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Madrid - Spain

Challenge The main objective of the campaign was to position the brand FNAC in the mobile phones of consumers in a permanent manner and also to inform existing customers of FNAC, about the launch of the latest DVD's being launched in the month of December.

Solution The action was designed to interact with visitors of the store by distributing images from the films that were being promoted. With the help of the mobile-marketing platform of Futurlink, i.e.Wilico, it was possible to communicate and distribute content via bluetooth, to the mobile phones of the visitors. FNAC promoted a new DVD every week, and therefore the mobile content distributed varied every week according to the movie being promoted. The visitors of FNAC, download the images to their mobile phones and by displaying them at the booth, they could receive a poster of the film that was being promoted.

Results The large attendance of the public in the shopping center during those days contributed to the success of the campaign and FuturLink´s technology allowed the management and programming of the content remotely, facilitating control of the action. The daily average was over 800 downloads to mobile phones of visitors of the mall, making this a way of achieving the main goal of the action: to position the brand within the mobile phone of the consumer in a permanent way.

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