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March/April 2009 Vol. IV, Issue 2

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Sustaining the environmental work force

It’s a jungle out there.

It can be tough navigating through the tangled network of sites designed to find you a job. Why not cut right through the mess to a site that has exactly the type of green career you are looking for? Visit, post your resume, and start earning green while being green.

The First and Only Guide to Green Design Education This carefully researched directory of ecological design and building schools in North America features an annotated listing of schools and educational centers offering top programs in ecological building design and construction. The guide also offers a comprehensive 20-year review of sustainable design education and discussion of current educational offerings, plus extensive tables comparing school programs, listings of curricular resources, related organizations, and individual instructors. Author Sandra Leibowitz Earley is an architect who focuses on greener solutions for the built environment. She founded Sustainable Design Consulting and has authored and co-authored pioneering articles and guidance documents on a variety of ecological building subjects, including the 1998 edition of the HOK Sustainable Design Guide, the 1999 edition of GreenSpec and the US Green Building Council Toolkit for State and Local Governments. Ecological Design and Building Schools substantially updates and expands upon her 1996 publication – Eco-Building Schools. “valuable to all design and building professionals, not just students.” – David Arkin, AIA, Arkin Tilt Architects “A comprehensive resource covering the scope of offerings in sustainable design education today. This book also traces the evolution of practical training in sustainable design, serving the student, practitioner, and educator.”– Margot McDonald, AIA, Professor of Architecture. Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo New Village Press is public-benefit publishing venture of Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility. Purchase this book directly from New Village Press or bookstores across the United States and Canada.

$19.95 paperback. 168 pages, 60 photos. Printed on acid-free, 100% post-consumer recycled paper. ISBN 0-9766054-1-4

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March/April 2009

Volume IV, Number 2

The journal of the environmental careers world. Dedicated to bringing those in the environmental careers field the information they need to succeed.

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On the cover: Two installers work on setting up a new photo voltaic array.


Vickie Brynildsen, Contributing Editor Sabine Rogers, Contributing Author

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March/April 2009

Career Profile

Environmental Education: Learning Beyond the Classroom by Vickie Brynildsen

Teaching is a great career, but the classroom setting can get boring. Wouldn’t it be great if you could mesh your love for teaching with your love for the environment? Well, you can! Environmental educators aren’t just the teachers in classrooms of schools; there are many different types. Some of the more traditional titles for environmental educators are: park ranger, interpreter, guide, and recreation planner. The modern equivalent are consultants who work with planning and media development, and technicians who work with websites, podcasts and other new technologies. Regardless of the title the key things the employer is looking for in an environmental educator according to Tim Merriman, executive director of the National Association for Interpretation (NAI), is self-motivation, a desire for lifelong learning and a sincere interest in the field. Brian Day, executive director of the North American Association of Environmental Educators, adds that an environmental educator should be multidisciplinary, creative and have the ability to look at the natural and human systems together. Formal environmental education focuses more on teaching students concepts and facts, cognitive learning. However, non-formal settings, such as parks, zoos, etc. focus more on getting people to think using critical thinking skills to solve environmental problems. Mr. Merriman stated that the most fulfilling part of his job as an environmental educator is “trying to make a difference in the world” and “assisting people in understanding the complex natural environment and our responsibilities as good stewards.” These two things have been more valuable to him then teaching facts in a classroom. Mr. Day agreed saying for him it’s the “mere wonder of watching a child or grandparent getting exciting about nature and seeing environmental education making a difference.” Many environmental education organizations are working with the federal government to push for more non-formal learning as part of the formal education programs. These organizations have signed the No Child Left Inside legislation that attaches environmental education funding to the current No Child Left Behind program. At this point there are over 1,000 signatures in support of this legislation. Mr. Merriman points out “childhood obesity, ADHD, lower science standard scores and other childhood issues have been proven to be improved by children spending more time outdoors.”

An instuctor at the Wahsega 4-H Center conducts class. Photo courtesy: & Wahsega 4-H Center

To learn more about this issue check out Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods. If you are looking for a career that helps the environment and teaches, consider being an environmental educator. Many colleges and universities offer programs in Environmental Education. However, look beyond the Environmental Education programs. Mr. Day suggests looking for environmental education courses within Recreation programs, Forestry programs, and even just the standard Education programs. Mr. Merriman also recommends being a member of at least two related associations if feasible. Some of the related associations you should consider joining, depending on your specific interest would be: North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE) National Association for Interpretation (NAI) American Association of Museums (AAM) Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Association for Experiential Education (AEE) National Council on Public History (NCPH) Society of American Archaeologists (SAA)

Many of these organizations hold conferences, workshops and trainings which are great opportunities to learn more about the field of environmental education in addition to being great networking opportunities.

Another way to get an environmental education career is to start out as an intern. Many of these same organizations also offer internships or list some on their websites. NAI members can post internships on the website An additional job board to check out is, which can be accessed through the NAAEE website. Or check out for more environmental job listings. Here are some final words of advice to anyone interested in pursuing a career in environmental education. Mr. Merriman states, “Environmental educators and interpreters must walk the talk they share. They must be living examples of their ethical beliefs. It’s a wonderful career for someone who loves the planet that feeds and protects us and wants to share her/his knowledge and passion with others. We each make a personal fortune in this work as long as we do not define money as the measure of that fortune. Helping people make a connection with natural and cultural resources is as inspiring and rewarding for the teacher or interpreter as it is for the person being helped. Our fortune is in the eyes, smiles and thanks of the people with whom we work.” As Mr. Day concludes there are times when professions are upswings or downswings, but this is the time for a giant increase in environmental education, there will soon be a huge need as many current educators are retiring and new legislation is coming into play, but don’t expect this major need to be covered by the media, so don’t wait for them get into environmental education now.


Cool Careers

Environmental Writer and Author Explorer I was sent home my first day of kindergarten. I had bitten another child. My parents were mortified, but I was unrepentant. I had only done what I thought was right. A little boy was tearing the legs off a Daddy Long Legs. When he wouldn’t stop, I bit him. Today, at age 50, I no longer bite children, but I am still engaged in the same battle: the attempt to persuade other humans to treat our fellow creatures with gentleness and respect. It’s a splendid way to spend a lifetime. Researching the books, articles, radio commentaries and film scripts that I write about the natural world, I’ve traveled to some of the planet’s most remote and exciting places. I’ve tracked tigers in India, swum with piranhas and electric eels in the Amazon, and worked in a pit with 18,000 snakes in Canada. In Borneo, I took a bath with an orangutan. In French Guiana, I handled a wild tarantula (she was very gentle.) In Costa Rica, I rescued a sloth (he was crossing a road—too slowly.) I’ve searched for snow leopards in Mongolia, sought out cassowaries in Australia, and in New Zealand this past spring had the dubious honor of allowing the rarest parrot on earth to copulate with my head. Growing up, I was always keenly aware that the planet is host to many kinds of creatures besides humans. (Not that I have anything against humans. I even married one.) But thank God we’re not the only species on this sweet green planet. Knowing this makes me feel far more at home here. Turtles, dogs, parrots, dolphins, spiders, snakes, gorillas, bats— these are just a few of the fellow animals who I have found make fascinating companions and excellent teachers. When I do slide shows at schools, I often begin my lecture with an homage to my teachers—and the first slide I project is one of an orangutan. Not all teachers come from conventional classrooms: I introduce a bear, a dolphin, an Amazonian shaman, a Bengali fisherman, a tarantula, and a gorilla. All of them have some important truth to tell or show us, I’ve found. There’s an old Buddhist saying: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I have been blessed to find teachers all around me. 6

Among my most inspiring teachers were wombats. After I graduated college (I triple majored in journalism, French and psychology), I worked as a science reporter at a Profile of: Sy Montgomery New Jersey newspaper for a few years. My father Job title: Author Explorer gave me the gift of an airplane ticket to a place Website: I had always wanted to visit: Australia. For my big vacation, I wanted to do more than relax. I found out about a group called Earthwatch, which pairs laymen volunteers with scientific and environmental projects around the world. They had a project outside Blanchetown, South Australia helping to study and conserve the habitat of the rare southern hairy nosed wombat, a burrowing relative of the koala. So that’s what I did. I spent two weeks camping in the outback, studying the wombats’ and their scrubdesert habitat. I loved it so much that the head scientist on the project, Dr. Pamela Parker of Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo, made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. If I wanted to come back and study animals here, she said, she couldn’t pay me, nor could she pay my airfare to return—but she would make sure I had food and access to the Flinders University library in Adelaide. So I quit my job and moved to a tent in the outback. I ended up spending six months following emus, conducting the first close-range, intimate study of its kind of this four-foot-tall flightless bird. Thanks to the wombats, I have freelanced and traveled ever since. How to get into a career like mine? Write. I didn’t major in jungle exploration. I never took a writing workshop. I never got a master’s or Ph.D. I just wrote, and made my own career. College was wonderful; working for the college daily newspaper was essential; working for a paper with five editions daily was hugely helpful in that it demanded I write every day on deadline, sometimes meeting multiple deadlines. But the most important thing was that I found something I adored and was delighted to work at it 14 hours a day. I still do. Write, I say, and never give up. As I began my freelance career, at first I offered articles

A List of Select Works From Montgomery’s collection:

Adult Titles: The Good Good Pig Ballantine/Random House, 30 May 2006 Search for the Golden Moon Bear: Science and Adventure in the Asian Tropics Houghton Mifflin, September 2004 The Wild Out Your Window Down East Books, August 2002 Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest Simon and Schuster, March 2000

Children’s Titles: Quest for the Tree Kangaroo Houghton Mifflin, 30 October 2006 The Tarantula Scientist Houghton Mifflin, March 2004 Check out more by Sy Montgomery at: to newspaper and magazines. Many of my story ideas were initially rejected. I tried other outlets; I came up with new ideas. My first book proposal took months to land at a willing publisher, and even that first publisher offered an advance far too small to finance trips to Canada, California, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Kalimantan, Borneo--which I needed for research. So I found the money elsewhere. I used my savings when necessary to finance my trips, and while on a research trip I wrote and sold other stories along the way. The reason I have made this career work is simple: I wrote like crazy and never gave up. Not that I believe that strongly in myself. I’m not all that great, frankly. But I believe in what I write about, and that’s what gives me the courage to keep at it, even in the face of rejection. People often ask me why I go to places others consider uncomfortable or dangerous. I don’t mind the bugs or the shots or the heat; I love the adventure. But more than that, I hope I am doing something that makes a difference: that one day, maybe someone will read my work and not only fall in love with the earth and its creatures, but be moved to change the way they live to protect it. Maybe because of something I write, someone will join a conservation or humane group, or found a new one…start recycling…buy a smaller car…become a vegetarian or buy only organic foods…or even choose conservation as a career. Editor’s note: As well as writing scripts and articles, Montgomery is the author of more than a dozen books, including her nationally best-selling memoir, The Good Good Pig. March/April 2009

Career Insider


Have you ever observed a flower in the shade stretching towards the sunlight? If so, then you know the power of the sun. Sunlight is the most abundant energy resource on the planet. It provides the Earth with more energy in one hour than we can generate in one year and it is a pollutionfree, unlimited source of energy that is readily accessible. As we look to refocus on renewable energy in the years ahead, the future for solar is bright! A PEEK INTO THE PAST OF SOLAR The history to exploit this energy dates back to the 7th Century B.C. when magnifying glasses were used to concentrate the sun’s light to make fire. Soon thereafter, homes in ancient Greece and Rome, as well as cliff dwellings in North America, were built facing south to take full advantage of the sun’s light – what we now refer to as passive solar. The 19th Century yielded a number of advancements in solar, including the discovery of the photovoltaic effect, the photoconductivity of selenium and the patent of the first commercial solar water heater. Although interest in solar continued, the beginning of the 20th Century resulted in few major gains for solar technology. That changed in 1954 when the first silicon photovoltaic (PV) cell capable of transferring enough of the sun’s energy into power to run everyday electrical equipment was developed. This discovery was hailed by the New York Times as “the beginning of a new era, leading eventually to the realization of harnessing the almost limitless energy of the sun for the uses of civilization.” Solar energy research continued its climb to the forefront in the 1970’s with the Arab Oil Embargo. The embargo revealed the extent to which our economy depended upon foreign oil and compelled the United States government to invest heavily in the PV cell produced 20 years earlier. As the past year has proven, history repeats itself and we are once again refocusing our attention to renewable energy and reducing our dependence on foreign oil and other fossil fuels. THE ECONOMIC SHIFT TO RENEWABLE ENERGY “During the past few years the PV industry has experienced tremendous growth (30-40%) worldwide and here in the US as well,” states Jeff Tobe, PV Project Coordinator and Instructor at Solar Energy International (SEI). Although the financial crisis has put a strain on capital investments

in solar and slowed commercial growth, residential solar continues to expand. The eight year extension of the solar tax credit signed into law on October 3, 2008, has given the solar industry a boost from several sides. It extends the investment tax credit for both residential and commercial installations, removes the cap for residential installations, extends deductions for energy efficient commercial buildings and extends research and development tax credits; all of which will help to continue the expansion of solar energy for both the residential and commercial sectors. The American Solar Energy Society’s (ASES) recently released Green Collar Jobs report suggests that with the essential leadership, policy, research and development in place, the United States could see the creation of millions of new green collar jobs. The hottest sectors of green jobs, according to the report, include solar thermal and solar photovoltaics. HOT JOBS IN SOLAR Solar energy systems are roughly classified as either solar thermal, systems that heat fluids, or solar electric (PV), systems that generate electricity. In the United States, the solar industry employs over 500,000 people, directly and indirectly. An additional 40,000 jobs is expected to be created in 2009. These jobs will yield opportunities that cover a wide array of positions including maintenance, research, marketing, sales, administration, manufacturing, system design and installation. According to Tobe and Jeff Spies, Training and Tradeshow Manager for AEE Solar, careers in system design and installation offer the majority of current and future opportunities for employment. Tobe adds, “As the industry experiences rapid growth in the amount of PV installed and the complexity of larger systems, specialized knowledge in system design and installation skills will be critical to the safe, successful growth of the solar industry.” System design opportunities vary based on the size of the application and therefore require different levels of training. Typically architects and engineers are responsible for the design of large commercial PV systems. The educational background for these substantial projects would include a B.S. or M.S. degree in mechanical, electrical or chemical engineering, computer science, physics, or materials science. Depending upon the level of the job, a designer could be responsible for several tasks

including design, modeling, and conducting computer simulations. The study by ASES forecasted a 10 to 12 percent increase in jobs for electrical and mechanical engineers over the next ten years. However, until utility scale projects really come online the bulk of opportunities in design will be for smaller systems. According to the Employ Florida Banner Center for Alternative Energy, the required knowledge for small, simple systems like solar thermal for residential applications or a stand-alone PV system for lighting, can be acquired quickly and easily through a couple of courses. There are several colleges, vocational schools, and even non-profits like SEI that provide the training needed for such work. In addition, many solar companies provide their own technical training needed to design a residential system. For technicians trained in installation and maintenance the “demand is expected to exceed supply considerably over at least the next decade”, concludes Gregory McNamee, author of Careers in Renewable Energy. Installation is considered a skilled craft trade to be performed by properly trained, qualified trades and licensed contractors. Skills in general construction are required for the structural installation of either PV arrays or solar thermal collectors. PV systems are dictated by electrical codes and require that individuals installing this type of solar system have electrical skills. Similarly solar thermal is dictated by plumbing code and requires plumbing skills. In addition, roofing and weather sealing skills are required when the systems are installed on buildings and rooftops. If you do not have a background as a construction trade there are community colleges and vocational schools that offer electric and plumbing course work in conjunction with training in PV and solar thermal. Certification for the installation of solar systems is not currently required, but is increasingly becoming important for individuals wanting to gain employment in this part of the industry. The national certification organization for professional installers in renewable energy, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners or NABCEP, provides certification as a voluntary, added value credential. Their website,, offers information on certification requirements, approved education providers, how to apply, and additional resources for continuing education. “Changes to the National Electric Code and evolving product lines” affecting both solar design and installation positions will (continued on page 9)


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES At the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, we value our employees who dedicate themselves in protecting Virginia’s natural resources. Be a part of a dynamic team where you can make a difference while enjoying all of the benefits of working in state government: competitive salary for working a 40 hour week, comprehensive insurance, 13 paid holidays, vacation/personal/sick time, membership in the Virginia state retirement system, flex schedules, tuition reimbursement, telecommuting, performance based recognition, access to an extensive professional training program, many opportunities for advancement, and much more. So if you enjoy working on a variety of projects with high-quality colleagues in a fostering environment, apply today! Please visit our website to find out more information about exciting career opportunities! For consideration for any position within the agency, candidates MUST apply online at Applicants are encouraged to be specific regarding job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities. Resumes are encouraged but do not substitute submittal of the online application. Applications submitted via postal mail, email, or fax will not be considered.

August Mack Environmental is a full service Environmental Consulting and Engineering firm with offices located throughout the midwest. August Mack specializes in Environmental Consulting, Health & Safety Consulting, Construction Management and Process Engineering. Typical projects completed by August Mack are Site assessments, Site Investigations, Remediation, Tank Management, Compliance Permitting, and Industrial Hygeine Services (Mold, Asbestos, Lead Based Paint). The company has a full benefit package including 401K, Medical and Dental Insurance, PTO and Flex time, and incentive bonus programs. August Mack Environmental, Inc. 8007 Castleton Road Indianapolis, Indiana 46250

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer


March/April 2009

Solar Energy (from page 7)

Hot Jobs

“demand continuing education to stay abreast of the best design and installation practices,” says Tobe. The technicians that maintain the system after installation monitor system performance, ensure proper operation, perform routine system checks, repair or replace parts as needed, and test components. A good background for this work is a two-year technician program in electronics or computer science. Technicians will also require continuing education as solar technology advances. The technical advancement of solar rests in the hands of those who work in research and development. Their role is essential to the innovation of the science and engineering behind solar, and the development of new processes and materials to take solar to the next level. There is “constant change for the foreseeable future on the technology side. Panels will continue to come down in price, at the same time they increase in efficiency, making an already attractive investment downright irresistible,” states Maria Kingery, co-founder of Southern Energy Management. Individuals interested in entering this field should plan on (if not already pursuing) an undergraduate degree in science and engineering followed by graduate studies that focus on energy and environmental challenges. Just as research and development professionals are imperative to the technical advancement of solar, marketing and sales professionals are imperative to its end product advancement. As breakthroughs are made in solar and thinner panels are manufactured at a lower cost, marketing and sales agents will be in higher demand. Not only are these individuals involved in the promotion of solar, but they also assist in site suitability and cost estimates. Many companies will train individuals in site suitability and estimates specifically for solar. However, a degree in marketing or a background in sales will assist you in landing the job. The manufacturing of components for solar systems makes up a great percentage of indirect employment in solar. A variety of manufacturing companies produce the actual solar panels, framing for the systems, electrical interconnections, mounting hardware, inverters, module racks, batteries and water pumps to name a few. Positions in manufacturing are vast and include engineering, IT, quality control, production planning, manufacturing operators and process technicians. The required backgrounds for these positions vary as much as the job descriptions themselves. Individuals with high school diplomas to engineering and science degrees have an opportunity to find employment in solar manufacturing. Solar companies large and small require administrative, financial and accounting professionals to handle the human resource as well as the business and financial aspects. These positions play a very important role in not only handling the day-to-day business tasks, but also developing the strategies and gaining the financial backing to keep them at the top of the industry. A degree in business administration, finance or accounting will assist individuals interested in this sector of the solar industry. The solar business stretches far and wide across white and blue collar jobs. Where you fall within the array largely depends upon your strengths and interests, background and training, and the jobs available. With the current climate for change in the energy industry the expectation for new jobs is positive, however it will be up to you to ensure the rest. GETTING THE SKILLS As discussed in the above section, the opportunities in solar cover a wide range of disciplines and skills. Maria Kingery, expands on this stating that “we have everything from psychology majors to professional engineers,” working at her company. Jeff Wolfe, CEO of groSolar, rhetorically asks “How do you get a job in any profession? Learn about it, both in school and in other ways. Understand as much as you can about the industry so that you know what you like about it and where you might fit in. Then be flexible in seeking a job.” So whether you are a high school graduate, college student, degree holder or career changer, take a look at the required degrees, certifications or licenses necessary for the position that best suits you. The best way to determine this is to start searching job descriptions or seeking out professionals in your area that can point you in the right

Selling Sustainability:

Green Marketer

By Sabine Rogers

The “Green” Marketing tide is quickly rising and creative individuals with a background in marketing and a passion for a sustainable future will find themselves just in time to catch the wave! What is green or sustainable marketing? As defined by Donald A. Fuller, author of Sustainable Marketing: Managerial – Ecological Issues, it is “the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the development, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products in a manner that satisfies the following three criteria: (1) customer needs are met, (2) organizational goals are attained, and (3) the [entire] process is compatible with ecosystems.” Sustainable marketing is quickly developing into a widespread standard. With the rising cost of energy, unease about climate change, water shortages, health concerns, and the economy, consumers are reevaluating the products they use and are seeking products and companies that leave little in the way of a carbon footprint, and industry is taking note. “Every company that I know of has a sustainability initiative at this point,” says Darrin Duber-Smith, President of Green Marketing, Inc. The field of sustainable marketing has gone through “a few cycles of growth, currently enjoying another such period, where there has been an overall cumulative increase in green marketing,” says Dr. Irvine Clarke III, Head of the Marketing and HTM department at James Madison University. So the question is, How do you catch this growing wave? If you are currently enrolled in a marketing program, you have set yourself on the right path. A bachelors or masters degree in marketing will cover the essentials of marketing as well as corporate social responsibility and sustainability. In addition, an individual interested in sustainable marketing “would greatly benefit from understanding the basic science behind the specific area of green products/services they represent,” adds Dr. Clarke III. To become a successful green marketer “a delicate balance of science and art” is required, reiterates Jacquelyn Ottman, founder of J. Ottman Consulting, Inc. Current marketing professionals looking to “go green” can enroll in certificate programs offered online to get them up to speed. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) recently launched a certificate program for Environmentally Responsible Marketers. Consisting of 11 courses, the program can be taken online or at a DMA conference. The University of California, Irvine similarly offers a 10-week online certificate program in Sustainable Leadership. If you are looking to update your skills, The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) offers the Sustainable Design Online program through which you can take single workshops. However if you want to earn a certificate in Sustainable Design, MCAD offers that as well. The certificate program is a combination of 13 credits of required courses and 5 credits of electives and other topics. All of the above programs are aimed at mid-career professionals who are unable to attend school full time yet want to gain the knowledge they need to keep them at the top of their game. Beyond the actual degree, Duber-Smith suggests reading. “Really read, read from the experts and familiarize yourself with the theories and with the practice and with the case studies and with the stuff that has been going on [in the field of sustainable marketing].” This will help to give you a breadth of knowledge from which to pull. Green or Sustainable Marketing is really the introduction to truly ethical marketing, a method of doing business that will in the future guide the way we manage businesses and products from cradle to cradle. Ottman expects sustainable marketing opportunities to grow, “especially with priority in the Obama administration for green jobs.” So, if you have the educational background and creativity to reinvent the ways and means of providing desired benefits to customers and meeting industry goals all while leaving no trace behind, then a career in sustainable marketing could be your best move.

