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 • Babies of 2013


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Babies of 2013 • 

Adalyn Rose Severin 8/1/2013 Parents: Daniel & Jessica Severin Grandparents: Brian & Joslyn Severin Lance and Jodi Williams

Adalynn Tinsley Gurney 6/19/2013 Parents: Casey & Amanda Gurney Grandparents: Jay & Debbie Gurney Frank & Michele Fisher

Addison Grace Wiest 3/9/2013 Parents: Kris and Krista Wiest Grandparents: Brian & Sherrie Wiest Cathy Pate

Addison Jee Yoon Madden 3/28/2013 Parents: Analise & Rocky Madden Grandparents: Wendell & Alise Brown Rocky & Diane Madden

Addison Rose Stewart

Adelina Marie Chavez



Parents: Scott & Cristy Stewart Grandparents: Ron & Brenda Holzmeister Mark & Robin Stewart

Parents: Anna Soderborg and Jairo Chavez Grandparents: Jeffrey Soderborg, Angela Nissen-Soderborg, Manuela & Genaro Chavez

Our Addie Rose is a joyful, peaceful, and sweet little girl. She is a precious gift, and we thank God for her every day!!!

Adalynn is such a happy baby and is very much loved by her whole family! Especially her big brother!

This little girl is the joy of our lives and such a blessing!

Here’s a photo of Addison on the swing for the first time at 8 months old

Amelia Rose Cardenas

Andre Michael Salazar

Anthony Javon Rivas

Arian Jarrel Woods

Baby Joe Huerta III

Ben Aaron Haythorn







Parents: Felicia Mata & Jimmy Cardenas Grandparents: Larry & Pamela Mata Felipe & Rosaura Cardenas

Parents:Amanda Hudspeth & Donald Jr. Salazar Grandparents: Michelle & Adolfo Soto, Jeffrey Hudspeth Joyce & Donald Salazar

Parents: Daphne and Tony Rivas Grandparents: Otoniel & Josefina Rivas, Alicia Vasquez and Gilbert Gallegos Jr.

Parents: Marissa Trujillo and Cedric Woods Grandparents: Ted and Carla Trujillo of Greeley, Co Nolan and Janice Woods of Amarillo, TX

Parents: Daddy and Mommy Grandparents: Jose and Virginia Huerta Ernesto and Sylvia Esparza Godparents: Oscar and Angelica Franco

Andre is the best thing that has happened to us. He brings great joy and happiness to our lives. We love him more than anything!

Our handsome son loves to smile and enjoys eating.

Parents: Dan and Adrienne Haythorn Grandparents: Ralph and Carolyn Prior of Eaton, Janet Haythorn and the late Perry Haythorn of Eaton, Marjean and Steve Cox of Wichita Falls, TX.

Arian is the happiest baby we know! He loves food, music, dancing and playing with his brothers!!!! We love you baby boy!

A baby is a blessing. A gift from Heaven above, A precious little angel To cherish and love

Braden Rey Barrios

Brandon James Bunjes

Brielyn Raye Filsinger


Brennan Eugene Corona

Bridger Vance Kindvall





Parents: Tanya & Ryan Filsinger Grandparents: Russell & Cheryl Martin, Craig & Cindy Petersen & Marv Filsinger

Parents: Kevin and Shannon Hiner Grandparents: Mike and Paula White of Ft. Collins and Terry and Cammi Hiner of Greeley

Brielyn is always getting comments on her big blue eyes! She is a real go-getter, crawling at 5 1/2 months old! We all love her so much!

Bristol is the light of our lives! She’s a gift from God and we feel so blessed to have been chosen for her! She is such a happy little girl who can light up a room with her smiles and giggles!

Parents: Junior and Nikki Barrios Grandparents: Rod and Laurie Poeschl, Reyes and Diana Barrios

Parents: Jaime Bunjes Grandparents: Fred & May Bunjes Lillian Bunjes

Braden is loved by many! He enjoys smiling and showing off his dimples.

