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Delta Mu

Fraternity Listings Looking for the right fraternity that wiLL fit to your Life. weLL here is a List of aLL the fraternities Listed on iMVu.

Alpha Xi Omega Alpha Phi Alpha Beta Xi Theta Epsilon Psi Omega Eta Omicron Gamma Gamma Psi Rho Gamma Phi Gamma Gamma Omega Nu Iota Chi Epsilon Iota Nu Xi Kappa Alpha Psi Kappa Nu Upsilon Delta Theta Mu Omicron Epsilon Nu Gamma Phi

Omega Chi Alpha Omega Delta Phi Omega Psi Phi Omega Psi Phi Theta Nu Omicron Nu Gamma Omega Nu Phi Phi Beta Sigma Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Sigma Lambda Beta Sigma Nu Theta Sigma Alpha Zeta Upsilon Sigma Lambda Beta Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Phi Xi Theta Zeta Nu





GS: Could you tell me your line name and title, please? iiFalsetto: I'm Big Sister Falsetto #01, and I am President and Co-Founder of Beta Alpha Delta. GS: That is awesome. Is there any meaning behind your name? iiFalsetto: I sing in rl.. whenever I can, wherever, lol. When I was a teenager I was a wedding singer part time GS: Oh Wow! Now that is truly interesting, and fitting. GS: What made you start your own organization? iiFalsetto: An old friend and I wanted to do something a little different than what we were used to. We were both a part of an IMVU sorority that went sour.. I was in a rl sorority in college and wanted to bring some of those rl values to IMVU. We wanted a place that women could call home.. something that was both professional and fun. iiFalsetto: We wanted somewhere that drama and the mental exhaustion of everyday life could go away for a while and just kick back and relax while making a difference to the IMVU community. So we came up with BAD. GS: Oh how cool. How many members do you have at the moment? iiFalsetto: 7 currently. GS: What makes your organization stand out from the others? iiFalsetto: We're very business oriented. We expect all BAD women to hold themselves with the utmost respect and sense of class. Each girl has a position contributing what they do best to benefit BAD whether it be public

public relations, photo editing, coordinating events, etc. We want our women known for their minds rather than the unnecessary "sorority girl" stereotype. GS: (Nods) Great idea. iiFalsetto: Thank you. (Smiles) GS: What is your organization's motto? iiFalsetto: We stand for truth and righteousness. GS: When was your organization established? iiFalsetto: July 6th, 2013 by Big Sister Falsetto, Big Sister Glam, and Big Sister Stylez. GS: You're very new. iiFalsetto: Yes Ma'am. (Laughs) GS: What is your mascot and why? iiFalsetto: the Egyptian Pit - They were guardians of the gods. They are depicted in ancient writings to stand for faithfulness, companionship, loyalty, and protectiveness which is what we teach all women to be towards not only each other, but other brothers and sisters around IMVU. GS: I love that! What are your organization colors and do they represent something? iiFalsetto: Thank you! (Laughs) Diamonds and gold - Diamonds are the most sought after and well known gems. Stands

Stands for durability, status, beauty, eternity, and love. Gold symbolizes power, strength, and perfection. GS: What are some of the challenges you've experience being a founder? iiFalsetto: The most difficult thing thus far has been finding women who are committed and want nothing but the best for their sorority by far.. a lot of people on IMVU are about statuses and wanting to join to most well known sorority or frat just to be apart of something. BAD doesn't care about numbers, we want quality. we want women who are designed to be caring, loving, respectful etc. Being apart of a soror in rl, I wasn't a president or held any special title, so I never had to experience the "behind the scenes" portion of it. iiFalsetto: Finding women who hold the same values, or are "mold able" i guess you could say to instill those values in is definitely difficult. GS: (Nods) As co founder of Delta Psi Xi, you are so right. I have dealt with that myself. iiFalsetto: (Nods in agreement) Mhm, you know more than I do, I'm sure, for as long as DPX has been around, lol. GS: What is your take about the fighting amongst other organizations within the IMVU Greek Community? iiFalsetto: Hopefully it's something we don’t have to experience, but I'd be stupid to think it wont lol. But when the time comes, I hope I've instilled enough knowledge on how to handle those situations appropriately enough in my girls so that the BAD name isn't brought down along with the drama. GS: (Nods) iiFalsetto: The word "sisters" doesn't necessarily stop with BAD.. it goes for all of

