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2014 ~ Vol. 4, No. 1

Fairbanks Recycling Guide Brought to you by Interior Alaska Green Star

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The Fairbanks Recycling Guide – Volume 4, Number 1, 2014 is published by Interior Alaska Green Star (IAGS) with support by grants from Design Alaska and the FNSB Recycling Commission. Design by 5th Avenue Design & Graphics, Inc. Illustrations by Scott Hansen.

Dear Fairbanks North Star Borough Resident, Welcome to this issue of the Fairbanks Recycling Guide—your guide to reducing waste in the Fairbanks area. You may already be familiar with “The Three Rs” of waste reduction, which include reducing the amounts of waste created, reusing materials whenever possible, and recycling materials that cannot be reused. The 2014 Fairbanks Recycling Guide is published by IAGS. IAGS is a nonprofit organization which encourages households and businesses to practice waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention. This guide provides current information about recycling and waste prevention in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. Scan the QR Code at the right for changes and updates to this guide. Let us know if there are topics you’d like to see in this guide or questions you’d like to ask. Send your thoughts to


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Recycling spotlight Fairbanks Community Food Bank For the last 32 years, the Fairbanks Community Food Bank (FCFB) has provided food for those in need by distributing surplus food that would ordinarily be discarded. Faithful volunteers pick up 2-5 tons of surplus food from local grocery stores six days a week, recycling at least a million pounds of food every year that would otherwise be thrown away. However, the Food Bank’s culture of waste prevention and pollution control goes well beyond transferring surplus food into the hands of the needy. In fact, the FCFB received a Green Star Award from Interior Alaska Green Star (IAGS) in 2010 for their admirable efforts toward sustainability:

Recycling At a Glance Local Recycling Resources Alaska Waste 452-2009

Alliance for Reason and Knowledge 799-7045

C & R Pipe and Steel 456-8386

• recycling old and unwanted electronics through IAGS’ e-waste recycling program

Fairbanks North Star Borough Recycling Commission

• recycling 200-300 egg cartons and cardboard boxes every day and re-using plastic liners from banana boxes as trash bags

Fairbanks North Star Borough Solid Waste Division

• re-purposing food unsuitable for human consumption by feeding livestock or composting it • using natural gas to reduce air pollution and installing low flow toilets to conserve water 459-1482 459-1482

Fairbanks Rescue Mission – Recycling Center 452-5343 ext 110

• securing funding for a microturbine that generates both heat (500,000 BTUs) and power (65 KWs) for use within the facility, and selling overage to GVEA

Interior Alaska Green Star

• encouraging the use of alternative modes of transportation such as busses, carpools and bicycles

K&K Recycling

Interior Alaska Green Star applauds FCFB’s voluntary implementation of these environmentally conscious efforts that help to reduce waste and prevent pollution in our community. The Fairbanks Community has a culture of sharing and caring for one another, which is why the Food Bank is still going strong after three decades of service. Last year, the Food Bank served over 27,000 clients and distributed 1,392,000 pounds of food thanks to 16,700 volunteer hours. Would you consider volunteering with the Food Bank to help end hunger in the Tanana Valley? Please call FCFB at (907) 457-4273 or visit today to learn more! 452-4152 488-1409

Northern Alaska Environmental Center 452-5021

Project Fairbanks 687-1048

UAF Office of Sustainability 474-5070

Food waste accounts for 21% of America’s garbage. To learn more about diverting food from landfills, refer to the following link:


During the 2013 Tanana Valley State Fair, Interior Alaska Green Star volunteers recycled 2,112 pounds of discarded plastic bottles and soft drink cans. Consider volunteering for next year’s fair! Visit or call IAGS at 907-452-4152 to learn more.

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Common Household Materials What to Include

What to Leave Out





Brown, corrugated (not shiny or colored) cardboard boxes

Waxy cardboard, non-corrugated paper, pizza/cereal boxes





Newspapers, newspaper inserts

Plastic bags

Mixed Paper




White/colored paper, glossy paper, junk mail, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, gift wrap, books, magazines, phone books, paper egg cartons, shiny/waxy cardboard, pizza box tops

Food residue, paper cups/plates, napkins, tissues, milk cartons, juice boxes, hardcover books (unless binding and cover are removed), binder clips, plastic or metal bindings

Plastic #1


Rinsed #1 bottles: beverage bottles, salad dressing bottles, etc.

Caps, other numbered plastics, items with food residue, produce and take-out containers

Plastic #2


Rinsed #2 jugs, with necks and screw tops: milk jugs, laundry detergent jugs, etc.

Caps, other numbered plastics, items with food residue, cups, tubs, oil/chemical containers

Glass Jars & Bottles



Rinsed glass: food and beverage bottles, jars, etc.

