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Zo m b i es

* Interview with Joshua Ortega * Potted Zombies * Zombie survival crew * Zombie photography AND MORE......................................................

Zombie: 1871, of W. African origin (cf. Kikongo zumbi “fetish;” Kimbundu nzambi “god”), originally the name of a snake god, later with meaning “reanimated corpse” in voodoo cult. But perhaps also from Louisiana creole word meaning “phantom, ghost,” from Sp. sombra “shade, ghost.” Sense “slow-witted person” is recorded from 1936.

They can be the cutest characters to the most gut retching stomach turning nauseating visual sight, trust me I looked on the

Internet, you will ever encounter, well if you live to tell about it. Huh? So why the craze? Just like a fashion phase, bell bottoms are in and then they are out. Zombies are in and then the creepy clowns will make their comeback. EEKK! Could there actually be an outbreak so horrific like a zombie apocalypse? There are so many things that we as civilians do not know nor do we see that has been hidden by the government and/or military. Really, think about it. We already know that there is no way we are the only life form in the universe, so going into space, what are the possibilities that they aren’t going to experience or even capture some type of unusual enity. Maybe an asteroid can cause an outbreak. Maybe history unleashes itself through cannibalism. Who knows? Can it happen? Will it happen? put together 5 scientific reasons how a zombie apocalypse could happen

*Brain Parasites: Even though is a real medical issue and parasites are real, as far as turning

you into a zombie (as seen on TV) is not going to happen. You would probably be dead, but than again, you would not know if you did become undead since you are already dead, right?

* Neurotoxins: On Wikipedia :

Yet again this is in the now, and after searching some more I found this: index.php/board-of-directors... Just looking at the Board of Directors photos make me think, “Shit, these people could save our lives! And then I proceed to question who are their test subjects, where do they keep them, where is their (real) laboratory and what if so and so pisses of so and so and all hell breaks loose…

*Rage Virus: This is what I go through during PMS... step back and leave me alone.

*Neurogenesis: Maybe cells regenerating? Younger looking skin!

*Nanobot: How come no one has marketed a zombie robotic infestation?

*Biochemical.. Well, seriously, do you think that any human or animal would actually survive

any type of bio chemical outbreak? I say the only breathing organism likely to survive a biochemical attack is a coach roach. The overall concern here is MAN… humans would be the one at fault, for I certainly could not blame my dog or the next door neighbors cat, right? People, it will be long after we are dead to experience, I am hoping, anything of this magnitude. Zombies are a made up character as seen in movies and TV. As the word originally name of a snake god, someone took the snake god out and focused on the reanimated corpse with some visual effects. Live happy, and healthy!

It’s Halloween, get dressed up and have some fun with your friends, your kids and don’t forget take your dog-

gie trick or treating. You have some Halloween photo? Let me know!

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Okay.. So if humans zombies are the “in” thing, leave it to a couple guys to think of... “Hey, what if we.....................” You put together the artistic and explicit creative imagination of Joshua Ortega, Digger T Mesch, Kevin Eastman, Qing Ping Mui and Sam Shearon and throw a cat at them and what do you get.. “The Other Dead” This is not a comic book for the animal lover at heart.. Well at first it isn’t.. But for someone that hunts deer as a recreational sport.. Ya.. Bring it.

Joshua Ortega *Green-Fly Media: Joshua Ortega Bio

Joshua Ortega is a San Francisco-based writer whose work spans nearly the entire spectrum of the popular arts. He has written for every major American comic book company including Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image, Top Cow, TOKYOPOP, Dynamite Entertainment, and more, working on high-profile properties such as Star Wars, Spider-Man, Star Trek, Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer, and Battlestar Galactica. A former journalist, Ortega is also the author of the critically acclaimed novel ((FREQUENCIES)), co-writer of the short film …loves Martha (with Academy Award-winning director TJ Martin), and has worked on a wide variety of

Artwork by David Millgate

Xbox 360 titles for Microsoft Game Studios, including the smash hits Gears of War 2 & 3 and the award-winning Shadow Complex. He has been featured numerous times on NPR and has also appeared on G4, CBS, Coast to Coast, and Syfy in addition to many other major media outlets. Updates on his new work can be found at

