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Alpha Chi Alpha Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Xi Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Chapter Alpha Beta Alpha Omega, Inc. Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Rho Psi Alpha Tau Xi Alpha Zeta Nu Alpha Sigma Chi Alpha Theta Psi Amazona Chapter Of Mu Sigma Upsilon Beta Alpha Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Xi Nu Delta Nu Delta Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Phi Nu Delta Psi Xi Delta Rho Chi Delta Sigma Theta Kappa Phi Delta Sigma Theta Kappa Psi Delta Sigma Theta Chapter Gamma Xi Delta Sigma Theta Xi Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Psi Delta Mu Delta Tri Delta Xi Epsilon Delta Xi Nu Delta Xi Phi Eta Delta Tau Eta Theta Tau Iota Epsilon

Gamma Lambda Alpha Mu Gamma Phi Delta Gamma Psi Gamma Gamma Psi Omega Gamma Theta Omega Iota Xi Phi Kappa Gamma Kappa Lambda Psi Kappa Nu Zeta Kappa Omega Nu Kappa Phi Delta Lambda Nu Resh Lambda Sigma Nu Omega Pi Phi Omega Sigma Alpha Phi Delta Theta Rho Beta Phi Rho Eta Chi Rho Psi Rho Sigma Alpha Zeta Upsilon Sigma Delta Nu Sigma Lambda Gamma Sigma Psi Chi Sigma Psi Sigma Sigma Gamma Rho Upsilon Iota Sigma Xi Omicron Xi Zeta Alpha Chi Zeta Chi Sigma Zeta Nu Theta Zeta Phi Chi Zeta Tau Alpha

Alpha Xi Omega Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha Epsilon Alpha Rho Psi Alpha INC Beta Xi Theta Epsilon Psi Omega Eta Omicron Gamma Gamma Psi Rho Gamma Phi Gamma Gamma Omega Nu Omega Chi Alpha Iota Chi Epsilon Omega Delta Phi Iota Phi Theta Alpha Zeta Omega Psi Phi Iota Nu Xi Omega Psi Phi Theta Nu Kappa Alpha Psi Omega Nu Phi Delta Theta Chapter of Kappa Phi Beta Sigma Alpha Psi Pi Kappa Phi Kappa Nu Upsilon Sigma Alpha Delta Theta Sigma Lambda Beta Mu Omicron Epsilon Sigma Nu Xi Nu Gamma Phi Sigma Alpha Zeta Upsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Phi Xi Alpha Phi Alpha Epsilon Chapter Iota Phi Nu

GS: What is the name of your organization? A: IOTA PHI THETA ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER GS: What's Are Line Names and Numbers? A: IR3ckDPI: #01 Big Brother Chronicflame MriRealDivideN: IM #00 Sr Big Bro 2HYPE GS: What your Titles? A: MriRealDivideN: President/Founder IR3ckDPI: Vice President

GS: When was your chapter established? A: January 19,2014 Were new but dedicated GS: Why should someone pledge with your organization? A: We are the true definition of brotherhood we have the three things any brotherhood should have.

GS: How many members do you have that's active? A: 8 GS: What made you start your own Frat ? A: Well for me I was sick of being in frats that didn't host events or was active not dedicated lazy an he was feeling the same way So we came together. GS: How has your organization promoted unity among the Greek community on IMVU? A: Well we throw events for the Greek community to bring em together to just chill and have fun GS: Where do you see your org 6 months from now? A: 6 months from we should have more lil bros that will be dedicated we have a list of events Also a couple of videos.

GS: What do u look to gain from the Greek World ? A: Gain more pledges and make younger generation and our generation see that we are a role model and is a brotherhood that does not tolerate any type of drama GS: Do you have any advice for someone thinking about starting their own fraternity? A: When starting a fraternity make sure you have a line of dedicated and individuals that are really serious about it because if you don't have that team that will support you or help you out everything will go down hill GS: What do you think is the hardest thing about being a founder or president? A: To be honest I thought it was going be hard in the beginning but the team I got behind me make my job run smoother wit everybody throwing out ideas and telling their opinion its a weight lifted off my shoulders A2: damn right we work hard GS: Being Vp What Do You Think You Bring To Your Org? A: Well I bring anything u can ask for I mentor the pledges, I know how to joke an have fun I can also be serious u can ask my pledges how I am during pledge week an IM willing to do whatever it take for my bros an that’s all u could really ask for . GS: Do you come with snacks? A: I do LOL , I stay with snacks. GS: What would you say are the benefits to being in a fraternity? A: The benefits of the fraternity are that you big bros that give you tasks and are like a to you 24/7 if its something you don't understand or need to one of your big bros are always to help you or clarify the meaning so you understand better.

