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Together, let’s make the environment cleaner. Newsletter N°1 April 2018

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Newsletter N°2 April 2018

A great news from Spain Earlier this year, the team in Spain has done a great achievement: they renewed a contract signed with Repsol for two more years, starting March 18. For those who do not know this company, Repsol is an integrated global energy company based in Madrid, Spain. It carries out upstream and downstream activities throughout the entire world. It has more than 24,000 employees worldwide. Repsol also partners with Honda Racing Corporation to compete in MotoGP under Repsol Honda Team. Thanks to the contract signed with them, GreenChem will deliver 80% of their bulk needs in Spain, both for its retail network (more than 450 stations equipped with AdBlue tanks) and direct customers. In addition, GreenChem will deliver cans to the whole Iberian market, including Portugal. The canisters are Repsol branded, but GreenChem is, as always, mentioned as producer. Canisters will reach most of their retail shops (more than 4.000 outlets in Spain). Total expected volume is 30 to 35M L per year. When GreenChem approached Respsol earlier this year, the goal was to renew the contract we had with them for the last 2 years, as it has a huge impact on Spanish sales and profit figures. It has taken us a lot of effort to achieve this new contract, as they are moving from EXW to DDP model on bulk service. In this matter, price was an issue, but service is definitely a challenge, which we are ready for. It has been a success driven by a teamwork, from Spanish office, logistics, finance to IT on Holding level. I take the opportunity to thank everybody involved. As a very first feedback, (we have just started deliveries of bulk and cans to them), we are proud to say that the customer experience is very positive. Obviously, we need to continuously monitor our performance and improve the service as much as possible. Oriol Canut Country manager

Newsletter N°2 April 2018

What’s new in GreenChem? New products Tuffa and GreenChem are partnering on this new prototype dedicated to retail station. This retail system will be easily adaptable. This retail system will be easily adaptable with the dispenser of your choice. This project is under testing and you will definitely be informed when/if we decide to release it on the European market

To reinforce our range of tanks, Greenchem developed, thanks to the close work of our project and UK teams, a new tank that will be the next generation of tanks <3000l. The tank will be dedicated to passenger car workshops. This tank is now being tested in the UK at some key partners and we will communicate more on it as soon as data comes in. We wish to this tank a great succes; at least as great as for the SMART system! GLOBUS is a project of 15 petrol stations equipped with GreenChem AdBlue® storage and distribution equipment for passenger cars. As of today, all 15 stations are running for the good of end users

As a leader in the AdBlue® distribution, we needed to develop a new solution to facilitate our customer’s journey. To make sure they can get the best service possible, we developed a 5 litre canister that will help them to turn off the light on their dashboard. This product is now available and you can promote it!

Newsletter N°2 April 2018

Article European development : Romania our new market ISO standards and AdBlue are used all over Europe. While being quite well established in Western Europe, GreenChem has been willing to expand its operations Eastern. Thanks to a recent partnership between sister company DUSLO and recently established subsidiary Fert Trade, located in Vinga â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Romania, GreenChem is now in a position to start operations in this high potential country. What will we face? How will we tackle this market? Many interesting challenges will come across this new adventure for GreenChem. The market and our experience: Romania is a great potential market for GreenChem in eastern europe. Romania is a vast country with 3 main industries: - Agricultural industry (30% of the working population) - Industry (40% of the working population) - and services (30% of the working population) The AdBlue market is estimated around 50 to 60 Million litres for 2018. GreenChem sold 4 Million litres in 2017, as well as 767 tons of AMU to 2 local tollers. We also sold 1452 tons of AMU to Prista in Bulgaria who is partly selling to Romania. Competition on this market is with low quality product from Poland and local tollers with uncontrolled sources of urea. We did not identify any VDA licensed operator; 1 sub licensed was identified as Amochim. The other players in the market are getting their AMU from China and Achema. Our Prospects and customers: Brenntag is our main customer from DUSLO and they have 10-15 resellers on the market. GreenChem in Romania will operate in Romania in partnership with Fert Trade, located in Vinga, on the west side of the country. 500 km away from Duslo in Slovakia. Considering the economic sectors, we will focus on end users such as truck companies and farmers. We will also accept to sell FCA to reselers as well as Brentag. Industry will not be left appart, but we will take some time to analyse the right segment.