* Green-Fly Media @ Joshua Ortega: “The Other Dead” comic book going beyond the human factor of zombism to an animal zombism, explain to us why, how and who? Joshua Ortega: The high concept of The Other Dead is Zombie Animals instead of human zombies, hence the “other” part of the title! The question of “why” and “how” is a bit of a secret and will be answered as the series progresses! * Green-Fly Media @ Joshua Ortega: From what was stated at, you are basically in control of the story line, knowing the birth of this reverse role in zombie coolness came from the mind of Digger Mesch. Being somewhat limited from writing scripts with Gears of War, how is having a blank storyboard, free to take the story line where your imagination takes it, feel for you as a writer and how far are you willing to go? Joshua Ortega: It’s definitely a great experience to be able to be in complete control of your own IP, so we’re definitely pushing the boundaries with this one...from the level of animal violence to the marketing campaign to the inclusion of Obama as a lead character, we’re definitely pushing the limits with this one! * Green-Fly Media @ Joshua Ortega: The combination between writer and illustrator have to have a solid connection to each other’s vision, How is your connection with Qing Ping Mui in bringing storyboard segments visual? Joshua Ortega: Qing has been fantastic to work with, and I think he’s delivering the best work of his career on this’s scary, atmospheric, and he brings a lot of human emotion to the characters. We feel very fortunate to have him onboard! * Green-Fly Media @ Joshua Ortega: The cast of characters selected for “The Other Dead” happen to be very unique, from one that dabbled in animal sacrifice to a character named Justina who is a bruja. (In both Spain and the Americas, the bruja was a living person, usually a woman, who was able to transform herself into various kinds of animals). Could there be a significant reason why you created this character and if so, why would that be? Joshua Ortega: Yeah, definitely significant reasons for each character, though we still want to keep everything a surprise for the first issue! * Green-Fly Media @ Joshua Ortega: Have you seen how cute my dog is? (Facebook) Although she might have the perfect body and breath for a zombie dog, but I cannot and will not accept her turning into a zombie and.. oh wait, now if I train her…She might come in handy.. What are your thoughts on that? Joshua Ortega: Haha! Yeah, that’s one of the big “catches” of the story, the fact that your best friend could suddenly become your worst enemy. It’s much like rabies in that sense, where a friendly creature you’ve known all of your life can suddenly turn into your absolute worst f-ing’s a pretty frightening notion.

* Green-Fly Media @ Joshua Ortega: It has been a week since “The Other Dead” has been on the shelves, how has the overall response been for the book?

Joshua Ortega: The book actually just came out today, but the advance praise on the book from the industry has been fantastic, and all 6 reviews that have come in so far have awesome as well...after 2 years of hard work, it’s really nice to see so many people enjoying the book! * Green-Fly Media @ Joshua Ortega: What’s next on the agenda for you?

Joshua Ortega: Next up is getting ready for the convention circuit to promote The Other Dead, and I’ll have appearances in Sacramento, San Francisco, New York, and a few Los Angeles appearances as well this year...then next year will be it’s own busy schedule, me and Kevin and Digger will be at a ton of shows together in 2014. As far as new projects, keep an eye out at www.joshuaortega. com,, and @joshuaortega88 for all of the updates...there’s going to be a lot of cool announcements in the next year! If this is too much for you to take in, believe me, I understand. The graphics alone are enough to turn your stomach.. So here is something to soothe your tummy with a cute little pic of a zombie robot! See next page!

As a I take a step back, I really look at the concept of this comic book and I realize how many talented, creative people there are in this world. It amazes me and inspires me. Without people like Ortega, Mesch, Eastman, Mui and others we would not have anything to inspire us. Think about how it was in the beginning, how comic book writers and artists had to deal so much crap and criticism from people that couldn’t see past the idea by not looking beyond the concept, both visually and creatively. However artistically your vision is or how imaginative your world is.. I thank you, because of your talents I could not be who I am today. I know without a doubt this comic book series will gain a tremendous amount of “The Other Dead” fans and build new inspirations around the corner. As the secrets of characters unfold with each issue being released, more and more fans will follow, now that animals finally got their place in the zombie trend. As far as me on the personal side.. I would like my dog to be normal, but if so happen she did turn, I will give my life to her. Yep she is that special.

Bree, aka Boo, when she was a puppy.. now isn’t she cute!!!!!!!!!


robot zombie by John Schwegel

zombies are and they have a story to tell.


Dan Duford

•Green-Fly Media: Tell us about you. Dan: I’m basically a big kid that refuses to grow up… does that work? Seriously though, I hide behind the Poisoned Playground wall but my name is Dan Duford and I’ve been drawing, sketching, painting and creating ever since I can remember. I’ve been a graphic designer by trade for roughly 20 years and only recently began branching out and getting involved in the designer toy field which allows me the creative outlet that I’ve found myself lacking. I’m a lifelong horror fan… be it movies, gaming, whatever… and an avid toy collector… a hobby that’s made a whole lot easier to explain away since I have two kids of my own! My art serves as the place where my love of horror, toys, and a touch humor can all come together.

•Green-Fly Media: What started the zombie craze for you? Dan: Well I would have to say zombies are just one aspect of a deep rooted love of all things creepy that goes way, way back. Just like my love for art, my interest in horror-related stuff honestly goes back as far as I can remember. My parents were probably a little bit more relaxed than most other kids’ parents I knew growing up and family night for us often meant gathering around the tv and watching the latest horror movie that had just been released. I was exposed to the classics at an early age and I guess it just stuck with me. While most kids at the time were reading superhero comics and playing with GIJoe toys me and my brother were catching up on the latest issue of Creepy or Eerie and saving up for the next cool Remco Monsters figure to add to our collection. As far as zombies go… well they are just cool and a natural fit for my horror obsession. With shows like The Walking Dead, movies like World War Z, and all of the zombie-themed video games it’s become pretty trendy to like zombies. I’m proud to say I’ve been a fan before they were hip and I’ll still be a fan long after people move on!