Greek community. GS: My sentiments exactly. We're all share a common ground, or I'd like to hope we do: Unity. iiFalsetto: Agreed. And to be honest, if that isn't a priority of a soror or frat on IMVU, then BAD won't have a lot of part in that. GS: You definitely have to do what is in the best interests of your organization. You're one of the founders and is responsible for a lot. Good, bad or otherwise. iiFalsetto: I agree fully...I will admit I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for some of the wisdom of some of the more known sororities/frats, they've definitely taught me a lot as a founder. So for that, I'm grateful. GS: I feel the same way. GS: How are you addressing any possible issues or drama that may have or occurred in your organization? iiFalsetto: We've set forth a discipline board for such issues. There is a line of processing, such a warnings, probations, etc. Any girl who has done something against the BAD rules, then they are subject to the board for ruling depending on how serious the offence is. For some, its resulted in termination.. iiFalsetto: BAD is like a home.. there's a certain line of respect in that home. If the respect is lost, then someone doesn't have the privileged to call that their home. We definitely try our very best for that not to result in the loss of that privileged, but as you said earlier, we have to protect who we are.

GS: Have you had to terminate members for those very reasons? iiFalsetto: Yes ma'am. It's a very sad thing, but if it's what's best for the women who are dedicating their online life and sometimes their RL to this organization, I'm going to do my duty as president to protect them. GS: I wholeheartedly agree. GS: Do you have any words of wisdom for any new organizations that are starting or persons thinking of starting their own organization? iiFalsetto: Be you. Don't be what others expect you to be. Be true to yourself, work hard, and love and care for each girl as they were your own blood...cause in the end, you'll be surprised at how many life-long friends you'll make with a little hard work and effort from you and your team. GS: Love! (Claps) You are one classy lady. I love the way you carry yourself! GS: Last question... Where do you see your organization in the upcoming new year? iiFalsetto: Honestly, the only thing I hope to achieve is respect from the other Greeks. It doesn't matter to me if we have 50 women or 5 women. As long as we keep our name and I have women who are down for the cause.. that's all I want to see in the next year. iiFalsetto: Making new connections with future Greeks, keeping the bonds we have with the current ones. That's all that's important. GS: Indeed a great thing (Smiles) GS: I truly thank you for your time, iiFalsetto. iiFalsetto: I thank you for choosing us. (Smiles) I loved this!

GS: What is your Line name and Title? Dedikated: DediΚΑΨted, President of the Chi Rho chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity incorporated. GS: How many active members do you have in Kappa Alpha Psi (Chi Rho)? Dedikated: Fifteen not including the pledges. GS: What is your organizations motto? Dedikated: Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor φνπ GS: What is your mascot and why? Dedikated: There are several to choose from, but I think what your asking for is the Bunny, to us it represents swiftness and nobility, to act quickly and effectively in doing what is right. We're also known for the bowtie, put a bowtie on a bunny and it's a playboy bunny, we embrace that as well, self explanatory reasons. GS: What do you believe makes your organization stand out from others? Dedikated: Well, our swiftness and nobility , we're always active, doing things for the good of others right now is no different, We have the Philippines Typhoon Relief project we're working on as well as the nphc fantasy football league, the winner's pot of which will be going to the charity of the winner's choice, if it's us, that charity will be St. Jude. I see to it we're not just letter wearers, We do what Greeks are supposed to do that comes from me