(continued on page 10)


Solar Energy Careers (from page 9) direction. The Department of Energy (DOE) developed the Solar American Initiative in an effort to speed up the progress of advanced solar energy technologies. In conjunction with industry, universities, federal, state, and local government, and non-government agencies, the DOE’s goal is to advance solar to be cost-competitive with traditional forms of electricity. A. Bronwyn Llewellyn, James Hendrix and K.C. Golden, the authors of “Green Jobs: A Guide to EcoFriendly Employment,” suggest that any of the companies (now totaling over 300 nationwide) involved in this endeavor would be a great place to start your job search. The partner directory can be accessed at http://apps1.eere. and is searchable by state and sector of the industry. “For individuals seeking a new job or career within the PV industry, I would recommend taking an introductory or intermediate level course,” says Tobe. The NABCEP website has a list of approved providers (http://www. for PV training as well as the certificate exam. The listing offers entries by state and includes programs that are offered online. SEI’s website also includes an education resource link (www. that lists a number of organizations that provide solar education. Some of the more well known programs/workshops for solar education are the Florida Solar Energy Center, Midwest Renewable Energy Association, Solar Energy International and the Solar Living Institute. These organizations offer a range of courses from basic PV to advanced classes that are National Electric Code Compliant, sales, marketing and economics, site assessor training, solar thermal and continuing education classes for licensed professionals. In addition, Solar Energy International offers some of their courses through online learning. Another good place to check for training is your local community college or technical vocational school. These options provide you with training closer to home and are becoming more prevalent as the need for educating the new green workforce grows. “Those with training stand a much better chance of succeeding in this industry,” says Spies. He adds that “with the rapid growth in the industry many lower quality training programs have popped up, some that are very expensive to attend.” So be sure to investigate the program you choose to insure that it is accredited. Jeff Wolfe adds that, “the solar specific knowledge is important, but it is

only a piece of each person’s required skill set. “We like people who are highly motivated to succeed at whatever level they work. The most important skill is desire, and an ability to learn new processes and skills.” SOAK UP THE KNOWLEDGE Conferences, trade shows, fairs and events are a way to gain additional information as well as meet individuals working in the field. These events cover many aspects of renewable energy and finding one close to home is not too difficult (Check out the sidebar on Solar Events). If you have not gotten into the solar industry yet, but are hoping to, start small. The Midwest Renewable Energy Fair is a family event offering education, demonstrations, and product displays “making it a good fit for those new to renewable energy,” says Tobe. On the other hand if you have the right background to get into a job in solar, Solar Power International is the largest solar conference in the United States and it attracts a wide variety of individuals from both inside and outside of the industry. In addition to all of the solar events that take place around the country, “there are also several informative magazines for those interested and working in renewable energy and sustainable building practices including: Home Power, Solar Today and Solar Pro,” says Tobe. Home Power and Solar Today are subscription based, however you can access previous issues of Solar Today online for free. Solar Pro is geared more towards individuals already in the field, but it is free to qualifying professionals. NOW START SOAKING UP THE SUN! Many industries across America are still braced in recession impact mode, but the solar industry is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. “In both the long and short term, energy experts agree that solar power is one of the strongest components of the world’s alternative energy future,” state Llewellyn et al. As the call for a cleaner environment grows, so does the solar industry. With the new administrations promise to promote clean technologies through policy and development, it seems that the call has been heard. Combined with the solar tax credit extension and ASES’s Green Collar Job report, the future of the solar economy and jobs within the industry look bright. Wolfe concludes, “Solar will be one of the key industries in future decades, and one of the few areas of job growth in the next few years. [It] has the ability to not only make America more secure, but also to be a core industry for our economy.”

OPPORTUNITIES COMING UP CONFERENCES Solar 2009 – The National Solar Conference Buffalo, NY May 12-16, 2009 Southwest “BIG” Build-It-Green Expo and Conference Phoenix, AZ March 13-14, 2009 PV America – for those currently in the solar industry Philadelphia, PA June 8-10, 2009 WORKSHOPS AND FAIRS For a listing of Fair’s by state check: www.builditsolar. com/References/Events/Fairs.htm 20th Anniversary Midwest Renewable Energy Fair Custer, WI June 19-21, 2009 Solar Energy International PV Design Workshop Online at various dates Solar Living Institute Solar Water Heating Workshop Hopland, CA June 6-7, 2009

LINKS TO GET YOU STARTED In addition to the links provided in the article General Information – The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is dedicated to the research and development of renewable fuels and electricity that advance our energy goals. – The American Solar Energy Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the use of solar energy, energy efficiency and other sustainable technologies. – On you can locate solar companies in your area, a great way to start a job search. The site also has a reference section with a lot of valuable information. – SOLAR TODAY is the magazine published by the American Solar Energy Society. – An online magazine dedicated to renewable energies Education, Internships and Training – The University of Central Florida’s Solar Energy Center conducts research and develops education programs. – The Clean Energy Research and Education Institute focuses on scientific research in clean/ renewable energies. Beginning this year they will be offering online classes for alternative energies. – American Council on Renewable Energy works to put renewable energy into the mainstream of the nation’s economy and lifestyle. They focus on trade, finance and policy as related to renewable energy. – San Juan College offers a 1-year Certificate Program or 2-year Associate of Applied Science Degree in Renewable Energy. - The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The site provides general information on all renewable energy, but also provides a lot of valuable information on solar through the information resources link.


March/April 2009

Job Announcements About These Announcements Employers: Please send your vacancy announcements to: Green Careers Center 2 Eaton Street, Ste. 711 Hampton, VA 23669 or e-mail to: or fax to 757-727-7904

Job Seekers: Employers’ job application procedures vary, and some have very short application deadlines. Have your resume and any special government or company application forms ready before you receive the Green Careers Journal. Many application forms are available via the web and can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Community Energy Consultant Internship – New York. The Envirolution is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing green career development opportunities to students through education, service learning and green job training programs. Energy and Sustainability Consulting Internship Opportunity with Envirolution: Be a part of the emerging Green Collar Jobs Economy with a hands-on energy efficiency campaign employing Web 2.0 Resource Management System (RMS) software to audit small businesses in NYC. We are offering Community Energy Consultant Internships to motivated college students through the Win-Win Campaign, a New York City based small business energy and carbon efficiency program. Students of this pilot launch will provide a minimum of 5 energy audits to local small businesses and guide them towards the “double green” benefits of energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint. During the campaign, students will perform walk-through energy audits, shadow professional auditors in the field, direct small business owners to applicable energy efficiency incentive programs, and help market the businesses’ green efforts to the public through the RMS interface. The energy–related project management skills gained are applicable across a wide spectrum of career opportunities in the emerging green economy. Students will receive training in broader issues related to environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship, and an overview of the New York City energy scene - with a core focus on the technical aspects of performing energy audits. The training blends Building Performance Institute (BPI)-approved performance analysis study with an energy audit training curriculum. For more information, contact Sandy Grindley with a short description of your interest in the program: sandy. Close Date: Until Filled. Environmental Affairs Representative – California. The Environmental Affairs Representative will further advance the company’s environmental goals including waste reduction and achieving carbon neutrality by 2020. While finding greater operational efficiencies and cost savings for the company, the Environmental Affairs Representative will work to communicate Sole Technology’s environmental leadership role in the action sports industry. The Environmental Affairs Representative will need to represent in a leadership role chairing internal

company committee meetings. Responsibilities may include working with committee members to ensure that they meet sustainability goals. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills and/or abilities required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the described functions. The Environmental Affairs Representative needs to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in any earth science discipline, government, or communications degree, with a minimum of 1-2 years professional experience in a related field. Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Any CAD experience is a plus. Must have an earnest desire to work in the field of sustainability and have effective communication skills. Any technical and mechanical skill sets are a plus. Most work occurs in the office, however there may be some lab work, field work and waste management work that is outside an office environment. Please e-mail your resume. Make sure to CUT AND PASTE “Environmental Affairs Representative” into the subject line when emailing your resume, or in the text of your cover letter if faxing, to ensure that it gets to the right place. Resumes without a salary history will not be considered. Due the volume of resumes that we receive, only applicants who have the skills that match the requirements of an available position may be contacted for an interview: employment@ Close Date: Until Filled. Energy Conservation Coordinator – California. Requires graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree and major course work in engineering, environmental studies, business administration, public administration, communications, or a closely related field; and a minimum of 2 years of experience involving, energy or other resource conservation and customer service program management. A certificate of completion of, energy auditing, energy management, resource conservation or communications courses is highly desirable. Compensation: Monthly salary range is $ 5,723 - $ 6,949. Application packets, which include 1) a completed City application, 2) a Letter of Interest and Intent, and 3) a current Résumé must be received by the Human Resources Department, 1500 Warburton Ave., Santa Clara, CA, 95050. Applications must be filled out completely. Please do not substitute “see resume” in the employment history section of the application. Resumes should be attached separately. Incomplete application packets will not be accepted. An “on-line” Employment Application can be downloaded from our website or obtained at the Human Resources Department, City Hall, 1500 Warburton Avenue, Santa Clara, California 95050. Close Date: Until Filled. Director of Future LEED Technical Development – Washington, DC. Be part of an exciting organization that is transforming an industry for the betterment of business and the environment! The U.S. Green Building Council, a Washington, DC-based national nonprofit organization of over 17,000 corporate and organizational members from every sector of the building industry united to transform the building marketplace to sustainability, is currently seeking an experienced and self-motivated professional to work with the technical development department on the LEED rating systems. As a LEED Director, this professional is responsible for managing the LEED certification review process and technical development for rating systems developed during 2008 and for the transition to and establishment of LEED technical development and implementation teams, coordinating the efforts of the review team and technical development staff, and serving as a point of contact for the project team. S/he strives to maintain equity, precedent, and technical rigor as it applies to LEED Certification and rating system development. Duties include HR aspects of staff supervision, hiring, and training, team workload management, oversight of review consultants and technical development consultants, maintenance of good customer service, planning and executing team meetings, resolving challenging issues and tough customers, improving internal tools and processes, managing rating system development in conjunction with the Vice President for LEED Technical Development or Vice President for LEED Implementation, advocating for team needs to senior management, and thinking strategically about future needs. This person will also advise in reshaping team workflows for the next year. Qualifications: Bachelor or Master of Architecture

or Engineering or Environmental Science with 5-10 years of professional practice experience. LEED Accredited Professional. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ability to manage multiple projects and teams. Team-building and supervisory skills. Energetic, detail-oriented, comfortable handling multiple tasks, able to prioritize. Detailoriented, able to handle multiple tasks and good organizational, written, communication and computer skills (MS Office: Word, Access, Excel, Powerpoint). Passion for and commitment to USGBC’s mission. Compensation includes an excellent benefits package, including 100% employer-paid premiums on healthcare and employer-matching 401(k) program. Please submit resume and letter of interest, with salary requirements and title of position applying for, via email or fax, attn: L. Jay, 202-478-5046 (fax), Close Date: Until Filled.

Qualifications: Strong desire to work with and learn about socially and environmentally responsible businesses. Ability to learn quickly, prioritize well and juggle multiple projects. Excellent writing/ proofreading and verbal skills. Strong computer skills (Excel and PowerPoint required). Ability to meet deadlines. Excellent problem-solving skills. Highly organized, detail oriented and excellent attention to follow-through. Ability to work independently as well as be a team player. Commitment to providing quality membership services. Sense of humor. Bachelors degree preferred. $28,500-30,000 full benefits, 4-day work week. Benefits include medical, dental, vacation, sick days, holidays, 4-day work week (Mon - Thurs), flexible hours. Please send resume and cover letter to Assistant to Director, Michelle Brady, Close Date: Until Filled.

Director (Operations for International Programs) – Washington, DC. Be part of an exciting organization that is transforming an industry for the betterment of business and the environment! The U.S. Green Building Council, a Washington, DC-based national nonprofit organization of over 17,000 corporate and organizational members from every sector of the building industry united to transform the building marketplace to sustainability, is currently seeking an experienced and self-motivated professional to serve as director in the International Programs department. The Director of Operations for International Programs will direct day-to-day, ongoing departmental operations to ensure effective delivery of top quality services and resources in support of USGBC’s mission. Key responsibilities: day-to-day management of International Programs and Policy department including budgetary management, staff oversight, and business metrics reporting; crossdepartmental program management including representation of International Programs on USGBC’s Operations Committee; serve as regional manager for either China or the Middle East; and support relationships with related international organizations. The Director of Operations for International Programs will work directly with the Vice President of International Programs and Policy to establish departmental objectives and work plans in close coordination with the department managers and staff. Qualifications: A minimum of 5 years in a leadership role with demonstrated abilities to manage rapid growth, projects with a high degree of complexity, and a diverse staff team. Entrepreneurial experience a plus. Masters of Business Administration or Master’s degree in a related field required. Language requirements: Fluency in English and written and verbal proficiency in at least one additional language which must include either Mandarin or Arabic.. Knowledge of green building principles and practice. Demonstrated ability to lead, manage, and develop staff. Selfmotivated; detail-oriented; well organized. Excellent analytical, organizational and financial management skills. Compensation includes an excellent benefits package, including 100% employer-paid premiums on healthcare and employer-matching 401(k) program. Please submit resume and letter of interest, with salary requirements and title of position applying for, via email or fax, attn: L. Jay, 202-478-5046 (fax), Close Date: Until Filled.

Energy Engineer/Manager – California. Tetra Tech is currently seeking an Energy Engineer/ Manager in Lemoore, CA. The selected candidate will work onsite at the customer’s facility to provide comprehensive energy management services. Primary duties will focus on energy management, including program management services, but work will also include developing facilities energy efficiency improvements, developing distributed generation opportunities, developing renewable energy projects, providing energy training, performing design reviews, analyzing energy and utilities data, recommending improvements to utility procurement and operations, and related duties. The candidate will identify energy conservation opportunities and help facilitate the implementation of projects, initiatives, and programs that reduce energy consumption and demand, save money, and help the environment. The candidate will augment existing customer capabilities, work with both the customer and Tetra Tech in a team framework, and be an on-site action agent to facilitate energy and cost savings. Candidate must have 4-10 plus years of experience in energy management/engineering; strong HVAC background; experience with auditing, project development, life-cycle cost analysis, commissioning, and building/system optimization is a plus. Previous experience working at Federal / DOD facilities, particularly at Naval bases, is a plus. Certified Energy Manager (CEM) designation is a plus. Also requires knowledge of utility information systems, energy management technologies and metering; excellent verbal and written communication skills, analytical, interpersonal, and presentation skills; working knowledge of personal computers and related word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications. BS degree in engineering or energy-related field is a plus but military or civilian experience working at Naval bases or other Federal installations and/or experience in energy-related field is acceptable. Please submit your resume & cover letter online and search for Job ID # EMI-SD-141. No calls or agencies. Close Date: Until Filled.

Green Business Network Division Assistant – Washington, DC. This position supports the GBN Director and Business Membership Coordinator. This person will provide workplace assistance and project coordination for the Director including, but not limited to: administrative assistance (scheduling, correspondence, writing/editing, photocopying, filing, research), relationship-building, and oversight of projects initiated by the Director. The Division Assistant will work with the Business Membership Coordinator on a variety of tasks related to member recruitment, retention of members, coordinating Green Business conference and other tasks as assigned. The ability to travel 5-10 time per year is required. This position provides staffing at Green Festivals and Green Business Conferences. We seek someone who is well-organized, able to juggle multiple tasks and who relishes the opportunity to learn about a variety of green issues and membership marketing by working closely with the Director and Business Membership Coordinator. This is an excellent position in non-profit organization and an unparalleled opportunity to network directly with businesses in the green and socially responsible investing area and the Fair Trade movement.

Renewable Energy Apprentice – Canada. Generation Solar Renewable Energy Systems seeks a highly motivated individual to join us in the position of Renewable Energy Apprentice. This person will assist in the preparation and installation of renewable energy systems, including both solar electric (photovoltaic) systems and solar thermal (hot water) systems, in residential and commercial applications. The position is a nine month contract, beginning in April 2009, with the possibility of extension and/or renewal. The ideal candidate will be: Registered, or be willing to register, as an Electrical Apprentice in the province of Ontario; Committed to a career in the renewable energy industry; Community minded; Excited about the benefits and opportunities of working for a small, dynamic company in a rapidly growing industry; Technically minded and an analytical problem solver; Located in Peterborough; Flexible and adaptable; Self motivated; Able to follow directions; and A good communicator. Assets to this position include: Post secondary education, technical training, technical work experience, and experience dealing successfully with end-clients and other stakeholders in a project based environment. Compose a letter of application and email it, along with a current and relevant resume, subject RE APPRENTICESHIP: Close Date: Until Filled. Energy Efficiency Engineer – California. The Energy Efficiency Engineer will help to assess energy savings potential and provide hands-on assistance



Event Recap

Career Events “Networking or not working”

February 27, 2009 - Washington Metro Green Jobs Fair, Organized by Virginia Sustainable Building Network in collaboration with the Green Careers Center, 8am-6pm at the Westin Arlington Gateway, Arlington, VA February 27 - PowerShift 2009 - Career Fair, 2-5pm, The DC Convention Center, 801 Mount Vernon Place, NW, Washington, DC 20001; March 3-5, 2009 - REMTEC09: Remediation Technology Summit – The Future of Remediation Technology, Marriott Atlanta Marquis, Atlanta, GA March 6, 2009 - All Ivy Environmental & Sustainable Development Career Fair, Low Library, Columbia University, 535 W. 116th St, New York, NY, 10027 March 15-18, 2009 - Imagining the Urban Mosaic, 2009 AEP Annual Conference, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA March 29 - April 2, 2009 - Expanding Horizons for Near-Surface Geophysics, 22nd SAGEEP, EEGS Annual Meeting, Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society, Fort Worth, TX

Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference a Success Lauren Grochmal (left), of Green Careers Center, answers questions about jobs from visitors at the Green Jobs Expo in Washington, DC on February 5th. Photo courtesy The Washington Times

Washington, D.C.: Good, green job supporters swarmed the city February 4-6 for the 2nd Annual Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference, hosted by the Blue Green Alliance. The conference was attended by 2500 labor, environmental and business advocates from across the country, focused on a new, green economy.

April 23-25, 2009 – Sustainability: From the Local to the Global, International Sustainability Conference, Villanova University, Villanova, PA

Randy Flood, Executive Director for the Green Jobs Alliance, thought the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference was one of the most effective gatherings that he had ever attended. “Everyone was so positive and upbeat. I think we all realized that we have a rare opportunity to make a difference in protecting our environment while creating jobs,” said Flood.

May 3-6, 2009 - Making Sustainability Happen: Goals, Practices, and Challenges, NAEP 2009 Annual Conference, Radisson Fort McDowell, Scottsdale, AZ

Each day was filled with dynamic speakers such as; EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and Van Jones, President of Green For All. In addition to the great speakers there was also a diverse selection of informative workshops for participants to attend. Workshops focused

May 4-7, 2009 – Windpower 2009, American Wind Energy Association, McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, IL May 8-14, 2009 - Solar 2009, National Solar Energy Conference, American Solar Energy Society, Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, Buffalo, NY May 16-22 2009 - Impact Assessment and Human Well-Being, IAIA09, International Association for Impact Assessment, Accra, Ghana May 19-20, 2009 - Greener by Design 2009, the premier conference on strategies, tools, and markets for product innovation. Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA October 9-18, 2009 - Solar Decathlon, National Mall in Washington, D.C.

November 11-13, 2009 – Main Street Green: Connect to the Conversation Greenbuild 2009, USGBC Conference, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ 85004,

Please email announcements on upcoming conferences, symposia, career seminars and training workshops to:


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Leaders in Sustainability Educate and Inspire A look at the 2009 Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit Green Careers Seminar

The 12th Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit (RMSS) held at the University of Colorado at Boulder‘s University Memorial Center from February 11-13, provided a learning and networking forum for academic and industry audiences from across the Rocky Mountain region to advance sustainability. The summit, entitled “Forging Solutions at Colleges and Universities”, brought together over 500 individuals, from 40 universities and numerous industries, to gain knowledge and add to the quick growing environmental, economic, and social sustainability initiatives being implemented in the Rocky Mountain Region. Jessie Lucier, one of the event coordinators, said the summit was “an incredibly successful event” and that the feedback she received was “incredibly positive, people were engaged and inspired.” The RMSS highlighted the ways and means to initiating, implementing, and institutionalizing sustainability on campuses and their adjacent communities. Participants attended sessions on sustainable transportation, greening curriculum, and off-campus sustainability initiatives in addition to a keynote by Environmental Justice Champion and President of the Apollo Alliance, Jerome Ringo. On Friday, February 13th, the Green Careers Center hosted the Green Careers Seminar. A diverse group of sustainability professionals provided their valuable insight to the audience on how best to pursue and attain a great career in sustainability. The Green Career Seminar panelists included:

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March/April 2009

Biology & Ecology to program participants throughout the efficiency upgrade process. Conduct field energy audits, develop site-specific energy audit reports and review report recommendations with program participants. Develop recommendations for building systems upgrades and HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, motors, wastewater treatment, air compressors, pumping, boilers, process equipment, and water efficiency improvements. Develop engineering calculations for customized recommendations including solar hot water heating, heat recovery, VFD applicability, emerging technologies, Solar PV, methane gas recovery, water efficiency improvements, demand response opportunities, etc. Assist customers through bid specification development and review, provide technical assistance to customers throughout design and installation process Work with team to develop and document energy savings estimates for recommended technologies and practices. The best candidate will offer building science skills, energy audit experience for various commercial and industrial facilities, a strong ability to work with key decision makers and capability to work in project teams. Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and at least 5 years experience in a relevant engineering role, building science and/or energy efficiency required. PE license preferred. Experience with building energy audits and energy systems (HVAC, lighting, motors, process equipment) required. Experience with designing, implementing, and monitoring engineering projects, including HVAC and/or refrigeration technologies preferred. Ability to multi-task with strong attention to detail and presentation, writing and customer relationship skills required. A positive attitude and willingness to travel is a must! We value our employees’ time and efforts. Our commitment to your success is enhanced by our extensive benefits package including paid time off, medical, dental and vision benefits and future growth opportunities within the company. Plus, we work to maintain the best possible environment for our employees, where people can learn and grow with the company. We strive to provide a collaborative, creative environment where each person feels encouraged to contribute to our processes, decisions, planning and culture. To respond to this opportunity, please send cover letter, salary requirements and resume: Close Date: Until Filled. Environmental Engineer – Ohio. The Environmental Engineer is responsible for implementing a Design for the Environment Program of new and existing products. Duties include developing end of life strategies, establishing benchmark and set goals associated with sustainable forestry, ensuring compliance with environmentally related import/ export regulations and coordinating environmental product certifications. In addition, the Environmental Engineer will work closely with Innovation and Design to develop end of life strategies and assist in external education and training. To become a vital member of the Environmental Team, one must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Environmental Engineering and at least 3 years of environmental engineering experience in a manufacturing environment. Knowledge base should include Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), product carbon foot print determination, green finishing/coatings and Indoor Air Quality monitoring. Strong interpersonal skills, presentation skills and computer capabilities are essential to success in the role. MRCG offers a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package, including heath benefits, 401(k), and profit sharing. If you want an opportunity to achieve your career goals and become an integral part of the sales team for an industry leader, please visit: Close Date: Until Filled. LEED Senior Technical Specialist – Washington, DC. The U.S. Green Building Council, a Washington, DC-based national nonprofit organization of over 18,000 corporate and organizational members from every sector of the building industry united to transform the building marketplace to sustainability, is currently seeking an experienced and energetic professional to serve on the LEED Implementation team. The LEED Senior Technical Specialist serves as an in-house technical building subject matter expert and internal consultant to USGBC and its teams that develop and support the LEED Green Building Rating System. This individual draws on cross-cutting advanced knowledge and direct experience of commercial building industry practices, procedures, and interrelationships to serve as a resource and problem-solver for technical issues

pertaining to LEED. The individual is well-versed in both standard and high-performance, market-leading industry technical practices, and also understands the opportunities and limitations arising from market realities. Qualifications: Minimum 10 years direct professional experience in commercial building industry specializing in architecture, engineering, construction or facility management; experience in more than one of these areas strongly preferred. Broad experience overseeing work in diverse types of commercial building design, construction, or operation projects; plus deep experience in the production of detailed technical documents of record of diverse types of projects. Detailed technical understanding of and experience with building opaque envelope assemblies, fenestration, HVAC systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems, or site/grounds. Detailed technical understanding of and experience with common environmental building codes and standards, e.g., ASHRAE 90.1, ASHRAE 62, ASHRAE 55, UPC/IPC 2006, Title 24, IECC. Currently licensed professional engineer, architect, or interior designer in good standing preferred. Master plumbers or master electricians in good standing with the proper experience will also be considered. Relevant experience in a variety of high-performance building projects preferred, especially LEED projects. Specialization in a high-performance building attribute such as energy efficiency, water efficiency, materials efficiency, indoor environmental quality, etc. preferred. Bachelor’s degree in a relevant technical building industry-related field preferred. LEED-AP status preferred. Excellent judgment, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills - knowing how much research or exploration of an issue is needed to form an acceptable solution, and which perspectives must be considered. Passion for and commitment to USGBC mission. Compensation includes an excellent benefits package, including 100% employer-paid premiums on healthcare and employer-matching 401(k) program. Please submit resume and letter of interest, with salary requirements and title of position applying for, via email or fax, attn: L. Jay. jobs@ Close Date: Until Filled. Technical Resource Specialist – Vermont. The Technical Resource Specialist develops, refines, and coordinates the technical resources and energy analysis tools for the Business Energy Services (BES) department to ensure the delivery of high quality technical information and services to market teams, staff, and customers. This position will work with technical resource content, systems, energy analysis methods, and energy efficiency measure characterizations. Develops and maintains technical analysis tools and resources, including spreadsheet tools, content for an internal information sharing system, energy efficiency measure characterizations, and database reports. This position is responsible for providing technical support and training for BES staff in use of technical resources and assists project managers with custom analyses. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in engineering or environmental science, or related field, and at least 1 year experience in technical analysis, or a similar combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills have been acquired. Contact: Close Date: Until Filled. Measurement & Verification Specialist – Vermont. The Measurement & Verification Specialist will be responsible for the development and management of systems and engineering resources for the Business Energy Services (BES) department to ensure the accuracy, efficiency and integrity of project metering. This position will also ensure the delivery of high quality energy analysis and technical information to market teams, internal staff and external customers. Participate in savings verification and technical quality assurance activities, in particular verification of metered projects, including performing technical reviews of energy efficiency projects and calculations. This position is responsible for providing technical support and training for BES staff in use of metering equipment and assists project managers with custom metering planning and implementation. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in industrial or mechanical engineering or related field, with EIT or PE preferred, plus a minimum of 5 years related experience, preferably including at least 2 years of direct experience with on site metering for energy analysis purposes, or a combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills are acquired. Contact: Close Date: Until Filled.

