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Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

~ Alice Mary Herden

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2013 Brooksville Ballers

There are no losers in this organization, there are only survivors. I have met the most amazing men, some I have watched grown from seeing them in High School to being part of a wholesome team of strength and diligence. As the season started players line up to be a part of this team, and after games have been played, some players seek other teams and others just cannot make it to the end due to other responsibilities. That is how it is in this organization. The players do not get paid to play; they have to pay to play. Most people do not realize that, and it’s difficult sometimes. However, those who push to keep going, be a part of this team prove something to themselves and that is pride. Getting my computer started up and loading up what projects I needed to work on for the day. I am looking my Facebook pages and see the one photo. My reaction was disappointment, my second reaction was slap in the face and my third reaction was how can I help? I am so frustrated that these guys do not get the support that they deserve; I am not just talking about the Brooksville Ballers but the whole league in itself. There is nothing more hardening to the

soul then not getting some type of recognition for taking a leap of faith and driving your body/team physically and mentally to achieve something that may only be a dream. How can I help this team? As each game goes by, the more and more I get to know people, and as I said, you meet people in or cross your path for a particular reason. The more you learn about that crossing the more you learn about yourself and what you need to do in your life. How to accomplish something you can do by yourself. When I sort through the hundreds and hundreds of pictures, I see so much that is within these guys. I love the action, the emotion and the reflection of what they want to be within these photos, which in turn brings out an overwhelming emotional connection to these players. With this wonderful opportunity I had been given, it introduced me to some wonderful men and women. It also has showed me more of what I am capable of doing, where my passion really is. The drive these men show on the field is the same drive I show when I am shooting my games. I learn and discover new things that are about this sport as well as what I write in the program recaps. I am getting ready for next season and will do whatever I can to make this team with the United Football Federation have more exposure, more fans, and more growth. As I was doing more research on this sport, I had no idea that this was as huge not only states wise, but global. So I wanted to get into touch with some men that were a part of this type of organization. There were some men that started out just as these men are now and proven to potential agents that they had what it took to get to the next level. Let me introduce you to Daniel Buggs. Daniel Buggs, Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, from Scottsdale Georgia and a West Virginia University graduate. The beginning of 1969 Buggs was confronted with a new transition in high School; Buggs was on the first and only black male in an all-white school coming in as a junior after his school closed in Scottsdale, GA. Knowing that none of his friends would be playing football that year, Buggs was the only black male to play. Confronting this was a challenge for him and struggling with the fact that he just didn’t want to play. On the other hand with the strength and discipline from his Mother, he pulled himself together and played. “I had a mother that didn’t raise quitters”.

Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

How it all came to be with me and the Brooksville Ballers. I stepped on the field and never left. That is pretty much what happened. And it has been a ride of a life time. This has filled me with every emotional moment I could ever endure.

In 1985 the folding of the Tampa Bay Bandits was his 10th year playing football as a profession; this gave him the grounds to retired and move on to where he was lead to be. I asked him, what advice could you give these guys to go to the next level. He stated to be aware of scattered dreams. “Make up your mind with what you like and what you have talent in doing.” When men start off whether it be from college or any football league, this where the scattered dreams do come into play and you may hear or may not hear of what becomes of players from the NFL. Men go from having the fame to having nothing. So it is important to have another outlet to turn to. That the NFL has its challenges and it is a business, a harsh business.

His mom was his hero and with her guidance and love she gave to him, led him to become involved in the youth. Buggs created the Winning Circle Program and just last year in 2012 started an Inner City Classic, which is a football conference between division two universities. After years of NFL environment, Buggs went on to play outside the NFL and found his place within the USFL. Steve Spurrier was a coach for the Tampa Bay Bandits. “He was the best offensive minds of the game. He knew the talent that I had and he exploited that talent.” He said. Buggs grew within the USFL and CFL with playing different leagues such as the Tampa Bay Bandits, which was the greatest year of his career and the most memorable game he played was with the Chicago Blitz. Along with Jermaine Johnson, they were up against the crown but Johnson beat him out by two catches. Playing against his old teammates was not only inspiring but comforting.