being a Kappa in real life. The level of education my pledges have also sets us apart more is known about Kappa Alpha Psi in this chapter than what can be found just from using Google and salvaging from fake sources, I'm the real thing as are a few others within my chapter. GS: How long has your organization been active? Dedikated: In real life Thursday night January 5th, 1911, On here, Tuesday night March 19th, 2013. GS: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to join in Greek life? Dedikated: Do your research, pledge for the right reasons, intend to enhance your organization as much if not more than it enhances you, take it seriously, embrace your organization, don’t be sensitive or defensive if you quick to throw shade at others and

enjoy every bit of Greek life. GS: What do you think is the hardest part about being in a fraternity? Dedikated: I can't speak for other orgs but in Kappa Alpha Psi there's a commitment to be better today than you were yesterday and better tomorrow than you are today, to fill the shoes of the legacy left by the lives lived by many great men who call this fraternity their own over the last 102 years 10 months and 3 weeks. As a Kappa one is called to be among the best of his field, in whatever it is he sets his heart out to do that's what our frat's motto actually means. Actually pledging is very hard, but the work that's worth something starts after crossing, just waking up everyday knowing how big the shoes are I have to try and fill is probably the hardest part about being a Kappa. GS: Where do you see your organization in the next three months? Dedikated: Still running strong like it is now and has been since 1911, for this particular chapter I look forward to utilizing newly learned skills in order to spread the name of this frat in the good faith it was intended and I'm pretty sure all my nupes feel the same way.


GS: What is your line name and BBL: Well honestly our mannerisms, your organizations name? our gentlemen like swagger if you will and our honesty. BBL: My line name is Big Brother Loyalty and my Org is Omega Psi Phi GS: What is the most challenging (Omega Tau Chapter) part of being a founder in your opinion? GS: What is your title? BBL: The recruiting process honestly, BBL: Top Dawg (Founder) some other Que dawgs have a more unclassy approach to ladies and things GS: How many active members are of that nature so keeping the dawgs on a in Omega Psi Phi (Omega Tau)? leash is a bit difficult. But the most challenging is jelling everyones BBL: Well we are in the rebuilding personality to reach a proper common phase so I have one co founder. We are goal. in the process of recruiting. GS: How long has your GS: What is your organizations organization been active? motto? BBL: Well only for a few months at this BBL: Distinguished Gentlemen, A point. Brotherhood Called To Lead. GS: When did your organization GS: What is your mascot and why? start? BBL: The dog, What can I say about the dog to me it stands for loyalty for obedience for strength but also dogs have a nurturing side very few but those that get to know the dog understand or see. GS: What do you believe makes your organization stand out?

BBL: Around June sometime, can not remember the exact date. GS: Do you guys upcoming events?



BBL: I'm trying to throw a Christmas ball, open to all Greek letters. GS: Do you have any advice for someone wanting to join in the Greek Life? BBL: Yes, study and study hard and don’t be a band wagoner, look for a frat or soror that promotes your morals be it good or bad, there’s a place for everyone here in the Greek life, be loyal, always and be consistent, that is all ma'am. GS: Where do you see your organization in 3 months? BBL: Honestly showing true growth, a vital part of the Greek community, helping where we can.


GS: What is your line name and title? iMzSashaOnFire: My Line Name Is QueenExquisite, And I Am The President/Owner GS: What is your organizations motto? iMzSashaOnFire: Our Motto Is Intelligence Is The Torch Of Wisdom

GS: What is your mascot and why? iMzSashaOnFire: Our Mascot is the Elephant. It symbolizes the founding and strength of DST

