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Health Slimming Coffee (Old)

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Health slimming coffee Exclusive






Slimming Coffee) supply energy for the body and burn the redundant fat. It can speed up the metabolism, clean the internal systerm in time and refreshed. Hence provides supplement for body to keep beauty, healthy and perfect shape.(Recommended by PandaBuy) This formula is special for under stress, long-term office work, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise among city dwellers, who will lead to fat accumulation and development of

cellulites. [Ingredients] Instant coffee, Lingzhi Spore Powder, Rose Powder, Semen Cassiae, Dietary Fiber and so on.

[Specification] 20 bagsĂ—10g

[Usage] Drink once a day 15 minutes before breakfast or lunch. Dip it in one glass of 80-100ml hot water.

[Effect] It can lose 5 pounds after drinking for one week. Control diet appropriately and increase excise will get better result. Sliming Coffee takes effective quickly without side effect and dependency; you can see the effect in three days.

[Suitable Groups] People with redundant fat and who pursuit perfect shape.

[Precaution] This product is not intended to pregnant women as well as children.


Health Slimming Coffee  

Health Slimming Coffee