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spoke First of all, I’m going to embrace my love for the Boise community and its dynamic vibe through events and the partnerships it allows. At our last content partnership meeting, we had Megan Bryant of Idaho Laugh Fest and Dylan Cline of the Idaho Potato Drop, two individuals that contribute to the foundation of why Boise is so dang amazing! To them from me “Remember that all of your hard work will eventually pay off in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Stay the course, and it was an honor covering your stories.” For the second year, we feature our holiday guide and remind those holiday checklists


to be local. As you turn the pages, we highlight mom entrepreneurs creating merchandise and taking it to market. This is not an easy task, and deserves more credit than what we can even highlight. Go moms! Our editorial style is human interest based, from the local peanut guy to the latest in technology startups. In this issue, Dan Balluff of City Peanut contributes his success to the other small businesses he has built relationships. When meeting Dan, he was on his way to a board meeting for Buy Idaho - a real testament to his character. And then there is TalentPair - cool name! The CEO Joe Kosakowski is taking his 20 years of recruiting for businesses with Quest Groups to a

technology based software recruiting application that will read personality, culture, an skill through algorithms. I could go on and on with technology, but I’ll leave that up to future content with Trailhead and Idaho Technology Council - the hubs for tech in Boise. A special thank you to the Boise State University Communication Department for embracing the magazine and featuring your local students! Enjoy, and Happy Holidays! Tia Markland-Crabtree, Publisher


contributors Amanda Antilla Amanda is a natural-light photographer based in Boise. Aside from her photography business, she studied Graphic Design at Northwest Nazarene University. Her second business is Hello Cherie Designs where she creates fun art prints and cards. Her work can be found online at, and locally at Paperie + Pen and Banana Ink.

Pamela Kleibrink Thompson Once upon a time, Pamela Kleibrink Thompson lived in a big city “out west” where she won an Emmy for her work as a production manager on The Simpsons. One day, her prince charming swept her off to Idaho to live happily ever after. They live with their enchanting teenaged daughter in a castle in Meridian. Pamela has yet to float the Boise River or ski at Bogus Basin. Besides writing, she also does career coaching and acts at the Peace Officers Standards and Training facility in Meridian. You can reach her at PamRecruit@q. com.

Amanda Soza Amanda has lived in Idaho her entire life, and loves it. She has earned both her B.A. and M.A. in Communication from Boise State University and currently is an adjunct instructor with the Department of Communication. In her spare time, she enjoys adventuring with her two dogs, Gus and Pickles.

Chelsea Chambers Chelsea Chambers is a graduate of College of Western Idaho and currently in pursuit of her B.A. in Rhetoric & Technical Communication. Writing and nature have always been passions of hers and she hopes to combine the two into a lifelong career. She has aspirations in the fields of journalism, publishing, and editing.


Cody Evans Cody is pursuing a communication degree while also swimming for Boise State. When she is not in the water she enjoys spending time outside and experiencing new things. She was an intern for Swimming World online magazine this summer, and is looking forward to many new opportunities to expand her education over the next few years. She can’t wait to find the career that is just right for her.

Brittany Sailors Part-time Air National Guardsman and full-time mother of three, Brittany spends her “free time” researching, reading, and writing. With a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and six years in Air Force Intelligence, she delights in educating others with thoughtful and wellinformed content.

Jennifer Okerland Jennifer Okerlund – Communications Manager, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. Jennifer has a passion for all things Idaho and has dedicated her career to enriching the lives of others through the promotion and advancement of Idaho’s State Parks and Recreation Programs. Jennifer lives with her daughter in Eagle and believes that every day is an opportunity for a new outdoor adventure.

Terry Welch Terry is a freelance photographer in Boise, Idaho. Someone who enjoys the outdoors, editing images, and meeting new people during his shoots. You can contact him at

Pierce Koehn Pierce Koehn is a Senior at Boise State, currently studying journalism and media production. He has lived in Boise for the past three years and loves the culture and life here in the Treasure Valley. His interests include, food, beer, exploring the outdoors and learning about and using the latest technology.

Halle Smith Halle Smith is a freshman at Boise State University studying Communications with an Emphasis in Journalism. Her main passions are writing, exploring the world, and writing about her travels; which she hopes to do professionally one day. In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, and avidly drinking coffee at her place of work, Dutch Bros.

Idaho Media Publishing LLC Managing Editor: Brainstorm Creative Publisher: Tia Crabtree

Art Director: Brainstorm Creative Advertising Sales:

Errin C. Brown 208-869-8030 Circulation Director: Shawna Howard and Doris Evans Assistant Editor & Social Media Manager: Reagan Englesby Advertising Inquires: Mailing Distributor: Shawn Howard & Doris Evans Greenbelt Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 6 is published 6 times a year by Idaho Media Publishing LLC, Po. Box 1878 Eagle, Idaho 83616. Copyright 2016, all rights reserved. Content of this publication is the copyright of Idaho Media Publishing LLC and/ or respective copyright holders. Contents may not be reproduced in whole or in part without consent of the copyright owner. For subscription information please visit For editorial submissions please email editor@ For advertising, please email

Nurturing the Heart… Challenging the Intellect ■ Toddler class, 18-36 months ■ Peaceful, nurturing environment ■ Montessori certified teachers ■ Indoor/outdoor classroom ■ Peaceful toilet training ■ Call to schedule a tour 331-3888 ■ Weekly Kindermusik Located in SE Boise, convenient to downtown and I-84 Programs for children 18 months through Kindergarten Summer Camp for elementary aged children

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Montessori exceeds our commitment expectations tomyexcellence in for a caring education of both environment and mind and heart. strong academics.”










