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What is GreenEarth? A breath of fresh air For your nose For your clothes For our community

Perc free = Odor free Traditional dry cleaner

GreenEarth dry cleaner

o Uses perchloroethylene solvent, petroleum based o Many risks:

o Uses silicone solution, pure liquid sand o No risks

o o o o

Toxic air contaminate Hazardous waste Probable carcinogen Irritant to eye, ear and nose; causes headaches, dizziness o Skin irritant

o Strong, ether-like odor

o o o o

Non-toxic Non-hazardous Safe for the air, soil, water Also used in shampoos, personal care products o You could rub it on your skin

o Absolutely no odor

Perc free = Perky clothes! o A scientific reason we’re better clothes o Silicone is chemically inert o Won’t damage fabric fibers like other dry cleaning methods o What does that mean? o Colors won’t fade; whites stay white o Silks stay silky, sweaters stay soft o Brings life “back” to stiff, over processed garments o Won’t shrink garments or ruin sizing o Won’t fray colors and cuffs

Perc free = Community Perks o With GreenEarth, businesses & residents no longer need to worry about soil and ground water contamination o Landlords no longer need to worry about liability for multi-million dollar clean-ups o Developers have an attractive, repeat traffic retail destination o Citizens have a green alternative in dry cleaning that isn’t more expensive o Communities have a new way to “go green”

Improving the fabric of life. We may be a bit biased. But we believe GreenEarth Cleaning is the solution that dry cleaning customers have been waiting for. We look forward to making your life a little easier, bringing new life to your clothes, and sustaining the life of our planet.

Rotary Chamber presentation  

Rotary Chamber presentation