I love the Broncos and playing with my trucks! My favorite foods are sweet potatoes, bananas, and peas. I like to dance and sing.

6/17/2013 Parents: Jay & Katie Corona Grandparents: Joe & Carol Corona Mary Busby Brennan is the most happy, joyful baby. He is always smiling and making those around him smile. Mom, dad, sister and brother love you dearly baby boy!

Parents: Morgan & Brandon Kindvall Grandparents: Cathy and Steve Hollis and Chuck and Tami Kindvall Bridger was born three weeks early and after spending some time in the NICU and having to be in jaundice lights for a week you would never know of his fragile beginning! He is such a blessing and the light of our lives!!!

Addy is such a blessing. She is a sassy, laid back, sweet baby! She loves music and loves to dance!

Our Adelina was born 3 months early and has put up an amazing fight. She was only 2 lbs 2 oz at birth, but now weighs 11 1/2 lbs and is a happy, healthy baby girl.

Bristol Ann Hiner

 • Babies of 2013

Bryndalyn Rayann Carson 8/2/2013 Parents: Ashlee Bullington-Carson and Jeremy Carson Grandparents: Tammy and Les Bullington Pamela and Cameron Carson Brynlee came into this world ready to see and be seen. She enjoys taking in her surroundings as well as being surrounded by her adoring family.

Chloe Jeanne Wilson 7/20/2013 Parents: Daryl & Elizabeth Wilson Grandparents: Shelly and Michael Eibling Scott and Allison Hinton We are so blessed to have such an amazing baby girl, she is happy and full of life. Her twin big sisters lover her to the moon and our family was truly blessed when she arrived in our family.

Brynlee Jo Bucklen

Brynn Lucile Partridge

Camdyn Rose Wilger

Carter Andrew Gerold






Parents: Darren & Stephanie Bucklen Grandparents: Randy and Lori Bucklen, Dave and Cindy Gerk

Parents: Bill & Baylie Partridge Grandparents: Britt and Kelly Mannon Rich and Lori Jackson Bill and Debbie Partridge

Parents: Casey & Jennifer Wilger Grandparents: Dave & Cindy Wolfe Traci Osbment Jim Wilger & Dana Holdren

Parents: Ashley & Joe Gerold-Meyer

Such a big miracle in such a little girl!

Favorite past time: Blowing raspberries Favorite activity: Pulling her Dad’s beard Favorite sports team: The Denver Broncos Happy and beautiful Brynn lights up our lives.

Before she was born, Mommy & Daddy referred to her as “peanut.” Since the very moment she joined us, everyone always comment on how Camdyn is a “sweet little peanut.” She lights up our lives every day with her many smiles and silly faces!

Parents: Robby & Jennifer Adams Grandparents: Dee & Jodene Adams of Kersey, CO Steve & Janice Lockman of Dighton, KS Great Grandparents: Wayne & MaryAnn Weber of Greeley, CO Great Grandmother: Elsie Coleman of Dighton, KS

Clarkelle Louanna Flinkmann

Clayton Paul Kraemer

Cole Bowen Turley



Parents: LeeRoy and Kristina Kraemer Grandparents: Gary and Carol Schubert, Ryan Kraemer and Connie Kaffar

Parents: Brandon & Michelle Turley Grandparents: Nancy and Jerry Turley, Harry and Sheri Davis

10/10/2013 Parents: Claudia Engelmann and Louis Flink Grandparents: Reinhart and Helma Engelmann Bill and Gloria Flink Happy as a lark, is our little Clark! We love you, Sweetness!

Clayton is a future cowboy, like his Daddy. He loves his 2 dogs and his kitty. He is always the center of attention and if he’s not he will jabber away and laugh until everyone is watching him.