GS: What do you think the hardest part about president/owner? iMzSashaOnFire: The hardest part to me is keeping my girls in line and GS: How many active members comfortable with participating with do you currently have? DST..A lot of times the job gets hard, iMzSashaOnFire: I have 12 active but I love it. members as of now GS: Do you have any upcoming GS: How long has your events? organization been active? iMzSashaOnFire: Yes, we have a iMzSashaOnFire: It has been active Red And White Ball This Coming since September 2013,,So We Are Saturday At 8:00 Still New GS: Do you have any advice for GS: What makes your someone looking to join a organization different from the sorority? rest on IMVU? iMzSashaOnFire: I would advise iMzSashaOnFire: What makes my them to research and analyze the one soror different is the all types of that fits their personality the most. women we have involved. I have 2 Make sure the soror they pick is the doctors, parents, people who like fun right one. and people who like to relax. So the types I have sets us as different. GS: That’s good advice. iMzSashaOnFire: ty :) GS: How Cool? iMzSashaOnFire: ty ď Š

GS: Where do you see your organization in the next three months? iMzSashaOnFire: In the next three months, I’m hoping to have more than 20 active members...combine forces with a frat, and start a Jr DST. That’s my main focus and goal for the next 3 months.





The Black Wolves of Omicron Nu Gamma is a pack that runs close and tight. They're a group who represents their organization to the fullest, from howling loud and proud on pulse, to supporting other organizations and their sisterhood. What makes ONG a strong pack? Greek Source sat down with Sr. Big Wolf Canine #00 Alpha Wolf, aka EMULATi0N to find out. GS: Tell us about ONG and what ONG is about. EMULATi0N: O.N.G. is all about carrying the five values and promoting and maintaining Them together as one...respect, loyalty, integrity, trust, and honesty. GS: What was your fraternity experience before creating your own organization? EMULATi0N: Well i have ran a fraternity before so before creating another one i had to make sure this is what I really wanted to do.. and to get myself back into the mood, but by having a past fraternity I learned to do what you know is right and do what you believe in and carry yourself as a leader for your brothers and always remember never turn your back on the members you are surrounded by. GS: What is the current title positions within ONG and who holds them? EMULATi0N: *Heads up on Leadership* we have different tittles EMULATi0N: ALPHA WOLF - Lord of the pack.. (Over All!) EMULATi0N: BETA WOLF - 2nd. in Command.. EMULATi0N: OMEGA WOLF - 3rd. in Command..

GS: Alright.. EMULATi0N: And who holds them are... "Sr. Big Wolf Canine #00 Alpha Wolf" (Omicron Founder). iiHypnosLucchese = "Sr. Big Wolf KoCaine #02 Alpha Wolf" (Omicron President). Bipolah = "Big Wolf Brainiac #05" (Omega Wolf). The rest are just bro wolves for right now. GS: Very nice. (Smiles) EMULATi0N: (Nods) GS: When was ONG established? EMULATi0N: It was founded in the world on Sept. 11th. 2013... @ 10:45pm est. EMULATi0N: Time and all, lol. GS: LOL, I see! GS: How many active members? EMULATi0N: 14 GS: As a founder, what is your view on fraternity life on IMVU? EMULATi0N: We the Brothers of "Omicron Nu Gamma" shall create a Brotherhood directed towards the advancement of Men."Omicron" is a Brotherhood that represents a code of Excellence in Mind Body and Spirit. The fraternity life on IMVU.. needs to come together more and bond more and leave all that side shit off.

GS: (Nods) I truly agree. GS: Alright, the next set of questions will be pertaining to rumors and your point of view of particular things. GS: What are your thoughts and feelings on being accused of allegedly copying others' ideas? EMULATi0N: First off its IMVU.. whatever you do or do within your fraternity or sorority is going to get out and for people to say like you copied this you copied that... Is the main people that copied from someone else and that person copied from someone else and so on.. GS: -Nods- Indeed. GS: Ideas are formulated, but there's always derivations of said ideas. How are you handling the rumored turmoil within your organization? EMULATi0N: People are going to have to remember people will say what they want and life goes on after that. But, we as wolves wont feed into or carry it on we know what we need to do and gone continue doing it with our heads held high no matter what happens. GS: Do you believe that unity amongst other fraternities is possible? EMULATi0N: Yes I do as long as they keep the drama down and remain on top of things...other then that... it is possible... all those lil side comments needs to come to a stop and if that do we can overcome anything!

