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September/October 2009 Vol. IV, Issue 4

Want To Be A Park Ranger?

Environmental Consulting

Changing Your Career Path

It’s a jungle out there.

It can be tough navigating through the tangled network of sites designed to find you a job. Why not cut right through the mess to a site that has exactly the type of green career you are looking for? Visit, post your resume, and start earning green while being green.

The First and Only Guide to Green Design Education This carefully researched directory of ecological design and building schools in North America features an annotated listing of schools and educational centers offering top programs in ecological building design and construction. The guide also offers a comprehensive 20-year review of sustainable design education and discussion of current educational offerings, plus extensive tables comparing school programs, listings of curricular resources, related organizations, and individual instructors. Author Sandra Leibowitz Earley is an architect who focuses on greener solutions for the built environment. She founded Sustainable Design Consulting and has authored and co-authored pioneering articles and guidance documents on a variety of ecological building subjects, including the 1998 edition of the HOK Sustainable Design Guide, the 1999 edition of GreenSpec and the US Green Building Council Toolkit for State and Local Governments. Ecological Design and Building Schools substantially updates and expands upon her 1996 publication – Eco-Building Schools. “valuable to all design and building professionals, not just students.” – David Arkin, AIA, Arkin Tilt Architects “A comprehensive resource covering the scope of offerings in sustainable design education today. This book also traces the evolution of practical training in sustainable design, serving the student, practitioner, and educator.”– Margot McDonald, AIA, Professor of Architecture. Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo New Village Press is public-benefit publishing venture of Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility. Purchase this book directly from New Village Press or bookstores across the United States and Canada.

$19.95 paperback. 168 pages, 60 photos. Printed on acid-free, 100% post-consumer recycled paper. ISBN 0-9766054-1-4

PO Box 3049 Oakland, CA 94609 • 510.420.1361 • •

On the cover: Young visitors learn about Shenandoah’s ever-changing forest by attending the Story of the Forest Ranger Program in Shenandoah National Park.

September/October 2009

Volume IV, Number 4

The journal of the environmental careers world. Dedicated to bringing those in the environmental careers field the information they need to succeed.

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Cover photo: John F. Mitchell, National Park Service


September/October 2009

Career Insider

Time for a change? Find your future with a Green Career

Whether you are opting to make a career change or being forced to do so by the current economy, the following guidelines will help you to prepare, prioritize, and focus for a greener future. by Sabine Rogers With the unemployment rate steadily climbing, 9.7% at print time, many individuals are facing the interview process for the first time in years. Although some are doing so within the same field which they had previously thrived, many have to go outside of their proverbial comfort zone to find a new career. For those looking to the emerging field of green careers for their next opportunity, realizing that a thread of green is woven through a wide array of careers will make the change much less daunting. The word green combined with career can be confusing. You may assume that your previous work as an engineer, construction manager or sales professional would not qualify you for a green career – but that assumption would be wrong. A green career can be used to describe a position in a company, in any industry, where a sustainability initiative has been put in place and is practiced. Essentially, companies who strive to use much less energy and continuously reduce the environmental impact of their products or services can be deemed as green, making many positions within that company green as well. Understanding that there are green careers for nearly all disciplines is the first step. Determining what specific careers your previous work experience and education have prepared you for is the next. Assess Yourself Review your background including your education, work experience, and interests to determine your best avenue for entering the green workforce. This assessment should be in-depth, comprehensive and most importantly honest. Begin with your educational background. List the degree or degrees which you hold and the actual courses or electives that you took while working towards obtaining your degree. Also consider any additional training or education that you have had since acquiring your degree. Include anything and everything from basic software training to specialized certifications. Don’t forget to include all of those training courses your current or previous employer had you take.

Next, tease out the reality of the previous jobs you have held rather than simply jotting down the job title. What tasks were in your charge and what skills were needed to complete those tasks? Once you have listed all the skills needed to perform your previous job(s) – rate yourself on those skills from novice to expert. Finally add your strengths and interests to the list. These can be taken from your various work experience, volunteer work, hobbies or other personal interests. Again this exercise should be comprehensive – if friends have told you over and over again that you throw the best parties, planning and organizing should be listed as strengths. Also if you enjoy volunteering as a Big Brother/Big Sister on the weekend, you should add teaching/mentoring to your interests. Determine Your Focus Area – Starting with the obvious Now that you have honestly assessed yourself and your talents, you are ready to search for your green focus area. Start with your most recent work experience and determine the basic description of that position. For instance, if you currently work as a car sales or home sales agent, the most basic description of those positions is sales. Similarly if you work as a heating and air conditioning mechanic the most basic description could be electrician. In order for sustainable industries to grow they will need professionals well versed in sales and marketing to promote and sell their product or service. Likewise, skilled electricians will be needed for technical positions with wind turbine manufacturers and solar installers. The key to a green career change is realizing that there is a thread of green woven through every industry and your only hurdle is finding the appropriate industry match for your skills. A great website to help you better define and match your skills is the Occupational Information Network, O*NET ( This site allows you to search by occupation, skills, or tools and technology used. Although it is not specific to green careers, it will help you to better define the career(s) you are interested in and well suited for. For an excellent list of careers that fit into the green

category, check out The Green Careers Guide site offers a list of career categories on their homepage - click on a category that interests you to see career options within that category. Want further information on a career you see listed? Just click on the career name and see a description of the career, qualifications for the career and a list of resources for more information. Another good source is Green Career Tracks (www. This site offers up an extensive list of industry sectors with professions in each sector. Using this list to crosscheck the skill information on O*NET will really help you narrow down a list of potential careers! The Final Steps Now that you have a career track in mind, do some searching on job boards like www.greencareerscenter. com to find actual job postings and companies that are hiring for your chosen green career. Carefully read the job descriptions to see how well you match the qualifications. This will help you to determine if you are on the right career path and if additional training on your part is required. Also check into the companies, look at their structure and all that they do to see if they fit the type of company you would like to work for. You can even call companies that you are really interested in for an informational interview. Talk to an employee to get the inside scoop and see if they offer training! Search the internet for workshops and conferences that pertain to the green career field you have chosen or

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Green Jobs News

Hartford Group Will Provide Green Job Training through EPA Brownfields Grant Boston, Mass. – EPA has selected the North Star Center for Human Development in Hartford, Conn. to receive $500,000 in grant funding to help train community members for jobs assessing and cleaning up brownfields sites. Funding for these grants is supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. “EPA’s Brownfield’s program has been an incredibly powerful economic engine, helping communities throughout New England to assess, clean and reclaim abandoned parcels, returning property to productive uses,” said Ira Leighton, acting regional administrator of EPA’s New England office. “Not only will this funding help jump start local economies – we’ll be providing needed job training and putting people to work creating a cleaner and healthier environment.” The North Star Center for Human Development is a community-based non-profit organization that serves the disadvantaged community of North Hartford, Conn. With the EPA brownfields job training grant, North Star will train at least 140 local individuals. North Star has customized it training course curriculum to offer an

8-week Green Environment Certificate Program in topics including renewable energy/green initiatives/efficient building designs; water resources and air pollution; and asbestos, lead and hazardous waste treatment, including a 40-hour HAZWOPER course. North Star will use the EPA funds for outreach, recruitment, curriculum development, training, placement and monitoring trainees. North Star has previously been the recipient of a 2006 Brownfields Job Training Grant and a 2007 Brownfields Cleanup grant. Since 1998, EPA has awarded more than $25 million in brownfields job training funds. More than 5,000 people have completed EPA-funded training programs, with more than 3,250 obtaining employment in the environmental fields, earning an average wage of $13.81 per hour. EPA established the Brownfields Job Training Program to help residents take advantage of jobs created by the assessment, cleanup and sustainable reuse of brownfields sites and to ensure that the economic benefits derived from brownfields redevelopment remain in the affected communities. Brownfields are sites where expansion, redevelopment, or reuse may be complicated by the presence or potential

presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. In 2002, the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act (Brownfields Law) was passed. The Brownfields Law expanded the definition of what is considered a brownfield, so communities may now focus on mine-scarred lands or sites contaminated by petroleum or the manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs. EPA’s Brownfields Program encourages redevelopment of America’s estimated 450,000 abandoned and contaminated waste sites. President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 on February 17, 2009, and has directed that the Recovery Act be implemented with unprecedented transparency and accountability. To that end, the American people can see how every dollar is being invested at More information: Brownfields cleanup revolving loan fund pilots and grants and other brownfields activities under the Recovery Act: ( EPA’s Brownfields program in New England (www.epa. gov/ne/brownfields/grants.html) Brownfields job training grants ( brownfields/job.htm)

Green building is a crucial and urgent economic and environmental imperative, says new McKinsey report

Investment in energy efficient building and other non-transportation sectors can reap $130 billion in annual savings ($1.2 trillion total), 1.1 gigatons in annual greenhouse gas reductions, and the creation of as many as 900,000 new on-going jobs Washington, D.C. – Investing in the energy efficiency of buildings represents a powerful and strategic energy and climate solution that combined with other nontransportation initiatives could reduce the nation’s energy consumption by 23 percent by 2020, save the U.S. economy $1.2 trillion, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.1 gigatons annually, according to a study released today by McKinsey & Company. “This confirms a critical path forward that we have long championed. Harnessing the engine of green, energy efficient buildings can cost-effectively drive tremendous improvements in our economy and environment,” said Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO and Founding Chairman of USGBC. “Green building can stimulate the economy at a level one and a half times larger than the federal stimulus bill. In terms of climate change, a commitment to energy efficiency would be the equivalent to taking the entire U.S. fleet of passenger cars and light trucks – more than 200 million vehicles – off the road.” The report provides a detailed assessment of how much the nation can increase energy efficiency in buildings and other non-transportation sectors using existing methods and technologies. A targeted investment of $50 billion a year over 10 years, the report finds, would enable the entirety of those potential savings to be realized. Those reductions in energy use would save the U.S. economy $1.2 trillion, a return on investment of more than two to one. Furthermore, those investments would generate


900,000 jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.1 gigatons, according to the report, “Unlocking Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Economy,” which was sponsored by the U.S. Green Building Council and 11 other organizations from the government, non-governmental, and private sectors. McKinsey’s research finds that a comprehensive strategy, executed at scale, could reduce the annual nontransportation end-use energy consumption analyzed in this report from 36.9 quadrillion BTUs in 2008 to 30.8 quadrillion BTUs in 2020 – saving 9.1 quadrillion BTUs relative to a business-as-usual baseline. “Increasing our nation’s energy efficiency is an economic, environmental and national security imperative that requires bold public policy,” Fedrizzi said. “As Congress debates climate change legislation, these findings make an overwhelming case that we must dramatically strengthen provisions that support and scale green building.” The energy efficiency potential cited in the report is divided across three sectors of the U.S. economy: industrial (40 percent of the end-use energy efficiency potential), residential (35 percent) and commercial (25 percent). Solutions, drawn from a rich inventory of proven, piloted and emerging national and international examples, show that maximizing the energy efficiency potential from any single opportunity – weatherizing homes, utilizing

efficient air conditioners, or employing combined heat and power generation – requires addressing multiple barriers simultaneously. “By leveraging existing green building approaches, like LEED, which is rooted in holistic and integrated design, we have the ability and capacity now to address multiple barriers, and thus generate additional resource efficiencies and cost savings,” continued Fedrizzi. The report calls for an integrated national plan guided by five principles: • Recognize energy efficiency as an important energy resource that can help meet future energy needs, while the nation simultaneously develops new no- and lowcarbon energysources. • Formulate and launch – at both the national and regional levels – an integrated portfolio of proven, piloted and emerging approaches. • Identify methods to provide the significant upfront funding. • Forge greater alignment among utilities, regulators, government agencies, manufacturers and energy consumers. • Foster innovation in the development and deployment of next-generation energy efficiency technologies to ensure continuing productivity gains. To download the report, visit clientservice/electricpowernaturalgas/US_energy_efficiency/

September/October 2009

Career Profile Credentials and Accreditations for Environmental Consultants – The Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals administers the Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) Program which provides environmental professionals who possess special qualifications of education, experience, and accomplishment with the opportunity to be judged by a board of peers. Certification can be obtained in one of 5 functional areas.

Environmental Consulting With a background in just about any scientific area, this could be the right opportunity for you!

By Sabine Rogers

There are thousands of environmental consulting companies across the U.S., from small one-man run businesses to global corporations. These companies provide their clients with technical advice, information and assistance on a broad range of environmental topics; from air, water and soil quality to site remediation, natural resource management and legal compliance. There has been a growing concern for the environment over the last several years. As government and businesses seek to comply with existing environmental laws and regulations as well as plan for new and anticipated ones, the demand for environmental consultants grows. Along with legal compliance, “we expect to see a transformation from conventional applications of applied sciences and engineering to solve environmental remediation problems, to those associated with sustainable environmental planning and sustainable management of natural resources,” states Catherine Russell, Communications Manager with CH2M HILL. In short, environmental consulting is projected to be one of the fastest growing industries over the next decade. The Paths of Consulting Environmental consulting is done from one of two approaches; the environmental approach and the industry approach. The environmental side includes advising clients on how they can lessen their impact on the environment. An example would be increasing a company’s sustainability by proposing an efficiency plan to reduce energy costs or establishing a recycling program. The industry side includes consultants who are hired to assure that companies are complying with and following environmental regulations. They perform environmental impact assessments, prepare due diligence reports, assist with legal compliance, and provide remediation assistance. The industry side

accounts for the majority of the current environmental consulting business. Consulting firms can be broken down even further by looking at the areas in which they work. Some may generalize across a wide range of disciplines while others specialize in particular areas of environmental consulting. Consider the size of the firm and the scope of the projects it takes on when looking for a company to apply with. The larger consulting firms typically provide expertise in a variety of areas, while smaller firms tend to focus on one area of consulting. The midsized firms fall in the middle and focus on a handful of environmental areas. What they do and the skills required Environmental consulting is done on a per project basis. The work, in most cases, is specialized and labor intensive and can include environmental impact assessments, environmental audits, site remediation, development of environmental policy and development of environmental management systems. Some of the tasks in the typical day of an environmental consultant include collection and interpretation of data, communication of scientific and technical information, report and proposal writing, and dialogue with clients that provides technical guidance, support and oversight. A variety of skills are needed to become a successful environmental consultant. The commercial atmosphere in which consultants work requires them to have a great deal of business skills. A propensity for sales, negotiation, strategy, logistics, and brainstorming are examples of business skills that will help an environmental consultant advance in their career. An aptitude for basic IT, or information technology, is essential for the data entry, report writing and presentation aspects of the job. Effective communication, verbal as well as written, is key – The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) is a national non-profit organization composed of engineering and surveying licensing boards. They write and score the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exams. Check the site for candidate requirements. – The American Academy of Environmental Engineers offers recognition as a Board Certified Environmental Engineer (BCEE). This certification requires 8 years of full-time environmental engineering experience. – The American Institute of Professional Geologists offers recognition as a Geologist-in-Training (GIT) and a Certified Professional Geologist (CPG). – The National Association of State Boards of Geology provide information on the requirements of those wanting to take the Fundamentals of Geology (FG) and Practice of Geology (PG) exams. It does not license or register geologists – licensure/registration is attained by the regulatory agency in the state in which you practice. – The National Registry of Environmental Professionals offers certification to become a Registered Environmental Manager (REM). Requirements for this certification include a Bachelor’s degree in an environmentally related discipline, 5 years of work experience and passing an exam. – The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management is the only organization that offers the Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) credential. A Bachelor’s degree, 3 years of appropriate experience in hazardous materials management and passing an exam are required to attain this credential. – The Green Building Certification Institute provides professional credentials recognizing excellence in green building performance and practice (LEED®). The accreditations offered are LEED AP, LEED Green Associate and LEED Fellow which is still under development. The site provides candidate handbooks for each accreditation which include information on exam specifications, study materials, sample questions, and application, registration, and scheduling information. – An environmental consulting firm that offers training in a number of areas including several NEPA courses and a course in Environmental Sustainability Manager Training.

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EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES At the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, we value our employees who dedicate themselves in protecting Virginia’s natural resources. Be a part of a dynamic team where you can make a difference while enjoying all of the benefits of working in state government: competitive salary for working a 40 hour week, comprehensive insurance, 13 paid holidays, vacation/personal/sick time, membership in the Virginia state retirement system, flex schedules, tuition reimbursement, telecommuting, performance based recognition, access to an extensive professional training program, many opportunities for advancement, and much more. So if you enjoy working on a variety of projects with high-quality colleagues in a fostering environment, apply today! Please visit our website to find out more information about exciting career opportunities! For consideration for any position within the agency, candidates MUST apply online at Applicants are encouraged to be specific regarding job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities. Resumes are encouraged but do not substitute submittal of the online application. Applications submitted via postal mail, email, or fax will not be considered. An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer


September/October 2009

Career Profile

by Vickie Brynildsen

How to Become a “Green and Grey” (A.K.A. a Park Ranger)

by Vickie Brynildsen

Have you ever wanted to fire a canon like a Revolutionary soldier? Or maybe scare away a crazed moose with a chainsaw? Or maybe you just love nature and want to help others appreciate our natural habitats? If any of these scenarios applied to you then you should consider a career as a Park Ranger. Now of course these aren’t the only duties of a Park Ranger, others can include; • Supervising, managing, and performing work in the conservation and use of resources • Tasks associated with forest and structural fire control • Gather and disseminate natural, historical, and scientific information • Develop educational material and demonstrate folk arts and crafts • Law enforcement and investigation of violations • Review and advise legislation • Search and rescue With such a broad range of tasks it is hard to know what to study to be fully equipped for a job as a Park Ranger. Park Rangers, Dave Stack and Karl Cordova, both recommend first volunteering for the National Park Service to try and find your niche. Every park has a VIP (Volunteers-in-Parks) program which accepts anyone from high school students to senior citizens. Cordova says, “If you are having fun on the job, then you have found your niche.” Once you have found your niche picking a study path will be easier. Areas of study to consider for a career as a Park Ranger include; Natural Resources Management, Natural or Earth Sciences, History, Archeology, Anthropology, Park & Recreation Management, Law Enforcement/Police Science, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Museum Sciences, Business or Public

Photos courtesy of National Park Service

Administration, and Sociology. Knowledge is great but it isn’t the only thing you need for a career as a Park Ranger. Experience is important as well. In addition to volunteering, internships provide an additional way to gain invaluable experience. College juniors and seniors should look into STEP (Student Temporary Employment Program) for a summer internship. “This is a great way to be introduced to the park service, and it looks great on a resume further down the road when applying to other park jobs” says Stack. More information on the STEP program can be found at www. Since Park Rangers have such a wide range of duties having a variety of skills will benefit you as well. As Stack explained, “the more skills an individual has, the more they can assist in the various issues a park has to deal with on a daily basis. This may be anything from CPR certification to foreign language proficiency.” Available jobs with the National Park Service can be found at Like many career fields networking is always an asset. Even if you start out as a gate keeper, network with senior rangers, they can provide advice to help you advance. To get additional networking check out some of these professional organizations: • National Parks Conservation Association ( • Parks’ Friends Group ( Friendsgroups.htm) • Student Conservation Association ( • Park Law Enforcement Association ( • Park Ranger Institute ( • Association of National Park Rangers ( No matter what you study or how you get there, the most important factor to becoming a Park Ranger is your belief. A dedicated Park Ranger believes in conserving natural resources and educating others of their importance and lives by the mission of the Park Service: “To conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wildlife therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations”.


Environmental Consulting

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to providing clients with insight and recommendations to the findings. Finally, excellent project management skills are vital to keeping the project on time and on budget. The Right Education Regardless of the path, the job of an environmental consulting firm is to provide clients with expertise in the form of knowledge, experience, special skills and creativity. From science to engineering to technical degrees, the environmental consulting business relies on individuals from a broad range of disciplines. Almost anyone with expertise in a related area of environmental consulting can find employment as a consultant. The field employs those with undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology, ecology, archeology, hydrology, geology, chemistry, environmental science and applicable degrees in engineering (civil, mechanical, environmental and chemical) among others. Russell adds that, “Graduate degrees including MBAs or Masters in Economics, or Law (with a regulatory focus) are also relevant.” “Candidates with combined degreed in sciences and certain liberal arts will be in high demand, especially those coupling engineering and environmental science degrees with MBA and economics. Moreover, with the increased complexity of evaluative models to account for the additional sustainability parameters, and with the unrelenting increase in IT tools, we see more of a demand for IT, database and geospatial modeling expertise across all segments of the environmental business,” Russell continues. Regardless of the degree focus students should also consider coursework in the following areas (if not already included in their field of study); hazardous waste

management, chemistry, hydrology, sustainability and environmental legislation. Having a deep and clear knowledge of the laws and regulations which affect corporations and government is particularly crucial to the work of an environmental consultant. It is the basis of most of the work they do. For as often as we hear that it is not what you know but rather who you know, in the world of environmental consulting the what you know is just as important. I asked Russell and Michael Cassio, Senior Vice President at HDR│e2M, what the top 5 things are that they look for in a potential employee and both rated education as number one. “You can never have enough education, certifications, registrations and knowledge in a specific area,” stated Cassio. Experience and “Street Cred” The second ranked requirement for a candidate as noted by both Russell and Cassio was experience. Specifically, Russell suggested those working on completing a degree attain “an internship within their field.” She continued, “If an internship is not available, try to get a volunteer position or ask to job shadow for a week or two to network and become more familiar with the industry.” Both of these avenues provide you with work experience and give you an idea of the daily activities involved. Cassio adds that, “Any type of experience related to accomplishing a task is a plus. Showing that you have experience in a related environmental area even if it is related to developing programs for your university, college or local community shows [experience] extremely well. Most individuals coming out of school today have never worked prior to college graduation and are a risk to hire.” Individuals who have already completed a related degree and have some experience under their belts should look into the many certifications associated with environmental consulting. Some particular certifications of note include; Professional Engineer certification (PE), Registered Professional Geologist certification (PG), Registered Environmental Manager (REM), Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation (LEED®). See the sidebar for more information on the different certifications and accreditations. Some Insider Advice In any economy, up or down, a little bit of insight from someone working on the inside is always helpful. But specifically in our current economy, heeding the words of an insider and acting upon them will provide you with an advantage. So please take note of the following words of advice from Michael Cassio - “Becoming a successful environmental consultant usually means you always have your clients best interest at heart, you have a vision that helps your clients solve all and any environmental problems that occur, you have foresight into upcoming issues, laws and regulations that a client will have to deal with, and you cannot be afraid of hard work.”

