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Case studies Motorola at São Paulo Fashion Week. Motorola promote its new mobile phone Motorola E8 through a mobile marketing campaign via Bluetooth.

Pontomobi used FuturLink´s technology to create an interactive area at Motorola´s stand. Agency:







Motorola at São Paulo Fashion Week


São Paulo Brazil

Challenge To add value to Motorola´s stand at the São Paulo Fashion Week using interactive medium to draw the attention of the visitors and promote the new mobile phone Motorola E8.

Solution Pontomobi used FuturLink´s technology to create this interactive area. They used three access points with 7 inch screens that were connected to the network to increase the performance of the access points. This platform enables the multimedia content distribution via Bluetooth each 30 minutes. Other four access points placed in strategic points of the event were used to distribute exclusive multimedia content during the event. To complete the action Pontomobi hired some promoters to move around the pavilions using Bluetooth equipment to cover a large area of the São Paulo Fashion Week and to distribute the content to the visitors’ mobile phones. Pontomobi also created interactive totems in shapes of mobile phones. The touch screen simulated all the Motorola E8 functions and it allowed visitors to choose and receive exclusive Motorola content.

Results During the five days of the event they had 10,114 content downloaded with a daily average of 2,023. From the files sent, 47% were through the totems, 39% through the access points distributed in the pavilions and 14% via the mobile Bluetooth that moved around with the promoters.

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