All lids, items with food residue, Pyrex and other heat-resistant glass, plate glass, drinking glasses



Rinsed beverage cans

Items with food residue, aluminum foil, pie pans, food cans, aerosol cans


Rinsed food cans

Items with food residue, labels

Aluminum scrap, brass, copper, stainless steel, radiators, lead, tin, cables, appliances, etc. Call for more details.

Refrigerants, oils, fuels, antifreeze, hazardous or toxic substances, non-metallic materials

Batteries, cables/cords, cameras, cell phones, computers, modems, monitors, printers, TVs, speakers, etc.

VHS/Cassette Tapes, smoke detectors, exit signs, vacuum cleaners, fluorescent light bulbs

Aluminum Cans


Steel Cans



Scrap Metal







Farmers Loop



Colle ge R oad


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Johansen Expy



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Geist Rd


Peger Road

s ark ge P Geor

Aurora Drive

Taku Parking Lot Taku Drive A




St. Cushman

Airport Way

l Expressway t Mitchel Rober

r Badge

C Richardson Hwy

D Easy St

Van Horn Rd



A University of Alaska Fairbanks

Taku Parking Lot across from the FNSB transfer site on Farmers Loop Road. 474-5070

B Interior AK Green Star 1855 Marika Road (UAF Property/Central Receiving Warehouse) 452-4152

C Fairbanks Rescue Mission Recycling Center

D C & R Pipe and Steel 401 E. Van Horn Road 456-8386

723 27th Avenue 452-5343

Recycling Options for Businesses Fairbanks Rescue Mission 452-5343 ext 110 Local businesses may drop off recyclables Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Commercial pick-up service is also available; email for more information.

Fairbanks North Star Borough 459-1482 Local businesses can drop off hazardous wastes every Tuesday through Saturday from 9am until 4pm. Note: Solid waste regulations prohibit the disposal of used cooking oil and grease in the FNSB Solid Waste Facility. See FNSB Solid Waste’s online resource sheet for information about proper recycling or disposal of these materials from businesses:


12 mil es out K&K Recycling of tow 2040 Richardson Highway nd

North Pole 488-1409

The FNSB Used Oil Recovery Program began October 24, 2002, becoming the primary heat source for the main Solid Waste Facility Building, and the Recycling/ Household Hazardous Waste Facility beginning December 2007. Approximately $130,000 is saved each year by eliminating used oil disposal costs and significantly reducing the need to purchase heating fuel. Source: “FNSB Solid Waste Facility”

Interior Alaska Green Star 452-4152 Local businesses may drop off electronics the 3rd weekend of every month Fri & Sat. Check out their website for more information:

K&K Recycling 488-1409 Local businesses may drop off material any time. Commercial dumpster services are also available. Call for more information.


Reuse Options Do you offer reuse opportunities and don’t see your business on this list? Contact Interior Alaska Green Star at 452-4152 or

Drop-Off Locations & Pick-Up Services

Thrift and Consignment Stores

These organizations accept donations of various materials for reuse through drop-off locations and/or pick-up services.

A sampling of options for buying, selling, or trading used items in the Fairbanks area.

Designers Closet FRA Closet Collections 805 Airport Way 451-7766 Clothing, shoes, linens, small appliances, furniture, household goods. Call to schedule free pick-up service, or drop off anytime at bins in the following parking lots: ~ Bentley Mall, 32 College Road ~ Fairbanks Resource Agency, 805 Airport Way ~ Fox General Store, 2226 Old Steese Highway ~ North Pole Plaza, 301 North Santa Claus Lane ~ UAF Recycling, Taku Parking Lot.

Gulliver’s Books 3525 College Road 474-9574

201 Old Steese Hwy, #2 457-4199 Clothing and accessories

Fireweed Consignment Boutique 3677 College Rd #12 374-7910

Here are some options for donating food to local charities in the Fairbanks area.

Once Upon a Child 250 Third Street 457-5444 Baby gear, clothing, footwear, furniture, toys

Play it Again Sports

Paperback books Drop off during store business hours for credit towards used book purchases.

160 Old Steese Highway 457-7427

Literacy Council of Alaska Forget-Me-Not Books


517 Gaffney Road 456-6212 Books, computers, flat screen monitors Drop off during bookstore business hours. Call before dropping off computers or monitors, as special requirements apply.

Salvation Army 2222 South Cushman Street 456-2085

Food Donations

Clothing and accessories

Fairbanks Community Food Bank 725 26th Avenue #101 457-4273

Fairbanks Rescue Mission 723 27th Avenue 452-5343

Sporting equipment

Stone Soup Café

2740 Picket Place 455-8733 Sporting goods, books, movies, cookware, furniture, tools, and more

507 Gaffney road 456-8317

Value Village 3027 Airport Way 474-4828 Books, clothing, furniture, household items

Cars, appliances, clothing, furniture Drop off Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Call to schedule pickup for large items.

