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CRM Driven Solutions for Sport & Leisure

CRM D r i v e n S o l u t i o n s f o r S p o r t & L e i s u r e

MARKET LEADING SYSTEM Green 4 combine expertise in building customer interaction solutions for Sport & Leisure with a vision to help these organisations maximise and leverage their customer and supporter relationships, generating lifetime loyalty. The Green 4 Sport solution has a number of modules in order to ensure a joined-up approach can be applied to every sports stadium, venue or association. With a powerful CRM engine, the complete single platform system provides full functionality for ticketing, retail and hospitality sales with ‘single basket’ transactions both in store and online, as well as marketing and ecommunications, food and beverage, loyalty and cashless.

CRM IS AT OUR HEART CRM is at the heart of our solution and it provides the foundation for all of our modules. This enables clients to gain full control of their supporter and customer data with a true 360 degree view. Our systems are customer focussed in order to ensure that the customer experience is enhanced at all touchpoints and to maximise the value of each interaction, increasing loyalty in line with commercial revenues.

Case Study - The Original Bowling Company ROI BENEFITS • Increased YOY revenues of 7% • EBITDA increased by 18% • Database size doubled, with revenue growing in line with database growth MONTHLY REVENUE EXAMPLES • Additional £225,000 from eCommunications activity • £110,346 additional revenue from an automated e-survey BEHAVIOURAL SHIFTS • 40% of bookings now made on a mobile web device • 38% of bookings now made 24+ hours in advance

Formed in 2010, The Original Bowling Company (TOBC) is the UK’s largest tenpin bowling operator with 25 Hollywood Bowl and 19 AMF Bowling Venues. The economic outlook continues to present difficulties for many in the leisure sector, and some bowling operators have reported revenues down 16% YOY. However, using Green 4 Leisure to ensure a joined-up approach, TOBC is bucking the trend of declining profitability and obtaining the growth that eludes others.

We have been delighted with the service we have received from the team at Green 4. A top class product that is focussed on the commercial and service orientated goals of our company. Steve Burns, Director

Through a detailed understanding of customer behaviour, and with the implementation of well thought out CRM and marketing strategy, performance reports have shown revenues increasing by 7%. Director, Steve Burns, comments: “We have a business that interacts with 12.5 million customers a year and have seen an almost immediate return on our investment. With Green 4’s help, we are evolving the relationship with our customers to keep ourselves competitive and at the cutting edge in the leisure marketplace”

• Web visits increasing by 17% month-on-month

T h e S i n g l e S t a d i a S o l u t io n


The technology bit... Green 4 use the worldwide market leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution as a foundation, which offers Green 4 a ‘head start’ when it comes to development.

Customer profiling & segmentation eCommunications - automated & specific marketing campaigns Ticketing - online & POS

With a .NET platform and SQL server environment alongside existing role based security, workflow functionality, reporting services and a familiar Microsoft user interface, Green 4 can focus their development expertise on specific functionality that is required for a professional club, association or leisure business.

Cashless Single shopping basket Single sign on Advanced loyalty programme Full integration to 3rd party systems where necesssary

The flexibility of Microsoft deployment options also means that the system can be hosted securely by Green 4, or installed on premise, with a variety of payment options.

Food & beveraging Corporate sales management


Corporate Sales

Cashless Loyalty Access Control Ticketing Retail

Food & Beverage


Green 4 are the market leader in providing ‘joined-up’ venue solutions to Sport & Leisure organisations, with over 150 clients.

T ic k e tin g & R e t ai l O n A Si n g l e P la tf o r m

TICKETING Green 4’s approach to ticketing is to use the latest technology available to provide venues with a CRM focused, online, data-driven ticketing solution. 4 Ticketing enables clubs to streamline the ticket purchasing process, capture customer information directly into the CRM database and improve communication - without penalising venues and customers with an online transaction charge. With a simple user interface right within the CRM back office system, you gain absolute control over your venue. Your in house team have the ability to quickly make changes to all elements of game set up, such as the stadium map and pricing structure.