fitness meets fun

Camp Rhino Finds Ways to Make You Want to Work


f you’re anything like most Americans, myself included, you’ve joined and cancelled more gym memberships than you can recall. Each time you attempt to pop in for a workout, several excuses prevent you from going. With three young children at home, I jump on the excuse bandwagon nearly every day. My bed never feels better than at 5:45 am when my “Go Workout” alarm sounds for the fifth time. The typical run-of-the-mill gym offers a standard set of equipment in a sterile atmosphere, and I’m uninspired from the moment I walk in. While some are capable of individually creating and sticking to a workout plan, I most certainly am not one of them! I’ve often wished that someone would start a fitness facility that feels more like playing than working. Enter Jenn Arnold, a former Las Vegas resident who brought her gym with her when she moved to Boise. What began as an outdoor boot camp program in Las Vegas parks, later developed into a fullfledged gym called Camp Rhino. When Jenn moved to town, she was insistent upon her gym coming with her and was able to convince the Las Vegas owner to allow her to start a Camp Rhino right here in Boise. When I first entered the facility, located off Overland and Orchard, I immediately felt a child-like sense of excitement come over me. My eyes bounced from one structural challenge to another. The building is filled with climbing walls, cargo nets, monkey


bars, rings, tires, and more. Then I met Jenn, the charismatic owner of this adult-sized playground. I’d call it a gym, but that word simply doesn’t do this place justice. She explained each piece of equipment to me and covered the types of courses offered: Cross Fit, Ninja Warrior, TRX, and Obstacle Course Race Skills to name a few. Since Camp Rhino opened in November of 2015, membership has increased rapidly as people all around the Treasure Valley look to find a fun way to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals. When I asked Jenn about the typical Camp Rhino member, she replied, “the only requirement to join is the willingness to try.” Camp Rhino boasts a 75% attendance rate amongst members; due in large part to the way membership is structured. Jenn encourages new clients to participate in her six-week challenge before signing up for a monthly plan. “It allows people to bet against themselves instead of someone else,” Jenn explained. “I have them write a $300 check that I will tear up at the end of six weeks as long as they meet the three requirements of the program. Each participant must show up five days a week, keep a food log, and attend three nutrition challenges. I don’t consider weight loss, although that is a typical by-product. I’m interested in seeing positive lifestyle changes and a commitment to healthy behaviors.”


Members of Camp Rhino rave about their success with the program. Loren Drury has been attending since January of this year when she took on the six-week challenge. “It’s unlike any other experience I have had before,” exclaims Loren. “Coming into the gym, it doesn’t feel like I’m ‘just’ working out. It feels like I am walking into a family reunion where everyone loves and supports me every single day.” Matt Stubbs, a member since opening day, learned about Camp Rhino at a Spartan race last year. Knowing that an obstacle course gym would support his desire to continue competing in similar events, he signed up during their grand opening. What Matt likes most about the gym is the culture. “There are people of all ages, shapes, and fitness levels, and everyone has your back. They celebrate your successes with you and help carry you through the rough spots. I know it’s cliché, but we really are a family. A big, happy, crazy family.” Camp Rhino has certainly filled a long-standing need in the Boise area by making fitness fun and engaging. I may have finally found a good enough reason to leave the comfort of my bed at 5:00 am.

For tickets and more information,




Homeowners who upgrade their home’s insulation in 2016 are eligible to receive a federal tax credit for 10% of the material cost — up to $500.* Contact G&G, your local Owens Corning™ Certified Energy Expert®, to get started today.

*The insulation tax credit (IRS Section 25C) applies for homeowners who make a qualified energy efficiency improvement to their home by December 31, 2016. It does not include the cost of labor. For more information, see THE PINK PANTHER™ & © 1964-2016 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The color PINK is a registered trademark of Owens Corning. © 2016 Owens Corning.









everybody makes history A Historical Renovation is in the Near Future


eople are created in the image of their culture. It builds definition, purpose, and a sense of belonging. With so much history and many stories being passed down through generations, it becomes necessary to have a place that encapsulates the ideas, tribulations, and inventions that have made us what we are. In 1950, The Idaho State Historical Museum set out to do just that. Being the first museum in Idaho, it became a prominent figurehead in Idaho cultural preservation. But standing at well over 60 years old, the museum was due for an upgrade. The three-year renovation project is well underway and is set to be completed in spring of 2018. Boasting over 45,000 square feet of floor space, the museum will be home to more than 250,000 artifacts and new, interactive exhibits. The Idaho Historical Society has been planning this renovation for years and aims to create a space that honors and commemorates all aspects of Idaho land, culture, and origin. In June of 2014, they decided on the theme: The Land Shapes the People, The People Shape the Land and with the dedication of dozens of builders, designers, developers, and editors, the Historical Society has crafted a beautiful rendition of exhibits that are fitting for visitors of all ages. In order to create a museum that honors each part of Idaho, they spoke to hundreds of people across our great state. The designs for the project are geared toward ensuring that every part of Idaho gets their deserved


recognition. From the northernmost tip of the panhandle all the way to the south, they have an exhibit that shares the stories of all our Idaho history. With literally thousands of square feet devoted to Idaho, the Historical Society wanted to ensure that the true origins of the state were included. They met with the Native American Tribal Council and spoke with the five Idahoan tribes to get their insights and opinions on what stories should be part of the museum. Working closely with the council, they are further developing Idaho history starting at our very roots. The museum will also be much more hands-on with the inclusion of Boom Town, a walk-though exhibit that allows visitors to experience history in a live setting. Children can climb through a locomotive, go mining for ore, and inspire creative play for cognitive development. Another addition is the History Lab, where visitors can explore topography, archeology, and artifact identification. The museum aims to create an interactive learning environment for all ages. The Director of the Idaho State Historical Museum and Old Penitentiary, Jody Ochoa, has been with the Historical Society for over 30 years and can’t wait to see the building completed. It’s well-deserved recognition for the state of Idaho. Ochoa and the Historical Society want all of Idaho to see what they see, GREENBELT MAGAZINE | NOV - DEC 2016

“Everybody makes history and everyone’s history is important.” The preservation of our culture is a vital aspect to growth. As a whole, we must understand our roots in order to progress into the future. There are so many facets of Idaho history and the newly renovated Idaho State Historical Museums wants to honor every single one.

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For more information about the Idaho Historical Society, visit

Jeff Jacobs, M.D. is a board certified OB/GYN specially trained in Gynecological Aesthetic Surgery.

