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Green-Fly Media 2012 Remember when I said that I had mild cognitive impairment, which it was hard for me to throw a ball, tell you what color a stop sign was, well as of now, I am happy to say that that part is pretty much back to normal. Listed below are some links of our videos we took of me that shows you how my mild cognitive impairment was affecting my thinking. Please be advised that I do say some curse words. Update

Videos of Mild Cognitive Impairment

As of now, I can tell you that I am almost 95% back to normal.. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Video One

Let us get updated on what is going on. Tara, my wonderful, beautiful sister is doing great. She has the best support and love from her boyfriend, Tommy, and most important from her two boys, Walter and Austin. She is continuing her life, being happy and spending everyday full of love and laughter. She Rocks! Tara has completed her chemotherapy and still has to go through her herceptin infusions every three weeks, aka Lambent Juice. Her hair is growing back full and always being a sandy blonde woman, she is now a lovely black hair hottie! Tara, I love you!


Video Two Video Three Video Four Video Five Video Six Video Seven I am happy with how things are now, and very lucky. The situation could have been worse for me. As of now, I am on thyroid medicine and still have some issues (bearable pain) with the arthritis in my C5. Overall, life is good and my sister is recovering.

Green-Fly Media 2012 When Tara, Tommy, Walter, and Austin came to stay with us for an early Christmas, we did everything possible for them to make sure that they were comfortable and that they had a great time. We took everyone to Bush Gardens, Tara and Tommy went to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play (had awesome fifty-yard line seats, Thank you Mr. Copeland) and we had a small Christmas dinner. Tara always wanted me to get Xbox, but I really did not want to spend that much money with all the bills coming in from the Doctors, so when she came back to the house after her drive around town with Tommy, she had bought us X Box 360 and Gears of War 1-3 along with Tomb Raider. I was so thrilled and this was truly an unexpected surprise. It did take me awhile to start really playing the games, but before I got to Gears 3, Tara told me I had to complete Gears 1 and 2, to understand the story line. When I started playing more of Gears 3, I noticed something different about me. I used to test myself to pick up the saltshaker on the stove, and Don would test me on doing other tasks as well, it was still difficult for me. Now after playing Gears of War 3 for a couple of weeks, the process of me reaching and grabbing the saltshaker or any other tasks was normal. Maybe with the process of playing, the game helped heal a certain connection that had been detached somehow in my brain. You have many brain functions happening while you are playing a video game. You have thought emotion, understanding, relating, multi tasking, coordination, and so forth.


I really cannot say for sure this process could be an alternative therapy for people that do have mild cognitive impairment, but I can tell you that it had helped me. Video Games and your Brain I do play almost every day, one reason because it is fun and the other reason is that it is challenging. Though most important I can play with Tara, and my nephews, as well as talk to them while we are playing and if a Grenadier knocks Tara out, I can slam that thing to the ground and punch it out, while yelling “Don’t you ever, ever touch my little sister again.” Epic! I wanted to take this time to know more about what was behind Gears of War. What was behind the storyline, the process of character development, to creating the actual game. I have dabbled in modeling, granted I am so far off in trying to sculpt a full character in Zbrush, I can relate to how hard and times consuming the process of creating these characters are. I have touched a little bit in animation, as well, I can also relate to how much time it takes to rig a character. As for animation, it is insane how much time that takes to do any type of animation. It could be a half a day setting up the animation to have Marcus run, rumble over, and stand, reload, aim, and shoot. So let us start with the concept. In order to create anything, you have to have a concept, an idea. Where did the idea for Gears of War come from? Therefore, I went to the source, Epic Games.

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Green-Fly Media 2012 Dana Cowley, Senior PR Manager at Epic Games got back in touch with me after I sent a follow up email that included the story of how Tara, Gears of War, and I connected. She replied, “We are so touched by your story, I don’t even know where to begin. “ She was impressed that I actually knew what rigging was, having some familiarity with the aspects of 3D from using Zbrush, Poser, Hexagon and Bryce, I can relate to how the process works, although I am no queen at modeling like Mark Morgan or Kevin Lanning, but I can create a nice brick! I guess the most important question I wanted to ask was how did it all start, who came up with the concept? Cliff Bleszinski came up with the original Gears of War design concept and the universe was fleshed out by the whole development at Epic. In the concept phase, 2D artists sketch countless characters, weapons, environments and more, tailoring assets over and over until the right “feel” for the world is achieved. , only then the 3D artists create and model approved concepts. Gears of War did not start as the game we all play now; Epic had released a game called Unreal Warfare, a kick off of Unreal Tournament.