FEATURES Remove the need for complex integration between different systems Simple in system stadium set up and pricing management Powerful CRM and ecommunications features means that profiles of customers are constantly enriched with all of their interactions - enabling highly personalised and targeted communication BUY TICKETS

Automated communications used for transaction acknowledgements and pre/post event campaigns. Easy to use email design tool within CRM Single shopping basket ticketing and retail purchases in one single transaction Multiple payment methods Access Control integration

I m m e d i a t e I n s i g h t F r o m Yo u r Da t a

Retail Ticketing

SINGLE BASKET TICKETING & RETAIL With our single shopping basket approach, supporters can now buy both tickets and merchandise in the same transaction. Transactional information from both sources is all stored directly in the CRM engine, building invaluable insight into purchasing patterns. This fully joined-up offering will enhance the experience for your fans, as well as providing a greater opportunity to increase commercial revenues. The single sign-on removes the necessity for supporters to have multiple accounts and therefore the confusion that comes with this is also removed. Data collection then becomes a simpler task and is all stored centrally in CRM along with all of the transactional data. Use this data for advanced profiling and gain a deeper understanding of your fans, before putting together a marketing strategy that will maximise the value of those fans through encourage an increased level of expenditure.

Case Study - St. Helens RFC After finalising the decision to move to a new stadium, St. Helens Rugby identified that is was the ideal time to revise their systems infrastructure. Moving from a number of fragmented systems to one single platform solution was the best way to maximise their investment as well as deliver what was required by the fans.

This system is very slick! Joined-up customer data is the lifeblood of St. Helens and that is exactly what we get from Green 4. Peter Carter, Operations Manager

Key Benefits

• Maximise systems investment by reducing cost of operational systems • Integrating the sales process • Instant access to data for improved marketing • Online solution allowed club to operate during a complicated move from old to new stadium

A l l Su p po r t e r To u c h P o i n ts



FREE The FoodD& Beverage module is an extension to Green 4‘s Point of Sale RIN K interface. It enables customers to purchase items at the kiosk using the same easy to use POS interface that is used to sell a ticket.

When used in conjunction with a season or membership card, transactional data is captured directly in CRM. This maximises visibility of how the customer engages with you, which allows you to analyse spending patterns and build a full customer profile. This information is then readily available to use for targeted offers and communications that will encourage customers to spend more when inside your venue. With full system control at your fingertips, menu boards, pricing and other such information can be altered with a few clicks.

Food & Beverage Features • Unlimited number of sales channels • Dynamic pricing by time • Unlimited number of payment types • Touch screen POS devices • Menu board prices change dynamically

L i n k e d To A n O nli n e S u p p o r t e r A c c o u n t

CASHLESS 4 Cashless, the Green 4 online cashless system is a natural extension to the CRM driven solution for stadia. It allows payments to be made for products such as tickets and for food & beverage products inside the stadium.

Top up anywhere, anytime or even automate top ups Supporters can add (purchase) cash to the account anywhere, anytime, through the Green 4 online portal, as well as at any POS device within the stadium or club stores. The portal can be accessed from a PC/laptop, tablet device or smart phone, giving complete versatility on when and where top ups can be made. An auto top up of the cashless account is possible with a payment provider that provides this facility.

Incentives that reward supporter loyalty and encourage increased spending Discounts or loyalty bonuses can be applied to 4 Cashless purchases, enabling you to improve your fan engagement by rewarding loyalty as well as providing incentives that will increase revenues by encouraging increased spending. Loyalty points can be collected by the supporter for using 4 Cashless instead of other forms of payment and you could provide offers such as a £100 top-up for £95 or a bonus £5 from a key sponsor.

Swift, effortless and secure transactions A very slick transaction process that helps to reduce queues at busy times will certainly be favourable to your supporters, whilst ensuring that you maximise the revenue generating opportunity by accomodating a greater number of transactions during this time.

Cashless Benefits • Speed up the transaction process • Improve the supporter experience • Improve data collection • Increase customer insight • Increase spend per head • Improve cashflow

P e r s o nal , Tar g e t e d Co mm u n i c a ti o n s

eCOMMUNICATIONS 4 eCommunications helps to ‘enhance the supporter journey’ by providing personalised communications at every point; whether this is as a targeted marketing message, or an automated e-birthday card, post match survey or transaction confirmation. Set up ‘workflows’ to automate messages taking advantage of your data from ticketing, retail and access control in real time. Our ‘closed loop’ environment makes it possible to listen and learn from campaigns, easily measure effectivness and ROI. Execute follow-up campaigns to fans that engage with your communication.



Closely integrated with popular social media platforms, you can use 4 eCommunciation to promote your messages to an even wider audience.

