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Study Area

Surface Drainage Underground Drainage

Existing Drainage Pattern

Concept 1 - Wetland Construction

a b c d e f


Create new swale to connect two existing low areas Naturalize boundary of low area and plant with native wetland species Fill existing low area and plant with native woody vegetation Construct bridge along path that also provides access to wetland Relocate maintenance building and add wetland observation deck Construct path between bridge and observation deck

Project Description

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Concept 2 - Drainage Improvement

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a b c d e

Lower rim of existing drainage manhole and convert to inlet Create new low area and drain into inlet Fill existing low area and plant with native understory vegetation Relocate maintenance building Enhance vegetation with native understory species

The purpose of this project is to improve the aesthetics and drainage in an area of standing water within the existing woodland on the Orchard School campus. There are two goals for this project. The first goal is to redirect standing water away from adjacent properties and imrpve the appearance of the site. The second goal is to create an enhanced wetland habitat study site for the school.

Orchard School Stormwater Management Concepts

June 2, 2006

Landscape Buffer


Observation Platform


Service Drive

Wetland Section A-A



Observation Platform

Proper ty Line



Proposed Grading Wetland Amphitheater

Screened Porch School Mulch & Compost Storage Bays

Service Drive

Proposed Site Plan

Orchard School Wetland Concept Plan July 17, 2006

Orchard School Stormwater Management  
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