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Guide to clothing care symbols HOME LAUNDERING

machine wash instructions normal wash

permanent press

gentle wash

water temperature cold = wash at 30C / 65-85F warm = wash at 40C / 105F

do not machine wash

bleaching instructions any bleach

only non-chlorine or oxygen bleach

wash at 60C / 140F

permanent press

delicate / gentle

heat settings any heat

do not machine dry

ironing instructions iron when needed

iron low heat iron med heat iron med heat 110C/230F 150C/300F 200C/390F

iron no steam

do not iron

special care hand wash

do not wring

both = line dry or hang to dry

both = drip dry on line / hanger

dry flat


professional clean instructions professional clean

do not professional clean

type of professional cleaner any cleaner

perc cleaner not allowed

wash at 95C / 200F

both = do not bleach

machine dry instruction tumble dry

wash at 70C / 160F additional hot settings

hot = wash at 50C / 120F

professional wet cleaner

GreenEarth is an excellent choice with any symbol

dry in shade (added to line, drip or flat dry)

no heat / low heat medium heat air max. 60C/140F max. 80C/176F

high heat

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