Changing Careers

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find a mentor – someone who does what you hope to. Try job shadowing for a week to get a real feel for the day-to-day requirements of the job. Any additional related education or experience you can get will boost your resume and help you land your dream job. Now it is time to refresh that resume! Take the list that you have created along with job descriptions that you have come across in your focus area search and tailor your resume to the jobs you wish to apply. Remember to promote and market your accomplishments and skills that are pertinent to the position rather than your previous job titles. And don’t forget the cover letter – this is their first impression of you so make sure it is a great one that focuses on how you can help the employer with compelling reasons why you are the best candidate for the job. 10

September/October 2009

Job Announcements About These Announcements Employers: Please send your vacancy announcements to: Green Careers Center 2 Eaton Street, Ste. 711 Hampton, VA 23669 or e-mail to: or fax to 757-727-7904

Job Seekers: Employers’ job application procedures vary, and some have very short application deadlines. Have your resume and any special government or company application forms ready before you receive the Green Careers Journal. Many application forms are available via the web and can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Associate Environmental Planner – California. HDR is looking for an Associate Environmental Planner to be a part of our growing Environmental program. The successful candidate for this position will have an applied experience in the analysis and preparation of environmental documents, most specifically applying to CEQA and NEPA, with an exposure to other resources regulations (e.g., wetlands, endangered species, water quality, cultural resources). A major component of this position will be focused on the delivery of the environmental documents for the Bay Delta Habitat Conservation Plan (BDCP). This person will also conduct environmental research, write documents, evaluate potential impacts, and devise mitigation measures of projects. This person will also work collaboratively with staff and environmental specialists to prepare technical reports to be integrated into project deliverables. Experience Required: BS/BA degree in Environmental Sciences (or related field). 4+ years technical and or field experience preparing environmental documents. Proficient with MS Office (Word, Excel). Knowledge of data collection, interpretation, reduction, analysis, and presentation; working knowledge of CEQA, NEPA, and ESA. Strong environmental writing and communication skills. Strong conceptual, organizational, problem solving and research abilities. Ability to work independently and as part of a team To apply, please visit asp?JobNum=10272250&JBID=1168. Close Date: Until Filled. Regulatory Compliance Specialist – California. ICF Jones & Stokes. The Regulatory Compliance team provides our clients with services that include all aspects of compliance with Sections 401 and 404 of the federal Clean Water Act, Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act, Section 1600 of the California Fish and Game Code, and state and federal Endangered Species Acts. Our current team members are highly skilled and motivated, and are looking for additional support to serve our growing list of clients and projects. The permitting specialist will work throughout the northern California region, with the potential for statewide involvement. The successful candidate will have the combination of technical abilities and task/project management skills to serve our internal and external clients. The

candidate must have proven technical skills, and 3 to 5 years regulatory compliance experience in the environmental or natural resources consulting industry, a B.A. or B.S. or higher degree and a proven track record are required. We prefer that the candidate have direct experience with the regulatory agencies in northern California. We are looking for a creative, hardworking specialist with experience and initiative who embraces challenges and opportunities alike. Contact: ICF offers an excellent benefits package, an award winning talent development program, and fosters a highly skilled, energized and empowered workforce. If you are interested in a challenging opportunity with a dynamic and diverse firm please visit our new Global Career Center: (URL: https://jobs., where you can indicate your interest in this position or others, or refer your friends to opportunities with ICF International. Please attach a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three references to your profile. Close Date: Until Filled. Specialty Environmental Monitors – California. ICF Jones & Stokes. ICF International has joined forces with Jones & Stokes, one of the premier multidisciplinary environmental consulting firms in the western United States. For nearly 40 years, Jones & Stokes has supported a broad mix of federal, state, and local government and privatesector clients on infrastructure improvement projects, restoration and planning projects, and compliance with mandated government programs. ICF Jones & Stokes provides an array of integrated services in environmental planning and natural resource management, especially in the transportation, water, energy, and natural resources sectors. ICF Jones & Stokes’ Web site is (URL: http://www. To qualify as a Specialty Environmental Monitor for this RFP, an individual must possess the following qualifications: Biologist or environmental scientist, with a baccalaureate degree in Biology, Environmental Science or related field and ten (10) years’ experience, including three (3) years of construction monitoring and five (5) years of Environmental handling experience. Handling permits from appropriate regulatory agencies for relocation of all Threatened and Endangered (T&E) species within the project area. Contact: ICF offers an excellent benefits package, an award winning talent development program, and fosters a highly skilled, energized and empowered workforce. If you are interested in a challenging opportunity with a dynamic and diverse firm please visit our new Global Career Center: (URL: html?erjob=31806&eresc=OSNA), where you can indicate your interest in this position or others, or refer your friends to opportunities with ICF International. Please attach a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three references to your profile. Close Date: Until Filled. Environmental Planner – Missouri. An Environmental company in Kansas City, is immediately seeking an Environmental Planner/NEPA specialist with Wind Project management experience. The environmental planner will be coordinating with wind developers and state and federal regulators. Other responsibilities include overseeing environmental studies, including wetland delineations and T&E surveys. Preparing NEPA documents and overseeing NEPA process is required. Other responsibilities include business development and strategic planning. Requirements: B.S./M.S. Biology, Environmental Science or Planning, 10-15 years experience. Experience taking wind energy projects from initial sitting and fatal flaw analysis through the permitting process. If you fulfill the above requirements and are serious about this opportunity in Kansas City, please call Darlene at 816-701-1716 and email Close Date: Until Filled. Wind & Solar Project Manager – Wisconsin. The Project Manager oversees, coordinates, and may implement, wind turbine and solar installation projects to ensure they are completed in a timely, efficient, successful and professional manner. This position works closely with the Technical Manager and the Administrator. Training will be provided to assist in familiarizing with the specific aspects of the wind and solar PV industry. Because of the nature of the small Wind industry, the ideal candidate is comfortable with dynamic processes and motivated to empower clients to bring renewable energy to the forefront. Qualifications: Understanding of and passion for renewable energy. Project Management

and Budget Management experience. Demonstrated organizational aptitude. Solving problems with multiple facets. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Self-motivated to follow through on responsibilities. Contact: Seventh Generation Energy Systems, Inc., 100 South Baldwin St. Suite 304, Madison, WI 53703. 866.762.7496 (fax). Email: Close Date: Until Filled.

look to your solid understanding of HVAC systems and energy efficiency concepts, and your passion for energy efficiency and clean energy technology to present an accurate and exciting picture of EnerNOC. If you are passionate about energy and climate crisis, you can have no bigger impact today than joining our team. To apply, please visit Close Date: Until Filled.

Energy Efficiency Product Manager – Connecticut. We are looking for a product manager a strong enterprise B2B software background who can ascertain and prioritize business requirements, write product requirement documents, and actively participate in an agile software delivery environment. Some domain experience with energy information systems, energy management, or mechanical systems is required. This is a highly visible position that offers you the chance to deliver business value from the EnerNOC PowerTrak software platform and applications, and help transform buildings with antiquated systems into smart buildings. If you are passionate about energy and the climate crisis, you can have no bigger impact today than joining our team. The ideal candidate for this position will add value to the EnerNOC team by coming equipped with the following qualifications: Significant experience in inbound technical product management for a B2B enterprise software company, with verifiable end-to-end participation in at least 2 major product release cycles of a commercially successful product; Experience in the energy engineering and/or building controls industries, and/or with energy information systems software; Verifiable experience obtaining requirements from external enterprise customers; Verifiable experience with interactive analytical dashboards or BI extranets; Familiarity with BI software from Cognos, Business Objects, Hyperion, SAS, Oracle, or MicroStrategy; Familiarity with energy efficiency, and energy systems in use in large facilities; Excellent communication skills, especially good writing skills are required; Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, Visio, PowerPoint; Some knowledge of database tools such as SQL; Bachelor degree in physical science, engineering, computer science, energy management, math, economics, business, statistics, or information systems is required; MS in one of the above, and/or MBA a plus. PE, CEM, or LEED AP a plus. Because you possess these skills and more, you will bring tremendous value to our growing Energy Efficiency team; we’re working to change the world, so join us today! To apply, please visit Close Date: Until Filled.

Field Support Engineer – West Coast US. Leverage your expertise in building HVAC and control systems to support our energy efficiency sales team as they drive a growing product line for EnerNOC. For the energetic and innovative Field Support Engineer this is a huge opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a clean tech startup within an already established organization, and enjoy the funding and wide customer access of a corporate sponsor. This is a highly visible position that offers you the chance to provide technical clarity in the sales process for projects involving transforming numerous buildings into smart buildings while helping generate maximum revenue and profits. If you are passionate about energy and the climate crisis, you can have no bigger impact today than joining our team. As our Field Support Engineer your primary responsibility will be to conduct pre-sales audits, understand how buildings are put together, sense energy saving potential, and develop technical aspects of proposals to support the sales team. You will be based out of your home office and will travel up to 75% of the time supporting a large territory west of the Mississippi, playing an important role conveying technical expertise and complete knowledge of the product line to potential customers, as well performing site visits to qualify customer sites. After performing preliminary energy analysis using company developed tools, you will develop proposals including network connectivity diagrams, energy calculations, and technical scope of work documentation. Your knowledge of building HVAC and BMS systems, coupled with your ability to multitask and track deliverables for multiple projects, will be crucial in this role. You will stay involved with our analytics and deployment teams to remain up to date on best installation practices and current analytics deliverables to make sure sales efforts continue to clearly define the current deliverables. Your strong communications skills and client relation skills will come in handy when you work with EnerNOC’s potential customers to gain feedback for new features and products and describe technical product details during presentations. To apply for this position or refer someone you know, please use our online interview system managed by Accolo. Once you have completed the interview, your information will be forwarded to the hiring authority for decisions on next steps: Close Date: Until Filled.

Energy Efficiency Analyst – California. If you have the passion for clean technology markets and are excited about the challenges of transforming buildings with antiquated systems into smart buildings, you can have no bigger platform from which to leverage your talents than joining the EnerNOC team. The highly proactive, energetic, and analytical Energy Efficiency Engineer / Analyst will thrive delivering detailed energy savings analyses to our end-use customers. Working as part of a small internal startup, you will work together with a team of analysts to help speed up our technical service delivery process while reducing costs. This is an exciting opportunity for a motivated candidate who cares deeply about operational energy efficiency to be part of a small team bringing new state of the art tools to building managers nationwide. If you have long been frustrated by the commissioning field, and underwhelmed with technology tools brought to the problem, this is your opportunity to leverage EnerNOC’s technology investment and deliver outstanding results for buildings and for the environment. As our new Energy Efficiency Engineer / Analyst, based in either Boston or San Francisco, your primary mission will be to prepare and deliver Energy Analytics Scorecards to end-use customers. You will do this by leveraging analytical tools and energy experience to generate ideas for energy efficiency measures (EEMs), performing feasibility analysis, and calculating energy savings and financial analysis associated with the EEM. Using your refined customer service skills, you will present results to clients and be the main conduit for feedback and suggestions. Your experience using regression and inverse modeling techniques to develop energy baselines, performing energy and carbon impact calculations, and performing BMS data point mapping and other site related configuration will all allow you contribute from the outset and ensure that you are a valued and valuable member of our team. We will

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Technology Engineers – Multiple locations. We currently seek Project Engineers to partner with our Regional Teams to develop and implement energy savings projects for industrial, commercial, and institutional customers, including performance contracting, end-use supply agreements, new technology applications, and renewable energy initiatives. Qualifications: BSME or equivalent 4 year technical engineering degree plus exposure to construction, facility infrastructure, renewable technology, and/or energy efficiency project opportunities. Familiarity with building simulation and related software. Financial planning/ budget experience with ability to develop a business case helpful. Professional registration or educational progress toward PE, CEM, LEED. Excellent verbal, written, and computer communication and technical presentation skills. Valid Drivers License issued by state of residence and in good standing. U.S. Citizenship or U.S. Permanent Resident status required. May be required to pass security clearance investigation. Travel may be required. An award-winning industry leader, AMERESCO is fueled by a dedicated workforce. We challenge the brightest, most talented, and creative individuals in the industry by providing an environment which embraces initiative, diversity, and achievement along with comprehensive rewards that include peopleoriented insurance, investment, and incentive plans. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply directly. Please email your resume, cover letter, salary information, sample project history, and geographic location preference in text or MS Word format for immediate consideration - Job Code USPDE2009. For more information or to apply, please contact Close Date: Until Filled.



Event Recap

Career Events “Networking or not working”

September 12-17, 2009 – 85th AZA Annual Conference, Association of Zoos & Aquariums, Oregon Zoo, Portland, OR

A Look Back at the NAEP Conference Careers Seminar by Scott Francis

September 20-23, 2009 - Greening of the Campus VIII Conference, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana greening/ September 20-24, 2009 - The Wildlife Society 16th Annual Conference, Monterey, CA September 30-October 4, 2009 – “Opportunities in a Forested World”, SAF 2009 National Conference, Society of American Foresters, Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando, FL October 7-10, 2009 – The Power of Partnerships: Creative Leadership in Environmental Education, 38th Annual Conference, North American Association for Environmental Education, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon October 7-11, 2009 – 19th Annual Conference, Society of Environmental Journalists, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI October 9-18, 2009 - Solar Decathlon, National Mall in Washington, D.C. October 10-11, 2009 - Washington DC Green Festival™, Washington Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Place, NW, Washington, DC 20001 October 10-14, 2009 – WEFTEC ’09, 82nd Annual Technical Exhibition & Conference, Water Environment Federation, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL October 16-18, 2009 – “Revolution from the Heart of Nature”, BIONEERS 20th Annual Conference, Marin Center, San Rafael, CA October 18-21, 2009 – GSA Annual Meeting, The Geological Society of America, Portland, OR htm November 11-13, 2009 – “Main Street Green: Connect to the Conversation”, Greenbuild 2009, U.S. Green Building Conference, USGBC, Phoenix Convention Center, 100 N. 3rd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004 November 13-15, 2009 - San Francisco Green Festival™, San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center, 635 8th St (at Brannan St), San Francisco, CA 94103 December 8-10, 2009 - EcoBuild America, 801 Mount Vernon Place NW, Washington DC,

Please email announcements on upcoming conferences, symposia, career seminars and training workshops to:

May 2009, Scottsdale, AZ - What are employers looking for in a new employee and what job opportunities do they have today and foresee in the future? How do you find out what employers are looking for in the people they hire? To answer these questions and others, the Green Careers Center conducted the Green Careers Seminar at the NAEP Annual Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona earlier this year. The National Association of Environmental Professionals membership is composed of people employed in a broad spectrum of disciplines in the private, public and non-profit sectors. We were pleased to present an exceptional Environmental professional panel presentation addressing topics such as: • Inside tips for advancing your career • What you should do to prepare for a career in the environment • Future of environmental careers • Where the jobs are today and in the future The careers seminar was moderated by John Esson. Mr. Esson is the director of the Green Careers Center and cofounder of the Green Jobs Alliance. David Keys began the panel presentation. David Keys, the Regional NEPA Coordinator for NOAA Marine Fisheries Service based in St. Petersburg, Florida, outlined the extensive reach and organization of NOAA’s U.S. Marine Fisheries operation. NOAA’s mission is the: “Stewardship of living marine resources through science-based conservation and management and the promotion of healthy ecosystems.” NOAA has U.S. Marine Fisheries Science Centers in Miami, Woods Hole, LaJolla, Seattle and Honolulu. Gary Kelman, is the Director of Permitting and Customer Services, with the Maryland Department of Environment, Baltimore, Maryland. To begin with, Mr. Kelman stated, “I am, what they call, an accidental environmental professional”. Mr. Kelman recalled the beginning of his own career path and made several personal recommendations for landing a job in today’s market. “What skills and abilities do I like in potential employees? You need enthusiasm… curiosity…politeness…willingness to learn…customer service oriented… patience…and be pro-active. An advanced degree will separate you from the competition. Anything you do to get on the inside –internships, volunteerism, etc. - will advance your career. Attending conferences like this one is very important. Get involved with organizations like NAEP and network…network…network. The people attending this conference will be your future employers”. Karen Johnson is a NEPA Specialist/Environmental Scientist, with Geo-Marine, Inc. in Plano, Texas. Geo-Marine’s core business focus is environmental resources, cultural resources, environmental engineering and energy engineering. Ms. Johnson profiled Geo-Marine and all that they offer for both immediate challenges and future advancement. “What is the #1 secret to find a job? It’s Networking. Be proactive (email or call)”. Ms.

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September/October 2009

Green Buildings & Energy Senior Associate – Washington, DC. Seeking a Senior Associate with expertise in NEPA and environmental policy for employment in the Washington, DC office of a small environmental consulting firm. The Associate will consult primarily on the National Environmental Policy Act for clients in the federal government. This senior position is expected to have experience in business development and be able to develop and maintain a stable client base. Qualifications: Applicants should have a master’s or law degree, at least 10 years of experience working with the National Environmental Policy Act and have direct experience working with senior federal managers on environmental issues. A thorough understanding of NEPA and associated federal laws and regulations is required. Experience working with federal land management agencies such as BLM, MMS and NPS preferred. Applicants should have at least a general understanding of federal contracting rules and requirements. Extensive project management experience and the ability to manage a multidisciplinary team on multiple projects simultaneously are required. The successful applicant will have an interest in national environmental policy and the nexus of business, community, and environment. Knowledge of life-cycle analyses a plus. The office is often fast paced which will require the associate to be a highly motivated self starter with good leadership skills, advanced writing expertise, and a high degree of organization. This is a full-time position in our office on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The start date is immediate; salary is dependent on experience. Travel will be required on occasion. Please submit a resume and letter of interest addressed to dcnepajob@gmail. com. Please, if you do not have SIGNIFICANT NEPA experience, do not apply for this position. Close Date: Until Filled. Energy Efficiency Engineer – New York. e4 has an immediate opening for a highly qualified individual (enthusiastic about sustainability) to spearhead our efforts in the existing building market. As a project manager at e4, you will be working directly with property management teams to facilitate improved building performance across all facets of operations and maintenance, especially energy efficiency. In addition, responsibilities will likely include management and documentation of various green building certification programs. Our corporate culture is friendly and easy-going but prides itself on delivering first-class professional services to our diverse but high-level clientele. An opportunity to take on mid-level management of our small, tightly integrated staff may be available for the right person. Experience in the following areas would be advantageous: Energy Star Benchmarking; ASHRAE Commercial Energy Audits; Building Commissioning and Retro-commissioning; Measurement & Verification planning and implementation; LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance, and; P.E., Certified Energy Manager and/or Certified Energy Auditor, a plus. If you think that e4, inc. is a good fit for you, please send us a cover letter and resume explaining why you are right for us. e4, inc. provides comprehensive health and dental insurance. Salary is commensurate with experience. Contact: Timothy Howell, Close Date: Until Filled. Director of Business Development (Renewable Energy) – California. This position will lead Granite’s business development efforts in the renewable energy market, with an initial focus on solar and wind energy. Assesses Granite capabilities, competitive position, and market opportunity in the renewable energy market to develop and execute a market entry and growth strategy. Recognizes market trends and changes in competitive landscape, and leads initiatives inside Granite to maintain a competitive advantage. Leads the overall business development strategy across Granite for the renewable energy market, to generate a robust pipeline of project opportunities. Develops, negotiates and captures renewable energy business opportunities for Granite. Stays involved during project delivery phase to maintain relationships with clients and provide high level support to delivery team. Develops, cultivates, and manages relationships with key players across the industry value chain, such as Utilities, Independent Power Producers, EPC Partners, Technology Suppliers, Developers, and Financiers, to give Granite a competitive advantage for project opportunities. Facilitates teaming and joint venture negotiations with potential partners, including

designers and other contractors, to bring a compelling value proposition to customers. Assesses project risk/reward trade-offs, including contract terms and financial strength of partners/suppliers, to mitigate exposure and maximize potential risk adjusted project return. Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree required. Minimum of 10 to 20 years of experience in the power industry, with proven experience in project development and management. Hands on experience in the pursuit and management of large scale power projects. Some renewable energy experience is preferred. A combination of experience with a Utility, Engineering, and Construction firm preferred. Direct experience in solar and/or wind energy project development preferred. Please send your resume to Brian Fox, please send it as a Microsoft Word or text document. Requisition Number: 1582696, Brian Fox, Director of Recruiting, Granite West Recruiting, P.O. Box 50085, Watsonville, CA 95077. Close Date: Until Filled. Energy Efficiency Associate – California. Energy Solutions is a fast-paced and innovative firm with 50+ employees. We are rapidly expanding our client base, as well as developing new services for clients. We are seeking to fill an Energy Efficiency Associate position. Candidates should possess a degree in an energy-related discipline; engineering, environmental policy, business, and natural resource backgrounds are all applicable. Professional experience is a positive, but not required. Strong writing and verbal skills are required, as is experience using Microsoft Office. We expect employees to manage project tasks with minimal oversight. Responsibilities will include working with Energy Solutions’ management to identify and schedule resources to complete projects, conducting literature searches, interacting regularly with customers, monitoring the progress of projects, communicating progress to management and clients, and bringing projects to a conclusion. As a member of the Energy Solutions team, you will experience all of the benefits of working for a small company: opportunities to manage projects, close working relationships with colleagues, an active role in shaping company direction and your own future, and flexibility in work schedules. At the same time, you will have a broad impact on energy efficiency markets and greenhouse gas reductions through our work for major California utilities, the California Public Utilities Commission, and other national leaders in energy efficiency. This unique blend creates a perfect environment for individuals who want to have an active voice in shaping the energy future in California and beyond. Please email a cover letter with your available start date, work location (Oakland or Long Beach), and your resume to jobs@energy-solution. com. For more information about Energy Solutions, please visit us on our website at Close Date: Until Filled. Program Manager – North Carolina. In this integral management role, you will be responsible for energy efficiency program and project management, execution and delivery. Your responsibilities will include overseeing all aspects of program management including budget and P&L financial management, meeting milestone delivery deadlines, developing and implementing product marketing activities to maximize ROI of products and services, and internal cross-functional team management. As Program Manager, you will be in charge of annual revenue and net income goals, as well as developing and maintaining client relationships to increase revenue and program extensions. Additionally, you will be responsible for sustaining and renewing client contracts, and ensuring that products and services provided consistently meet client needs. In this role, you will be responsible for preparing and presenting white papers, briefs, and presentations on product and service offerings for Ecos. You may also review proposals to determine financial feasibility, labor costs, timelines, funding and staffing requirements to meet business unit and company goals. You will work to ensure the most efficient utilization of financial and labor resources by communicating, coordinating and negotiating with other internal departments (Human Resources, Marketing, Product & Service Innovation, Finance, Origination & Structuring, etc.) on business development activities. As our ideal candidate, you possess a Bachelor’s Degree and seven years of relevant experience with at least three years of experience leading, motivating, mentoring and developing teams. Your familiarity with energy efficiency program management, including the concepts, practices and procedures, will aid your