•Green-Fly Media How did the potted zombie idea come about?

Dan: This one is directly attributable to my two sons… they always inspire me and most of the art I create comes as a result of something they did or said that triggered an idea. I’m always making things for them and I just decided to pick up some clay one day and see what I could do with it. This was a few years back and my kids were a little younger so my early sculpts were really simple. In fact my earliest attempts were just a zombie head with a really simple body… the planter pots came about a little later. I really didn’t think much about it at the time since it was just something cool for my kids but I started getting feedback from people and getting requests to make more so it sort of just grew from there. When I decided I wanted to go ahead and try my hand at my first resin toy it was an easy decision to go back to the Potted Zombie idea and try to update it a bit. •Green-Fly Media: I did notice your kickstarter page and that was great success! How did that make you feel?

Dan: The whole Kickstarter experience was really awesome! I went into it just hoping to spread the word about what I was doing and was absolutely floored when I found my project had been fully funded 24 hours after launching! I remember clicking the “launch” button and then sitting back in awe as backer after backer came through in support of the project. It’s a really great feeling when you have complete strangers stepping up and getting behind your project… it really validates what you’re doing. Kickstarter has a really passionate community and I feel very fortunate to have connected with so many of them through the launch of my Potted Zombie project. Production on the figure is well underway and I’m really excited to get the Potted Zombie figures out to my backers as soon as possible! I learned a lot about launching a project during the 30 days my kickstarter was funding and plan to roll those lessons learned into my next project. I’d highly recommend the platform to anyone with an idea that they’re kicking around and trying to find a way to get out to the masses. •Green-Fly Media: From zombie seeds to trading cards, what is next for poisoned playground?

Dan: Originally Poisoned Playground just served as a cool “brand name” that I gave to the designs I was doing for kids’ t-shirts. The stuff was light-hearted but creepy and catered to parents that were looking for something a little different than the typical teddy bears and flowers that you’d expect to find on infant and toddler clothing. I still have a lot of success with the clothing but this past year I decided to start growing the brand more, branching out and using it as an umbrella for all of the things that I wanted to do such as illustration, resin toys, etc. The Potted Zombie resin toy was really the first project I wanted to get out to sort of re-launch the Poisoned Playground brand and get things moving in a new direction. I’m really happy with the results and looking to continue the Potted Zombie line with more resin figures in the future. Right now my immediate focus is getting my Potted Zombie figures into the hands of my Kickstarter supporters and doing whatever I can to promote the Potted Zombie brand. The success of my Kickstarter has given me the opportunity to do some great things to get the Potted Zombie/Poisoned Playground names out there and I’m looking forward to the opportunities I have before me… especially with Halloween right around the corner! It’s great to have something launching at a time when people’s hearts and minds are already geared toward the “dark side.” As far as what comes after that… I’d have to say that I’m an idea guy at my core so my mind is always restless coming up with new ideas that I’d like to explore. During the process of kickstarting the Potted Zombie line I naturally thought of a bunch of other resin cast projects that I’d like to tackle and I think I will seriously pursue at least a couple of them. These new ideas are also centered around the horror theme so if you’re a fan of the Potted Zombie stuff you’re probably going to dig these as well. I’m also really planning to get serious and start doing more with my illustration stuff… I really enjoy doing it but find it difficult to discipline myself to work on it daily. I’ve set a goal for myself to try to create at least one illustration per day once I clear the table and wrap up my Potted Zombies Kickstarter project. I’ll be launching the url probably late 2013/early 2014 and posting my (hopefully) daily work up there so that’s something I’m really looking forward to. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now and the next year should be jam-packed for Poisoned Playground! Stay tuned! •Green-Fly Media: There are all types of Zombies (, if you were bitten and turned into a zombie, what type of zombie do you want to be?

Dan: Wow, I hate to admit it but I didn’t realize that there were so many types of zombies… or that people actually took the time to categorize them! This is a hard one but I’m going to channel my inner 6 year old and go with one that didn’t even make the list. Probably my earliest exposure to zombies came from watching Scooby-Doo on Saturday mornings. We all know that the monsters in the Scooby-Doo shows were just bad guys in awesome disguises, but for some reason the zombie characters really made an impression on me. There were a few different takes on them… I think one was the Mamba Zombie and another was The Creeper. They had tattered clothing, walked with the stiff outstretched arms, and had green skin! I mean every monster is supposed to have green skin right? I still remember watching my first zombie movie and thinking to myself “What? Why don’t they have green skin?” Looking back on it now I’d say these characters had a lot of influence on my illustration style… at least when it comes to zombies. They’ve got to be simple… they’ve got to be playful… and most importantly, they’ve got to be green!