Unreal Warfare: This was an Unreal Engine 2 project that was never actually released. It was an early version of Gears 1 that was totally revamped: A good portion of the UE2 assets were recycled into UT2003, and the overall concept manifested itself as Gears 1, with all new assets created in Unreal Engine 3. With more and more changes a due release in 2006, Epic launched Gears of War- Emergency Day. Emergence Day is the event that kicks off the events of the original Gears of War game. It is not a part of the game’s title but it very significant in terms of the series’ lore. The capability of multi-player within Xbox started a world frenzy of gamers thrill seeking horde loving shooting, bombing fanatics. As each new chapter that Epic releases, we live to dive right into the battle between the COGS and Locusts. However, before we re-load our sawed-off shotgun, let us start with knowing what everything is about with Gears of War. After the Gears of War concept from Cliff Bleszinski, the following proceeds: o Prototyping – Designers test gameplay concepts and mechanics using Unreal Kismet, our visual scripting system, to see how it feels to interact with new weapon types, enemy variants, effects, physics and other gameplay events. We embrace the mantra, “fail fast, fail early,” and this process helps us to quickly “find the fun” in an idea. Level designers begin blocking out levels using the Unreal Editor, our suite of 3D world building tools. The script for the game is evolving during this time as well. o Production – 3D artists model and texture the world. Riggers and animators make characters move in a lifelike manner. Levels are refined and populated with high-end 3D assets. Environments come to life with beautiful

Green-Fly Media 2012 lighting and careful object placement. The pacing of the game is refined. Cinematics are created with mocap actors and a full-fledged team of animators, and our cinematic director pulls it all together with precise camera placement, actionpacked cuts, scene flythroughs and more. Hollywood actors record voiceovers, and the dialogue is imported. Audio creates amazing sound effects and works with world-class composers to create the score, which evolves into the original soundtrack. FX artists add badass special effects. Programmers work their asses off to make sure everything plays as envisioned. We play test the game every day, gather feedback, bug fix and iterate. o Content complete – Now it’s time to polish, polish, polish your baby. The game is still play tested daily. The QA team is in overdrive. All the fine nuances (e.g., a killer cover system) that really make the game shine are honed to the tee. Bugs are fixed until we reach ZBR (zero bug release). o Ship – The ZBR build is released to certification, and when it passes, it goes to the


manufacturer. It takes a few weeks for discs to be pressed, boxes to be filled with packaging and media, and everything to be shipped to retail. o Release – We hold our breath and hope that everyone has fun!

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Green-Fly Media 2012 - Game writing in the Gears series –

And the major players for Gears of War 3

Our games drive the series forward, and the fiction supports it. We are careful to not answer too many questions all at once because it gives the narrative room to breathe, with the potential for many story arcs across multiple forms of entertainment.

o Tim Sweeney, Technical Director o Mike Capps, President o Rod Fergusson, Director of Production o Cliff Bleszinski, Design Director

o Gears of War: Susan O’Connor wrote the first Gears of War game in collaboration with Epic. o Gears of War 2: Joshua Ortega wrote the game with input from Cliff Bleszinski, Rod Fergusson and Mike Capps. He also began authoring the ongoing comic book series. Karen Traviss took on the novels. Gears of War: Aspho Fields became a New York Times bestselling novel, piercing the top 20 and bridging the events of Gears 1 and 2. o Gears of War 3: Karen Traviss’ Gears of War: Jacinto’s Remnant, Gears of War: Anvil Gate and Gears of War: Coalition’s End were released in between Gears 2 and Gears 3, bridging the events that occur in between the games. Ortega continued work on the comic books, while Traviss stepped in as the game’s lead writer and also authored a number of comics in the series. o Post-Gears 3: Ortega wrote the RAAM’s Shadow game add-on and picked back up on the comics. Karen Traviss is wrapping up the prequel novel, Gears of War: The Slab, which is slated for release on May 8, 2012. We also want to mention the Voice Cast: John Di Maggio as Marcus Carlos Ferro as Dom Lester Speight as Cole Fred Tatasciore as Baird And of course Nan McNamara as Anya Link: Additional Voice Casts