success in this role. Additionally, experience in marketing and financial analysis, strategic account management, business development and/or client relationship management is a plus. As part of our management team, you will be self-directed and able to anticipate challenges within cross-functional, complex structures. Your successful experience developing and implementing processes along with your organizational skills and strong attention to detail enhance your ability to measure and continuously improve quality across all programs. You are proficient with MS Office Suite applications. Experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and/or high-tech is preferred. To learn more about Ecos and to apply online, please go to http:// Close Date: Until Filled. Clean & Drinking Water Project Manager – Georgia. Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority is seeking an enthusiastic individual who enjoys a fastpaced environment to join us as the Clean & Drinking Water Project Manager. Under limited supervision of the Senior State Revolving Fund Program Manager, you will manage and coordinate a variety of tasks/ programs for the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA) related primarily to the federallyfunded Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and the Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund (DWSRF) Programs. You will also perform complex duties in the areas of program and project reporting and tracking, application review, research and program management. In this role, you will be responsible for coordinating project data collection, compilation and management and preparing project and program reports required by federal and state oversight agencies and committees; assisting with review and processing of clean water and drinking water loan applications and tracking of application requirements; monitoring projects for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations; reviewing financial reports and invoices; providing customer support to program clients and prospective clients by telephone or email and in person and maintaining data and information about customers. Qualifications: Completion of an undergraduate degree from an accredited 4 year college or university in Management, Environmental, Business or related field. *AND* 1 - 3 years of experience in the management of the administrative support activities of a business or government activity. Demonstrated report writing experience and/or database management experience. Demonstrated skills using MS Office Suite. Demonstrated analytical and independent decision making skills. Salary range: $4,000 - $5,500 per month. This is a temporary appointment not to exceed a year, but Agency has the option to extend assignment beyond a year if needed. Please email resume to Human Resources. Please Note: All qualified, prospective candidates will be considered, but may not necessarily receive an interview. Due to the large volume of resumes received in this office, we are unable to provide information on your resume status over the telephone. No notifications will be sent to prospective candidates except those who are selected for interviews: jobposting2009@gefa. Close Date: Until Filled. Director of Climate Change Consulting Services – Michigan. Job description includes the development of a climate change consulting services practice to supplement existing clients. Anticipated services include carbon footprint analysis, energy audits, development of corporate strategy for climate change and renewable energy consulting and the completion of Scope 1 through 3 GHG analyses following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol by WRI and WBCSD. We provide a competitive salary and benefit package for employees. Benefits include health, RX, dental, life and disability insurance, a 401(k) program with employer match, and paid vacation, holidays and sick leave. Contact: (517) 323-7228 (fax). Email: Close Date: Until Filled. Manager (Residential Energy Efficiency Program) – Herndon, VA. As the Manager - Residential Energy Efficient Program you will supervise and manage the company activities related to the operations and sales activities of energy efficiency services and products with the objective of supporting the growth of the CleanSteps Conserve family of services and products to residential customers. This position reports to the Manager, Renewable Energy and Conservation Programs. You will work in collaboration with WGES’

customer service, marketing and sales departments as well as the home energy review contractors and energy efficiency home improvement contractors network. To be successful in this position you will need to have: BA/BS degree in Environmental Science, Engineering, Energy Management, or other technical/scientific college degree. A minimum of 10 years relevant work experience with at least 5 years directly supporting energy efficiency or conservation programs and/or products. Masters Degree will be accepted in lieu of 2 years experience. Experience to include a minimum of 3 years working with or supervising contractors preferably for residential improvement projects. Knowledge and/or experience in insulation duct or air sealing contracting business is a plus. Demonstrated capability in building and maintaining relationships with key market players in the residential home energy improvement market sector, Knowledge and/or experience in whole house energy improvements preferred. Demonstrated expertise and certification in Field Energy Audits (e.g. BPI) and/or energy software packages. The ability to travel within the WGES geographical footprint (VA, DC, MD, and DE). Excellent organizational, interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills Excellent quantitative, analytical and technical skills. Demonstrated ability to work as a team member, as well as independently. Ability to be creative while performing in a fast paced work environment. High-energy and attention to detail. Advanced proficiency in Excel and firm knowledge of MS Software applications. Knowledge of web base tools (mass email creation, blog, web page support) is a plus. Proficiency in emerging Energy conservation and management technologies and products, is a plus. Understanding of the “small business” and/or “commercial energy conservation” sector is a plus. Experience working in a sales and marketing environment is a plus. Knowledge of renewable energy and carbon offset sectors is an asset. If you are the right person for this job, send in a letter matching your qualifications to those listed above with your resume. If selected for an interview, please bring 2 writing samples with you. To be considered for this position, include your salary history and specify Job Code “MREEP GREENBIZ”. Close Date: Until Filled. Solar Analyst – California. The Solar Analyst will work with the Company’s project development team to pursue new solar opportunities in the commercial and utility markets while utilizing analytical, financial and problem solving skills to create persuasive value propositions and financial pro formas for solar customers. The selected individual must be extremely motivated to be part of a fast-paced and developing company in this fast-growing industry, with the creative and critical thinking skills to tackle a variety of challenges that range from clientspecific to industry-based. Required Qualifications: Undergraduate degree or above, preferably in business or finance; Strong analytical skills; Financial modeling experience; Excellent verbal and written communication skills; Demonstrated proficiency with Excel, Word and PowerPoint, and; Strong insight into value proposition and customer needs. Highly competitive compensation and career advancement/ growth opportunities. For Consideration, Please Send a Cover Letter and Your Resume, Along with Your Salary History and Requirements, To: Human Resources,, Fax: 949-2418162. Close Date: Until Filled. LEED Technical Reviewer – Washington, DC. The LEED Technical Reviewer serves as technical building subject matter expert and internal consultant to GBCI and Certification Bodies that review projects under the LEED Green Building Rating System. This individual draws on cross-cutting advanced knowledge and direct experience with the LEED rating system and quality audit procedures to serve as a resource and problem-solver for technical issues pertaining to LEED. Qualifications:

When applying for a position, please reference the


Biology & Ecology Minimum 10 years direct professional experience in commercial building industry specializing in architecture, engineering, construction, facility management or quality; experience in more than one of these areas strongly preferred. Minimum 10 years direct professional experience in commercial building industry specializing in architecture, engineering, construction, facility management or quality; experience in more than one of these areas strongly preferred. Detailed technical understanding of and experience with building opaque envelope assemblies, fenestration, HVAC systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, or site/grounds. Detailed technical understanding of and experience with common environmental building codes and standards, e.g., ASHRAE 90.1, ASHRAE 62, ASHRAE 55, UPC/IPC 2006, Title 24, IECC preferred. Currently licensed professional engineer, architect, or interior designer in good standing preferred. Master plumbers or master electricians in good standing with the proper experience will also be considered. Relevant experience in a variety of highperformance building projects preferred, especially LEED projects. Specialization in a high-performance building attribute such as energy efficiency, water efficiency, materials efficiency, indoor environmental quality, etc. preferred. Bachelor’s degree in a relevant technical building industry-related field preferred. LEED-AP status. Understanding of ISO accreditation/ certification model preferred. Excellent judgment, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills. This position has the option to be home-based if the selected candidate is not located in the Washington, DC area. Compensation includes an excellent benefits package, including 100% employer-paid premiums on healthcare and employer-matching 401(k) program. Please submit resume and letter of interest, with salary requirements and title of position applying for, via email or fax, attn: Human Resources. 202-478-5046 (fax), Close Date: Until Filled. Energy Efficiency Program Consultant – Texas. CLEAResult is an energy efficiency consulting firm with expertise in program design, development, implementation, and evaluation. We support programs targeting the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors, leveraging our experience in energy efficiency, demand side management (DSM), emissions and Greenhouse Gas Reductions, environmental conservation, renewable energy, and energy resource acquisition. Responsibilities: Determine partner recruitment target goals and associated strategy to achieve necessary kw/kwh savings; Recruit partners by effectively communicating the program/CLEAResultvalue proposition; Have conversations and ask appropriate questions to complete the Partner Needs Analysis; Based on the Needs Analysis, identify what services CLEAResult can offer to effectively support the partners and their project(s) through completion; Track and report partner projects in a timely manner; Evaluate process and procedures and make recommendations for improvement, and; Identify and escalate program/partner issues in a timely manner to the appropriate level of management. Qualifications: Technical degree preferred, but not required. Min 4 yrs experience in a professional position preferably in sales, consulting or similar field. Proven ability to communicate a value proposition. Proven ability to sell into a multiple tiered and/or breauracratic entity. Proven ability to apply a consultative sales approach to identify a customer’s needs and align available program services/resources in order to overcome barriers that will help address/fulfill those customer’s needs. Ability to prioritize and determine a multisolutions approach when given a variety of services to choose from. Proven ability to take initiative. This position could travel up to 30%. CLEAResult provides a fun up-beat work environment, competitive compensation, and great benefits (including a company matching 401k plan). Apply online at: http:// Close Date: Until Filled. Project Managers - Ecology and Environment, Inc. is a fully integrated environmental consulting firm whose underlying philosophy is its worldwide commitment to supporting sustainable development through responsible environmental stewardship. We are seeking experienced Project Managers to support emerging permitting projects nationwide. The successful candidate will have experience with permitting of electrical transmission lines. This position can work out of any of E&E’s 27 U.S. office locations. Responsibilities: Lead the project teams


including planning and oversight of less experienced staff; Conduct environmental and planning studies for routing and permitting of electrical transmission lines; Identify new opportunities within the transmission sector; Initiate contact with new and existing clients and develop new business opportunities. Requirements: BS/ MS in engineering, planning, biology, environmental science, or a related field; 10 + years experience; Experience permitting electric transmission projects; Experience in preparing NEPA EIS; Proven track records in sales/ business development ; Ability to walk for several miles, work in extreme temperatures, rough terrain and work independently in remote areas; Excellent written and oral communication skills; Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Please visit out website at www.ene. com to apply on-line and select preferred locations. Close Date: Until Filled.

Fisheries Leadership & Sustainability Co-Director – California.. The Forum assists members of U.S. Regional Fisheries Management Councils in building leadership skills and support networks, and increasing their understanding of the science, economics, and policy that affect fisheries management. The Forum hosts two workshops each year for council members and provides council members independent, unbiased scientific and management information on a variety of fishery management topics. It is a joint effort between Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University, the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University, the Center for Ocean Solutions, and Environmental Defense Fund. Experience & Key Responsibilities: Coordinate all Forum activities at Stanford including planning, organizing and implementing events, including Forum workshop; Design and develop an interdisciplinary curriculum to explore sustainable solutions to fishery management challenges for the continuing education program; Build relationships and develop extensive networks with fishermen, key fishery management experts, stakeholders, environmental groups, and government officials; Research fishery management topics and respond to requests for information from council members; With the Co-Director at Duke and Coordinator, develop and implement a strategic plan for the forum. Qualifications: A Master’s degree, or similar advanced degree in fisheries, natural resource management, public policy, or law; At least 5 years of relevant work experience; Experience in US fisheries management and ocean policy preferred, including familiarity with the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. The position will remain open until filled. For a full description please see the posting at Interested Applicants should forward their cover letter, resume, salary requirements, brief writing sample and list of references with “FLSF Co-Director” in the subject line to contact: Masako Esparragoza Close Date: Until Filled. Marine Mammal Intern – Canada. The Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is accepting resumes for a fall internship in the marine mammal department. This internship is designed to introduce practical experience in husbandry skills and the basics of training in combination with the many skills that are associated with being an excellent marine mammal trainer. This goal will be accomplished by working closely with our marine mammal staff under the supervision of a mentor. Regular evaluations, both formal and informal will allow for a productive and fun learning experience. This is an unpaid 40 hours per week, three month position. During the three month period you will experience all aspects of marine mammal care, including but not limited to, facility cleaning, diet preparation, public presentations, interactive programs, and animal training/medical sessions. During the early stages, interns will spend a large portion of their time cleaning exhibits and preparing animal diets. Daily animal observations, training tutorials, record keeping, participating in the

departments enrichment program and observing and assisting in the training of the Aquariums marine mammal collection will help complete the day. All interns will be required to complete and present a formal presentation to the marine mammal department prior to the end of their term. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a community college or university, or a recent graduate and intending to pursue a career in marine mammal care and training. Must be a highly motivated self-starter. No previous marine mammal experience is necessary for the position. Please send resume, letter of interest, and one reference letter to marinemammalinterns@ or by mail to the attention of Marine Mammal Department, Marine Mammal Training Internship, Vancouver Aquarium, PO Box 3232, Vancouver BC V6B3X8. Your letter of interest should include your availability, what experience you have, what you hope to gain from the placement, how you heard about the placement and your career goals. Successful applicants will be contacted. Close Date: Until Filled. Landbird Program Supervisor – California. The San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (SFBBO) is looking for an experienced ornithologist to lead the Landbird Program. Located in the South San Francisco Bay in Milpitas, CA, SFBBO has been conducting avian conservation research and monitoring since 1981. The Landbird Program is one of the two major program components of SFBBO, and includes the Coyote Creek Field Station, a long-term bird bandings station, as well as urban riparian restoration and grassland birds monitoring programs. The Landbird Program Supervisor is responsible for all aspects of SFBBO’s Landbird Program. The incumbent will work with the Executive Director and Science Director to administer grants and contracts, develop new program directions and proposals, and prepare technical reports and peer-reviewed publications. The incumbent will also participate in networking and partnering meetings; oversee data collection, entry, proofing, and storage; and train, supervise, and hire program staff. Qualifications: Ph.D. or M.S. in ecology or a related field with an ornithology emphasis and extensive experience in field ornithology. Successful candidates should be a motivated and hard working individual interested in team building and establishing collaborative relationships with other partners. Desired skills include experimental design; statistical and spatial data analysis; database management; technical report and publication preparation; and experience training staff and volunteers with standard ornithological field techniques such as bird banding, mist netting, point counts, nest searching, and vegetation survey methods. Skills with survival analysis from banding data using Program MARK or comparable methods and experience developing regional monitoring programs, writing grants, and leading/initiating collaborative projects preferred. Salary: $38,500 - $40,000; medical and dental benefits provided. To apply: Please send a cover letter, resume and/or CV and three references to Jill Bluso Demers, Acting Executive Director/Science Programs Director. Email preferred: (EM: jdemers AT A scientific writing sample may be requested during the interview process. Close Date: Until Filled. Research Volunteers – Hawaii. Individuals needed mid-Nov to mid-Dec for banding efforts of Maui Parrotbill, endangered forest honeycreepers, in Hanawi Natural Area Reserve on Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii. These birds are rare (502+116) and listed as critically endangered by the USFWS. Primary field duties would include aiding staff with mistnetting and banding of Maui Parrotbill, ‘Alauahio and other forest birds. Field duties are extremely physically challenging, working at 5,000-7,000 ft elevation, in extremely wet (annual rainfall up to 400 inches), cold, muddy and steep rainforest conditions. Desirable Qualifications: (1) Mist-netting and banding experience with passerines, primarily set-up and handling of mist nets and extracting birds and (2) hiking in steep backcountry terrain. Provided Benefits: (1) An introduction to Hawaiian forest bird conservation by trained biologists with the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project; (2) Getting to work with one of the most endangered birds in the United States in an amazing pristine rainforest setting; (3) Helicopter transport in and out of the field for both banding excursions; (4) Housing at our intern and volunteer cottage during time out of the field; (5) Transport to and from the airport and into town for shopping and re-supplying for field trips; (6) All field

gear required for both banding trips. Work schedule will include 2 field trips 16-24 Nov and 1-10 Dec with a break in between for your own free time to explore Maui. Volunteers will provide their own food during their stay as well as transport to and from Kahului, Maui. The Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project is asking for a $500 donation to help off-set the costs of helicopter transport and field supplies. (Donation may be subject to waiver depending upon experience). To apply please send a cover letter outlining your ornithological experience and expertise with special attention to mist netting experience to Hanna Mounce, (EM: mounce AT Close Date: Until Filled. Wildlife Care Intern – New York. Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center. Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary & Audubon Center is dedicated to connecting people with nature while promoting a sense of environmental stewardship through natural science educational programs. These programs help bring awareness of different types of wild animals found on Long Island. Our Wildlife Care Interns work directly with many types of wild animals, which include several species of raptors, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and mammals. Each of these has daily care requirements that are met with help from volunteers and staff. Time Requirements: We are looking for individuals that can contribute 18-30 hours per week. These hours are flexible but require a commitment of set times and days. We offer 6-week, 3-month and 6-month internship opportunities. Duties and Responsibilities: **Learn about needs, care and life history of assigned animals, Provide routine care for resident animals, including cleaning, feeding and watering, Monitor and note any unusual behavior or occurrence to staff, Answer questions from public regarding resident wildlife, Update and maintain animal care logs. Qualifications: Ability to work with live animals, Interest and concern for the natural world and conservation, Organized work habits, neatness, attention to detail, Reliability and enthusiasm, Ability to work in inclement weather, Clear knowledge and understanding of the organizations goals and mission, Ability to work independently and as part of a team, Ability to lift 50 lbs. Requirements: Background or coursework in one or more of the following: biological sciences, ecology, environmental science/ studies, herpetology, ornithology, zoology, veterinary science or a related field, Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), Ability to work a regular shift. Contact: Alice Bryant, Wildlife Care Coordinator, 134 Cove Rd, Oyster Bay, NY 11771, (PH: 1-516-922-3200 ext. 24, EM: abryant AT Close Date: Until Filled. Researchers – North Carolina. Effect of Military Overflights on Shorebirds of Cape Lookout National Seashore, NC; Virginia Tech Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences-This study will focus on the population dynamics and behavior of shorebirds nesting on Cape Lookout National Seashore, NC with special emphasis in understanding the effects, if any, of military flights over the study area. Target species include least tern, common tern, black skimmer, Wilson’s plover, and gull-billed tern. This advertisement is for two M.S. students for the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences at Virginia Tech, one whom will work with terns and skimmers with advisor Sarah Karpanty and the second whom will work on Wilson’s plovers with advisor Jim Fraser. A collaborative companion study of American oystercatchers will be conducted by a third graduate student from N.C. State University (advisor Ted Simons) and will be closely coordinated with this study. Data will be gathered on all 6 species, but 3 or 4 species will be selected for more in-depth study, probably least tern, black skimmer, Wilson’s plover and American Oystercatcher. Data collected will include shorebird behavior, nesting success, and survival, as well as frequency and characteristics (e.g. altitude, time, noise levels) of military flights,

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September/October 2009

Biology & Ecology human presence etc. A research assistantship at a competitive level will be provided during the field work and thesis preparation. Expected duration of assistantship and project is about 2 years-9 months. For more details and to apply, please see (URL: opportunities.htm). Close Date: Until Filled. Volunteers – New Jersey. Bander-in-Charge of Raccoon Ridge Bird Observatory, a small banding station in northwestern New Jersey, is seeking local volunteers. No experience or firm commitment necessary - just a love of birds, an enthusiastic attitude, and a couple free mornings a month (but feel free to come up more often if you like!) Banding starts at dawn and ends before noon. Please e-mail Cailin (EM: coconnor AT Close Date: Until Filled. Volunteer Field Research Assistants – Australia. (north-central Bass Strait, Victoria, south-eastern Australia). 2-3 assistants (approximate dates: late Jul - late Aug/early Sep). Research on seabird abundance and habitat preferences. General Description: Successful applicants will assist with censusing seabirds on several offshore islands. Assistants must be self-motivated, physically fit, able to work well with others and comfortable with camping on remote, exposed islands. Camping gear provided. Study sites are located on offshore islands occupied by colonies of several seabird species. Please include your reasons for applying, email addresses of two referees and a CV containing your background and experience. Contact Nicole Shumann, Deakin University (EM: nsc AT Close Date: Until Filled. Principal Investigator – Canada. Sought to continue 30-year study of breeding Tree Swallows in southern Ontario. Over 200 boxes in 3 sites differing in local climate and food supply. Huge data-base of breeding stats for marked birds. Local accommodation and volunteer assistants available. For full details, see URL: jsp?lang=EN&targetpg=lpbotres. Close Date: Until Filled. Graduate Student Positions – Canada. I am looking for MSc or PhD students to join my lab in the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience (University of Lethbridge) starting anytime from fall 2009 onwards. Research in my lab currently focuses on the neuroendocrine basis of courtship and social behaviour in grouse and ground squirrels. Students working in the lab will have the opportunity to engage in both field and lab work and collaborate with other labs at the CCBN and other departments and universities. Fieldwork will be carried out in a variety of locations including grasslands and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in southern and central Alberta. Although preference will be given to students with some field or lab experience, particularly neuroanatomy, immunohistochemistry and/or hormone assays, it is by no means necessary. Salary support is available, but students will be strongly encouraged to apply for scholarship support. Prospective students should contact me directly, Dr. Andrew Iwaniuk (EM: andrew.iwaniuk AT, Department of Neuroscience, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Please send me a summary of your research interests and why you might be interested in working in the lab as well as a copy of your CV with any publications, relevant qualifications, coursework, descriptions of lab and field experience, and the names and institutions of people you will ask for letters of reference. Close Date: December 1, 2009. Graduate Student Positions – Tennessee. Positions for two students (Ph.D. or M.S.) are available in the lab of Dr. Stephan Schoech in the Department of Biology at the University of Memphis. Dr. Schoech’s research lies at the interface between physiology and behavior and is primarily focused on the behavioral, reproductive, and environmental endocrinology of the Florida Scrub-Jay, a cooperatively breeding and threatened species. Dr. Schoech has been continuously funded by NSF for many years: a copy of his current grant (2009 2011) will be made available to potential students (i. e., upon receipt of initial contact I will send a packet of information). The Department of Biology at the University of Memphis offers a competitive stipend for teaching assistants and the research of students working under the supervision of Dr. Schoech will be fully supported should their project overlap current

funding objectives. Information on graduate study in biology at the University of Memphis can be found at (URL: For further information please contact Dr. Schoech via either email (EM: sschoech AT or telephone (PH: 901.678.2327). Close Date: Until Filled. Wildlife Biologist IV – Guam. Wildlife Supervisor, Guam Department of Agriculture, Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources. Pay Range - $31,064 - $46,596. The Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources (DAWR) is equivalent to a US State fish and wildlife agency. DAWR is responsible for the protection and management of the wildlife resources in the US Territory of Guam. The incumbent supervises a staff of biologists and technicians with programs ranging from endangered species recovery, invasive species control and/or eradication, game and nongame management, habitat restoration and more. The incumbent will be responsible for the application and management of federal grants and performance reports. Other duties include but are not limited to preparing budgets, communicating and partnering with local and federal resource agencies, technical reviews (EA, EIS), the design and implementation research, preparing and publishing papers in peerreviewed journals. Minimum requirements are a four year degree in wildlife biology or related field (M.S. preferred) and supervisory experience preferred. The application can be found online (EM: http:// aspx) . Please mail the application and a resume to Department of Administration, HR Division, POB 884, Hagåtña, GU 96932. Also, a copy must be sent to Celestino Aguon, Guam Department of Agriculture, DAWR, 163 Dairy Rd., Mangilao, GU 96913. If there are any questions, please contact Mr. Aguon (EM: tino_aguon AT, PH: 671-735-3979). Close Date: Until Filled. Graduate Student Position - Alaska. Peatland ecology/paleoecology. The Earth & Environmental Science Department has an opening for a graduate student (MS or PhD) as part of a newly NSF-funded project aimed at better understanding processes of peatland initiation and expansion in south-central Alaska. The project will characterize modern and historical rates and processes associated with peatland lateral expansion, placing recent changes in the context of regional hydrology and long-term developmental history. Full funding (tuition and stipend) is available through a research assistantship. Specific dissertation/thesis topic is flexible as long it fits within the context of the overall project. Preference will be given to candidates who can begin in Spring 2010. For more information, please contact Bob Booth ( and Zicheng Yu ( Close Date: Until Filled. Assistantship – Kentucky. M.S. graduate assistantship is available for a biomonitoring project of streams and wetlands in the department of Biological Sciences. The research project will develop novel methods of biomonitoring using insitu sounds and supercomputers. Research will be conducted primarily at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area (LBL). In addition, the research involves a unique opportunity to work with the US Forest Service during the summer seasons and requires the successful applicant to be outgoing, enthusiastic about informal science education, and be motivated to work with the environmental education center at LBL. In addition to a summer stipend, free housing will be available at LBL in the summer and at Hancock Biological field station during the academic year. Qualifications: Applicants should be interested in freshwater ecology, conservation, biomonitoring, education and should be able to work independently in the lab and field. Experience with field sampling in remote locations, statistics and an undergraduate degree in ecology, zoology, or closely related field is a plus. Review of applications will begin immediately. The position will start in the spring of 2010 depending upon applicant preference. Please submit a letter stating your research interests and career goals, resume, transcripts (unofficial acceptable) and GRE scores (unofficial acceptable) and the names of three references. Contact: For more information or questions about the research contact Everett Weber ( (270-970-6054) or Michael Flinn (Michael.flinn(at) (270-970-6051). Applications should be sent to the address below or emailed. Mail to: Biomonitoring Project Search, Everett Weber, Department of Biology, Murray State University, Murray, KY 42071.