Gs: Can You please tell me ur Org name in Full ? A: Tau Gamma Phi Gs : When was your organization established? A: April 28, 2014 Gs: What is your line names and titles? A: Mine is Lady Honorary Bombshell ,I am Vice President A Founder: I'm Sir Honorary Critique Founder Gs: What Made You Bring This Organization Forth ? A: I brought organization forth because i believed that i wanted to do something different where everyone could play a part no matter how big and how little and everyone would I just think there is a time for a change to be honest. Gs: What Kind Of Change Do TGP Have in Mind ? A: The change to raise the standards of morality as a unity together by developing character Gs: Why should one join TGP ? A: They will be treated from jump as a member with respect and integrity no one will look down at you we are looking

Gs: So what do you find is the hardest position in starting your own org ? A: To be honest so far nothing has been hard we all worked together from jump to finish as a team Honestly, we don’t see there is a hard position. Just work as hard as we could to help those that need guidance…WE ARE UNITED Gs: How many members do you have that's active right now ? A: 6 Gs: What do you look to gain from the Greek World ? A: We look to gain and build friendships with any organization that’s willing to do the same to learn from them as well but also we want to gain everyone's respect Gs: So, Let Give The Readers Out There a lil info, about what your org stand for ( Meaning about motto's, Colors You Rep and etc ? A: Motto is Do unto others as you would have them do unto you we want everyone to be treated how we want to be, Superiority Blue, Silver, Gold, and White are our colors , Our mascots are the Dolphin & Lion Gs: What Made You Pick those to animals Enlighten us please ? A: We chose the dolphin because it represents wisdom and

purity along with harmony and balance basically peace , and we chose the lion represents courage, strength in Gs: So Where do you see your TGP 6 months from now? A: I see TGP up and active in the Greek community in 6 months with a solid ground of family members we will still remain here no matter what difficulties we face patience that's all it takes no matter what is my advice push to ur goal. Gs: Do you have any advice for someone thinking about starting their own Organization? A: My advice for anyone who is thinking about starting their own Organization is to Stay focused and don't give up. Also keep a clean eye vision on what it is that you want and what Plan you want to come up with. Last don't let the negative and Distractions take force upon what it is you want Gs: This Question is towards The VP ( Being Vp What Do You Think You Bring To Your Org ) ? A: Honestly, Personally and Virtually. (I don't think) I BRING every bit of Knowledge, trust, patience, LOYALTY, stability, and wisdom to this organization Cant get no better than that

Gs: Do TGP Have Any Event To Hit Us With ( we Like to party ) ? A: We are going to surprise everyone with this idea but myself and the president of TGP were coming up with an event (very soon). Gs: If You ever Had anything to say to the Greek world what would you say , Your time is now ? A1: I would say , -looks at the camera- Hey I'm Lady Honorary Bombshell Vice President of TGP. Jumping out the window with an amazing and fresh Organization by the name of Ta Gamma Phi. So take a seat buckle up and get ready ''We Outchea'' Hope to communicate and link up with ya’ll -pointsA2Founder: I would say great job to all the standing organizations and we hope to link up with you all in the future much love n respect to all but yes Tau Gamma Phi is definitely out hear. Gs: Is there anything Greek Source didn't touch on you would like to speak about ? A: Oh and we are co-ed so females and males can join from adults to children You heard it first TGP ....IS OUT HERE , About too Take the Greek World By Storm Thanks for sitting down with Greek Source It has been fun

GSM: So tell me about your organization? MrsChynaLombardo: well about us we are a fairly new organization on here. I open my DST doors Jan of this year. GSM: Welcome to greek life! MrsChynaLombardo: Thank you, And I kind of started this because I wanted something to belong to, but not only that, I had so much trouble finding a sorority that wasn't full of drama and just cattiness. Something that i feel a sorority should not be filled with. Yes we are women, we have our issues but its a time and place for everything and I feel as sisters we should try our best to come together. GSM: Exactly. MrsChynaLombardo: So I picked some of the best of the best for my headliners. My go getters. My girls that I know is about business. Ladies that I knew felt the same as I did and so here we are. MzDelightfulTurntup: you did an great job sis we couldn't do it with out you. MrsChynaLombardo: :(smiles) Awww. GSM: They are essential to have. MrsChynaLombardo: Yes they are. My ladies are fabulous.. (laughs) like I met Chrissy/Turntup in another sorority. GSM: oh cool..which one if I may ask? MrsChynaLombardo: GTOC/ AKA MzDelightfulTurntup: Aww thank you sis. MrsChynaLombardo: But the lady that was running it, we kind of felt pushed to the side and the things that we was trying to help her accomplish wasn't getting done, we want to be a part of something and be active in this just like in real life.

