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Organization for kids!

by Sandy Kreps Kids' closets are definitely one area where clutter free can equal hassle free. Different organizational methods work for different families, so here are some of my best tips for organizing kids' closets. Get your kids involved in organizing their own closets, since they'll be the ones ultimately in charge of keeping them clean. • Start by taking everything out of the closet, and purging anything that no longer fits or is stained, torn or otherwise damaged. Sort the keepers by type (pants, shirts, dresses, shoes, toys, accessories, etc.) Once you know what you have, then you can plan how to store it all. • Some kids do well with their clothes folded on shelves and in drawers, while others prefer their clothes hung. Organize the clothes according to how your child prefers them. My son likes to flip through his shirts to choose what he wants to wear, so hanging his clothes is simpler and minimizes the messiness of pawing through folded items in search of that one favorite shirt. • Add a lower hanging rod in the closet so children can reach their own hang-up clothes. Divide hanging clothes by type, 70

with short-sleeve shirts together, longsleeve shirts together and so on. Put out of season hang-ups in the back of the closet, with current season clothes hanging front and center. • Hang clothes on matching hangers facing the same direction so children can find what they need easily. • Consider using rod dividers to notate types of clothing, season or size. • For school-age children, separating school clothes from play clothes can simplify mornings. My son knows he can wear anything in his closet to school, but shirts and sports shorts folded in his dresser are for after-school only. • Small drawers, baskets and bins are particularly good for storing underwear, socks, hats, girls’ accessories and even pajamas. Place big bold labels, with pictures for

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