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New Titles

OCCUPY WORLD STREET A global roadmap for radical economic and political reform

Ross Jackson

MARCH 2012 Green Books ISBN 978 0 85784 058 5 230mm x 153mm 336pp

£14.95 pb

The author Ross Jackson has long been an innovative leader in both the business and NGO worlds. He is chairman of Gaia Trust, a foundation that supports hundreds of sustainability projects in 40 countries, and former chairman of Gaiacorp, foreignexchange consultants and hedge fund managers. Jackson is author of a number of books and is co-editor of Gaian Economics: Living well within planetary limits.


As demonstrators worldwide demand reform of a corrupt global economy that concentrates wealth in the top 1% of income earners, Occupy World Street offers a long-awaited plan of action for ‘the 99%’. Ross Jackson delivers one of the most lucid descriptions of how global financial practices are driving economies to the brink of collapse, and making it impossible to deal effectively with climate change, ecosystem damage and peak oil. He outlines a compelling plan that will allow countries to regain control of their economies, reorganise global trade alliances on a more human scale, and gradually replace the WTO, IMF and World Bank with new institutions that support sustainable economies and uphold human rights. Rather than force a direct confrontation with the global elite, Jackson’s innovative strategy would be led by a handful of small nations that are already starting to break away from the contemporary global order, and supported by ordinary citizens around the world. Jackson has done what few others have had the vision to do: constructed a specific, implementable plan to reorganise the way economies work. It’s a plan, says sustainable economics pioneer Hazel Henderson, that “has the potential to unite hundreds of NGOs and millions of ordinary citizens behind a simple proposal that could change the current dysfunctional game”.

New Titles | Spring & Summer 2012

New Titles

HOW TO GROW PERENNIAL VEGETABLES Low-maintenance, low-impact vegetable gardening

Martin Crawford APRIL 2012 Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 84 3 234mm x 168mm 192pp full colour

£14.95 pb

The author Martin Crawford is director of the Agroforestry Research Trust and cultivates 2 acres of perennial edible plants in his forest garden. He has worked in organic agriculture and horticulture for over 20 years and is author of the bestselling Creating a Forest Garden, also published by Green Books.

Perennial vegetables are a joy to grow and require a lot less time and effort than annuals. In this book Martin Crawford gives comprehensive advice on all types of perennial vegetable (edible plants that live longer than three years), from ground-cover plants and coppiced trees to plants for bog gardens and woodland gardens. There are many advantages to growing perennial vegetables. For example: • they need less tillage than conventional vegetables and so help retain carbon in the soil • the soil structure is not disturbed in their cultivation • they extend the harvesting season, especially in early spring • and, of course, they are much less work. Part One looks at why and how to grow these crops, and how to look after them for maximum productivity. Part Two features over 100 perennial edibles in detail, both common and unusual – from rhubarb to skirret; Jerusalem artichoke to nodding onions. This book offers inspiration and information for all gardeners, whether experienced or beginner, and also includes plenty of cooking tips. It features beautiful colour photographs and illustrations throughout.

New Titles | Spring & Summer 2012


New Titles

HOW TO BE AN EVERYDAY KITCHEN MAGICIAN Fabulous food for almost free

Richard Fox

APRIL 2012 Green Books ISBN 978 0 85784 027 1 234mm x 168mm 160pp full colour

£9.95 pb

Don’t bin it! With How to be an Everyday Kitchen Magician you will be astounded by what you can make from the most uninspiring food at the back of your fridge or cupboard. This book is so much more than a recipe book – in fact, it’s about learning to cook without using recipes at all. It’s about making the most of what you have, reducing your waste dramatically, and discovering how to create spontaneous, delicious dishes in minutes. It’s filled with ingredients that most of us would throw away without a second thought. For example . . .

photo © John Ross

The author Chef, writer and broadcaster Richard Fox, an active supporter of the ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ campaign, travels the country with his demonstration theatre, armed with nothing more than a set of knives, a box of ordinary cupboard ingredients and the contents of an everyman’s fridge, showing people how to convert past-it-looking produce into gastronomic masterpieces.


