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Green Canary Grass Colorant (1 Gallon)

Green Canary Grass Colorant is a non-toxic, non-VOC, non-HAP, no-odor formulation designed to be safe for pets, children, and non-harmful to the grass or soil. Green Canary Grass Colorant contains natural ingredients that are “Certified Organic�. Green Canary has also been tested by numerous EPA Certified environmental testing labs. Green Canary has proven effective in transforming and improving the aesthetics of dried, damaged, pet-stained, drought-impacted, or otherwise distressed grass. It has been used in residential, commercial, public works, schools, churches, sports fields, and is an ideal solution for drought or water restricted regions. Developed and manufactured in the technology hub of Silicon Valley, Green Canary is MADE IN USA.

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Green canary grass colorant (1 gallon)