For every million cell phones we recycle, 35 thousand pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium can be recovered. SOURCE: conserve/materials/ecycling/donate.htm


FNSB Recycling Services

Specialized Reuse & Recycling

Recycling or Waste-to-Energy Utilization of Household Hazardous Waste

In addition to the standard household recyclables accepted through various drop-off sites, there are many other items that can be reused or recycled in Fairbanks. Here is a list of just a few of those items and where they can be recycled. Please contact these businesses directly for more information. The FNSB Recycling/Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility accepts hazardous wastes to be recycled or used for waste-to-energy programs every Tuesday through Saturday, 9am to 4pm). Limit is 220 pounds per month (approximately 26 gallons). Businesses must call to schedule an appointment and fees will apply; residents may drop off materials anytime free of charge.

Batteries ABS Alaskan (Lead Acid), 452-2002 Interior Alaska Green Star (All Except Lead Acid), 452-4152

Building Materials Habitat for Humanity (materials accepted by appointment only), 452-1685

Residents may also drop off hazardous wastes at the FNSB Solid Waste Facility during open hours, or at most transfer sites. See website for a list of transfer sites that accept these materials.

Cell Phones Bridge Program, 474-2144 Interior Alaska Green Star, 452-4152 Joy Elementary School, 456-5469 UAF Office of Sustainability, 474-5070

Types of Waste Accepted

Egg Cartons

Antifreeze Car Batteries Corrosives Diesels Gasoline Motor Oils Oxidizers Paint PCB Ballasts Poisons Solvents

Alaska Feed Company, 451-5570 Cold Spot Feeds, 457-8555 Fairbanks Community Food Bank, 456-2337

Eyeglasses Eye Clinic of Fairbanks, 456-7760 West Valley Vision Center 479-4700

Light Bulbs Home Depot (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs), 451-9003 North Coast Electric (Fluorescent Tubes), 456-4410 Fees range from $65 and up.

Plastic Grocery Bags Fairbanks Community Food Bank, 456-2337 Fred Meyer, All locations Safeway, All locations

Packing Materials

The FNSB Recycling Commission works with the community to increase recycling and public awareness. Their mission is to: “Achieve greater economic and environmental sustainability in the Borough by supporting ongoing actions to reduce and recycle resources from the waste stream with the ultimate goal of zero waste.”

Quick Mail, 452-6179

Plastic Bottle Caps Elements Salon & Day Spa, 456-8877

Printer Ink & Toner Cartridges Bridge Program, 474-2144 Interior Alaska Green Star, 452-4152 Joy Elementary School, 456-5469 UAF Office of Sustainability, 474-5070

For more information about how the Recycling Commission can serve you:

Recycling is popular! 86% of residents in the FNSB would recycle at transfer sites, if available, according to the results of 2012 survey sponsored by the FNSB Recycling Commission. 7

Electronics Recycling Interior Alaska Green Star accepts ALL electronics FREE OF CHARGE once per month, thanks to the FNSB Recycling Commission’s recommendation of sponsorship (subject to change after September 2014). For more information, contact IAGS at:, 452-4152, or online at

Location 1855 Marika ROAD (subject to change, check website for updates)

Dates and Hours Third Weekend of Every Month – Friday and Saturday Open 10 am to 4 pm

2014 Dates

2015 Dates

June 20/21 July 18/19 Aug 15/16 Sept 19/20 Oct 17/18 Nov 14/15 Dec 19/20

Jan 16/17 Feb 20/21 Mar 20/21 April 17/18 May 15/16 Jun 19/20 Jul 17/18

What can I recycle? Batteries Cables/Cords/Wires Calculators Cameras Cell Phones Computer CPUs Copiers Discs—CD, DVD, Floppy DVD Players Game Consoles Laptop Computers Microwave Ovens Monitors Printers Radios Scanners Small Kitchen Appliances Speakers Stereos Telephones TVs VCRs AND MORE!

Visit our website for the full list of what we accept.

Why should I recycle my old electronic devices? The use of electronic products has grown substantially over the past two decades. The negative side of our advances in technology is that old devices will be thrown away. Consumer electronics waste—or e-waste—constitutes as much as 5% of the solid waste stream and is increasing every year. E-waste contains toxic materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. Aside from the toxic issues surrounding electronics disposal, many of the materials are recoverable, such as gold and copper. Rather than throwing away these valuable resources, it makes sense to recycle the devices and reuse as many of these materials as possible! IAGS’s Electronics Recycling Depot is supported by the FNSB’s Recycling Commission’s recommendation of sponsorship.


IAGS has recycled a total of 332 tons of electronics since the program began. That number continues to increase thanks to the support of our community!

Fairbanks Recycling Guide 2014