GSM: I've heard a few people leaving their orgs due to lack of activity. MrsChynaLombardo: right, and that's the thing we want to get out there we want to be known what's the use and being a part of something that's great but you can't show what it's capable of doing. GSM: right! MzDelightfulTurntup: I agree sis. MrsChynaLombardo: It would be a waste and that's why I tell people if u want to join because of the name or because its popular then we not the one for you. MzDelightfulTurntup: True. MrsChynaLombardo: But if you're looking for a sisterhood and a family that's trying to do something we behind you 100%. GSM: So many people join for all the wrong reason..jacket collecting..popularity...etc . MrsChynaLombardo: Right. MzDelightfulTurntup: yes we don't want to be known for that. GSM: I just want to shake them and be like you are wasting credits..(laughs) and time MrsChynaLombardo: (laughs) MzDelightfulTurntup: (laughs) MrsChynaLombardo: Right absolutely not only their time but ours too.

GSM: yes, do you ladies have a motto? MrsChynaLombardo: Yes we chose to keep the regular DST motto which is Intelligence is the torch. I did that because I absolutely stand behind that. Without the brain power all else fail. If you do not have the knowledge of things then you can not go far in anything. GSM: How many ladies are in DST? MrsChynaLombardo: 20 GSM: Wow. MrsChynaLombardo:'s us..(laughs) MzDelightfulTurntup: (laughs)




GSM: So as a founder what do you think is the most difficult thing? MrsChynaLombardo: I think the most difficult thing about this is trying to find the ones that truly want to be a part of something and want to make it move. Why. Because you have women that know how to mask things and what I mean by that is they appear to be one way and all about the talk but when its time to walk it they fail. GSM: nod MzDelightfulTurntup: mhm MrsChynaLombardo: that's why as a founder I make sure my stride matches my mouth piece.

GSM: (laughs)..I like how you said that. MrsChynaLombardo: (laughs) thank you, I just want my girls to know that their founder go hard and my ladies need to go even harder. GSM: Exactly. What about IMVU Greek life do you ladies find disappoints you the most? MrsChynaLombardo: go ahead sissy MzDelightfulTurntup: Well to me when the organization is not showing example of what they who they are. Like they have a double standard. As well not getting to know there sister and being cliqued up , I feel that is not fair or not a true sister hood. MrsChynaLombardo: Right. MzDelightfulTurntup: Not just for sister males as well. GSM: Kind of defeats the sisterhood/brotherhood. MrsChynaLombardo: Right it does. MzDelightfulTurntup: Right.



GSM: So ladies what about IMVU Greek do you like? MzDelightfulTurntup: I love that you get to meet new people and the bond you create with other fraternities and sororities. Some you become with friends with and help you along the way.

MrsChynaLombardo: Absolutely.. I love the functions also like sis said you get to meet new people bond. get to see new things. MzDelightfulTurntup: Every sorority and fraternity you encounter is the same they do things differently to some degree. GSM: If you could say anything to the IMVU Greek community what would you say? MrsChynaLombardo: I would say. Start choosing wisely when you choose someone to represent your colors, your sorority, your frat, ur legend. Because by all mean each and every one of them represent you. MzDelightfulTurntup: For me basically the same thing . Stay true to who you are when joining a fraternity or sorority. GSM: Couldn't have said it better myself. GSM: Thank you sooo much ladies for meeting with us and doing this interview for Greek source. It is appreciated. MrsChynaLombardo: Your more than welcome love. MzDelightfulTurntup: No thank you.

GSM: What qualities do you admire in men? AdoreRebel: I admire men with goals, ambition, loyalty, and men who knows the true meaning of how to treat a good woman and does so.

