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An entire library of marketing files.

Yours for the using. All professionally designed. All customizable. All free.

To request information about the GreenEarth Affiliate Licensing Program call Toll-Free 877-926-0895.

• Banners

• Fliers

• Press Releases

• Brochures

• Garment care tags

• Print ads

• Buttons for staff

• Gift certificates

• Promotional kits

• Counter cards

• Give away items

• Retail partnership tools

• Counter top tools

• Hang tags

• Route brochures

• Customer coupons

• Hotel marketing

• Route door hangers

• Customer letters

• Landlord materials

• Seasonal marketing kits

• Degradable poly

• Logo apparel

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• Store locator online

• Earth Day materials

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With GreenEarth’s ready-made Affiliate marketing materials, it’s easy to differentiate and grow your business.

Give your wardrobe a fresh, clean start!


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Win lifetime customers • GreenEarth is the largest retail brand of dry cleaning in the world. It adds value like “Intel Inside” by instantly telling your customers you use environmentally safe technology. • Odor is the #1 customer complaint in dry cleaning. Because GreenEarth is 100% odor-free, you have a big marketing advantage!

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• Unlike superficial marketing claims, GreenEarth offers a difference customers can actually see, touch and smell.

Not dry cleaned. XYZ CLEANERS LOGO

– POW E R E D B Y –

Stand out in the community


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• GreenEarth supports Affiliates with a wide variety of marketing materials designed to effectively attract and educate customers. • We also provide tools to attract the interest of local reporters. Our Affiliates have been very successful getting media coverage about their “green” difference, both on TV and in newspapers and magazines.

– POW E R E D B Y –

Market your difference effortlessly


• A GreenEarth license not only gives you the right to use our patented dry cleaning process, it also enables you to use the GreenEarth name and trademark in your store signage and marketing.

Good for the Earth. Good for the Earthlings. No hazardous chemicals • Safe for the water, soil and air • So gentle, clothes stay soft and comfortable

• As an Affiliate, you will enjoy access to ready-made marketing materials. Order pre-produced promotional materials or customize your own with free, professionally designed templates at • No other alternative solvent system offers comprehensive marketing support like ours. No need to hire expensive marketing services. © 2007 GreenEarth Cleaning, LLC. All rights reserved. Printed on recycled paper with soy based inks.

Let our website work for you 24/7

You’ve never worn anything like it. 8:32:05 AM

• We employ search engine optimization strategies to keep GreenEarth top of mind with people seeking eco-friendly products and services. Keyword optimization, useful content and hundreds of inbound website links mean lots of prospective customers!

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© 2007 GreenEarth Cleaning, LLC. All rights reserved. Printed on recycled paper with enviro-friendly inks.

A network of ideas and insights • Every GreenEarth Affiliate has access to an “Affiliates Only” section of our website where they can access a wide variety of online training videos, operations and maintenance support, documents and marketing resources. • We host an online forum where Affiliates share ideas, ask questions and learn from the collective experience of some of the industry’s best operators.



• Just as important, explains the GreenEarth difference and gives customers a reason to chose you over the competition. It is user friendly and inviting. And highly informative!

Cert no. SCS-COC-001052



• Our store locator helps customers find your store quickly and easily. New customers are just a click away.

To request an informational booklet, call Toll-Free 877-926-0895. ©2012 GreenEarth Cleaning, LLC. All rights reserved. v. 060112

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