Cole is such a blessing in our lives. He is always so happy, funny, and loveable. We couldn’t imagine life without you! You are so special and we can’t wait to see what your life brings! We love you! Mom, Dad, Barley, Moose, and Dexter

We are very blessed to have such a wonderful handsome boy. He brings such happiness to our family. We cant wait to watch him grow into a young man! We love you Bubba!

Connor Sebastian Markley 11/27/2013 Parents: Cody and Molly Markley Grandparents: Debra and Chan Major, Roger and Lynette Markley

Channing Jay Adams

Cooper Elijah Thomas 11/19/2013

Parents: Bryson & Sarah Thomas Grandparents: Bert and Brenda Thomas (deceased) Gary St. Clair Ron and Teri Bowman We are so proud of you! You gave us quite the scare when you were born, but you are the toughest little guy and you fought hard to get better!! We Love You more than you will ever know! Truly a gift from God.

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Babies of 2013 • 

Cristian Armani Rodriguez

Dalton Daniel McGuffey



Parents: Angelic and Cris Rodriguez

Parents: Corte and Laura McGuffey Grandparents: Martin and Janelle McGuffey Ron and Linda Vosika

Baby Cris Loves To Smile And Eat.

Davyan Blake Pearson 9/17/2013 Parents: James & Michelle Pearson of LaSalle, CO Grandparents: Harvey & Renee’ Mayer Doug & Elaine Pearson

Destiny Jaleen Rodriguez 7/20/2013 Parents: Guadalupe Jr and Esmeralda Rodriguez Grandparents: Irene and Gilbert Alfaro Yolanda and Felipe Leos

Dylan Neal Hein 4/10/2013 Parents: Aaron & Lindsey Hein Grandparents: Richard & Connie Hein Neal & Terri Valencia Leann & Rich Kolk

Our 1st little princess is so special to us. She is the most precious gift ever-most definetly Daddy’s girl and Mommy’s world.

Edward John San Miguel-Vasquez 10/24/2013 Parents: Alexis San Miguel-Vasquez Grandparents: Melisa San Miguel & Joe Mascarenas Oscar & Cindy Vasquez Great Grandparents: Juan & Patsy San Miguel This little blessing came in this world 2 months early... We love you Edward!

Elijah Gonzales

Ellie Mae Milton

Emmerie Rachel Moser

Ethyn Alexander Gregg

Gavin William Hammen


1/21/2013 Parents: Laura & Chad Milton Grandparents: Nancy & Wayne Milton Lisa & Matt Geib





Parents: Justin & Jenni Moser Grandparents: Verna Lott & Dino Cardenas, Allen & Charlotte Moser

Parents: Tim & Brianna Gregg

Parents: Amanda Hammen & Spencer Hammen Grandparents: Randy and Alice Proctor Scott and Karen Hammen

Parents: George & Taisia Naranjo Grandparents: Ramona Garcia George & Melissa Naranjo Annette Martinez

Parents: Adrian and Kelli Gonzales Grandparents: Randy & Kathy Blanton and Troy & Pennie Bohm We love you Elijah!

She’s our little ginger snap!

LET THE BAKER TEAM HELP YOU FIND YOUR NEW CRIB! Steve Baker 970-302-0879 Derek Andersen 970-381-9491 Rhonda Towle 970-330-7700


George Naranjo 3rd

We love you Baby George! We love watching you grow and grow more and more each day!

 • Babies of 2013

Giana Grace Martinac

Grayson Ray Collins



Parents: Kevin and Jessica Martinac Grandparents: Jerry and Lori Trujillo, Greeley, CO Frank and Michelle Martinac, Henderson, CO Great Grandparents: Charlie and Laura Archibeque, Greeley, CO Virginia Perez, Denver, CO

Parents: Kirra Collina & Tyler Collina Grandparents: Gary Collins & Kathy Collins Randy Knox & Nikki Knox

Grey Allen Matthew DeMoney 11/24/2013 Parents: Tyler and Kristie DeMoney Grandparents: John and Terri DeMoney; Dick and Sue Sadowski

Greysen Jacob Chacon

Gunner Gary Werning




Parents: Missy and Jacob Chacon Grandparents: Jeff and Shelly Cogburn Pandora Burks, Tim Chacon

Parents: Allison and Clint Werning Grandparents: Gary and Nancy Weber Glenn and Kathy Werning

Parents: Rhonda & Dusty Westover Grandparents: Daryl & Joyce Westover Dennis & Gloria Kane Joe Hellewell

Gunner is the highlight of our year! Through many changes we can always count on him making us smile. We love you boo boo!

