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Case studies Seda Revelation. Unilever created a new global positioning for Seda and a mobile marketing action to communicate it.

The shopping center visitors downloaded to their mobile phones Seda Wallpapers with celebrities. Agency Pocket Mídia / Distributor : Advertiser:



Consumer Goods


Seda Revelation 2008


São Paulo - Brazil

Challenge Unilever created a new global positioning for Seda, its new brand of hair products. To disseminate this new positioning (new logo and new packaging) they conducted a mobile marketing campaign

Solution In the Ibirapuera shopping center in São Paulo and North Shopping in Rio de Janeiro, kiosks of the Seda brand were mounted. In addition to communicate the new design and packaging of the brand, the kiosk was designed to publicize the Seda Revelation 2008 competition. The first prize was to be in a Seda advertisement. To take part in the competition, the girls had to record a video, "Life cannot wait" and send it. The recorded video could be uploaded into the kiosk easily. On the other hand, passing by the kiosk, the girls would be asked to activate the bluetooth of their mobiles to receive Seda Wallpapers with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Shakira, Madonna and others. During the forty days of the campaign, the content was changed as weeks passed.

Results During the six weeks of the campaign more than 27,000 mobile devices in the commercial centers of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and more than 13,500 downloads of content were detected. The results confirm the success of interactive campaigns that create brand relevance in communicating with their consumers.

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