Engineering Consulting Manager – Washington. DNV Global Energy Concepts is seeking an Engineering Manager to lead a team of experienced technology specialists in providing technology qualification, verification, and asset management support services to clients in the wind energy industry. DNV-GEC is located in downtown Seattle and is specifically seeking an individual who has both “hands on” and consulting management experience. If you have this experience, enjoy working in a team oriented environment, and are passionate about the exciting industry of renewable energy then we would like to hear from you. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in an engineering field required. Masters degree in an engineering field preferred; equivalent experience acceptable. Minimum of 3 years of practical experience in an engineering consulting management position. Proficiency in MS Office programs. Ability to integrate diverse technical information into a clear understanding of risks and appropriate mitigation measures. Ability to travel domestically and internationally to client offices, facility sites and conferences (typically less than 30% of work time). Ability to occasionally work outdoors in harsh conditions including climbing stairs and ladders to ascend wind turbines, looking up to view towers, traveling by car up to 6 hours and walking on uneven terrain. To apply, please visit: http://www. Close Date: Until Filled. Green Business Internship – California. Green Home is recruiting Green Business Interns! Get practical training in green business by working with one of the top environmentally-aware companies in the Bay Area. In addition to offering products, Green Home provides services, assessments and information to individuals and organizations looking to reduce their environmental impact. Join us as we locate and reach out to green product manufacturers and service providers to list their products on Green Home’s Web site. Learn the ins and outs of Green Home’s Product Approval Policy and what makes a product green. You have the amazing opportunity to be a part of our team as a green business intern! As a small company, we can offer hands on experience unavailable anywhere else. For your commitment of 225 Hours, averaging 15 hours per week, you will receive unparalleled experience, discounts on products, and the ability to express your creativity while promoting all things green! Skills our interns attain include, but are not limited to: supplier and customer relations, website updating with SEO key words, web marketing and promoting, green product researching, creative problem solving, and team participation. Send your resume and cover letter, please no phone calls. Kari Dorth, 415-282-6400 (phone), Close Date: Until Filled.

Postdoctoral Position – California. A postdoctoral position is available for an ongoing research project in the lab of Dr. Gail Patricelli (Department of Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis) addressing the potential impacts of noise from energy development on lekking greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus). The larger project has involved extensive noise monitoring of energy sources in deep natural gas and coal bed methane development areas, as well as an experiment introducing both drilling and road noise onto leks in an undeveloped area. We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to integrate these noise measurements into a spatially-explicit, landscapelevel model that will serve as a tool for researchers and wildlife managers to predict noise effects on grouse in present and future development areas. The postdoctoral researcher will evaluate the suitability of existing terrestrial noise models, and adapt one of the models for this project. Some processing of noise measurements and audio recordings will be involved. The postdoctoral researcher will also prepare results of the analysis for publication, and work with public agencies to disseminate information

about the model and results. The position will be based at University of California, Davis with funding for salary and benefits available for one year, with the possibility of seeking additional funds for continuation of this or a related project. Qualifications: Applicants must have relevant Ph.D. experience in ecology, bioacoustics, conservation biology, sound modeling, or a related field. Proficiency in GIS, good data management skills and excellent communication skills are essential. Prior experience with noise modeling is highly desirable, but not critical. To apply: Send the following information in electronic form to Gail Patricelli cover letter, CV, and names and contact information for three references. Close Date: Until Filled. Biological Science Technician – Arkansas. Working with an interdisciplinary team of researchers studying the trophic interactions, distribution and abundance changes of commercial groundfish populations in the eastern Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska in relation to changing oceanic and demographic conditions. The successful applicant will perform advanced statistical analyses of groundfish distribution and trophic interactions. Opportunities exist to participate in research cruises. Requires PhD in biological oceanography, fisheries, ecology, biostatistics or related disciplines, preferably with interests in population ecology. Experience with or a desire to learn advanced statistical analysis, such as Generalized Additive Models GAM and geostatsistics is required. To access application instructions, go to, posting 0003756 and for the position announcement, go to http://www.coas. or contact Lorenzo Ciannelli, 541 737-3142 phone , 541 737-2064 fax , lciannel@coas. email . Close Date: April 30, 2009. Fisheries Field Technician – Montana. Assist with fish surveys on the middle and lower Yellowstone River. Additional field and lab assistance with otolith extraction also required. Collaboration with other graduate student research on the Yellowstone River will take place throughout the summer. The applicant must be willing to travel housing and transportation while in the field are provided for several days at a time and work in adverse, but safe, weather conditions. Qualifications: Must be able to physically lift 100lbs. and perform other strenuous activities. Basic fish identification skills and knowledge of non-wadeable river sampling gears a plus but not required. Valid driver s license. Employment Dates: June - October 2009. Email resume with two references to Mike Duncan at . Close Date: Until Filled. Senior Biologist – Washington. Are you a qualified Senior Biologist who is interested in joining a wellknown and respected firm who works on challenging projects, has opportunities for professional growth, and provides competitive salaries and benefits to its employees? If so, Shannon & Wilson would like to talk to you! We have an opening for a full-time Senior Biologist. Responsibilities include: Preparing biological assessments for Endangered Species Act review. Permitting (Corps 404, HPA, shoreline, 401 WQ Cert, SEPA, and NEPA documents and local area permits).Interacting and communicating with clients and staff at all levels. Other duties as assigned by supervisor. Requirements include: Minimum 5 years of direct experience in areas noted above and solid background in fisheries, wetlands, or restoration. CESCL or WSDOT Biological Assessment certification a plus. Basic wetland delineation course or wetland certification training a plus. B.S. or advanced degree in the biological sciences. Requires varying degrees of travel. Must have valid driver license and a vehicle. Excellent writing, organizational, and communications skills essential. This position requires critical thinking and analysis; frequent sitting, standing, walking, bending, and lifting and carrying 30+ pounds; working in all weather conditions; and driving to and from job sites. Email resume and cover letter to No phone calls please. Qualified candidates will be promptly contacted. Close Date: Until Filled. Technicians – The Inventory and Monitoring Program’s National Capital Region Network (NCRN) is hiring multiple biological technicians to implement its long-term forest monitoring program. The positions are based at the Center for Urban Ecology in Washington D.C. ( The NCRN includes 11 national park units in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. The


Biology & Ecology incumbent will perform various field tasks related to quantitative plant ecology sampling including: installation of permanent vegetation monitoring plots, measurement of trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses, forest canopy characteristics, forest dynamics and collection of plant specimens. He/she must be able to recognize diverse species of vascular plants of the mid-Atlantic region. The field tasks will be performed in both remote and urban locations requiring both attention to safety and excellent field biology skills. The Incumbent will assist with the maintenance of long-term study field sites and equipment. Data entry, report writing and basic manipulation and quality control procedures for vegetation data will be required. Additionally, there may be opportunities to assist with data analysis and presentations. These are full time, temporary positions at both the GS-5 and GS-7 levels with an anticipated start date of May 2009. We anticipate up to six months of work. For full announcement see and search for job announcement numbers NPS-NCR-09-15 and NPS-NCR-09-16. Close Date: Until Filled. Organic Agriculture Internship – Ohio. Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm is located ten miles north of Dayton, Ohio along a river valley that holds the Stillwater River. Our 350 acres of natural areas and organic farm provide outstanding learning opportunities in a diverse and beautiful setting. Aullwood Farm is an interpretive farm, historically focusing on elementary school children. The farm is certified organic and approximately 100 acres in size: 60 acres cleared and 40 acres in woods and sugarbush. The farm’s mission is to teach about the need for and methods of land/animal stewardship and to be a “model of sustainable organic agriculture.” Qualifications: Completion of two years of college level coursework in agriculture, or a related field. Work with the public. Able to follow directions and work independently. Work with all types of animals. Enthusiasm, flexibility, self-motivation, and a desire to learn. Ability to life at least 50 pounds repeatedly. To be considered for an internship, send a cover letter, résumé, and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of three references to: Intern Coordinator, Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm, 1000 Aullwood Rd., Dayton, OH 45414. Telephone (937) 890-7360. Email: Close Date: Until Filled. Mississippi River Field Institute Coordinator – Mississippi. The person employed in this position will serve to develop, implement, and coordinate programs for the Mississippi River Field Institute. The Institute’s programs will focus on fostering stewardship for Mississippi River restoration and conservation and help guide the implementation of site-based projects to protect and restore the river’s ecosystem for birds, fish, other wildlife and people. The geographic focus of this position will be the Mississippi River watershed. Qualifications: Bachelors Degree or equivalent and at least 10 year’s practical experience in one or more of the following fields: biology, ecology, hydrology, urban or regional planning, environmental education, or business. Must have a valid driver’s license. Please send your résumé and cover letter via email to: Close Date: Until Filled. Counters – Oregon. Bird point counters needed May-July 2009 to assist in the study of the longerterm effects of thinning forest stands on songbirds. This is a continuation of an Oregon Dept. of Forestry/ Oregon State University project that examined the short-term effects of thinning; study sites were thinned 13 years ago. Fieldwork will be conducted in the Tillamook Forest, located in the northern Coast Range of Oregon. Responsibilities include point count surveys, nest searching for focal species, vegetation surveys, and data entry. Must love early mornings (4 am), be physically fit, and able to maintain a good attitude. Shared housing near site and field vehicles are provided. Salary: $1550-2000, depending on experience. Qualifications: Prior field experience, identification of western birds by sight and sound, experience with detailed collection of data, and sense of humor for unpredictable field experiences. Strongly prefer previous experience conducting point counts. Applicants should be tolerant of living and working closely with the same crewmembers throughout the field season, and be flexible to changing tasks. To Apply: Please send application materials (cover letter, resume, and at least 2 references) as a single document to Rebecca Cahall (rebecca.cahall at

14 Include in your letter any relevant experience and your interest in applying for this position. Close Date: Until Filled. Piping Plover Field Technicians (4) – South Dakota. Monitoring the population dynamics of piping plovers nesting on the Missouri River in South Dakota. The project will evaluate the impact engineered habitat has upon the breeding success and population growth of a large population of piping plovers. Successful candidates will gain experience in the trapping, banding, and resighting of a federally threatened species. Technicians will also gain extensive experience in boat safety and navigation on the Missouri River. Field technicians will be working to improve conservation efforts for the piping plover. Responsibilities: trapping and banding adult and juvenile birds, resighting banded birds, nest searching and monitoring, behavioral observations, vegetation identification, invertebrate collection and identification, daily travel on small out-board motor boats, data entry, organization and management. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or coursework in Wildlife Science, Environmental Science, or a related field. Experience with boats, bird banding, and shorebirds is preferred, but training will be provided. $400/week (depending on experience) with housing provided. Start date is flexible. Send resume including academic background, work experience, overall and major GPA, and contact info for 3 references to: Joy Felio, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0321, jfelio@ (Electronic applications preferred). Close Date: April 30, 2009.

Native Plant Nursery Internship California. Assists in the maintenance and operation of the Conservancy’s James H. Ackerman Native Plant Nursery. This facility is responsible for producing all plant and seed material used in the Conservancy’s conservation projects. Currently, the nursery inventory consists of 17,000 container plants representing 85 different species. This position requires a wide range of skills including horticultural abilities, technical documentation, fieldwork, equipment care, and maintenance. Interns must have either a Bachelor’s degree or have completed the relevant coursework of their undergrad bachelor’s program. $190/week + completion bonus. Contact: Lesly Lieberman at llieberman@ Close Date: March 31, 2009. Meadowlark Research Assistant – Oklahoma. Two individuals needed mid-April to late May 2009 (6-7 weeks; exact dates TBD). Research assistants will work closely with a UCLA Ph.D. student to examine the evolution of meadowlark color and vocalizations in an area of sympatry between eastern and western meadowlarks. Fieldwork will be conducted at sites along a transect from northern New Mexico to western Arkansas (primarily in Oklahoma). Daily responsibilities will include conducting point counts by ear; capturing meadowlarks with mist nets and/ or traps; banding, blood sampling, and taking morphological and color measurements; recording meadowlark vocalizations; and maintaining a simple field camp. Applicants should be prepared to work long days with few days off. The ideal applicant will have experience 1) identifying birds by ear, and/or 2) handling wild birds, and/or 3) using sound recording equipment, but I will consider any motivated applicant. I will cover living expenses while in the field and provide a modest stipend ($500/month). Please e-mail a short letter expressing your interest, a short CV, and contact information for 3 references. Application materials may be sent to neil.losin@ Close Date: May 30, 2009. Apprentice Trainer (Big Cats) – California. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is seeking qualified applicants for a full time Big Cat Trainer. The cats are managed in a free contact system. Trainer responsibilities include but are not limited to participation in animal

training programs, daily care and feeding of the cats in the collection, maintenance of the exhibit and night house, behavioral observations, record keeping, animal’s enrichment and training and public presentations. Applicants must be comfortable in a team environment, possess excellent communication skills and be self- motivated. Must have the ability to lift seventy five pounds, move heavy objects and work in all outdoor weather conditions. One year experience at an AZA accredited facility and or hands on big cat experience are required. Applicants must be able to read, write and clearly speak English. Six Flags is an equal opportunity employer offering an excellent benefit package. Please send resume and salary requirements to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom attention Sherae Honeycutt, Recruiter shoneycutt@ . All applications must be filled out online at Applicants not meeting minimum requirements will not be considered. No phone calls please. Close Date: Until Filled. Exotic Animal Interns – Wisconsin. Dancing Horses is a small 40-acre park of landscaped grounds that emphasizes the bond between humans and animals; and premier’s horses in a state of the art dinner theatre. Our additional attractions are exotic animals. Exotic Animal Keepers needed—unique hands-on experience caring for all types of domestic and exotic animals; from bottle-feeding our babies to caring for adult species on the property. Llamas, camel, horses, zebra, mini-donkeys, bobcats, lemur and badger just to name a few. A small stipend of $50.00 a week is offered along with free dorm-style housing and free laundry facilities on the property. Opportunity to be a tour guide also available. These positions must be filled immediately for the 2009 season.Candidates must be dedicated individuals with knowledge of all aspects of animal care. Responsibilities include care, cleaning and maintenance to a variety of bird and animal species. This is a hands-on job; candidates will personally handle and present our animals in public demonstrations; bottle feeding babies also preparing narratives to be presented to our visitors. As well as participation in daily performances and providing behind the scenes support. Volunteer interns are not salaried; however, we offer full training with our animals, on-site housing and a $500.00 stipend. A 6 month commitment is preferred. Positions available April thru October, 2009. To apply please email resume: Close Date: Until Filled. Marine Mammal Intern – Illinois. The Marine Mammal Internship is offered throughout the year. Interns will gain first-hand experience in animal husbandry, food preparation, and data collection. Where appropriate, interns may take part in interactions with cetaceans, pinnipeds, otters, penguins, or dogs, but animal contact is very limited. Internships are available in summer (deadline March 1), fall (deadline July 1), and winter (deadline November 1). A five month commitment of 32-35 hours is preferred. Position specifications: You should be able to work in a cold environment, be able to lift objects in excess of 40lbs daily (periodic lifting in excess of 70lbs), and be able to work in salt water. For more information on the principle job duties of an intern and additional position specifications, please visit our website at Close Date: Until Filled. SeaLife Center Internships – Alaska. The Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) is currently sponsoring an internship program for college students and recent graduates who are interested in gaining an educational experience in a world-class marine facility. The Alaska SeaLife Center is dedicated to understanding and maintaining the integrity of the marine ecosystem of Alaska through research, rehabilitation, conservation and public education. ASLC internships offer a well-rounded, educational experience working in a variety of areas within the Center. Depending on the type of internship, duties may include assisting aquarium, avian or marine mammal staff with animal husbandry tasks; helping visiting research teams with marine-related research projects; teaching and/or preparing lessons in our education or interpretation departments; assisting in marketing, fundraising, development or computer graphics. For more information and to obtain an application packet, please visit our internship page at Close Date: July 1, 2009.

and measuring/identifying herbaceous plants (wildflowers) in the savannas, prairies, wetlands, and forests of the Lake County Forest Preserve District. 3 positions available, 1 lead tech from 15 Mar - 15 Aug and 2 other techs from 1 May - 15 Aug. Start/End dates negotiable. $8/hr plus cheap housing!!! Plant identification skills not required, but a willing to learn quickly is a must! Send resume, GPA and preferred start date. For more info, contact: Rachael Urbanek Ph: 215.480.6376. Email (prefer) urbanek.rachael@ Close Date: Until Filled. Grizzly Bear Field Volunteer - Several volunteer positions are available on a Ph.D. project investigating ecology of grizzly bears in response to open-pit mining development. This is a great opportunity to obtain experience in a large carnivore project, and is particularly suitable for recent graduate or senior undergraduate students. Plant id skills and/or willingness to learn are essential. Desirable: love the outdoors; ability for extensive hikes in rugged terrain, including overnight trips; keen eye for detail; strong work ethic; sense of humour, and; previous experience in bear country is an asset. Responsibilities: vegetation plot surveys’ investigations of sites previously visited by grizzly bears; radio-tracking, and; assistance with data uploading from GPS radiocollars. Location: mined and undisturbed areas on the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains and Foothills, Alberta, Canada. Accommodation: camping and infrequent use of cabins with very basic facilities; you need to bring your personal camping gear. Stipend: food expenses are covered by the project. Duration: 2-3 months, with start date flexible during May-November 2009. Application process: send Resume (CV), short (half a page) cover letter and contact details for 3 references to Bogdan Cristescu (Ph.D. Student, University of Alberta), at Close Date: Until Filled. Disease Ecology and Evolution Project Assistant – Pennsylvania. Full-time Project Assistants (paid) are needed for research on the ecology and evolution of the Lyme disease bacterium in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Research in the Brisson laboratory focuses on the evolving interactions among bacteria, ticks, and animal hosts, and Lyme disease prevalence. Duties include live-trapping small mammals and birds and sampling tick abundance and infection status. Early morning, moderately strenuous activity is required. Field research is conducted in small teams in Crow’s Nest Preserve, PA – about 45 minutes west of Philadelphia. Prior experience handling wild small mammals or birds is highly desirable; strong work ethic, meticulousness, and ability to work both independently and in small teams are required. The project offers research and learning experiences for Project Assistants, particularly with regard to the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases. Desired dates of employment (35 hours/week): April 13 to September 12, 2009, although applicants available during summer break from college are also welcome. Wage is commensurate with education experience. Near-site housing is available. Please submit via email a brief letter of application, a resume, and the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of three professional references to: Dustin Brisson ( V:215.746.1731, F:215.898.8780. Close Date: Until Filled. Field Assistant – California. Individual needed for PRBO’s Clear Creek Songbird Monitoring Project and Mountain Meadow Private Lands Project. Primary duties include nest-searching, spotmapping, point counting, vegetation assessments, and data entry. Project dates are ~12 Apr - 31 Jul 2009 (with a possible extension through early Sep). The Clear Creek project is located along the eastern flank of the coast range in northern California, just outside of Redding, CA. Our research focuses on assessing the affects of riparian restoration to

When applying for a position listed, please tell them you saw it in the

Deer Herbivory Technician - Work as an individual and as part of a large field team conducting pelletbased distance sampling, browse transects,