Grey, you are a gift and joy to our family.

Harper Lee Westover

Even though she is the youngest Harper is truly the heart of our family. Her older brothers and sister love to make her laugh!

Our beautiful Gigi Girl!

Hudson Warren Hergenreter 4/13/2013 Parents: Michael & Tessa Hergenreter Grandparents: Mike & Dixie Hergenreter Rick & Melody Siebert Our twin daughters, Stella & Eva, think he is great!

Hunter Rowdy Kautzky

Israel Adrian Cruz



Parents: Jacob Kautzky and Camie McCool Grandparents: Todd and Tina McCool of Evans, CO Ed Kautzky of Coon Rapids, IA

Parents: Ashley Buseman and Frank Cruz Grandparents: Juanita Cruz, Emilio Cruz, Todd Buseman, Maria Weeks

Hunter is such a blessing in our lives. He is always so happy, funny, and lovable! He has definitely shown us what true love is really all about.

Jasmyn Nichole Berrelez

Jaxsyn Knight Farmer

Jayla Marie Rudiger



Parents: Yvette & Matt Berrelez Grandparents: Joyce & Donald Salazar, Cruz Nunez Dianna & Moses Berrelez

Parents: Myke and Ashleigh Farmer Grandparents: Keith Mayes & Sandra Morado, Dave & Kayla Farmer, Karen Farmer

Parents: Jared and Kyle Rudiger Grandparents: Gary and Nancy Weber of Greeley, CO Jake and Pamela Rudiger of Greeley, CO

Jasmyn is such a sweetheart. Her contagious smile lights up the world every day. She is truly a blessing from God and we love her so much.

Jaxyn loves to eat anything and everything! Food always makes him happy! He loves playing with cars, balls, and his big brother and sisters (Destyni, Arayana, and Mykaia)

Jayla has been an amazing addition to our family! She is a very strong, healthy, and happy girl that loves to smile. She extremely loved by her big sister, Kenley along with her entire family! We Love You Jayla!


Babies of 2013 • 

Jayleigh Angelique Sanchez

Jazzlyn Sylvia Montelongo



Parents: Ashley Jojola, Jacob Sanchez Grandparents: Stephanie Jojola, Lupe and Jorge Sanchez

Parents: Ernesto & Tiffany Grandparents: Thomas & Virginia Montelongo Chad & Stephanie Kontour Richard Vanarsdol

Jayleigh a wonderful baby. She never cries. She is always happy and smiling. She thinks everything is funny. She is a joy to be around.

John Edwin Forster

Jordan Mathew Garcia



Parents: John & Gwen Forster Grandparents: Audrey Van Maanen & the late Edwin Van Maanen, Don & Pam Forster

Parents: Jorge and Elizabeth Garcia Great Grandparents: Alfredo and Virginai Garcia Grandparents: Tony and Susan Bernal and Jose and Guillerma Garcia

You are always a joy! Keep on smiling lil’ man. Your big sisters Harley & Alana love you!

Little Squeshy

Julia Elizabeth Rupp

Kaden Hawke Moore

Kasen John Wiedeman

Kaylia Grace White





Parents: Andy & Danielle Rupp Grandparents: Angel & Tammy Ortiz Theresa & Mark Rupp Troy & Jen Osborne

Parents: Sierra and Justin Moore

Parents: Craig & Michelle Wiedeman Grandparents: Terry & Jan Wiedeman Teresa & the late Terry Deines

Parents: Drew White and Amber Johanson Grandparents: Dennis and Kay White Brett Johanson and Donna Richardson

We have the swetest baby ever! She is our whole world and we love her so much!!