Newsletter N°2 April 2018

To deliver our product, considering there is 500km between Duslo and Vinga, we will organise our supply of the Fert Trade terminal with 4 rail tankers (50 m3) doing 30 rotations per year. The terminal will eventually be equipped with 2 tanks of capacity 100 m3 each. We will then be able to deliver about 6 M litres, which is around 10% market share. With 6M litres, we will focus on end customers ready to pay a premium for quality product. Fert Trade is already doing some trains from Duslo for fertiliser products so synergy exists. To maximise our roll out in the country, we will also optimise our AdBlue logisticsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; chain with the neighbouring country Hungary. Our target in the country Retails network: Lukoil, OMV, ROMpetrol and others. Truck companies Farmers: big farms in RO and also Fert Trade clients. Guy Flochlay, Managing Director

Picture 1: FERT-Trade will be our main partner in Romania

Newsletter N°2 April 2018

Picture 2: Vinga, our future localisation.

Marketing Activities

Advertising on online forums:

SEO optimisation:

Mytiguan and My audiAudiQ5 We will continue this advertising as it generated our 7th best provider of people visiting our website

We are working very hard to improve the general ranking on our website. To do so, we are working together with a company specialised in this kind of activities. First actions will be launched early May

Billboard published in Italy early April

Proposal sent to Eni Italy as a pallet cover

Newsletter N°2 April 2018

Marketing Activities

Ensemble, rendons l’environnement plus propre

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Advertising in a customer newspaper in France New rollup to promote our app and products

The app has now more than 1500 stations in the system. we became number one app on the google playstore in terms of rating and downloads. we did in a year what Yara did within 5 years. Thanks to you all who promoted this App around you! Just do not stop, you are doing an amazing job. Our iOS app is not working as well as the android one, but the market is not the same. 70% of the smartphones are using android.

Nice polos made by our UK team Thanks ladies for the picture!

Newsletter N°2 April 2018

Department of the month Focus on logistic 1/ Please describe which department you are in charge of. I am in charge of one part of logistics department, let´s call it as sourcing/supplying part. Our department takes care about sourcing/supplying/selling of material to our TSs, LSPs and Holding´s customers. Our department contains of multiple smaller teams focused on specific work. Long story short all teams do their very best to satisfy all intercompany and external customers on time with minimal level of costs. - Sourcing team takes care about sourcing of our TSs, sells urea and also packed to Holding export customers (Japan, Romania etc.). Imagine how tough it is to manage transport of urea before Christmas for reasonable costs. - Packed team takes care about packed supplies for our LSPs, prepares production planning and supports packed sales to Holding export customers. This team is responsible for spreading GreenChem brand on all possible packed goods all around Europe and even to other continents. -FCA team, these people are taking care about FCA loadings of important customers/resellers all over GC map, but especially at Duslo. Huge amount of product produced at our biggest site (Duslo) is sold to VIP customers as for instance MOL Lub. or resellers in Balkan countries. FCA team takes care also about technical products as AUS40 and 25% ammonia water, which we sell mainly in CEE and Balkan region. - Spare parts team takes care about spare parts supplies for our LSPs, service partners and external customers. This team also manage all administrative work regarding our tank systems. Remember them when you win a tender at some huge customer and you need to start supply this customer immediately, these guys set all tank systems of customers to make it happened - Administrative/reconciliation team, GC makes couple thousands purchase transactions per month and this team is responsible to check what was ordered, what was really loaded/purchased and for which price. These colleagues follow agreed pricing of our suppliers and look for issues on purchase invoices. This team partly supports our financial department and solves price/invoicing issues with our suppliers. Besides above-mentioned teams we sit in the same building, on the same floor together with part of TQP team members, Holding export sales and our lovely IT team members which provide us great opportunity to work even better and solve issues quicker. 2/ Can you please explain to us what are the key missions of your team/their daily activities? Good question, our key mission is definitely support our subsidiaries and Holding sales department. Good sales person or sales manager, and I believe we have only good ones on board, can sell anything, however only with support of the rest of company. Our support is crucial for sales in our countries and Export. On daily basis we need to plan sourcing and production of our plants all over Europe, we need to ensure sufficient amount of raw material and also ready products at our warehouses. Our department plans, schedules and handles all administrative work linked with this each day, once we are done with these activities, we need to follow planned schedule and in case of any type of issue we have to reschedule what was originally planned and again all must be done with minimal costs.

Newsletter N°2 April 2018

Department of the month Focus on logistic 3/ What kind of challenges do you face and how do you solve them? From my point of view, we have currently two main challenges on logistics department. The first one is more and more strict legislation in terms of social legislation in EU linked with insufficient amount of drivers/wheels on market and the second one is a question how to face strong and growing competition and how to help our sales manages win the competition fight. - Strict social legislation in EU, limited driving time, weekend breaks in hotels etc. and booming economy of EU makes lives of drivers more expensive and less profitable as in past. Our approach is to enlarge list of our transport companies to be able to find sufficient amount of trucks for each line. On the other hand, from long-term point of view we need to build intermodal network and more use railway system to get rid of long international road transports and it´s issues, but it is a long distance run. - We as a logistics department must eliminate run dries at our Tolling Sites and always be prepared for all possible situations to support our countries and sales representatives with max. service. Competition is strong and as I always say, it will be even worse. Therefore, we pay extra attention to even small problems and solve them for the future. 4/ What makes you proud of your team? Definitely team spirit and good mood in the office. We are not only colleagues, but also friends. If you have friends in your team, you will definitely work with bigger joy and motivation. I am proud of my team because they are creative and they are always ready to help each other during the main season or during financial closing periods. Colleagues in my team are not some copy paste robots as we can see in some other companies.