I asked him his advice for our wide receivers, Buggs says to work, work and more work. Timing is everything with a quarter back and receiver. View tapes and get more in tuned with how your plays are going to be carried out. “I want to go downfield and make something happen.” For the offensive’s coaches he suggests use what kind of talent he has and build his offense team this talent.

“Got to have the right combination to have a balanced attack.” He said

Buggs loved the big plays and the excitement that football gave him. He is grateful for all experience within the football profession. He can relate to all levels of this profession and have that knowledge he can go back and talk to players on any level. He has been blessed.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#14 Sha-Ron Anthony (Slick) Wide Receiver 5'7 @170 Age: 20 Resides: Tampa FL Education: Sandy Creek High/University of Tennessee Employment: Tech Highlights: 2007-2008 State attendees in Track and Field. Obtained four varsity letters in football. In 2010-2011, three-AAA State Champion in football. Personal: Oldest of 3, from Atlanta


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#52 Tyler Arthur

Defensive End/ Free Safety 6’2 @ 204 Age: 18 Resides: Homosassa FL Education: Senior at Lecanto High Highlights: First opportunity at the age of 17 playing within a Semi-Pro Football League Personal: Continually training and working out with his father, Scott Arthur!


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#21 Terrence Avant Free Safety 6'0 @180 Age: 23 Resides: Webster FL Education: South Sumter Employment: Metal Industries Highlights: Brooksville Ballers Goal: Succeed in life. I would like to continue my education and to advance in a career where I can invest in my future.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#54 Nafis Baker Defensive End/ Tight End 6'4 @250 Age: Resides: Tampa FL Education: Rutgers University and US Marines/Navy Employment: Systems Engineer Highlights: All District/All County Linebacker and Wrestler Personal: Having three boys, my goal is to become a role model and setting an example for them to follow.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#27 Niko Belavilas Free Safety/Tight End 5'10 @210 Age: 26 Resides: Spring Hill FL Employment: Associate Pastor Highlights: Selected as one of the three players from the Brooksville Ballers to try out for the NFL Regional Combine. Personal: To serve the Lord and be a part of the NFL.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#11 Larry Brown Linebacker 5'11 @ 185 Age: 26 Resides: Lakeland FL Education: Lakeland Senior High Employment: Seeking Highlights: Brooksville Ballers Goals: Getting to the next level


during the Orlando Phantoms Home game on March 2nd. With gaining fresh blood on the field that fills a big part of the team. This helps with rotation on the defensive and offensive line, not many teams have that. They wanted to play for the Ballers because they see that they are a tight organization and they don’t fight on the field and go amongst each other, overall, to be part of a family. Owens explained. “The grass ain't greener on the other side, its brown just like everyone else’s, and so you might as well come back to your own brown grass.” Mims and Bowen left the Ballers due to either personal issue and/or joined another team. Owens believed that they had the tested it out, work out their kinks, but in the end they came home. This is a good thing, because these two guys are the meat of this blocking team, in my opinion.

Offensive coordinator- owner and player personnel. Spite of the short season with the Hernando Hurricanes back in 2011, Owens stepped out on faith, and took the investment of putting together another semi-pro team. “If you want to go somewhere you got to make it.” When Owens played with the Hernando Eagles during the 2003 2004 season as a defensive back, he felt the passion and ambition of just being on the field. “I felt like a kid again.” He said with a smile on his face. He knows how the emotions are with the players that are on this team. He knows about the opportunities that are there ahead for these players that truly make a commitment. Not just a commitment with this team as a family but a personal commitment to themselves and what surrounds them in their own lives. After the win over the Pasco County Hitmen, the Ballers gained seven new players and four new players were put on the field

As we know three of the Brooksville Ballers had the most important opportunity of lives, and Owens believes that this is a good trend for the players. This shows not only the players of this team that the opportunities are out there but to show other league members as well. “You want to keep winning; we all got to stay a family.” From being ranked eighteen in the United Football Federation, then bringing the team up to rank third, the accomplishments for players as well as the coaches continue to grow without bounds. “We all are in this together”, Owens says with passion, the goal for this team is to win souls, it’s not about winning the games, it’s all about saving someone, helping them reach an individual goal and that is not only a goal for Coach Owens but everyone on this team. I asked him about next year, he says “It’s going to be great!”

Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

Jason Owens

“Good groups of guys; I wouldn’t rather be coaching another team but these guys. I am happy to be owner and have a bunch of guys like this.. I ain’t saying everything’s perfect, but life isn’t perfect.”


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

gives more incentive and inspiration to the players. “Strive for... we don’t want these young men to stay in this organization, trying to get them to the next level. We want them to advance.” Having this opportunity given to the team, gives Riggins more experience in the field to not only personally acquire his goals but to look inward to a balance pride on and off the field.

“Take pride in what they doing.” As for as working together as a staff, Riggins brings a sense of discipline that this organization needs. He does see the potential that these men have; getting them to believe in themselves is the hard work.

“We are not just talking about this thing we are actually doing it.”

Eric Riggins Sr. became Head Coach for the Brooksville Ballers as a request from owners and friends Jason Owens and Brian Williams. I had met Riggins during his volunteer work with the Horace Copeland’s Football camp held in 2012 at Springstead High School. Riggins does come across being this hard knocked man with goals to better himself as a man and goals into future NFL involvements. But once you get to know him more on a personal level, this man is all about respect, discipline and the desire to structure this team to its best individual efforts. He began working with the youth sports and stepping into coaching adults has had its challenges for Riggins. The most important teaching tool for Riggins with this team was the first season’s game, and that was focusing. With three of his players going to the NFL Regional Combine, this


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#98 George Bowen Wide Receiver 6'4 @ 265 Age: 35 Resides: Tampa FL Education: University of North Carolina Employment: Medical Highlights: Played in Arena Football for the Lakeland Raiders, Florida Scorpions, and Tampa Storm. Pre-season with the Colts and Vikings.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#17 Bentley Cadot Wide Receiver 5'11 @175 Age: 23 Resides: Tampa FL Education: King High School Employment: Retail Highlights: Playing for the Brooksville Ballers Personal: Continue my education in college and training to go into the NFL.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#38 Jamel Clay Running Back 5'9 @205 Age: 29 Resides: Orlando FL Education: Western Kentucky University Employment: Full-Time Dad Highlights: 2003 State Championship Football with Edgewater Eagles High School in Orlando, Made the news for top ten running back in the nation for 2003

Personal: Showing support for his father by wearing his high school number, three kids to support for to go pro.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#22 Jesse Cowart Wide Receiver 6'0 @192 Age: 24 Resides: Spring Hill Education: Pasco High Employment: Youth Shelter Highlights: Brooksville Ballers Personal: Have a beautiful daughter, and my goal is to continue my education as youth counselor.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#24 Chris Cressor Safety/Linebacker 5'10 @214 Age: 27 Resides: Spring Hill FL Education: Hernando High Employment: Laborer Highlights: Brooksville Ballers Personal: Music and Football, just staying busy with my life.


newly formed Semi-Pro Football team called the Brooksville Ballers. “We wanted to give the guys a better chance than we had.” Knowing from experience, Coach Williams understands how hard life can be and with having an outlet like football gives these men more structure in their lives. Coach Williams brings these guys together, not only to build a team, but become part of a family. He works hard to help these men on and off the field. To help them out with new opportunities that is available for them. Some of these men don’t grasp what Coach Williams and the other coaches try to instill within them and that is not easy and can become a challenge for all. However, with every game these men play, the closer the family and friendship bond becomes. Interview with Brian Williams

Being the Defensive Coordinator, Coach Williams looks for the hunger in his defensive line players. He said:

Coach Williams is owner and Defensive Coordinator for the Brooksville Ballers.

“Some guys want to make it to the next level; some guys just want to let out some steam.”

