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Circle+ has the same functions as a Circle, but also serves as network coordinator. It registers what Circles are part of the network and communicates that to the Plugwise Source application. Circle+ is equipped with a battery and a clock that is used to synchronise timing with the other Circles. After the network has been installed, Circle+ can be used like any other Circle. All Plugwise networks contain one Circle+. Dimensions: 81,3 x 72 x 43,5 mm Voltage: 100-240 V~ Max. Current: 16 A

Frequency: 50-60 Hz Plug: CEE 7/7 (E&F Hybrid) Female plug: CEE 7/4 Schuko (F)

Circle Type F

The Circle is a basic element of the Plugwise system. This plug is easily placed between the power socket and the plug of an appliance. The smart plug measures the energy consumption of the connected appliance and can switch it on and off. The plug sends the energy consumption data to the Plugwise software installed on your PC via a wireless MESH network. The software will process the data on energy consumption of the connected appliance resulting in clear overviews and graphs. From your computer you can switch the connected appliance on and off either manually or automatically, by means of switching schedules you can program yourself. The plug also has a standby killer function. Dimensions: 81,3 x 72 x 43,5 mm Voltage: 100-240 V~ Max. current: 16 A Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Plug: CEE 7/7 (E&F Hybride) Female plug: CEE 7/4 Schuko (F) ZigBee Dynyamic MESH 2,4 GHz network

Technical details

Circle type F











Power supply Supply voltage Frequency Power dissipation

50 / 60 0,3


Power measurement calibrated at 230V

Hz 1,1




230 VAC, 50 Hz, 25˚C, unloaded

Output Output current Energy measurements Accuracy (current usage)

5% ± 0,5 W

230V AC, 50 Hz, 23˚C, range: 1,035-3680W

Accuracy (cumulative)

1% ± 0,2 W

1 hour cumulative data

Permanent memory Storage capacity



ZigBee communication Baudrate Frequency


Bandwidth Receiving sensitivity (signal/noise ratio) Transmission power






16 channels of the 2,4GHz ISM band


5MHz channel spacing 1% PER (20 byte packet)

2,0 -92








Approval IEC/EN 60884-1, KEMA-keur report: 2127769.50 IEC/EN 60884-2-5, KEMA-keur report: 2127769.51 IEC/EN 60730-1 (incl. Electro Magnetic Compatiblity), KEMA-keur report: 2127769.52 ETSI EN 300 328 V1.7.1 (2006-10) - R&TTE - TüV Rheinland EPS report: 09100204.r01


The Stick is the link between the Plugwise Software (Source) and the installed plugs (Circles) as well as other Plugwise products. The Stick receives data from and transmits commands to the installed Plugwise modules via a wireless MESH-network. The Stick is easily connected to the USB-port of your computer. Dimensions: 22,8 x 70,8 x 10,2 mm

ZigBee-MESH: 2,4 GHz


The Stealth is a universal module for measuring and switching electricity-usage of appliances in specific situations. This minimized version of the Circle can be built into a standard installation socket. The Stealth’s functions and specifications are identical to those of the Circle. It is equipped with a screw connector for wires. Voltage: 100-240 V~ Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz Max. current: 16 A

Dimensions: 60,3 x 40,7 x 26,1 mm ZigBee Dynamic MESH 2,4 GHz Delivery upon order only


Source is the Plugwise software program to be installed on the PC. It gives insight in the energy consumption of the connected appliances by means of clear overviews and graphs. Moreover, Source offers the possibility to switch appliances on and off, either manually or automatically through pre-set schedules. Schedules can be created for each appliance, each room and each user-defined group of appliances. System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista 1 GHz Processor 512 MB RAM

30 MB available disc space 64 MB Graphics card Internet connection


With the Plugwise Screen the user can centrally operate and read the data of all Plugwise modules. The Screen is placed in a central location near the main entrance of a building (professional or at home). The touch screen with a customized floor plan allows lighting and other appliances to be switched with a simple touch, even when they are located in several rooms. The status of the appliances and their energy consumption can be viewed for each individual room. Touch screen size: 15,6� Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels Processor: Intel Atom 1,6 GHz Memory: 1 GB DDR2 Hard disk: 160 GB

Network: 10/100 Mbit, WLAN Connectivity: 6 x USB 2.0 Dimensions: 410 x 335 x 48 mm Power supply: 110-240 V~ Wall mount and desk stand included

Stretch Lite

Local Area Network Stretch Lite

PC with Plugwise Source Software

A standard Plugwise network allows for the Stick being placed in a PC to let Source (the Plugwise application) communicate with the network. Stretch Lite is developed to let Source communicate with the Stick via a TCP/IP connection. A computer which is located outside the range of the Plugwise network can be used to approach the network from a distance, using the Stretch Lite. Remote USB over TCP/IP


The Switch is used to control one or several appliances, each connected to a Plugwise Circle. Specific appliances or groups of appliances can be assigned to the Switch via the Plugwise software in a very easy manner. Examples are the complete lighting at home or in the office. With just one ‘click’ all assigned lights can be switched on or off. The Switch can be easily attached to any flat surface at any location by means of the adhesive strip. Due to the wireless communication between the Switch, the Circles, and all other Plugwise products, the installation requires no cables. Dimensions: 86,5 x 86,5 x 21 mm Power supply: 2 x AAA 1,5V

ZigBee-MESH: 2,4 GHz

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