• A cold leftover sausage, a crusty bit of Cheddar, a bendy courgette and a few wrinkly mushrooms can become a sublime risotto in 20 minutes. • Take a dried-out flour tortilla, half an onion, a squirt of tomato puree, a squidgy tomato and a scattering of dried herbs, combine with random bits of cooked veg and you’ve got a delicious ‘pizza’ in less time than it takes for delivery. Whether you’re a non-cook or an aspiring professional, the recipes, techniques and way of thinking about cooking in these pages will change your culinary life forever. Your everyday leftovers and rejects will become a foody treasure trove rather than wasted cash.

New Titles | Spring & Summer 2012

New Titles

THE WEEDER’S DIGEST Identifying and enjoying edible weeds

Gail Harland

MAY 2012 Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 99 7 234mm x 168mm 160pp full colour

£9.95 pb

The author Gail Harland has a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and was a State Registered Dietitian for over 10 years. She is a freelance writer and photographer with a regular poultry column in The Cage and Aviary Birds magazine, and is author of Photographing your Garden and Grow It Yourself, and coauthor of The Tomato Book.

This book is a practical and attractive guide to identifying and using the many edible varieties of weed. It will appeal to gardeners, botanists and horticulturalists, as well as to anyone with an interest in controlling weeds in eco-friendly ways. Weeds: • may be beneficial to wildlife • can be good for the soil – helping the accumulation of trace elements and acting as hosts for mycorrhizal fungi • are interesting and unusual ingredients in the kitchen, as well as having a range of other uses. The main part of the book provides full details of over 45 species, with advice on how to identify them and use them in the kitchen, including recipe suggestions, as well as tips for non-culinary uses. It includes both the more common weeds, such as nettles, dandelions, chickweed and ground elder, and the less common, such as brooklime and pineappleweed. The directory covers both native and non-native species, including some troublesome invasives. Advice is also given on avoiding plants that are harmful if eaten. With The Weeder’s Digest on your bookshelf you can put your weeds to good use. Whether for making soup or jam, dyeing fabric or making paper, it’s all here. The book includes colour photographs throughout.

New Titles | Spring & Summer 2012


New Titles

THE PASSIVHAUS HANDBOOK A practical guide to constructing and refurbishing buildings for ultra-low-energy performance

Janet Cotterell and Adam Dadeby

JULY 2012 Green Books ISBN 978 0 85784 019 6 255mm x205mm 288pp

£25.00 pb

The authors Janet Cotterell and Adam Dadeby are directors of Passivhaus Homes Ltd., which has recently completed one of the very few fully Certified Passivhaus UK retrofits, with one of the best air-tightness results in the UK. Janet is a chartered architect with over 25 years’ experience, and a certified Passivhaus Designer. Adam is a certified Passivhaus Consultant and holds a MSc in Architecture: Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies.


The Passivhaus Handbook is an essential guide for everyone wanting to realise a supremely comfortable, healthy and durable home with exceptionally low energy costs. Whether you are building an extension, retrofitting your house or starting from scratch, are new to low-energy design or already have some experience, this book will help both architect, builder and home owner navigate around the potential pitfalls and misconceptions of Passivhaus principles. Passivhaus design focuses first on getting the building fabric right, to achieve ultra-low energy consumption in the most cost-effective manner. The approach is relevant to a wide range of building types and climates, not just to special structures. Passivhaus methodology can be combined with elements of other building standards, such as the UK’s Code for Sustainable Homes, or with other goals, such as a commitment to use low-impact and natural building materials. This book includes: • a clear explanation of the underlying building physics • detailed information on key elements: avoiding air leakiness, designing out thermal (cold) bridges, moisture management and ventilation strategy • tips for creating a cooperative, motivated project team • photographs and diagrams throughout.

New Titles | Spring & Summer 2012

Previously Announced


David E. Cooper

FEBRUARY 2012 Green Books ISBN 978 0 85784 023 3 216mm x 138mm 160pp

£10.95 pb

The author David E. Cooper was Professor of Philosophy at Durham University from 1986 until 2008. He was a Visiting Professor at universities around the world, and has been President or Chair of several learned societies, including the Mind Association. His philosophical interests are reflected in his many books, which include Metaphor, Existentialism: A Reconstruction and A Philosophy of Gardens.