GS: What are your thoughts on beef between organizations? EMULATi0N: What’s the purpose... I mean come on the real organizations not doing this in real.. so why carry this shit on IMVU.. and fuck up what they stand for (if your shit real) but if its made up doesn’t matter to be honest because for the simple fact what’s going on right now on IMVU CANT NO ONE SAY A REAL GREEK ORGANIZATION IS GOING THROUGH it, smh... so why start a Greek organization if you not gone carry it the right way. GS: Do you feel that ONG has the potential of becoming the top fraternity on IMVU? EMULATi0N: I'm not saying it will or will not, but, we will stand what we believe in and for that we will strive in becoming the best we can be. GS: Where do you see ONG within 6 months? EMULATi0N: Standing tall in what we believe in ... and becoming more and more powerful each and ever day... believing in the words RESPECT, LOYALTY, INTEGRITY, AND TRUST, AND HONESTY. GS: What words of advice or wisdom do you have for others planning to start up their own organization? EMULATi0N: Always do what you believe in and never let someone tell you .. you cant do something anyone can do anything if you put your

mind to it, and you must understand what you getting yourself into.. and please ask yourself are you truly ready for this ? Is this something you really want to step into? GS: Great advice. (Smiles) Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to grant Greek Source this exclusive. EMULATi0N: You're Welcome.

Fashion Killa: From a Greek's View

By: iCZaya

IMVU is indeed blessed with talented developers and artists that bring their A game to the masses by creating some of the hottest and most coveted fashion pieces around. The Greek community is saturated with some of these very talented individuals. In honor of those who are developers AND members of the IMVU Greek community, Greek Source is proud to introduce the series: Fashion Killa: From a Greek's View. This series will comprise of an interview and showcase a few pieces from a Greek developer, their own work and of their favorite developer of the moment. We're starting off the series with a young lady who we met at her sorority's Thanksgiving Event. We clicked with this lady so well, that she has secured a place in our hearts, and contributing Fashion Editor of Greek Source. The Greek Source is proud to kick off the Fashion Killa: From a Greek's View series with MODA

GS: Give us a quick bio about you. Moda: Well, my real name is Angel. I'm 31 years old I been on IMVU for almost 5 years. In real I'm a business owner with 2 college degrees as well a vet. On IMVU I'm a mom wife best friend grandma Sister in a sorority and of course a PRO DEVELOPER. GS: How long have you been a part of Lambda Nu Resh and what is your line name? Moda: going on 3 months and my line name is T-Lily Abrasive GS: What does your line name mean? Moda: Basically Abrasive is a person who is very in your face with it‌they chose it for cause I'm the type of person who likes to get shit done and do it and I'm loud and aggressive with it‌not in a bad way of course lmao (Smiles) GS: I've noticed at the Thanksgiving party. (Laughs) GS: Many of our readers are not aware of your amazing feats you've brought to IMVU. Mind enlightening our readers with your innovations? Moda: Well first and foremost I'm a developer so I have a lot feats in that seeing as how I started learning to develop with a teach who I'm still friends with to this day she helped me so much I would like to say ty to her...Sauciness if it wasn't for you taking the time out to teach me. I wouldn't be where I am today so ty so much from the bottom of my heart. Also one off my biggest feats on IMVU was the development of Fashion Week it was done in 2011 it was call All Things Chic Fashion Week we had 9 days of shows.