o Chris Perna, Art Director o Daniel Vogel, Director of Engineering o Wyeth Johnson, Lead Artist o Lee Perry, Lead Gameplay Designer o Dave Nash, Lead Level Designer (campaign) o Jim Brown, Lead Level Designer (multiplayer) o Steve Superville, Lead Gameplay Programmer o Joe Graf, Senior Online Architect o Greg Mitchell: Cinematic Director o Jay Hosfelt: Lead Animator o Mike Larson and Zak Belica: Audio Directors o Kendall Boyd: Director of Marketing o Prince Arrington: Senior Game Test Manager

Green-Fly Media 2012 To know more about the storyline and characters visit: Gearspedia So many people have a great responsibility to ensure the visual aspects and the functions of this game work. We applaud every one of you. Some of the characters for Gears of War 2 and 3 were created in Zbrush. A wicked 3D modeling program that has so much power in sculpting your creatures it is wild. I stumbled upon the Pixologic’s interview with Epic Character and Environment Designers. Take a look at their interview and how the used Zbrush to create their characters for Gears of War 2 and also check out the modelers gallery… they do show “raw” renders of the creatures from Drones to Butcher Boomers. That can give you a greater understanding about the process of design from modeling to texturing. Pixologic Interview Here is another get to know interviews with Gears of War Digital Spy


Created in Zbrush, Gears Queen Myrrah character by Chris Wells, the above render shows the “raw” model, as a polygon character. There is so much more detail that goes into the model with texturing, using detail photos, accurate coloring in paint program (either Photoshop or Deep Paint 3D for example) and using displacement maps or what is also called bump maps, which give the material and accessories more realistic detail. For instance the realistic look within the texture of the thread in the clothing, deep gouges in the buildings or character wounds and so forth.

Green-Fly Media 2012 settings, there are different aspects on how you want the texture to be. It can be baked, clay, diffused, etc. With the metal models like gauntlets, swords anything that would be made out of metal, those textures are based on a reflection map. That way you can bring out more reflection, shine, gloss and so forth. To see more Gears of War Zbrush Renders please visit: Gears of War 3 Character Art Dump

All this texturing is based on a UV Map. It is a 2D image, like a grid with different colors of the 3D character but only flatten. This is used as a placement guide for texturing. Transparency texture maps detail the rips, holes within the clothing. Then with the texture maps


Green-Fly Media 2012 polymesh, and smooth, smooth, smooth the geometries. The smoother surface gives you the ability to sculpt onto the model and give it more details. This part of the job takes weeks and sometimes months to complete. Think of all the characters in Gears of War that were modeled in Zbrush!

I loaded up Zbrush 3.5 to give you an example on how some models are created using this program.

When you look at the gallery Gears of War Character Dump, at Zbrush Central, it is just jaw dropping!

In Zbrush one tool that is commonly used is the Zsphere (shown above) after you add all your Zsphere parts then you preview it which is called an adaptive skin. (below) You can go back and forth to correct any part of the Zsphere model before you covert it to a polymesh. Then there are a couple more steps, which takes hours and hours to do. Then after that you convert your model into a

Maybe someday I will be able to learn how to create monsters in Zbrush. As of right now, I am happy with my bricks and doodads.