Convergence with Nature explores our relationship to nature – to animals, to plants, to natural places – and asks how it can be shaped into an appropriate one that contributes to the good of our lives as a whole. Religions and philosophies have much to say on this subject, and Chinese Daoist philosophy is considered to be one of the most sympathetic to the natural world. Daoists seek an attunement to the dao (the Way), which is characterised by a sense of flow, spontaneity, non-interference and humility – virtues that contrast with the aggressive values of a modern world driven by economic imperatives. Like much contemporary nature writing, the classic Daoist texts reveal a yearning for convergence with nature, nostalgia for a lost intimacy with the natural world, disillusion with humanity or its products, and a feeling for nature’s mystery. The author explains how these attitudes are rooted in Daoist philosophy and explores their implications for us today. He discusses a number of pertinent issues, such as what role science should play in our relationship with nature, whether hunting animals is consistent with an appropriate relationship to them, and whether a harmonious relationship with nature demands an active commitment to saving the environment.

New Titles | Spring & Summer 2012


Previously New Announced Titles

FUTURE MONEY Breakdown or breakthrough?

James Robertson

APRIL 2012 Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 98 0 234mm x 156mm 192pp

£12.95 pb

The author James Robertson, who has been described as ‘the grandfather of green economics’, worked in the Cabinet Office and as a researcher for British banks. In the 1970s he was one of the co-founders of The Other Economic Summit and the new economics foundation. His other books include The Sane Alternative, Future Wealth and Future Work.


Future Money explains in plain language and convincing detail how our money system is propelling us toward the self-destruction of our species – and what we should do about it. Our present system frustrates the well-meaning efforts of active citizens, NGOs and governments to deal with our present ills – worldwide poverty, environmental destruction, social injustice, economic inefficiency and political unrest. Failure to reform the world’s money system urgently and radically could bring disaster for human civilisation before the end of this century. This book shows clearly how our money system operates and how it could be reformed so that it acts for the benefit of people and society rather than the opposite, and explains what is currently preventing that reform. The world’s financial experts and leaders in politics, government and business, and most mainstream academic and media commentators, have demonstrated that they are not yet able or willing to address the profound problems that are directly caused by the money system. Future Money speaks explicitly to independentminded citizens, including young people, aiming to show why people committed to careers in almost every important area of modern life find it difficult to grasp this nettle. This book shows why we have to take the initiative now, and urgently.

New Titles | Spring & Summer 2012

Distributed New Titles New Titles

REINVENTING FIRE Bold business solutions for the new energy era

Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute

JANUARY 2012 Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 60358 371 8 240mm x 200mm 352pp

£27.50 hb

The author Amory Lovins, a consultant physicist, is among the world’s leading experts on energy and its links with resources, security, development and environment. He is the author of 30 books and co-author of the sustainable business classic, Natural Capitalism. In 2009, Time named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and Foreign Policy named him one of the 100 top global thinkers.

Oil and coal have built our civilisation, created our wealth and enriched the lives of billions. Yet their rising costs to our security, economy, health and environment are starting to outweigh their benefits. Moreover, the tipping point where alternatives work better and compete purely on cost is not decades in the future – it is here and now. And that tipping point has become the fulcrum of economic transformation. In Reinventing Fire, Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute offer a new vision to revitalise business models and win the clean energy race – not forced by public policy but led by business for long-term advantage. This independent and rigorous account offers marketbased solutions integrating transportation, buildings, industry and electricity. It maps pathways for running a 158%-bigger US economy in 2050 but needing no oil, no coal, no nuclear energy, one-third less natural gas and no new inventions. This transition would cost $5 trillion less than business-as-usual – without counting fossil fuels’ huge hidden costs. Whether you care most about profits and jobs, or national security, or environmental stewardship, climate, and health, Reinventing Fire makes sense. It’s a story of astounding opportunities for creating the new energy era.

Distributed New Titles | Spring & Summer 2012


Distributed New Titles

THE CHINESE MEDICINAL HERB FARM A cultivator’s guide to small-scale organic herb production

Peg Schafer MARCH 2012 Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 60358 330 5 250mm x 200mm 336pp full colour

£27.50 pb

The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm is the first cultivation guide of its kind, and presents invaluable information for growers interested in producing high-quality medicinal herbs. The book includes 79 detailed herb profiles, growing information and medicinal uses. Peg Schafer, long-time grower and teacher, guides readers with information on propagating, cultivating and harvesting Chinese herbs, and presents fascinating new scientific data revealing the age-old wisdom of nature and the traditional systems of Chinese medicine.