GS: Wow, very impressive indeed! Moda: (Smiles) two shows a day, tons of amazing developers and models and it was so fun...oh the memories that brings back…I'm thinking of redoing it again. GS: That would be amazing. Greek Source would be honored to cover it if you decide to bring the idea to fruition. GS: What inspired your love of fashion? Moda: Well, I've always liked fashion. I stay with the trends however don’t mistake that as me being a follower, cause honey I sure aint no follower I'm a Trendsetter always have been always will be, But also I live in NY the fashion capital of the world so you know I used to go into Manhattan on Saturdays and Sundays and walk around the fashion distinct and go play with fabrics and imagine them made into clothes all types of stuff god those were the best days! (Smile)...I have to admit I still do it not as frequent though. GS: How do you describe your style? Moda: In my words my style our of ordinary sophisticatedly...lmao its a word I made for my style…I like edgy and classy so I tend to mix and match al ot. GS: (Laughs) I like that! very creative, yet self explanatory. What are your plans for the up coming year? Moda: Well, I'm really looking forward to exploring new stuff in my developing and also I'm proud to announce I will be planning a wedding (Smiles), as well as keeping up with my soror and supporting them to the utmost extreme and also contributing endlessly to Greek Source as there NEW fashion Editor (Smiles) so it looks like its going to be a busy and excited year.

GS: (Nods in agreement) Truly. What do you think of the fashion on IMVU? Moda: Honestly , I love it. The thing I like is that from when I started to now its evolved so much and it has taken on a whole new role and meaning and tons of new styles its really an endless playground of clothes and shoes and bags and accessories sighhhhhhh a girls dream come true. GS: (Sighs contentedly) Tell me about it. I can't get enough of the endless fashion possibilities we have here. GS: Who do you believe are the next developer(s) to watch and why? Moda: I don't know about next but I love so much developers its hard to pin point a few...I will have to say some devs to watch out for are MrsPiere, Pierreux, Sophiee, Eura, Dissimilar, and Skips are just a few. GS: Who are your favorite developers at the moment and why? Moda: See, this is the hardest question of the interview, lmao! my styles so different and varies so much! This is truly hard but ill only give you a few so this isn't a novel in itself. 1-Piere yes yes this is my father but his style in tattoos is extraordinarily its different and elemental has textures and styles you would think to put together he’s a daredevil in his own right and I love that about his style. 2-RiskeeDimenaR-I mean come on the most important thing to any outfit is accessories you have to style a fit right for it to all connect and look well put together. Riskee bring in her own take on new school stuff with old school stuff from the simple and elegant to the out of pocket crazy looking stuff you can help

but want her pieces. 3-lDB she is just a risk taker with her pieces they vary from name brands like Belenciaga to Versace from Chanel to Gucci how can you not like that…she puts a sophisticated edge in her fits and mixes stuff in eclectic ways you Can't help but look in her catty in awe. GS: I've recently discovered IDB and I have to agree, her catty is amazing. Moda: and last but not least NyGiaZ I'm a admitted show whore so this is where I want to be when it comes to shoes she has shoes in various styles, colors, and heights. She reminds me of my favorite shoe designer Christian Louboutin she isn't scared to take risks and I love that about her. GS: Excellent interview, truly excellent. Moda, we thank you for granting us this interview and we're proud to have you aboard as contributing fashion editor of Greek Source. We look forward to amazing interviews and showcases from you! Moda: I just want to take a second and from the bottom of my heart thank the wonderful editors and staff of Greek Source Magazine for giving me this opportunity and having me in the magazine. I'm flattered and humble for this.