March/April 2009

Biology & Ecology help guide future restoration actions. The Meadow project involves assessing the value of bird habitat on privately owned meadows in mountains of NE California including Siskyou, Modoc, Shasta, and Lassen counties. The position will be based out of Redding, CA, but camping will be involved while working on the meadow project. Candidates with a strong background in bird identification by sight and sound and/or previous experience point counting and nest searching are strongly preferred. The most important qualifications are self-motivation (as most of the work will be unsupervised), good physical condition, tolerance for extreme heat, and willingness to spend long hours in the field observing birds. Compensation will include $1800 - $2200/mo (depending upon experience) as well as housing. You may be required to drive your personal vehicle and will be compensated at or near the current federal rate. Email a letter of interest (include dates of availability and if you have a vehicle), resume, and contact information for three references to Alicia Young (EM: Please note if applying to other positions within PRBO. Close Date: Until Filled. Wetlands Scientist/Project Manager – Utah. Frontier Corporation USA is multidisciplinary environmental consulting firm located near Utah State University in Cache Valley, Utah. We are seeking career-oriented scientists and project managers with 5+ years of experience in wetland ecology, riparian ecology, plant ecology, aquatic ecology and/or wildlife ecology to manage environmental planning and permitting projects in the Intermountain West. Projects include wetland delineation, wetland restoration, wildlife habitat assessments, Clean Water Act Section 404 Permitting, stream surveys, stream restoration, NEPA documentation for water development, energy, transportation and flood control projects, stormwater pollution prevention plans, T&E surveys, and botanical inventories. Must be able to work independently, manage field crews, communicate with resource and regulatory agencies, and have strong technical writing skills. Must have 2+ years of project management experience with past employer, client and agency references. Full time salaried position starting $50-60K, bonus incentives, retirement, health and dental benefits, paid holidays/ vacation and ownership opportunities. Frontier is a small business employer with high growth potential. Please send resume and letter of interest to: Dennis Wenger, Frontier Corporation USA, 221 N. Spring Creek Parkway, Suite B, Providence, UT 84332 or email to or fax (435) 7539534. Close Date: Until Filled. Field Assistants and Volunteers – Wisconsin. Four individuals are needed from 1 Apr to 15 Jun 2009, to study habitat use and movement of passerines during spring migration along the Upper Mississippi River in southwestern Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota. Duty location will be out of the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, La Crosse, WI. Primary duties will be mist-netting neotropical migrants at established banding stations and/or radiotracking marked birds along the river. Experience with mist-nets and banding and/or radio-tracking birds preferred. Other requirements include experience in wildlife biology or closely related field; ability to collect data with strong attention to detail; ability to work 5-6 days per week doing physically demanding work, with early mornings (0430); a positive attitude in dealing with such things as mosquitos, ticks, poison ivy, cold, dewy mornings, walking on flat to steep terrain, etc. Volunteers may be provided with housing. If funding becomes available, pay rate for biological technicians will be $1100-$1200/month. Housing is not provided for those with paid positions. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license. Send cover letter (including available dates), indication of which position(s) you are interested in (i.e., volunteer bander, volunteer radio tracker, biological technician bander, biotech radio tracker), resume, and email addresses of 3 references as a word or PDF attachment to Melissa Meier (EM: Close Date: Until Filled. Field Assistants – Alaska. Individuals sought to assist with cooperative study of Kittlitz’s Murrelet nesting ecology between 12 May-21 Sep 2009 (position #1) 12 May-7 Aug 2009 (position #2). Volunteers should be very fit, enjoy camping and strenuous hikes in mountainous terrain, and relish isolated duty in a hostile environment. Incumbents will spend the first 2 weeks involved in orientation,

safety training, and preparation for field deployment. During the following 8 - 15 weeks, volunteers and refuge biologists will conduct the study out of remote camps located in mountain valleys of southwestern Kodiak Island. A final week will be spent in Kodiak summarizing records, debriefing staff, and storing field gear. Study tasks will include: recording audiovisual observations of murrelets; searching for nests on steep slopes, monitoring nesting biology; and habitat sampling around nest sites. Ideal candidate will have experience in conducting inland surveys for marbled murrelets, camping in extreme and isolated conditions, and working in bear country. The Fish and Wildlife Service will pay round-trip airfare to Kodiak; provide housing and pay for meals in Kodiak; and pay all field costs except personal clothing. To apply, please send resume, emails and phone numbers for 3 references, and a brief introduction to Bill Pyle, Kodiak NWR (EM:; PH:1-888408-3514 or 907-487-0228) and John Piatt, Alaska Science Center/USGS (EM: John_F_Piatt@usgs. gov). Close Date: Until Filled. Ornithologists – Ohio. Get paid to go birding in Ohio! (6-7 positions available!). Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas field ornithologists needed from about 15 May - 31 Jul 2009. Applicants must have the ability to identify all eastern birds by sight and especially, by song/call. Each field crew member will be involved in intensive surveys of breeding birds in forest, wetland, grassland, farmland, and urban habitats using a variety of sampling methods (area searches, point-counts, tape playbacks, and other methods). This position will allow field technicians to gain experience with a variety of survey techniques while working in a beautiful state with diverse avian communities (approximately 200 nesting species)! Preferred applicants will also have experience using GPS and topographic maps, and will be motivated to keep accurate and detailed records of daily survey activities. Applicants must be willing to work long days and be willing to camp. Pay will be $8.24/hr (approx. $2,000 per month). Daily field transportation and camping vouchers will be provided. Please email cover letter, resume, and names and contact information for 3 references to Aaron Boone (EM: For additional questions about this position, email or call (PH: 614-247-6458Close Date: Until Filled. Interns and Field Biological Technicians – Southwest area. Individuals to conduct bird surveys for our Regional Monitoring Program that includes surveys in Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nebraska, and Utah. RMBO is committed to the conservation of birds and their habitats. Technicians will be expected to attend one of the training workshops in late Apr through mid May and work through the end of Jul. The training workshops consist of a 5-day comprehensive training on the protocols conducted by RMBO. The workshops will take place throughout the study area, after which technicians will be required to work independently the majority of the time to conduct bird surveys and complete data entry. The standard work week will be ten days on/four days off. Technicians should be able to identify all western and some eastern birds by sight and sound, and should expect to hike off-trail regularly in steep, rugged terrain, sometimes under difficult conditions. Qualifications: Experience with point-counts, western tree and shrub ID, backcountry hiking/backpacking, and navigation (w/ maps, compass, and GPS) is preferred. Primitive camping, often without phone service or facilities, will be required. A valid driver’s license, personal vehicle, proof of auto insurance, binoculars, camping gear, a strong work ethic, and enthusiasm are required. Monthly salary of $1700-$2400, plus mileage and some lodging will be reimbursed. Internships are also available for those looking to gain experience. Please e-mail a cover letter and resume with at least three references to Chris White (EM: chris.white@rmbo. org). Close Date: April 15, 2009. Field Technicians (2) – Arizona. Individuals needed for a study examining nest predation in riparian ecosystems in southern Arizona. The project will examine the influence of landscape matrix and habitat size on predator community and predation rates on artificial and real riparian songbird nests using cameras. Positions start 1 May and will run until mid-Jul (exact dates to be determined). Responsibilities include setting up and maintaining approximately twenty cameras (trouble-shooting, changing batteries and memory cards, etc.) on

artificial nests and searching for and monitoring real nests of common riparian species. Experience identifying birds by sight and sound and finding nests preferred, high tolerance for heat and a strong work ethic required. Salary is $10-15/hr depending upon experience (40 hr work week); shared housing and vehicle for field travel are provided. Send cover letter, resume and contact information (email preferred) for three references to: Tad Theimer (e-mail preferred:, Northern Arizona University, Department of Biological Sciences, PO Box 5640, Flagstaff, AZ 86011. Close Date: Until Filled. Two Seasonal Positions - Oregon. 15 May to 31 Jul 2009. Qualifications: BA degree or better, or equivalent in field research, experience in seabird identification, marine environments, and education in scientific methods. Valid driver’s license. Ability to work on a small boat and as a team member with 3 persons, maintain early and irregular work hours. Navigation, GPS use, small boat handling, offshore navigation, trailoring, knowledge of Marbled Murrelet life history, familiarity with west coast, camping equipment and skills. Candidates for lead position must have all desired as well as required skills, and experience in project supervision. Daytime surveys at sea will be conducted during fair weather for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Strip and Line transect methods on a prescribed transect route through the nearshore waters will be used to measure distribution and abundance of murrelets, other seabirds, and marine mammals. Environmental parameters are monitored concurrently. Monthly at $2,000 - 3,000 depending on experience and position. Small per diem, no benefits. Send resume or contact to: Craig Strong (EM:, CELL: 707954-3500), Crescent Coastal Research P.O. Box 2108 Crescent City, CA 95531. Close Date: Until Filled. Field Technicians (7) – Southwest States. Individuals are needed by the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory for a study designed to monitor Northern Goshawk populations in Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and South Dakota. Technicians will be required to complete a 3-day training session focusing on protocol and data entry. Technicians should expect to hike regularly in steep, rugged terrain under sometimes difficult conditions. Work involves offroad/off-trail surveys in varying habitats. Technicians will work in teams of two. A strong work ethic and willingness to camp in remote locations are the top qualifications. Experience with point-counts, plant ID, and backcountry hiking and navigation skills (map, compass, and GPS) are preferred. Techs are needed from 15 May through end Aug, 2009. Limited housing is available and camping will be necessary on most nights, sometimes in remote locations. A valid driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, binoculars, camping gear, and high enthusiasm are required. Technician salaries range from $1700-$2100 per month, depending on experience. For more information, or to apply for a position, please contact David Hanni, Monitoring Division (EM: david.hanni AT rmbo. org). Please send a cover letter, resume, and the names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of three references. Resumes via e-mail should be in Word or .pdf formats only. Close Date: May 1, 2009. Avian Point Count Technician – West Virginia. Needed to assist a Ph.D. student on a study examining the effects of timber harvest intensity and landscape habitat change on bird communities in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern, West Virginia. The focus of the research will be conducting point counts in both harvested and non-harvested habitats. Successful applicants MUST have experience identifying Eastern songbirds by both sight and sound. Technician will assist with vegetation surveys, GPS work, data entry, and playback raptor surveys. Applicants must be physically able to work on steep mountainous terrain and able to work well with others in close quarters. Technicians will work 6 days per week. Stipends will be based on experience (16002000/mo.). Additionally, housing (a bunkhouse near the study area), transportation to and from the study site, and safety training (first aid/ CPR) will be provided. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. 4WD experience and prior coursework in ornithology or related fields preferred. Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and (3) references, to Douglas Becker (EM: dbecker1@, West Virginia University, 322 Percival Hall, PO BOX 6125, Morgantown, WV

26506-6125. Close Date: March 28, 2009. Field Technicians – Arizona. Surveyors/Nest Monitors (2) needed for endangered Southwestern Willow Flycatcher studies along the Gila River from below San Carlos Reservoir downstream to the Ashurst-Hayden Diversion Dam, Arizona. Field duties include conducting standardized early morning broadcast surveys, nest searching, nest monitoring, resighting color-banded birds, and arthropod sampling. Positions run from early May to early-Aug 2009. Daily computer data entry is required. Housing (close to The Nature Conservancy’s beautiful San Pedro River Preserve! located in Dudleyville, Arizona) and vehicles provided; camping required for some survey/monitoring locations. Applicants must be able to work closely with other biologists, have full hearing and color vision, have current eligibility to work in the U.S., and possess a valid driver’s license. Positions require stooping/crawling through dense vegetation and tolerance of hot temperatures, high humidity, and biting insects. Encounters/ sightings of rattlesnakes, black bears, mountain lions, and bobcats are also possible. Qualified applicants will have at least one field season of avian research. Preferred qualifications include prior experience in the identification of southwestern U.S. riparian birds and experience using kayaks in swift water. Compensation: $13-$18/hr with a rotating schedule of 10 days on (80 hours) and 4 days off. $39 daily per-diem when away from assigned duty station in Dudleyville. To apply, submit resume, cover letter, college transcripts, and contacts for 3 professional references to Tom Koronkiewicz (EM:, SWCA Environmental Consultants, 114 N. San Francisco Street, Suite 100, Flagstaff, AZ 86001; (PH: 928-774-5500; 1-800-2244234; FX: 928-779-2709). Close Date: Until Filled. Field Assistant – Montana. Spring/Summer 2009: To work on an ongoing long-term study of the evolutionary ecology of western bluebird populations in northwestern Montana. Gain invaluable experience in a wide array of avian field techniques while living in a beautiful locale. Current work focuses on the ecology and evolution of behavior in response to this species’ recent range expansion. Must be comfortable working alone and be physically fit (capable of carrying a moderately heavy backpack during mountain hiking). Experience in field ornithology is desirable and selfmotivation, enthusiasm for learning and strong work ethic a must. Position starts in mid-Mar and continues through mid-Jul. We offer a small living stipend ($1000/month) and can assist in finding reasonably priced housing in nearby Missoula, MT. Must have your own transportation for the short (~5km) once-aday commute to and from the main field site. E-mail a cover letter describing your research experience and why you are interested in this position and a resume along with the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of at least two references to Dr. Renee Duckworth, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona (EM: Close Date: Until Filled. Fisheries Ecologist –Toronto. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto and Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph. Two postdoctoral positions are available in Spring 2009 to work on the functional ecology of lake ecosystems with a multi-disciplinary team of academic and government scientists (Peter Abrams, Don Jackson, Kevin McCann, Nigel Lester, Ken Minns, Brian Shuter, Jake Vander Zanden). We are looking for candidates with a strong background in modeling. The positions are part of a study examining how the food webs of inland lakes in central Canada are likely to shift under the impact of climate change, with a focus on the populations of three dominant top predators (lake trout, walleye, smallmouth bass). Theoretical and empirical studies will seek to understand how predator thermal preference, lake morphology and prey availability shape predator foraging patterns, growth efficiency, individual life histories and population dynamics. Strong quantitative skills are essential. Experience/ interest in any of the following areas would be an asset: applying ecological theory to solving applied ecological problems, food web and population modeling, fisheries biology, multivariate and spatial statistical methods. Expressions of interest should be sent to all of the following: peter.abrams@utoronto. ca,, nigel.lester@ontario. ca,,, Close Date: Until Filled.


Forestry & Natural Resources Postdoctoral Position –Louisiana. A postdoctoral position is available starting Fall 2009 to work in my lab at Louisiana State University, Department of Biological Sciences. The ideal candidate for this postdoctoral position would have experience in both empirical and theoretical ecology. The individual hired, however, may either focus on field or theoretical modeling approaches to disease transmission. The field component of my research examines disease transmission dynamics of insect species specific pathogens (nucleopolyhedrosis virus or NPVs). I am particularly interested in trophic interactions between disease transmission of NPVs, the NPV’s host, and the host’s food source. The modeling portion of my research focuses on NPV disease transmission and human epidemics. This work involves using existing data sets to create Bayesian and mathematical models of spatial and temporal outbreak dynamics. Individuals need to have a Ph.D. in ecology or relevant field in order to apply. The position is available for one-year with the possibility of extension. Interested individuals should send me, Bret Elderd (, the following in a single PDF: CV, letter of interest, a brief research statement, and contact information for three references. Close Date: Until Filled. Postdoctoral Position – Colorado. A postdoctoral position is available at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. The successful applicant will work in the Plant Evolutionary Genetics Lab of Dr. John McKay. We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a PhD in Evolution, Plant Physiology or Molecular Genomics and with the demonstrated ability to carry out outstanding research in Plant Genetics and Physiology. Preference will be given to candidates with experience with training and experience in Statistical Genomics/Bioinformatics and Quantitative Genetics. The successful applicant will interact and work collaboratively with others including Drs. Jan Leach and Dan Bush and their labs at Colorado State and Dr. Hei Leung and our collaborators at IRRI. This Postdoctoral position is part of a collaboration to explore the evolution and genetic basis plant growth and physiology in rice. The goal of the project is to identify and physiologically characterize genes underlying naturally-occurring variation in growth rates and biomass production in rice using genome-wide molecular techniques and whole-plant physiology. The position is available summer 2009, but the start is flexible to some degree. Salary and benefits are competitive, and CSU is an excellent academic environment for the study of plant biology. Our lab group has excellent interactions with colleagues in bioinformatics, plant physiology, ecology, evolutionary genetics and molecular biology. Fort Collins is located on the Front Range of the Rockies and is ranked highly among great places to live. If you are interested in this position, please send a letter of interest and a C.V. in pdf format via e-mail to Close Date: Until Filled. Plant Ecologist/Restoration Ecologist - The USDA, Agricultural Research Service, in Burns Oregon seeks a Research Ecologist (Postdoctoral Research Associate) for a 2-yr appointment. The overall aim of this research is to design and implement novel approaches for restoring disturbed and degraded shrub steppe communities threatened by invasive annual grasses. Specific duties include: 1) Designing and testing a framework that links plant functional traits to invasion resistance 2) Developing decision support tools that integrates functional trait variation of native and introduced plant material with known species ecological requirements to advance the design of reseeding mixtures and approaches to revegetating disturbed shrub steppe systems. Ph.D. in Plant Ecology, Restoration Ecology or a closely related field is required. Knowledge of field experimentation, experimental design, and statistics is required. Knowledge of plant-soil relationship, plant ecophysiological concepts and experience developing outreach material is desirable. Annual salary is $54k plus benefits. Citizenship restrictions apply. Please include a cover letter and contacts for references. Contact Dr. Jeremy James at 541-5738911 for additional information. Close Date: Until Filled. Assistant Supervisor of Herpetology – New York. The Bronx Zoo/Wildlife Conservation Society seeks an enthusiastic professional to join our 110-year-old Department of Herpetology! We are currently seeking a qualified individual with demonstrated interest and expertise in herpetology and management of living


collections to fill an Assistant Supervisor position. Responsibilities include supervising the daily husbandry, enrichment, training, observation, and record keeping for animals in the collection in addition to assisting in the supervision of the maintenance and construction of exhibits or support services. Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in the zoological or biological sciences and a minimum of five years of work experience in a zoological park or related institution. Candidate must be motivated and energetic, possess leadership abilities, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to accept direction, and must be able to express ideas and work as part of a team for the betterment of the department. Individuals with a broad background in crocodilians, squamates (venomous and non-venomous), turtles, and amphibians will be seriously considered. The successful candidate also must possess a working knowledge of computers and basic programs and a valid driver’s license. Send resume /cover letter/ salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept. Code: ASSTSUPHERP, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx N.Y. 10460. Email to Type code in subject. Close Date: Until Filled. Field Technicians – Missouri. Field technicians are needed May-September 2009 to assist on a project studying the ecology of tick-borne diseases in the St. Louis, Missouri region. Based at the Tyson Research Center, this project includes an interdisciplinary team of ecologists, molecular biologists and medical and public health experts. Fieldwork will be conducted across sites in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, primarily utilizing conservation areas and state and county parks. Responsibilities include tick, deer, and vegetation surveys, small mammal trapping, data collection and management, and some supervision of undergraduate students or other assistants. Qualifications: Willingness to work long hours under potentially tough field conditions (inclement weather, rough terrain, lots of ticks) is a must. Applicants must also possess a valid driver’s license and clean driving record. Prior experience with field research in disease and/or field ecology is desirable, but the ability to work independently is paramount. This would be an ideal position for a recent college graduate taking some time off prior to starting graduate school in environmental and/or disease biology. To Apply: Please send a letter of interest, CV, and the names and contact information of at least two references to Brian Allan ( Include in your letter any relevant experiences, your career goals, and your interest in applying for this position. Close Date: Until Filled. Researcher – South Carolina. Ecophysiology of resource foraging in invasive plant species. Two graduate research assistantships (PhD/MS) are available (Fall 2009/Spring 2010) to conduct research on physiological ecology of invasive species. The work is primarily focused on understanding the mechanisms of resource foraging in plant species invading resource-limited habitats. Along with the macroscopic observations (litter decomposition and nutrient cycling), the project focuses on specific mechanisms that drive these processes, including the influence of litter chemistry and the associated microbial compositional shifts. The highlight of the project is to understand the physiology of root exudation and the role of exudates in facilitating nutrient acquisition in resource-limited environments. Students will have ample opportunity to creatively pursue their own hypothesis-driven research projects within these broader themes. Interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches are strongly encouraged. The candidates seeking the position should have a good plant-biology/-ecology background. Details about the salary and facilities are available at http:// To further inquire about the position and for project details e-mail Dr. Nishanth Tharayil ( Close Date: Until Filled.

Assistantship – Michigan. A graduate research assistantship at the M.S./PhD. level is available in the

Invasive Plant Ecology Laboratory of Dr. Catherine Tarasoff at the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science. The successful applicant will lead a project studying the movement of invasive species along Great Lake shorelines. As the project is experiment-based, extensive field work will be required. However, it is expected that the student will develop complimentary greenhouse experiments. A background in forestry, botany, community ecology, ecosystem modeling, aquatic ecology, weed science, or agronomy is desirable; as well as, an interest in the application of statistical methods, spatial modeling and applied ecology. Proficiency in spoken and written English is a necessity. The ideal start date is September 1, 2009 but other dates will be considered. Interested applicants are encouraged to send a letter stating your interest in the program and a resume to Dr. Tarasoff by email (ctarasof@mtu. edu). Close Date: Until Filled. Senior Logistics Coordinator - WCS is seeking applicants for the position of Senior Logistics Coordinator for the Boma-Jonglei Landscape program. This is a full-time position responsible for procurement, logistical support to field operations and programs, and oversight of contractors and construction projects. Duties include working with and oversight of WCS logistics personnel, overseeing contracting and implementation of field construction projects, assuring procurement, shipping, country clearances, proper tracking of inventories and assets, and regular maintenance of program materials according to WCS and donor requirements. The position will be based in Juba with frequent travel to Boma and/or other sites in the landscape. Occasional travel to Kenya, Uganda, and the USA may be required for procurement needs. The Senior Logistics Coordinator reports to the WCS Southern Sudan Program Manager. The desired qualifications for this position are extensive professional experience with logistical systems, procurement, contracting construction in Africa and/or other remote regions and post-conflict areas and proven ability to work with national and local organizations. A strong interest in wildlife conservation, natural resource management, or related fields is an advantage. Proven ability to work well in a team in multi-cultural situations and under difficult field conditions is essential. Fluency in written and spoken English required and familiarity with languages and culture of Southern Sudan will be an advantage. Interested candidates who meet the above qualifications, should apply by sending an application letter and CV together with the names and contact information of three referees to selkan@ (file size should be limited to under 500kb). Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. Close Date: Until Filled. Graduate Student Positions – Oklahoma. Two graduate student positions (M.S or Ph.D.) are available in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management for individuals interested in studying positive vs. negative plant-soil feedbacks related to biogeochemistry, soil microbial ecology, plant establishment processes, or restoration of rangeland ecosystems. Research projects will focus on the predominant invasive species in the Southern and Central Great Plains (e.g. salt cedar, Old World Bluestems, sericea lespedeza, or tall fescue). Tentative starting date: June 1, 2009. In addition to stipend, benefits include tuition waiver (up to 6 hours per semester). Interested applicants are encouraged to send a letter stating your interest in the program and a resume to either: Dr. Gail Wilson (gail.wilson@, 405-744-5539) or Dr. Karen Hickman (, 405-744-9579). Close Date: Until Filled. Forestry Technician – California. W. M. Beaty & Associates, Inc. is seeking applicants to fill positions for the upcoming 2009 field season. Successful applicants will become part of seasonal field crews for one of Northern California’s longest standing forest management and consulting firms. W. M. Beaty & Associates, Inc., based in Redding California, manages 290,000 acres of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified family-owned forestland in Northeastern California. Technicians will be trained and gain valuable experience in the field aspects of timber sale preparation, timber sale harvest inspection, and/or timber cruising under the supervision of a Registered Professional Forester. The term of employment is from approximately May 1 to November 30 with accommodation for college schedules. All necessary equipment and transportation are provided. Most positions are

based out of Burney or Susanville. Applicants should be familiar with northern California tree species, basic mensuration, and silvicultural techniques. A high degree of self-motivation is desired. Salary ranges from $10.50 to $16.00 per hour depending on experience. A letter of application, resume, and list of references should be mailed to W. M. Beaty & Associates, Inc., attn.: Phillip J. Battaglia, Chief Forester, PO Box 990898, Redding, CA 96099-0898. Questions should be directed to Scott Carnegie, Staff Forester at (530) 336-5992 or Our website is at Close Date: Until Filled. Alberta Parks Information Officer - Welcoming Visitors and informing them of recreational opportunities in the park(s). Providing information to visitors on local area attractions, as well as other parks. Operating till and handling cash; processing debit and credit card transactions. Taking reservations, selling campsites, selling tour tickets and gift shop sales. Qualifications: Exemplary customer service skills. Experience handling cash, till/computer operation and use of P.O.S. equipment. Willingness to work weekends and evenings. Knowledge of park facilities and services, as well as natural and cultural history, an asset. Wage: Approximately $15.76/hour (plus 11.2% holiday pay) with an additional $1.75/hour on weekends. On-site accommodations may be available (rent fee will apply). Please reply by sending a resume and cover letter to Suzanne Lodermeier by fax (403) 647-2547 or E-mail Specify in your cover letter which park you would prefer to work at. Only those candidates who are selected for an interview will be contacted. We thank all applicants for their interest. Close Date: Until Filled. Forestry Aid – California. Jackson Demonstration State Forest (JDSF) has 2 immediate openings for the seasonal Forestry Aide position up to the maximum term of 9 months. JDSF comprises 50,000 acres and is the largest state forest in California. The JDSF office is in Fort Bragg and free housing is available. There will be additional seasonal positions available for the 2009 field season starting in May/ June. Job responsibilities include: timber harvest plan preparation, forest inventory, road maintenance, recreation, public education, forest management research and monitoring, and general administration. The position will not participate in any direct fire control activities. The salary range is $2595.00 to $3005.00 per month and includes medical and dental benefits. Education and/or Experience required: Completion of at least two years of college training in forestry or fire science, including, as a part of the curriculum, practical field training in forestry or fire control. (One full summer’s experience between the spring and fall semesters in the field in wood operations or fire control will fulfill the requirements for field training). Or: One year of experience in subprofessional forestry work in one of the following or a closely related field: log scaling, timber marking, cruising, pest control and checking, or fire control. Qualified candidates should send or fax a Standard State Application (STD 678) and attach a copy of your transcripts or degree to the California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection, JDSF, Attn.: Fred Postler, 802 North Main Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437, Tel (707) 964-5674, Fax (707) 964-0941. The link to the application form (STD 678) is at: http://www.spb. Close Date: Until Filled. Internship (Natural Resource Management) – Maine. Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge protects more than 5,300 acres of predominately coastal marsh in southern Maine. Refuge lands are rich in diverse habitats and wildlife. Annually, over 250,000 visitors participate in a variety of recreational activities. Rachel Carson NWR will offer two Natural Resource Management Internships lasting 12 weeks, beginning mid-May through September. Assigned duties may include: monitoring piping plover nesting activities, including dawn and dusk chick watches, assisting visitors in our contact station, conducting wildlife surveys, assisting with a study of the impacts of mercury upon salt marsh birds, controlling invasive plants and managing for New England cottontail rabbits through habitat restoration. Interested applicants must be able to work under varied climatic conditions and possess a valid driver’s license. Interns are provided a $150/week stipend for a 40hour work week. Communal, co-ed government housing may be available. To apply, please contact Karrie Schwaab for application instructions: karrie_ schwaab@fws.ov. Close Date: Until Filled.

