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School is back in session, and we’re sharing a few of our favorite supplies!

10 Routine Success Tips

Getting back in the school groove.

14 Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

10 tips to make the most of your family’s time before the schedules start.

16 How to Raise a Motivated Student Self-motivation and a love of learning leads to success in school and throughout life.

20 Creating a Cleaner Classroom

Your child’s school doesn’t have to use toxic products. Find out how to get safer cleaners in the classroom.

24 Healthy School Lunches

More than thirty-five easy ideas... and all the gear you need to pack them in!

36 Nutritional Nuggets

From healthy school morning breakfasts to limiting hidden sugars, Dr. Goldberg answers your nutrition questions.

38 Toxic Lunches?

The plastic toxins to avoid, and how to choose safer lunch containers.

42 College Bound

Check out some of our favorite finds for eco-conscious teens.

44 Homeschool. Is it right for you?

An in-depth look at the factors you should


Back-to-School 2013 Issue of Green Child Magazine  
Back-to-School 2013 Issue of Green Child Magazine  

Everything you need for a fun, successful, eco-friendly school year! 35+ healthy lunch ideas, raising a motivated student, getting back int...