Green-Fly Media 2012


Green-Fly Media 2012 With a special access from Dana Cowley, Senior PR Manager for Epic Games, CG Society composed an interview with Gears of War 3 Lead artist Wyeth Johnson. I had chosen two main questions that deal with modeling from this interview. What kind of modeling and animation tools were used in Gears 3 - Maya? Max? ZBrush? Can you talk a bit about your content pipeline? The majority of our modeling is done in 3ds Max (although we do have one holdout who loves his modo). Character and environment models are built primarily on the hard surface end in Max and then brought into ZBrush for organic or soft surface work, or the ever-present damage and weathering pass that most of our assets undergo. A couple of the character modelers do use ZBrush for hard surface work as well, but it's more limited. We'll generally bring our assets back from ZBrush (after decimation) to Max for low poly tracing, and the rendering of ambient occlusion maps, normal maps, material separation maps, and broader low poly AO maps in the case of characters, where we gather very low frequency AO detail, such as darkening under arms, collars, crotch area. We actually use that map in our lighting model for the character shader to give provide a little bit of extra depth and 3D pop on the character side. That map is saved as a single channel in a threechannel DXT1 compressed texture to save memory, allowing us to save three maps per texture. There are compression artifacts you fight with when using that approach, but the memory savings are significant, so it's a good tradeoff in many cases, and one we end up using a lot on texture data that doesn't need perfect fidelity.


We generally texture in Photoshop but get good use out of CrazyBump and a few other small tools if we have special case needs such as normal map blending and so on. Animation is all done in Maya. We have a large number of custom Maya tools to facilitate animation, including an auto rig tool. We’ve also developed a universal head geometry which allows us to transfer facial weights to a new character in a few clicks as opposed to rerigging a whole face, which can take hours or days. Let’s talk about the character designs. How did your team come up with the design for the Lambent? What new design ideas were you guys going for with the COGs? What are your new favorite Locust variants? The Lambent are our new third army, a mutated and malformed Locust faction hostile to both the uninfected Locust and the COG, and their designs had to reflect that fact. The first order of business was to create good visual clarity between the three factions. We have an iconic color for both COG (blue) and Locust (red), so our first step was to settle on this hot emissive yellow coursing through the Lambents’ veins. We asked ourselves what would happen to the hard, white skin of the Locust when exposed to a burning heat from within, and the answer was a charred, veined and blackened look which really set the Lambent enemy apart from a standard grub. The last step was to ensure that, given the concept of a mutation, the silhouettes of these characters really stood apart from their uninfected counterparts. Larger torsos,

Green-Fly Media 2012 tentacles galore, mutated and asymmetrical arms and changes to the head and neck ensured that even at a distance or in dark silhouette, the Lambent are easily recognizable in their own way. For the COG, we simply asked ourselves one question: What would these guys wear in the dead of summer? Gears 3 is a hot, humid

setting, and we wanted to explore how their armor might progress and reflect that. Undershirts, the removal of sleeves and a less armored pant all found their way into the designs. We still needed the iconic at-a-glance recognition for Delta Squad, however, so the trademark round breastplate shapes, the curved back, and blue emissive lights which are


signature elements of the Gears universe have remained intact. For me personally, my new favorite Locust is the Savage Grenadier. He's a bare-chested, leather helmeted Savage Locust who lives in the arid Deadlands of Sera after being forced aboveground due to the flooding of the Hollow, their former home. He has a striking white sunbleached torso, giant chunky asymmetrical shoulder pads and a creepy leather dust mask. If you see me playing online, I'll be playing as him. Everyone here has a different favorite, however, which speaks to the amount of variety we've been able to bring to the characters this time around.

Green-Fly Media 2012 The Gears models are very cool looking, right? However, first there has to be a concept. That is where the concept artist comes into play and has total responsibility on how everything within that character is going to be.

those buildings, cars, trash that you see in the streets or stacks of pallets you hide behind. Those objects go through the same process from sketch to modeling.

Senior Concept Artist James Hawkins sketches everything out, building a foundation for the 3D artists. It is where his vision of the characters, scene, or object is brought forth to the

There are details you have to take under consideration when you are constructing any type of environmental design. Not only the architecture details of the buildings, like the scroll work in the arches, the accents in the

modelers and they transform those concepts into a 3D reality.

tiles, but trees and the leaves, dirt, cracks and the list goes on!

