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TWOCAN P O R T F O L I O We are located in tropical north Queensland and our ‘virtual studio’ enables us to share our creativity with clients in any location. We also share good coffee - if you’re a local :) We offer realistic pricing and a short turn-around time. We would love to hear from you. • contact Marie: 07 4057 8411 or 0402 081 459 • Skype: twocandesign1

LOGOS Designing a logo for a corporation, small business, tour operator, club, retailer ... or even a boat, is all about identity. It’s the character, purpose, and often the uniqueness of the enterprise that can be reflected in their brand. Many logos are just words or initials with embellishments. More often than not, the logo needs more visual impact; symbolising your operation or venture, visually appealing and easy to reproduce even when reduced to a small ad or a blackand-white logo in a newspaper. We supply logos with impact that will fit on a business card or cover the side of a aircraft hangar.



Esmeralda is a game fishing boat operating in central America. The owner requested a mermaid holding an emerald.

Oil Search Limited is an oil and gas exploration and development company that operates in PNG, Australia, Yemen, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. We designed their Aviation Department logo and an intranet navigation interface based on flight radar instrumentation.

We’ve often cruised down the rivers of northern Australia in a small boat at night. The red eyes of crocodiles shine in the spotlight as they watch us from the murky water. The Night Zoo allows you to spend an evening with a variety of animals in comfort and safety with a bbq and songs around the campfire.

The Deckchair Cinema is a wonderful outdoor venue on Darwin harbourside. Rows of deckchairs lined up under the stars, a large screen framed by the sea. Red wine, foreign films and a tropical sea breeze!

The ancient Quinkans, the Aboriginal supernatural spirits, look down every second year on Aboriginal community dance troupes from across Cape York who gather for the Laura Dance Festival.

The Tufi region in Papua New Guinea is a mecca for diving enthusiasts. Blessed with marine diversity, an unspoilt pristine environment, and untouched WWII historical dive sites. The Resort is surrounded by majestic fjords, the beauty of the reef and rainforest, and the unique unexplored diving opportunities of the Solomon Sea.

Utamic Software is an Australian software development company specialising in interactive web sites, business systems and process improvement software.

Wanggulay (local aboriginal name for Cockatoo) is a beautiful holiday pole home nestled in the rainforest next to the spectacular Barron River Gorge. It is a serene and magical place.

Tourism The King Parrot and Waratah are synonymous Café 33 opened in Stockland Shopping with the identity of the Blue Mountains region Centre, Cairns, in 2012. Simple brushstrokes for 33 and casual hand of New South Wales. drawn letters for café.

A video production company asked for a logo using the letters U and Q. Out of six different submissions they chose this 3D version. When designing a logo we always provide a variety of options. Often the client likes all of them!

It’s not easy designing a logo for an, almost, abstract quality, not having a physical or concrete existence. We decided on creating an image which implied 'releasing or realising your potential and Ideas materialising. Left: A simple two-colour logo with a generic car graphic produced by simulating brush strokes on the computer. Right: Logo for Poruma Island Resort in the Torres Strait Islands.

A Trinity Beach fitness centre with squash courts, pool and a gym. They wanted a green and purple logo with a generic fitness and coastal theme.

Coastal, marine and environmental consultants who are passionate about providing effective solutions for a sustainable society. Green represents land: a seed germinating, blue, the water: a wave or our planet.

Based upon an aboriginal rock painting of the Macassan traders who visited northern Australia for hundreds of years to fish for trepang, a marine slug prized for it’s medicinal value in Chinese markets. Visits left their mark in language, art, economy and genetics.

BALLASTECH have designed a filtration system which purifies the ballast water on ships before discharge. Discharges from these ships have been responsible for transporting harmful organisms in their ballast water.

Inkspot Printing in the Northern Territory were looking for something tropical on their new logo. We chose to illustrate a white-lipped green tree frog on a banana leaf. They liked it so much that it covered the large front wall of their building.

The Blues Music Club logo was a linocut print. This enabled us to retain the rough edges and retain a retro look. The bold casual style suits T shirts. The piano keys as teeth and afro hair reflects the blues character.

Purple and green have been colours representing the women’s movement since the suffragette days over a hundred years ago. The flags represent celebration; women reaching their potential.

Mount Isa in western Queensland is a raw frontier town built around vast mineral resources and the home of the biggest rodeo in Australia. The Mt Isa Council administers an area of 42,904 km² and laid claim to being the largest city in the world by area, with a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records. The logo was designed as part of a promotional campaign for tourism in the Mount Isa region.

SIGNS & DISPLAYS Thala Beach Lodge asked us to create a sign on the highway to attract more patrons to their restaurant. We waited for the perfect day and photographed the view from the restaurant, with coffee and pastries in the foreground, then added rainbow lorrikeets to the umbrella tree. A week after the sign was erected we received a phone call from Thala to say that the patronage had increased tenfold.

The Cape York Peninsula is a compelling environment with unique plants and wildlife combined with a colourful history. We created these information signs for travellers in the Byerstown Ranges. They are part of our series of information signs next to the roads that thread their way through the contrasting tapestry of landscapes stretching to the northern tip of Australia.

Six metre wide billboard Having zoos and a crocodile farm as clients makes life interesting. We jumped into a pen with a huge irate crocodile to take photographs for billboards. Dozens of tourists peered through the fence as the keeper, standing nearby with a short wooden stick, quietly gave some unexpected advice, “if the croc attacks don’t run”. There’s just no answer to that!

Left: Part of a series of icons developed for park signage at Hartleys Crocodile Adventures. Right: Large sign in the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Kuranda.