2857 South Meridian Rd. Suite 100 Meridian Idaho, 83642 208.639.7300

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the sullivan way

Success Has Been Cultivated by Earl Sullivan


arl Sullivan has kept his motivation and determination at the same high mark its always been. From selling medical supplies to selling wine, his family, product, and work ethics all coincide with a successful business outlook. At a young age, Sullivan always thought he wanted to be a doctor. He started in the medical field as a surgical assistant in a trauma center, which he described as his most “favorite job.” Other positions Sullivan held include working for a medical device company, and also selling prescription drugs for a pharmaceutical company. While within the pharmaceutical company, Sullivan was forced to be away from home for long periods of time, as did his wife who is a veterinary surgeon. Having to be out of town almost two hundred days a year, Sullivan and his wife decided that opening a winery would be fun, and also keep their family closer together. During his almost twenty years of medical experience, Sullivan helped create multiple medical devices such as the dental rat, which is a machine dentists use to type with their feet instead of their hands to keep the work place environment more sanitary. He also helped develop a personal health score data analysis through Proskriptive, which gives you a score based on your health. When asked if he was particularly proud of a specific project he worked on, Sullivan said, “ I’m very proud of what I’ve done


for our med build conferences.” The conference will be held on November 9th this year with a number of national speakers discussing different medical solutions and problems. As a member of the board for Med tech, Sullivan has a lot of responsibilities to make sure all the programs they are into run smoothly, like making sure strategic alignments with different companies get developed. Sullivan also holds the rather larger responsibility of keeping the organization in existence while always moving forward. The stress involved with traveling and not being able to see his family with the job that revolved around the medical field had taken a toll on Sullivan after almost twenty years. In 2008, Sullivan decided to work at a winery and instantly fell in love. By 2011, Sullivan and his wife decided to actually invest in a winery. Their first winery was located in Boise where the Cinder building now resides. They opened the Telaya winery in February of 2016, with another winery known as Coiled, which is connected, and rented out by the Sullivan’s. With the most polite workers, and a clean, organized work space, the Telaya winery exhibits Sullivan’s philosophies to the tee. With fiber glass walls that create a mold free environment and literal carpeting covering the ventilation in the wine cellar itself, the system Sullivan has created keeps the everyday cleaning jobs simple.


Sullivan’s passion for wine has always been a thing for him. Sullivan views wine just like he views life. When asked about the health benefits of wine Sullivan said, “Health is all about balance, if you drink a lot of alcohol it could be bad.” Sullivan applied the same idea to life as a whole and described a balanced life as, “knowing some days you’re going to have to work harder than others, and accepting that.” Sullivan also adds balance to the product he produces. The grapes used at Telaya winery come from either Idaho or Washington, with about sixty percent coming from local Idaho farms, and the other forty percent from Washington. The grapes used in the wine are usually harvested between late August and early November. When asked where the best grapes grow for the wine making, Sullivan replied with, “Idaho.” Sullivan is very proud of his product. For example, instead of mixing in the “sticks and seeds” of the wine, Telaya dumps a lot of their product down the drain to ensure the taste, smell, and quality of the wine is not hindered by taking short cuts. The wine at Telaya winery has seen multiple awards such as, The 2016 Idaho Winery of the Year, and also has awards for specific wine taste, like in 2012 when Sullivan’s Cabernet won a doubleplatinum award in the Northwest wine competition. Sullivan and company don’t have any plans for extending their business outside of Idaho. When asked why Sullivan replied with, “we need to focus on our customers here.” .


on the trail


a family affair

Taj Mahal is a Place that Begins(and Ends) with Family


sk members of the Ishaq family about the Taj Mahal restaurant they’ve operated in the Boise area for nearly 23 years and you may be referred to husband and father Sohail – who is quick to credit them for its survival. “A restaurant is a very, very stressful place,” Sohail said, noting the vast majority of independent restaurants go bankrupt or change management every couple of years. “But we survived with long hours, extremely hard work and involvement of every member of our family.” Taj Mahal, which offers home-style Indian and Pakistani cuisine, survived various challenges largely because each family member contributed something unique. Sohail and Farha Ishaq’s four sons, now in their 20s and early 30s, grew up in and around the restaurant, contributing there and in the larger community. “Their achievement and confidence… I feel very proud of it,” Sohail said. A former Pakistan TV show anchor and radio disc jockey, he moved the family from there to Idaho in 1993, importing leather coats from Pakistan and buying the restaurant in Meridian. The import business was short-lived. He and Farha began operating the restaurant in early 1994. 26

Taj Mahal moved to Fairview Avenue and Five Mile Road in west Boise in the early 2000s. It closed in early 2009 after some nearby big employers shrank workforces that supplied many customers. It reopened later that year in Capitol Terrace downtown, ultimately surviving the deep recession thanks to hard work and loyal customers, Sohail said. Farha is the chef. When asked why she never passed the job to another staff member, she deferred to Sohail. They agreed Farha is a perfectionist who remained chef to ensure quality. Sohail said customers know and appreciate her cooking, which she enjoys. Her education and work background is in art. Their sons – from oldest to youngest, Ali, Danish, Alaa and Hamza – went to Centennial High School. Ali graduated from Boise State University, where he served as student body president. He studied abroad and earned an MBA from Duke. He’s an executive with a large technology company in Florida. “At the restaurant, whenever we needed, he would come in and rescue us,” his father said. “He will do anything. He will come in, see what is needed and start working.” Like Ali, Danish was involved in high school speech and debate as well as student government. Danish graduated from Northern Arizona University and is a well-known videographer in Idaho. He showed early interest in the restaurant’s operations. He GREENBELT MAGAZINE | NOV - DEC 2016

has managed the restaurant and made strategic contributions ranging from technology upgrades and trend tracking to menu modifications. “We see each other almost every day, and if we have any business-related needs, we call him,” Sohail said. Alaa, who studied in the Washington, D.C. area, manages Taj Mahal’s front crew and is learning overall management. He has a unique ability to quickly detect how customers and crew are feeling, his father said. “He always brings us back to positive energy.” Hamza is in college in Florida. He served as a U.S. Navy quartermaster, developing valuable professional skills and an interest in classic American foods. At Taj Mahal, he did any job needed and showed special interest in cooking. Following the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the community was “very generous, helpful and encouraging,” Sohail said. “We never, ever felt we were some outsider. We were embraced like family.”

For more information on the Taj Mahal, stop in to vist: 150 N. 8th St. #222, Boise, ID 83702 or call 208.473.7200


Teaching you how to make something levitate might be useful for when the children or pets come in the house after playing in the mud, but the dripping mud could present a problem. Maybe I could just teach you ways to make the mud disappear. Oh, wait a minute! I could teach you how to change a $1.00 bill into a $100.00 bill. No, that would be considered counterfeiting. As a magician I don’t do the possible, heck anyone can do that, I have to start with the impossible and find a way to make the impossible possible. Whether it’s through corporate events, schools, personal gatherings, the valueadd is morale building in all areas. Therefore, I accept the challenge. I shall continue to share with you the observations of a magician and how to face the impossibilities of life with a new mindset. Until we appear again, Kipp Sherry Biography: Kipp is an Idaho native, born and raised in Idaho Falls. He met his wife in Twin Falls. First drawn here to finish his education at Boise State University, he has now called Boise his home for more than half his life. Working as a full time magician he is busy marketing at events and bringing joy through his services.