The artist visualizes the concept for each character and put that vision and characteristic of each character on paper. How the appearance of the character, like the figure shape to the details of the shoes that character will be wearing. Not only do they have to sketch and draw characters but also weapons and all

It is a long and tedious process. There can be two or more artists that work on one character's concept and design and there can be even more artists working on creating the concept for a scene, for instance Mercy, or The Trenches.


Green-Fly Media 2012 After the process of concept designs and character development, we need to make the models move. This would be called rigging. The best way to understand rigging is this. You have bones, joints and muscles, in order for Marcus to move the riggers have to add bones to the his model and use the correct “human� anatomy. You have to add so many bones in just the body alone, to have him walk and run. Think about the bones you have in your hand. From your fingertip to your knuckle, you have three joints for each finger. All those have to be rigged with bones and those connect to each other to make them move and have that ability to grasp, point, wave and so forth. Tedious work, for the most part, it is a good thing no one wears flip-flops!


Green-Fly Media 2012 So after all the rigging is complete, you have to make paths. Now paths are kind of like aligned walkways where the character runs or walks to. From point A to point B, turn and go to point C, and so forth. If you have a piece of paper that flies in the wind, a path is created for that paper as well. Anything that you want to move has to have a path. What also needs a path are bullets, when you shoot from your lancer, a turret, you have to create a path from the barrel of the gun to its final destination. When you have your aim locked or pointed at a particular object, which is the path that that bullet or grenades’ destination is to target. A path is created just for that purpose. So, what about the scenes created in Gears of War? Known as environment designs, this starts as a concept and works through the same process of modeling. When modeling environment designs, you start with a primitive, which is either a square, sphere, or cylinder.


With those few primitives, you can model your ground, columns, pillars, gates, and so forth. You also have to create lighting; you cannot have a character walk without having a shadow. Lighting also deals with the essence of the scene. Is it nighttime? Is it dawn? Are you outside or inside a building? A light probe that you cannot see might be attached to the character, that way when Dom is running from a Drone his shadow follows him.

Green-Fly Media 2012 Here is another website that you might be interested in: Animations by The DuoGroup


Green-Fly Media 2012 There is one more important aspect in gaming we cannot forget about, and that is sound. You have voices, noises, and music that need to be added to each scene, character, weapon etc. Think about this, while I am on a turret in Gridlock, at the apartment spawn point, I stand there and listen.

I know when the Locusts are coming just by listening to their footsteps and how close the sound of their moan is. The louder and long stepped they are it is most likely to be a Boomer or Mauler. Softer, quick running steps are most likely to be the Drones. These sounds are important, even the gunfire, reload, punches, windows breaking and so on. Those sounds have to be heard at that precise moment of impact or stage of occurrences. And sometimes that is not an easy task. Animation and sound not always are on the same frequency. The voice of Marcus Fenix is John Di Maggio, he brings the life into Marcus as well as other voice over actors that are assigned to different characters in the game. Voice over actors give a


close association to the characters, and more recognizable for you to relate to that character. VIDEO This is where I can have to place my stopping point. Anything after this it gets too deep for even me to understand about coding and the true guts of gaming. So, what I have shared with you might help you have a better understanding and respect for the game and if anyone sees a correction I need to make, please feel free to comment. These people have an incredible talent and passion for creativity and imagination. It is a long process and they do all this so we can have fun. On the behalf of my sister Tara, Bree (who sometimes gets ice cream while mommy is playing) and me, we thank you. Horde on my sister! GreenFly 9er 9er signing off.