Three large signs depicting the history of Charlie at Hartleys Crocodile Farm. In 1934 Pop Evan acquired Charlie, the Saltwater (Estuarine) crocodile for his exhibitions. Hartley’s Creek was the first place in Australia to host crocodile shows and demonstrate the infamous crocodile death roll. Charlie entertained crowds for nearly seventy years (he died in 2002).

A four metre by three metre display for Papua New Guinea Tourism promoting seventeen dive operators in the region. This display could be folded into a small package for air travel to international dive expos. We drew the map and each panel promoted two operators so that it could easily be updated or changed without reprinting the entire display.

Display poster for Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

The Savannah Way begins in Cairns on the Queensland coast and ends in the town of Broome in Western Australia. The four thousand kilometre journey takes the traveller through remote regions where cattle stations are the size of small countries and the rugged beauty of the outback seems endless. From the lush green tropical vegetation near the Great Barrier Reef through to the ochre palettes of the Kimberleys our signs give travellers information about each of the regions they pass through on their odyssey across northern Australia. Size: Four metres by two metres.

Lemur - Cairns Tropical Zoo Historical - Hartleys Crocodile Adventures

Indoor photo mural 3 metres wide. Cairns Sharehouse office and internet cafĂŠ.

Indoor photo mural 3 metres wide. Cairns Sharehouse tour bookings office.

Large activities board at Thala Beach Lodge. Spaces available for magnetic labels designed to be changed as needed.

PRINT Apart from creative graphic designers we are, what is called in the trade, print brokers. We want the world’s best print job for a rock-bottom price. Quotes

Export Courier is a company based in the UK. They promote British products in more than a hundred countries. We designed their catalogues and promotional brochures. The globe on the rate card design was drawn as a twodimensional map then wrapped around a sphere using 3D software. All the products are illustrated by us. Jobs are uploaded to a printing company on the south coast of England and pdf proofs arrive at he client’s office in London the following day.

Don MacGregor - flautist. album design and artwork.

Graphic design and artwork for James Cook University ‘Discover’ magazine produced quarterly.

Daintree Eco-Lodge and Spa brochure design and artwork. To quote Tatler magazine “it is the best nature spa retreat in the world�. The brochure is a gate-fold eight page DL with metallic silver ink.

2009. The Bike Bus is an exciting new way to encourage children to ride to and from school with adult supervision. Children are picked up from designated meeting points and ride with qualified volunteers. We drew the scenes, bicycles and riders and designed the promotional publications and posters.

Andrew Matthews has sold millions of books which have been translated into 33 different languages and sell in 60 countries. Book design/layout, flyers, posters, ads.

Porcelain Doll is an up-and-coming five piece band based in Brighton, UK - design and create album covers.

16 page e-brochures promoting businesses for sale in Tasmania




T-shirt designs for a band called Hey Falcone!


hey falcone


hey falcone!


Hey Falcone!


Green bicycle website - mixed media and photo montage

The cover of the Export Courier food issue was illustrated from actual products. A cup and saucer on the desk then a Chilli sauce bottle etc. Once all the elements were illustrated they were combined into a cover design.

Creating pencil drawings to get correct proportion and scale

The late ‘Cloudy’ Beale was a famous pioneer in central Australia. This portrait was drawn in Alice Springs, using 4B and 6B pencils, when she was 90 years old. ‘Cloudy’ ran a boarding house in ‘The Alice’ and was a teacher of the violin and piano. She also ran miner’s messes in Barrow Creek and Tennant Creek. The drawing is fifty centimetres high and the shawl, which is three layers, took twenty hours to draw.

Mixed media illustrations as part of a series for a children’s book about the adventures of a boy and his dog.

Part of a series of illustrations for an audiovisual kit we developed for Aboriginal Education. Pencil and gouache on black paper.

T-Shirt - BLUE WATER CHARTERS, KAVIENG, PNG A school of trevally that wraps around the shirt with the tail sections showing at the back. Hand drawn with colour and shading added in Adobe Illustrator. Screen printed on a white background.

The Telegraph Station in Alice Springs was built in 1872 to relay messages from Darwin to Adelaide. It later became an Aboriginal school and a national park. This illustration was part of a series of central Australian scenes. Drawn during a 40Ëšc sweltering summer day. Pen and ink.

Often, stylised illustrations are far more effective that photographs. The kookaburra was used on a zoo sign. This photograph of a wild kookaburra perched on top of the kookaburra sign was taken recently by a staff member of Cairns Tropical Zoo.

NORTH QUEENSLAND SCENES created in a linocut style. The Cairns Esplanade scene looks out across the inlet where an abundance of waterbirds forage for food on the mudflats. Trinity Beach waterfront with restaurants and view to Double Island and Scout Hat Island on the horizon. The other scenes are Palm Cove village, Mossman Gorge and Kuranda Railway Station.

Plugged In and Turned On. We designed and illustrated (and gave the title to) this 86 page kit for high school students. How to conserve power and water was just a banal text document until we transformed it into a kit that students would find a lot more inspiring! Basic outlines were hand drawn, scanned, and then redrawn in Adobe Illustrator on a computer.

Above: Cover and a series of illustrations for the Ombudsman’s report in the Northern Territory. Below: Six metre mural of the Tableland for the Atherton International Club. Right: The circles show enlargements from mural. Mixed media.



July 2 nd 1855




We distribute our Christmas cards to stores around Australia and online. It started with a photograph we took of a cay on the ‘Reef’ and replaced an umbrella with our Christmas tree at home, added clown fish and a starfish. Now we have fourteen different cards and lots more to come.


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