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passionate about many different disciplines which has led to a wide range of skills obtained and executed. this interest in different areas has contributed to an exploration of the world through informed eyes. with a vast set of experiences and talents, this story continues to grow and change, resulting in an exciting outlook on what is to come.



syracuse university bachelors of industrial and interaction design may 2012 minor / architecture gpa / 3.3 su london school of design january 2011 / may 2011

computer microsoft office adobe creative suite autodesk solidworks rhino maya sketchbook pro autocad physical photography wood sculpture metal sculpture creative writing

experience summer / may 2011 / august 2011 central ed / design consultant westbury, ny responsible for the complete redesign of an information based website meant to aide clients in the companies services generated unique logo and print designs for use with clients created company identity communicated with vendors and clients to bridge the gap and contribute to the ordering process summer / may 2008 / august 2008 alexander compagno architect & associates / summer associate new york, ny converted existing engineering plans into auto-cad format performed in-field measurements to produce new documents for later design use compiled a list of comparable properties in order to attract potential investors for an upcoming project worked directly with vendors to obtain and assemble samples of materials according to specific customer needs may 2006 / august 2006 john f. capobianco, architect / summer associate inwood, ny responsible for the complete conversion of physical documents to digital documents conducted in-field measurements to be used by designers prepared drawings for upcoming projects

achievements metropolis design competition 2010 2nd place / 3 seed jerk magazine featured artisit / mechanics of time design research competition 2010 1st place / arrow design syracuse university deans list chancellor’s scholar

interests cooking movies reading writing dreaming playing sports watching sports listening to stories technology




Word Tree / mind map, inspiration



Construction Documents / various scales as noted MESH



“The man’s been in here fifty years, Heywood. Fifty years! This is all he knows. In here, he’s an important man. He’s an educated man. Outside, he’s nothin’! Just a used up con with arthritis in both hands”.














As seen in the documents below, residents can be seen from the street, but they are always interupted by windows and walls. The sections show the intersection of floorboards with windows giving this affect of transition. The site plan demonstrates how the construction cuts through the surrounding buildings so that the overall affect is known.










Painting studies / color and geometric transitisons

Flux / Halfway House

Design / Transition

Flux is a house meant for people who are transitioning back into society. It is the hope that Flux will help aid those in search of reinventing theselves, so that one day they may return to society as equals.

The design of Flux is intended to give the residents a constant reminder that they are in a state of transition. Floorboards intersect windows so that from the outside, there is never a view of a full person. The facade juts out into the sidewalk to that when walking up to the building, patrons have a choice, to make a change. The building cuts through the existing structure, again reinforcing the idea that a shift is taking place within these walls, and after some help, one can emerge, a changed person.

Syracuse, NY / Catawaba Street

Proposed Plan / 1/8” = 1’-0”

Proposed Northwest Facade / 1/8” = 1’-0”

Existing Northwest Facade 1/16” = 1’-0”

Southwest Section SOUTHWEST SECTION 1/16” = 1’-0”

Southeast SectionSECTION SOUTHEAST 1/16” = 1’-0”


Northeast Section NORTHEAST SECTION 1/16” = 1’-0”

Existing Products / Reasearch Existing products are over designed and unnecessarily complicated. Going back to the true roots of grinding, grist mills used only the weight of the machine to grind wheat into flour. Mull uses that same concept to create an elegant, simple design.

Mull / Cast Iron Coffee Grinder Mull seeks to change the way people view the brewing of coffee. With the invention of things such as Starbucks and the Kuerig machine, people have lost touch with the handmade aspect of making a cup of joe. By going through the process of grinding your own beans, users of Mull will again know what it is like to be their own barista. A cup of coffee made with the same hands that wrap the mug in which it is poured is like living in a house built by the hands of the residents; satisfying to the last sip.

Mull is designed with materiality in mind. A full cast iron base is coupled with a two-part handle, made of cast iron and wood. The weight of the iron in the handle meeting the iron base is meant to give the most grinding power, while the wooden end of the handle provides a smooth, easy to hold surface. The two together form an elegant marriage of material and function.

Coffee culture in America has changed. What once used to be considered an art form in most homes has been replaced by fast working, easy to use machines. 400 million cups of coffee are consumed daily, most of which are made by these machines or bought in a store. Getting back in touch with the entire process of brewing coffee is something only enthusiasts are accustomed to. Mul sets out to return this process back into the art form it once was.

Concept Development / Sketches and Sketch Models

Possible Branding and Advertising

Mold Pouring / Sand mold

Zamak Prototype / In Use


The Great Divide / new form of storytelling The Great Divide represents a a year long study of storytelling. The final representation of that research resulted in a story being told through objects, rather than through written word or film. This is that story, and the story of its creation.

The Story The story represented through storyboards. The surface becomes uninhabitable, the citizens split and form two colonies, and they then return to the surface to participate in the market.

Each object is designed so that it is meant for one colony, but needs resources from the other. The objects are displayed as artifacts, solidifying the notion that this time period did indeed exist. Along with the objects, journal fragments from a young man are presented. Together, a viewer can experience the story in a way they have not seen before.

The story itself tells of a time in the future where the surface of the Earth is no longer habitable. This causes the citizens to choose an alternative home, half chosing to live in space, the other half underwater. However, neither home is perfect and a trade system has to be put into place. This system takes place at a market located on the surface where goods and resources are sold.

Titus / Ceramic

Engea / Metal, Algae Insert Engea is an energy drink which uses the algae from the sea as an energy source. When the button is pressed, a combination of carbinated water and algae are released. This mixture floats infront of the user, waiting to be consumed.

Concept Development and Exhibit Poster

Aging Process

Titus is a terrarium meant for housing coral. With the absense of gravity, the water creates its own bubble. Titus sits around this bubble, containing the coral inside. Coral needs certain elements in order to survive. Titus provides light, a way to feed the coral and magnets that cause the water to spin, keeping the coral clean.

Cyanea / Glass, Coral

The Journal of Jacob Sky

Cyanea is a handheld lantern that allows for open flame underwater. With the use of a space rock, mined in space, Cyanea lights up the ocean floor. The design works in a way that the denser space rock can be fed from the top, so it is self feeding. The effect was said to be breathtaking.

Along with the objects displayed, fragments of a journal are presented. The journal was written by a young man named Jacob Sky who was a part of the space colony. It is through these journal fragments that viewers learn about each of the objects.

“Nature has a way of telling its own time that often goes unseen. This piece brings the natural and mechanical representation of time together, embedding mechanical clock gears into the natural time-telling rings of a tree trunk�

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Samuel Jacobs Portfolio  

Portfolio and Resume

Samuel Jacobs Portfolio  

Portfolio and Resume