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Green-Fly Media 2012 Tara Musser, the younger sister of Alice Torrell, infected by some unknown agent is under quarantine. She has been in the hospital for over 6 months, going through excessive tests, blood work, screens and so on. Alice, every day at the hospital working so hard to find a cure decided to take this into her own hands. Knowing the war between Cog and Locusts are still going on throughout the outskirts of the city, she travels to the edge of the war zone and takes a wounded Lambent hostage. She brings the wounded Lambent back to the hospital and hides it in the basement only keeping it alive through IV’s and transfusions. She performs a multitude of tests to confirm that her research was going to cure her little sister. That thought was the fluid from the Lambents’ thyroid contains an active ingredient called malsilitcyde, an antibody that regenerates spawn antigens. She heads back up to the room where her little sister is laying in the bed looking at the window, as Alice starts to put the needle with the Lambent fluid in her IV, a group of Boomers bombs has hit the hospital. The Locust has breached the secured outpost and reached the city. Sections of the hospital are destroyed and parts have crumbled into ruins, as well as several lives lost and many people wounded. After hours of battle that drew into the night, the COG’s have gain back control of the city, Marcus, and Barid start to examine around the demolished hospital looking for any survivors. He hears some rumbling around the corner and there he finds Tara holding Alice. Tara looks up at the men and shakes her head, knowing that Alice does not know how badly wounded she is. Marcus and Barid take the sisters back to the


central command base to be examined and brought back to a healthier state. Weeks later, Alice wakes up to find her sister beside her. Tara explained to Alice that she had lost some of her sight in both eyes and they amputated her left forearm and hand. With special doctors and advance equipment, she was able to see with special optic goggles and have capabilities with her left arm using a special designed mechanical arm. Alice really did not care about any of what she personally went through, the more important issue was to know how her sister was feeling. She asks how Tara was feeling, and she said that she felt brand new and that she was not in any pain and felt vibrant. Alice smiles in relief, knowing that she is fine and maybe by some faithful chance some of the the Lambent fluid was injected into her but Alice knew that she had to keep the details of her experiment from Tara and anyone else. She did not know what would happen if anyone knew and how much of, if any, change Tara would go through. She had to keep her safe and protected, always. Tara explained to Alice that she had joined the COG and wanted her to be by her side. Alice did not hesitate. There is no more time for any sister bonding or healing; it was time to be recruited as a COG and fight against the Locust, Tara took Alice to be geared up. The sisters looked at each other and hugged. As they grabbed their lancer from the weapon locker, they both walked outside to meet Marcus. Alice looks back at the demolished hospital and sees something in the corner, but she glances away. When they walked outside, they banged their fist together, fingers spread out, and said, “Sisters to the end”………………..

Green-Fly Media 2012 product will be sweet! And he is right. Our product will be out in late April at Renderosity. Antonio (Imaginary_House) is creating all the props that include the buildings, ground, windows, trash, fence, trashcans, sandbags, and so forth. I am creating the poses, lights, camera settings, and backgrounds. In the Poser World, Victoria has the leading rein over most of the products in the Daz-Poser community. Campaign Scene Having this overhaul obsession with Gears, I asked another broker over at Renderosity, if he would be interested in working on a project together. This product would consist of simple scenes, poses, cameras, and lights for Poser. Keeping in mind the GOW environment, I really wanted to make this product pop‌ I loaded up Zbrush and tried to get in familiar with the controls again. I wanted to really make the scenes more epic and creative, but knowing how much smoothing you have to do in order that make the props pop with detail, the more memory it eats up. Antonio insured me that with the textures and displacement maps, our


Michael is pretty much left out in the cold for the most part. I wanted to have this product designed for Michael, but knowing that if we included Victoria our sales would increase. The Michael character poses for our product is called Blue Delta, which is my little sisters’ (Tara) gamer tag. Our Victoria character will be called Tara with the gamer tag GreenFly. GreenFly is part of my gamer tag. That will be a future product I will be working on. What I do profit from this product will go to my sister, Tara, for her piggy bank. Let us talk with Antonio and about teaming up with me, on our product Campaign Scene.

Green-Fly Media 2012 I am a freelance 3D artist (a.k.a Imaginary House) I started drawing and writing mini-comic books when I was 10-years-old, and tried to get into the comic book industry at one point early on in my late teens, early 20s, but that ended up not working out. Over the years, I continued drawing off and on, and dappling with Photoshop. Sci-fi and fantasy always appealed to me and as I reached my mid-20s, I got into CG art and wanted to learn. I started surfing the net for info, coming across DAZ 3D and soon after Renderosity back in early 2008. After almost a year of just playing around in Daz Studio and testing out Poser, I got the urge to make my own stuff and I just had to learn how. I started as a texture artist with Renderosity in late 2008 early 2009, and I did okay with that for a while. Nevertheless, I really wanted to get into 3D modeling. That is when I remembered a program I once stumbled on called Blender and thought it would be a good place to start. Well, after many tutorials and a lot of trail an error, I finally got the hang of things and came to love working with Blender! I have been leaning Blender since summer 2010, and I am continuing to improve my skills and keep trying to get better. I have only been selling little scenes and props with Renderosity so far, but I plan to start working on grandeur products, larger scaled scenes, and props that are more detailed, etc.