Realizing that this is something they had to do. They began by spreading the word about this

Each game this defensive line plays the hungrier they get. Coach Williams feeds this wall of strength and dedication with new techniques and builds new abilities within each player. How to overcome the obstacles on game day, when knowing this team was fresh and still learning how to work together, the Orlando Phantoms game was the one to watch. How Coach Williams prepared his defensive line for that, by taking away something comfortable.

“I am a game planner, I study film, tendency on different players, I try to take away what they like to do and have them (players) focused on their weaknesses.” He said. And that is definitely working for this team.

Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

Coach Williams along with Coach Owens came together and decided that after playing in the league for 5 years with the Hernando Eagles, it was now time for them to bring back a team in the Hernando county area with a mindset of longevity and championship bound.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#55 James Emory Offensive Line Center 5'9 @ 270 Age: 28 Resides: Lakeland FL Education: Lakeland Senior High School Employment: Distribution Highlights: Second team AllCounty. Goals: Making it to the next level


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#80 Chris Ferguson Tight End/Wide Receiver 6'2 @ 247 Age: 25 Resides: Spring Hill FL Education: Webber International University Employment: Gods Work Highlights: Invited to Nike Combine, All American Combine, and NFL Regional Combine. Personal: To do Gods will


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#12 Michael Ferguson Defensive End/Cornerback 5'11 @ 175 Age: 29 Resides: Spring Hill FL Education: Central High High/University of Tennessee Employment: Lawn Care Highlights: Being a part of the Brooksville Ballers. Goals: Achieve more within my personal life.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine


To understand this each team has to pay into the league and the players have to to pay fees. Those fees pay the referees to rental of the fields. As more teams join the federation, one of the main goals for the United Football Federation is to play at local high schools for better amities and security. What is tuff about the Adult Amateur football is dealing with all different individual, problems can arise. “Some use the league as a springboard to be on one of these teams to reach the highest level that American football can offer ant that is the NFL”. He stated. He sees a lot of talent out there and with this organization may or may not help them get to where they need to be. It’s up to them to make things happen. “Is see a lot of guys not do anything with their talent and that is something more discouraging.” He said Villamarzo had played football in high school, and over season seasons of minor league football. This gives Villamarzo the knowledge and experience from both sides. He understands and can relate to the players and what concerns they have. Andy Villamarzo

Started in 2010 Andy and other members of the Federations went on their own and built their own League after different views. Director of league operations, Andy is also an owner of the Bay Area Pirates for four years now. The background of this organization is to provide affordable brand of football to the state of Florida. Every league during its first year has its trials and tribulations and the lack of exposure. This year is the best so far bringing other strong organizations are keeping this organization to date. Get the word out, and promoting their team. Being passionate about doing this organization is stressful in itself. From financially to physically. It’s staying with the basics in order to build more exposure to the federation.

For the future of the United Football Federation, Andy would like to expand beyond the state of Florida,

“I think we can make it something bigger than what it is now.” Saturday Night Lights… something that Villamarzo wanted to bring to the United Football Federation. Finding the qualified people to bring this to play is the challenge. The plan for this would have photography, videos and article writers to cover some of the games, being fresh into this again is all about the budget.

Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

Director of Operations for the United Football Foundation


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#41 Antonio Fliggins Safety 5’8 @ 205 Age: 31 Resides: Tampa FL Education: Wallbrook High/ Cheney University Employment: Security Highlights: Metro All-Star and Beltway Classics. All Conference Player at Cheney University Personal: God is first and everything else follows.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#5 Jesse Flowers Quarterback 6'1 @ 205 Age: 22 Resides: Spring Hill FL Education: PHCC Employment: Construction Highlights: Brooksville Ballers. Goals: Learn and train for a better career


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#06 George Fribley Wide Receiver 5' 7@ 170 Age: 23 Resides: Tampa FL Education: Hernando High Employment: Restaurant Highlights: Brooksville Ballers and Most Athletic in High school Goals: Continuing the steps within the Untied Football League so I can obtain a career opportunity within the NFL


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#13 Antony Gaynor Defensive End 5'7 @170 Age: 27 Resides: Brooksville FL Education: Central High Employment: Mechanic Highlights: Broke record at Central High School for acquired touchdowns. Goals: Learning and working harder towards my place in this world.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#02 Timothy Gaynor Right Back 5'9 @240 Age: 28 Resides: Brooksville FL Education: Central High Employment: Lawn Care Highlights: Brooksville Ballers. Personal: To continue my physical training and education in football, so I may advance to the next level in my football career.


