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“On-Root� through South Africa (Root: origin; source; core) (Route: path; course; direction; road)

Roots - Cultural or family origins, especially as the basis for a feeling of belonging in a 1 particular place or environment

We have an international event on our doorstep in every sense of the word and we need to understand the importance of worldwide media interest and attenton in the 2010 Soccer Worldcup . The time to show what we are made of is here and now.

We are a great nation.

We offer all and more than the rest of the world. Let’s promote our country, let’s be proud of what we have to offer. Let us prove to the rest of the world that we are, despite all opinions, capable of hosting an event such as 2010 successfully, but more than that – what we are as South Africa! SA is indeed a little piece of heaven on earth. We conserve, teach, grow, recycle, work together as one, and have the best of the world right here.


To Celebrate This And Frankly To “Brag” A Bit

About SA, Green Bee Publications Will Be Launching A Brand New Magazine Called “On Root Through South Africa”. The Magazine Covers South Africa. ALL Of It. People, Places To See, Things To Do, quaint, Weird Or Wonderful, Where To Shop, Sleep, eat And More…it’s Like Having your own Personal Tourguide - With The Advantage Of Being Able To Flip Forward To Information You Are Really Interested In! And This Is Where You The Advertiser Comes In. We Need Your Help. It’s All Good And Well To Talk About All That’s Available Here, But Face It; The Proof Is In The Pudding. 3

Without You It All Remains Talk…

Stop For A Second And Think…what Are All The Things You’d Want To Know If You Considered Travelling, Wheteher That Be Abroad Or Locally? What Is There That You’d Love To See Or Experience? How Much Do You Think Is Out There To Experience That You Aren’t Even Aware Of Or Have Never Considered Due To Lack Of Information? Do You Know What To Pack, What Will Be Available, How To Get There And What To See Along The Way? Where To Stay – Is It Safe, Central, Comfortable? What To Eat – Does It Fall In Your Usual Expectations And Taste, Or Should You Be Daring And Try Something That Represent That Specific Country’s Taste And Customs? Where To Go In A Medical Emergency?

Will There Be Transport Available? Where Can I Experience This Country At Its Best? How True Are All Your Pre-conceived Ideas About 4 This Country?

“On-Root” is a professional web-based publication

using the latest technology and will have the appearance of an actual magazine. You can flip through the pages, quickly asses info through the index, read articles, photos and info, all information accurate and of high quality– and all this without having to cut down one single tree –

“On-Root” is GREEN. See your business exposed worldwide in a truly South African style.

Please see fees for advertising. Advertorials also welcome.


Fees: - Dimensions Full Page A4 size 210mm x297mm 1/2 Page 210mm x 148mm 1/4Page – A6 size 105mm x 148mm

Size Full page A4 Half Page Quarter A6

Price once off R3000.00 R2100.00 R1500.00

2-5months Full page A4 R2850.00 Half Page R1995.00 Quarter A6 R1425.00

6-9months R2700.00 R1890.00 R1350.00

10-12 months R2550.00 R1785.00 R1275.00

”Smalls” (Baby Bee’s) also available on request! (30mm x 50mm ) For More Information Please contact Green Bee Publications at: Tel: 083 300 2272 Fax: 086 531 0763 E-Mail: Web:



Magazine featuring South Africa as tourism destination, locally and abroad. Includes articles and features on history, places, people and m...

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