Alice (Kassie) at Renderosity to team-up on a sci-fi project recently contacted me. When I first got the site mail, my first thoughts were “why me?� ... Being somewhat new still (at least with the modeling side of 3D) and with so many other modelers at Renderosity, I was wondering what made me stand out to her. I was also a little unsure at first if I should take on another project, because I had so much already that I had in the works. However, when she explained it was a sci-fi project, and not having done one myself yet, well I could not say no. I thought it would be a good chance to test my skills making something I have not done before. We have been working hard on it and it will be coming very soon. After the release of our product, I plan to start working on and releasing a series of products at Daz 3D, I have big plans for it. Much I cannot reveal. ;) It is a long in the works personal project, and I cannot wait to see my work come to life. I hope people will like it when I start releasing the series of products. I really like what I do, it has its up and downs. However, it is worth bringing my creations to life. I want to thank all my supporters and loyal customers, you all have been great! Thanks! ~ Antonio DeGrandis,

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Green-Fly Media 2012 2012 Brooksville Raid

Southern History The Brooksville Raid takes place every year in January at the Sand Hill Scout Reservation in Brooksville, Florida. With a variety of vendors to the canons blasting off during the Brooksville Raid Battle Reenactment, an ambience of wonder, intrigue still breathes from all the period dressed patrons.

Website: Brooksville Raid

The Brooksville Raid has become the largest Civil War re-enactment in the state of Florida.


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3D Artist ~Frank van R端schen aka: Nursoda Character: Yweep


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Green-Fly Media 2012 the parents that give their kids the opportunity to be out in the field learning from different coaches and talented NFL players, to the new friendships they build with other kids. Mr. Copeland resides in Spring Hill, Florida with his family and gives lectures to youths in the surrounding schools in Hernando County. Every year Mr. Copeland spends his time interacting with the kids that have enrolled in his Football Camp, which takes place at the Springstead High School in Spring Hill, Florida. Looking through my lens and capturing moments of laughter, sweat, and determination these kids, (young, and teen) express so much desire to be strong.

Horace “HI-C” Copeland Football Camp In my first issue of Green-Fly Media Magazine, Mr. Copeland was my featured fabulous. He is such a motivational person, with such a passion for life. This was my second year to cover Mr. Copeland’s event for Hernando Today, where I am one of the sports photographers. To shoot this event and become part of a wonderful family of people, it was an honor. These kids are amazing! The dedicated people that have put this all together to make this event a success for the kids is incredible. From


As I told Mr. Copeland, when you look at the photos you see that they are connecting to you, they are excited to be by your side. They want to prove to you that they can be strong, that they have this determination. They want to show you, they want to show off in front of you. These kids think it is so “cool” to stand beside you, and brag about it the next day. I can see that within the photos that I have taken and through the lens. That is so important to these kids. It is important that you, the coaches, and the NFL players notice that. And, that my friend is exactly what they do. Acknowledge * Respect * Dedication * Live Gallery: Horace "Hi-C" Copeland Football Camp

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Chidi Ahanotu In 1993 to 2001, Ahanotu started his NFL career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, later went on to play for the Rams, Bills, 49ers and Dolphins after playing one more season in 2004 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Today Ahanotu has been a successful executive in the Tampa Bay Area. He is the founder of Magellan Entertainment and CEO of SoHo Cigars. He also is a columnist for Pewter Report Magazine, which covers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Ivy Ricky Feacher First drafted at the young age of 22 with the New England Patriots, and then played with the Cleveland Browns as a wide receiver from 1977 to 1984. Today Mr. Feacher is a full-time substitute teacher at the high school he graduated from, Hernando High in Brooksville, Florida.