GSM: Tell us what your turn on and off when it comes to men? AdoreRebel: When it comes to men a few major Turn OFFs are Dishonest, Disloyal, Unmotivated men looking for a handout, and/or waiting for things to happen for them without putting fourth effort to make it happen for themselves. A few Turn ONs are men with a good scent, I love when a man smells nice it's my weakness. I also am weak for men with cute smiles and have some sort of charm. GSM: If you had a pick of any men (IMVU&RL) to date who would you pick and why? AdoreRebel: Am I naming a certain someone ? lol

GSM: you can if you want to? AdoreRebel: Lol. Okay nvm not going to name ;o GSM: loll..ok AdoreRebel: I would choose to be with a man whom I feel is ready to settle down, Someone who is older than myself, Someone that enjoys being around family and want to start a family of their own. Honest, Loyal, & Faithful of course. Tall, Dark, And Handsome lol. GSM: loll.. What would your ideal date be? AdoreRebel: I'm pretty satisified with simple things. So I'd say an ideal date for me would be a night on a beach. A beautiful candle light dinner, dessert, wine, strawberries and chocolate , bikini and trunks, and I would love to cuddle and talk the night away ¢ž GSM: What do you think is romantic? AdoreRebel: Romantic, hmm. Plenty of things are romantic. But again I'm a appreciative person of small things, so for me something romantic would be just showing the person you love how much you love them. Not even speaking of material things a text, letter, or even a kiss on the forehead to say I love you is romantic enough for me. GSM: How would you like for a guy to ask you out? AdoreRebel: Just being himself, having the courage to speak to me as I am A WOMAN, I don't like over the top guys that feel they have to drop a line, nor do i like aggressive guys. GSM: What to you makes a man sexy? AdoreRebel: The way he carries himself, his scent, his fashion, his ambition. GSM: Here is your chance to tell all the single men out there what's on you mind? AdoreRebel: Right now what's really on my mind is getting my life together, settling down with someone who has their life together or is in the process of doing so, and possibly starting a family in the near future. GSM: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us

Gs : What qualities do you admire in a women ? A : honest, loyalty, outter and inner beauty Gs: Tell Us what are your turn on's about a women ? A : out spoken, funny, down to earth, and one that can just be herself now if we go into appearance i like lips eyes & tiddies Gs : What are your turn off's about a women ? A : Uncalled for nagging, and messiness Gs : Tell me if you had a pick of any women to date who would it be and why ? (rl or imvu ) A : hmm thats kinda hard lemme see in real life i think K.michelle some bout her that i like Gs: Tell me what would be the ideal date for you ? A : hmm, dont have to be nun to fancy, if it is thats cool and a plus, but ill settle and be ok with like a movie date and goin out to eat after Gs: What do you think is romantic? A : hm, a date on the beach at sunset lil candles down, n blanket, and it gotta be food or snack somewhere in there Gs: What would you change about how women communicate with you? A : As long as we have good communication, i wouldnt change nun bout it just be str8up and honest just dont get to loud n shyt Gs: What is it like for you to shop with a woman? for her? for you? A : i actually like shopping, so either we can go for the both of us, or just her, ion mind her attitude and the way she carry herself Gs : What is the most romantic thing a woman has ever done for you? A: imma say, come out her pocket when she was almost down to her last dollar n got me something that i didnt really need but wanted Gs: What are your favorite female body parts? what is it about them? A: Lips, breast, n eyes, i love nice full soft lips, good for kissing, and eyes are the windows to the soul, so when u look into em like u trynna make that perfect connection with yo soulmate,...and for breast, im just a breast type of dude, nun else to say for that part lol Gs: How does a woman’s smile affect you? A : Affects me allot, if you cheesing n blushing hard and i know its becase of me, then it lets me know im doing something right Gs : Tell us Do You Have Any Female In Mind You have You Eye On, and if So what would u say to her ? A : and as of right now, not really and i did ion think i would say yet Gs : How you feel about a women takeing initative to ask you out on a date ? A : ion mind it, us men cant always be the ones to ask on a date, so if a women approach me as such imma be like well damn, she goes for what she wants, instead of waitin on me to ask her Gs : Reefa here is your chance to tell all the single women out there whats on your mind ? A : telling them all is just to easy, they would have to come to me and find out :p