The highlight of our year, and life :)

Our Sweet Girl!

Josiah Richard Griffith

Jude Grayson Ertmer 6/7/2013


Parents: Avallon Maslyn and Bryan Ertmer Grandparents: Kim Woodson, Todd Cronkhite, Lawrence Maslyn, Susan and Rob Ertmer

Josiah lights up the room when he enters. We are so thankful for the honor of being his parents.

Jude is a happy 6 month old who loves his toys and family!

Kennley Marie Lee-Haas

Kiliana Rae Breuer

Parents: Tonia and Lee Griffith Grandparents: Richard and Lisa Pettinger Cindy Lundy and Kevin Griffith

6/26/2013 Parents: Amber Lee & Aaron Haas Grandparents: Tim and Renee Hughes of Greeley, CO Bruce Haas & Teri Vilkaitis of Horsetooth, CO Kennley is a beautiful and strong little lady. We couldn’t be more blessed than to have Kennley added to our family of 3 boys.

6/27/2013 Parents: Jeff and Raeann Breuer Grandparents: Ray and Debbie Carpio Ken and Sheri Breuer Our sweet baby girl.

 • Babies of 2013

Kylee Ashlynn Peif

Leah Elizabeth Lacy

Leo William Endres

Lilliana Marie Scobee





Parents: Carley Peif Grandparents: Steve and Misti Peif

Parents: Logan & Kim Lacy Grandparents: Duane & Shari Naibauer and Kelly & Susan Lacy

Parents: Nicole and Aaron Endres Grandparents: Ed and Patty Endres and Bill Allen and Yvonne DiPaolo

Parents: Jeff & Ilea Scobee Grandparents: Asha & Dale, Julie & Keith, LeRoy & Susie

We are so thankful that God blessed us with the most beautiful, healthy and sweet little girl!

What an awesome year 2013 has been for our family. Leah was born on January 17, 2013, almost a month early. She was 5lbs 15oz, 19 3/4 inches long and perfect! We have loved watching her change and grow over the past year.


Lucas Harmon

Lusiana M Gomez

Luxx Janelle Reed




Parents: Jenea and Brandon Harmon Grandparents: Jennifer Stokes, Richard Williams, Judi and Bill Harmon

Parents:Mayela Hernandez & Gabriel Gomez Grandparents: Guadalupe & Emilio Gomez and Claudia & Marcelo Anzurez

Parents: Reilly & Jhenna Reed Grandparents: Mike & Debby Schauermann and Ronnie & Karma Reed

Lucas is a wonderful baby always smiling and always happy. We love him so much!

Beautiful big brown eyes and always with a smile.

Mia Rae Sanchez

Mila Marie Gutierrez

Morgan Ava Morado




Parents: John & Nina Gutierrez Grandparents: Janet Duran-Torrez & Tom Garcia Pete & Inez Gutierrez

Parents: Jonathan and Erica Morado Grandparents: Martin Morado, Juana Naranjo, and Dennis and Ida Martinez

Parents: Christin Chacon and Isaac Sanchez Grandparents: Sylvia Esquivel and the late Raymond Chacon Willa Flores Our little blessing.

Mila was born a fighter and spent the first 12 days in NCMC NICU and since then she has been attacking each and every day of her life! She is such a true blessing and joy in our lives.

Our Sweet baby girl has been smiling since she was 3 weeks old!

For the most beautifulest baby girl who puts a smile on our face everyday!

