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Case studies Seat Motor Show. SEAT offered a new brand experience to visitors to the show.

Visitors could select and download free content of the brand to their mobile phones. Agency:







Motor Show 2008


Paris, Madrid and Switzerland

Challenge SEAT ´s objective was to take advantage of the European car showrooms to present its new range of vehicles and strengthen its brand reputation, in a direct and participative way using an interactive medium like the cell phone. The showrooms were the ideal scenario as it was a large exhibition with an ad hoc project to invite visitors to participate in a new brand experience and get free content.

Solution For the launch of the Seat car a multimedia channel was used, which allowed to interact with mobile phones of the consumers through connections such as the short-range Bluetooth. The action was designed to launch new models of SEAT and allow visitors to interact with touch screens to select and download via Bluetooth, free multimedia content to their mobile phones. In this interactive zone, visitors could download to their mobile phones, screensavers, wallpapers, videos of the new SEAT models and interactive catalog of cars. The catalogs were the main attraction and allowed visitors to carry in their mobiles all the information and pictures of cars with the possibility of finding even the dealership nearest to the zip code that the visitor entered.

Results The campaign goal was successfully accomplished, portfolio of new cars was presented and interaction with the target audience was accomplished, increasing brand recognition. SEAT repeated for the eighth time the action, using FuturLink´s technology. The result was a recognition of how local marketing campaigns are changing and how they communicate and interact about the brands to the audience.

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Case Study FUTURLINK SEAT Motor Show  

Challenge Visitors could select and download free content of the brand to their mobile phones. SEAT ´s objective was to take advantage of th...

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