Interview Rich Brooks; Zombie Ipsum * •Green-Fly Media: Tell us about you. Rich Brooks; My name is Rich Brooks and I’m the president of flyte new media (http://www. and the founder of the Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference (http://www. * •Green-Fly Media: For our readers, what exactly is Zombie Ipsum. Rich Brooks; For years, designers have created layouts using something called Lorem Ipsum,

made-up text that allows the client to see and evaluate the comps of the design without getting all hung up on the copy. We decided to do a variation on Lorem Ipsum that was more “zombie friendly.”

Zombie ipsum reversus ab viral inferno, nam rick grimes malum cerebro. De carne lumbering animata corpora quaeritis. Summus brains sit​​ , morbo vel maleficia? De apocalypsi gorger omero undead survivor dictum mauris. Hi mindless mortuis soulless creaturas, imo evil stalking monstra adventus resi dentevil vultus comedat cerebella viventium. Qui animated corpse, cricket bat max brucks terribilem incessu zomby. The voodoo sacerdos flesh eater, suscitat mortuos comedere carnem virus. Zonbi tattered for solum oculi eorum defunctis go lum cerebro. Nescio brains an Undead zombies. Sicut malus putrid voodoo horror. Nigh tofth eliv ingdead.

Cum horribilem walking dead resurgere de crazed sepulcris creaturis, zombie sicut de grave feeding iride et Pestilentia, shaun ofthe dead Rich Brooks; Someone had created Bacon Ipsum, which was a meaty variation. I’ve always said serpens. scythe animated corpses ipsa screams. if you want to make friends on social media, talk about bacon and zombies. Since bacon was Pestilentia est plague haec decaying ambulabat mortuos. Sicut zeder already taken... apathetic malus voodoo. Aenean a dolor plan et terror soulless vulnerum contagium accedunt, mortui iam * •Green-Fly Media: Tell us your relationship with Josh Fisher, who designed Zombie Ipsum vivam unlife. Qui tardius moveri, brid graphics. eof reanimator sed in magna copia sint terribiles undeath legionis. Alii missing oculis aliorum sicut serpere Rich Brooks; I’ve known Josh for years through the Twitter community here in Portland, Maine. crabs nostram. Putridi braindead odores kill and infect, aere implent I saw some fun t-shirts he had designed and asked him to do a logo for Zombie Ipsum. He left four dead.

* •Green-Fly Media: How did Zombie Ipsum start?

loved the idea and we started brainstorming. He came up with the very cool, morbid variations of the social sharing buttons and the layouts of the website itself. *•Green-Fly Media: Do you feel that this might be a harsh statement, “Many people believe that Lorem Ipsum is either Latin or Greek. Graphic designers believe that these people to be idiots.” What is your response? Rich Brooks; I was younger when I cracked that joke. I’m much more mature and kind now.

* •Green-Fly Media: I noticed there are no updates on your website since September 2011, any chance that there will be future Zombie Ipsum generator or section in Wikipedia? Rich Brooks; I hope so. Right now I’m focused on The Agents of Change conference, which Josh

also did the designs for. When that’s over, I’d like to jump back into Zombie Ipsum. * •Green-Fly Media: There are all types of Zombies ( Zombie), if you bitten and turned into a zombie, what type of zombie do you want to be? Rich Brooks; Not the shambling kind. I was built for speed. •Green-Fly Media: Thank

you so much for your time.. ;0)

Rich Brooks; My pleasure!

Lucio fulci tremor est dark vivos magna. Expansis creepy arm yof darkness ulnis witchcraft missing carnem armis Kirkman Moore and Adlard caeruleum in locis. Romero morbo Congress amarus in auras. Nihil horum sagittis tincidunt, zombie slack-jawed gelida survival portenta. The unleashed virus est, et iam zombie mortui ambulabunt super terram. Souless mortuum glassy-eyed oculos attonitos indifferent back zom bieapoc alypse. An hoc dead snow braaaiiiins sociopathic incipere Clairvius Narcisse, an ante? Is bello mundi z? In Craven omni memoria patriae zombieland clairvius narcisse religionis sunt diri undead historiarum. Golums, zombies unrelenting et Raimi fascinati beheading. Maleficia! Vel cemetery man a modern bursting eyeballs perhsaps morbi. A terrenti flesh contagium. Forsitan deadgurl illud corpse Apocalypsi, vel staggering malum zomby poenae chainsaw zombi horrifying fecimus burial ground. Indeflexus shotgun coup de poudre monstra per plateas currere. Fit de decay nostra carne undead. Poenitentiam violent zom biehig hway agite RE:dead pœnitentiam! Vivens mortua sunt apud nos night of the living dead.

