120, and north of County Rd 8. 7. You must drop off completed entry form and entry at the Baldwin One Room Schoolhouse. You can download/print your baking contest entry form at

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Prizes: Each contestant will receive a coupon for a 5lb. bag of flour, redeemable at Greenfield Mills. (Coupon expires 10/31/2012) Prizes will be awarded after judging and include:

Cake entries must be a $15 gift certificate for Dutch minimum size of 11”X15” size Country in Shipshewanna. (larger or higher dimensions $10 gift certificate for Cookie are preferred). Nook in Auburn. Cupcake/cookie entries must supply 14 cupcakes/cookies (4 Gift certificate for Limo Ride, from Courtesy Limousine. final cupcakes/cookies for Large Light House fountain, judging). Donated by Roger Green.

We are still looking for more prizes, if you own a business and 1. Filling, frosting, glazing, pie filing and meringue, whether have something to donate, please cooked or uncooked are not contact Amanda at 260-367-2394, 260-316-2218 or via email at permitted to contain cream cheese, whipped cream, unpasteurized milk or egg/egg We look forward to all your whites (pasteurized eggs or eggs yummy entries! cooked to 1600 degrees F may be used). Baked Product Rules:

Mill Tours! Come check out a part of Indiana history!! Greenfield Mills is Indiana’s oldest commercial water-powered flour mill. It was purchased by Henry Rinkel in 1904 and remains a family-run mill that continues to produce quality flour and pancakes mixes.

The cost for the Mill tour is just a $5.00 donation per person!

Come tour a part of Indiana history!! Tours of the historic Greenfield Mills will run from 8am-2pm, with tours starting every 30 minutes.

So Much More! Hotcakes, Mill Tours, Baking Contest….you’d think that would be enough...but the Old Mill Festival will feature even MORE! Whether it’s shopping for local wares, scoring some delicious produce from the farmer’s market, shopping our craft vendors, checking out the old farm equipment or watching your kids play games, the Old Mill Festival and Hotcakes for Huntington’s event will have something for everyone! Check out some of the fun had at last year’s event!

Don’t miss the fun! Bring the family and join us for a day of fun, food, and Support of a great cause!!

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What is Huntington’s Disease? Who is HDSA? Huntington’s disease (HD) is a devastating, hereditary, degenerative brain disorder that results in a loss of cognitive, behavioral and physical control, and for which, presently, there is no cure, and only one FDA approved treatment for a symptom of HD.

everyone affected by HD.

HD slowly diminishes the affected individual’s ability to walk, talk, think and reason. Symptoms usually appear in an individual between 30 and 50 years of age and progress over a 10-25 year period. Cases of juvenile Huntington’s disease (JHD) have been diagnosed in children as young as two years of age. Eventually a person with HD becomes totally dependent upon others for his or her care. More than 30,000 people in the US are currently diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. Each child of a parent with HD has a 50% risk of inheriting the gene, and developing the disease. Therefore, another 250,000+ people are at risk.

help for today, hope for tomorrow.

Founded in 1968 by Marjorie Guthrie, wife of folk legend Woody Guthrie, who lost his battle with Huntington’s disease, the Society works tirelessly to provide the family services, education, advocacy and research to provide

Notably, HDSA founded the Coalition for the Cure, a collaboration of 16 international researchers, as part of the HD Drug Research Pipeline, and supports research which develops potential therapies to treat and eventually cure HD. HDSA also supports 21 Centers of Excellence at major medical facilities throughout the U.S. , where people with HD and their families receive comprehensive medical, psychological and social services. The Society is comprised of 45 local chapters and affiliates across the country. Additionally, HDSA hosts more than 160 support groups for people with HD, their Currently, Indiana has one of the highest incidences families, caregivers and people at-risk, and is the of HD. Although some medications can relieve premiere resource on Huntington’s disease for some symptoms in certain individuals, research has medical professionals and the general public. To yet to find a mean of conquering or even slowing the learn more about Huntington’s disease, please visit deadly progression of HD. To get involved with the Indiana The Huntington’s Disease Society of America Chapter, please email (HDSA) is the largest 501(c) (3) non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to improving the lives of

How to find us! From I-69: Take I 20 west to 327. Turn right (north) on 327 to 700 N. Turn left (west) on 700 N. After a slight bend in road 700 N. becomes 750 N. Continue approximately 1 mile to Mill. From Toll Rd (80-90) or Howe: Turn right (south) on SR 9, turn left (east) on 1 20. Turn left (north) onto 900 E across from big rock, turn right (east) onto 750 N. Continue approximately 1 mile to Mill.

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Our Family’s Story My mother grew up knowing about Huntington's Disease but never thinking that she could have it. Her Grandfather had it, but her mother was told that if she reached 50 without showing symptoms then she wouldn't get it. Well in 2005 my grandmother (My mom’s mom) tested positive for the HD gene. Of course this brought a lot of questions for her 5 children, would they get Huntington's? Two of them decided to be tested, my mother and my Aunt, they both tested positive for the gene, but have not been diagnosed with Huntington's at this time. Our family: Amanda, James, Mary & Dave Rinkel

In 2006 my brother & I both also tested positive for the gene. Over the past couple of years we have become increasingly aware of the need to help with fundraisers, to provide money for research and hopefully to find a cure for this horrible disease. We continue to organize the Hotcakes for Huntington’s and Old Mill Festival every year as our families way to help raise some money, and awareness! We would LOVE for you to join us this year, and help us make this our best, most fun and successful year yet! If you can not join us, but can help our fundraising efforts, you may make an secure, online donation at fundraisers

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