Magdalena Rose Montoya

Londyn Gabriella Doyle

Londyn Jade Gehring 1/13/2013

Parents: Kristin Kortmeyer & Shaun Doyle Grandparents: Gina & Scott Kortmeyer and Karen Doyle

Parents: Kimberley and Olias Gehring Grandparents: Skip and Ida Carlson, Ivan and RoeAnn Wallin, Joyce Price, Gary Gehring, Al Price

Londyn loves to smile, laugh and eat! She is very active and is always curious! She also has two older brothers, Breven and Cayden.

Londyn loves music and loves dancing. She always has a smile on her face and is such a happy baby. She loves her big brother Teagan and thinks he is hilarious! We love you Londyn!

Mason Moya

Maverick Dean Farner





Parents: Michael and Samantha Montoya Grandparents: Sylvia Guitterez, San Juana Naranjo, Martin Morado

Parents: J.D. Moya and Jessica Perez Grandparents: Dave and Eloise Willhite, Val and Joyce Perez, Joe and Janey Moya

Parents: Heather Rowlands and Logan Farner Grandparents: Ward and Robin Sweigard of Greeley Shaunia and Lou Ross of Eaton Jerry Farner of El Dorado, Ks.

Our beautiful angel loves playing with her big brother!

Mason has 3 older brothers. Aydan, Austin and Ethan.

Nasiah Antonio Carmona

Owen Thomas Wakeman

12/9/2013 Parents: Nayeli Varela & David Carmona Grandparents: Nelly Sanchez Of Greeley & Uriel Varela Of Sioux City Iowa Lilia & Jorge Cordero Of Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico Nasiah loves his big brother Dominik and cuddling with mommy.

9/27/2013 Parents: Jessica Lopez and Travis Wakeman Grandparents: Joe Lopez, Tim Wakeman, Kathy Wakeman Such a happy boy! Always smiling.

Maverick is a very happy little boy with a radiant smile and big blue eyes that lights up our world. We love you Maverick Dean.

Parker Timm Forbes 9/7/2013 Parents: Kelsey Dryden & Josh Forbes Grandparents: Sue & Eldon Dryden, Doris & David Forbes Parker is a very happy baby. He is always smiling, giggling and full of personality. He’s a big Broncos fan!

Babies of 2013 • 

Payton Jeanne Schroeder 12/7/2013 Parents: Kayla & Dylan Schroeder Grandparents: Brian & Rhonda Warehime Chris Schroeder & Paula Granato

Porter Leo Edstrom

Preston James Baker



Parents: Alaina and Gary Edstrom Grandparents: Ann and Reginald Bruzewski, Violet Bruzewski, Linda and Harold Edstrom, and Juanita Larson

Parents: Cliff and Alicia Baker Grandparents: Paul and Bobbie Baker, Steve and Linda Lagerstrom, Frank and Kim Fields

Rayden James Lancaster 9/4/2013 Parents: Mike and Ashley Lancaster Grandparents: Mark and Staci Lancaster, Sam Bedolla, and Deanna Duron

We love you more than we ever thought was possible our precious PJ

You’re always smiling and trying to keep up with your older siblings! We love you Porter Leo!

Preston is a very fun and happy little guy who loves to play with his big sister Adaleigh Hood. He also loves wrestling with his two big brothers Benson Hood and Myles Baker. He is a very very special blessing to our family!

Remington Lee Giesick

Ruben Fred Aragon Junior

Russell Dennis Thibodeaux

Rylen David Kreps


Parents: Rick and Tiffany Kreps Grandparents: Ron & Jan Kreps, Terry & Janell Amundson


Parents: Stefanie Tannery & Aaron Giesick Grandparents: Henry & Ann Giesick Ron & Glenda Tannery Great Grandfather Henry A Giesick Remington joins big brothers Burke and Dawson.

Tate Kenneth Monaghan 6/26/2013 Parents: Kevin and Tatum Monaghan Grandparents: Ken and Jodi Holman, Patty Cleary TK is such a happy baby who loves his big brother more than anything! So happy and proud he is ours:)

5/29/2013 Parents: Ruben and Amiella Aragon Grandparents: Fred and Lulu Aragon; Bill and Wilma Dietz

Parents: John and Whitney Thibodeaux Grandparents: Russ Dummett Dee Ann Dummett Deborah and Dennis Glenisky

Our little man has filled our hearts with love and joy!