For more information about Kipp Sherry and his magical ways, please visit




going nuts


There is Plenty of Variety and Passion Behind City Peanut Shop

ity Peanut Shop, which will be celebrating its seventh anniversary at the end of October, started with Dan Balluff and a 20-year family joke that his father started to open a peanut shop. Although peanuts might sound like a gamble in 2009, the middle of a recession, Balluff knew that small businesses were what made downtown areas unique. “I attribute most of downtown Boise’s current success to small businesses, because small businesses reflect the character of the people and the city. It’s the small businesses that give personality to the city.” Growing up in the Michigan, Balluff and his family would often visit the many classic peanut shops that were popular in the Midwest, South, and the East Coast. After settling in Boise in 1981 with a successful career that took him all around the word before transitioning into a consulting career that gave him the opportunity to work from home, Balluff took inventory of what was happening in the downtown area. Craft beer was taking off and he thought about joining that industry, but he decided to act on his fathers “joke” and play with the idea of opening a peanut shop. Balluff drove to the store, bought a FryDaddy, and roasted his first batch of nuts. “They were delicious. You can’t go wrong with fresh roasted nuts. They were so different from the ones that you buy in the store. I had a sense that people were tired of being sold quantity, wanted to go back to quality , and know where there food was coming from.” With the confirmation that healthy, honest food would never go out of style, he open City Peanut Shop. 28

There are a few passions that Balluff keeps close to his heart as he navigates owning a small business. These include honest food creations, craft beer, preserving open space, and downtown Boise. You can clearly see these passions manifest when you see Balluff sweeping the front of his store, or putting cautionary cones where the sidewalk is uneven. Balluff is a guy who truly cares about downtown and bringing Bannock Street back to life. Balluff’s love of craft beer becomes apparent when you walk into City Peanut Shop and see an entire section devoted to “Beer + Nuts” or the “Brewers Series” line of snacking nuts that perfectly pair with many favorite local brews. “As the craft beer movement came along, I started thinking, what could we do to tie into beer. So I started to use craft beer ingredients on the nuts. We started reaching out to breweries to work together, and co-brand with each other.” Balluff also enjoys the opportunity to sit down with local brewers and create specific beer and nut pairings that are far from conventional, like peanut brittle with pumpkin pie spices, which he has created in conjunction with 10 Barrel. First Thursday’s have also become a popular scene at City Peanut Shop with over 350 people stopping by to indulge in the unique nut and beer pairings. Balluff says that he hopes that City Peanut Shop remains an iconic part of the Boise footprint. “City Peanut has helped make GREENBELT MAGAZINE | NOV - DEC 2016

downtown successful. I started this business because I love my community. We make stuff that makes people happy. My father was right all those years ago when he said that everyone has fun when they come into a peanut shop.� You can find City Peanut Shop in the heart of downtown Boise at 803 W. Bannock Street.

For more information about City Peanut shop, visit:


the dirt


some new recruits

Talentpair Shows Us a New Way for Startups to Recruit


itting in the heart of downtown Boise, a new company is helping startups find talent for their company. Talentpair, founded in 2014 has set out to create a better way for companies to recruit. In the past a company would have to post a job offer online and they would be inundated with employees and vice versa. Talentpair’s method is different. “Talentpair is a little different, which is a great advantage for Talentpair. Essentially we are taking 20 years of recruiting experience from an existing company, Quest Groups, and turning that into Talent Pair,” said Joe Kosakowski, founder and CEO of Talentpair. Before starting Talentpair, Kosakowski was, and still is, the CEO at Quest Groups, another recruiting firm in Eagle. Through his experience in recruiting the idea for Talentpair was born. “There is an algorithm that will match and pair the essentials from a culture, personality, the vertical, the size of companies, as well as the skillset that’s necessary with the candidates we currently have,” said Kosakowski. Talentpair takes the guess work out of recruiting and allows software to find the best match for a company. This automation simplifies and speeds up the entire process. Instead of just looking for talent that fits your jobs basic requirements, Talentpair finds people who not only meet those requirements but would flourish in the company as well. Finding the proper candidates allows


companies to succeed and helps employees find a place where they fit in perfectly. “Basically what Talentpair is doing is eliminating the inefficiencies and the time wasted on me as a candidate finding a job and me as a company tying to hire the perfect person,” said Roumena Kratchunova, marketing strategist for Talentpair. Although Talentpair is centered in Boise, most of their work still takes place in other places. The first market they hope to enter is Portland, Oregon where they have an office, and in the future they plan to enter into the Silicon Valley of Northern California and New York. They hope to scale within Boise and the ultimate goal for the company is to have offices in every state across the country. Talentpair is one of many startups in the Boise area. According to Angel List there are 101 startups in the Boise area alone and this number keeps increasing. Boise is quickly becoming a great city for tech, with a university supplying the workforce and its proximity to the Silicon Valley and Seattle. Boise also offers many other advantages versus these other cities. “Cost of living, and salaries, and it’s Boise, Idaho. It’s beautiful here,” Said Kosakowski when asked about what the GREENBELT MAGAZINE | NOV - DEC 2016

advantages of being in Boise are. Talentpair is an example of the success that startups can find in Boise and in Idaho in general. Nowadays, it isn’t strictly required to be in San Francisco or New York to succeed. In addition to this, the cost of living and the overall growth of the city is making it seem like a more attractive choice for potential startups.

For more information about Talentpair, visit: or their office at 755 W. Front Street Suite 200 Boise, Idaho 83702 QuarterPageVertical-Greenbelt.pdf 1 10/22/2014 11:11:56 AM



Dr. Hudson attempts to provide patients with holistic alternatives in addition to conventional treatment of chronic and acute illness, giving a well rounded approach to medicine. She also focuses on nutrition and lifestyle as the foundations of health.






Dr. Hudson is a Board Certified OBGYN who joined Women’s Health Associates after spending the last 12 years in the Air Force. Her clinical interests include general obstetrics and natural birth, lactation, menstrual disorders, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and infertility.