Photo © Nina Zhito

The author Peg Schafer is recognised as one of the pioneers and leaders in the field of the cultivation of Asian herbs. After over 15 years of commercial herb cultivation and research at the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm in Petaluma, California, Schafer has distilled her findings into this guide for growers and practitioners of Chinese medicine.


Through the detailed herb profiles – all tested and trialled on her certified organic farm – Schafer provides easy-to-follow information, suitable for both growers and practitioners, for growing effective wild-simulated herbs. The book also include important information on species conservation, crop integration and how to avoid the introduction of invasive species. Traditional medicinal uses for each herb and delicious recipes are featured throughout.

Distributed New Titles | Spring & Summer 2012

Distributed New Titles

THE NATURAL BUILDING COMPANION A comprehensive guide to integrative design and construction

Jacob Deva Racusin & Ace McArleton

MARCH 2012 Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 60358 339 8 250mm x 200mm 416pp full colour

£40.00 pb + DVD

Photos © Jennifer Rose Smith

The authors Jacob Deva Racusin and Ace McArleton co-own New Frameworks Natural Building LLC, a company offering services in green remodelling, new construction, consultation and education featuring natural building technologies. They are instructors at educational organisations including Yestermorrow Design/Build School, and are involved with the Natural Building Certificate Program, which Jacob helped develop.

Natural buildings not only bring satisfaction to their makers and joy to their occupants but also leave the gentlest footprint on the environment. In this complete reference to natural building philosophy, design and technique, Jacob Deva Racusin and Ace McArleton take builders through the planning and construction process, offering step-by-step instructions on: • materials, siting and site analysis • integrating basic structural considerations into a design • creating the foundation, wall system, roof and floors • selecting and making plasters and paints • strategies for heating/cooling efficiency and moisture management • planning for acoustics • navigating budgeting, code compliance and project management • evaluating options for mechanical and utility systems • protecting against fire and insects • integrating structures within landscape, climate and human communities. This guide offers thorough, up-to-date and advanced installation details and performance characteristics of straw-bale, straw-clay, woodchip-clay and cellulose wall systems, as well as information on earthen and stone wall systems and a variety of framing, roofing, flooring, mechanical systems and finishing options.

Distributed New Titles | Spring & Summer 2012


Distributed New Titles

THE HOLISTIC ORCHARD Tree fruits and berries the biological way

Michael Phillips

MARCH 2012 Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 933392 13 4 250mm x 200mm 432pp full colour

£35.00 pb

The author Michael Phillips is a farmer, writer, carpenter, orchard consultant, who lives with his wife, Nancy, and daughter, Grace, on Heartsong Farm in northern new Hampshire, where they grow apples and a variety of medicinal herbs. Michael wrote The Apple Grower (Chelsea Green 2005) and teamed up with Nancy to write The Herbalist’s Way (Chelsea Green 2005).


Growing a small-scale orchard of tree fruits and berries is something virtually anyone can do, given a bit of space and inclination, and the willingness to observe and learn from nature. In this ground-breaking new book, orchard guru Michael Phillips takes readers ‘beyond organic’ and into the universe of holistic growing practices – a place where backyard and small commercial fruit growers maintain a balanced orchard ecology and don’t just substitute hard-hitting organic sprays for chemical ‘controls’. Phillips unpacks and demystifies the basic knowledge every ecological fruit grower needs to have, including: • choosing the right varieties for your local climate • horticultural skills, such as grafting, planting and pruning • companion planting to encourage beneficial insects and control pests. • fostering healthy microbes, in the soil and on the leaves, to prevent disease and grow delicious, nutrient-dense fruit. Individual chapters touch upon all the major pome fruits (apple, Asian and European pear and quince) and stone fruits (apricot, cherry, nectarine, peach and plum), as well as woody berries (blackberry, blueberry, currant, elderberry, gooseberry and raspberry).