Email applications to edu. Close Date: Until Filled. Sr/Junior Biologist – California. Senior Biologist 10 hours per week for 1 year, with option of 6 additional months. Junior Biologist 30 hours per week for 1 year, with option of 6 additional months. Duties included: Assist n writing Beale AFB, California EIAP documents, collect and analyze data. Assist in preparation of Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act Compliance. Provide regulatroy support through attendance at meetings, preparation of meeting material and minutes. Assist Environmental office in acheiving compliance to Endangered Specias act. Sr Biologist must be available on base twice per month. Jr Biologist must be available on base 4 times per month. Qualifications: Senior Biologist - Bachelor of Science in the biological or natural sciences, Experience in writing environmental permit applications, environmental assessments and working with construction contractors. Specific experience with Beale AFB is desired. Jr Biologist - Bachelor of Science Degree in the biol;ogical or natural sciences. Experience in above noted skills as well. Salary: Negotiable. For more information or to apply, please contact Sylvia Nieser at sylvia@ Close Date: Until Filled. Wildlife Veterinarian – Oregon. Unique opportunity to provide department expertise and veterinarian services for wildlife diseases with an emphasis in, but not limited to, avian species. Coordinate and provide information to other agencies and department staff and assist with information presented to the media. Qualifications: You must be a graduate of an Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board’s approved school of Veterinary Medicine. Preference will be given to individuals with prior experience in wildlife management, research, or wildlife-related medicine. Salary: $3,547-$5,187/mo. Generous benefits package. For more information, see recruiting announcement at Close Date: Until Filled. Biologist – Bard College. The Biology Program is seeking a highly motivated individual with molecular biology laboratory experience for a Research Assistant position. The successful candidate will be joining an NSF-funded multidisciplinary group studying the ecological factors affecting transmission of emerging tick-borne infectious diseases of humans. Duties include high throughput screening of ticks for the presence of pathogens, real-time PCR analysis of the relative infection rates of ticks, genotyping pathogen genomes for strain identification, and management of a large database. The successful candidate will have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in biology or a related discipline, be capable of working independently, have exceptional organizational skills and meticulous work habits in the laboratory, and enjoy working as an integral part of a diverse team of scientists and public health professionals. Please send cover letter with resume and list of three references by email to (Word attachments, please) Subject line: Research Assistant -3909. Please disable your spam blocker or add to your safe list. Close Date: Until Filled. Fisheries Biologist – Micronesia. An employee in this class works under the direction of the Fisheries Supervisor and will be directly involved in collecting, analyzing, and managing fishery data, and participation in fisheries related activities as directed. The candidate will assist in the supervision, overseeing, and coordination of the activities of technical staff engaged in the collection of fishery data or other duties. Assists in the completion of annual program reports, technical reports and/ or manuscripts suitable for per-review publication. Assists in the management of program budgets and performs various administrative duties, and managing Fisheries Section equipment. Must be able to conceive, plan, and complete fisheries surveys. Performs other related work as delegated by the Fisheries Supervisor, the Director of the Division of Fish and Wildlife, or the Secretary of the Department of Lands and Natural Resources. The candidate must possess the ability to follow instructions. Finally, the candidate must present as a professional, objective fisheries scientist in support of sustainable fisheries management goals and objectives. Qualifications: A Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries Biology or a closely related field and four (4) years of experience involved with a Fisheries or closely related Program;

or a Masters of Science degree in Fisheries Biology or a closely related field; must have completed basic coursework in biostatistics, marine, fisheries or natural resource biology; must have the ability to obtain a CNMI Driver s License; the ability to adhere to a flexible schedule; the ability to work well with others; the demonstrated ability to work at sea and/ or in remote locations without supervision. Desirable qualities include: advanced certification in SCUBA, advanced coursework in statistics or population biology. Contact: Michael S. Trianni, mstdfw@yahoo. com. Close Date: Until Filled. Conservation Science Volunteer Internship The Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) is now accepting applications for an unpaid Conservation Science Volunteer Internship. The Conservation Science Volunteer Intern will be responsible for compositional, organizational and administrative activities that will specifically result in the production of Animal Care Manuals (ACMs) and the Annual Report on Conservation and Science (ARCS). The Conservation Science Volunteer Intern will interact with AZA Program Leaders and Taxonomic Advisory Groups (TAGs), conduct literature reviews, and work under the guidance of the Conservation Science Department Staff. Opportunities to take part in related events (e.g. lectures, conservation events, etc.) may arise and offer valuable experience This unpaid volunteer internship is offered on a fulltime basis for a 3-month duration. Requirements: A current college student or recent graduate (within the past year); Highly motivated; Detail oriented; Strong interest in volunteering to advance the missions of zoos and aquariums; Ability to multi-task; Strong communication skills (both written and verbal); Internet research skills; Professional demeanor; Knowledge of Microsoft applications. AZA will support the Intern in obtaining college credit for this internship and will coordinate the Internship schedule with the College schedule. Send resume and cover letter to: Intern Coordinator, Association of Zoos & Aquariums, 8403 Colesville Road, Suite 710, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Fax to: (301) 562-0888. Email to: Interns@ Close Date: Until Filled. Aquatic Animal Life Support – California. Seeking a qualified applicant with specific experience in the operation of aquatic animal life support systems. Daily responsibilities include the operation of filtration systems that may utilize sand filtration, bio filtration, ozone generation, temperature control and other related equipment. General knowledge of repair and maintenance techniques of life support and related equipment is required. SCUBA certification is highly desirable. This position requires working outdoors, heavy lifting (approximately 75 pounds) and working with potentially hazardous chemicals. A valid California driver license is required. Applicants must be available for work any of the seven days of the week, approximately 40 hours per week. Applicants must apply on-line at Close Date: Until Filled. Biological Monitor – California. The Muir Beach Biological Monitor (Biological Monitor) reports to the Project Implementation and Monitoring Coordinator. The Biological Monitor’s role is to ensure the protection of the federally listed species on site (endangered coho salmon, threatened steelhead, and threatened California red-legged frogs) during floodplain restoration, trail construction, and other park enhancement activities. The Biological Monitor will be required to remove dense vegetation and will be trained to perform burrow excavation, monitor ground disturbance, and perform other conservation measures per the USFWS Biological Opinion (BO). The Biological Monitor will be required to attend trainings, provide resource sensitivity trainings to contractors, perform record keeping (including photomonitoring), and document observations and findings. Conservation measures dictated by the BO include clearing vegetation in stages, installing protective fencing, and monitoring ground moving work. This position requires working approximately 95% outdoors and occasionally in environmentally challenging terrain with possible exposure to poison oak. A successful candidate must be able to lift 40 pounds and work in inclement weather. This is a temporary (3 months) project-based, non-exempt full-time position, starting in early July. An exemplary candidate may be offered a 1-year term. Send cover letter and resume to: sbennett@parksconservancy. org . No phone calls please. Close Date: Until Filled.


Forestry & Natural Resources MS Research Assistantship – Illinois. The successful applicant will conduct a 2-year research to evaluate the impact of how rail transportation systems on aquatic species and communities. The project will require for collecting samples of water, sediments, animal tissue, and aquatic assemblages, and analyzing the data with multivariate techniques. The successful applicant should have interests in freshwater ecology and ecotoxicology, be highly motivated & self-organized, and should be able to work independently in the field and lab. Experiences in field sampling and biostatistics will be assets. Minimum academic qualifications include a B.S. in fisheries, ecology, zoology, or closely related field, 1100+ on the GRE’s combined verbal and quantitative, 4.5 on the analytical writing, and a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 system). Additional graduate program information can be found at: For additional information about this opportunity and application procedures, please contact Dr. Yong Cao at 217 244-6846 ( or Jeff Levengood at 217-333-6767 (jleven@inhs.illinois. edu). Close Date: Until Filled. Scientific Aide – California. Field sampling at Lake Davis, its tributary streams, and other waters as directed. Field work may include but is not limited to setting, checking and removing trap nets; boat and backpack electrofishing; beach seining; gill netting; angler surveys and recording data associated with such activities. Incumbent may assist with public outreach. Incumbent professionally represents the department. Maintains records, equipment, and vehicles. Other duties as assigned. Qualifications: Possession of a valid driver’s license. Willingness to work irregular hours including weekends. Willingness to wear a uniform. Candidates must have equivalent to completion of two years of college with a minimum of 10 semester hours in biological or chemistry sciences& Or one year of experience in surveying, studying or evaluating fish or wildlife populations, data habitats or users, or working in a chemistry laboratory. Mail or fax application and/or resume to: Department of Fish and Game, PO Box 1858 Portola, CA 96122. Fax: (530) 832-9706. Contact Amber Rossi at . Close Date: September 30, 2009. Wetlands Scientist/Project Manager – Utah. Frontier Corporation USA is a multidisciplinary environmental consulting firm located near Utah State University in Cache Valley, Utah. We are seeking career-oriented scientists and project managers with 5+ years of experience in wetland ecology, riparian ecology, plant ecology, aquatic ecology and/or wildlife ecology to manage environmental planning and permitting projects in the Intermountain West. Projects include wetland delineation, wetland restoration, wildlife habitat assessments, Clean Water Act Section 404 Permitting, stream surveys, stream restoration, NEPA documentation for water development, energy, transportation and flood control projects, stormwater pollution prevention plans, T&E surveys, and botanical inventories. Must be able to work independently, manage field crews, communicate with resource and regulatory agencies, and have strong technical writing skills. Must have 2+ years of project management experience with past employer, client and agency references. Full time salaried position starting $50-60K, bonus incentives, retirement, health and dental benefits, paid holidays/ vacation and ownership opportunities. Frontier is a small business employer with high growth potential. Please send resume and letter of interest to: Dennis Wenger, Frontier Corporation USA, 221 N. Spring Creek Parkway, Suite B, Providence, UT 84332 or email to or fax (435) 7539534. Close Date: Until Filled. Assistantship – Michigan. Graduate assistantship is available to a highly motivated student to work on a NSF or USDA funded project. Projects focus on method development for spatiotemporal analysis of large ecological inventory databases. Candidates must have a desire to pursue an emphasis in environmental data modeling, statistical computing, and demonstrate competency in computer programming (e.g., R, C/C++, or Fortran). Compensation package includes: -RA funding available for 2 years, starting Fall 2009 semester -Enrollment through the Department of Forestry or Geography -Possible specialization in Statistics and Probability. If you are interested please provide: -Statement of interest and career goals -GRE scores -Undergraduate and graduate transcripts -Curriculum vita. Andrew Finley, Natural Resources Building,


Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 488241222. Email:, Phone: 517-4327219. Close Date: Until Filled. Wetlands Research Assistant – Michigan. Find a job you’re wild about at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the nation’s largest membersupported conservation organization, which is at the forefront of global warming issues, reconnecting our children with nature, and protecting America’s wildlife and habitat. We seek a seriously motivated individual to join NWF on a temporary ten (10) week assignment as a Wetlands Research Assistant. The position will involve working on a scoping project, building on previous work, concerning scientific and policy aspects of wetlands protection and restoration in the Great Lakes region. The long-term goal is to promote wetland restoration and protection to facilitate broader restoration of the Great Lakes. This project will entail compiling and analyzing information on existing efforts related to wetlands restoration and protection, in particular concerning inventories, potentially restorable wetlands, and existing restoration efforts, and identifying ongoing needs in research/ priority-setting tools. Qualifications: In order to be considered, you must have a B.A. or B.S. in natural resources, environmental sciences, chemistry, biology, environmental engineering or other field in natural sciences or engineering preferred M.S. or M.B.A. or progress toward graduate degree in natural resources helpful. Some academic or non-academic work experience related to wetlands helpful. Some experience in wetlands science and policy preferred. Experience with spreadsheet, database, and graphical presentation programs essential, and some experience with GIS software preferred. Sound writing skills are essential. To apply, please visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website at Close Date: Until Filled. Biologist - We invite students to apply for a graduate assistantship for a MS candidate in the Biology Department. The long-term goal of the research project the student will work on will be to evaluate the impacts of garlic mustard, a recent aggressive invader, on forest soils across a broad range of forest soils. The goal will also be to improve our understanding of the mechanisms by which garlic mustard invades and subsequently acts as an ecological change agent in these forests. The student will receive a stipend for the academic year and summer and tuition. The successful applicant must meet the requirements for unconditional admission to the Graduate School and Biology Department at BU. Visit the Graduate School webpage and see the graduate school catalog for details. Please also see the requirements for the MS in biology (pdf). Qualified applicants should contact Sherri Morris sjmorris@ for more details. Close Date: Until Filled. Research Technician – Connecticut. Seasonal positions (n = 2) to assist with trapping and banding of various avian species and collection of Avian Influenza samples. No housing is available, however a field vehicle will be provided. The job duration is from August 14 through February. Qualifications: BS in wildlife or related field, experience with various bird trapping techniques, bird banding, bird identification, ability to work long hours in adverse conditions, detail oriented. Contact Min Huang at Close Date: Until Filled. Technicians – Florida. Three technician positions are available to participate in studies of community ecology of fishes and macroinvertebrates in the Florida Everglades. We are researching spatial ecology in this dynamic ecosystem, and these positions will study macroinvertebrate and fish communities in short-hydroperiod habitats on the boundaries of Everglades National Park. We are looking for: 1. A person with knowledge of aquatic macroinvertebrate identification; 2. A person with experience in field studies of fishes; 3. A person with experience in data management and manipulation of large data files in SAS, ideally also with experience in statistical analyses using General Linear Models (GLM). Starting salary will be set based on experience and candidates with M.S. or Ph.D. degrees are especially welcome. Funding is currently available for two years and longer term appointment is possible. These positions are available immediately and will remain open until filled. To apply, submit a CV, list of at least three references, and letter describing training and experience relevant to this position to Joel Trexler ( Close Date: Until Filled.

Ecologist – Florida. Post-doctoral position available at Florida International University for study of community ecology of fishes in the Florida Everglades. We are researching metacommunity and spatial ecology of fish in wetlands and this position will study interactions of fish communities in aquatic refuge and marsh habitats by sampling studies and analysis of movement among habitats. Experience in field studies of fish communities is desirable and demonstration of quantitative skills is expected. Starting salary will be $38k per year plus benefits. Funding is currently available for two years. To apply, submit a CV, list of at least three references, and letter describing training and experience relevant to this position to Joel Trexler at Close Date: Until Filled. MS Graduate Research Assistantship – New York. This research will examine the effects of stream restoration structures on the biotic (invertebrate) community of the hyporheic zone of several New York streams. Findings will have important implications for national stream recovery efforts and aquatic community ecology. Qualifications: Undergraduate degree in aquatic ecology, fisheries, biology, or closely-related field. Completion of invertebrate and aquatic ecology coursework desirable. Salary: Twoyear RA funding available with 1-year tuition support. Starting date ASAP. Please email a short statement of interest, CV with two references, and copies of transcripts, GPA, and GRE scores to: Dr. Kathleen E. McGrath,, Department of Environmental & Forest Biology, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, NY 13210, (315) 470-4814. Close Date: Until Filled. Fellowships – Louisiana. University Doctoral Fellowships are available for entering Ph.D. students in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology. University of Louisiana Fellowships are funded for 3-4 years at $15,750 per 9 months (with tuition waiver), and have limited teaching responsibilities. Eligibility requirements include US citizenship (or permanent residency) or degree from a US institution. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to directly contact prospective advisors. Their contact information and research interests can be found at the Biology Department web site. More information is also available at our graduate program web site. The department of Biology has approximately 25 faculty members and 70 graduate students. Areas of strength include ecology, conservation biology, evolution, and marine/coastal biology Close Date: Until Filled.

Masters Student Position – California. We are looking for Master’s student to work on a research assistantship on an NSF funded project examining xylem tradeoffs of evergreen and deciduous chaparral species. Students with interests in plant water relations, ecophysiology, physiology, or functional anatomy are encouraged to apply. Salary is $18,500/ year plus tuition and the assistantship is for two years. Inquiries and applications should be sent to Brandon Pratt (; 661-6542033 ;, Department of Biology. Applicants should email 1) a current curriculum vita, 2) a statement of research interests; and 3) the names, phone numbers and email addresses of three references. The position is available to start fall 2009. Close Date: Until Filled. Postdoctoral Position – North Carolina. A collaborative group of ecologists, statisticians, and computer scientists is accepting applications for postdoctoral positions in forest environment modeling. Data from field experiments, wireless sensor networks, and remote sensing are being incorporated into inferential models of biosphereatmosphere interactions and forest processes. An overview of projects is available on the Clark lab website. Applicants should have a PhD degree in ecology, earth sciences, or statistics. Experience with hierarchical Bayes models is desirable. Up to two years. Salary competitive and negotiable. PIs on the

project include Jim Clark (Ecology), Pankaj Agarwal (Computer Science), and Alan Gelfand (Statistical Science). Contact Jim Clark, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708. Close Date: Until Filled. Forester II – Arkansas. The Forester II works under administrative direction and is responsible for supervising the overall operation of a county or multicounty forestry office. This position is governed by state and federal laws and agency policy. Supervises a small staff of forestry service workers by interviewing and recommending for hire, training, assigning and reviewing work, and evaluating the performance of incumbents. Examines and evaluates landowner’s property and prepares timber management plans with recommendations for enhancing timber production, soil conservation, disease and insect control, and landowner objectives. Provides advice and technical assistance to landowners enrolled in state or federal programs. Ensures that silvicultural practices are completed in compliance with program standards for cost sharing purposes. Directs or performs mapping, measuring, and marking timber in the area specified and computes volume for harvest. Directs fire suppression efforts by assigning fire crews and coordinating other organizations with agency personnel. Investigates the origin of fires to determine whether state fire laws have been violated and issues warnings or citations when warranted. Organizes or plans visits with volunteer fire departments to coordinate fire prevention and suppression efforts with agency personnel. Makes presentations and supplies information to schools, civic organizations, landowners, and others regarding services available through the Forestry Commission. Performs related responsibilities as required or assigned. Qualifications: B.S. degree in Forestry from an SAF accredited University. One year experience in forestry or related field. Knowledge of forest management practices and techniques. Knowledge of forest landowner assistance programs. Knowledge of geographic information and global positioning systems. Knowledge of wood utilization and marketing. Ability to demonstrate timber management methods and practices of fire lane construction, tree marking, and planting methods. Ability to analyze and assess needs of insect and disease control. Ability to be self directed. Ability to communicate both orally and in writing. Other requirements: physical fitness standards apply to this position; must have the ability to work in hazardous condition, rough terrain, and weather conditions; frequent in-state travel required; must have or obtain Arkansas Registered Forester status. For more information or to apply, please visit: Close Date: Until Filled. Forestry Crew Member – Nevada. The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the Nevada Division of Forestry, is recruiting for a Forestry Crew Member. The position will be part of a 9 person crew cutting and chipping Pinon, Juniper and brush as part of a fuels management and forest health program funded by the Recovery Act. The project areas will be within state parks and highway rights-of-way in the Pioche, Nevada area. The crew will be camping at the project sites and working 8 consecutive 10-hr shifts followed by 6 days off. Qualifications: Experience in the safe use of chain saws and chippers and in the maintenance of chain saws and chippers a plus; Motivated, self-starter and detail oriented; Ability to communicate effectively with a diverse public; Ability to work in harsh and rapidly changing environments; Possess a valid, state-issued drivers license and clean driving record; Ability to work productively as part of a team to accomplish mutual goals and follow safe working practices; Tolerant of working in variable weather conditions, willing and able to work outdoors in adverse weather conditions. Qualified and interested applicants should forward a cover letter, their résumé, and three professional references to Bridget Walden, Great Basin Institute Human Resources Coordinator, at bwalden@ Close Date: November 20, 2009. Forest Ecologist – Montana. Seeks a forest ecologist with experience in natural resource issues and an interest in restoration to join its Ecology & Economics Research Department as part of an interdisciplinary regional conservation team working to protect Montana’s wildlands. We seek an applied ecologist to synthesize and analyze existing scientific information, develop new information, and translate these ideas into a format that will influence federal