208-338-8900 Find Us Online: Our Hours:

Mon - Thur 8 - 4 • Fri 8 - 3 • Closed Weekends

St Luke’s Medical Office Plaza • 333 North 1st, Suite 240 • Boise, ID 83702




laugh it off

Megan Bryant’s Journey into the Comedy World


hen you think of comedy do you think of working in bank management or FEMA grant management? Most people don’t, but one of the most influential people in the Idaho comedic community worked both those jobs before starting her comedic career. Megan Bryant’s life is far from conventional in the best way possible. When Megan was five months away from graduating high school she became pregnant and hid it from the rest of the world. Not only did she keep it from her friends, but her family also had no knowledge of the pregnancy until the day the baby was born. Upon the babies arrival, she decided on a semi-open adoption.

the inspiration to continuously push her forward. After meeting regularly with that group, some of the members opened a theater in Boise where they could let their creativity fly. The theater was only open for a year, but they would perform every Friday and Saturday for general audiences during that time. After the theater closed, a handful of people decided they would rent out different venues and perform shows because of their love for comedy. “That lasted for about 4 years, but it was dabbling and understanding that I could create whatever I wanted and see where things would go.” She said it was fun and freeing to try a variety of venues and experiment without risk.

“That whole experience is what drives me to do good things for the world around me and for my family”, Megan stated as she reflected on the adoption. She decided to write a book to educate others on her experience and show how it positively impacted not only her life, but the life of the daughter she gave up. The book is out for sale currently and includes excerpts from the adoptive mother and from the daughter herself.

Megan’s ability to continue pursuing her passion and her extensive experience is one of the reasons Idaho Laugh Fest is here today. Idaho Laugh Fest is an annual comedic festival in Boise, Idaho that happens in January. Comedians from across the country, and locally, come each year to make you laugh until you cry and then some. Starting in 2013, Megan saw that Idaho was lacking a comedic presence and wanted to do something to fix it. “I was at an open mic and I remember thinking ‘I’ll do it, I’ll try and see what happens’. So I picked a date and within 48 hours I picked a name”, she recalls. For the past four years this event has continued to grow into the biggest comedy festival in Idaho. So this January, don’t let the cold keep you in and come out for some laughs that are sure to keep you and your friends warm all weekend long.

Her incredible work doesn’t end there. In the Idaho comedic community Megan started out small by meeting with an improv group that her brother invited her to. “We were a group of a dozen or so adults on a Saturday morning in a living room goofing around. I just have never looked back”, Megan said and no statement has ever been more true; comedy has become 32



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downtown meridian The City Attracting New Growth


daho’s fastest city growing city since 1994, Meridian is no stranger to progress and growth. Recently named America’s best city to live in by USA Today, the Boise Valley’s central city has proven to hold a little something for everyone. With the Village at Meridian’s ever-growing radius and suburban development happening throughout the area at lightning speed, downtown Meridian brings an unexpected experience – a cultural cohesion of strong historical roots and emerging potential. For downtown business owners, the move to the city’s center has been encouraging and positive – part of the reason why more businesses across different industries are setting up shop in downtown Meridian. For Nathan Mueller, CEO of SaaSfocus, the motivation to move to downtown Meridian was clear. Immediately attracted to Old Town, the energy and potential of the location matched the same drive behind SaaSfocus – the ambition to grow with meaning. “I realized we could play a role in downtown Meridian,” he said. “It’s played out exactly how we thought. We’re an anomaly as the only tech company. That’s helped connect us to other businesses and individuals and to be more than just existing in a downtown area.” One of those connections has been to unBound, a technology and innovation lab that was formed last October as an extension of the Meridian Library District. unBound was established with


the goal of giving the community, startups and new businesses access to free tools and resources while creating more walking destinations in the downtown core. New hubs like unBound and New Ventures Lab have contributed to talent growth at SaaSfocus, giving the company access to a pipeline of employees and partners that’s within walking distance and to individuals that might not necessarily fit a job description on paper. It’s the genuine community nature of downtown Meridian that caused a recent growth spurt in the city’s center. Places like Heritage Hop Haus, Frankie’s Java and Blue Sky Bagels have been the gathering places that a downtown needs to attract further growth – and they have are already begun to increase awareness of downtown Meridian. For Josh Everts, it was about creating an asset for the downtown community that spurred creation of The Vault – a gorgeous restoration of Meridian’s first bank into an event space. To him, it’s been a symbol of the evolving community – old views connecting with new, fresh ideas. “Downtown needs a fresh, relevant experience. We need value propositions that are focused on what people will experience here.” So what’s the next step for downtown Meridian? Downtown living. “I’d love to see someone make an investment in downtown living opportunities,” said Everts. “Downtown has a serious GREENBELT MAGAZINE | NOV - DEC 2016

opportunity to create an experience and draw more downtown residents.” Mueller couldn’t agree more. “Cities naturally develop multiple hubs and that’s happening in Meridian now,” he said. “Downtown is going to have to keep taking on new projects to move the dial and create its own hub. The biggest decision will be to determine what development will have the greatest impact.” Considering developments in the past year and conversations in the works, the next few years for downtown Meridian are radiantly optimistic. Meridian Development Corporation, along with many community partners, has been leading the charge in reinstating downtown Meridian’s identity and helping to create a vision for the area. Focusing on making downtown Meridian a “thriving area that provides opportunities in which to live, work, and play,” they have already begun to fulfill their downtown dream. Earlier this spring, the organization unveiled branding for Meridian Historic Downtown stating, “Meridian is a community that embraces its historical roots with the goal of being a vibrant community destination. The signage on Main Street is the first step towards this goal.” Across all industries, downtown Meridian is a wise contender for individuals and companies looking to invest in the evolution of a city. It’s where your next great hire is within walking distance, where the locals know your lunch order and a place to cherish a small town vibe while growing big, meaningful ideas.