Distributed New Titles | Spring & Summer 2012

Recently Published

THE TRANSITION COMPANION Making your community more resilient in uncertain times

Rob Hopkins “Offers communities a combination of practical guidance and real vision for the future.” Tim Jackson, author of Prosperity without Growth

OCTOBER 2011 Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 97 3 234mm x 170mm 320pp full colour

£19.95 pb

The author Rob Hopkins has created this book through a collaborative process involving thousands of people. He is recognised globally for his grassroots work in promoting community resilience in the light of peak oil and climate change, and is the cofounder of Transition Town Totnes and the Transition Network. His blog is on

In 2008, the bestselling The Transition Handbook suggested a model for a community-led response to peak oil and climate change. Since then, the Transition idea has gone viral around the world, from Italian villages and Brazilian favelas to universities and London boroughs. In contrast to the ever-worsening stream of information about climate change, the economy and resource depletion, Transition focuses on solutions, on communityscale projects and on positive results. The Transition Companion picks up the story today, describing one of the most fascinating experiments now under way in the world. It shows how communities are working for a future where local enterprises are valued and nurtured; where lower energy use is seen as a benefit; and where cooperation, creativity and the building of resilience are the cornerstones of a new economy. The book discusses where we are and where we are going in terms of resilience to the problems of rising oil prices, climate change and economic uncertainty. It looks in detail at the process a community in transition goes through, showing how much can be achieved when people harness energy and imagination to create projects that will make their communities more resilient. Alongside these remarkable stories is practical advice on the tools needed to start and maintain a Transition initiative.

Recently Published


Recently Published New Titles

THE FRUIT TREE HANDBOOK Ben Pike “A really well-organised, approachable yet thorough guide to sourcing, planting and caring for fruit trees. It’s a must for anyone considering anything from a couple of trees to an orchard.” Mark Diacono, River Cottage Head Gardener

OCTOBER 2011 Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 74 4 234mm x 168mm 352pp full colour

£16.95 pb

The author Ben Pike is an orchard consultant and writer, and until recently was the head gardener on the Sharpham estate in Devon, where he looked after a walled fruit and vegetable garden as well as two orchards, containing 150 fruit trees. Ben is currently in Canada where he is learning how to grow fruit trees in cold climates.


Recently Published

The Fruit Tree Handbook is a clear, practical guide for both amateur and expert. It explains all you need to know in order to grow delicious fruit, from designing your orchard and planting your trees to harvesting your produce. Apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots, peaches and nectarines, as well as less common fruits such as mulberries, medlars and figs, are covered in detail, with recommended varieties of each. The book describes all the pest and disease problems you may encounter and advises on how to deal with them. It explains about choosing rootstocks and suitable varieties for your needs, and illuminates the mysteries of pruning with step-bystep instructions and detailed diagrams. It features beautiful pictures throughout. The Fruit Tree Handbook conveys a deep respect for the natural world, showing how to cultivate healthy trees through good management, and includes chapters on restoring an old orchard and setting up a community orchard. Whether you are planting a few trees in your garden or 50 trees in a field, this book provides the expert guidance you need to look after your trees – and be rewarded with basketfuls of luscious fruit at harvest time.

MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR Recently Recently Published Published

GLORIOUS GLUT Cooking, storing, freezing, drying & preserving your garden produce

Jackie Sherman “A great guide to the basics of preserving your harvests.” Steve Ott, Editor, Kitchen Garden Magazine

JULY 2011 Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 96 6 234mm x 168mm 256pp full colour

£12.95 pb

Making the Most of Your Glorious Glut is the answer to the perennial problem of an over-abundance of wonderful fruit and vegetables. It contains over 250 recipes for using fresh produce in new and exciting ways, and also explains how to pickle, preserve, dry, bottle or juice your surplus fruit and vegetables so that they can be enjoyed throughout the year.

DARTMOOR NATIONAL PARK A celebration of its people, places and wildlife

Andrew Cooper OCTOBER 2011 Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 83 6 167mm x 244mm 144pp full colour

£10.95 pb

This book is a celebration of Dartmoor National Park – highlighting its dramatic beauty, captivating wildlife and the cultural heritage of its landscape and inhabitants. It includes stories told by people passionate about their work and life on the moors, offering a fascinating insight into the history of the land, and features stunning full-page and panoramic colour photographs throughout. Recently Published


Recently Recently Published Published

THE BEE-KIND GARDEN Apian wisdom for your garden

David Squire “A charming little book for anyone who wants a gentle introduction to the world of honeybees.” Ken Thompson, author of No Nettles Required: the truth about wildlife gardening

OCTOBER 2011 Green Books ISBN 978 0 85784 024 0 197mm x 122mm 96pp jacketed hardback

£9.95 pb

The Bee-Kind Garden gives a wealth of information about the intriguing lives of honeybees. The book explains how crucial bees are to our food chain, and describes how you can attract them to your garden. With beautiful woodcuts and illustrations throughout, this book is a charming gift for naturalists, gardeners and bee-keepers alike.

SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL IN THE 21ST CENTURY The legacy of E. F. Schumacher Schumacher Briefing No.17

Diana Schumacher

OCTOBER 2011 Green Books, on behalf of the Schumacher Society ISBN 978 1 900322 75 1 210mm x 148mm 96pp b&w

£8.00 pb


Recently Published

Small is Beautiful in the 21st Century traces Schumacher’s legacy through the activities and outreach of those pioneers who have been working on practical solutions to our interrelated global crises. In particular, it describes how several flourishing organisations have remained closely linked with his ideas and work, and have since become associated as the Schumacher Circle.


Eco-Building New Titles

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 47 8 192pp £20 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 51 5 184pp £14.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 72 4 256pp £25 pb

Shows how people worldwide have ingeniously adapted their dwellings to the climate.

An updated edition of the definitive book by the UK’s most experienced strawbale builder.

The most practical and beautifully illustrated book on earth building ever published.

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 73 1 256pp £25.00 pb

Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 933392 37 0 274pp £32.50 pb

Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 890132 34 7 384pp £27.50 pb

“Invaluable for anybody who dreams of designing and building an eco-home.” Grand Designs

A definitive account of the art and technology of rammed earth construction.

All the information you need to construct an energy-efficient and cosy cob building.

Chelsea Green ISBN 978 0 930031 71 8 250pp £24.95 pb

Hand Print Press ISBN 978 0 967984 67 4 132pp £14.95 pb

Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 603582 61 2 128pp £12.95 pb

Shows how to build an entire house or something more modest, such as a studio or garage.

“How to make an inexpensive oven which will bake wonderful bread.” Andrew Whitley

Explains the options so you can work out which solar technology is best for you.





Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 88 1 232pp £14.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 81 2 224pp £12.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 20 1 224pp £12.95 pb

“A comprehensive, practical and inspiring guide.” Sarah Raven

“One of our most respected vegetable growers.” Joy Larkcom

“An essential book for every garden and kitchen.” Nigel Slater

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 62 1 384pp £30 hb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 9000322 61 4 45-minute DVD £14.95

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 02 7 224pp £10.95 pb

“A seminal piece of work on truly sustainable gardening.” Alys Fowler

Martin Crawford explains the principles of forest gardening, in his mature Devon forest garden.

The forest gardening classic, including guidelines on design, maintenance and species.

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 45 4 128pp £10.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 72 0 160pp £10.95 pb

Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 933392 08 0 240pp £27.50 pb

“Covers every aspect of polytunnel growing.” Benedict Vanheems, Grow it!

“An excellent sequel to The Polytunnel Handbook.” Simon McEwan, Country Smallholding

The best organic and natural approaches to keeping honeybees healthy and productive.





Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 68 3 132pp £6.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 92 8 192pp £14.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 59 1 200pp £9.95 pb

All you need to know about planting, harvesting and dealing with problems.

How to start a community orchard, including support, access and legal issues.

Everything you’ll ever need to know about home and community composting.

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 89 8 240pp £14.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 54 0 128pp £9.95 pb

Jenkins Publishing ISBN 978 0 964425 83 5 256pp £19.95 pb

“Packed with brilliant, moneysaving tips for the thrifty gardener.” Grow Your Own

Covers choosing and planning your allotment, harvesting and storing your produce, and more.

All you need to know and more about safely composting human manure – 256 pages of crap.

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 17 1 128pp £7.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 48 9 128pp £6.95 pb

Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 93339 265 3 284pp £27.50 pb

“Every serious organic gardener should have a copy.” Organic Gardening

Use your pee to make liquid manure, save water and energy and prevent pollution.

A revised edition of this guide on how to grow cut flowers on a commercial basis.