September/October 2009

Forestry & Natural Resources land management decisions in Montana and federal policies. More information at content/forest-ecologist . To apply please submit a cover letter explaining your qualifications for this position, resume, samples of both technical and popular writing in relevant fields, and names, addresses, phone numbers of three references to Close Date: Until Filled. Senior Wetland Scientist – Indiana. Indianapolis based ecological engineering firm is interviewing for a Senior Wetland Scientist for its Indianapolis, Indiana office. Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years experience in with 401/404 permitting. Position includes field work, client interaction, and report preparation. CWP, CPESC, CFM, or LEED certifications a plus. Hydrology, GIS or CAD experience also a plus. Please send resume and work history to: Close Date: Until Filled. Graduate Research Assistantships – Maine. The University Of Maine School Of Forest Resources is seeking a highly qualified Ph.D. or M.S. student to develop a research project and expertise in the area of forest modeling and biometrics. The student will be expected to work closely with the faculty to develop a research project directed at advancing the current state of forest growth and yield models in Maine. Potential projects include: (1) development of individual tree empirical growth and mortality equations; (2) modeling the influence of thinning on tree growth; (3) refinement of regional tree taper, volume, and product potential models; (4) assessing regional variation in stand maximum productivity; and (5) calibration of existing process-based models to mixed species stands. A B.S. or M.S. degree in forest ecology, forestry, silviculture, or closely related field. The ideal candidate will have a degree in one of the above fields, experience with forestry, a strong work ethic, a high level of intellectual curiosity, a record of leadership, and a proven ability to work independently. The 20 hour/week research assistantship includes a stipend ($14,000 - 16,000/ yr depending upon qualifications), a full tuition waiver (~$4,800/yr), and health insurance. Operating funds also are available to support this position. For further information contact: Aaron Weiskittel, Assistant Professor of Forest Biometrics and Modeling, 5755 Nutting Hall, University of Maine, Orono, ME 044695755. Phone: 207-581-2857. Fax: 207-581-2833. Email: Close Date: Until Filled. Assistant County Ranger – North Carolina. Assistant County Ranger works with County Ranger to administer the county program. Programs include SAFETY; adherence to all safety policies, wildfire control, insect & disease control. Will function as initial attack incident commander &/or other IC positions for emergency response on forest fires & other natural disasters. Collects forest measurements, inspect tree planting & site prep work, measuring areas for costshare purposes. Conducts fire prevention & forest management programs for schools, civic groups & others. Investigates all forest fires in assigned county & takes appropriate action, insures adherence to FPGs related to water quality. Occasional heavy lifting required. Environmental exposures are adverse weather, forest pests, falling limbs, hunters, cramped conditions, intense heat, dust, smoke, & hazardous debris. Work hours are typically 8-5, Mon-Fri. Some work functions require evening, holiday, and/or weekend work. Wildfire and disaster/ emergency response requires year round readiness 24/7 & often requires 7 day work weeks. Overnight

travel required. Qualifications: Candidate should have experience in wildland fire fighting, should have knowledge/experience in forest management activities, should be familiar with Arcview 9, must demonstrate ability to be a team player and be able to get along with individuals of all types and educational levels, must demonstrate good oral communication skills, must be able to complete at least Level 1 of the Divisions Ranger Training program, must be physically able to walk over rugged terrain in the high mountains for extended periods of time. Necessary Special Requirements: Within 90 days of hire residency required in Alleghany county. A valid NC Driver’s License and telephone is required within 90 days of hire. For more information or to apply, please visit asp?vacancykey=4304-60031648&printit=no. Close Date: Until Filled. Forester – Michigan. Chippewa East Mackinac Conservation District is hiring a FORESTER for the Emerald Ash Borer Project out of Moran/ St. Ignace area. Qualifications: Degree in Forestry or Natural Resources field required. Knowledge of silviculture, local EAB regulations, soil science and hydrology needed. Experience in timber sales on private lands, working with professionals and government officials preferred. Practical skills should include ability to motivate, diplomacy and creativity. Need excellent networking and communication skills; GPS and computer skills. Apply by mail to: Chippewa East Mackinac Conservation District, 2847 Ashmun Street, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783. Close Date: Until Filled. Forestry Crew Supervisor – Nevada. The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the Nevada Division of Forestry, is recruiting for a Forestry Crew Supervisor. The position will be supervising up to 9 crew members cutting and chipping Pinon, Juniper and brush as part of a fuels management and forest health program funded by the Recovery Act. The project areas will be within state parks and highway rights-of-way in the Pioche area. The crew will be camping at the project sites and working 8 consecutive 10-hr shifts followed by 6 days off. The supervisor will coordinate with the Institute crew coordinator and the cooperator to develop the weekly work plan and to map and evaluate project progress and quality. Rate of Pay: $14.74 per hour. Full time, 40 hours per week . Qualifications: 6 months experience supervising personnel doing restoration work including brushing or felling with chainsaws is required. Bachelor’s degree in forestry, environmental science or related field a plus; Experience training and supervising others in safe use of chain saws and chippers and in the maintenance of chain saws and chippers; Experience working with GIS software and hand-held GPS equipment; Motivated, self-starter and detail oriented; Ability to communicate effectively with a diverse public; Ability to work in harsh and rapidly changing environments; Possess a valid, state-issued drivers license and clean driving record; Tolerant of working in variable weather conditions, willing and able to work outdoors in adverse weather conditions. Qualified and interested applicants should forward a cover letter, their résumé, and three professional references to Bridget Walden, Great Basin Institute Human Resources Coordinator, at Close Date: Until Filled. Land Rehabilitation Specialist – California. Position available with the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands, to be assigned at Camp Roberts, California, to coordinate the Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance program in the

Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security. Position is contingent on the availability of funds. Qualifications: B.S. in soils, conservation biology, civil engineering, or related field in natural resource management. Two years professional experience in land management. Ability to work in adverse weather and rugged terrain. CSU conducts background check on candidate. Expertise in erosion control, revegetation, and other land rehabilitation practices. Knowledge of California native vegetation and plant species commonly used for erosion control. Experience in planning, designing, and establishing revegetation projects to repair damaged lands. Experience with earthmoving equipment. Computer experience with common office software and geographic information systems. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Salary: Commensurate with experience and qualifications. Range $41,000 - $49,000. To apply: On-line at https://welcome. Close Date: Until Filled. Land Rehabilitation Specialist – California. Land Rehabilitation Specialist position (Research Associate I Special) available with the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands, to be assigned at Camp Roberts, California, to coordinate the Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance program in the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security. Position is contingent on the availability of funds. Coordinate all aspects of the Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance (LRAM) program, which implements soil conserving mitigation and repair measures to repair impacted training lands. Assist in damage inspections of training lands; identify and maintain an inventory of areas requiring maintenance or rehabilitation and recommended method of repair; assist in planning and implementation of rehabilitation and maintenance projects on training lands; monitor project areas and provide technical guidance to work crews; coordinate approved projects with DPTMS to prioritize activities without affecting military training. Assist the Integrated Training Area Management program coordinator in selection of LRAM projects for the ITAM Work plan. Qualifications: B.S. in soils, conservation biology, civil engineering, or related field in natural resource management. Two years professional experience in land management. Ability to work in adverse weather and rugged terrain. CSU conducts background check on candidate. Desired: Expertise in erosion control, revegetation, and other land rehabilitation practices. Knowledge of California native vegetation and plant species commonly used for erosion control. Experience in planning, designing, and establishing revegetation projects to repair damaged lands. Experience with earthmoving equipment. Computer experience with common office software and geographic information systems. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Apply: On-line at https://welcome.warnercnr. Close Date: Until Filled. Forest Ecosystem Modeler – New York. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) is developing a modeling system to investigate the effects of land use, watershed management, and climate change on the NYC water supply. The following Post Doc position is available to work with NYCDEP modeling staff on development and application of simulation models to support these investigations. This position is for two years with possibility of renewal for an additional two years. The position is located in Kingston, N.Y., 100 miles north of NYC in the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River Valley. The scientist will develop forest ecosystem models for the NYC water supply watersheds that

simulate ecosystem processing of soil-vegetationatmosphere-water transfers, and that utilize remotely sensed data sources. Specific tasks include: Evaluate and recommend appropriate forest ecosystem models based on modeling application needs and available data. This requires an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of current ecosystem models; the potential questions that these models can address; the input data requirements as compared to current data availability; and ability for model to be implemented within DEP’s modeling program. Develop selected model(s) for the NYC watersheds. This includes all necessary data analyses; collection of additional necessary data; development of model changes necessitated by watershed characteristics unique to the NYC watersheds; calibration and testing of the model; and all necessary software and tools for implementation of model with DEP’s modeling program. The candidate should have a Ph.D. or equivalent experience in water resource management, hydrology, ecology, civil/environmental engineering, or a related discipline. Experience in terrestrial ecosystem modeling is preferred. For more information regarding this position send a letter of interest and resume to: Elliot Schneiderman, Senior Research Scientist Water Quality Modeling, 71 Smith Ave, Kingston N.Y. 12401. Email: eschneiderman@, Phone 845 340 7797. Close Date: Until Filled. Assistantship – New York. An M.S. assistantship in forest entomology is available at the State University of New York, Environmental and Forest Science in Syracuse NY. The proposed research involves deploying and monitoring sentinel logs for evidence of parasitism by native parasitoids of Sirex noctilio larvae, the invasive European wood wasp, in stands with low vs high densities of S. noctilio as well as documenting stand variables associated with S. noctilio densities and parasitism rates. Information on our lab and research can be found at: http://www. Inquiries are welcome for more information on this specific project, other potential projects in our lab, and graduate school in the SUNY-ESF Environmental and Forest Biology department. Melissa K. Fierke, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Forest Entomology, Department of Environmental & Forest Biology, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, 146 Illick Hall, 1 Forestry Drive, Syracuse, NY 13210. Email: Close Date: Until Filled. Remote Sensing Positions – Australia. Three new positions available at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia: 1) Application of remote sensing to terrestrial woody landscapes. 2) Application of eddy covariance to terrestrial woody landscapes. 3) Plant Functional analyses of terrestrial woody landscapes. Please visit the following webpage for job descriptions and application procedures: cfm Feel free to contact Professor Derek Eamus at UTS should you need further information. Derek Eamus, Professor, Environmental Sciences and Senior Research Fellow, Land and Water Australia, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney, PO Box 123, Broadway, NSW 2007. ph 02 9514 4154. Close Date: Until Filled. Forestry Position – Canada. Modeling gene introgression in native Populous of western Canada. A PhD position in population genetics and ecological modelling is available with University Laval and the Canadian Forest Service (Laurentian Research Center; CFS). Full funding is provided by the Canadian Regulatory System for Biotechnology

When applying for a position listed, tell them you saw it in the


Environmental Science & Engineering in the context of wider projects on the genomics of Canadian forest tree species. The research problem is this: Over the last century, several exotic Populous hybrids were widely introduced over the prairie and parkland regions of western Canada. CFS researchers have developed diagnostic markers for the detection of exotic genes and documented their spread within native populations of P. balsamifera. The research opportunity is to develop spatialtemporal models to explain observed patterns of introgression and project them into the future while accounting for the ecological consequences of the introduction of novel traits. Most of the necessary data has been assembled, including extensive historical records of the time and location of specific introductions across the region. The successful applicant will develop advanced skills in spatial simulation, multi-level statistical modeling and management of large complex databases. Some experience with programming and with R will be significant advantage. A working knowledge of GIS would also be an asset, although technical support will be available. Otherwise, the main qualifications for this position are strong quantitative skills and an interest in molecular ecology, spatial simulation and ecological modelling, regardless of disciplinary background. The position is funded for 3yr at $21,500/ yr. Holders of their own scholarships will be eligible for a top-up of $7,000/yr over the period of their grant. The position may commence in September 2009. The student will be part of an active and growing “meta-lab” on spatial simulation, statistical ecology and conservation biology, and will be a member of the Centre d’étude de la forêt. Note that although the language of instruction is French, one’s thesis is expected to be written in English. Applicants should submit a one-page statement of interest, a current CV, and the names of three references to any of the undersigned, who may be contacted for further information. Steve Cumming (, Eliot McIntire (, Nathalie Isabel ( Close Date: Until Filled. Associate – Washington. Project coordinator of research on combining existing rangeland restoration treatments with weed-suppressive bacteria to effectively and economically reduce cheatgrass invasion. This project is an integrated-team approach among The Nature Conservancy, the Agricultural Research Service and Washington State University. The successful candidate will be responsible for multidisciplinary and multi-location research on rangeland restoration and weed-suppressive bacteria to reduce invasive weeds and increase native plants in shrub steppe systems. The candidate will conduct research in field and greenhouse in eastern Washington, coordinate communication, and present information to land managers and scientists. The research goal is to develop weed-suppressive rangeland management strategies using soil biota with restoration treatments. Qualifications: A PhD in rangeland science, plant ecology, or related fields; or Master’s degree and equivalent experience. Must have field experience in plant ecology and rangeland management, conservation and restoration of shrub steppe systems. Must have a valid driver’s license and be willing to travel within the Northwest. Application procedure: Submit a cover letter, a resume detailing capability to independently conduct field research in plant ecology; experience in coordinating multidisciplinary teams and staff supervision; publication record, and telephone numbers/email addresses of three (3) references by email to akennedy@wsu. edu or by mail to: Ann C. Kennedy, USDA-ARS, 215 Johnson Hall, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-6421, 509-335-1554 / 509-335-1552. Close Date: October 1, 2009. Postdoctoral Position – California. A full-time, NSFfunded, postdoctoral position is available immediately in the School of Natural Sciences at University of California at Merced to develop a whole-ecosystem coupled-biophysical model for saltwater lakes. The research will focus on the contributions to mixing of tidal, weather/climate, and biological components of the system, and their effect on population dynamics of the plankton. Specifically, we wish to examine (1) the importance of biological mixing, a currently controversial mechanism in oceanography, and (2) the role of ecosystem engineering in causing hazardous outbreaks of plankton which are of increasing concern globally. This project is a collaboration between the Dawson lab, Dr. John Dabiri (CalTech), and Professor Eric Wolanski (James Cook University),


also supporting a graduate student at UC Merced and a field assistant in Palau, Micronesia. Related research includes ongoing long-term ecosystem monitoring, which to date has generated a 10-years long dataset for testing the model, and biodiversity surveys of marine lakes that may support extension of the model to explore colonization-extirpation dynamics and community assembly. Qualifications: Applications are encouraged from recent Ph.D.s experienced in limnology, mathematical ecology/ biology and/or ecosystem modeling who are actively publishing in leading disciplinary journals. Salary: At least $37k p.a. plus benefits, negotiable. The position is available for at least 1.5 years with continuation dependent upon performance and funding. Closing Date: For more information contact Dr. Michael N Dawson: (209) 228-4056, Submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae, 1-3 example publications, and names and contact information for three referees. Please do not submit individual letters of recommendation. Applications must be submitted via the UC Merced jobs website for job# ASNS1946A. Close Date: Until Filled.

Project Assistant – Maryland or New York. Position #: 09020-I. Duration: 35 hours per week for 8 weeks. Starting immediately. Assist in the development of the first version of a virtual tour of the Gwynns Falls Watershed located in Baltimore, MD. The position will require familiarity with the Gwynns Falls watershed including the environmental and socio-demographic history of and BES research within the watershed. Specific tasks include but are not limited to: compiling information on the Gwynns Falls watershed into a narrative format; compiling information on BES research sites within the Gwynns Falls watershed such as photographs, narratives, maps, data, graphs, land use descriptions, etc.; generating site specific graphs of historical chemistry and flow data; generating cross-site comparison graphs of historical chemistry and flow data; working with the BES Information Manager to incorporate information into the virtual tour. Some travel may be required. Note: position can be arranged to meet internship or practicum requirements. Background: Pursuing bachelor’s degree in ecology, science education or related field; familiarity with technologies for mapping and presentation of materials online; excellent writing, communication and organizational skills. apply, please email a brief cover letter, a resume, and the names and full contact information (including telephone numbers and email addresses) for three professional references to: Human Resources, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Job Ref. #09020-I, P.O. Box AB, Millbrook, NY 12545. E-mail: jobs@ Please contact Bess Caplan at or 410-448-5663 ext. 125 with any questions regarding the position. Close Date: Until Filled. Researcher – Michigan. M.S. position in Ecosystem Responses to Phragmites removal in Great Lakes coastal wetlands. A Graduate Research Assistantship is available in the Biology Department to participate in research on effects of invasion and removal of Phragmites australis on ecosystem function (anticipated start date Aug-Sept 2009). The work will be part of a larger study aimed at developing a coupled remote sensing and biological monitoring program to assess impacts of invasive species throughout the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge (DRIWR). We are seeking a masters student to assist with one component of the project in which sites will be monitored before and after Phragmites removal to assess impacts on a number of ecosystem services including on carbon and nutrient cycling, water quality, and plant biodiversity. Field work will be conducted throughout the year at sites within the DRIWR, and will involve collaborative work with GIS specialists and managers of the Refuge. The ideal applicant will have an undergraduate degree in biology, ecology, environmental science, or chemistry, and experience conducting field work. For additional information about this opportunity and the

application process, contact Dr. Kristi Judd (kjudd2@ Close Date: Until Filled. Project Associate – Kenya. KOMAZA is a startup social enterprise in Kenya that works with rural farm families living in chronic, extreme poverty. Our mission is to develop innovative, market-based solutions to poverty, which are highly scalable and fully self-sustaining including an innovative microforestry model. KOMAZA has been highly awarded by the most selective sponsors of new social enterprises. We are currently seeking talented, self-starting and entrepreneurial professionals and recent graduates to join our team in Kenya as Project Associates. KOMAZA’s Project Associates are responsible for a variety of high-impact roles in our organization’s operational and strategic development. These positions are a rare and extremely selective opportunity to work in a stimulating environment while making a significant contribution to the fight against extreme poverty. To learn more and see which general and specialized Project Associate roles are currently available, please visit: http:// Contact: Eric Kouskalis E-mail: Close Date: Until Filled. Energy & Sustainability Analyst Internship – New York. TRC is seeking a qualified energy and sustainability analyst intern to support commercial, institutional and residential energy efficiency and green building programs across the Northeast. Candidates must possess knowledge of building systems, energy efficiency, green building and sustainability. The energy and sustainability analyst intern will work collaboratively with clients to develop market-transforming programs that promote energy efficiency and green building. Potential Responsibilities Include: Assist in the development of technical standards, protocols and requirements for innovative energy efficiency and green building programs; Perform and review facility energy audits, feasibility studies and reports; Assist in the development and implementation of quality assurance procedures for energy and green building programs; Research emerging green technologies and standards such as LEED; Review calculations and assumptions used to estimate or measure savings due to energy efficiency or green projects; Conduct site visits to verify installation and operation of technologies; Communicate with contractors and program participants regarding program rules and requirements; Utilize energy modeling applications and spreadsheets to compare projected energy savings to actual. Qualifications: Working toward a Bachelors or Masters degree in Engineering; Architecture, Planning, Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management or Economics; Academic experience displaying a strong interest in sustainability, green building or energy efficiency. Knowledge of building systems, energy efficiency technologies, green building and high performance design; Knowledge of energy efficiency or green building or related environmental / resource management programs is a strong plus; Understanding of marketing strategy and market analysis techniques is a strong plus; Experience with modeling techniques related to energy or environmental planning is a strong plus. For a full description and for application details please see posting at: php?sec=7EW&AID=23217. Close Date: Until Filled. Microbiologist/Lab Technician – Iowa. This highly technical work requires specific skills and experience as well as a thorough familiarity with veterinary biologics regulations, veterinary biologics research and development, veterinary biologics manufacturing, laboratory testing of animal vaccines and diagnostics, and particularly the specific scientific laboratory methods used to develop these testing procedures and reagents. Qualifications: Bachelor of Science; Lab experience consistant with above tasks. $19.81 per hour. For more information and to apply, please visit Close Date: Until Filled. Environmental Scientist – California. The selected applicant will be assisting with the logistics and collection of environmental water /sediment samples (20-30%) and report management including assessment of analytical results, tracking of documents and drafting of responses to regulatory documents (70-80%). Report management includes communicating with laboratories to ensure that all

reports are received in full within specific time frames, drafting of documents to maintain compliance with the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program, and analysis of chemistry and toxicity data to assess water and sediment quality. Field sampling duties include the preparation of supplies and sampling equipment, conducting sampling according to established SOPs, assuring delivery of samples to appropriate laboratories, and entering field data into a database. The successful applicant should be self motivated, able to work in a small group for extended periods of time, able to lift 40 pounds, and must have a valid California driver’s license. The applicant must have a Bachelor of Science degree in a relevant field and good technical writing skills. It is preferable that the applicant have a background in chemistry, previous experience with water quality and knowledge of Microsoft Access databases. Salary range is $32,000 - $45,000 per year depending on experience; health benefits are provided on a costsharing basis. Compensation includes two weeks paid vacation and up to 12 paid holidays per year. To apply for this job please send a cover letter, resume, contact information for three references and a writing sample; applications missing any of the above may not be considered for this position. Writing samples may include technical reports, publications, thesis, and/or research reports: Melissa Turner, mturner@ Close Date: Until Filled. Seasonal Wetland Delineation Positions – Alaska. Colorado State University (CSU) seeks 2 enthusiastic and motivated individuals to help map wetlands on Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Wetland mapping involves identifying plants, digging soil pits, describing soils, and documenting hydrology across the landscape. Field workers will be employed by CSU to conduct work on Fort Wainwright near Fairbanks, AK. CSU does not provide housing (affordable housing is available in Fairbanks and the adjacent communities). Salary: $15.60 - $16.45 per hour, based on qualifications and previous field work experience. Qualifications: A degree in botany, soil science, hydrology, ecology, forestry, biology, or natural resources management is preferred, although individuals with solid coursework, experience identifying plants, and enthusiasm for the outdoors are also encourage to apply. Applicants should possess good organizational skills, an attention to detail, a positive attitude, and the ability to work cooperatively in small groups. Experience interpreting aerial photographs and operating GPS units is also helpful. Because these positions require working outdoors for extended periods, applicants should be willing and able to work in adverse terrain and varying weather conditions (rain or shine). Must have or be able to obtain a valid driver s license and U.S. citizenship. CSU conducts a background check on all final applicants. To be considered for one of these positions, applicants must include the following four items in their application package: (1) cover letter, (2) resume, (3) copy of college transcripts (unofficial or official), and (4) names and daytime phone numbers of three references, including a recent supervisor. Applications should be emailed to Sarah Runck at or mailed to the following address: Department of the Army, Directorate of Public Works, IMPA-FWA-PWE (Runck), 1060 Gaffney Road #4500, Fort Wainwright, AK 99703-4500. Close Date: Until Filled. Watershed Development Coordinator – Colorado/ New Mexico/Nevada. Western Hardrock Watershed Team members live and work in low-income communities dealing with contaminated streams, depressed economies and other issues related to abandoned mine lands and impoverished communities. They also live in some of the most beautiful parts of the country! Your help is needed in building programs that will alleviate these problems. Work with local volunteers as an OSM/VISTA team member and see lasting environmental change happen on the ground level! Meet dynamic local leaders and build partnerships with local, state and federal organizations. Gain valuable experience in community organizing, environmental education, fundraising, and grant-writing. Create a sense of pride within yourself and those around you. Help make the historic mining region of the West a cleaner, healthier, and safer place to live and work. Qualifications: Bachelors Degree preferred, however a strong interest in the environment or past experience may be acceptable. Compensation: As an AmeriCorps*VISTA you receive a monthly living stipend of roughly $750 after taxes, health insurance, child care if eligible, student loan forbearance, and

September/October 2009

Environmental Policy & Law the choice of a $4725 education award or $1200 cash stipend upon term completion. Please send your resume and brief non-fiction writing sample to Katrina Dahlman at For more information, email , call 970.403.0136 or visit http://www.hardrockteam. org. Close Date: Until Filled. Researchers – Alaska. CSU seeks enthusiastic and motivated individuals to map wetlands on Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Wetland mapping involves identifying plants, digging soil pits, describing soils, and documenting hydrology across the landscape. Field workers will be employed by CSU to conduct work on Fort Wainwright near Fairbanks, AK. CSU does not provide housing (affordable housing is available in Fairbanks and the adjacent communities). The position start date is the end of June/beginning of July and the end date is early September. Salary is $15.60 - $16.45 per hour. Qualified applicants will have a degree in botany, soil science, ecology, biology, or natural resources management. Applicants should be able to work cooperatively in small groups and outdoors for extended periods (rain or shine). These positions require a valid driver’s license and U. S. citizenship. Applicants must pass a background check (criminal history, national sex offender search, motor vehicle history). To apply, applicants should email a cover letter, resume, copy of college transcripts (unofficial or official), and names and daytime phone numbers of three references to Sarah Runck at sarah.runck@ Questions regarding the job description or application process should be sent to Sarah Runck (#907-361-9687). Close Date: Until Filled. Environmental Scientist – Florida. This position requires working as a member of a multi-disciplinary ecosystem team and provides exposure to a wide range of ecosystem studies. The focus of this position is to provide field support for tree island vegetation sampling, soil coring, data entry, preliminarily data analysis, and sedimentation/peat accretion sampling in the Everglades and Florida Bay. Qualifications: Associate’s Degree (Bachelor’s preferred) in either biology, botany, or chemistry and two (2) to seven (7) years of related experience. The ability to collaborate as part of an ecosystem team is a necessity. Send resume and cover letter to: Scheda Ecological Associates, Inc, 5892 East Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33617, Attention: Marie Reynaud or via email to: Close Date: Until Filled. Energy/Climate Change Specialist – California. To provide technical expertise, strategic analysis and policy recommendations regarding energy services, energy efficiency, development of renewable energy sources and climate change, including greenhouse gases and air quality regulations to implement programs associated with energy, climate change and other related regulations; to interpret and communicate the impacts of regulations or legislation to member agencies and work to mitigate those impacts. This is the journey-level class. Positions at this level are distinguished from other classes within the series by the level of independence, the degree of responsibility assumed and level of complexity in assigned tasks. Employees at this level have more experience and receive less instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arise, and they are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies within the work unit. Qualifications: Four years of experience in interpretation, impact analysis and program implementation related to energy, climate change and air quality issues. Equivalent of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in a job-related field. A post-graduate degree and / or professional background in a field relevant to environment, natural resources management (that includes energy efficiency) preferred. Contact: Jan Jennings, Association of California Water Agencies, 5620 Birdcage St; #200, Citrus Heights, CA 95610 USA. Phone: 916.441.4545. Fax: 916.554.2330. Email: Close Date: Until Filled. PhD Student Research Opportunity in Entomology – North Carolina. The Cardoza lab is looking for an outstanding, enthusiastic, self-motivated graduate student with interest in the behavior, biology or chemical ecology of soil arthropods. Research in our lab employs a multidisciplinary approach to elucidating the mechanisms driving insect pest interactions with their environment, particularly in agricultural systems. The selected student will

explore the effects of interactions between plants and beneficial soil microbes and their consequences on preference and performance by root feeding arthropods. Requirements: MS degree in biology, entomology or a related discipline. Candidates are required to formally apply to, and must meet the requirements to be accepted by, the NCSU Graduate School before consideration. Academic requirements are determined by the Department of Entomology. For additional information regarding this opportunity contact: Dr. Yasmin Cardoza, Department of Entomology, North Carolina State University, Campus Box 7613, Raleigh, NC 27695 TEL: (919) 513-1285 FAX: (919) 515-7746, yasmin_cardoza@ Yearly Salary: $19k plus tuition and health insurance. Close Date: Until Filled.