This story was originally published on Grow.Ideas.Here.— a platform to share stories of the people, places and potential of the Boise Valley. To read more stories, visit news. For information on creating jobs, attracting talent and enhancing the economic vitality in theBoise Valley, visit 35


f resh

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BOISE’S UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT DESTINATION! The Best First Run Movies with the Highest Quality Digital Projection Senior & Student Discounts Fireside Dining

Through August 2016, passenger statistics are up ten percent at the Boise Airport compared to this time last year, and the airport is excited about it. The Boise Airport needs to grow in a smart, strategic manner in order to support our growing community. That’s why the airport is updating their master plan, last completed in 2009. The master plan will provide a comprehensive look at short, medium and long term growth, 20 years into the future. With an updated plan in place the Boise Airport will be prepared for additional passengers, as a strong economy brings more business, tourism and residents into the Treasure Valley. The master plan update will provide an inventory of facilities, aviation forecasts, capacity assessments, a financial plan, environmental assessment and more. Most notably, it will take a close look at the Airport Layout Plan which will offer guidance on when to add parking facilities, development of the third runway, a new concourse, and many other facilities. Small group meetings and open houses will provide opportunities for public to be briefed on the master plan progress and provide input at key milestones. Key stakeholder meetings will be held to review, discuss and seek input on the following items; master plan goals, inventory of existing facilities, forecasts of future aviation activity, facility requirements, facility alternatives and preferred alternatives, and the capital improvement plan.

More airport master plan information is available at

Hours: Mon - Thurs 4pm-9:30pm • Fri - Sun 12pm-9:30pm 342-4222 • 646 Fulton • w w w . t h e f l i c k s b o i s e . c o m 39



hot potato

The Idaho Potato Drop is the Best Way to Ring in the New Year


hortly after Dylan Cline’s mother passed away, he found himself standing center stage in front of 40,000 people, celebrating his biggest accomplishment. He stared at the Idahoans that had come together in the near-freezing temperatures to celebrate the beginning of 2013. He took a deep breath and said, “Thank you all for believing in us and coming out to celebrate together. I am dedicating the Idaho® Potato Drop to my wonderful mother Kenya, who always stood behind me and supported whatever far-fetched or crazy ideas I had. Here’s to you, mom.”

the idea of dropping a potato from a crane as the clock struck midnight.

He then blew a farewell kiss to his mother, and his fellow Idahoans responded by doing the same.

In the first year of the celebration, 40,000 people attended. Now, going onto its fourth year, KTVB has predicted 40,00060,000 people will be in attendance. Cline said that without the help of the community this event would not be so successful. He went through many meetings to even get the event approved by the city. However, funding for this free community celebration was by far the biggest hurdle Cline and his team had to jump through to be able to make the event possible. All of the sponsors for the event are local and dedicated to the success and development of Idaho.

“You could literally feel the love and energy float across the Grove,” he said. “That moment was the most profound moment in my life.”

Cline described what an amazing feeling it is to be a part of this fantastic celebration. It gives him great pride to watch the community come together and share in the New Year.

The Idaho Potato Drop is a fantastic New Year’s celebration known worldwide after just three years. The event takes place right outside the Capitol building on New Year’s Eve.

“I am so grateful for the wonderful people in our community who support dreamers like me,” he said.

The event originated when Cline, founder and CEO of the Idaho Potato Drop, was at a friend’s house watching a documentary about the ball drop in Manhattan. He noticed that Boise didn’t have a central event to ring in the New Year, so he came up with 40

The potato drop is not only making individual dreams come true, but also enhancing the city and state as a whole, by bringing every member of the Idaho community together and showing the world what memorable opportunities we have here.


In its fourth year the potato drop promises to be bigger and better than ever. Cline explained that the community has asked for an even more exciting show and the Potato Drop is hoping to respond in a huge way. “You can only do so much with an average potato,” Cline said. So they thought of this very creative way to spice up the event by lighting the potato up. There are a lot of eyes on the celebration from far and wide and after this year the Potato Drop is sure to be competing with other New Year’s celebrations around the globe. This year they will be introducing the Glowtato. Cline described it as, “a new high tech Idaho® Potato that incorporates a high-powered LED lighting technology for a brighter, more dynamic high-energy display.” To make this possible the organization needs the community’s support as this is a community-driven event. The Glowtato will cost roughly $60,000 to construct. Thanks to the Idaho Potato Commission, the main sponsor for the event, the Idaho Potato Drop is now left with just about $25,000$30,000 to cover.

You can go to to donate or buy perks.




peaches + creamies Skincare Line Gives Mom Time


oftware engineering manager turned stay-at-home entrepreneurial mom is not a phrase heard every day, but this sentence perfectly describes Ali McClean, Boise native and creator of natural skincare company Peachies and Creamies. Family is something extremely important to McClean. Her son, Collin, who is eleven years old, and daughter, Megan, who is now twenty years old, are the most important pieces of her life. Her children were the main reason for her deciding to end her career as a software engineering manager. She knew starting her own company would not happen overnight, but she went for it anyway. “I dedicated time to learning about marketing, advertising, social media, how to sell over the internet, and how to get an LLC. I had to learn how to do something from the ground up, I had no mentor and had to learn everything on my own”. McClean hired a company to create a website and packaging, but she had to learn how to create the brand. She has taught her children that “with hard work and with hope and faith you can make something happen”. Peaches and Creamies was founded in 2015 and as of now they are sold in five stores in Idaho and have an online presence. There are two products: a full body cream that is all natural and organic and can be used on the face, and a body wash. The


company is slowly growing because McClean is committed to having a debt free company. When she first resigned from software engineering, McClean received her yoga certification and used it for charity. She taught yoga for the Haze House, which is an outlet for low income teens in Idaho. She wanted to do something different, and from her time teaching yoga she realized, “I can do this, I can start a company. I became less afraid, almost like another opportunity. I have time I’m not going to waste it now”. From her time teaching yoga, McClean became inspired with giving back. Peaches and Creamies gives one percent of profits to charity. McClean has decided to donate to GoFundMe, which is a website where community members can share their stories and ask for donations. McClean said she chose GoFundMe as the charity “because I find the ones I choose are so inspirational and all have a story”. She would like more input from the community in order to become involved with small local companies that do not have the means to get their word out. McClean gets her entire family involved with the company and said, “the company is a family company and we are all close to it.” McClean said that her son just recently told her “you are going to come up with more products. Two kinds of lip balm and you are going to have perfume oil.” McClean’s kids, GREENBELT MAGAZINE | NOV - DEC 2016

husband, and friends and family are all really proud, and are learning right alongside of her. McClean, because of Peaches and Creamies, is now able to pick up and drop off her son at school, which she was not able to do before. She is also able to pack her sons lunch; it is these little things she appreciates. She can also be there for her older daughter because she said, “kids need you in a different way when they are older.” The company is slowly growing and, as of right now, everything that is made, McClean gives back to the company in order to attempt to be debt free; she always keeps her family in her best interest.