March/April 2009

Forestry & Natural Resources Land-Use Planning Expert - WCS is seeking applicants for the position of Land-use Planning Expert for the Boma-Jonglei Landscape program. This is a full-time position responsible for working with stakeholders, State and GoSS authorities, WCS scientists, and other partners in the process of integrating conservation concerns in overall land-use planning and zoning for the Boma-Jonglei region. He/she will have practical experience in developing land and resource management plans in rural settings; knowledge and experience with enterprise economics; skills in use of GIS in land use planning; experience with conservation oriented planning in the context of corridors and protected area buffer zones; social science and land and resource tenure experience; knowledge of various methods and approaches for developing shared visions for land and resource management involving multiple stakeholders. The position will be based in Juba with frequent travel to Boma and/or other sites in the landscape. The Land-use Planner reports to the WCS Southern Sudan Program Director. The desired qualifications for this position are a PhD or Master’s degree in land use planning, natural resource management, land tenure, or related field, at least 3 years of experience working on land management, conservation, and natural resource management issues in Africa. Experience and ability to work with national and local organizations required. Proven ability to work well in a team in multi-cultural situations and under difficult field conditions is essential. Fluency in written and spoken English required and familiarity with languages and culture of Southern Sudan will be an advantage. Interested candidates who meet the above qualifications, should apply by sending an application letter and CV together with the names and contact information of three referees to: (file size should be limited to under 500kb) Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. Close Date: Until Filled. Researcher – Nevada. Spend 6 months working and camping outside at some of Nevada’s premier natural areas. Serve alongside AmeriCorps and international volunteers from across the country while making a lasting contribution to Nevada’s natural heritage. Work with the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, and local and state agencies to gain valuable field experience while working to reduce hazardous fuels, restore habitat, construct trail and eradicate invasive species. Compensation: This is an AmeriCorps position, and candidates will receive a living stipend of $7,158 for 6 months of service. This is not an hourly wage or a salary and is paid to members bimonthly throughout the entire year. Upon completion of AmeriCorps service members shall receive an additional education award in the amount of $2,362 that can be used for paying off student loans, or paying tuition for a Title IV accredited college. Timeline: March 30 – September 28, 2009. Work Schedule: Crew members serve in the field Monday through Thursday, 10 hours a day. Training: Members will participate in orientation from March 30, 2009 to April 3, 2009, where they will receive training in chainsaw use, leave-no-trace ethics, CPR/First Aid, and effective citizenship. Location: Great Basin Region, Ely, Nevada. Qualifications: To qualify, you must be over 18 years of age and a US citizen that has received a high school diploma or GED. Please direct all questions regarding the application process to Bridget Walden at bwalden@thegreatbasininstitute. org. Close Date: Until Filled. Forest Assistantship – New York. PhD Assistantship

in Forest Ecology starting in Fall 2009. I am seeking a PhD student to join a multidisciplinary research team investigating the simultaneous impacts of climate and land use change on biodiversity in the northeastern United States. The position will focus on the development and validation of a forest successional model based on high-resolution remotely-sensed altimetry data (LIDAR) and field measurements, and will also involve analysis of spatially explicit climatic trends using interpolated weather records. The forest succession model will be coupled with downscaled climate and species distribution models to understand the drivers of observed and future shifts in breeding bird distributions across New York State. Basic qualifications include a Master’s degree in forest ecology, quantitative ecology, ecological modeling or a similar area of study, the ability to work effectively without direct supervision, and experience with collection and analysis of vegetation data. Desired qualifications include experience with statistical software (SAS or R), GIS applications and/or programming, and the management of large datasets. The assistantship provides a stipend of $18-20K/yr (depending on qualifications), tuition, and health benefits, and will be renewable for up to two additional years. To apply, please send a CV, cover letter, contact information for three references, and abstracts of published research (including MS thesis) to Dr. Colin Beier at Questions regarding the position are also welcome. Please be sure to include the text “NASA 09 PHD” in the subject line of the email message. Close Date: April 1, 2009. Assistantship – Connecticut. One NSF supported Ph.D. assistantship is available for Fall 2009 (preliminary field work could start this summer). The student would participate with a multi-institution group in an emerging interdisciplinary area researching biometeorology and forest ecosystem stability. Through field experiment and numerical modelling this project seeks to understand the aerodynamic interactions between swaying tree crowns and roughness sublayer turbulence. The field campaign will measure the sway motions and aerodynamic properties of a large array of trees and turbulence wind fields simultaneously. These measurements will be used to quantify the temporal and spatial characteristics of tree-sway motions and their aerodynamic interactions with coherent gusts to be incorporated into a coupled Large Eddy Simulation (LES)-tree sway model. The UConn student will focus on the forest response to the wind and investigate the physical resistance of whole forest canopies to wind disturbance including self organization evidenced by emergent patterns of sway. The student will also aid in the outreach educational program “Weather Climate and Ecosystems”. Field skills are a must as the student will work at heights to install and maintain the experiment in central Maine. Students experienced with environmental sensors, dataloggers and data management are preferred. Field housing and travel stipends are provided. Student stipend package includes tuition waiver and health benefits. To apply, please send a CV, letter of research interests, contact information for three references, GRE test scores and unofficial transcripts to Dr. Mark Rudnicki (, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment. Tel: (860) 4864169. Close Date: April 15, 2009. Researcher – We are seeking a Researcher with expertise in Natural Resource Economics/Sociology. This individual will lead the planning and execution of a project designed to study and evaluate current projects addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation in Louisiana and Texas. This is a one year

position. The individual can conduct the research and position requirements remotely. The ideal candidate will have a Master’s degree in environmental studies or related field and experience in the Gulf Coast states providing climate change research and analysis. Core Responsibilities: Inventory all climate change related mitigation and adaptation projects in Texas and Louisiana. Evaluate the inventoried projects and provide a feasibility ranking, cost-benefit analysis, and final report. Design and facilitate seminars held in the region. Create a work plan for the project outlining deadlines, deliverables, and budgetary information. Prepare a draft report highlighting the findings. Qualifications: Master’s or Doctorate degree in environmental studies or a related field. Project management experience. Knowledge of climate change issues and experience with the topic within the Gulf Coast region is desirable. Ability to conduct program evaluation. Experience in qualitative fieldwork research methods, including structured and unstructured interviewing, archival research, and literature review. Experience in quantitative research methods, including cost-benefit analysis and feasibility analysis. Knowledge of EPA policies and other federal agencies and their mandates related to climate change (such as the Coastal Planning, Protection and Restoration Act). Previous report writing. To Apply: Qualified candidates may apply by e-mailing a cover letter, resume, and 3 references (MS Word format strongly preferred) to the following email address: with the subject heading: EPA08001 – Researcher. Close Date: Until Filled.

Urban Forestry Crew Chief We are looking for an Urban Forestry Crew Chief to support our Tree Planting and Stewardship programs and activities (Washington, D.C.). The ideal candidate is an enthusiastic, highly motivated individual who enjoys working outdoors, in small crew settings, and in larger communitybased projects and events with diverse volunteers. The candidate should possess a broad range of technical field skills, good interpersonal communication skills, and a genuine interest in the conservation mission of the organization to restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the Nation’s Capital. This is a full time year round position with benefits and a starting salary range of $30-33k. See the job posting at: jobs/. Close Date: Until Filled. Research Assistantship – Virginia. GRA in Forest Soils and Ecology. The Department of Forestry is seeking applicants for a graduate research assistantship position at the M.S. level. An applicant is sought for research assessing shifts in the bioavailability of soil organic C and N in response to postharvest forest management (e.g. organic matter retention, competing vegetation control) at affiliate sites of the U.S. Forest Service Long-term Soil Productivity (LTSP) program in the Pacific Northwest. Desired qualifications include: an undergraduate degree in soils, environmental science, natural resources, or a related field; good written and oral

communication skills; demonstrated proficiency with analytical chemistry techniques. Research assistantships in the Department of Forestry include a full tuition waiver and a competitive annual stipend (including summer support). The assistantship is expected to begin in the fall of 2009. For more information please contact (preferably by email or phone): Dr. Brian D. Strahm (, 206-384-0329), Department of Forestry, College of Natural Resources, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061. Close Date: Until Filled. Assistantship – Colorado. A Graduate Research Assistantship will be available at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. Funding is available for an MS/PhD research assistantship (beginning summer or fall 2009) to study soil carbon dynamics and ecosystem ecology. The project investigates soil carbon stabilization mechanisms impact the sensitivity of soil carbon turnover to temperature. The student will participate in collection and analysis of soil samples from several grassland and cultivated sites throughout North America, isolating and quantifying various pools of soil carbon, investigating biological control and response, and data interpretation, modeling, and reporting. In addition to a solid background in biology, chemistry, ecology, math, and soil science, experience with laboratory soil analyses, in particular soil fractionation procedures and isotopic analysis, is desirable. Please Contact: Dr. Richard Conant (; ph. 970-4911919) or Dr. Eldor A. Paul (; ph. 970-491-1987) at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1499. Close Date; Until Filled. Graduate Research Assistantship – Georgia. The successful applicant will conduct a two-year research project evaluating the growth and recruitment of stream-dwelling freshwater mussels in Georgia. The project is a cooperative effort with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service focusing on developing tools for conserving at-risk mussel populations. The successful applicant should be highly motivated and have a B.S. in fisheries, ecology, biology, zoology or closely related field and should be able to work independently in the field and lab. I also will give special consideration to students with BS in a quantitative or analytical field, such as statistics, and interests in ecological applications. Field experience, such as experience with boats and river sampling also is desirable, but not necessary. Minimum academic qualifications include a 1000+ on the GRE’s combined verbal and quantitative a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 system). Additional graduate program information can be found at: graduate/ . Salary: $15,500 per year plus tuition. SEND a cover letter, resume, copies of transcripts, GRE scores, and the names and phone numbers of three references to: Dr. James T. Peterson, Georgia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602. PH: (706) 542-1166. Email: Close Date: May 1, 2009. Forest Monitoring Technician – West Virginia/ Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania State University School of Forest Resources is hiring two seasonal technicians to collect forest monitoring data in eight national parks in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, including the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, New River Gorge National River, and Gauley River National Recreational Area. This is the third year of a long-term monitoring program

When applying for a position listed, tell them you saw it in the


Environmental Science & Engineering investigating forest condition at these national parks. The positions begin in mid-May 2008 and continue for 12 – 15 weeks with compensation of $11-13 per hour depending on experience. Technicians will travel to and be housed in or near a national park each week. Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed. Applicants should enjoy working outdoors in a variety of conditions and be able to identify common trees and shrubs of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Training or experience in forest ecology and collecting forest data is desirable. Knowledge or experience in one or more of the following areas is highly desirable: forest pests and pathogens; forest soils; and/or identification of herbaceous and graminoid plants. Applicants should be able to navigate in the woods by compass and using GPS. The ability to hike long distances over steep terrain will also be required. Additional tasks will include data entry and quality control of data. If interested, please send a brief cover letter, a resume, and contact information for three references to Stephanie Perles (sjp16@psu. edu). Close Date: Until Filled. PhD Assistantship – Delaware. A research assistantship is available for a PhD candidate on a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project. The project investigates the transport and fate of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in watersheds and the controls of wetlands and riparian ecosystems. The research assistantship provides for an annual stipend (~ $19,500) along with a tuition waiver and is available for a period of three years. Interested students can apply through the departments of Plant and Soil Sciences, Geology or Civil Engineering. Students should have a strong background in watershed hydrology and biogeochemistry (or water quality). Students with knowledge of wetland processes and/or plant-soil-water interactions in forest or wetland ecosystems will be given preference. To apply send a letter of interest, CV, list of courses taken and publications, GPA and GRE scores, and names of three references to Dr. Shreeram Inamdar, 264 Townsend Hall, 531 S. College Ave. Newark, DE 19716 (email:; Phone: 302831-8877. Additional information on the watershed research group can be found at: http://udel. edu/~inamdar/. Exceptional MS candidates will also be considered. Close Date: May 1, 2009.

Postdoctoral Position – Colorado. A postdoctoral position is available at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. The successful applicant will work in the Plant Evolutionary Genetics Lab of Dr. John McKay. We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a PhD in Evolution, Plant Physiology or Molecular Genomics and with the demonstrated ability to carry out outstanding research in Plant Genetics and Physiology. Preference will be given to candidates with experience with training and experience in Statistical Genomics/Bioinformatics and Quantitative Genetics. The successful applicant will interact and work collaboratively with others including Drs. Jan Leach and Dan Bush and their labs at Colorado State and Dr. Hei Leung and our collaborators at IRRI. This Postdoctoral position is part of a collaboration to explore the evolution and genetic basis plant growth and physiology in rice. The goal of the project is to identify and physiologically characterize genes underlying naturally-occurring variation in growth rates and biomass production in rice using genome-wide molecular techniques and whole-plant physiology. The position is available summer 2009, but the start is flexible to some degree. Salary and benefits are competitive, and CSU is an excellent academic environment for the study of plant biology. Our lab group has excellent interactions with colleagues in bioinformatics, plant physiology, ecology, evolutionary genetics and molecular biology. Fort Collins is located on the Front Range of the Rockies and is ranked highly among great places to live. If you are interested in this position, please send a letter of interest and a C.V. in pdf format via e-mail to Close Date: Until Filled.


Graduate Student Position – Utah. Graduate Research Assistantship is available in the Department of Watershed Sciences, Utah State University, to study the effects of climate change on stream biodiversity. Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in ecology, biology, environmental sciences, natural resources or similar field and a strong interest in understanding factors controlling the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems. Applicants should have strong quantitative and verbal skills. The position starts August 2009 (or earlier) and includes an annual salary of $17,000$22,000 depending on experience, coverage of tuition and fees, and health insurance. This project is a collaborative effort between Dr. Chuck Hawkins (aquatic ecology - Department of Watershed Sciences and Western Center for Monitoring and Assessment of Freshwater Ecosystems), Dr. Jiming Jin (climate change - Watershed Sciences), and Dr. David Tarboton (hydrology – Civil and Environmental Engineering). Interested applicants should contact Dr. Chuck Hawkins ( immediately and then send a letter of interest (previous accomplishments, research experience and interests, future career goals), a resume, transcripts, previous GPA, GRE scores, and contact information for three references. Close Date: August 1, 2009. Field and Lab Technician – South Carolina. The University of South Carolina in Columbia has an opening for a full time grant-funded technician to work on research projects on the North and South Carolina Coastal Plains. Time will be split between wetland field work and laboratory/data analysis. Field work will take place in both freshwater and brackish/ salt marsh wetlands. Laboratory work will include chemical analysis of water and soil/sediment samples using standard analytical methods and equipment. Salary is $27,369 and offers full benefits of annual and sick leave, health insurance and retirement. A complete description of the position can be found at and applications must be submitted through this website. A cover letter and resume may be included, however, a list of three references is required. Close Date: Until Filled. Coastal Steward – New York. Coastal Stewards working in a team locate and monitor the breeding activity of state and federally protected shorebird species, the Piping Plover and Least Tern, at ocean and bay beaches within the Town of Southampton. Stewards are responsible for identifying plover and tern territories and courtship behaviors, installing protective fencing and predator controls, and monitoring reproductive success throughout the season (Late March to August). Stewards are also responsible for reporting reproductive data to the Board of Trustees, state and federal agencies in an end of season report. Stewards are expected to interact with local residents and beach visitors, as well as law enforcement and biologists from state and federal agencies, and to educate the public regarding the conservation of plovers and terns and their biology. Interest and/or coursework in beach habitat conservation and endangered species protection; ability and willingness to work long hours outdoors, including weekends and holidays, and participate in strenuous physical activity; demonstrated ability to communicate and interact with a wide variety of people including government officials and staff, private landowners, beach users, and volunteers; ability to take organized notes and record important data; valid drivers license and own transportation; ability to work effectively with others under stressful conditions with a minimum of supervision; familiarity with Long Island and/or ability to read and interpret maps. Part time positions may be available. Start/end dates may also be flexible. Housing not available. Contact Dawn Ver Hague at Close Date: March 31, 2009. Climate Change Practice Group Leader – Washington, DC. We are seeking a Climate Change Practice Group Leader to oversee the expansion of a multi-disciplinary Climate Change Group throughout the United States. The impact of climate change on a wide variety of sectors and people is increasingly the need for in-depth analysis and technical development of projects. Our client is leading the industry and already involved in a wide variety of initiatives specifically related to the impact of climate change into every project in which they work. The practice group leader would have at least 8+ years experience working in the climate change arena on all aspects

related to developing, leading and expanding a climate change practice group. Must have the abilities to develop business, client contacts, solicit perspective work, lead and manage scientific technical details related to project life cycle, scopes of work and project teams on a portfolio of projects throughout the nation. The group leader would have direct responsibilities in overseeing all scientific climate change initiatives for the organization, leading projects, developing business and client relations in regard to climate change projects; as well as, expanding group capabilities in climate change initiatives for the future. This would include leading and contributing on projects related to climate change mitigation, greenhouse gas emissions, stratospheric ozone protection, modeling, and ecological impacts, as related primarily to EPA and other associated agency projects. Requires a degree in environmental science, meteorology, biology or related discipline. Strong understanding of Climate initiatives and aptitude to conduct business development on a daily basis. For consideration please forward resume or contact directly: Sequence Systems, Attn: Michael DeSafey, 2008 Opportunity Drive #150, Roseville, CA 95678. Phone: 916-782-6900 x202. Fax: 916782-6307. Email: Close Date: Until Filled.

their stormwater program. This includes performing and managing planning efforts, technical studies of pollutant sources, treatment and control options, data analysis, and implementation planning including life cycle cost analysis. Service areas include development of programs to comply with NPDES permits; develop watershed action plans and TMDL compliance strategies; planning, design and implementation of innovative BMP’s and source control applications. Experience and relationships with Southern California municipalities, agencies, research groups, and/or industrial site users are required. Successful candidate will show an interest and aptitude for expanding this business market through quality service to existing clients and pursuit of new opportunities. Job Requirements: Knowledge of Southern California municipal stormwater programs and regulatory environment, including experience with the design and implementation of Best Management Practices (BMP’s). Minimum of BS degree in environmental engineering/science/ chemistry or related field. Advanced degree and a California Professional Engineers license are preferred. Excellent writing and communication skills required. To apply, visit For questions please email Ike Pace at ike.pace@ Close Date: Until Filled.

Environmental Planner – California. We are seeking a Senior Level Environmental Planner / Practice Group Leader to oversee the development and preparation of CEQA/NEPA technical documentation for high profile Transportation Projects throughout California. The ideal candidate would have experience as a Senior Level Project Manager / Environmental Planner with 5+ years environmental planning and/or project management experience related to the development of CEQA/NEPA documentation. Responsibilities will include the ability to manage/develop technical documentation as related to CEQA/NEPA compliance, environmental assessments and related environmental studies including, but not limited to field studies, compliance documentation and technical assessments on large transportation projects. Requires previous experience in managing a multidisciplinary team of professionals in performing CEQA/NEPA compliance and project review. The ability to address technical issues and act as a practice group lead in interacting with clients on project details is a must. BS and/or MS in Environmental Planning and/or Environmental Sciences needed. AICP certification is preferred. For consideration please forward resume or contact directly: Sequence Systems, Attn: Michael DeSafey, 2008 Opportunity Drive #150, Roseville, CA 95678. Phone: 916-782-6900 x202. Fax: 916-782-6307. Email: Close Date: Until Filled.

Aquarium and Aquaculture Science Instructor – California. This position will be responsible for instructing a variety of lecture/laboratory division aquarium and aquaculture science courses including; Introduction to Aquaculture, Water Quality and Toxicity, Health and Disease in Aquatic Fish and Invertebrates, Aquatic System Design and Life Support, Ecology of Captive Aquatic Fish and Invertebrates and Aquarium Systems. The instructor will also assist in the continued development and implementation of a comprehensive aquarium and aquaculture curriculum. Assignments may include day, evening and weekend hours. This position is also required to participate in general faculty functions related to the educational program, inservice and professional development. Candidate must have a minimum of one year (or equivalent) of successful experience teaching Aquarium and/or Aquaculture Science related courses at the college level. The ideal candidate will have a Master’s degree or higher in any aquaculture, aquarium or aquatic animal science, marine biology or zoology from an accredited college or university. To be considered a candidate for this position, a completed South Orange County Community College District application form, a detailed resume, at least three recommendation letters, and academic transcripts must be submitted. Application Close Date: April 6, 2009.

Environmental Scientist/Assistant Project Manager – California. We are seeking an experience Staff Level Environmental Scientist / CEQA/NEPA Specialist to act as the Assistant Project Manager / Project Manager for a portfolio of energy, water and development related projects throughout California. The ideal individual would have at least 4 years experience acting as an Assistant Project Manager or Lead Project Manager overseeing and managing CEQA/NEPA compliance and permitting projects related to traditional and renewable energy (wind, geothermal, and transmission lines), water, and infrastructure development. Must have previous experience in managing projects with scopes of work $100,000 to $500,000 in size, managing multi-disciplinary personnel, developing scopes of work, and conducting client relationship activities on projects for the organization. Requires a degree in Environmental Science, Biology, Planning or related discipline. Excellent verbal and written communication abilities and desire to work on challenging and diverse regulatory compliance, mitigation monitoring and permitting projects. This is an excellent opportunity for a Mid Level environmental professional to advance their skills and career working on exceptional renewable energy projects throughout California. For consideration please forward resume or contact directly: Sequence Systems, Attn: Michael DeSafey, 2008 Opportunity Drive #150, Roseville, CA 95678. Phone: 916-7826900 x202. Fax: 916-782-6307. Email: mdesafey@ Close Date: Until Filled. Environmental Engineer – California. Perform work to assist agencies and local municipalities in the design, implementation and monitoring of

Graduate Research Internship – Georgia. The successful applicant will conduct a four-year research project developing decision support tools and monitoring protocols for evaluating conservation strategies for at-risk populations of stream-dwelling freshwater mussels. The project is a cooperative effort with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that involves close collaboration with state and Federal resource managers and stakeholders. The successful applicant should be highly motivated and have an MS in fisheries, ecology, biology, zoology or closely related field and should be able to work independently in the field and lab. Special consideration will be given to students with MS in a quantitative or analytical field, such as statistics or operations research, and interests in ecological applications and to candidates possessing knowledge and skills in statistical sampling design, data analysis, and modeling. Strong written and verbal communication skills, and an ability to work in a team situation, are also required. Field experience, such as experience with boats and river sampling also is desirable, but not necessary. Minimum academic qualifications include a 1100+ on the GRE’s combined verbal and quantitative a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 system). Additional graduate program information can be found at: http:// Salary: $17,000 per year plus tuition. Contact: SEND a cover letter, resume, copies of transcripts, GRE scores, and the names and phone numbers of three references to: Dr. James T. Peterson, Georgia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602. PH: (706) 542-1166. Email: Close Date: Until Filled.