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Mark Leon Robinson The Kansas City Chiefs drafted Robinson in 1984 at the age of 22. He played with the Chiefs as a safety for the next four seasons. Buccaneers picked up Robinson in 1988, and that relationship lasted for three years. Robinson now is co-owner of Safety Harbor Montessori Academy.

Marcus Edward Jones Jones was the first round selection for Tampa Bay pick in 1996 NFL draft. He played for the Bucs as a defensive end for the next six years. He was released by the Bucs in 2002 and signed on with the Bills. Due to a knee injury, the signing was waived. Marcus is martial arts fighter and was a competitor on the show The Ultimate Fighter.

Website: Safety Harbor Montessori

Jones is featured with some of the Heavy Weight Fighters in the UFC Undisputed 2010 PlayStation and Xbox games. Now he resides in Pasco County where he works in sales as a representative for medical devices and implants.


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Green-Fly Media 2012 funny, and smart, did I already say weird, yep, she is weird in a strange way. She is our Boo Boo and would not have her any other way. The more I look at her, the more I do not see any Lab in her. I can maybe see the German Sheppard in her but what else. I think she is part coyote, because she has this line of hair that puffs up down her back between her shoulder blades when she is alert and I think she is part rabbit or deer. Seriously, you have to look at her behind when she runs. She runs like a deer and jumps like a rabbit, kinda like run-jumps. She has intense hearing too. How she can hear the deer roaming in the lot next door is beyond me.

I know how much I brag about our puppy, and as any dog owner knows that is expected. She is such a ham and has this character about her that I cannot explain. All I know is that we are so blessed to have her in our family. Even though she is so weird,


Now I am showing off our puppy, enjoy the following photos of Bree and her chasing the bubbles in the back yard.

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Green-Fly Media 2012 Special Thanks to: ~ Tara DeHaven Tomlin, You rock little sister! ~ Dana Cowley, Epic Games. Thank you for all your help putting the Gears of War article together. ~ Horace Copeland, Retired NFL player. For giving me the opportunity to shoot his football camp and meet some great NFL players.

Links Epic Games Pixologic Gears of War

Credits Page 5-23 and page 57: Gears of War concept art and renders courtesy of Epic Games via: Dana Cowley Senior PR Manager for Epic Games Page 24: Campaign Render by Alice Mary Herden (V3- Avey Soul Scorpion Rising) Page 25: Sisters to the end story by Alice Mary Herden Page 26: Campaign Render by Alice Mary Herden (Daz M4 - Powerage 3000 Fighters) Page 30: Campaign Poster by Alice Mary Herden (Daz V3 – Powerage Tournament outfit) Pages 31-35: Brooksville Raid Photos by Alice Mary Herden Pages 38-46: Photos from Horace “Hi-C” Copeland Football Camp by Alice Mary Herden Page 47: Live Love Laugh Tee, Zazzle Pages 44-53: Photos of Bree by Alice Mary Herden


Horace Copeland Zazzle Voices to Visions Nursoda Powerage AlfaSeed (formly aery soul) Action Potential

Green-Fly Media 2012 Locusts that took her. Did someone rehabilitate him and did someone insure him that he could have the best of both the worlds. Did they convince him to go along with their experiments? Ensuring him, he would have the capability of respawning, to live for his Maria and take revenge on the COGS that could not save her. Could Dom really take revenge against his brothers? On the other hand, could he be agreeing to this for other reasons?

Did Dom really die? On the other hand, did he miraculously escape before the truck exploded? Knowing how devastated he was after the death of Maria, did someone save him? He stored so much anger from both sides of his world. Feelings of anger towards the COGS for not dedicating the time and resources to save his Maria and the anger he possessed with the


Since the Lambent fluid had no foreseen side effect on Tara, could it be by chance that particular Lambent Alice took hostage was actually Dom, part human and part Locust? Some things just make you go hmmm.

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April 2012 In this Issue: * Gears of War * Brooksville Raid * Horace Copeland Football Camp * Bree and Bubbles