ato c es m y as z n n ow ne n o i k : t s ate dia l viru a r D ca lti i ost P u m 5 h m io che 0 t i 0 w b d. ae g d s h e i n p dv al ati duc a n n 4 i n i m bee ct a -56 t e as j n b n a 8 o i u h c *S am ed ds 8 ng t t r i n o a 0 n o c re 20 contai dec min 1 a d t s @ en con d m e i 2 d a d com 35 ar pol n e r a 2 / l hly ble i g s i 0 6 ulticu i re v .Ih a B a e c s m r e t n h c e h e i it eff arc nsc e o s e c e d ed w 4A-Q R ill t si t c s 2 e j nd RZ a Sub * e ak 30 w a 2 is @1 t c e j n in Sub spread. g * i ,S 00 viral A 3 r he c @1 lude r a ese nc R o c t ou to es g n n n o g ti c ha * Si t 0 can 33 i f 1 i @ sign o ns *N g i s 0 tal 40 i v 1 @ ct e. e n j b i l * Su flat 0 43 luded 1 @ nc o ect c j b g u se s orin a t e i ec mon D 0* 0 5 @1 cess ro p l va er mo

My zombie make-up.. I was really concerned about the effects of liquid latex, so I decided to use peel off mask instead. This is all you really need for a zombie photoshoot for those like me, that are on a limited budget.... 1: two colors of makeup.. pale and dark.. cheapest brand 2: make up sponges and make up power brush 3: translucent or pale powder 4: black eyeshadow and liner 5: fake blood


> Apply the liquid makeup all over your face and neck, switching between light and dark color tones > Apply baby powder or light makeup powder with makeup powder brush to your face and neck > Apply black eye shadow and eyeliner (optional) around the eyes > Take a gob or less of peel off mask and blot it where you want scars or peeling skin with your fingers > Cover with more make up and powder > Apply your fake blood around the places where you put your blobs and gobs of peel off mask. Don’t forget around the corner of your mouth > Snap some photos and edit away in your photo editing program.


Larry enjoying his arm appetizer before the main course




please watch out for zombie flashers.. they mean no harm, they just have to show off how pretty they are inside too!

Looks like Bart needs some help getting out of his oil drum he hid in!

zombie group photo

z o m b i e

p h o t o g r a p hy

b r i n g


e v e n t

i n g

o u t

t h e

z o m b i e

Yeah.. usually scenerio, pretty girl runs and trips and falls and gets eaten up by zombies.. Run pretty girl.. run.. why did you wear flip flops and where is your purse? FYI.. Alana did double bird me, yep double bird me during the third run on this photo shot!

Brianna is not playing the game right.... Poor Mike.. double zombified is not the way to go.. I think you turn back into a human when another zombie bites a zombie.

Mike, just an ordinary guy. Working hard supporting his family till the butcher lady came into his shop wanting a new apron!

Brianna, a lovely lady who owns the meat market across the street from Mike’s Apron R’ Us store.

Kayla, pretty sweet little kid, on the way to the bus stop. Stumbled upon another little girls teddy bear, too bad for Kayla she picked it up!

Mikayla, cute little girl wanted to tell her mom her teddy bear was looking at her funny. But as she went into the kitchen.........

he Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) purchases and manages onservation lands to protect water resources nd to preserve and restore Florida ecosystems. here are more than 343,000 acres of onservation lands in the region open to the ublic for recreation opportunities. The 1,206-acre Weekiwachee Preserve was urchased to protect the first-magnitude Weeki Wachee Spring and the wetland’s natural unctions of conveying spring water to the Gulf f Mexico, cleansing surface water and roviding flood protection.

Designated trails provide specific nature-based xperiences while minimizing impacts to the ands and natural systems. Markers identify the ype of recreation available and arrows indicate he direction of the trail. Main trail ntersections are numbered. See chart on back anel for latitude and longitude points that orrespond to these intersections. While isiting these properties, there are certain rules nd restrictions in place to protect the natural nvironment and to ensure a quality experience or all conservation land visitors.

We all must share the responsibility of rotecting the environment to make sure that we, as well as future generations, can enjoy uality outdoor experiences. Please visit to learn more about how to upport conservation efforts.

Latitude 28 27 42.69 28 27 58.70 28 28 13.71 28 28 36.54 28 28 40.06 28 28 43.17 28 29 22.96 28 29 22.23 28 29 22.34 28 29 44.99 28 28 27.17 28 27 56.73 28 30 24.19

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VISAY 07-13 The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) does not discriminate on the basis of disability. This nondiscrimination policy involves every aspect of the District’s functions, including access to and participation in the District’s programs and activities. Anyone requiring reasonable accommodation as provided for in the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the District’s Human Resources Bureau Chief, 2379 Broad St., Brooksville, FL 34604-6899; telephone (352) 796-7211 or 1-800-423-1476 (FL only), ext. 4702; TDD 1-800-231-6103 (FL only); or email

The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) purchases and manages conservation lands to protect water resources and to preserve and restore Florida ecosystems. There are more than 343,000 acres of conservation lands in the region open to the public for recreation opportunities. The 11,206-acre Weekiwachee Preserve was purchased to protect the first-magnitude Weeki Wachee Spring and the wetland’s natural functions of conveying spring water to the Gulf of Mexico, cleansing surface water and providing flood protection.

