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Good Green Gear By Tiffany Casanova |

As a New York City mom on the go producing my twin sons’ video series Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City! my boys have to be comfortable, but look cool. Unfortunately, there is a lack of eco-friendly clothing for older kids, so my boys wear a mix of eco and non-eco brands. If you’re dealing with the same issue, here’s my round up brands big and small, making older kids wear green well. Rockin’ Recycled I try not to throw clothing away. My husband gets really upset because I save clothes way too long while I look for someone to give them to. These two brands have found a better way to make use of old clothing, minus the hoarding. Love fun dresses? Try CourtneyCourtney on for size. These dresses are TOTALLY unique as they are made from remnants of old cotton t-shirts. How about a little rock n’ roll with your tee? Kaos Recycled uses t-shirts with edgy branding to make items for boys and girls. Hit The Ground Green! I love companies that don’t just sell green, but live it. Keen is one of those brands. Keen has great footwear, produced using sustainable practices, and they are BIG on getting outside and helping others all over the world. The best part about their shoes? The boys think they’re cool, and I know they last. Tristin and Tyler have had a pair of Coronados for over a year and they look GREAT! Want soft, durable and cute? Try Simple Shoes. They are light and airy, which make it easy for kids to get out and play. Simple Shoes use recycled plastic in their shoes, and post consumer paper for their boxes and shoe forms. A pair of Simple Shoes are a great holiday gift and a most treasured souvenir, since they will only be around until December 31, 2011.

The BIGGER Guys Some of the bigger brands and taking eco-friendly steps (it’s about time). One of my favorites is Stella McCartney Kids. You won’t find boring in any of Stella’s 100% organic pieces. Stella’s designs are playful and promote the earth by featuring nature and animal illustrations. H&M has a conscious collection made from “greener and eco-friendlier materials including organic cotton, organic linen, recycled polyester, and Tencel, a renewable material that’s produced with minimal environmental impact.” I have always been a fan of H&M for kids because they definitely set trends, so finding out that they are taking eco-friendly initiatives made I saved the best for last. If you want organic jeans, check out Green Edge Denim. Their jeans are amazingly soft and they are made very well. So there you have it; fun, green and cool brands for the older kids! Older kids love the earth too, ya know! Now go and shop!

A native New Yorker, mom, wife and lover of all things kid-inspired, Tiffany Casanova is a busy mom working as an entertainment lawyer and producer of short-form kids videos and a kid’s web series called Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City! which features her 7 year-old twins as they interview New Yorkers finding unique ways to have fun and go green! Check out her blog “Tiffany’s Take” and her fun series at Contact her at 95

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