Tomáš Balogh, logistic supervisor

Newsletter N°2 April 2018

Department of the month Focus on logistic 1/ Please describe which department you are in charge of. It is the department of bulk planning – the part of Greenchem logistics. It consists of 15 people. Every week we satisfy around 3000 end customers with amount over the 8 million liters of AdBlue. Every week we have 100 trucks on the roads in all over the Europe. The team can be roughly divided into 2 groups. There are planners, who take care about day to day schedules. They find a solutions how to accord the requests of our customers with available resources. That means they need to manage not only the planning process itself but there is lot of communication with customers on one side (interpreted by our country offices) and tolling sites, LSP dispatchers and drivers on the other side. The second group is formed by administrators doing the reconciliation process. 3000 satisfied customers every week generate incredible amounts of documentation and data which are needed to be checked, evaluated and well prepared for financials. So everything from the order entry, to delivery of documentation ready for invoicing is done there. 2/ Can you please explain to us what are the key missions of your team/their daily activities? Our key goal is to distribute our product on time to our customers in the most efficient way, using the bulk transport. To reach this goal we need to do many particular activities including scheduling the loadings, administration of the loading references on loading depots, securing the truck availability, management of the customers storages and orders, planning deliveries, checking the execution of deliveries and entire regarding documentation, doing the reconciliation process and preparing the papers for invoicing purposes. So there is quite a lot of things to do. 3/ What kind of challenges do you face and how do you solve them? The logistics and planning is an organic process. We are trying to predict the events and treat, manage them, considering our resources and the most efficient ways how to do it. But the reality is changing from minute to minute. So we need to adapt to these changes every moment. I would say that we are trying to smooth the water table out, every time someone throws the stone into the lake. It is the kind of work which is never done, the work which can be improved on and on. Of course, you are in the time pressure most of the time. So, as the biggest challenge I consider not to lose the orientation in permanently changing situation and make the best decision in a certain moment. 4/ What makes you proud of your team? We have passed through the very difficult period when the brand new planning system was applied. I´m sure all of you at least heard about LOGOP. The last roll-out took place in Hungary just in February, so it is quite fresh experience for some of us. Well, for all of us. Moreover as I indicated in previous question, there were many exceptional situations we couldn´t predict during the developing and testing the system. I´m proud of my team because lot of extra effort was made, every one of us was able to help each other, every one needed to learn and absorb many news. And I can tell we made it. Our daily routine completely changed from one day to another and we made it with good mental health and in particular situations without losing the motivation for next tasks and challenges. We made it as a team!

Igor Kmit, Bulk Planner France

Newsletter N°2 April 2018

Portrait of the month: Jan MARCIN

Account manager, GreenChem Slovakia GreenChem: How long have you been working for GreenChem? Jan: I have been working for GreenChem for more than 7 years GreenChem: How would you describe your daily activities? Jan: My workload is very varied, anything from finding a customer, making a price offer, developing contracts to basic service work that I do on SMART systems. Last but not least, the most important part of my work is to create a customer relationship that is very much needed for the longest possible cooperation. GreenChem: What do you like the most in your job? Jan: It is the freedom which I have in my work. I’m not locked in one place, and I get to know new people everyday. I am a very communicative person. GreenChem: What do u like the most about working at GC? Jan: Leaders’ willingness to listen and reassess any ideas for improvement to achieve better results, and their support. GreenChem: What would you say is the most memorable moment you had in GreenChem? Jan: The most memorable moment for me was the moment before I got accepted into GreenChem. I knew that there were many people applying for this position, but after a personal interview, I just knew I belonged to this company and that I would be an employee here. GreenChem: Any hobby you would be happy to share with us? (If no, I won’t show the question) Jan: My hobby is my job. Seriously. Especially designing new solutions and technical improvements. This year I would like to finally learn to play guitar. If there is time. GreenChem: What do you like above all? Jan: I like working with people. That’s why I do what I do. I am a sales person with a technical soul. I always try to invent something new and put it into practice, which is something that Greenchem allows me to do. GreenChem: Any advice for our new employees? Jan: Be yourself and be creative. This is how we can grow and achieve more and more.

Newsletter N°2 April 2018

Together, let’s make the environment cleaner!

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GreenChem internal Newsletter, April 2018  

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