Executive Director – Oregon. Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute is currently seeking a ¾-time Executive Director. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. The Executive Director will assure that the organization has a long-range strategy which achieves its mission, and toward which it makes consistent and timely progress; Provide leadership in developing program, organizational and financial plans with the Board of Directors and staff, and carry out plans and policies authorized by the board. The ED is responsible for overall staff supervision, record keeping, and the financial health of the organization. Contact Jami Sheahan/Bill Weiler at Close Date: Until Filled. Senior Manager – Washington, DC. We seek a qualified individual to develop and implement national strategies to advance National Wildlife Federation’s public lands agenda. This position will serve as the organization’s lead federal lobbyist on public lands issues, working to advance our priorities with members of Congress and the administration. The Sr. Manager of Public Lands must work closely with NWF’s regional offices, affiliates and other disciplines across the organization including media and grassroots to ensure execution of comprehensive campaigns. Areas of focus will include protecting landscapes across the Rocky Mountain West from energy development, reforming mining practices and strengthening protections for the National Landscape Conservation System. This position will also work to ensure that federal land management agencies are accounting and planning for the impacts of climate change on habitats and wildlife. Qualifications: Qualified individuals must have a Bachelor’s degree; advanced degree in environmental policy, land management, law or other related topics is highly desirable. Additionally a minimum 8 years experience working for a non-profit, government agency, congressional office or comparable entity on land conservation or related topics is needed. Advocacy experience will be a plus. To apply, please visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website at http://www. Close Date: Until Filled. Research, Communications, Advocacy & Legal Internships – Washington, DC. Great working environment and opportunities for advancement and job placement. We are currently seeking interns interested in fighting for safe food, clean water, and healthy oceans. Hours are flexible in a relaxed office environment.Internships are available during any of the following terms: Spring, Fall: This position may be full- or part-time (~15 hours per week minimum). Spring dates are January-May. Fall term dates are September - December. Summer: This position is fulltime and runs for 10 weeks during May-August. Small stipends may be available for summer interns. For a full descpription of the variety of internships available, please visit: about/career-opportunities. Please email a tailored cover letter, resume, short writing sample and availability to: Food & Water Watch internships@ fax (202) 683-2501, or mail: Food & Water Watch Attn: Intern Coordinator 1616 P St NW

Suite 300 Washington, DC 20036. Close Date: Until Filled. District Marketing Director – Texas. We market for a specific program to assist reaching financially challenge individuals to better their quality of life. Program is fully funded for the recipients, most over 55 yrs of age and unaware. Each district is a county. Looking for aggressive, energetic individuals with an understanding of marketing/ business management. Qualified individuals will be responsible for development of collateral information, and making presentations; so a working knowledge of power point, Microsoft office are needed. Good communication skills and willingness to take charge. Comm. Min $5,000 per mo. For more information or to apply, please contact Bob Hawkins at Close Date: Until Filled. Executive Director – Tennessee. The Director of the Alliance for the Cumberlands plans, implements and coordinates a multi-jurisdictional initiative aimed at promoting the unique natural, cultural, historic and recreational resources of the Cumberland Plateau and fostering the ecological and economic sustainability of natural and human communities in the Cumberlands Region. S/he works directly with the Board of Directors and member organizations including state and federal agencies, non profits, local governments and private businesses to develop and implement region-wide, consensus based strategies in the Cumberlands. Duties will include developing regional programs, establishing community partnerships, raising funds and building the capacity and efficacy of the Alliance. The Board of Directors will set the Director’s annual objectives and evaluate his/her annual performance. Qualifications: Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, biology, forestry, history, natural resources management, political science, public policy, government relations or related field and three years related work experience (preferred). Knowledge of current conservation and socio-economic trends and issues in the Cumberlands Region with emphasis on Kentucky and Tennessee. Management and leadership experience, including ability to motivate, lead, negotiate, set objectives, and manage performance, including conflict resolution. Successful experience in developing, directing and managing multiple projects and implementing strategic program goals. Experience in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives. Ability to develop timeframes and then complete tasks within timeframes. Proven organizational skills. Demonstrated experience in MS Office, Word, and Excel. Ability to use advanced computer functions including navigating the Internet. Please send cover letter, resume and 3 references to: Katherine Medlock, 401 Henley St. Second Floor, Suite 2, Knoxville, TN 37902. Email: kmedlock@tnc. org. Close Date: Until Filled. Project Manager – California. WRA, Inc. is seeking a career-minded Biologist with a minimum of two to three years experience managing resource agency permitting projects involving wetland mitigation planning and species consultations. This position will be dedicated to managing permit applications, consultation coordination, document and restoration plan preparation for a large project with wetland and species impacts. The Project Manager will also be responsible for marketing activities and assisting technical staff to grow professionally. Experience with California’s sensitive biological resources, CEQA, and habitat restoration strongly preferred. A Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Ecology is required; a Master’s degree is preferred. In addition, experience in preparing Section 404 permit applications and Section 7 Biological Assessments is required. This is a full-time position with medical/dental benefits, 401(k), and profit sharing. Please submit your resume to Human Resources, WRA, Inc., 2169-G East Francisco Blvd., San Rafael, CA 94901 or email to Close Date: Until Filled. Conservation Law Coordinator – Washington, DC. The Conservation Law Coordinator is an integral part of Defenders of Wildlife’s legal team and is expected to develop strong knowledge of current legal program projects and provide general assistance to legal staff members on various matters relating to those projects. The Conservation Law Coordinator is responsible for administering Defenders’ litigation case docket; legal budget and Website content; handling information requests on all legal program issues; representing the legal department in internal

and external meetings on select issues; coordinating office procedures to facilitate accomplishment of workplans; and organizing division events including meetings, receptions, and conferences. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree (B.A./B.S.) or equivalent in related discipline. 1+ years of environmental and/or legal experience. Office administrative experience and/or training; familiarity with the workings of a legal office; strong computer skills and knowledge. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted as a satisfactory substitute for the specific education and experience listed above. Interested applicants please reference Conservation Law Coordinator in your subject line and submit a letter of interest, along with your resume and salary history (must be included to be considered) to us via e-mail at: HR@defenders. org. Close Date: Until Filled. Director of Donor Programs – Washington, DC. The Director of Donor Programs is responsible for the management and oversight of Defenders’ donor development and membership multi-channel marketing programs including acquisition, renewals, monthly giving, appeals, and telemarketing. Special emphasis is on integration of mail, telemarketing and e-mail solicitations. S/he works closely with an array of consulting firms to implement a cutting-edge program. S/he also provides back-up support to and assists Vice President of Membership. Responsible for general understanding of budget goals, strategic plan, and program integration for Defenders’ Membership fundraising program, including direct mail, telemarketing, and e-mail and internet marketing. Specifically responsible for developing program strategy, budgets, and integration of marketing channels for all donor fundraising


Environmental Policy & Law programs. Works with Vice President of Membership on the development of membership fundraising goals and strategy. Responsible for knowing terms of contracts for vendors – direct mail, telemarketing, caging and lockbox, Internet providers, and others – as the terms of those contracts apply to the administration and execution of donor development and membership acquisition programs Responsible for understanding the structure and applications, rules and protocols, and select and reporting applications of Defenders’ organizational database, including information and fields available. Primary responsibility for maintaining and updating protocols for renewal logic and coordinating the renewal “look-back” process with service bureau and with Defenders’ staff. Responsible for creative research and for managing the copy and art processes. Coordinates “kick-off” meetings for Acquisition campaigns and attends all kick-offs for other programs. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree (B.A./ B.S.) or equivalent in related discipline. 6+ years of progressively responsible direct mail experience, including 2+ years of relevant management/ supervisory experience. Must be experienced working with PC (word processing, spreadsheet) and membership databases. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted as a satisfactory substitute for the specific education and experience listed above. Interested applicants please reference Director of Donor Programs in your subject line and submit a letter of interest, along with your resume and salary history (must be included to be considered) to us via e-mail at: Close Date: Until Filled. Vice-President/Director – Ohio. Natural Resources Management - BHE Environmental, Inc., a multidisciplinary environmental consulting firm has an immediate opening in our Cincinnati office for the VP/Director of our Natural Resources Management Group. Position requires an MS or PhD in biology, botany, zoology, wildlife biology or related environmental/natural science discipline and 10+ years of experience. Prior consulting experience is a must. Candidates must have a strong applied technical knowledge of, and management experience with regulatory compliance projects focusing upon NEPA (EA, EIS), CWA (§404 and §401 permitting), and ESA (§7 and §10), and be familiar with the compliance and planning needs of agencies including DoD, FERC, and state DOTs. Experience should reflect capabilities in designing and managing linear corridor projects, private real property development, and federal resource conservation programs. Responsibilities will include project and client management, business development, providing Group leadership, overall managerial direction and administration, and guidance to meet established financial standards. This role carries the responsibility of Group Strategic Planning, overall Group productivity, profitability, client satisfaction, and quality of work. The successful candidate will oversee the group’s business planning, the professional and personal development of staff, and employee relations. This position requires excellent organizational skills; strong oral and written communication skills; the ability to work well with others, as well as working independently to accomplish duties with minimal supervision; and the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced/high pressure environment with a commitment to outstanding customer service. For immediate consideration visit (URL:, select Careers, complete a profile and upload your resume and cover letter. Close Date: Until Filled. Florida Program Coordinator – Florida. This administrative position involves a wide variety of responsibilities supporting the program and operations of Defenders of Wildlife’s Florida field office. Principle responsibilities include providing administrative and program assistance to the Director of the Florida program and to serve as a direct liaison to other staff, Defenders’ membership, and to the general public. The Florida Program Coordinator also provides programmatic and technical assistance to other field staff of the Florida office programs, with priorities assigned by the Director of the Florida Program. The position is expected to serve as a trouble-shooter to help workplans flow smoothly. Assignments are results-or goal-oriented, requiring substantial discretion on the part of the coordinator in determining how to meet the assigned goal (e.g. arranging events, supervising volunteers or generating grassroots support). This position requires


occasional evening and/or weekend work, and occasional domestic travel. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree (B.A./B.S.) or equivalent in related discipline. 2+ years of administrative and/or environmental experience. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted as a satisfactory substitute for the specific education and experience listed above. Interested applicants please reference Florida Program Coordinator in your subject line and submit a letter of interest, along with your resume and salary history (must be included to be considered) to us via e-mail at: Close Date: Until Filled. Fall and Spring Law Internships – Washington, DC. The legal department has an ongoing need for second and third year law school interns for the Fall and Spring semesters. Interns work closely with our attorneys to provide research, writing, and general support for our domestic projects. The position is designed to provide a wide range of legal, programmatic, and administrative experience relating to conservation issues of national significance. The internship program covers a diverse range of environmental issues from endangered species to federal lands management, and is a terrific opportunity for law students dedicated to conservation and wildlife law. Applicants should be current law students with an interest in environmental law. They must have strong writing, research, media, and communication skills, and demonstrate a commitment to the conservation of biological diversity and protection of wildlife. Internships are for credit, and unpaid. Applications are received year round. Interested applicants please reference Fall/Spring Law Intern in your subject line and submit a letter of interest, along with your resume, writing sample (less than 10 pages), list of references, and a copy of your law school transcript (unofficial accepted) to us via e-mail at: Close Date: Until Filled. Staff Attorney – Washington, DC. This position is based in Defenders’ Washington, D.C. National Headquarters office and requires working knowledge of federal environmental and natural resources law and significant litigation experience. Primary emphasis is on litigating cases under federal wildlife and natural resources laws to conserve biological diversity, and helping to develop and advance Defenders’ conservation policies. Litigate cases brought under the Endangered Species Act, National Environmental Policy Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Clean Water Act, National Forest Management Act, Refuge Improvement Act, Administrative Procedure Act, Freedom of Information Act and other federal statutes. Develop innovative litigation strategies and cases to protect imperiled wildlife species, to conserve wildlife, habitat, and ecosystems in the face of global warming, and to ensure conservation of wildlife and habitat on federal public lands. Actively participate in the development and advancement of Defenders’ conservation policy goals. Help to develop a network of pro bono attorneys and manage outside counsel. Advise staff on legal questions and legislative matters. Perform all other related duties as assigned. Qualifications: Juris Doctor degree, admitted to at least one state bar. 5+ years of litigation experience. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted as a satisfactory substitute for the specific education and experience listed above. Interested applicants please reference Staff Attorney, D.C. in your subject line and submit a letter of interest, along with your resume and salary history (must be included to be considered) to us via e-mail at: HR@ Close Date: Until Filled. Government Relations Associate – Washington, DC. This professional position is responsible for advancing Defenders of Wildlife’s legislative and administrative interests before Congress, the Administration. and the media. Issue priorities are drawn from Defenders’ current priorities, including endangered species; wildlife; global warming; public lands; and related appropriations issues. Most immediately, the primary focus will be on climate legislation, including policy solutions to safeguard wildlife in a warming world. Responsibilities include: direct lobbying; developing legislative and advocacy campaign strategies; leading and/or participating in inter-departmental campaign teams; leading and/ or representing Defenders’ interests in national issue-based coalitions; working with and monitoring Congressional committees; drafting reports, fact

sheets and testimony; obtaining legislative and political information; and generally assisting the advocacy work of Defenders’ Government Relations and External Affairs division. Qualifications: Bachelor’s (B.A./B.S.) degree or equivalent in Natural Resources, Public Policy, Law, Biology, Education, or related discipline. Advanced degree preferred. 2+ years of Capitol Hill or other legislative experience, preferably involving natural resource issues. Experience working with wildlife conservation issues and knowledge of federal resource agencies, laws, treaties and policies dealing with use and conservation of natural resources. Political experience, judgment and sensitivity, including a thorough understanding of lobbying, resource and appropriations committees, budget process and federal legislative procedures and grassroots targeting. Experience developing, implementing, and managing legislative and advocacy campaigns on a national level. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted as a satisfactory substitute for the specific education and experience listed above. Interested applicants please reference Government Relations Associate in your subject line and submit a letter of interest, along with your resume and salary history (must be included to be considered) to us via e-mail at: HR@defenders. org. Close Date: Until Filled. Global Warming Intern – Washington, DC. The GW Intern will work within the Global Warming Team to help address global warming solutions and to engage others in this important dialogue. The GW Intern will assist staff in building support for an international treaty and for domestic legislation that includes our international priorities. He/She will help coordinate outreach activities with the Forest Justice campaign – both online and on-the-ground support. He/She will also support coordination of our regional fair climate summits. This position will be involved in outreach to our international targets and monitoring our Hill and coalition activity including setting up meetings and attending briefings. The GW Intern will have opportunities to research and write about our policy work and to support our international adaptation targets. In addition he/she will conduct website maintenance and design to bolster our campaign efforts. Qualifications: BA/BS in international relations, political science, environmental policy, or a related field is required. A Masters degree and some previous work experience are preferable. The position requires attention to detail, excellent research, writing and communication skills, the ability to multi-task, and to meet strict deadlines. Experience with website maintenance and online organizing are strongly preferred and good computer skills are a must. The GW Intern will work with multiple organizations and individuals to collaborate on and organize various campaigns and summits. $10 per hour. To apply, please visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website at Close Date: Until Filled. Lawyer (Volunteer – Deferred Associate) – Reston, VA. Because of the economic crisis, many law firms are asking their incoming first year associates to defer their start dates (only a couple months while others are a full year) and are offering stipends to these deferred associates, especially if they work at public interest organizations during their deferment. Spend your deferred time working on a mission your wild about at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the nation’s largest member-supported conservation organization, which is at the forefront of global warming issues, reconnecting our children with nature, and protecting America’s wildlife and habitat. We are looking for an additional lawyer, possibly two, for our busy general counsel’s office, to work closely with the two experienced lawyers already on board. The work would expose the pro bono counsel to a wide range of corporate, employment, charity, tax, lobbying, real estate, grants, and contracts work, depending on NWF’s major initiatives during the year. It would likely have a special focus on intellectual property, as in fall 2009, NWF is scheduled to coproduce a 26 part children’s animated series for domestic and international distribution, with Korean and Singaporean co-production partners. The IP work will also involve trademark, production rights, talent and guild contract preparation and negotiation, branded and media promotions, interstitials and PSAs, interactive online and social networking campaigns, contests, sponsorships, and licensing. This position would be based in NWF’s Reston, Virginia headquarters. Please be prepared to upload a cover letter with the online application with the exact

project you would like to work on. Also explaining why you would like to work for the National Wildlife Federation and the special skills, if any, that you would bring to the particular project for which you’re applying. To apply, please visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website at Close Date: Until Filled. Campus Field Coordinator – Georgia. National Wildlife Federation is seeking a regional Campus Field Coordinator who desires to work at the leading edge of a movement for climate action. This person will be responsible for: Building regional campus climate action networks to support campuses taking action to reduce their carbon footprint. Includes identifying host campuses, organizing regional summits, and providing on-going support for networks to support exchange of resources and information related to climate solutions. Climate Advocacy: Organizing and mobilizing students and others in Higher Education to support strong climate policies at a local and national level. This is an especially critical role this year as Congress debates a climate bill. Campus Outreach and Site Visits: Conducting individual site visits and presenting at regional and national conferences related to campus climate action and sustainability in order to build relationships with students, faculty and staff at individual campuses and provide direct training and technical assistance on climate solutions. Resource and Program Development: Provide input and feedback on technical resources developed to support the goals of the regional climate networks. College graduate with demonstrated interest in environment and climate organizing and practical solutions to global warming, especially in a campus setting. 3 years of related experience. Experience as an intern or professional staffer with college or environmental or social justice organization and experience working with diverse groups of people. Willingness to travel 20-40 nights per year primarily in the Southeast. To apply, please visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website at Close Date: Until Filled. Communications Intern – Washington, DC. The Communications Intern assists the communications department with all related media relations activities, including building and maintaining media lists, writing and editing press releases, advisories, etc., monitoring media placements, pitching stories and any other administrative tasks needed. $10.00 per hour. Qualifications: Recent college graduate or candidate for graduation with a degree in Journalism, Communications or Environmental Studies. Excellent oral and written communications skills are necessary, as is proficiency with PC software including Microsoft Word. Online communication skills are desired. To apply, please visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website at Close Date: Until Filled. Coordinator (Conservation & Education Philanthropy) – Virginia. We seek an effective, dynamic individual to play a key role in the success of the Conservation & Education Philanthropy team. The Coordinator will raise foundation, government and corporate restricted funding for assigned programs with guidance from the Senior Director and Associate Director. This position will hold primary responsibility of managing NWF’s participation in workplace giving campaigns to maximize the generation of unrestricted revenue for the organization. Other responsibilities include: learning about assigned NWF program areas, becoming proficient in Raiser’s Edge database through both entering data and running queries and reports to meet CEP team data needs. Find a job you’re wild about at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the nation’s largest membersupported conservation organization, which is at the forefront of global warming issues, reconnecting our children with nature, and protecting America’s wildlife and habitat. A college degree is not required but is preferred. Qualified applicants must have a minimum two years of professional experience and possess excellent organizational and communication skills, both written and oral. Attention to detail is essential, including excellent proofreading skills. Advanced computer skills is a fundamental prerequisite of this position, including Windows, Microsoft Word , Excel, and PowerPoint. Experience with or ability to quickly learn Raiser’s Edge required. To apply, please visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website at http:// Close Date: Until Filled. Restoration





September/October 2009

Environmental Education & Eco Tourism position will assist NWF’s Restoration campaigns, with a focus on coastal Louisiana, through the development of educational and advocacy materials for activists, agency & congressional staff. Specific activities include; research on policy and ecological topics related to large scale aquatic restoration and corps projects, fact sheet preparation, coordination assistance for workshops, lobby days, conferences etc. The intern will gain a broad background in all aspects of administrative and legislative policy advocacy and some exposure to environmental litigation, including attending hearings and meetings with administration officials, congressional staff and other conservation groups and coalitions. Qualifications: A four year degree in a natural resources or policy-related field. A background in both natural resources and policy is preferable. Excellent written and oral communications skills, ability to conduct extensive research, attention to detail and excellent organization skills, proficiency in Microsoft office applications and basic computer skills, ability to work independently, demonstrated commitment to environmental advocacy. To apply, please visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website at http://www. Close Date: Until Filled. Public Lands Organizer – Colorado. The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is seeking to hire a qualified individual in Wyoming to organize hunters, anglers, Native Americans and other conservation organizations to support protection of public lands in the state. The position involves on-the-ground organizing around gas and oil development. It will be essential for this organizer to work closely with the Wyoming Wildlife Federation (WWF) in addition to other coalition building efforts: collaborating with other conservation organizations, hunting and fishing groups, meeting with elected officials and the media, coordinating on legislative efforts that target protection from gas and oil development and working to demonstrate the values public lands have for wildlife and public recreation like wildlife viewing, fishing, and hunting. The ideal candidate will be familiar with conservation issues related to public lands, gas and oil development, possess strong organizational and people skills, be a self-starter, but able to work closely with WWF and NWF staff along with other conservation groups and interests. She/he should also live in Wyoming, have a college degree in a relevant field, such as natural resources management or fish and wildlife and have a strong background in hunting and fishing in wilderness and wild places. Candidates must have excellent written and public communications skills, experience working with the media, good computer skills, and the ability to work independently. Travel will be required. Fundraising experience would also be beneficial. Pay and benefits will be competitive. Funding for this position is guaranteed through November 17, 2009 with a strong possibility for continued funding one year beyond that date - dependent upon a grant renewal. If you have a strong belief that public lands should stay in public hands and would enjoy the team atmosphere fostered by working for an organization committed to inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future; if you want to ensure that the wild places you love to hunt, fish, and recreate in remain pristine for future generations and have a strong desire to do something about it, then we look forward to talking to you! Qualifications: B.S. or B.A. – Natural resource management, fish and wildlife or related field. Five years relevant work experience in organizing, natural resource management, communications, or related field. The Wyoming Public Lands Organizer responsibilities require a strong working relationship and knowledge of the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, its staff, membership, leadership, issues, and affinity groups. Must be familiar with conservation issues related to Wyoming public lands, gas and oil development, and hunters and anglers. Possess strong organizational and people skills, be a self-starter, but able to work closely with affiliate and NWF staff along with other conservation groups and interests. Strong background in hunting and fishing in wilderness and wild places is helpful. Organizer must have excellent written and public communications skills, experience working with the media, good computer skills, and the ability to work independently. Travel will be required. To apply, please visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website at http://www. Close Date: Until Filled. Communications Manager – Louisiana. The primary job of the Coastal Louisiana Communications Manager is to translate the messages of NWF’s