RoyellNXS I'm #27 Big Sis Oh So Candid of Alpha Sigma Chi. I'm in a non-D9 sorority on here and in RL. The real Divine 9 are nothing like the ones that show their faces on IMVU. Whenever I've had the pleasure of being company with one of the RL Divine 9 all they treated me like I was family. What was said about D9 being pretty much the only ones that matter is bullsh*t. Further more, what people choose to do and be on here is their business and none of ya'lls so if ya'll really want to go there. Since ya'll claim to be D9 in RL, then wtf are ya'll doing wasting your time on IMVU? I know that there are plenty of D9 events going on so go do one of them. Stop wasting your time trying to bring down the Greek Life on here just because you didn't fit in with the RL Greeks. If you have that low of self-esteem in RL that you got to pump yourself up by bringing others down on IMVU, then you need to work on yourself. Greeks aren't meant to be all the same, but we all have the same common goal.. to unite people of different backgrounds whom build bonds and grow to love one another as family. No matter how big or small the organization may be.. they all matter no matter if they are Divine 9 or not. I love all Greeks on here and in RL because that's what a true Big Sister of a Sorority, Inc. in RL does. Stop bashing Greeks and if you're really supposed to be a sister/brother in RL then act like it on here as well as RL. We are here to set examples of what being a Greek truly means and Bashing isn't a part of it. We may compete in RL but at the end of the day you will still see us going to each others events to support because that's what being a part of Greek Life means. Greeks of all backgrounds are meant to Unite people, not separate.. so stop tooting up your stank ass nose at everyone and start setting an example. If ya'll really are Greek in RL, ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves. Ya'll don't deserve to be Greek.

Amori Why do we get beaten down by outsiders? There is no point in bashing other Greeks because they aren't D9. We worked just as hard as the other sororities/frats to achieve as much success as you have. Greeks period, whether real or IMVU, should be about unity instead of bashing one another. In the end, we all pledged, earned our letters to say we're a member of such and such sorority/frat. We are original. We do not have to worry about getting flagged and banned because we copied someone else's work and posted it to an online gaming site. I highly doubt you got permission for that. Lushy Xi Omicron Xi [ XOX ] #01 Sr. Big Sister Serenity I would just like to say that XOX is an amazing sorority and I honestly love being apart of it along with my sorority sisters. We may not be a real life sorority but we do go through similar hurtles and have similar accomplishments that sororities do in real life. Xi Omicron Xi is 100% original in every aspect. We don't try to copy anyone but instead work together as true sisters to make this sorority the best we can.

MzArielMontez #6 Big Sister Tenacious Xi Omicron Xi

I am disgusted with the comment about if you not apart of the D9 you are irrelevant or pointless. So does that mean my bond that I have with my sisters is less significant because we are not a D9? Does that mean the money that some organizations raise for real charities is nothing because they are not D9? No it matters just as much. We come together and accept everyone for who they matter gender, sexual preference, religion or whatever and for someone to make that comment shows they have no idea what it is to be apart of a sisterhood/brotherhood. We do not put down our sisters and our brothers. We stand united and lift each other up. We may have different colors, creeds, mottos and letters but we all stand for the same things UNITY, RESPECT, AND SUPPORT. Solus Its really tragic that people form this organization about friendship and brotherly/sisterly love and then the same people talk about and bash other brother/sisterhoods because they are different from them. The ladies of Iota Chi do not believe in bashing other people. Most Greek organizations are out for one thing and that is to be prosperous. Most Greeks think they have to do it by themselves. But the truth of the matter is that if we stand together all of us will be prosperous.

llSirLegendzll || King Prod1gy || TPX My thoughts on what the D9 had to say more particularly what Drice had to say (who is a real Kappa) will be simply put because the others were yelling and screaming and they weren't even real D9 members so what they were saying was irrelevant. Now back to Drice comments I can understand him having a issue with his letters and colors and frat name being used and not in the correct shade of light there are plenty of Kappa organizations on here who disrespect those letters he worked hard for whether they are male or female it's still disrespectful so I do understand from that point of view but I do not and will never agree with the discrimination in general that came out of his mouth when it comes to lesbian studs choosing to be in frats because this is and will forever be IMVU this isn't real-life and on here any and everyone can be who they want to be that's the point of this game. Who is he to judge them? To speak in such a way as to say D9 is above others who are not apart of D9 or not as important is invalid and ignorant to say we all suppose to support Greek unity whether its DPX, TPX, AKA, Delta or Kappa. He really made things worse for everyone else because when one speaks he speaking for all. He straight disrespected every other sorority and fraternity on here who built they stuff from the ground up and worked really hard on here doing charities and helping others out. He too was receiving help from non D9 organizations so he is a hypocrite. All he did was put a bigger space between D9 and non D9 organizations and bash us so I could and will never respect him for that. You would think with him being a real Kappa he would know better but he don't. Everyone has the right to their opinion but it is a way to say how you feel in a respectful manner and he didn't do that. He needs to learn to pick and choose his battles accurately because this is a battle he just will not win.