Weekiwachee Preserve

Designated trails provide specific nature-based experiences while minimizing impacts to the lands and natural systems. Markers identify the type of recreation available and arrows indicate the direction of the trail. Main trail intersections are numbered. See chart on back The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) purchases and manages panel for latitude and longitude points that conservation lands to protect water resources and to preserve and restore Florida ecosystems. correspond to these intersections. While There are more than 343,000 acres of conservation lands in the region open to the visiting these properties, there are certain rules public for recreation opportunities. The Latitude Longitude and restrictions to05.07 protect the natural 11,206-acre Weekiwachee Preserve was 28 27 42.69 in 1place 82 38 purchased to protect the first-magnitude Weeki 2 28 27 58.70 82 38 04.06 environment and to ensure a quality experience Wachee Spring and the wetland’s natural 3 28 28 13.71 82 38 06.83 functions of conveying spring water to the Gulf 4 land 28 28 36.54 82 38visitors. 16.78 for all conservation of Mexico, cleansing surface water and

Trail Map

2345 Osowaw Boulevard Spring Hill, FL 34607

providing flood protection.

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Designated trails provide specific nature-based experiences while minimizing impacts to the lands and natural systems. Markers identify the type of recreation available and arrows indicate the direction of the trail. Main trail intersections are numbered. See chart on back panel for latitude and longitude points that correspond to these intersections. While visiting these properties, there are certain rules and restrictions in place to protect the natural environment and to ensure a quality experience for all conservation land visitors. We all must share the responsibility of protecting the environment to make sure that we, as well as future generations, can enjoy quality outdoor experiences. Please visit to learn more about how to support conservation efforts.

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* Green-Fly Media@ ZS: Zombie Squad started up in 2003, how much has changed within your group from then to the present?

ZS: The biggest and most exciting change for us has to be getting our 501(c)3 status. We are now able to do so much more due to the non-profit status - it’s amazing!

Roxanne Bower Social Media Liaison Zombie Squad International, Inc

* Green-Fly Media@ ZS: Tell us about you and your involvement with Zombie Squad.

ZS: I am the Social Media Liaison, and I handle the Zombie Squad Facebook page,, Twittter handle @zombiesquad, and also help monitor the individual chapter Facebook pages. I am also available to all chapters if they have any questions regarding social media. In addition I am active in my local chapter. I have been a card carrying member since 2009, and have been volunteering as the Social Media Liaison since early 2011. * Green-Fly Media@ ZS: How would you educate children about zombies and how would your organization ensure that they are safe.

ZS: I think with children you have to be careful. You want them to be aware and ready for anything, but you have to walk that fine line between educating them and scaring them silly. Zombies are scary, even for adults, but through practice, knowledge, and mutual support it is possible to put together a realistic plan of action that when implemented will keep your family safe and give your children a sense of security in an increasingly perilous world. * Green-Fly Media@ ZS: There are quite a few zombie related video games, do you feel that video gaming helps us learn more tactical approaches to conquer the undead?

ZS: I think video games can help to an extent, but nothing will be able to take the place of real world experience. We can talk, plan, hold mock bug outs, and play all the video games in the world, but until the dead walk the earth we will never really know what will work and what we will have to do. But in the meantime, I encourage everyone to continue talking, planning, gaming - whatever it takes to help you plan for ANY disaster, natural or otherwise, and share you ideas with others. Visit our discussion forum at and see what others have to say. Gather as much information as your can and tailor it to your situation highlighting your strengths and finding ways to compensate for your weaknesses. * Green-Fly Media@ ZS: Your charity work is outstanding. How important is this to your organization, and what charity events are you putting forth for the 2013/2014 year?

ZS: Our charity work in as integral part of who we are. Each of our chapters host a minimum of three charity events a year, and with almost 50 chapters worldwide that is an amazing amount of money, blood, canned food, etc, that we are able to provide to our communities. There are new events planned all the time, so you’ll have to check out the calendar on our main website ! Watch the Zombie Squad on youtube:

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Tony Kordos has been a professional inker for over 5 years now. He jumped into the comic business after a trip to a convention and being challenged to prove he could do it. After about 2 years he did and got his first break into comics with Mario Gully on Totem and his first published piece actually came in an issue of Gully’s comic, Ant. After that he began doing assisting on inks with Rob Hunter. While working with Rob he was able to work on such DC titles as; Batman, Justice League of America and Raan/ Thanagar Holy War. He was able to work over legends in the industry, Mark Bagley, Ed Benes and Ron Lim. Afterwards he got another project, becoming the lead inker on Dark Horse’s Predators adaption. Since then he has worked on Marvel’s Legendary deck building game and Eternal Descent for IDW. Currently Tony is developing his own personal concepts and traveling from con to con connecting with fans and fellow pros. I met Tony at the Fanboy Expo in Clearwater, which was the first comic expo my sister Tara and her boys went to. Tony’s artsitic talent is amazing and he is such a wonderful person. I am excited to know that he will be at the Orlando Comic Con in March of 2014. See more of his work here:

* Green-Fly Media@ ZSC: Tell us about you and your involvement with Zombie Survival Crew. What makes this organization different from all the others out there?