Coastal Louisiana Restoration program into the media locally and nationally – newspapers, television, radio, magazines and internet – in a manner that establishes NWF in partnership with EDF and Audubon as leaders and that projects and reinforces NWF’s brand and strategic priorities. The Communications Manager will work with the South Central Resource Center Executive Director, the Sr. Program Manager, the National Campaign Manager and staff of the Coastal Louisiana Restoration program, as well as staff and volunteers from partner organizations, to form short and long-term media strategies for the program. These strategies will include outreach to national outlets and targeted districts and constituencies throughout the country. The Manager will then implement those strategies, creatively using the full range of NWF assets, including policy experts, grassroots outreach, the NWF web site, the Coastal Louisiana activist website, NWF’s CEO and/or other senior leaders, members of the Board of Directors, affiliate leaders and leaders from like-minded organizations. The Manager is expected to create and implement media strategies that influence public opinion so as to advance the program’s goals. The Manager cannot be content with reacting to news, but must seek out or create opportunities to lead the news cycle. Managers are also expected to be deft at tactical media that simply records an NWF position in the media, at maintaining message consistency for all the outreach vehicles they are involved with, and at media training and communications, as needed, with internal NWF audiences. Qualifications: At least five years of progressively responsible experience in campaign or advocacy-related communications. Knowledge of Coastal Louisiana Restoration a plus. Superior analytical, writing, verbal and time management skills; proven track record in media relations and the handling of complex, controversial policy issues; demonstrated ability to manage and follow-through on multiple short and long-term projects. Proficiency with word processing, desktop publishing and internet-related software. Demonstrated initiative and ability to work independently and with a team. To apply, please visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website at Close Date: Until Filled. Director of Conservation Planning – Washington, DC. This professional-level position plays a leadership role in developing and implementing Defenders’ programs to safeguard wildlife from the negative effects of climate change. The Director works with the science and land and wildlife management communities to develop on-the-ground strategies to assist wildlife in adapting to climate change and facilitates the adoption of those strategies into federal, state, and private land management plans. The Director also works closely with Defenders’ policy teams to develop and implement policy initiatives to support on-the-ground, climate-smart conservation programs. A key aspect of the position is assisting states in developing wildlife climate adaptation strategies. The Director supervises a Conservation Planning Associate, and works closely with the Vice President for Land Conservation, field offices, and interdisciplinary teams in developing and coordinating strategies, national campaigns, various conservation reports and coalitions. The Director also takes lead responsibility in working with federal and state agencies, Congress, and other nongovernmental organizations on program initiatives. Qualifications: Advanced degree or equivalent in conservation biology, wildlife management, ecology, or environmental policy. 5+ years of progressively responsible experience is required in at least one of the following areas: Developing and implementing programs to conserve biodiversity; climate change and natural resource science and policy; land management planning; state wildlife action plans; organizing campaigns for non-profit organizations; or conservation biology research, including 2+ years of relevant management/supervisory experience. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted as a satisfactory substitute for the specific education and experience listed above. Interested applicants please reference Director of Conservation Planning in your subject line and submit a letter of interest, along with your resume and salary history (must be included to be considered) to us via e-mail at: Close Date: Until Filled.

website, submit a contact request and one of us will be in touch right away! For more information, visit: Close Date: Until Filled.

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Project Manager – Illinois. This 12 month position will assist the Davee Center Epidemiologists with the Zoo Animal Health Network (ZAHN) projects. ZAHN projects involve: 1) surveillance programs for infectious and/or zoonotic disease in captive and free-range wildlife 2) targeted education programs for infectious and/or zoonotic disease to relevant stakeholders 3) integrative projects involving urban wildlife and human interaction. Specifically, this person will be responsible for program design, delivery and implementation of a program designed to educate and train zoo paraprofessionals about Foreign Animal Disease. This position will collaborate in research, planning, and development of educational materials in conjunction with other staff within the Conservation and Science Department. Develop (design, coordinate, educate) new education program to be delivered to zoo paraprofessionals to assist with early detection of Foreign Animal Diseases, in conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture and the USDA’s Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health Provide support and assist with continuing development of the Zoo


Make a difference An intensive one-year Masters in Sustainability Learn the skills to critically evaluate our interactions with the environment and lead others as we ďŹ nd ethical and equitable solutions to our environmental challenges. Find out more at

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September/October 2009

Environmental Education & Eco Tourism Animal Health Network, which conducts surveillance on behalf of Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Provide support and expertise to the Urban Wildlife Institute in issues pertaining to disease of concern in local urban wildlife. Assist with communication of project goals and results to all relevant stakeholders. Qualifications: Possess expertise in the specific areas covered in ‘essential job functions’; Demonstrate a basic understanding of epidemiology and the concept of ecohealth; Successful candidates would ideally have experience in epidemiology or surveillance programs; Experience in all aspects of sampling wildlife for diagnostics preferred, including handling, immobilization, sample procurement, sample processing, sample preservation, biobanking and processing samples for diagnostics. Possess strong computer, organizational, and communication skills (written and spoken); Experience in GIS software preferred. Demonstrate a commitment to wildlife conservation through management of wild and captive populations, and willingness to participate in the department’s team approach to conservation research projects. A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Post graduate degree in epidemiology (MPH, MS) preferred. Candidates with the DVM and additional graduate classes in statistics will be considered. A PhD in a related field would be considered. Send resume, copies of college transcripts, and letter of interest to: Human Resources Department, Lincoln Park Zoo, 2001 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614. Close Date: Until Filled. Assistant Director of Education – Texas. The Fort Worth Zoo currently has an opening for an Assistant Director of Education. The Assistant Director of Education will work closely with the Director of Education to oversee the day-to-day operation and the long range planning of a profit based education program critical to the Zoo’s mission. Duties include assisting with the research and development of education curriculum, supervision of education staff, evaluation, and administration of the Education Department’s programs. The Assistant Education Director will also be expected to work closely with other department staff to develop messaging, promote programs, create media and development opportunities, etc. The ideal candidate for this position will posses an advanced degree in education, four to six years related experience and/or training, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. This position requires eligibility to acquire a Texas teacher certification and a minimum of four years in a supervisory role. Marketing, budgeting, computer and communication skills also required. The candidate must have a valid driver license with acceptable motor vehicle record to maintain Zoo standards of insurability and the ability to work irregular hours including weekends, holidays and some evenings. Drug screen and background check required for final candidate. Interested candidates may submit cover letter and resume/application to: Human Resources, Fort Worth Zoo, 1989 Colonial Parkway, Fort Worth, Texas 76110. Fax 817/759-7251. Apply online www. Close Date: Until Filled. Community-Based Education Specialist – Oregon. Forest Grove Community School, a public charter school focused on educating for sustainability, seeks a community-based education specialist. This is an Americorps position in partnership with the Northwest Service Academy ( Interested persons should read the complete job description and understand Americorps requirements before applying. The specialist will coordinate and lead activities and outings with an environmental focus for students in 1st-6th grades. Daily work will include planning and leading community-based outings and learning activities tied to the school’s curriculum with an emphasis on organic gardening, native wildlife and biodiversity. The member will work with classroom teachers, school administrators and community partners to identify opportunities for student learning and community service. The member will coordinate and schedule outings, gather needed resources and materials, document program activities and assess project effectiveness. The member will plan and lead two to four weekend/ evening education programs and/or after-school classes. Please contact Karen Torrv, Forest Grove Community School, Close Date: Until Filled. Program Director – New Jersey. The successful candidate will develop and coordinate programs

for the camp that will create and maintain a camp culture that promotes the YMCA of Greater Bergen County’s mission, vision and core values. Maintain high quality innovation, expansion and continuous improvement of camping programs. The Program Director assists the Site Director in daily operation of camp activities, staff training, scheduling, and the supervision of staff and campers to ensure a safe and positive camp environment. The Program Director is responsible for creating and implementing camp activity schedules, special events, theme days, rainy day activities and Family Fun Night events during the entire camp season. High energy, creative person with an understanding of the YMCA mission and how it relates to providing high quality residence camp programs. One season of experience in the programming of a residence camp is required. YMCA experience in programming of camps, youth or teen programs is strongly preferred. Must be organized, dependable, and flexible. Demonstrated ability to work as a member of a team and independently. $2000 stipend. Contact: YMCA of Greater Bergen County, Darcie Vallant, Close Date: Until Filled. Naturalist/Environmental Educator – Illinois. Coordinate Nature Center program and special events; Develop and conduct programs at Forest Park, Sommer Park, Camp Wokanda and in the local school systems, libraries and community centers; Conduct nature tours for all ages; Design and prepare exhibits; Contribute to various publications; Inspecting Forest Park Preserve regularly; All other duties as assigned. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in biological science, environment education or related field; Minimum of 3 months as an interpretive naturalist; The ability to make spontaneous observations along trails and effectively interpret them to people of all ages and backgrounds; Extensive knowledge of local flora and fauna; Ability to illustrate ecological phenomena through writing and display; Ability to work harmoniously with Peoria Park District Personnel and the general public. Contact: Amanda Schmitt, Peoria Park District, aschmitt@peoriaparks. org. Close Date: Until Filled. Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions (2) – Texas. Environmental Education, Engagement and Outreach with multidisciplinary expertise in educational theory and practices, ecology/ environment, information technology, research design and statistical analysis preferred. Responsibilities may include development of educational resources, curricula and application of advanced information technologies to scientific discovery, research and teaching. Curricula development for, and teaching of, workshops, and tutorials for K-20+ students, public, teachers and professional and web resources content development. Opportunities to develop research programs with our award-winning Outdoor School index.php and our developing GLOBE teacher professional development capabilities, support of field station interpretative and engagement programs on water and watersheds, plants and wildlife, range management, restoration ecology and conservation, and help with integration of research and education efforts, community outreach and training. Watershed Sciences/Range Management/Landscape Ecology with a multi/interdisciplinary perspective from a range of graduate areas of study: landscape and watershed ecology, geography, ecosystem/range management, conservation ecology and related fields. Experience with GIS and versed in the use of statistics, remote sensing and spatial analytical tools desirable. Opportunities to implement and studies and collaborate with scientists from other disciplines to address Texas Hill Country ecosystem, watershed, range/arid land ecology or management questions and to communicate scientific results and management implications to scientists, managers, resource users and conservation representatives, through oral presentations, classes, workshops, field tours, and publications. The positions are located in the scenic and picturesque Texas Hill Country at the Llano River Field Station of Texas Tech University at Junction junction/. Each fellowship is $37,000 per year (up to 3 years) plus benefits and $10,000 support for professional travel and research. Applicants should submit a letter of application, a curriculum vitae, selected publications and a description of research/teaching interests and 4 names and contact information for professional references to: Tom Arsuffi, Llano River Field Station, PO Box 186,

Texas Tech University, Junction TX 76849. For more information, e-mail ( or by phone (325) 446-2301. Close Date: Until Filled. Sanctuary Director – Massachusetts. Mass Audubon is seeking an experienced and knowledgeable individual with a strong background in natural history, nonprofit management, fundraising, and environmental education to serve as Sanctuary Director of our Oak Knoll and Attleboro Springs Wildlife Sanctuaries in Attleboro. The Sanctuary Director will lead Mass Audubon’s conservation, education, and advocacy efforts in Attleboro and surrounding communities. The responsibilities of the Sanctuary Director include: hiring, training, and supervision of part-time staff including administrative, education, and property staff; operation and management of the Oak Knoll Nature Center; start up of Mass Audubon’s Attleboro Springs Wildlife Sanctuary, oversight of ecological monitoring and management projects at the sanctuary; developing and leading a selected number of natural history programs and trips; development of annual plans and budgets; raising funds for annual operations and special projects, assisting with landowner cultivation and land protection projects, and maintaining strong working relationships with local partners and officials. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in natural history, environmental education, biology or related field or equivalent work experience; two years experience in teaching, program coordination, or environmental management; ability to work well with staff and volunteers; successful fundraising experience; strong natural history background and communication skills; computer skills including facility with word processing and spreadsheets; excellent organizational, written and verbal communication skills; valid driver’s license. Competitive salary commensurate with experience; includes full benefit package. Send cover letter and resume to: Elaine Kile, Assistant to VP of Programs,, Mass Audubon Society, 208 S Great Rd., Lincoln, MA 01773. Close Date: Until Filled. Teacher Naturalist I – Massachusetts. Opportunity to teach environmental and science programs in a very diverse and multicultural community including schools, community groups and the general public. Serve as a natural science resource for visitors, members, volunteers, and staff in accordance with the Mass Audubon’s goals and objectives. Qualifications: BA or BS, preferably in biology or earth science, environmental studies or science education a minimum. Familiarity with inquiry-based education and ability to develop curriculum aligned to city and state standards. Previous experience as an educator required. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and ability to work cooperatively and independently required. Demonstrated ability to promote and respect diversity of ethnic, cultural, linguistic backgrounds and, physical and mental disabilities. Demonstrated interpersonal skills and commitment to helping others grow in understanding of and concern for the environment and people’s relationship to it. Fluency in English/Spanish (or other language) desirable. Must be able to work one weekend day and must be able to lead walks on trails; must possess current first aid/CPR, and a valid driver’s license. Must be able to lift 40 pounds. Greater Boston residents are strongly encouraged to apply. Salary range is $30,000-$34,000 with excellent benefits package. Please send resume and cover letter by email or US mail to: Jean Dorcus, jdorcus@, Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill Street, Mattapan, MA 02126. Close Date: Until Filled. Bridging the Watershed Program Director – Washington, DC. The BTW Program Director provides operational, managerial, administrative and strategic oversight to a growing innovative place-based secondary school education program in the Washington, D.C. metro region. Bridging the Watershed (BTW) is an outreach program of the Alice Ferguson Foundation in partnership with the National Capital Region of the National Park Service and area schools. BTW promotes student academic achievement, personal connections with the natural world, lifelong civic engagement, and environmental stewardship through hands-on curriculum-based outdoor studies in national parks and public lands. Contact the Alice Ferguson Foundation, Libby Campbell, Close Date: Until Filled.

Education Specialist - The Education Specialist will advance Klamath Bird Observatory’s education and outreach efforts to advance bird and habitat conservation by 1) sustaining high quality education and outreach programming and partnerships in southern Oregon (65%), 2) ensuring conservation outcomes from education and outreach efforts (20%), and 3) supporting leadership in enhancing collaboration and partnerships in southern Oregon and throughout the state for conservation and environmental education (15%). Duties: Conduct schools programs and camps in the classroom and field, teaching about birds, habitat, science, and conservation. Conduct bird banding station interpretation. Plan conservation and education events and programs with partner organizations. Incorporate conservation messages into outreach materials for all ages. Develop and maintain conservation and education content for the website. Represent KBO at birding and environmental festivals throughout southern Oregon. Manage and conduct outreach for Klamath-Siskiyou eBird. Support leadership activities with regional, state and national environmental education networks. Write conservation and education articles for KBO Newsletter and partner newsletters. Further partnerships with schools, volunteers and environmental education organizations. A taxable, monthly living allowance ($1036). • Education award ($4725). Contact: Klamath Bird Observatory, Annie Kilby, Close Date: Until Filled. Youth Employment Program Team Leader Washington. During the summer months, the Youth Employment Program Team Leader will assist Vancouver Housing Authority (VHA) and Workforce staff to supervise a team of up to 12 youth (ages 1424) in landscaping and horticulture work at various VHA sites around Vancouver. Team members will ideally be VHA residents who will directly benefit from the work they do for their community. Work projects will provide safe, sustainable landscaping environments for a variety of housing and public green spaces, and may include planting, weeding, pruning, and gardening, with emphasis on native plants, water use, and other environmental concerns. The Youth Employment Program Team Leader will promote a good work ethic and provide support to the youth to facilitate good employment habits for the future. Following the Summer Youth Employment Program, the position will assist Workforce staff in researching Best Practices of successful youth workforce programs throughout the United States, obtain materials and information, and prepare overview documents. Member Benefits Include: 1. A total taxable living allowance (before taxes) of $6,035.00. 2. Upon successful completion of a term of service, eligible members/leaders receive an education award of $2,362.50. The education award can be used to repay qualified student loans, for further education in an accredited institution of higher learning, vocational or trade schools. The education award is taxed in the year that it is used. AND MORE! $6035.00 Living Allowance. Contact: Northwest Service Academy, Amanda Green, mac@ Close Date: Until Filled. Education Director – Florida. Develop and provide educational resources, programs, and activities for schools and the community; facilitate partnerships with schools and other organizations; help coordinate and oversee outreach programs and activities with assistance from the Outreach Coordinator. Part-time, hourly; 25-35 hrs/week, $14 - $17/hr. Contact: St. Johns Riverkeeper, Danielle Dolan, Danielle.Dolan@ Close Date: Until Filled. Education Program Associate – Michigan. The Ecology Center is seeking a talented, motivated, and experienced educator to work in cooperation with the Education Director. At the outset, the position’s primary responsibility will be to research and develop grade K-12 lesson plans about renewable energy and energy efficiency. Once the lessons are developed, the Education Program Associate will help to pilot-test lessons in schools and then conduct regional teacher training sessions throughout the state of Michigan. The Education Program Associate will also maintain contact with teachers and administrators at participating schools, which may include scheduling the teacher trainings as well as assisting with development of customized curricula for individual schools. The position may also provide the opportunity to lead classroom workshops about environmental issues and to


Academic provide hands-on activities at festivals and special events. Qualifications: 2 or more years experience developing education programs and materials. Bachelor’s degree or higher in education, science, or related field. Strong writing, communication, and computer skills. Experience teaching middle school / high school math or science a plus. Proven ability to work creatively and independently. Ability to work effectively in a collaborative workplace. Knowledge of environmental issues, especially renewable energy and energy efficiency. Position is part-time, approximately 30 hours/week. For more information, please view our full job posting at http://www. Close Date: Until Filled.

for keeping a portfolio of their lesson plans. We are seeking one off-site (commuting) intern. Academic background (college coursework and/or degree preferable) in ecology, education, environmental studies, or some related field; previous experience working with children, preferably in an outdoor setting; strong interest and enthusiasm for the outdoors and sharing nature and the environment with others; good communication skills with children and adults; and willingness to learn and participate in various aspects of refuge work. First-Aid and CPR certification required. Valid driver’s license and good driving record required. Contact Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge, Terri Loy, terri.loy@cedarrun. org. Close Date: Until Filled.

Environmental Education Internship – New York. Old Westbury Gardens is looking for an energetic and dynamic individual to lead nature programs and develop environmental education curriculum this summer. The intern will guide groups on a nature hike through the grounds of Old Westbury Gardens and then conduct indoor programming to reinforce specific scientific concepts. Our emphasis is on interactive and creative hands-on activities that bring students closer to nature. In addition to these duties, the intern will also assist with the existing Public Program events throughout the summer season. Hiring preference is to students who are pursuing a degree in a related field. Requirements: Experience delivering presentations to young people; Excellent organizational and communication skills; Knowledge of local woody plants, wildlife, and environmental issues; Strong interest in environmental education; Passion for teaching and sharing a love of the outdoors with others; Self-motivated and reliable; Ability to work outside in inclement weather. Education: Degree in science and/or education, or current student pursuing a degree in a science and/ or education. This is a summer position that offers competitive compensation. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Ariana Rickard at Please put “Environmental Education Internship” in subject line. Close Date: Until Filled.

Community-Based Education Specialist – Washington. Forest Grove Community School, in partnership with Northwest Service Academy (NWSA) is seeking an Americorps member for the 2009-10 school year. Applicants should carefully review the full job description and Americorps requirements at the FGCS or NWSA web sites. FGCS is a public charter school that engages students in scholarship, stewardship and citizenship with the goal of educating for sustainability. The CommunityBased Education Specialist will coordinate and lead activities and outings with an environmental focus for students in 1st-6th grades. The member’s daily work will focus on planning and leading community-based outings and learning activities tied to the school’s curriculum with an emphasis on organic gardening, native wildlife and biodiversity. The member will work with classroom teachers, school administrators and community partners to identify opportunities for student learning and community service. Applicants should have experience working with K-12 students (preferably in environmental or outdoor programs), be enthusiastic, flexible team players with strong communication skills able to commit to a full year of service. FGCS offers a fun, supportive environment with opportunities for professional development. Forest Grove is 25 miles west of Portland, accessible by bus and light rail. Contact Forest Grove Community School, Karen Torry, k.torry@fgcschool. org. Close Date: Until Filled.

