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First newsletter of the season! At Greenco and in most parts of Burundi, this time of the year means we really are at the beginning of harvesting and at the beginning of an exciting but extremely busy season ahead for everyone. Red and juicy cherries are ready for the crop and drying tables across all washing stations start getting filled with our natural processed coffees‌ There´s no turning back now!

March: Coffee Harvest Season March is the start of the harvest season. We have opened our first washing stations to start collecting this season´s harvest. We are also starting to process the coffee at each station bearing in mind everything that is important to ensure the quality of the coffee. Once again, the action plan is clear: we will bring out the best in our coffees to be able to send top-quality Burundian coffee all over the world!

Visits This month we have had the privilege of hosting visitors from Kenya and Japan. Burundian chicken & fish for dinner, Belgian beers, Japanese chocolate for breakfast, field visits, cupping‌ Each visit is a complete different story full of anecdotes. If you want to live a true adventure with coffee as the main 2il2any2 you know that we are waiting for you with open arms!

Metajua System Since the first trial we did in 2016 of the Ugandan developed data collection and analysis platform Metajua, we´ve never stopped using it. We have successfully adopted the system into 3il3any operations. Designed for agricultural businesses, Metajua processes and provides us remarkably accurate data for activities such as purchases, storage and transport which has proved hugely beneficial and efficient for us. We are now able to monitor live activity all the way from our washing stations to the dry 3il. This is fundamental not only for transparency & traceability purposes but also, among other things, to calculate the bonuses we pay to our farmers.

4th Anniversary Time goes by so quickly… Seems like yesterday, but this month we are celebrating our fourth birthday! We are proud of what we have achieved so far and we believe that our efforts will continue to bring us excellent results in the future. Last but not least, we are also proud of the positive impact we achieve on our farmers and their families… Long life to Greenco!

The local press echoes Greenco’s first CoE victory in 2015 with the headline “In Greenco quality makes the difference” – it’s in our DNA!

#Fridayhalloffame Since a few weeks ago, we have inaugurated our Hall of Fame. What does it consist of? Very simple: every Friday we are sharing in our social networks with the hashtag #Fridayhalloffame the best designs of packages with Greenco coffee. If you want to participate, don't hesitate to contact us!

Pavement Coffee package design – less is more

What's next? On another note, we would like to make a small advance on something that is going to keep us very busy in the coming weeks. What is it? Here's a little hint: it starts with "goat" and ends with "project". Oh, and this time we are going to add some "pigs" to the equation... For now, we take this opportunity to thank all those who have made this possible: Amavida, Kickapoo, Classic, Onda Origins, Joe NY, Counterculture, Red Rooster, Intelligentsia and of course the Kahawatu Foundation. Stay tuned if you want to know more!

Goat Project, November 2018 – thanks to Kickapoo!

Managing Director Words March was an exciting and busy month for all of us here at Greenco as we have been preparing everything for the beginning of the harvest. This is a first step which, followed by many others, will end up by sending our coffees to all corners of the globe within a few months. Sometimes we get lost in operations and we forget the “why” behind all this, but sending coffee #fromburunditotheworld is a true achievement! As I write these lines, I am thinking about the best way to thank each and every one of those who are part of Greenco’s daily life. To all farmers, field & office employees, and everyone at Greenco, I give my most sincere appreciation for your hard work. I invite you all to visit our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram so that you get to know us better. See you in April!

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Greenco Burundi Newsletter March 2019  

Greenco Burundi Newsletter March 2019

Greenco Burundi Newsletter March 2019  

Greenco Burundi Newsletter March 2019