March/April 2009

Environmental Policy & Law Water Quality Technician – New York. The Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium is seeking applications for a Water Quality Technician. In this role you will you will supervise and coordinate with the Assistant Water Quality Technicians, Water Quality Interns & volunteers, operating, maintaining, and monitoring the Aquarium’s Water Quality Laboratory and large scale Life Support Systems. The Water Quality Technician works with a diverse team in the development, implementation, and daily operation of Aquatic Health services, husbandry and process treatment for a wide variety of species. The Water Quality Technician will work interdependently with the general husbandry staff, facilities operations and other aquatic health staff in the development and implementation of best practices to ultimately yield the highest standard of aquatic animal care. This position will directly operate and maintain water quality equipment, help monitor staff activities and prioritize laboratory workloads.To be considered for this position, the person should possess a Bachelors Degree, biology or chemistry preferred. Two years experience in water chemistry or water treatment field. The selected candidate will also have the ability to research and analyze various types of data information. Knowledge of Excel & Microsoft Access a plus. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept. Code: WQTECH, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx N.Y 10460. Email to Type code in subject. Close Date: Until Filled. Coastal Ecosystem Flooding Associate - The Division of Earth and Ecological Sciences at Tulane University is seeking a Postdoctoral Associate to help lead a DOE-funded Gulf Coast ecosystem sea level rise and storm surge experiment. The experiment will utilize large enclosures, ecophysiological sensors, and advanced command and control systems, to manipulate water height and salinity levels and test hypotheses associated with marsh and coastal forest response to climate change. Highly motivated individuals interested in playing a key role in developing a large-scale experimental manipulation study are encouraged to apply. Research experience with one or more of the following is desired: wetlands science, field ecology, ecophysiological studies, data acquisition and control, environmental sensors, and computer programming. Applicants must have a Ph.D. in ecological or earth sciences, or a related discipline, and the appointment will be for two years with an anticipated start date of March 2009 (flexible). Applicants should send an email with a cover letter, CV, statement of research interests, and names and contact information for three referees, with the title “NICCR experiment postdoc” to Dr. Jeffrey Chambers Close Date: Until Filled. Pathology Technician – New York. The Global Health Programs Division of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announces an opening for a Pathology Technician. The position is based at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo with pathology services and support provided to the WCS’ collections at the Bronx, Central Park, Prospect Park and Queens Zoos and NY Aquarium and to WCS’ Global Conservation Programs. These zoos and aquariums consist of animal collections with over 20,000 individuals of over 1300 different species. The successful applicant will participate in diagnostic pathologic investigations including gross necropsy procedures and tissue preparation for histological analysis, creation of operational protocols, preparation and shipment of ancillary diagnostic tissue samples, routine management of banked tissue archives and general laboratory maintenance. This full-time position provides a competitive salary and benefits. Preference will be given to those candidates with: a bachelor’s degree (high school degree may be acceptable based on other experience and qualifications), veterinary technician licensure or experience, or experience working with multiple different wildlife or exotic animal species (e.g. husbandry, rehabilitation, handling); knowledge of comparative anatomy of birds, reptiles, mammals; good spoken and written communication and descriptive skills; good organization skills; comfort working without supervision; ability to use computers; ability to work effectively with others. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept. Code PATHASST, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx New York 10460. Email to Type code in subject. Close Date: Until Filled.

Plant Ecologist/Climate Change Position – Utah. Canyonlands Research Station, Moab, UT is seeking an Ecologist/Project Manager to study how changes in soil moisture and temperature will affect the physiological ecology of plants and biological soil crusts, soil stability and nutrient cycling in SE Utah using warming lamps and rainout shelters. Major duties include taking plant, biological soil crust, and soil measures and analyzing this and micromet data to document how species and functional groups respond to alterations in temperature and soil moisture. These results will be used to model likely future changes in cover for the dominant plant communities in this region; summarizing research results for distribution/communication to a general audience; and reporting research results as high quality, peer-review publications. This is a one year, TERM, full-time appointment, GS-9, starting at $45k year, plus full benefits. Applicants must be U.S. Citizens. More information: Please apply at to position WR2009-0147. Close Date: Until Filled. Freshwater Invertebrate Ecologst/HydroEcologist – New Zealand. Applications are invited for a permanent scientist position at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), New Zealand’s Christchurch site. We require an ecologist to carry out fundamental and applied research across differing spatial scales within diverse groundwaterdependent ecosystems, including streams and rivers. The ideal candidate will have experience with benthic and hyporheic ecosystems, organic carbon cycling, and the ecologies of key species, and incorporate hydrology and/or geomorphology into her/his ecological research. The primary focus of the position will be on the roles and requirements of invertebrate populations and communities in benthic, hyporheic and aquifer habitats of alluvial systems. Competitive candidates will have post-doctoral research experience in biology, ecology, hydrology or a related field. They will also have a strong publication record, experience working within interdisciplinary teams, and experience in basic and applied research and consultancy. For further information, a position description and online applications please visit www. Close Date: Until Filled. Stream Biologist – Maryland. The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES), Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, seeks a PhD level postdoctoral Assistant Research Scientist to participate in an NSF-funded project; this project investigates the effects of land-use change and climate on organic transformations of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in streams and implications for Chesapeake Bay. The postdoctoral researcher will work closely with Dr. Sujay Kaushal and collaborate with Dr. Peter Groffman (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies), Dr. Stuart Findlay (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies), and Dr. Mark Walbridge (U.S. Department of Agriculture). Preference will be given to candidates with strong analytical skills in any of the following: stable isotope biogeochemistry, organic matter characterization, stream tracer studies, and/or ecosystem modeling. For further information, please see: Kaushal Laboratory, UMCES Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, Baltimore Ecosystem Study Long-term Ecological Research Site, and Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. In order to apply, please send a CV, statement of research interests, representative publications, and names and contact information of 3 references to Ms. Janis King (jking@ and reference SSK. Close Date: Until Filled.

Executive Director – California. The Executive Director serves as a strategic leader working collaboratively with the Board of Directors to create an organization that is both sustainable and effective in achieving Golden Gate Audubon’s mission. The Executive Director is responsible for overall organization management and development, including leadership, strategic planning, fundraising,

working with the Board, budgeting, finance, human resources, public relations, communication and development planning. The Executive Director acts as the chief organizational spokesperson to government agencies, community organizations, funders, and the public. The Executive Director is also responsible for management of personnel; oversight of program management staff; assurance of legal and fiduciary compliance; government affairs; developing strong relationships with funders, other agencies and partners; and supporting Board development. The Executive Director must have demonstrated professional experience and/or expertise in the following: Leadership in and familiarity with nonprofit organizations and governance, preferably in environmental or wildlife conservation fields. A proven record leading organizational growth and effectiveness and working closely with an active, volunteer board of directors. Non-profit fundraising from a variety of sources, including major donors, corporations and foundations. Working collaboratively (internally, externally and with diverse communities, individuals and agencies) to reach organizational goals. Management, including hiring, supervising and supporting staff and working actively with volunteers. Organizational budgeting and managing organizational financial resources. Shaping policy positions and strategic initiatives and advancing an advocacy agenda. Send resume, cover letter and writing sample to: Executive Director Search, Golden Gate Audubon Society, 2530 San Pablo Ave., Suite G, Berkeley, CA 94702 or via e-mail to Close Date: Until Filled. Director of Public Programs – Texas. The Living Science Center (LSC) in Arlington, Texas is searching for a Director of Public Programs. This full-time position is responsible for developing, facilitating, and providing oversight for educational and recreational programming for youth, adults, families and community. Experience in developing programs for informal learning environments is required and experience working with live animals is preferred. A degree in Education, Biology, Environmental Science, Ecology, or related field is preferred. Extensive contact with program patrons of all ages, donors, and media, requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Applicants must have experience in event planning, marketing, and an understanding and commitment to an inquirybased approach to teaching and learning. The workweek is Tuesday through Saturday. Some holiday and evening work is required. To apply, send a cover letter and a resume to Please include salary history and contact information for three references. Close Date: March 31, 2009. Donations Program Manager – Washington DC. The Donor Programs Manager manages all aspects of the appeals and renewals programs, including monthly appeal mailings; three renewal tracks; integration of monthly e-renewals; telemarketing testing; and reinstatement strategy. S/he is responsible for integrating with the Membership team, which includes the Appeals Manager; the Online Communications team; and the Production team. S/he coordinates integration of mail, telemarketing, and e-mail solicitations and assists and supports the Director of Donor Programs. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree (B.A./B.S.) or equivalent in related discipline. 3+ years of membership or direct response fundraising experience; experience with online and/ or telemarketing fundraising preferred. Experience with word processing and spreadsheet software. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted as a satisfactory substitute for the specific education and experience listed above. Interested applicants please reference Donor Programs Manager in your subject line and submit a letter of interest, along with your resume and salary history (must be included to be considered) to us via e-mail at: Close Date: Until Filled. Marine Director – New Guinea. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) seeks a Marine Director to lead its marine conservation efforts in Papua New Guinea and facilitate participation and support for the Coral Triangle Initiative. WCS focuses on implementing community-based and scientifically sound conservation strategies to improve the management of coastal marine ecosystems, with a particular emphasis on coral reefs. The program primarily focuses on: i) working closely with local

communities to protect reef systems and ecosystem integrity ii) promotion of sustainable small-scale fisheries iii) research into customary management, marine biodiversity and local reef-based fisheries, and iv) training and capacity building in marine conservation. Principal Responsibilities include oversight and administration of day-to-day operations of the Papua New Guinea Marine Program, regional coordination and support of the Coral Triangle Initiative, program development, fundraising, and capacity building. The preferred candidate will have a Masters or PhD in marine science or appropriate discipline, including significant tropical marine field and conservation experience, and a proven ability to work in an international context and in remote field locations. To apply, please email cover letter and CV with subject “PNG Marine Director” to recruitment@, and Close Date: Until Filled. Vice President – New York. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) seeks a Vice President for Species Conservation Programs. This is a full time position based at our headquarters at the Bronx Zoo in New York. The Vice President of Species Conservation Programs will work in consultation with conservation and professional staff across WCS to lead the development of WCS species strategies and lead WCS’s species conservation efforts, focusing on WCS Global Priority Species. S/he will coordinate these efforts across the institution incorporating sitebased conservation, wildlife health assessments, and ex-situ management efforts. This position will also promote the conservation of species as a strategy with national governments, international agencies, and other non-governmental organizations; direct international attention to priorities for conservation;


Environmental Education & Eco Tourism lead fundraising efforts for species conservation initiatives; and represent WCS at forums focusing on species conservation.This position requires extensive and authoritative knowledge on approaches to the conservation of species, both in the wild and in captivity (knowledge of population management approaches and regulatory considerations for captive animal care and health useful). The successful candidate will have strong administrative management and fundraising expertise and an advanced degree in a conservation or wildlife disease discipline. Benefits include generous vacation, medical/dental, 401K, pension, on-site parking. Salary commensurate with experience. Interested candidates should send a CV and cover letter to Dr. Kent H. Redford, Director, WCS Institute, and Vice President, Conservation Strategy, at Close Date: Until Filled. Federal Affairs Policy Analyst – New York. New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society seeks a highly motivated team-oriented policy and funding priorities through Congress and the Administration. Responsibilities include: tracking and analyze federal conservation and foreign policy with focus on climate change legislation,preparing issue papers and testimony, participating in coalitions, developing written and oral communications. Master’s degree or higher in public policy, international relations, economics or related field. Min 3 - 5 years government-related experience, with familiarity with Capitol Hill. Salary low 40s. Excellent benefits. Position based in Washington, DC. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept. Code: POLANALYST, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx N.Y. 10460. Email to Type code in subject. Close Date: Until Filled. Program Lead – New York. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has made a longterm commitment to the conservation of biologically significant landscapes and seascapes around the world. Increasingly, payments for ecosystem services (PES) are used to provide sustainable incentives for wildlife conservation and financial resources for habitat management. WCS is seeking a professional to help develop its PES capabilities – both from a strategic perspective as well as through development of field-based opportunities. Develop opportunities and support staff capacity in development of marketbased solutions around PES; Define direction through the development a global PES market strategy; Build capacity at the field level – design and implement training programs to help staff identify and implement PES in the places where WCS works to conserve wildlife around the world; Engage with partner organizations globally – develop strong working relationships with partner organizations involved in PES and bring WCS expertise to bear at international forums focused on PES. The successful candidate will have at least a masters degree in economics, business, marketing, or related field with past experience working on PES programs/projects. Candidate should have prior working experience in Africa, Asia and/or Latin America as well as English fluency and demonstrated competency in a language important for WCS program. Interested candidates should send a CV and cover letter with subject “WCS-PES” to Close Date: Until Filled. Project Manager - WCS is seeking applicants for the positions of Project Manager for protected area components of the Boma-Jonglei Landscape program.This is a full-time field based position responsible for managing WCS’s day to day protected area management and conservation activities in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife Conservation, and Tourism of the GoSS. Duties include training and management of field teams in wildlife law enforcement, community outreach and education, and research, representation in meetings with local communities and national authorities, training and mentoring of personnel, communications and development of collaboration with local partners, and ensuring sound project implementation and basic financial administration. The position will be based in Boma, with travel to other protected area sites in the landscape. The Project Manager reports to the WCS Southern Sudan Program Director. The desired qualifications for this position are a PhD or Master’s degree in conservation, natural resource management, or related field, at least 3 years of experience working on conservation and protected areas management issues in Africa, proven ability


to work well in a team in multi-cultural situations and under difficult field conditions. Fluency in written and spoken English required and familiarity with languages and culture of Southern Sudan will be an advantage. Interested candidates who meet the above qualifications, should apply by sending an application letter and CV together with the names and contact information of three referees to: selkan@ (file size should be limited to under 500kb) Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. Close Date: Until Filled.

Senior Development Officer New York. Leading international conservation organization based at the Bronx Zoo seeks professional to manage prospect research for large Development department; supervise one staff member; identify/qualify prospects; develop profiles; track prospect lists; maintain library of electronic/print resources. Qualifications: BA/BS (advanced degree preferred); 5+ years progressively responsible prospect research experience; proven ability to identify new prospects; strong knowledge of New York donor community and electronic and print resources including Lexis Nexis, Foundation Center Online and WealthEngine; ability to interpret financial and real estate data; outstanding written communication skills; great attention to detail; interest in WCS mission; ability to take initiative/work independently and collaborate with senior fundraisers; proficiency with MS Office and significant experience with Raiser’s Edge (or similar database). Benefits include generous vacation, medical/dental, 401K, pension, tuition reimbursement and on-site parking. Salary commensurate with experience. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Human Resources Dept. Code: DM727. Email to recruitment@wcs. org Type DM727 in subject. Close Date: Until Filled. Director of Community Affairs – New York. The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo is seeking applications for a Director of Community Affairs. In this role you will lead, develop and implement a comprehensive and coordinated internal and external community affairs strategy that furthers the Wildlife Conservation Society’s mission of saving wildlife and wild places worldwide. Create and sustain relationships that increase positive regard of WCS in the community locally and citywide. Increase outreach to key stakeholder audiences in the community and within WCS through the establishment, maintenance and expansion of community programs. Strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills; ability to develop relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Master’s degree preferred in public policy, social work, political science or economics. Minimum 5-7 years experience in one or more of the following: community, economic or program development. Experience in nonprofit arena a plus. Demonstrated initiative and ability to work independently. Demonstrated ability to work in a fast paced environment and to work multiple projects simultaneously and in a timely manner. Strong problem solving skills. Strong knowledge of the practice of social responsibility/sustainable community development. Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept. Code: DCOMAFF, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx, N.Y. 10460. Email to Type code in subject. Close Date: Until Filled. Development Associate (Research) – New York. Leading international conservation organization headquartered at the Bronx Zoo seeks bright,

motivated, detail-oriented person, with excellent written communication skills to join prospect research team. Responsibilities include: preparing briefing materials/profiles; working with research/ fundraising staff to identify key prospects; and developing, maintaining and tracking prospect lists. Qualifications: B.A./B.S. and 2-3 years fundraising, research or related experience; outstanding organizational skills; familiarity with prospect research sources/tools/techniques; proficiency with Microsoft Office; excellent internet and online search skills; experience with Raiser’s Edge and Lexis-Nexis (or similar databases); interest in WCS’s mission; and knowledge of New York’s philanthropic community a plus. Benefits include generous vacation, medical/ dental, 401K, pension, tuition reimbursement, and onsite parking. Salary commensurate with experience. Send resume/cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept. Code DM729, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY 10460. Email to Type code in subject. Close Date: Until Filled. Senior Manager – Virginia. This position manages regulatory affairs activities through WEF volunteer work groups and committees and represents WEF positions and viewpoints to federal officials and agencies. The position transfers knowledge of regulatory issues to membership through planning and executing educational events and written articles in publications and websites. Monitors federal water quality regulations and policies and alerts WEF leaders and staff on significant developments and WEF opportunities. Establishes and maintains working relationships with regulatory agency staff. Plans and executes educational programs on regulatory issues. Serves as staff liaison to work groups and committees and recruits members for groups. Drafts technical comments, position statements or other documents and manages review process of materials. Writes articles on regulatory and policy topics for publication. Represents WEF at meetings with federal agencies and other organizations. Manages or assists with other projects as needed, working cooperatively with other to achieve WEF’s vision and goals. Candidates should have: Masters degree in environment science, engineering, law or management. 5+ years related experience in the environmental sector managing environmental or regulatory programs; association experience preferred. Demonstrated ability to lead volunteer groups on complex projects. Demonstrated public speaking or advocacy abilities. Computer literate with expertise using Microsoft Office applications. To apply, e-mail or mail a cover letter and resume to: Regulatory Affairs Search, Water Environment Federation, 601 Wythe Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. E-mail: Fax: 703-684-2489. Close Date: Until Filled. Development Officer (Planned Giving) – New York. Leading international conservation organization, headquartered at Bronx Zoo, seeks experienced professional to join WCS’s planned giving team, working to cultivate, solicit, and steward donors/ prospects. Qualifications: B.A./B.S. and 3-5 years of progressively responsible development experience, with emphasis on planned giving and working directly with donors/prospects; excellent writing, organizational, interpersonal, and teamwork skills; attention to detail; ability to work independently; proficiency with Microsoft Office suite and internetbased research; intellectual curiosity and interest in WCS’s mission. Familiarity with Raiser’s Edge (or similar database) and PG Calc a plus. Benefits: generous vacation, medical/dental, 401K, pension, tuition reimbursement and on-site parking. Salary commensurate with experience. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept. Code, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY 10460. Email to Type code in subject DM744. Close Date: Until Filled. Program Manager – New York. This position will provide support to the Vice President in all aspects of managing the operations of the Global Program of the Society. The position is based at the WCS headquarters at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. This program manager will coordinate and manage activities related to budget and management, development and implantation of management policies and procedures. Candidate will develop internal communications strategy and implement a new website. Qualifications: A Masters

degree in a relevant field: communications, MPA, management, or conservation. Demonstrated ability to organize. Able to manage multiple time-sensitive projects simultaneously. Adaptable self-starter and self-manager with ability to set priorities, and efficiently use time. Several years’ administration and management experience. Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office suite applications and internet. Excellent communication skills, written and verbal, as well as exceptional interpersonal skills. Able to work with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept., 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx NY 10460. E-mail to Type code in subject: PMCO-PW. Close Date: Until Filled.

Education Specialist – New York. The Education Department of the New York Aquarium, a division of the Wildlife Conservation Society, and located in Coney Island, seeks an experienced and dynamic educator to assume a major role in its educator training programs, developing and conducting professional development sessions for teachers of all grades, in addition to teaching classes onsite and offsite, and supporting special educational projects as needed. The candidate will have at least 3 years experience in science or environmental education, a passion for wildlife conservation, and the creativity and excellent writing ability to create first-class educational programs and materials. A Master’s degree in a relevant discipline is required. Candidate must be comfortable using technology to enhance instruction and willing to travel within NYC. A strong life science or marine science background, and experience working with children as well as professional educators required. Flexible schedule for weekend work required as needed. Starting salary high forties. Attractive benefits package including 3 weeks vacation. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept. Code EDSPECAQ, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx N.Y. 10460. Email to Type code in subject. Close Date: Until Filled. Zoological Park Maintainer – New York. The Wildlife Conservation Society is currently seeking a qualified individual for Zoological Park Maintainer, Horticulture Department. Under supervision, the ZPM directs and performs responsible work in the maintenance of zoological park grounds, equipment and facilities; performs related work. In this role you will perform the work of Zoological Maintainer in general grounds keeping or special work in tree trimming. You will be responsible for all work requiring application of horticulture skills. Operate and care for hand and power tools and equipment and makes necessary operating adjustments to same; reports need for repairs and replacement. Check materials used and inspects completed work. Inspects the work of outside contractors for conformance with contract of work order specification. Supervise subordinate employees, including temporary workers, organizing their work, instructing them in gardening techniques and in proper use and care of materials and equipment. Prepare reports and perform related work as required. Five years experience plus classroom training. Must have a New York State Driver’s License. Starting salary is $36,105 with a full range of benefits. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept. Code: ZPMHORT, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY 10460. Email to recruitment@wcs. org Type code in subject. Close Date: Until Filled. Assistant Naturalists (2) – North Carolina. Position is from mid-May through mid-Aug. Primary duties include working with the public to interpret the natural history of the Southern Appalachians and related exhibits, answering questions, developing and teaching environmentally-based educational programs for both children and adults, serving as co-counselor for a series of Nature Day Camps for

March/April 2009

Environmental Education & Eco Tourism children ages 4 to 15, assisting with special evening programs, and care of live animals. Other general duties include word processing, maintaining program schedules, participant registration, handling money, cleaning, empty trash, etc. Staff may also be asked to assist in the Office, library, or Garden. Staff work a 40-hr week, but the schedule requires flexibility including weekend & evening work. Qualifications: Applicants should be majors (or recent graduates) in biology, zoology, botany, environmental science, science education, outdoor recreation, or related fields. Proficiency in dealing with the public is a must. Ideal candidates should have experience working with children, familiarity with a variety of environmental education activities, experience caring for animals, and a basic knowledge of the biota of the Southern Appalachians. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and have a valid driver’s license, and must be in good physical condition to lead hikes. Willingness to work a flexible schedule is a must. Non-smokers are preferred. To apply: A State of North Carolina job application (PD107) MUST be completed. Send application, cover letter, and a list of 3 references. 8.50 per hr, plus group housing and possible college intership credit. Contact: Patrick Brannon at the Highlands Nature Center, Close Date: April 4, 2009. Director of Education - Fontenelle Nature Association seeks a dynamic Education Director to lead our nationally recognized natural science education department. Responsibilities: Serve as the organizations media spokesperson for environmental education purposes. Serve as a member of FNA management team. Develop and administer the education department annual budget. Oversee scheduling related to education department activities. Serve as an active instructor for programs. Assist with fundraising initiatives relevant to educational initiatives. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in environmental education, interpretation, or related field; master’s degree preferred. Five + years of program management experience in environmental education or similar field. Strong natural history background. Outstanding teaching skills. Experience in development/implementation of educational initiatives. Experience in financial planning and oversight. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Experience with strategic planning development and implementation. Compensation: Salary is commensurate with experience. Health Insurance. 10 days vacation, 9 paid holidays, 10 days sick leave. 403(b) tax-deferred savings plan. To learn more about FNA please see our website at Email resume and cover letter to (subject line: Director of Education Search). Close Date: April 7, 2009.