* Green-Fly Media@ ZSC: On the Zombie Survival Crew’s website there are different representation of Brigades, explain to us what these are.

ZSC: My name is LK Gardner-Griffie and I’m an award-winning Young Adult and Middle Grade author of contemporary fiction, as well as being ZSC: The brigades were born out of a discussion of how to organize escape the Commander of the Purple Brigade. I’m the Commander who works routes and what should be in everyone’s go-bag. And the reality of the mostly behind the scenes, directing activities, analyzing our data, and

situation is that no matter how prepared you are as an individual, in order

keeping our Commander-in-Chief, Juliette Terzieff, on an even keel. I

to survive you’re going to need others to help you along the way. Looking

was dubbed The Oracle for this reason early on.

at it from that perspective, if everyone is bringing the same thing in their

The Zombie Survival Crew is unique in that it combines survival pre-

go-bag to the first rendezvous point an opportunity to have a community

paredness with community, education, and entertainment—oh, and

with rich resources is wasted. However, if each brigade is assigned to bring

zombies, of course. The idea is to use the threat of a pending zombie apocalypse to make people more aware of what it will take to survive a global cataclysmic event, zombie oriented or otherwise. This, by the way, is the same reason the CDC (Center for Disease Control) started using zombies in their promotional endeavors. And by presenting the information with an entertainment factor, we can capture people’s attention for

specific things in their go-bags, then when the rendezvous point is reached the combined resources benefit the community. Since we have seven Commanders, it was easy to color code the Brigades, and each brigade has traits for its members as well as a weapon symbol for identification.

a little longer than if we preached gloom and doom. * Green-Fly Media@ ZSC: In a hypothetical scenario, if by chance there is * Green-Fly Media@ ZSC: When this organization first started in 2010, how a zombie outbreak, what would your synopsis be from beginning to end? much has changed within the Zombie Survival Crew group from then to How did it start, why and where? the present? ZSC: Asking a writer to work with a hypothetical scenario is kind of like

ZSC: At the beginning, we knew what we wanted to accomplish, but

letting the kid loose in the candy store. *grins* I’ll attempt to keep my

were stretched so thin, execution of plans sometimes suffered. In essence,

response limited to one or two scenarios.

it was four writers, Juliette Terzieff—a former war correspondent, Jinxie

I think one of the most probable and more complex scenarios would be

G.—owner of Just Ink Press, RC Murphy—an Urban Fantasy author, and me trying to get the website up and running, planning events at conventions, getting T-Shirts and other promotional items made to help fund the organization, developing the structure, and developing the plans. In addition to this, there was building of the community, engaging people through social media channels and getting them interested in what we had to say. As we have grown and added to the ranks, we have added

found in the field of science experimentation. Researchers working with cadavers to study DNA or genetic mutations, or possibly attempting to find a cure for a disease with the side result of the experimentation being the reanimation of the corpse. The government would then swoop in and seize the experiment “for the good of the people”, and would secretly develop corpse reanimation as a weapon to be used in war–because no one cares

some incredible people who have pitched in to make this even more of a if you kill an already dead soldier. Despite all the precautions taken, a reanimated corpse escapes and roams the streets, killing others, but infecting success. them with the same genetic mutation to reanimate after death. * Green-Fly Media@ ZSC: Take us through one day of survival training

Or zombies could arise out of drug experimentation. One look at the long-

with the Zombie Survival Crew.

term effects of krokodil on the user and you realize we are already one step away from zombification. Sniff too many bath salts, and you have

ZSC: At present, survival training camps are something we would like

another potential zombie on the loose. Someone who is not in control of

to pursue, but have not yet hit on the right setting and method for our

their actions, and their actions are alarmingly like those of zombie-lore.

members. Our survival plans in the event of a cataclysmic event are available for members only, but we also provide survival tips and tricks to the general public as well. And a part of our merchandise offerings include things like paracord bracelets, because they are easy to carry, and there is always a need for a good rope while on the run.

As far as how to handle? It depends on the extent of the break out, whether it is being kept from public awareness, and the strength of the reanimation. But one thing is certain; we will need each other to in order to survive.

* Green-Fly Media@ ZSC: Some people really think that there is going to be a Zombie Apocalypse and they have structured their lives to what some may feel extremely hardcore. How does your organization help others become aware of these people that maybe taking this too far?

ZSC: I think what you are referring to as extremely hardcore are those extremists who feel they have to fight the world to survive, whereas we only fight the enemy—the zombies. The zombies represent a world gone amok; they are the crumbling of society, and the loss of humanity. Over and over, in literature and film, we are shown that the person who was is no more. A zombie is no longer human. So the Zombie Survival Crew is very much about the community. Should there be an issue, it is the reaching out of human being to human being. Helping one another through the rough times, coming together as a community to make us stronger. Collectively we will weather the bad times. Those who are hardcore generally do not want any community involvement because they are looking out for number one and number one, only. They fear anyone coming near because they are afraid they will lose what they have. And they can be dangerous because they fight everyone. * Green-Fly Media@ ZSC: What charities is the Zombie Survival Crew involved in and how important is this to your organization.