Community Outreach Assistant (Americorps) – Oregon. Americorps community outreach assistant to provide targeted outreach and assistance to multifamily sector with focus on improving recycling and other resource conservation practices. This will be accomplished by surveying apartment communities’ conservation efforts and providing technical assistance to troubleshoot problems. In some cases, the staff person will also provide environmental education to children and adults in the form of environmental fairs, interactive activities and games for youth and/or tenant presentations. Activities and progress at each complex will be monitored throughout the AmeriCorps term. (Fall 2009). Contact: Karen Guillen-Chapman at karen. Close Date: Until Filled. Cabin Leader Coordinator – California. YMCA Camp Campbell Outdoor Science School is located in the heart of the Redwoods, about 18 miles north of Santa Cruz. We are a residential outdoor education program, serving 5th and 6th graders- mostly from the San Jose area (a very diverse population). We have high school volunteers participate in our teen leadership program and serve as cabin leaders for the week. They supervise the younger students overnight in the cabin, and assist our Field Teachers with group management during the day. Our Cabin Leader Coordinator, along with his/her co-coordinator, recruits cabin leaders, trains them, and provides additional supervision and support throughout the week. $510 per week, plus room and partial board, health benefits, paid vacation/holidays. Contact: Kara Walker, Close Date: Until Filled. Environmental Education Internship – New Jersey. We are seeking a highly self-motivated, detail-oriented, individual to implement educational program for general visitors, groups, and members. Assignments will include performing education programs (day camp, school programs, public demonstrations, etc.); assisting in developing new programs, aiding in research for programs and creating exhibits; assisting with special events, and all other aspects of the Refuge. Focus will be centered on developing and executing WCRWR’s Summer Camp Programs. Interns will be responsible


College Associate Professor – New Mexico. College Associate Professor. Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Ecology. 12 month, full time, non tenure track position. Doctoral degree (in hand by hire date) in Range Science, Biology or closely related field. Research experience using GIS (Arcinfo and Imagine), remote sensing and statistics preferred. Position is contingent upon funding. Offer of employment contingent upon verification of individual’s eligibility for employment in the US and upon completion of applicable background review. For complete job description visit: http://hr.nmsu. edu/employment. Requisition #2009003467. Reply to: Colleen A. Caldwell, , NMSU, New Mexico Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Box 30003, MSC 4901 Las Cruces, NM 88003, Telephone: (575) 646-8126, Email: ccaldwell@nmsu. edu. Please send letter of interest, resume or vita, unofficial transcripts and three letters of references. Close Date: Until Filled. Faculty Position – New York. The Department of Biological Sciences of Fordham University invites applicants for a tenure-track faculty position in animal ecology and conservation biology at the assistant professor level for fall 2009. The department has an active research program and provides excellent physical facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, startup funds, and competitive salaries and benefits. Preference will be given to vertebrate ecologists interested in establishing research collaborations with the Wildlife Conservation Society, with which Fordham University has a cooperative relationship. There are also research opportunities at Fordham’s biological field station, the Louis Calder Center. In addition, the ecology program also runs a summer NSF-REU site, in which the successful candidate is

invited to participate. We seek individuals who will establish a vigorous, extramurally funded research program. The successful candidate must have a Ph.D. and postdoctoral experience and is expected to teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae and contact information for three references to: Dr. William Thornhill, Chair, Department of Biological Sciences, Fordham University, 441 E. Fordham Road, Larkin Hall 160, Bronx, NY 10458 and/or by email (preferred) to Close Date: Until Filled. Visiting Assistant Professor – Virginia. The Department of Biology at the College of William and Mary seeks applications for a one-year visiting Assistant Professor position in Behavior and Ecology. The position is open to applicants conducting research in any field of ecology and/or animal behavior. The primary responsibility of the successful candidate is to teach an undergraduate course in animal behavior and another in general ecology, one per semester. We also expect the successful candidate to integrate undergraduate students into their research program. As there are a core group of behavior and ecology faculty at William and Mary, we also encourage applicants to propose collaborative research projects in their application materials. Contact information for behavioral faculty can be found at (URL: http://www. php). A completed PhD is required, and previous experience teaching undergraduate courses will be viewed favorably. Review begins 16 Jun 2009 and will continue until an appointment is made. Submit by email the following documents to the search chair, John Swaddle, (EM: jpswad AT a letter of application, curriculum vitae, statements of research plans at William and Mary, a statement of teaching philosophy and experience, and contact information for three professional references. Please combine all of these documents into a single PDF file with the applicant’s name as the title of the file. Information on the undergraduate and master’s degree programs in the biology department may be obtained at http:// Close Date: Until Filled. Chair, Department of Biological Sciences – Illinois. The College of Sciences at Eastern Illinois University invites applications for Chair, Department of Biological Sciences, a twelve-month position beginning July 1, 2010. Located in Charleston, in central Illinois, EIU enrolls 12,000 traditional and nontraditional baccalaureate and master’s students and is engaged in a rigorous array of activities which integrate academics and personal student developmentThe Chair must provide effective leadership and develop and promote a vision for the advancement of the department, college, and university mission and goals. Candidates must have a strong commitment to undergraduate and graduate programs and the advancement of faculty/ student mentoring and research programs. The Chair is responsible for administration of all instructional programs in Biological Sciences. Working with departmental faculty and staff, the Chair assists in the development of curriculum and programs, makes recommendations to the Dean regarding all personnel matters including hiring and evaluation of faculty and staff, promotes faculty development and mentoring, administers all departmental budgets, coordinates appropriate academic assessment activities, communicates with alumni, and facilitates actions which support and promote diversity. The Chair also demonstrates leadership with an effective record of academic achievements. Qualifications: The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences or a related field with a teaching, research and service record commensurate for tenure and the rank of full professor. Evidence of successful administrative experience, scholarly achievement, instructional excellence and effective leadership is essential as are strong communication and interpersonal skills. Application materials are available at php. A complete application includes a letter of application addressing applicant’s strengths relative to the qualifications and responsibilities cited above; a one-page statement of the applicant’s leadership experience and philosophy; current curriculum vitae; and contact information (accurate phone number and e-mail address) for three references. All application credentials must be sent via email as MS Word or .PDF attachments. Email application materials to Dr. Diane Hoadley, Chairperson of Biological Sciences Chair Search Committee, c/o

Candidates invited to continue with the search will be required to provide official copies of transcripts showing graduate degrees and letters from references later in the search process. Close Date: September 21, 2009. Assistant Professor - Texas. Applicants must have a Ph.D. in a Natural Resources related discipline. The individual selected will serve as a faculty member in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, Texas A&M University. The successful candidate will be expected to develop a high profile, effective educational program in Collaborative Ecosystem Management with emphasis on the urban–rural interface within the central corridor of Texas. This is a non-tenure track position. For more detailed information, go to http://essmextension. To Apply, go to and select Job NOV 04205. Close Date: Until Filled. Lecturer - The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department of Rice University anticipates hiring an instructor for a permanent non-tenure track faculty position to start in the fall semester. The responsibilities of this position include teaching (lecture and lab courses), assisting with undergraduate advising, and coordinating additional educational activities. A PhD in ecology, evolution or a related field is required. Research, particularly involving undergraduates is encouraged but not required. An application (curriculum vitae and statement of teaching interests) and three letters of recommendation should be submitted via e-mail to Diane Hatton, Please write “EEB instructor position” in the subject line. A full description of the position can be found at Close Date: Until Filled.

User Service Support Specialist – Massachusetts. This entry-level position is charged with helping support Mass Audubon’s technology users in acquiring, installing, and using the tools necessary to perform their jobs effectively in the support of Mass Audubon’s mission. This position is in our User Services area and reports to the Manager of User Services. User Services provides support for 250+ desktops and laptops users, and 25+ field site servers and networks located across Massachusetts. Position duties include installing software, hardware and updates, assisting with user setup/training/ orientation, and staffing the IT Helpline telephone. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable about a broad range of technology, including Window XP and Vista and the Office 2007 suite, networking and wireless technology. Strong customer service skills are a must. Candidate should thrive both in a team environment and be able to work independently. Frequent travel to our staffed sanctuaries across the state is mandatory, as is “on-call” weekend support on a rotational basis with other IT Staff. A college degree is preferred, but comparable work experience would be considered. Please forward cover letter and resume to:, Mass Audubon Society, 208 S. Great Rd., Lincoln, MA 01773. Close Date: Until Filled. Bookstore Naturalist (Sales Associate) – New Jersey. Part-time: NJ Audubon Society’s Cape May Bird Observatory in Cape May Point is looking for a year-round part-time (4 days/week). Must have familiarity with birds and birders, sales experience, excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Must be able to work weekends. Salary competitive and commensurate with experience. Benefits include paid holidays and vacation. Send letter of introduction and resume to Brian Moscatello, Cape May Bird Observatory, PO Box 3, Cape May Point, NJ 08212 or e-mail (EM: brian.moscatello AT Close Date: Until Filled. Purchasing Manager – Illinois. Collaborates with and provides support to departments throughout the institution to ensure the timely and costeffective acquisition of materials and services while maintaining appropriate quality standards.

September/October 2009

Career Changers & Support Oversees the operation of the shipping/receiving/ mailroom function. Qualifications: Minimum of two years of college study required, with an emphasis in business, retailing or purchasing preferred. Minimum of three years experience working in a retail, purchasing, or financial position and one year supervisory experience required. Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills. Must be able to work independently and collectively within a team environment. Due to oversight of Shipping & Receiving, must be able and willing to lift boxes up to 30lb. Strong computer skills required, including use of Microsoft Office applications and computerized purchase order systems. Experience with Microsoft Dynamics or Requisition Manager a plus. Please submit your resume to Shedd Aquarium, Human Resources, 1200 S. Lakeshore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605, fax 312-663-0971, or email: jobs@ Close Date: Until Filled. Corporate Relations Manager – Massachusetts. Innovation and creativity come from the unique perspectives of a diverse staff. We value your perspective. Provide leadership and visibility for the Museum of Science to the corporate community and manage the Museum’s Corporate Relations functions, encompassing corporate philanthropy, sponsorship, and membership programs. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree plus 5 to 7 years of related work experience. Previous development experience, preferably in corporate fundraising and/ or sponsorship marketing; related or comparable marketing or business development experience a plus. Experience in life sciences or healthcare field highly desirable. Excellent communications skills, both written and oral. Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team, develop effective relationships with senior-level executives and move prospects to a positive decision about supporting the Museum of Science; demonstrated successful sales skills. Ability to write concisely and convincingly. Excellent organizational and time management skills. Good computer skills, especially Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; database experience desirable. Experience in corporate fundraising; marketing knowledge and experience; and knowledge of Boston corporate community. To apply send cover letter and resume to: Human Resources Department, Museum of Science, Science Park, Boston, MA 02114. Fax: (617) 589-0362. Email: Close Date: Until Filled. Member Services Agent – Maryland. The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our team as part-time, seasonal Member Services Agents. This is an hourly, seasonal, nonexempt position. The Member Services Agent will support the Membership division of the Institutional Advancement Department in delivering an engaging experience by continually improving member relations skills and general job performance. This position will perform a variety of assigned duties in all aspects of the Membership Division including, but not limited to, data entry, membership sales, moving and organizing stock, and greeting, interacting with and giving general direction to zoo members and guests. The Member Services Agent is responsible for completing accurate and efficient monetary transactions, maintaining precise daily records, and taking responsible measures to safeguard all acquired revenue. Other responsibilities include following all Membership and Maryland Zoological Society policies and procedures, remaining trained and up to date on safety procedures, and proactively seeking out new ways to improve customer service at the Zoo. The ideal candidate should possess the ability to work with individuals from a wide variety of ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds and the ability to identify and resolve guest issues. Minimum Qualifications: Minimum of six months related experience and/or training; and, Proficient in cash handling procedures. Must be able to stand and remain active for an eight hour shift; Must be able to sit upright for long periods of time; Must be able to work a flexible schedule to include weekends, holidays, and special events; Must be able to walk large areas of the Zoo as needed; Must be able to work in an outdoor weather environment in all seasons and weather, including heat/humidity, cold temperatures, and/or wet conditions; Must be able to exert up to 50 pounds of force to lift, push, pull, carry, or otherwise move objects; and, Must be able to operate a variety of equipment including two-way radio, computer, computerized register, and telephone. Contact: Lisa Grosman. Email: humanresources@marylandzoo.

org. Email Subject Line: Zoo Employment-Member Services Agent. Close Date: Until Filled. Data Analyst – Maryland. I. M. Systems Group, Inc. (IMSG) is seeking to hire a Data Analyst to work at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Ocean Service (NOS), Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS). This position will be located in Silver Spring, MD. The NOAA/NOS/ Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services maintains a network of over 200 continuously operating water level stations around the coast of the U.S. and in the Great Lakes. This network of stations is known as the National Water Level Observation Network (NWLON). The information collected by the NWLON is made available in near real-time via the Internet at A wide variety of users utilize this information to support navigation safety, storm surge/tsunami warnings, hazardous spill response, search and rescue, coastal construction design, marine boundaries, and numerous other applications. Responsibilities: Supporting the development, testing, and evaluation of oceanographic sensors and systems. Preparing system drawings using AutoCAD based on information provided by OET staff. Entering data and information into Windows data base management systems using a PC workstation and various user interfaces including Preparing and collating information for entry and performing quality control checks on the data after entry. Some work requires file management procedures in a DOS working environment. Data sources will be hard copy forms and data sheets derived from the field and the office, as well as digital files. Processing and analyzing tide, water level, and current data using established SOPs and computer programs. This will include computing tidal datums and determine tidal bench mark elevations and their relationship to geodetic datums. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in engineering, earth science, marine science (physical oceanography) or other related field. One- two years of experience with data management and/or analysis using a variety of software programs. Ability to work well individually and as part of a team. Detail oriented, well- organized, and ability to multitask. Quicklearner able to quickly apply basic knowledge to new data systems. Proficient in using a desktop computer Familiar with word processors, spreadsheets, and interaction with databases for both oceanographic and financial information. General understanding of MS Word and Excel is required. Good writing and communication skills and work well with others. Please send your resume, the contact information for three (3) references and a cover letter explaining how your qualifications meet the requirements of the position to with the following subject heading: NOA09028 – Data Analyst Salary for this position is commensurate with experience. Close Date: Until Filled.

and devise solutions. The EA works closely with the Executive Director, anticipating needs and coordinating action on a broad range of issues. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission was formed by the 15 coastal states in 1942 to coordinate the management of marine fisheries in state waters. A full description of the Commission and its activities can be found at Please send resume and cover letter to Laura Leach, Director of Finance and Administration, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, 1444 Eye Street, N.W., 6th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20005. Resumes will be accepted via U.S. Mail (postmarked by closing date), email (, or fax (202) 289-6051. Close Date: Until Filled. Building & Grounds Manager – Massachusetts. The Boston Nature Center seeks a motivated and organized person to coordinate and conduct property, grounds, and building related activities along with budget management. Ensure the maintenance, security, and ecological management of a 67-acre wildlife sanctuary, as well as the maintenance (including custodial) and security of our visitor center (environmentally friendly building), several other buildings, and community gardens. Qualifications: Proven organizational abilities, strong written and verbal communications skills. Basic maintenance and carpentry skills, familiarity with HVAC systems, working knowledge of general home and automotive care. Experience with driving trucks, tractors, and working practice with general outdoor equipment such as mowers and other electrical equipment. A valid driver’s license and the capacity to lift 40 pounds. Good computer skills. BA or BS degree is preferred plus three years experience. Demonstrated ability to promote and respect diversity including ethnic, cultural, linguistic backgrounds and, physical and mental disabilities. Interest in natural world and “green technology” preferred. $30,000-35,000 with excellent benefits package.Submit cover letter, resume, and the names of three references to: Attention: Property Manager Search, bnc@ , Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill Street, Matapan, MA 02126. Close Date: Until Filled.

Nature Store Retail Coordinator – Illinois. At 540 acres and seven miles of trails, Forest Park Nature Center is known regionally for its beauty, staff expertise in natural resources, interpretive programs, and its nature oriented Trailhead Nature Store. Duties: Provide exceptional customer service to visitors of the Nature Center and the Trailhead Nature Store; Coordinate merchandise selections and buying in accordance with the Nature Store and facility missions; Maintain merchandise inventory and POS System; Develop point of purchase displays; Track retail sales performance and store profitability; Work with other staff to provide merchandise that targets programmatic goals. Qualifications: High School Diploma or equivalent, some college preferred; Minimum of 6 months experience working in naturebased merchandising and retail sales; Knowledge and experience with computers, Macintosh OS, and POS. Possess a strong knowledge or desire to learn about eco-friendly and nature-related products and their benefits; Excellent customer service skills; Ability to work harmoniously with Peoria Park District Personnel and the general public. Contact: Amanda Schmitt, Peoria Park District, aschmitt@peoriaparks. org. Close Date: Until Filled. Executive Assistant – Washington, DC. The Executive Assistant (EA) is responsible for providing complete administrative support to the Executive Director, with the potential to expand to policy support with knowledge and experience. This challenging position requires an organized self-starter with the ability to assimilate facts, identify problems,


NAEP Career Seminar (from page 12) Johnson recommends that you tailor your resume to the job. Also, “the one-page rule” doesn’t apply, but don’t send volumes”. Good communication skills are required. And finally, “Good Luck!”. Al Herson is a Principal / Environmental Planning Principal for SWCA Environmental Consultants in Sacramento CA. Mr. Herson has written several books including, California Environmental Law and Policy: a Practical Guide. Published by Solano Press, the book surveys environmental and land use planning programs, media-specific pollution control programs, and natural resources regulatory programs. The 500-page book comprehensively covers both state and federal environmental programs and includes an environmental permitting guide. SWCA employs 600 people in 23 offices with “an emerging sustainability and climate change program”. “It’s a very open field that’s going to keep on growing and I recommend it if you are looking for a growth opportunity. Nobody in this field has more than two to three years experience”. Robert J. Henke is a Senior Vice President of ICF International in Englewood, CO. ICF, headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, is celebrating its fortieth anniversary in 2009 with approximately 4,000 employees. ICF has over 30 U.S. offices with international offices in Beijing, London, Moscow, New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, and Toronto. ICF International employs a highly qualified staff with 47% of the consulting staff holding post-graduate degrees and nearly 10% of the employees holding federal government security clearances. Careers are available in environmental planning and infrastructure, energy climate and transportation, technology and management solutions, and community development. ICF hires candidates/people who are smart (top 10%), have advanced degree(s), are driven, confident, solution/client focused, committed to quality, who are team players with excellent communication skills and have a positive attitude. Mr. Henke’s inside tips are to “do your homework, submit proposals, develop/maintain a network, talk to employers at school, determine how you add value and show initiative”. ICF’s Denver office has hired a minimum of one person each of the past 14 months and projects continued growth throughout 2009. Jennifer Graf, is a Principle Project Manager with Parsons Brinckerhoff(PB) in Cincinnati, OH. Parsons Brinckerhoff, headquartered in New York City, is an international company with 150 offices on six continents. PB provides services in strategic consulting, planning, environmental, and engineering and program/constructive management. Its business markets include transportation (highways, bridges, rail, and airports), power/ energy, buildings, water/wastewater, geotechnical/tunneling, construction, facilities, and telecommunications. Environmental services include NEPA studies/documentation, historic and archaeology, air quality, noise, ecological resources, hazardous materials, waterway mitigation, traffic and visual quality. Ms. Graf pointed out that PB hires people who are effective communicators, self motivated, team players, ethical, with flexible skills, have the willingness to learn new skills and willing to go the extra mile. Technical writing, public speaking, and management/ GIS skills are important. Ms. Graf recommended specializing in one area, but also being well rounded. She suggested networking by volunteering, internships, professional organization membership, community organizations, and advancing by presenting papers and presentations is important. Internships are offered at most of PS’s offices. John C. Dernbach is a Distinguished Professor of Law at Widener University in Harrisburg, PA. Professor Dernbach, editor of the 2009 book, Agenda for a Sustainable America, declared that there is no activity/quest more important today in our lifetime than sustainability. His book, published by the Environmental Law Institute, addresses in detail 28 sectors of sustainability. “How well we do today will set the stage for future generations”, Professor Dernbach declared. “Sustainability is consumer/customer or grass roots driven.” I think the market for sustainable careers, (green careers) is better than it’s ever been. We have been tracking it since 1992… Since 2002 people are talking about sustainability with a higher level of understanding. We really, really, really need thoughtful, innovative, creative people… in every category of activity to help the American public and decision makers and everyone else make more sustainable choices.”

The Green Careers Center thanks the National Association of Environmental Professionals for a well organized and polished conference in Scottsdale. Special thanks to Donna and Chip Carter for their personal touch and assistance with the careers seminar. Also, thanks to Nathan Keys for his timely assistance during the seminar. The 35th Annual NAEP conference in 2010 will be April 27-30, 2010 at the downtown Hyatt Regency in Atlanta. It is hosted by the Georgia Association of Environmental Professionals. See you there!

JOIN US IN INDIANAPOLIS!!! AASHE: GREENING OF THE CAMPUS VIII AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, will be holding its 2009 conference in Indianapolis from September 20-23, in partnership with Ball State University. Greening of the Campus VIII will feature keynotes by Jerome Ringo (President, Apollo Alliance), Ray Anderson (Founder and Chairman, Interface, Inc.), Francis Moore Lappe (founder, The Small Planet Institute), and Geoffery Chase (Dean of Undergraduate Studies, San Diego State University). In addition the event will feature a Green Campus Expo, special workshops and tours, and the AASHE Awards ceremony. On Monday, September 21st from 1:30 to 3:00pm, the Green Careers Center will do their part to ensure effective sustainability for the future of a greener world by hosting a career seminar at the conference featuring panelists from various fields. The purpose of the seminar is to help aspiring sustainability professionals learn what employers look for in a prospective employee: education, personal attributes, training, and specialized experience. A panel of experts will help green job seekers by providing advice and inside tips into growing their green career. The panelists include: • Michael Crowley, MS, LEED AP at Environmental Health & Engineering • Daniel Hellmuth, Principle and Co-founder of Hellmuth & Bicknese Architects, LEED AP • Claire Roby, Carbon Accounting Coordinator, Clean Air-Cool Planet • Kristen Simmons, LEED AP, Market Development for Higher Education, U.S. Green Building Council • Kyle Verseman, Project Manager and Associate, Landscape Architect, JJR During these times of increased awareness of global environmental sustainability issues, we need talented Sustainability/Environmental Professionals to enlighten policy makers, embolden advocates and change behavior. If you are currently working towards a degree in a sustainability/environmental field or are a recent graduate looking for some inside advice, then join us September 21st in Indianapolis! Go to for more information on the conference.

Moving? Send us your address change ASAP so that you do not miss the next issue of the Green Careers Journal.

There is an abundance of “green job” information today. How do you filter all the information to your individual needs? One important method is to attend seminars such as the NAEP Green Careers seminar. We are very fortunate to have speakers who represent their organizations well, know the marketplace, and have a strong interest in providing job seekers the insight they need to advance their careers. The speakers have an exceptional wealth of experience and the desire to share it with attendees.


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September/October 2009

Security. Pride. Opportunity. This is a great time to join Clean Harbors. As North America’s leading provider of environmental and hazardous waste management services, we’re growing as fast as our industry is. Plus you’ll experience the satisfaction of helping to protect our continents natural resources and community health. Whether you’re a first line responder, on-site at a customer location, or behind the scenes doing software development, accounting, or customer support we have a full range of opportunities nationwide. Maintaining and exceeding the industry standard requires the most dedicated and skilled people. With access to the most advanced technology in the industry, a Clean Harbors employee must be highly competent and task oriented. That's why we choose promising professionals from numerous disciplines. Each employee is trained in the basics and provided with a broad variety of career paths that allow them to grow in their own direction. We believe the quality of our people defines the quality of our service. With every service we provide, our most important priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees and our customers. Clean Harbors ensures equal opportunity in recruiting, hiring, promotion, transfer, training, compensation benefits and any Company sponsored activities where the goals of equal opportunity may properly be advanced. The Company's goals are directed toward ensuring that all employees have the same opportunity for professional growth and the maximization of their professional potential in the work environment. We offer a competitive compensation package and excellent benefits including a discretionary 401(k) Company match. Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. 1737 East Denni Street Wilmington, California 90744

Southern California Edison (SCE) is one of the nation’s largest investor-owned, regulated electric utilities, and the largest subsidiary of Edison International. On an average day, SCE provides power for 11 million individuals, 800 communities and cities, 5,000 large businesses, and 280,000 small businesses in central, coastal and Southern California. Delivering that power takes 16 utility interconnections, 4,900 transmission and distribution circuits, 365 transmission and distribution crews, the days and nights more than 14,000 employees, and over a century of experience.

Brighten Your Future With Edison Our heritage at SCE is based on reliability, and our history is defined by a proud tradition of service performed by generations of diverse, dedicated, inspired individuals. Starting with the certainty that our greatest asset is the quality and capabilities of our employees, we strive to attract, retain, develop, nurture and advance a diverse and talented workforce.

Southern California Edison - 8631 Rush Street - Rosemead, California 91770


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