KamoDemi || King No FourFeit || Theta Phi Xi. My thought on Greek bashing.. Hmm, well I however won't pretend that I'm happy about D9 and their comments on the Greek community of IMVU. When you bash like this, and make sexist comments, your not only making yourself look bad, your making everybody around you look bad as well. As a Brother/Sister, your actions in the Greek World reflects back on your entire Org and how others look at you, and how serious they take you. You look unprofessional. As a NO LABEL, I'm furious about the whole "stud comments".. What's that got to do with anything?? Because were female tho?? Didn't women fight for the same rights as men have? I mean, we got to burn our bras in the streets again to get ya'll to stfu? Loll.. Just because its a fraternity doesn't mean anything.. Studs are different.. What in the hell makes you all think that a Masculine Ass Stud wants to be in a Sorority? I mean.. The girls would be a plus, but we like to be part of something dominate.. To the men of D9, comment continued...what makes you better than me?.. I think its nice having females in our Fraternity, because not only then can we look up to our fellow Brothers, but our Sister's as well. So, instead of bashing and hating on other Greek, why not have a little respect?? I made a Vow to my Fraternity, as a Brother I will do anything for my other Brothers, and will always uphold myself in the most honorable way I can. And I will keep my word. I am not here to bash back, because then I would be just as immature as you, and I refuse to put myself and my Org that low. Because, as a Theta man, and yes I did say man.. I stand beside my Brother/Sister. Did you all do this for publicity? o.0 Popularity? Attention?.. If attention, you got it. But not in a way you had hoped, instead of looking at you like your doing good, were all looking at how stupid what your doing is. Is that the kind of attention you wanted? I'm sure it wasn't. I just want to know the POINT behind all of this.. Are you threatened by us? But know this, we will not give up, we will not back down, and we REFUSE to have the Greek community look at us, as they look at you now. And on that note, I have nothing more to say to you.

AyeBeenny || King ConPHIdential || Theta Phi Xi First off‌IMVU is an online social entertainment destination where members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create and play games with their friends. With that being said people have to realize that IMVU is used to entertain our boredom, carry out our fantasies & express our deepest feelings that the real world has not accepted and has shut out. No one comes on IMVU with the intentions to ADD stress, anger, misery, hurt and/or any other negative vibes to their lives. In my opinion, but I can only speak for myself, yet I think most "Non-D9" & LGBT Community Supporters on IMVU would agree with me when I say.. WHO TF CARES if they're Greek Organizations who have the ability to be ORIGINAL & CREATIVE to dev and come up with their own names, crests, logos, colors, mascots, mottos, etc. and allowed Studs to join. The quote "Imitation is a form of Flattery.." I believe has been well overused in the Greek Organizations. Just because you took on the role to ROLEPLAY as one of the real D9 Sororities & Fraternities doesn't give you the right to patrol as to what you think they would say and/or do on IMVU. Tbh, a few months ago . . . Didn't a certain D9 Greek Organization started getting deleted for Copyright Infringements? -raises eyebrow. However, I didn't think we were still in the racist separation days where just like colored people weren't allowed to do certain things or be in certain places as white people . . . You're doing the same shit but discriminating against Gay people. There's not much difference between a biological Man & a Stud; besides they're sexual organs being a dick, pussy and titties for the slow ones and testosterone or estrogen running thru their blood. When it comes to the personality and attitudes, trust me when I say most Studs that I meet are more "manly" and have a nigguh attitude then most nigguhs I have met on IMVU. Basically what my sexual orientation is, what gender I am, who I prefer to sleep or be with . . . is NOBODY's business. When it comes down to my Fraternity; I put on for my bruhs. When they need anything I'm there on time. No bullshit. No delays. No excuses. In conclusion, I am proud to be a TPX King because we don't walk in front and be leaders, we don't walk from behind being a follower, but walk beside and be a brother. We are Kings of all Greeks and will remain standing and strong. Thank You. ^-^

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