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Copy Kids™ Copy Kids™ eat fruits and vegetables launched in January 2012 because kids love to copy other kids…why not give them something to watch that you actually want them to copy? The copy-kids video shows kids not just eating a variety of vegetables, but having a great time while eating them. My kids were giggling right along with the kids on the screen and it was amazing to see them become interested in eating healthy foods that they were previously not interested in just because they saw another kid eating and laughing. The DVD is divided into twelve chapters of 6-8 minutes, each focusing on a different fruit or vegetable. Just be sure to have the fruit or veggie your child is watching on hand – after watching this video, they’ll be asking for it! DVD available at Copy-Kids ™ website $19.99


Green Child Magazine Back to School 2011  

Green Child Magazine's Spring 2012 issue brings eco-friendly fun to your family's Easter, Earth Day, and Arbor Day celebrations. We talk to...

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