For more information about Peaches + Creamies, visit

PROFILE MAXIMIZE YOUR DAY ON THE SLOPES WITH SNOCRU! What do you expect in a GPS-enabled world, but to have an app that will track your entire day on the slopes in real-time. SNOCRU is the leading ski and snowboard tracking app (iOS & Android), full of cool features that will connect you and your friends on the slopes. Inside SNOCRU, users can track their accomplishments, such as vertical descent, max speed, number of runs, and brag to their friends by easily sharing on social media. SNOCRU is also a great tool for staying connected with friends and family throughout the entire day by simply sharing location and tracking each other on the slopes in real-time. Even better, SNOCRU allows friends to compete for glory through its new DAYCRU feature - let the games begin! Compatible with Apple Watch and Pebble Watch, you don’t have to fumble with your gloves or risk getting cold hands - your entire day on the slopes is quickly accessible on your wrist. Turn the mountains on! Of course, building all of these amazing features into seamless mobile and wearable experiences wouldn’t have been possible without the software developers, engineers, and product experts at Vynyl’s Boise office. Vynyl, is a team of over 50 technologists dedicated to building amazing software in partnership with clients like SNOCRU, has been instrumental in making SNOCRU the top snow-sports app in the world.

For more information or to download the app, visit:



17th Annual Idaho

Remodeling & Design Show January 28-29, 2017 - Boise Centre Saturday 10-5pm & Sunday 11-4pm 100+ Exhibits

$1.00 Off Admission

Info: 208.376.0464 Adults $5. Children 16 & Under Free Boise Centre: 850 W Front St Downtown Boise Only valid for one admission


real estate

Modern Elegance in Dallas Harris Estates! From the large beams supporting the covered front porch to the generous patio & low maintenance yard, every inch of this home will impress. Inside you’re greeted by 10-foot ceilings & open-concept main level. Kitchen is made to entertain in style with quartz counters, glass backsplash and huge island/breakfast bar. Steal away to the spacious master suite w/ sitting room, spa-like bath, walk-in closet & zen room/gym. SEE MORE AT

Stunning Spring Creek at Harris Ranch! Gather around the large island in the gourmet kitchen w/slab granite & custom cabinetry & continue the entertaining out on the spacious covered deck overlooking your lush lawn, gardens & fire pit. Separate office & private guest suite on main level, huge master w/sitting nook & luxurious spa bath w/jetted tub. All baths feature granite counters. Laundry shoot & tons of storage. Community pools/clubhouses/ fitness ctr. - SEE MORE AT

3 bed | 2.5 bath | 2,751 sq. ft. | $439,900

Dawn & Mark Templeton 208.473.2203

Templeton Real Estate Group 2881 S. Trailwood | Boise

The MIRADA by Tahoe Homes features hard to find RV BAY, Jr Master Suite & Over-Sized Great Room! This open concept, large SINGLE-LEVEL home has gorgeous exposed beams in the living room & stunning built-in entertainment center flanking the Stacked-Quartz gas fireplace. Gourmet kitchen is spectacular & equipped with large pantry. Well thought out touches are found throughout the exquisite MIRADA, including the spacious office with its double doors. The possibilities are endless in EAST VALLEY!

4 bed | 3.5 bath | 3,653 sq. ft. | $619,900

Dawn & Mark Templeton 208.473.2203

The TALLGRASS by Tahoe Homes is the right home for your LIFESTYLE! Located in highly desireable Harris Ranch isn’t short on designer details. The open, airy feel of this Move-in Ready home is a delight. Fall in love with the multitude of tall windows that create light filled rooms & highlight the designer details. The kitchen is functional and stunning with its custom floor to ceiling cabinets and gorgeous countertops! Harris Ranch offers natural amenities all around you!

4 Bed | 3 Bath | Garge + RV Bay | $498,000

Kami Brant 208.713.1933


O2 Real Estate Group 7024 Highland Valley Dr. | Boise

Templeton Real Estate Group 5409 E. Quartersawn | Boise

4 Bed | 2.5 Bath | 3 Car | $384,000

Kami Brant 208.713.1933

O2 Real Estate Group 3077 S. Shadywood Way | Boise


18960 Malt Rd., Caldwell

2148 W. Tango Creek, Meridian

2408 N. 20th St., Boise

Tucked away on a private lane that takes you to the best views in the valley is this Custom built home on 5 acres. Stone floor to ceiling fire place w/open floor plan & kitchen Island. Large master suit and guest rooms. Climate controlled extra large 1000sqft 3 car garage. Huge covered deck to take in the views! 48ftx60ft shop + 24ftx24ft tack room. 5 acres with water rights perfect for your horses! Just 35 minutes to Boise!

Great opportunity to own a home in desirable Lochsa Falls. Community offers multiple waterfalls,miles of winding paths,acres of disc golf & close to desirable schools and Spurwing Golf Course. This home has an open spacious floor plan w/vaulted ceilings, formal dining, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, hardwood floors, stone fireplace, office and extra main level room.

OVER-SIZED LOT IN THE NORTH END! This charming bungalow was just recently renovated from top to bottom. Renovations include new roof, furnace, paint, trim, carpet, quartz counter tops, new cabinets, glass tiled back-splash & stainless steel appliances, and updated bathrooms. It boasts 2 bed/1 bath on the main level, & 2 bed/1 bath in the finished basement. Classic original hardwood floors throughout upstairs. MUST SEE!

Sandi Rubio Front Street Brokers

Sandi Rubio Front Street Brokers

Tia Crabtree Front Street Brokers

208-850-3681 $ CALL

208-850-3681 $ CALL

208-484-8215 $ CALL

Coming Soon to Harris North

Coming Soon to Harris North

Coming Soon to Harris North

COMING SOON - THE COTTONWOOD The Cottonwood plan offers a dynamic great room opening to the dining room and impressive kitchen. The rear covered porch extends across the main living areas providing continuity to the outdoor living space. This plans also includes an oversized walk-in pantry, a remarkable laundry room and a study off the entry. 3 bed | 2.5 bath | 3,969 sq. ft.

COMING SOON - THE HIGHLAND A remarkable open staircase is the highlight of the soaring entry and dining room of the Highland plan. The private study, nestled at the rear of the home, will make an excellent home office with views from the covered patio. The second floor master bedroom boasts a spa-like master bath with a free standing tub and oversized shower. 4 bed | 3.5 bath | 3,590 sq. ft.