ZSC: Being involved in charity work is very important to the Zombie Survival Crew. It is a way we can assist the greater community and help those in need. One of the biggest emphases the Zombie Survival Crew has is that of helping others and community. We are in this world together and should work together for the greater good of humanity. Our current charities are Oxfam International, Medecins Sans Frontieres, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and WSPA International—because we love our animal friends. * Green-Fly Media@ ZSC: There are quite a few zombie related video games, do you feel that video gaming helps us learn more tactical approaches to conquer the undead?

ZSC: Zombie-themed video games are a great tool for figuring out what may or may not work in the field. Game creators in recent years have done a remarkable job ensuring real world physics rule the way various weapons react in-game--meaning we can see how much damage a .22 caliber gun does against a .45 without scouring the internet and staring at real gunshot victims. Games won’t help you with your aim or endurance, but they do give us something to learn from and then implement in training.

* Green-Fly Media@ ZSC: I recently watched “World War Z” and I came out dazed for some reason. Author Max Brooks really takes the Zombie Apocalypse to a reasonable realistic view. What are your thoughts about this movie?

ZSC: We approach the book and the movie as separate entities. While the movie was gritty, gruesome, and downright painful to watch as times, it only followed one man’s journey to survive the outbreak. The book covers the outbreak globally and dives even further into the gut-wrenching reality of the zombie apocalypse—as Brooks thinks it may happen. There’s no one expert, but he’s done a great job of laying out the building blocks for how to begin mentally and physically preparing for the worse. * Green-Fly Media@ ZSC: The Zombie Survival Crew has built up quite an impressive following with some well-known actors, How much of their involvement helped the Zombie Survival Crew organization build up a status within the Zombie trend?

ZSC: The celebrity Commanders and Lieutenants are more of a win-win than a one-way street. The Zombie Survival Crew started because of The Walking Dead show. Juliette, who has always been a strong advocate of survival preparedness, was blogging about the show, and she and her followers got into a discussion about survival tactics, when one of the members from the show reached out and answered. Then another one chimed in, and discussions about starting the Zombie Survival Crew began in earnest. The win for the actors is that we, The Zombie Survival Crew, provide a safe environment for them to interact with their fans, and the fans feel they have better access to their favorite actors. * Green-Fly Media@ ZSC: What is in store for the Zombie Survival Crew for the rest of 2013 and what are the goals for 2014?

ZSC: We have some exciting things on the horizon, which are in the process of being solidified, so I’m not at liberty to discuss at this time … other than to say The Zombie Survival Crew has some BIG things ahead. Outside of the big, secret things going on, we are also excited to be putting together our third book for release in 2014. We have published two anthologies with submissions from our members and our celebrity leaders, Undead Is Not An Option and Undead Uncensored, both of which are fiction mixed with articles and art work. Our upcoming book will be a collection of survival recipes—with a Zombie Apocalypse theme, of course. Our next convention appearance will be the Rock & Shock at Worcester, MA October 18 – 20th. Links: Website:





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ORANGE AND BLACK (Illustrator for max brooks)

> What does this mean? October is my sister and I favorite holiday. When we were kids, we would go to the video store and rent tons of horror movies and watch them all day. That was the best time, although the pumpkin-head man one kinda freaked me out... To make a long story shorter than a longer story.. Tara, our youngest sister has breast cancer, she had a double mastectomy and has completed her chemotherapy and infusions. She is all clear! She really opened my eyes about how this whole pink thing was all about. How breast cancer became a marketing business. It’s sad. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about cancer awareness. Our family donates to the Hope Lodge as much as we can and our family has had its encounters and confrontations with cancer. You don’t have to agree with this at all.. But take a step back and look.. Ask this question to the loved one or friend you know has cancer, is walking or running for them really for them? Is buying a coffee mug with a pink ribbon for them? Think about it.. They are the ones going through this, is a tee shirt really helping them feel better? Instead, ask them what you can do for them? I went through that same phase as first, once I saw pink or a pink ribbon I would buy it, but why was I buying it? Because, it was what you were supposed to do.. damn marketing guros. So I stopped, because my sister, our sister didn’t like pink! If Tara had her way, all this breast cancer awareness would be Gears of War related, like a pink frag or “Think before your Pink” posters plastered on the wall throughout the campaign maps. I asked that question to Tara and she said give to the Hope Lodge.. And now she wants the pink out of orange and black... It’s Halloween, there is no room for pretty pink ribbons! So for her, I will do my best to take the pink out of Orange and Black, as well as giving her Halloween in October instead of a reminder of the personal horror she went through by a pink ribbon. So, I am asking illustrators (only if you are interested) to help create a logo for this campaign. If you have ideas you want to pass my way, that would be awesome! Email:

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