“I was born and raised to help kids.” Getting in with the Brooksville Ballers. This was the first time as a community participating in the turkey bowl having ties with Riggins working with summer camps. He took the request to help out with the OL and DL from Coach Riggins and to give him this opportunity to stabilize the team with his knowledge of coaching. From coaching middle school and younger teenagers the process of coaching adult men was a challenge, but that was soon recognized to Coach Clark that this is just more of what he can do. “My gift may not be able to coach these guys but to help them to remember that everything are doing now is about fundamental and techniques, because they are playing with guys that have the same gift and talents they have.”

Coach Clark is a Pastor, a teacher, and works for the YMCA. He coaches middle school football, basketball, and track. So as busy as he is, he still has time to be a part of this team. Clark graduated from Hernando High school in Brooksville Florida. In 1985-86 he played football as a full back and broke every rushing record until DeWayne Mobley wiped them away. Later on he joined the military and played football within his battalion. In 1993 he started coaching HLY football. He and never stopped coaching. He loves seeing all the kids that graduated and go on to peruse their goals and within football he knows that he groomed them to be the best football player they could be. He said “Doing what you are designed to do. We all have a calling, to pull potential into kids.” And as a coach he does have them reach towards their limits.

According to Coach Clark, the best game was the Central Florida Rampage.. “Fundamental and sound when you match talent with talent.” he said. “And what was the worst game?” I asked. Which was one of their preseason’s games, they won however their attitudes and lack of cohesion made them loose focus and demonstrated how individualism lost what being family meant. He stated. Offensive line more communication with each other, going to the next level is building a trust from the player beside you. Nourish them to understand that we need them. He explained. With each game that the baller’s plays, with new plays to be run, the ballers have yet to touch the surface of what Clarence foresee them to do. Starting to keep everything at a basic level and build upon that foundation. “Build upon the foundation of trust and communication.” If a little child comes up to and asks you this.. “What do I need to do to be where you are?” “Dedication and commitment.” He replied. “A dream can only be stopped by you.” For new players that are interested in playing within this organization. He says to them to be sure… being sure this is what you want to do.. Reevaluate everything in your life, know where and who you are in your life. It’s going to take more extra commitment.

Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

Clarence Clark Offensive and Defensive line coach.

From Hurricanes to the Eagles… now the coaches focus more on the foundation of things here. . “There are no individuals on this team..” he said. Staying on the positive side brings this family together.



Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine



Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#60 Josh Helton Offensive Line 6'3 @ 250 Age: 24 Resides: Tampa FL Education: Webber International University Employment: Family Business Highlights: Brooksville Ballers and coaching soccer team in Tampa. Personal: Doing my best towards obtaining my goals.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#01 Roderick Huff Defensive Back 5’9 @ Age: 30 Resides: Tampa FL Education: Pahokee high Employment: ideal dialogue Highlights: Against Palm Beach lakes high I had 189 WR Yards and 2TDs. In semi-pro for the Tampa Bay Comets I had 17 TDs allpurpose TDs. On Defense I had 7 interceptions and 32 tackles... Personal: 3 kids I have 2 brothers 1

mom Sharon Knowles and stepfather Michael Knowles raised me and I watch them struggle to do it. I am trying to make a better life for my family thru the talent god game me for football

sister. I’m the uncle of five my


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

# 16 Billy Hughes Kicker/Punter 6’1 @ 220 Age: 26 Resides: Brooksville FL Education: Nature Coast Tech/ Lakeland College in Wisconsin BA in Sports Studies Employment: Teacher Highlights: First high school student to play college football

life is what you make it!