Program Coordinator, Responsible Sourcing Strategies Emeryville, California The position of Program Coordinator for Responsible Sourcing Strategies involves working directly with client-specific responsible sourcing programs. The Program Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact for all Responsible Sourcing Strategies inquiries. Incoming communications will be reviewed and responded to by the Program Coordinator and/or forwarded to the Program Associate, Program Manager, and Regional Associate Auditors for follow-up depending on the nature of the inquiry. In addition to responsibilities associated with communications, the Program Coordinator is responsible for preparing expense reports and invoices, conducting periodic report reviews in support of the Program Associate, Program Manager, and Regional Associate Auditors, and maintaining and updating client information and Responsible Sourcing Strategies’ activities in the FileMaker Pro database. Requirements and qualifications: Minimum of 1 year of work experience in relevant applied social and/or environmental fields, or other applicable work experience. Graduate degrees in relevant disciplines will be considered equivalent to applied work experience; Minimum undergraduate BA or BS degree in relevant discipline; Minimum strong proficiency or fluency in Spanish; working knowledge of French and other relevant languages ideal; Overseas work or study experience, applied experience in the cocoa and coffee industry, and/or applied experience working with agricultural or manufacturing production systems ideal; Strong organizational, writing, presentation and verbal communication skills are required; Initiative and ability to work independently; responsive and adaptive personality; Fluency in MS Office, Visio, FileMaker Pro required, with proficiency in other programs and database management systems preferred; Strong understanding of CSR programs and third-party certification initiatives; Excellent technical writing and/or copy editing skills; detail oriented; Ability to handle complex and varied tasks; Proven track record of completing projects in a timely manner.

Summer Children’s Garden Instructors – New York. The Children’s Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) is a world-renowned program teaching hands-on gardening to urban children. Begun in 1914, the Children’s Garden is the oldest known program of its kind within a botanic garden, serving hundreds of children between the ages of 3-17 each season. Instructors design and implement lesson plans on gardening, nature study, crafts, science, and cooking activities for a 4-week July session and a 3-week August session. Instructors teach and mentor a group of 10–12 children outdoors while also supervising several garden apprentices between the ages of 12 and 18. Instructors work with either the KinderGarden program (children ages 4 – 6) or the City Farmers program (children ages 7 – 13). Instructors learn and perform basic horticultural skills under the guidance of full-time staff. Number of Positions Available: 8. Duration: 10 weeks. June 16 – August 21, 2009. Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Compensation: $10.00/hour. Qualifications: minimum some college, strong interest in science, and background in education, nutrition, gardening/horticulture, and/or environmental science. Application Requirements: résumé, cover letter with details pertinent to the position, and names of two references with contact information: Personnel@bbg. org. Close Date: March 31, 2009. Nature Summer Camp Teachers – Virginia. Interested in a challenging and rewarding job outdoors this summer? Do you enjoy working with children of all ages exploring wildlife, wilderness skills, conservation and outdoor adventures? The Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS) seeks highly motivated and creative teachers/naturalists and environmental


At-Risk Field Instructor Summerton, South Carolina

Description: Our at-risk programs work with children who have been termed status offenders (for truancy, behavior problems, breaking school policies, etc.) We have locations in Aiken and Summerton, SC, which feature canoeing, camping, low and high adventure courses, and many recreation sites. The programs work with 30-45 kids per site, and offer a maximum of a 1 to 8 instructor to student ratio. Students stay in the program from 3-9 months. The program will focus on many curriculum areas including environmental education, technology, aerospace, chemical science, high adventure, automotives, and horticulture just to name a few. We also encourage staff to help design curriculum in which they have expertise. Qualifications: BA or BS in Outdoor Education, Youth Development or related fields is preferred. Experience working with at-risk youth preferred. Must have patience, understanding, flexibility, and a lot of energy. Must demonstrate teaching skills and the ability to implement creative "hands on" teaching methods. Must be willing to sacrifice, adapt and work hard as part of a team pursuing an objective. Must be physically able to perform the tasks required to teach outdoors. Salary: $275-325 (based on degree and experience) plus room, board, and insurance. Contact: You can send resumes to Chad Jones by email at or by fax at (803) 478-2179.

Make a difference An intensive one-year Masters in Sustainability Learn the skills to critically evaluate our interactions with the environment and lead others as we ďŹ nd ethical and equitable solutions to our environmental challenges. Find out more at

Clemson, South Carolina 29634

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HDR Headquarters 8404 Indian Hills Drive Omaha, Nebraska 68114 (800) 366-4411


March/April 2009

Environmental Education & Eco Tourism education interns for the 2009 ANS summer camp program. ANS summer camps offer day, traveling and overnight camp programs for children ages 4-15. Camps are based at our beautiful nature sanctuaries in Chevy Chase, MD and Leesburg, VA. Both located in lively and fun towns, minutes from our nation’s capital. ANS provides a dynamic work environment with a friendly, creative and knowledgeable staff. Contact: Julie Gurnee at julieg@audubonnaturalist. org. Close Date: April 6, 2009. Nature Summer Camp Internship – Virginia. Interested in a challenging and rewarding job outdoors this summer? Do you enjoy working with children of all ages exploring wildlife, wilderness skills, conservation and outdoor adventures? The Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS) seeks highly motivated and creative teachers/naturalists and environmental education interns for the 2009 ANS summer camp program. ANS summer camps offer day camp programs for children ages 4-10. Camps are based at our beautiful nature sanctuaries in Chevy Chase, MD and Leesburg, VA. Both located in lively and fun towns, minutes from our nation’s capital. ANS provides a dynamic work environment with a friendly, creative and knowledgeable staff. Contact: Julie Gurnee at julieg@audubonnaturalist. org. Close Date: April 6, 2009. Wildlife Education Internship – Georgia. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is seeking college students and graduating/rising high school seniors for an excellent opportunity at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Mansfield, GA. The primary responsibility during this paid internship is to assist with and lead activities for our “WILD Summer” Day Camps and Overnight Camps. Programs typically focus on wildlife conservation, outdoor skills, and Georgia natural history. Other duties include caring for live animal teaching aids, administrative work, and helping with weekend educational programs. Applicants must be enthusiastic, responsible, and be interested in working with children. Preference will be given to those candidates with previous camp experience and wildlife or education-related degrees. Selected candidates will receive a weekly stipend of $350 for college interns and $250 for high school interns. Free housing on the area is available for college interns. Summer internships begin on Tuesday, May 26, 2009 and last for 10 weeks. For more information and to request an internship application, e-mail Karen Hoydick at: karen.hoydick@ Close Date: April 1, 2009. Botanical Garden Assistants (2) – North Carolina. Position is from mid-May through mid-Aug. Botanical Garden Assistants maintain gardens, trails, boardwalks, and bridges throughout the Station, and help to identify, label, and maintain native plant species. This position may include working with the public to interpret the natural history of local plants and assisting with identification of native plant species. May involve heavy lifting (no more than 50 lbs.) and sometimes working alone and in rainy weather. Occasionally staff may be asked to assist in the Office, library, or Nature Center. Applicants must be able to trim, cut, and pile brush; use a shovel, hoe, and other garden tools as well as a wheel barrow, to do general gardening and trail repairs; help with lawn mowing and lawn maintenance on the campus; learn to identify wildflowers; collect and mount plant specimens; learn to make plant labels; and help visiting researchers as required. Qualifications: Applicants should be majors (or recent graduates) in biology, botany, horticulture, or some other environmental science. Ideal candidates should have training and/or experience in field biology and landscaping, and good people skills. Familiarity with Southern Appalachian plant species and with horticultural practices is desirable. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and have a valid driver’s license. Non-smokers are preferred. To apply: A State of North Carolina job application (PD107) MUST be completed. Send application, cover letter, and a list of 3 references. $8.50 per hr, plus group housing and possible college internship credit. Contact: Cyndi Banks at the Highlands Biological Station, cbanks@ Close Date: April 4, 2009. Seasonal Naturalist – Minnesota. Seasonal Naturalists at LLCC both learn and teach. They learn through observation of and interaction with our creative and dynamic staff of Naturalists. They teach by sharing knowledge with students, and also by bringing fresh insights and individual expertise

to our community. LLCC is seeking candidates for 3 positions during the 2009-2010 academic year. Seasonal Naturalist responsibilities: care for the health, safety, enjoyment, & enrichment of our visiting students; observe, take notes, and teach classes; teach and lead classes independently, once comfortable with the curriculum; work weekends on a rotating basis; willingly work outdoors in all kinds of weather; assist in all aspects of the education department. Seasonal Naturalist benefits: Learn about all aspects of a residential learning center. Receive regular evaluations & feedback from the Instruction Coordinator. Live on campus in an apartment at the south end of the North Star Lodge. (The apartment has private sleeping quarters, and shared living space. Computer with internet access is available.). CPR & standard first aid certification will be provided if so needed. Seasonal Naturalists come to LLCC for an entire academic year, Sept. through May and may also return for an additional academic year. Seasonal Naturalists are recent graduates with bachelor’s degrees in biological sciences, environmental educ., recreation, or related fields. We also consider applicants from a wider variety of fields. Applications are available at Close Date: April 10, 2009.

Field Instructor Ohio. Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association, in partnership with Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP), offers a dynamic residential program at the Environmental Education Center in northeast Ohio. Units focus on its history, ecology, sustainability, and the social, economic, and environmental interaction of rivers and people. Field Instructor responsibilities include: Participate in a comprehensive 3-week training and attend weekly professional development workshops; Be a member of a team of interns; Lead morning, afternoon and evening instructional units using the field, labs, and activity areas; Teach Day Programs and participate in our special programming, and; Participate in all class sessions and complete assignments in the Field Instructor academic program at CVEEC (required to receive University of Akron graduate credits). $215/weekly stipend. Contact: Jessica Opper, Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association, info@ Close Date: April 14, 2009. Assistant Director, Reservationists and Logistician – Washington. Qualifications: Excellent communication and organizational skills. Customer service background with the ability to close sales and provide excellent customer relations via phone. Previous office experience with strong computer skills and the ability to accurately record reservation details. Good work ethic with team oriented skills. Dynamic personality, detail oriented, responsible, mature, and safety conscious. Able to work smoothly with the public and fellow staff under occasionally demanding situations. Current driver’s license and clean driving record. Duties: Assist with all aspects of office administration and field program support. Telephone duties include providing program information, taking reservations, etc. Other office duties include word processing and other computer work, record keeping, staff scheduling, etc. Logistical support that includes shuttling of vehicles to beaches, and purchase or preparation of supplies for overnight tours. If physically capable, occasionally assisting guides with loading and unloading of kayaks. Averages 40 hours per week over the season from April/May through September; potential part time in October. Shorter-term positions are also available. Could lead to a year-round job for the right person. Rewards and Benefits: Work in a world-class vacation destination with knowledgeable, fun, caring people. Discounts offered on various outdoor gear/ equipment, free kayak/whale watching tours on a

space available basis with discounts for family and friends. Salary: Up to $800/week depending on skills and prior experience. Contact: Martine Springer, Sea Quest Expeditions, Close Date: April 1, 2009. Naturalist Educator - Washington. Qualifications: A degree in one of the natural sciences; strong leadership abilities in outdoor situations; able to provide detailed discussions on marine natural history. Experience traveling on marine waters; camping and kayaking. Driver’s license and clean record with no moving violations in past 3 years. Be able to lift 50 lbs overhead and be physically fit. Current CPR and at least standard first aid required. Possession of tent, suitable outdoor clothing, and other miscellaneous items. Successful completion of our intensive preseason “Sea Kayak Guide Training Program” is mandatory. Internships available for students and those with less experience - indicate interest in this by writing “INTERNSHIP” at top of resume. Duties: Assist in all phases of field operations, including leading sea kayak tours. Provide discussions to guests about Puget Sound natural history, marine environment, flora and fauna, conservation issues, etc. Teach guests the basics of sea kayaking and water safety, assist guests when entering/exiting and moving kayaks, adhere to all safety protocols, preparation of food and equipment, routine maintenance, etc. Summer program: averages fulltime from late June to early September, and part-time in May to early June and from late September to mid-October. Depending on your individual contract, positions begin either mid-May or late June and end sometime between early-September to mid-October. “Sea Kayak Guide Training Program” takes place mid to late May with dates announced later. Winter program: January-April (optional). Salary: Highly dependent on skills and experience; ranges from $100/day for assist-level to $200. Contact: Martine Springer, Sea Quest Expeditions, Close Date: April 1, 2009. Native Plant Collections Internship – North Carolina. Position is from mid-May through mid-August. Intern will work in the Highlands Botanical Garden to assist with design projects using native plants. The intern will help to identify, label, maintain, and improve existing native plant collections and update a database to reflect the status of plant inventories. The intern will also work with horticulturists to design or enhance various demonstration gardens on site using native species. This job may involve heavy lifting (no more than 50 lbs.). Applicant must be flexible and capable and working well with various supervisors as well as independently. Qualifications: Applicants should be majors in or have extensive experience in biology, botany, horticulture, landscape design, or some other environmental science. Familiarity with southern Appalachian plant species and with horticultural practices is desirable. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and possess a valid driver’s license. Nonsmokers are preferred. A state of North Carolina job application (PD107) must be completed. Send application, cover letter, and a list of 3 references: Anya Hinkle, Highlands Biological Station, ahinkle@ Close Date: April 4, 2009.

and students at the junior or senior level of college are also considered. A minimum of First Aid/CPR certification valid through employment term is also a must. Duties: Seasonal Naturalists teach a wide variety of nature-related programs, both indoors and out. Must be willing to work flexible hours, including some nights and weekends. Programs and activities change seasonally as well with the different age groups we work with (fourth grade on up to senior citizens). Some of our “core programs” include Tree Identification, Orienteering, Cross Country Skiing, Water Testing, Bog Hikes, and evening talks on a number of different wildlife species. Please send cover letter, resume and 3 references to Cheryl Todea, Trees for Tomorrow, Close Date: April 15, 2009. Naturalist Internship – South Carolina. The Naturalist Intern assists the Head Naturalist with daily operations in nature programming and at the Activity and Nature Center. Naturalist Interns report directly to the Head Naturalist. The Interns will plan, organize, implement, and evaluate all daily activities. Naturalist Interns are paid a bi-weekly stipend of $375. If housing is provided by the resort, a fee will be deducted from each paycheck. As interns are considered seasonal employees, they are ineligible for most employee benefit programs. To be considered for a Naturalist Intern position, an applicant should meet the following criteria: Be a major in wildlife biology, environmental science, or a related field; be CPR certified with current documentation; posses customer service skills; have a compelling interest in educating others about wildlife sciences and environmental issues; be knowledgeable about proper terminology, principles and techniques of southeastern wildlife and environmental conditions; be able to translate their knowledge of nature hospitably to guests; be able to lift 30-50 pounds; be able to swim; be able to operate a boat; have a valid driver’s license; and be able to work in a variety of weather conditions, which may include extreme heat for extended periods of time. This position also requires drug testing per USCG requirements. The Naturalist Intern’s responsibilities will include planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating the nature programs that are ran through the Activity Center; interpretive pontoon boat cruises; handling and displaying of all animals in the Activity Center; maintaining all animal habitats; performing office duties (should be proficient in Word, Excel, and Publisher); completing and recording sales transaction; assisting with upkeep of department facilities and performing additional duties upon request. Contact: Collins Strickland, Head Naturalist, 843-838-1516, Close Date: Until Filled.

Naturalist Intern – Minnesota. Naturalist Internship gives motivated people the opportunity to learn and teach environmental education to K-12 age students at a residential environmental education center. Interns have the option to choose a focus area of caring for and training non-releasable birds of prey, curriculum development, land management or administration. $320/month, room & board, 10 credit graduate certificate. Contact: Clarissa Ellis, Audubon Center of the North Woods, ellis@audubon-center. org. Close Date: April 1, 2009.

Educator I – Texas. The Downtown Aquarium located in Houston, TX is seeking a part-time Educator I. This facility includes 500,000 gallons of aquatic exhibits and over 400 species of animals including fish, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals. Primary responsibilities may include the following: public speaking and direct interaction with Aquarium guests, giving exhibit tours, handling education animals (training will be provided), delivery of educational programs, and performing at mascot appearances. Experience working with children and/ or animals required. College degree or coursework in education/biology preferred. Must have excellent communication skills, be able to stand for extended periods of time, and lift up to 50 pounds. Must be available to work nights, weekends, and holidays. Our exciting entertainment complex offers health and dental benefits, and super employee discounts on food and retail at all of our locations. Qualified applicants should apply M-F, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., at the Downtown Aquarium Human Resources Office, 410 Bagby Street, Houston, Texas, 77002, or e-mail Close Date: Until Filled.

Seasonal Naturalist – Wisconsin. Trees For Tomorrow Natural Resources Specialty School located in Eagle River, Wisconsin is seeking four highly motivated individuals who would like to gain experience in teaching people of all ages about the sustainability and proper management of natural resources. Qualifications include a willingness to learn, coupled with good people skills and the ability to teach about natural resources. Cross-country ski or snowshoeing experience is a plus, but much can be learned at “Trees”. Recent college graduates with majors in biology, environmental education, forestry, natural resources, outdoor recreation, or other related fields are preferred, although career changers

Summer Camp Instructors – Texas. The Conservation Education and Science Department is currently accepting resumes for Summer Camp Instructors. The chosen candidates will teach Summer Camps during the 2009 season and must be available from June 8th through August 14th. Instructors will lead full and half day camps at the Dallas Zoo for children ages Pre-K through 8th Grade including: organized activities, crafts, snacks, tours, live animal encounters, set-up/clean-up of daily activities, and interacting with teen volunteers. Summer hours are primarily week-day hours, up to 38 hours per week. General Instructor Requirements: A B.A./B.S. in biology, education or related field is


Sustainability Summit


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preferred. At least one year of experience working with animals in an educational setting is preferred. Requires at least one year teaching experience in a classroom, non-formal science center, zoo, or nature center; strong organizational and interpersonal skills; excellent communication and customer service skills. Must be flexible and willing to assist with a variety of teaching and administrative duties. A valid Texas driver’s license is required. A background check, drug test, physical, and negative TB test are required. Salary is $11.45/hour, no benefits. Please send resume and cover letter to Lucy Hale, Education Coordinator for Public Programs. Fax: 214-670-7521; e-mail;or mail at The Dallas Zoo and The Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park, Attn: Lucy Hale, 650 So. R. L. Thornton Freeway, Dallas, TX 75203. Close Date: Until Filled.

Career seminar panelist from left to right: Beth Chacon, Ben Bressler, David Johnston, and Michael Cassio

• • • •

Ben Bressler, Founder and Director of Natural Habitat Adventures Michael Cassio, President and CEO of e²M Beth Chacon, Environmental Policy Relations Manager at Xcel Energy David Johnston, Founder and President of What’s Working

Ben Bressler of Natural Habitat Adventures, an eco-tourism company dedicated to sustainable and carbon neutral travel, emphasized the importance of pursuing a career that you are passionate about. Mr. Bressler started his company over twenty years ago with the vital goal of helping the International Fund for Animal Welfare create an ecotourism industry to provide the people of the Magdalen Islands with an alternative economy to harp seal hunting. Since then the company has grown to include sustainable travel to 30 different countries, and has helped the locals of the Magdalen Islands see March as “Seal Watch Season” as opposed to seal hunt season. He cautioned students in the audience to do more than study, “get involved there are lots of opportunities.” And impressed upon them the realization that in the sustainable travel industry you will not start out as a guide, that you will have to work your way up. e²M provides high quality environmental and engineering consulting to a range of clients. The company is active in countries all over the world. President and CEO, Michael Cassio said that although e²M employs a lot of engineers and scientist, “everyone that works with me has to know how to balance a budget.” He emphasized the importance of taking some basic business courses in addition to getting a degree in any of the “ology’s”. Mr. Cassio told attendees that he projects growth in the next five years for individuals trained in environmental project/program management, science with a background in sustainable use of resources, and engineering of all disciplines. “Show your motivation. Be positive, upbeat and outgoing,” he suggested when applying for a position and interviewing. As the Environmental Policy Relations Manager at Xcel Energy, Beth Chacon has contributed to customer energy efficiency programs and was responsible for the development of Xcel Energy’s solar rewards program. “Although there are not many designated green jobs within Xcel, sustainability is often an extension of the traditional jobs,” she told audience members. This was echoed by other panelists as well. Your job title may not include the word “sustainable” but most companies like Xcel are looking to reduce their own impact and that requires the collective effort of all of its employees. Ms. Chacon suggested that individuals look at traditional industries that are going through changes to become more sustainable, or even find employment with a supplier or consultant for a company that is involved in sustainability efforts. She noted, “Get in [through] the back door.” “The opportunities lie with you,” David Johnston stressed to the students attending the Green Careers Seminar. As someone who self-proclaimed never having had a job interview, Mr. Johnston an author and green building expert, told attendees that it is up to them to look at the conditions in their environment and see what they can do to make a positive impact or change. As much as Mr. Cassio stressed some basic business knowledge, Johnston exclaimed that study in “systems is fundamental.” To be successful

Eco Camp Intern – Maryland. Pickering Creek Audubon Center is dedicated to communitybased conservation of natural resources through environmental education and outreach on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. The summer camp internship is designed for college students who want to gain experience working in the environmental education field. Interns will work as counselors for a series of ecology-themed day camp programs geared towards students in 2nd-8th grade. This position will provide a great teaching experience, naturalist training and an introduction to how a non-profit organization works. Applicants must be enthusiastic, energetic, and committed to working with students in an outdoor, camp setting. Ability to work well as part of a team. First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguard certification a plus, but not required. Must be able to hike short distances, lift 20 pounds and work outdoors in varying conditions. $225 per week plus housing. To apply send a cover letter, résumé, and three references to: Mark Scallion, Center Director, Pickering Creek Audubon Center, 11450 Audubon Lane, Easton MD 212601. Email: Close Date: Until Filled. Teacher/Naturalist – Washington. Teach ecology in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. CYO Camp Hamilton is home to 570 acres of evergreen forests and an 80 acre lake. Duties include facilitating group initiatives, planning and implementing forest and wetland curriculum, and leading night activities. Requirements: Enthusiasm for working with 6th graders is required, and environmental or teaching experience preferred. $61.20/day plus room and board. Tuesday-Friday March 20 until June 10, 2009. Contact: Megan Raymond, CYO Environmental Education, Close Date: Until Filled. Naturalist Internship – California. This is a public serving position. The Summer Naturalist conducts educational, interpretive natural history and environmental education programs for residents and visitors. Assists with education department outreach, community events, and Nature Center programs. Assists in upkeep of interpretive site, program record keeping, and other tasks as assigned. Contact: Lesly Leiberman at Catalina Island Conservancy, 310-5102595 ext. 112. Close Date: March 31, 2009. Summer Naturalist – Minnesota. Teach classes, including the summer favorites of canoeing, rock climbing and tree tops, to large and small groups. Act as overnight liaison for groups in residence. Assist in other areas as needed by a growing, private, non-profit organization. Serve as a trip leader on canoeing/hiking overnights and field trips. Staff some of our exciting summer camps. Qualifications: 21 years of age or older; First aid and CPR certification; Experience working with kids; Experienced in outdoor recreation and/or environmental education; B.A. or B.S. degree in a related field; Leadership experience. Preferred, but not required: Firearms Safety certification; Lifeguarding, First Responder; Background or interest in natural history, ecology, hunting, fishing and/or adventure education, trip leading, camping. Opportunities: Gain teaching experience in a residential setting; Learn outdoor skills; Free use of Eagle Bluff recreational equipment; Free Firearms Safety certification. Submit cover letter and resume with three references: Megan Duffey, Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, camps@ Close Date: April 16, 2009. PEC Fellowship – Virginia. The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) offers an experiential education program for college students and recent

graduates to introduce them to an effective model for bringing about positive change, and provide them with skills to apply in their own communities. The Fellowship Program is conducted from June 22, 2009– August 7, 2009 in Warrenton, VA. During these seven weeks, Fellows walk through each element of PEC’s work, learning from seasoned experts the framework underlying PEC’s mission as well as the practical how-tos of applied initiatives. The first four weeks of the program are focused on academic activities including orientation, classroom instruction from PEC staff, field trips, guest lectures, assigned readings and participation in a PEC staff meeting. Participants typically benefit from 60 speakers and over 20 field trips. July 20-August 7 - Individual Practicum Session: The final three weeks of the program allow the Fellows to develop and use their new skills in a “real world” setting to complete an individual practicum of personal interest, yet related to PEC’s mission. Fellows will complete the practicum with the assistance of a mentor from PEC or a partnering organization. More information is available at Close Date: March 31, 2009.

