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Green Energy Solutions Industry, Home & Office

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• Telecom Cell Site Alternative Power Solutions • Biomass Systems • Office & Home Green Make Over Support Green Communities are an alternative energy system design, installation and maintenance provider primarily for the Telecommunications sectors and with interests in the home/office green design and Biomass systems. Supporting sustainability with green energy programs – for all people around the world, irrespective of race, religion, creed or political persuasion. Nonprofit aid organization providing employment and learning opportunities for people in developing countries. Providing locally trained talent to organically grow regional awareness and skills in the Green energy sector. SGC is involved with several telecom projects in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean and also the design and fabrication of three alternative energy solutions. Fields of Operation currently include; • Telecoms GSM,UMTS & LTE alternative power solutions • Home/office green power makeover • Green office intelligent control • Utilities- Oil/Gas/Water services • Project personnel supply • Automation systems • Biomass - Africa • Railroad SGC business approach is to employ the triple bottom line ideology where our prime objectives are People, Planet & Profit. All profits are re-invested into training, equipment and local community projects. Corporate Social responsibility and Public environmental reporting

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leads to an approach in which sustainable practices, technologies and products use available resources wisely ensuring sustainable and profitable business for all parties by: 1. Limit resources taken form earth 2. Meet the fundamental needs for People 3. Care for and protect our Environment 4. Use safer and biodegradable substances Our Aim is to assist local communities and employ locally identified talent. To enable this we research the area where a project is planned and train suitable personnel as part of the resource provision of the project. Client Needs communicated

SGC Community Agent delivers product & ensures QA

Approved Local Engineer or Technician engaged

SGC Community Agent matches talent

SGC Community Agent works to define scope

Telecomm design and build services which incorporate green power technology with our proven energy systems for all telecom sites from city centre rooftops to off grid Greenfield sites 100’s kilometres from any services.

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Green Energy Solutions Industry, Home & Office

Home and Office green make over; power surveys, location and equipment analysis to optimise your operations and costs for power reductions, focusing on energy conservation and design. Training certification (NABCEP) with one of our partner companies “Solar Living Institute”

We are interested in developing opportunities in the fields of; • Telecommunication cell site alternative energy design and implementation • Biomass energy generating systems • Home and office green makeovers

Design and implementation of alternative power solutions Biomass system provisioning of units, typically sized to power up to 600 homes or a medium sized factory. Providing clean, sustainable, cost effective solution to the problem of waste management and increasing energy costs

Project resourcing focuses on locally training suitable personnel from the community who will take on responsibilities of delivering and maintain the projects with SGC close supervision. Education programs for the community workforce to learn and recognise greener ways to work. Teaching the benefits of sustainable ways of working and the green products provide by SGC.

• Community development through sustainable employment schemes

Enhancing the Local Environment for the future

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