out of Nature Coast Tech


Personal: Lives for the moment,


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#04 Willie Jenkins Wide Receiver 5'9 @195 Age: 24 Resides: Tampa FL Education: Mount Union College Highlights: Being a part of the Brooksville Ballers Personal: Going to NFL


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#15 Melvin Jiles Defensive Back 6’1 @185 Age: 25 Resides: Lakeland FL Education: Sandy Creek High/University of Tennessee Employment: Tech Highlights: Brooksville Ballers Goal: Making to the next level


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#09 James Lolley 6'1" @ 182 Age: 32 Resides: Spring Hill FL Education: Lecanto High School Employment: Hayward Baker Inc., Highlights: Held Quarterback position for 1yr as well as playing wide receiver for 2 years during high school Personal: Married to Christa Lolley. Hobbies are football and watching Nascar favorite Dale

Earnhardt Jr. .


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#10 Terrence Hill Quarter Back 5'11 @175 Age: 29 Resides: Lakeland FL Education: Lakeland High Employment: Seeking Highlights: Brooksville Ballers Personal: Make the best out of what I can do in life.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#99 Antwuane Mims Defensive Tackle/ Defensive End 6'1 @280 Age: 26 Resides: Tampa FL Education: Jordan High, NC Employment: Helping out others Highlights: Being a part of a family with the Brooksville Ballers. Personal: Continuing my goals to lead my life better within my faith and become more stable, which this team has helped, start that new beginning.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#90 Jacqueese Morgan Defensive Line/ Offensive Line 6'1 @270 Resides: Webster FL Education: South Sumter High/University of Tennessee Employment: Construction Highlights: Brooksville Ballers Personal: Continue my growth both personally and professionally.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#85 Warren Oner Wide Receiver 5'11 @172 Age: 39 Resides: Polk County Education: Lakeland High Employment: Restaurant Highlights: Brooksville Baller Personal: Playing the game and working my way to get somewhere.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#48 Nick Pauliot Wide Receiver 5'9 @ 230 Age: 22 Resides: Brooksville FL Education: Degree in Business Management and Business Administration Highlights: Two-Time County Defensive MVP in Hernando County, Two-Time state qualifier in wrestling and two-time district

way. Goal is to provide for his family and live more



Personal: Father of a three year old and another little girl on the


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#07 Zeek Pittman Defensive End / Defensive Back 6’0 @ 190 Age: 25 Resides: Brooksville FL Education: Sebastian River High School Work: Construction Highlights: Four year football & track player. Played basketball for a season and made state in track. Personal: Has five brothers and two sisters. Love of football and fashion.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#20 Shane Rawlings Running Back 6’7 @ 200 Age: 21 Resides: Brooksville FL Education: Springstead Work: Retail Highlights: Four year football & track player. Played basketball for a season and made state in track. Goals: NFL Bound


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#45 Brooks Reid Wide Receiver 6'2 @225 Age: 23 Resides: Tampa FL Education: Central High Employment: Landscaping Highlights: Brooksville Ballers Goals: Obtaining the right education and work experiences to give my son a better life.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#77 Matthew Ross Offensive Line/Defensive Line 5'10 @218 Age: 29 Resides: Spring Hill FL Education: Sandy Creek, Maryland Employment: Artist Highlights: Personal: My goal is to encourage young people to achieve what they are called to be and not what everybody else wants them to be. We all have a purpose and we all can make a difference.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

# 62 Mike Ross Offensive Line/Defensive Line 5'11 @250 Age: 29 Resides: Spring Hill FL Education: Sandy Creek Maryland High/University of Tennessee Employment: Artist Highlights: Being a follower of Jesus Christ. Personal: My goal is to Spread Love across the world and being a light to those in the dark! Freeing

blind see!

them out of captivity Helping the


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#35 Javan Smith Running Back 5'8 @185 Age: 25 Resides: Tampa FL Education: D W Waters Career Center Employment: Restaurant Highlights: The Brooksville Ballers Personal: Originally from the Bahamas, Javan continues to learn and physically train to advance in his athletic career for his four growing boys.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

# 59 David Stevens Linebacker 5’11 @ 217 Age: 20 Resides: Spring Hill Education: Springstead High School/ PHCC Employment: Tech Highlights: Old Spice player of the year in 2010. Ranked third place in weightlifting for the State, benched 345 and 290 in the power-clean

Christian Family.