Assistant Professor - The Fisheries Division of the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (SFOS) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) invites applications for a tenure-track, full-time Assistant Professor in Fisheries with a primary interest in the biology and management of salmonid fishes. The position is based in Juneau, Alaska. Applications are encouraged from creative individuals with strong scientific and academic expertise who will complement the existing faculty and wish to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of Alaska’s salmonid resources. The successful candidate will be expected to support the University’s tripartite mission of teaching, research, and service. Applicants should be enthusiastic about teaching, and will be expected to teach fisheries courses and mentor graduate students. The candidate should build an externally-funded research program that provides support and training for graduate students. Interest in interdisciplinary research, preferably through collaborative programs in Alaska waters, is desirable. SFOS faculty are expected to provide public service to the nation, state, and local communities by serving on advisory committees and participating in other university and community activities. The ability to interact professionally with biologists and managers in state and federal agencies is essential. UAF is Alaska’s research university and Alaska’s marine and freshwater ecosystems offer phenomenal opportunities for salmon research. UAF’s new Lena Point facility provides access to a state-of-the-art seawater laboratory and researchers have access to a large freshwater research laboratory at Douglas Island Pink and Chum’s Macaulay Hatchery. SFOS has more than 60 faculty located at campuses throughout the state of Alaska and over 125 graduate students engaged in thesis research in Alaska waters and throughout the world. This hire is part of our vision to strengthen the school’s fisheries program at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. We added seven new faculty in 2008 and expect to add several more during the coming years. Detailed information about the position can be found at www. Qualified applicants must possess a Ph.D. in fisheries or a related field from an accredited university by the time of hire, must be proficient in English, have university-level teaching ability, and have a strong research and publication record appropriate to their experience and date of degree. Post-doctoral experience is highly desirable. Questions about the position can be directed by electronic mail to Dr. Franz Mueter, Search Committee Chair, at To apply, please go to and click on the “Create Application” link to select a User Name and Password and to create your application. Once you have completed this step you can begin applying for jobs online by clicking “Job Posting Search”, and enter posting number 0056918. You will be asked to attach a statement of interest, a CV, and

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March/April 2009

Career Changers & Support contact information for three references. If you need assistance, please contact UAF Human Resources at 907-474-7700. Close Date: Until Filled. Assistant Professor – Virginia. The Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia invites applications for a full time, nine-month, tenure-track assistant professorship in climate dynamics. The Department is an interdisciplinary community of scientists representing the atmospheric sciences, ecology, geosciences, and hydrology. The Department offers B.S., B.A., M.S., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. The successful candidate is expected to develop programs in research and teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels and to participate in teaching our undergraduate and graduate atmospheric sciences curriculum. We encourage applications from scientists whose research, teaching strengths, and interests show promise for complementing the unique interdisciplinary foci of the Department. The ideal candidate will have an established record of (or the potential for) interaction with hydrologists, geoscientists, and ecologists. A Ph.D. in climatology, atmospheric sciences, or a closely allied discipline is required. Applicants must provide evidence of high-quality research and a strong commitment to teaching. Established research credentials in the dynamics of Earth’s climate are required. Suggested research foci include, but are not limited to: ENSO dynamics and air-sea interactions, atmospheric teleconnections, and impacts of internal or external radiative forcing on Earth’s climate. To apply, please complete a Candidate Profile on-line and then, attach a cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of research and teaching interests, and the contact information for three references through Jobs@UVA; search on Posting Number 0602844. Questions regarding this position should be directed to: Robert E. Davis ( or Jose D. Fuentes ( Questions regarding the candidate profile process or Jobs@UVa should be directed to: Jann Goetzmann (jgg3h@Virginia. edu). Close Date: Until Filled. Assistant Professor – Mississippi. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Mississippi State University (MSU), is seeking applications for a 12 month, tenure track faculty position at the assistant professor rank. This position has primary responsibilities in research (~70%), teaching (~30%), and service to the University, the state of Mississippi and beyond, and the profession. Additionally, the position is integrally linked to the endowed program in the College and Department, “The James C. Kennedy Endowed Chair in Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation.” Hence, this position will sustain and enhance a nationally recognized program in basic and especially applied waterfowl and wetlands science. Earned doctorate with expertise in waterfowl (and other wetland wildlife) and wetlands ecology and management. Preferred candidates would have a scientific publication record; strong desire to lead a state , regional , and national level research program, university teaching experience, strong evidence of grantsmanship, strong desire to educate and mentor undergraduate and graduate students, and conduct outreach and professional service in waterfowl and wetlands conservation. Contact: Bruce Leopold at Close Date: March 31, 2009. Assistant or Associate Professor (2 Positions) Atmospheric Science or Terrestrial Biogeochemistry. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Cornell has recently established a Climate Change Initiative as part of its Center for a Sustainable Future (CCSF). The Center serves to focus and integrate the growing interest across departments in sustainability, as well as to generate real-world impacts. As part of the Climate Change Initiative, the Center seeks to facilitate hire over the next 3 years of several faculty members in the biological and physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, and the humanities. We seek applications for two tenure-track positions at the Assistant or Associate Professor rank in climate change science, one in Atmospheric Science and one in Terrestrial Biogeochemistry. For both, we seek candidates to address regional and global scale issues by employing theoretical and empirical approaches such as modeling, earth-observing system and/or spatial information technologies, data-assimilation, spatial statistics, and time-series analysis. The Atmospheric Science position will address the interactions of the atmosphere with earth

surfaces. The Terrestrial Biogeochemistry position will focus on the interaction of terrestrial surface processes with global environmental change. The scope of these positions is intentionally broad and a wide range of research areas will be considered. These “open department” searches seek to place outstanding candidates in departments they best match. Potential home departments are Biological and Environmental Engineering, Crop and Soil Sciences, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and Natural Resources. Both positions will involve 50% research and 50% instructional responsibilities and developing an internationally recognized and externally funded research program in Climate Change Science. Qualifications: Ph.D. in relevant field. Applicants should submit a cover letter indicating why they feel they are a good fit for an interdisciplinary Climate Change Initiative at Cornell, together with a curriculum vitae, a research plan (2-3 pages), and a statement of teaching interests. All materials, including PDF files of selected reprints should be submitted electronically, by emailing a single PDF file to biogeochemistry- search@cornell. edu or (please limit to 15MB). Applicants should also provide names of three individuals who may be contacted to provide letters of recommendation. Close Date: Until Filled.

Volunteer & Event Development Coordinator Actively solicit and maintain volunteer staffing of the nature store, front desk, and administrative and clerical duties. Obtain volunteers as needed for educational program needs (including program preparation and group leaders), community workdays, and other community events. Coordinate special volunteer events such asrecognition activities, training, etc. Maintain Volunteer timesheets and oversee monthly volunteer newsletter. Work closely with the Center Director and staff in the management and direction of volunteers. Seek out corporate sponsorships of events and activities including grant opportunities. Coordinate various details of Center special events such as Autumn Adventures, Earth Day, Enchanted Woods, Water Festival, etc. Assist in other annual activities and events such as EXPO, Groovin’ at the Glades, etc. Seek out corporate sponsorships of events including grant opportunities. Set and meet revenue goal objectives for events. Type and compose correspondence such as membership renewals, program announcements, and news releases. Maintain education program signups and public space rentals. Set and meet revenue goal objectives for membership and rental programs. Maintain mailing lists for newsletters and other mailings. Assist with production and mailing of Center newsletter and other office publications such as brochures; assist in organizing annual appeal mailings, program mailings, or other mailings. Seek and secure funding for the center for events and activities. Create and maintain databases to meet all Center mailing needs. Assist with design and production of brochures, flyers, newsletters and press releases. Work with Center director on website maintenance. Represent the Center at community and chamber activities to promote the center. Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Marketing or similar degree and a minimum of one year experience in office setting. Must have computer experience with wordprocessing and data base applications, including Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and internet and e-mail. Desktop publishing and/or web experience desirable. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must be self-motivated, able to take initiative, solve problems, and multi-task. Please send your résumé and cover letter via email to: HumanResources@ Close Date: Until Filled.

outdoors preferred. Prior accounting or bookkeeping experience and/or training required. Common sense, people-oriented, organized, accurate, team player, sense of humor, and willing attitude are essential qualifications. Please send your résumé and cover letter via email to: Close Date: Until Filled. Exhibition Manager – Pennsylvania. Longwood Gardens, the world’s premier horticultural display garden located in Kennett Square, PA, is seeking a full time Exhibition Manager. This individual will facilitate and manage all aspects of our temporary and long-term exhibitions to achieve Longwood’s goal of providing an extraordinary guest experience in an unparalleled setting to bring pleasure and spark the imagination. The Exhibition Manager is responsible for all aspects of exhibition designing (conceptual, schematic, design, construction), researching, evaluating (financially and audience), selecting, implementing and post-installation management to support Longwood’s mission to inspire people through excellence in gardens, horticulture, education and the arts.Applicants minimum requirements include: Bachelor’s degree in Design, Art, Museum Studies, or related field; 3 years experience, and a proven ability to develop innovative visitor-focused exhibitions. Candidates must have a thorough knowledge of developing exhibitions; including research, writing, design, interactions with qualified specialist, managing interdisciplinary teams, and all aspects of project management. The ideal candidate should have excellent communications skills as well as experience leading interdisciplinary teams. Proficiency with computers and software related to exhibition development. Knowledge or experience in the field of horticulture, art, visitor interpretation and/or environmental studies preferred. We offer an excellent starting salary and outstanding benefits package. Please mail your resume with salary requirements to Longwood Gardens, Inc., Human Resources, P.O. Box 501, Kennett Square, PA 19348; fax 610-388-2079 or e-mail jobs@longwoodgardens. org. To find out more about job opportunities at Longwood Gardens please refer to our website, Close Date: Until Filled. Volunteer Program Coordinator – Florida. The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is currently seeking

a full time Volunteer Program Coordinator. The successful applicant must understand and be able to implement the fundamental principles of effective volunteer management. Strong organizational, communication, and computer skills are required. Applicants must be multi task oriented, have the ability to exercise sound judgment and motivate our volunteer staff. Previous experience in recruitment and volunteer training is strongly preferred. A Bachelors degree and previous experience managing a volunteer program is required. Must be available to work Tuesday thru Saturday during regular business hours. Some evenings will be required for special events and fund raisers. Responsibilities of this position include recruitment and training of volunteers, scheduling volunteers to meet the needs of the various departments within the Zoo, complete weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, supervise volunteer staff and ensure that they are meeting the standards of the program, and complete the administrative duties including record keeping associated with the Volunteer Program. This position is also responsible for reviewing volunteer applications, interviewing all prospective volunteers to be sure that they meet the minimum qualifications, conduct Orientation Meetings, and assist in training. The Volunteer Program Coordinator will work with other departments of the Zoo to assess their volunteer needs and match appropriate volunteers for assignments. This position will plan Volunteer Appreciation events, write and distribute the monthly newsletter, attend event planning meetings and work with the Director of Human Resources to establish and enforce volunteer policies, identify problems and develop solutions, and establish the annual budget for the volunteer program. Please submit your resume with a cover letter and your salary requirements to the Director of Human Resources. 370 Zoo Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32218; fax number 904-757-1626, or email to: Close Date: Until Filled. Assistant Director – Virginia. This position directs the planning, income budget, sales and marketing for all WEF exhibitions. Directs and implements the annual exhibitor sales plan. Directs and implements the WEFTEC banner/advertising sales and sponsorship plans. Oversees specialty conference exhibit sales and sponsorships. Qualifications: Degree in Business

Office Manager – Arizona. Manage the Audubon Arizona office. Provide administrative, fiscal and clerical support to executive director, associate director and other state office staff. Ensure smooth and efficient operation of the office. Qualifications: BA/BS degree, prior work with non-profits desired. Passion for conservation and/or interest in birds and


Good Jobs (from page 12)

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on topics like; the feasibility of wind energy in the Appalachian region of Virginia, Federal programs associated with green jobs, and utilizing union pension funds to finance green jobs. IBEW Local Union No. 1340 President, Neil Gray, after attending some of the workshops stated that “labor leaders within the unions must work hard and think outside the box in order to secure future careers for their members.” If speakers and workshops didn’t provide enough information there was also the Good Jobs Green Jobs Expo and Expo Theater. At the Expo, participants could visit with over 85 companies and organizations such as; Green Careers Center, Sierra Club, and U.S. Green Building Council, just to name a few. The expo was a great event for everyone and as exhibitor; Lauren Grochmal from the Green Careers Center stated “it was so busy; I barely had time to eat lunch. There were so many people interested in the potential of finding a career in the green job sector that we had at least 5-15 visitors at our booth at all times. It was amazing to see all the excitement.” The Expo Theater was just as popular with participants coming to hear talks by career advisors, directors and students. The topics varied from green tips for businesses to training to career advice. Flood thought the Green Jobs Career Forum, with one session in the morning and the other in the afternoon, was one of the highlights of the conference. “Both sessions were packed, with standing room only. Not only did people learn more about opportunities in the green jobs area, but they heard firsthand from the top environmental career experts such as John Esson, Carol McClelland, Kevin Doyle, and Jim Cassio, all of whom could actually offer substantive advice to the jobseeker” commented Flood. “It was time well spent.” Overall the conference “was a huge success” exclaimed Gray, and participants came home with some great knowledge and advice from some of the country’s top experts on Green Jobs. For more information on the Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference check out, www.

RMSS ‘09 (from page 24) in the evolving career world of sustainability, “you must understand eco” he said, “as in ecosystem”. All of the presenters had great advice for ultimately getting a position in sustainability. Mr. Johnston emphasized that job seekers should figure out “who and where you want to work and go to them.” Instead of simply applying to job descriptions that match your background, actively seek out companies that you would want to work for. Mr. Cassio added that you should be able to “clearly relate your experience to the position” that you ultimately apply for. Resonant across the panel was telling the employer that you actually want the job. All of the panelists agreed that a common mistake of job seekers is that they do not emphasize enough that they actually want the job that they have applied to and are interviewing for. During the question and answer period, an attendee asked the panelists of any obstacles that they have faced in their careers. Mr. Bressler noted his lack of accounting skills as his obstacle, highlighting again Mr. Cassio’s point of making sure that you have some basic business skills. Noting that higher education has programmed us to always get the “A” and not make mistakes, Mr. Johnston told attendees that “if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning.” He continued, “get the mistakes out of the way. Try not to make the same mistakes twice, but makes lots of them.” This is how you learn and advance your career. The one piece of advice that all of the panelists emphasized was that you follow what you love. Not only was this there advice, but from their presentations it was obviously what they had done themselves.

Administration or comparable degree or experience. 10+ years experience working on major trade shows in an association environment with responsibility for sales income budgets, and direct leads and exposure/ experience with exhibition operations. Demonstrated face-to-face and direct mail exhibit booth sales experience required. Floor plan layout expertise utilizing Expocad or similar layout software preferred. Experience with AMS database preferred. Strong contacts within the exhibition industry. Excellent verbal and written communication, presentation, negotiation and facilitation skills. To apply, e-mail or mail a cover letter and resume to: Exhibition Sales Search, Water Environment Federation, 601 Wythe Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. E-mail: wef-jobs@wef. org. Fax: 703-684-2489. Close Date: Until Filled. Director (Information Technology) – Virginia. We seek a qualified individual to be the Director of Information Technology. The position is the lead architect in NWF’s use of technology to advance organizational goals; preparing relevant plans and directing tactical implementation of those plans while managing the IT budget and staff. The Director will need to be well versed in both technology systems and business processes and work with a cross-functional perspective to advance NWF’s business strategy and support its collaborative culture. The Director provides vision and leadership for the reengineering of business processes and the underpinning IT infrastructure to achieve more productive and efficient capture and transfer of information throughout NWF. The Director will supervise a team of IT professionals who are responsible for developing, maintaining, and securing the network and systems infrastructure to support desktop applications as well as the specialized applications housed on the network, the human resources and finance information systems, the infrastructure for the NWF website,, and NWF’s telecomunications. The department introduces new technologies as they become reasonably well-established with recent examples including Sharepoint, VoIP, and server virtualization. Individuals must have a B.S. or B.A. degree, with advanced degree desirable but not required. At least five years experience in leadership positions involving information technologies and staff management, and a minimum of 9-11 years experience in the information technology field is also required. Contact: Patrice Garnett at the National Wildlife Federation, Close Date: April 9, 2009. Financial Manager – New York. The Financial Manager reports to Assistant Director of the International Service Center. This position is responsible for the review, reconciliation, analysis and processing of field financial activity. The financial manager will responsible for generating and analyzing financial reports. Candidate will track spending patterns of all grants funding the field offices assigned. Manager will review field office cash forecast and bank accounts to recommend approval where appropriate. Qualifications: A Bachelor degree in accounting preferred. Experience with US Government Grants preferred. Minimum of 3 years progressive work experience. Periodic travel to WCS Country Offices is to be expected. Excellent communication skills, written and verbal, as well as exceptional interpersonal skills. Multi lingual (Spanish or French) preferred. Effective “roll up the sleeves” work ethic. Strong interpersonal skills, an ability to work well with a wide variety of people in a team setting. Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office suite applications and internet. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation

Database Coordinator – Washington DC. The primary responsibility of the Database Coordinator is to assist and support the Database and Membership operations in maintaining Defenders’ databases and related clerical tasks. Primary duties include data hygiene related to Convio (Online Advocacy Database) - PIDI (Development and Membership Database) data sync; data entry; list selection; standing reports; updating and correcting data residing on real-time databases; assisting update and maintenance of documentation of business rules and data protocols; distribution of announcements and documents to staff; and clerical duties associated with such processes. Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent. 1+ years of administrative and/ or database experience; familiarity with fundraising database; knowledge of fundraising/direct mail activities desired. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted as a satisfactory substitute for the specific education and experience listed above. Strong technological aptitude with advanced skills and ability/willingness to learn new software and processes. Interested applicants please reference Database Coordinator in your subject line and submit a letter of interest, along with your resume and salary history (must be included to be considered) to us via e-mail at: HR@ Close Date: Until Filled. Assistant Zoological Park Maintainer – New York. The Wildlife Conservation Society at Central Park Zoo seeks an experienced candidate to perform renovations, plumbing, electrical, shop work and general maintenance work. Candidate will keep records and prepare reports on work performed and materials used. Must be able to weekends and holidays as required. Must have a high school diploma, NYS valid driver’s license and 3 years experience in plumbing, electrical, HVAC and related fields. Starting salary is $29,420 with a full range of benefits. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept. Code: CPZmaintainer, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY 10460. Email to Type code in subject. Close Date: Until Filled. Communications Assistant – New York. The Wildlife Conservation Society’s seeks applications for a highly motivated team-oriented individual to be a pivotal member of its Communications staff to help coordinate media outreach efforts for its five New York Zoos and Aquarium, and Global Conservation Programs. Draft, produce, and disseminate supportive media outreach materials and correspondences, assist in organizing media events and facilitate site visits, maintain media contacts database, provide media research, and provide phone, scheduling and other administrative support. Ideal candidate has a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in communications, journalism or related field, advanced writing and organizational skills, and the ability to multi-task. Public relations and/or science journalism experience preferred. Excellent benefits. Send resume /cover letter/salary requirement to: Wildlife Conservation Society, Human Resources Dept. Code: COMMASTMGR, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx NY 10460. Email to Type code in subject. Close Date: Until Filled.

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The RMSS was the place to be for individuals across the sustainability board. It was buzzing with energy from the individual sessions to the product expo, which featured items that help becoming sustainable simple. Held every other year, the next Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit will take place in 2011. So make a mental note and don’t miss out on this outstanding event! 26

Society, Human Resources Dept., 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx NY 10460. Email to recruitment@wcs. org. Type code in subject: FMPW. Close Date: Until Filled.

Send an e-mail message with Subject: Address Change-GCJ to eccinfo@ or call (757) 727-7895 or fax to (757) 727-7904

March/April 2009

Security. Pride. Opportunity. This is a great time to join Clean Harbors. As North America’s leading provider of environmental and hazardous waste management services, we’re growing as fast as our industry is. Plus you’ll experience the satisfaction of helping to protect our continents natural resources and community health. Whether you’re a first line responder, on-site at a customer location, or behind the scenes doing software development, accounting, or customer support we have a full range of opportunities nationwide. Maintaining and exceeding the industry standard requires the most dedicated and skilled people. With access to the most advanced technology in the industry, a Clean Harbors employee must be highly competent and task oriented. That's why we choose promising professionals from numerous disciplines. Each employee is trained in the basics and provided with a broad variety of career paths that allow them to grow in their own direction. We believe the quality of our people defines the quality of our service. With every service we provide, our most important priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees and our customers. Clean Harbors ensures equal opportunity in recruiting, hiring, promotion, transfer, training, compensation benefits and any Company sponsored activities where the goals of equal opportunity may properly be advanced. The Company's goals are directed toward ensuring that all employees have the same opportunity for professional growth and the maximization of their professional potential in the work environment. We offer a competitive compensation package and excellent benefits including a discretionary 401(k) Company match. Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. 1737 East Denni Street Wilmington, California 90744

Southern California Edison (SCE) is one of the nation’s largest investor-owned, regulated electric utilities, and the largest subsidiary of Edison International. On an average day, SCE provides power for 11 million individuals, 800 communities and cities, 5,000 large businesses, and 280,000 small businesses in central, coastal and Southern California. Delivering that power takes 16 utility interconnections, 4,900 transmission and distribution circuits, 365 transmission and distribution crews, the days and nights more than 14,000 employees, and over a century of experience.

Brighten Your Future With Edison Our heritage at SCE is based on reliability, and our history is defined by a proud tradition of service performed by generations of diverse, dedicated, inspired individuals. Starting with the certainty that our greatest asset is the quality and capabilities of our employees, we strive to attract, retain, develop, nurture and advance a diverse and talented workforce.

Southern California Edison - 8631 Rush Street - Rosemead, California 91770


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Green Careers Journal - March/April 2009 Vol IV Num 2  

The journal of the environmental careers world. Dedicated to bringing those in the environmental careers field the information they need to...

Green Careers Journal - March/April 2009 Vol IV Num 2  

The journal of the environmental careers world. Dedicated to bringing those in the environmental careers field the information they need to...