Case Study - Birmingham City Football Club PERFORMANCE STATISTICS • 300% increase in online sales • 54% email open rate increase • Email click through response rate up 37.5%

Working closely with 4Sight Sport & Leisure, Birmingham City have used the 4 eCommunications module, alongside the integrated CRM, to improve their engagement via ecommunication. The performance of the e-marketing campaigns has dramatically improved, resulting in online sales increasing by 300%. “Personalisation clearly works as our campaign stats are significantly improved” says Head of Marketing, Alexa Stockham.

Max i mi s i n g Su p p o r t e r & Co r p o r a t e R e la ti o ns hip s

Corporate Sales

System Integration Green 4 Sport is most powerful when the complete end-to-end platform is used to manage all requirements on one single platform, allowing real time insight from your data for powerful marketing and communications. However, we recognise that this is not always immediately possible for sports organisations and sometimes only specific modules are required. E.g. CRM and eCommunications. Green 4 has a wealth of experience in integrating with other system suppliers, including most other ticketing solutions out there. Integration to your existing systems will enable you to ‘bolt on’ particular Green 4 modules in order to bridge any missing gaps that you may have.

CORPORATE SALES Using Green 4 Corporate Sales you are able to streamline and automate your sales processes. This will enable sales people to create a single view of the customer and therefore help to ensure a shorter sales cycle, higher close rates and improved customer retention. Using Dynamics CRM at the core means that you can manage your work more easily through the extension to Outlook which ultimately provides a seamless link to a system you use every day. By creating a centralised, customisable view of your customers’ preferences, relationships and interaction history you are able to develop a better understanding of their needs. With flexible reporting tools and forecast sales, the system has the ability to measure business activity and performance, track sales and service success, and identify trends, problems and opportunities.

R e w ar d s F o r F an s

LOYALTY Profiling your customer transactional data directly makes it possible to establish a clearer picture of how a supporter engages with the team or venue. By accumulating and analysing this data it is possible for the team to be more proactive with its marketing, thus providing the ammunition for highly targeted campaigns based on known spending and attendance behaviour. Green 4 Loyalty offers an incentivised mechanism through a loyalty card which identifies the individual through a UID (Unique ID) embedded in a magnetic stripe, barcode or RFID chip. At the point of transaction, the customer need simply enter the details or swipe his card to join the contact details to the purchase transaction. Supporters are rewarded for all types of interactions with the clubs, which are set by you, providing real incentives that don’t require discounting your products. By giving ‘money can’t buy’ incentives to fans for collecting loyalty points, the club can easily reward their fans, whilst ensuring data collection is maximised. Supporters simply log in to their online account to keep track of their points tally and to access offers, auctions and redeem their money can’t buy loyalty prizes.

I n c r e a si n g E n g a g e m e n t & R e v e n u e

Loyalty highlights • Data collected from all customer touch points including access control and ticketing


• Calculation of points in CRM based on rules such as event attended, time of event and the allocationg of points to season cards • Supporter points notifications automated via 4 eCommunications • Online portal allows supporters to view their points balance, notifications of points awarded and engage with auctions

Case Study - Philadelphia Union Season ticket sales are a vital sign of the health of sportng enterprises, and after some detailed research into renewal rate fall off seen in the NFL and NBA, Vice President Mike Quarino wanted to make sure fans were investing in more than just a seat at the game. “Philadelphia Union wanted to add value to being a season ticket holder and give fans more of a reason to purchase a full plan instead of picking just the marquee games.”

Green 4 Loyalty is rewarding our fans and providing commercial advantage while building the Philadelphia Union brand. Mike Quarino, Vice President, Ticket Sales & Fan Services

A ‘money can’t buy’ loyalty point prize structure includes pre-game ‘chalk talks’ with coaches, team worn gear and attending open practice sessions. Moving up the scale fans can play on the pitch and even win ‘Fan of the Year’. “The loyalty point system maximises the involvement of fans by keeping them connected and feeling like part of the team.”

About Green 4 Solutions Green 4 Solutions was founded in January 2006, and has now become the leading provider of CRM based solutions for sport and leisure. Green 4 are a Microsoft Gold Partner with Microsoft Dynamics CRM at heart of all solutions. This technology environment provides the perfect platform for the specialised development of modules tailored to the needs of the sport and leisure organisations. Our modules help both ‘on-the-field’ and ‘off-thefield’ teams manage supporter, player and match data. These include CRM, eCommunications, Ticketing, Loyalty as well as solutions that manage sports administration and player performance. Green 4’s client base now includes over 150 world wide clients from a number of sports, associations, national governing bodies, leisure venues and entertainment businesses. For more about Green 4 Solutions visit our website

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CRM Driven Solutions for Sport & Leisure

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