COMING SOON - THE SHOSHONE This plan welcomes you with a covered porch and two-story entry. The vaulted ceiling great room includes a fireplace adjoining with the expansive kitchen with office. The master bedroom suite includes a sitting area, 2 walk-in closets, freestanding tub, and large tiled shower. Just above, the second floor offers 4 bedrooms and a large bonus room. 6 bed | 4 bath | 4,095 sq. ft.

John Waitter Silvercreek Realty

John Waitter Silvercreek Realty

John Waitter Silvercreek Realty

208-982-0944 Starting at $686,900

208-982-0944 Starting at $752,000

208-982-0944 Starting at $806,000

1123 W. Sherington, Eagle

3878 E. Parkcenter Blvd., Boise

3013 Shadywood Way, Boise

Build your riverfront dream home on a fabulous estate lot in one of Eagle’s most desireable neighborhoods. Unique old world charm blends into the stunning natural beauty of this community with many amenities:Gorgeous landscaping,Stunning Water Features,Amazing clubhouse,Infinity Edge Pool, Tennis & BB Court & miles of walking trails.

You don’t have to sacrifice anything with private courtyard for entertaining, large great room, spacious kitchen with tons of cabinet & counter space. Built-in entertainment bar & over-sized picture windows for an abundance of natural light. Ultra modern amenities with nothing spared in this townHOME! Available February 2017. Photo similar. 3 Bed | 2.5 Bath | 2 Car

The BLUEBELL by Tahoe Homes is Urban Living at it’s Finest. Enjoy entertaining again in this stunning Gourmet Kitchen and Great Room with over-sized windows allowing natural light to flow in! Bonus Room with Full Bath could be used as a guest suite or a multitude of other uses! Don’t miss out on your chance to live in this premier neighborhood. Photo similar. 5 Bed | 3.5 Bath | 3 Car

Tia Crabtree Front Street Brokers

Kami Brant O2 Real Estate Group

Kami Brant O2 Real Estate Group

208-484-8215 $ CALL


208-713-1933 $444,900


dining guide A Westside Drive-In

1113 Parkcenter Blvd, Boise 208.424.0000 |

B Waterfront Grill at the Drink

M Bowl of Heaven, Eagle 435 S Eagle Road Suite 110, Eagle 208.939.0748 |

N Cylos Lounge

3000 Lakeharbor Lane, Boise 208.853.5070 |

C Mazzah

1065 E Winding Creek Drive, Eagle 208.939.6253 |

O Crooked Fence Barrelhouse

404 E Parkcenter Blvd, Boise 208.333.2223 |

D Lucky 13

5181 N Glenwood Street, Garden City 208.376.4200 |

P Fork 199 N. 8th Street, Boise 208.287.1700 |

23662 South Eckert Rd, Boise 208.344.6967 |

E Boise Fry Company

Q Bittercreek Ale House

3083 S Bown Way, Boise 208.965.1551 |


Café Olé Restaurant & Cantina

246 N. 8th Street in Downtown Boise 208.429.6340 |

R The Dish

Boise Towne Square | 208.322.0222 3284 E Pine, Meridian | 208.887.3888

G Bella Aquila

205 N. 10th St, Boise 208.344.4231 |


775 S Rivershore Ln, Eagle 208.938.1900 |

H The Griddle

999 Main Street, Boise 208.342.4900 |


404 E Parkcenter Blvd #200, Boise 208.297.7615 |


Raw Sushi 2273 S Vista Ave, Boise 208.343.0270 |


Rice Contemporary 228 E Plaza St. Suite Q, Eagle 208.939.2595 |

K Sa-wad-dee Thai Restaurant 1890 E Fairview Ave, Suite B, Meridian 208.884.0701 |


Proto’s Pizza 345 South 8th Street, Boise 208.331.1400 |



Piper Pub 150 N 8th St. #200, Boise 208.343.2444|


Juniper 211 N 8th St, Boise 208.342.1142 |

V Bardenay 610 W Grove St, Boise 208.426.0538 |

W Chandlers Hotel 43 | 981 West Grove Street, Boise 208.383.4300 |

X Bleubird Cafe 224 N. 10th St., Boise 208.345.1055 |




Breakfast Soup




Burgers Wraps





Drinks Whole Foods Steak Mexican Seafood Sandwiches

3 North Boise


Pizza Pasta


NW Boise

W BoiseMeridian

ar 2de



276 Bobwhite Ct, Boise 208.338.5000 |

SW Boise (Airport)

SE Boise


1002 Main St, Boise 208.336.5552 |

EE Capitol Cellars 110 S 5th St, Boise 208.344.9463 |


Berryhill 121 N 9th St #102, Boise 208.387.3553 |

GG Taj Mahal

CC Cottonwood Grille

HH Oak Barrel of Eagle

913 W River St, Boise 208.333.9800 |



BB Parilla Grill I Raw Sushi

1512 N 13th St, Boise 208.323.4688 |

NE Boise

DD Asiago’s

7845 West Spectrum Street, Boise 208.658.7173 |

AA Barbacoa


P Q R S 1West BoiseCC T U V W EE *X Y DD L F Boise C Bench H I A E

108 S Capitol Blvd, Boise 208.345.4100 |

Z Goodwood BBQ



Contact us atSW BoiseMeridian to add your restaurant to the Greenbelt Dining Map & Guide

Y Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro



150 N 8th St, Boise 208.473.7200 |

1065 E Winding Creek Dr, Eagle 208.938.3010 |


beer & wine breweries 1 Sockeye Grill and Brewery 3019 Cole Rd, Boise / 12542 W Fairview, Boise 208.658.1533 / 208.322.5200 |

2 Crooked Fence Brewing Co. Tasting Room - 5242 Chinden Blvd, Garden City Crooked Flats - 3705 Hwy 16, Eagle 208.258.6882 |

3 Highlands Hollow Brewhouse 2455 Harrison Hollow Lane, Boise 208.343.6820 |


tasting rooms 4 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards 5900 Pearl Road, Eagle 208.863.6561 |

5 Amsterdam Lounge 609 W. Main St., Boise 208.345.9515 |

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Greenbelt Magazine - Nov/Dec 2016  

It's a Boise Thing!

Greenbelt Magazine - Nov/Dec 2016  

It's a Boise Thing!