Economics & Policy


Transition Books ISBN 978 1 900322 52 2 240pp £14.95 pb

Transition Books ISBN 978 1 900322 65 2 224pp £14.95 pb

Transition Books ISBN 978 1 900322 76 8 240pp £14.95 pb

“Tells every community everywhere how to make local money work for local good.” Polly Toynbee

“An invaluable resource for any green-minded councillor or community group.” Eugenie Harvey

“Will inspire all concerned in making our buildings . . . fit for the future.” Penney Poyzer

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 46 1 288pp £12.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 48 5 192pp £9.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 41 6 128pp £7.95 pb

Shows how new forms of money can produce positive social and environmental outcomes.

Arms us with the tools to free ourselves from the culture that has blinded us for centuries.

“Seldom-heard truths about economic growth . . . poverty and equity.” David Korten

Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 603582 54 4 240pp £13.50 pb

Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 603582 57 5 224pp £12.95 pb

Chelsea Green ISBN 978 1 933392 90 5 224pp £14.95 pb

A new strategy for investing in local food systems, which anticipates post-industrial agriculture.

Argues that we are not on the verge of economic recovery, but rather of complete collapse.

Provides the framework for building your own natural enterprise.


Economics & Policy


Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 54 6 288pp £12.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 90 4 192pp £12.95 pb

“A genuinely readable book about biodiversity. Essential reading.” Mark Carwardine, BBC

Explores how an understanding of Gaian science can help us connect with the world.

A pioneering text for the global movement to recognise rights for Nature. Now in its second edition.

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 63 8 160pp £14.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 49 2 208pp £14.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 60 7 192pp £14.95 pb

Looks at how new information and communication technologies mediate the natural world.

“A thorough, up-to-date response to our climatic predicament.” Bill McKibben

Critical thinkers reflect on the skills necessary to survive the environmental conditions ahead.

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 82 9 296pp £14.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 70 6 200pp £12.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 870098 66 3 224pp £9.95 pb

Argues for compact cities, railbased transit systems and restoring communities.

“Sets the self-deceptions of mainstream economics and the real world on a collision course.”

Twenty-one of Schumacher’s articles, including ‘Science with Soul’ and ‘Buddhist Economics’.

Ecology & Sustainable development


Ecology & Sustainable development

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 86 7 160pp £9.95 pb

Spirituality, Art & Literature


Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 57 7 144pp £10.95 hb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 18 2 192pp £10.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 870098 89 2 320pp £9.95 pb

A pilgrim is someone who sees life as a sacred journey, who sees the Earth as a sacred home.

Traces Satish Kumar’s spiritual journey and his world view based on relationships and connections.

“One of the few life-changing books I have read.” Thomas Moore

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 89 2 144pp £9.95 hb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 73 7 128pp £10.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 00 7 112pp £8.95 pb

Shows how we can recover the art of living and lead a more peaceful and content existence.

How to make the most of ageing and celebrate its positive gifts, with inspirational stories.

How to restore real wealth in the midst of an affluence in which we are starving the spirit.

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 74 8 112pp £8.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 91 1 200pp £12.95 hb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 93 5 152pp £9.95 pb

Looks beyond speed and superficiality to help us find depth and spiritual space in our lives.

A beautiful memoir. “Funny and sweet and wise and profound.” Jane Hamilton

A selection of the magical poetry, elegant prose, prayers and contemplations of Tagore.


Spirituality, Ar t & Literature


Devon, Cornwall & Scilly

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 29 4 288pp £9.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 21 8 256pp £9.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 24 3 128pp £4.95 pb

“A fascinating and highly original book.” Walk

“First-class and excellent value.” Byway and Bridleway

“Very readable and first-rate for a fiver.” Byway and Bridleway

Green Books ISBN 978 1 870098 96 0 128pp £6.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 50 2 256pp £12.95 pb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 51 9 224pp £10.95 pb

“An historical adventure.” Country Smallholding

An inspirational companion to exploring the extraordinary richness of Devon’s wildlife.

“Andrew’s love of his subject is infectious.” Western Morning News

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 96 0 256pp £20.00 hb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 903998 44 1 128pp £14.95 hb

Green Books ISBN 978 1 900322 83 6 144pp £10.95 pb

“Essential for anyone interested in churches and church architecture.” Dartmoor News

“A book of the highest quality . . . handsomely described and beautifully written.” Devon Historian

A colourful picture of Dartmoor featuring stories of people passionate about life on the moor.

Devon, Cornwall & Scilly



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Green Books Spring Summer 2012  

Green Books Spring/Summer 2012 Catalogue

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