Russell Dennis is named after his Grandpa’s! He is always so full of smiles and loves to talk and tell us all about his day. He is such a joy to have as our first born!

Teagan Grace Richards

Trenden Ralph Blatter-Sanchez


Parents: Wayne and Dairay Richards Grandparents: Doyle and Deidra Schaeffer Bill and Helen Richards Teagan is truly the best gift ever and has blessed our lives beyond measure. It is so fun to watch her grow and change every day. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for her future!

6/3/2013 Parents: Jessica Blatter and Danny Sanchez Grandparents: James and Eroina Blatter Danny and Teresa Sanchez Trenden is always smiling and loves to play with his brothers and his sister!

Rayden loves to hang out with his big brother Ruger and watch the Broncos!


Reagan Marie Owens

Reed David Litfin



Parents: Danelle and Nathan Owens Grandparents: Dan and Delene Davis Mark and Frances Owens Great Grandparents: Dewey and Orlene Ankeney Dan and Margaret Davis

Parents: Ryan and Andrea Litfin Grandparents: Randy and Diane Kern Arlyn and Karen Litfin Reed loves playing with his big sisters and is constantly trying to keep up with them. Reed is such a blessing to our family!

Sebastian Daniel Sanchez

Sophie Jo Waterman


Parents: Ron and Daisy Waterman Grandparents: Ross and Sheryl Hicks, Glenn Waterman, Dave and Harriet Moinat

Parents: Daniel & Brittiny Sanchez Grandparents: Maria & Patrick Vasquez Neomie Rivera Great Grandparents: Maggie Vasquez, Isabel & Juanita Vasquez He loves playing with his feet and enjoys being hugged. He is very observant, strong, cuddly, and most of all drooly.

Trenten Curtis Rigg

Trinity Faith Gomez



Parents: Robert and Lisa Rigg Grandparents: Darrell & Lynda Annis, Tom & Tina Rigg, Myles & Joyce Nichols and Georgia Rigg

Parents: Rachael and Harley Gomez Grandparents: John and Patricia Falgoust & Bill and Lisa Gomez

You are such a blessing to our lives!

Trinity is our little bundle of sunshine and she is starting to master the art of smiling. She also looves to cheer on the Broncos with her family :)


Sophie was born 2 weeks early at 5 pounds exact. She already has a big personality and enjoys singing along with Grandma to her favorite song, “Jesus Loves Me”.

William Vartan Razoian 7/2/2013

Parents: Heidi & Garen Razoian Grandparents: Terry & Wendy Jantz Razmik & Armik Razoian William is watching the Broncos beat the Chiefs in his Manning jersey on November 17th!!

10 • Babies of 2013

Top 20 Baby Names

of 2013

Zander Cruz Lozano

Zayden Michael



Parents: Sergio and Laura Lozano Our little monster brings so much love and countless smiles to our lives. The perfect addition to our little family! We love you too much Zander!

Parents: Vanessa & Ben Grandparents: Kyla & Brian Flaa, Diana & Wayne Roberts





1. Jackson

6. Mason

1. Sophia

6. Ava

2. Aiden

7. Jayden

2. Emma

7. Lily

3. Liam

8. Ethan

3. Olivia

8. Zoe

4. Lucas

9. Jacob

4. Isabella

9. Emily

5. Noah

10. Jack

5. Mia

10. Chloe

...did you know during the first three years, 85% of a baby’s intellect, personality and social skills are developed?




Bright Beginnings has all the information to help parents be the best they can be! United Way of Weld County’s Bright Beginnings program provides parents, soon to be parents, and caregivers with information on local community resources, child development, health and safety, and quality child care.


Babies of 2013 • 11

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Babies of 2013  
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