Personal: Surrounded by a loving


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#08 Matthew Wells Wide Receiver 5'11 @248 Age: 21 Resides: Lake Wells FL Education: Music Major Employment: Musician Highlights: SFL in 2011 with the Daytona Beach Racers & Arena Football with the Macon Steel and UIFL with the Mississippi HoundDogs Personal: Engaged and have a three year old daughter. Continue

my path towards working harder in leadership and physically for the NFL. I would like to continue to provide for my church and my family.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#03 Lavaski Williams-Kenon Defensive End/Full Safety 5’11 @160 Age: 22 Resides: Tampa, Florida Education: Taylor County/East Gadsden High Highlights: Led North Florida allpurpose yds. In the First Team Big Ben/ Starter at the Florida Vs. Georgia All-Star Game. In track & field, ran the 40 yard dash in 4.22 sec. The 100 yard dash in 10.3 sec. The 200 meter in 19 sec.

Personal: Father of 2. Zabryia Stephens and Lavaski Williams–Kenon Jr. Engaged to Jasmin Stephens.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

#23 Eric Williams Wide Receiver 5'6 @150 Age: 23 Resides: Spring Hill, FL Education: Nature Coast Tech Employment: Construction/Landscaping Highlights: Freshmen year Offensive MVP and Second year most improved. Goals: Working towards the next levels in this league.


Brooksville Ballers 2013 Magazine

lack of organization, which is sad because a lot of players get thrown aside.” Another important responsibility is obtaining sponsorship for the team. Landing sponsors is a major priority and without those sponsors dedication; it would be tuff to budget against the fees that have to be paid. Such as the field fees, referee fees and so forth. The sponsors help give this team the chance to grow and more exposure as well as their own business.

Tony Schoene General Manager for the Brooksville Ballers. In 2012 Tony graduated from Full Sail University and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Also being music minded Schoene has been in the entertainment business since 2001. So how did he end up with the Brooksville Ballers? “From day one I said, I think we can win a championship.” His friends played with the Hernando Hurricanes which there he knew Brian Williams and Jason Owens. They built a great friendship and when that team folded, Jason and Brian got together to form the Brooksville Ballers and with Tony’s business background, brought him on board as a General Manager. This relationship not only bonded their friendship but they grew as a family.

Schoene being on the sidelines watching the game, he is looking at the talent, the drive and the passion that is within each player. This is important to him because it shows the dedication towards this team and makes everyone work just a little harder. The rewards will come in the end and that is going to the championship. “We have players that want to do things..” “These guys want to get to the next level, arena football or NFL; they want the help to make that happen.” He said. The Brooksville Ballers have the coaching staff to make their steps easier to structure and get the balance they need to get where they want to go. Each individual has their own issue and can be worked out, as long as they show they want it. For next season, Tony, Jason and Brian are always brain storming, finding new ways to help out their players and the whole organization. Next season’s talk of bringing in a nutritionist to guide the player’s about healthy and balance nutrition inside and outside the football environment, as well as bringing students training in sports medicine to gain more knowledge of sports injuries on the field.

“We want to make this an organization that every semi- pro looks to.. “ The future for Tony Schoene within the Brooksville Ballers, “We are doing things that other teams are adapting within their own teams”, which is a great feeling for Tony for being his first year as General Manager. Having a trend setting environment not only for other teams but the whole United Football Federation is a great start.

One of the responsibilities as a General Manager is organization. “My main objective is to keep everything organized; I have seen a lot of semi pro teams fall due to the


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