Male Greek of the Month

What’s the Name of Your organization: Iota Nu Xi Fraternity Inc. What’s Your Line Name /What Does It Mean?: Lone Wolf Nobel …Self Explanatory…. : Nobel Is What Nobel Is Your Relationship Status: Sorry Ladies Am Taken -smilesAge: 24 Horoscope Sign: Libra GS: Your Fav Treat? A: mhmmm Sherbet GS: Hobbies? A: Checkers, Reading , Basketball , Shopping GS: What’s one thing in your life you'll change if you could? A: Nothing.. Everything I Been Through Shaped Me To Who I Am Today So I’m Grateful For Everything GS: What made You Start Iota? A: Well Personally, I Left One Org. And I Learned What To Do And Also What Not To Do When Running A Fraternity. I Wanted To See My Vision Come To Light And Do Things My Way GS: Do you think Things Changed in general Since you started Iota? A: Changed As Far As People And The Way I View Things. Now A Days Is Soooo Many Frats Started Not Because They Want A True Brotherhood But Because They Mad At Previous Org. And They Want To Show That They Better When Its Not Bout That. These New Frats/Sororities Giving Out False Hopes Of Unity When They Started On False Promises I’m Not Throwing Shade Just How I See Things GS: What Have Iota Have Done For the IMVU Community ? A: What Can You Do For IMVU?? Nothing But Stay True To You and Your Beliefs And Keep Our Name Out Of BS GS: Can You Say Your Org In A Good Space Right Now? A: I’m In A Wonderful Place GS: Have you thought of ways to bring unity to the Greek Community? A: When I Throw Events I Invite All...I Go To Everybody Function Just To Show You Have My Support Unity Is Needed To Make Everybody Better No One Is Greater Than The Next We All In The Same Boat GS: If You ever wanted your voice to be heard to the Greek World , what would you say or tell them? A: HOWLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Female Greek of the Month

Can you Please Tell me the Name of your Org: Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc, Theta Nu Chapter What’s Your Full Name & Your line Name : Candice Crown /#00 President KommitAble What’s Your dating Status : Single Your Age : 19 Horoscope Sign : Gemini Gs : Fav. Ice Cream? A : Cookies and cream Gs : Bath vs. Showers? A : Showers. Gs : Turn On’s? A : Umm lol kisses on the neck and grabbing on the waist. GS : Turn Off’s? A : Stinky breath. GS : Hobbies? A : Shopping, softball, and going out. GS : Idea Dream Date? A : Going on a date in Miami on the beach at sunset GS : What’s your fav Animal? A : Cheetah GS : What’s one thing in your life you change if you could? A : Umm staying back my 8th grade year. GS : What Made You Start Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. , Theta Nu Chapter? A : I started it because I have been a few sororities on here and they all had something in common they all wanted control everyone wanted it their way or they all was clicky so I started AKA Theta Nu to show a difference to start something that most don’t have. GS : What Have AKA , Theta nu Chapter Done For the IMVU Community? A : Since we are new we haven’t done much but soon you will see us do some community work on here but for my ladies we make them into better mature women. GS : Have u thought of ways to bring unity to the Greek Community? A : yes we do support other frats and sorors we try to invite most of them to our events or if we get invited to theirs we show up to support. GS : If You ever wanted your voice to be heard to the Greek World , what would u say or tell them A : I would tell them stop having people think that we are gangs and we shouldn’t get along with other Greeks on here. Stop messing up real sorors and frats not because we are under they real names and that just bring shame to it. GS : Candice Thank you so much for your time and having a sit down with Greek Source.

We at the Greek Source are proud to present GREEK CRIBS! A selection of Sorority and Frat houses/living space, that will be featured in every other issue of the Greek Source. This Month showcase is from Omega Phi Chi. Which features their Rec room/ Meeting room/ office. Tastefully furnished and spacious, it reps their colors of Onyx and Black.

GS: Thank you so much for allowing Greek Source to showcase your room, who will be the spokesperson for you tonight? MrsJaeDaRudeProdigy: Im Big Sis Real. iiSeDuire: I am Big Sis Explicit. GS: So first thing's first...why this particular room? MrsJaeDaRudeProdigy: It was Big Sis Explicit idea. iiSeDuire: I chose it b/c its spacious, nice color. It's my fav room, lol. GS: Agreed it is very spacious. MrsJaeDaRudeProdigy: I love it, too. GS: Who is the creator and designer of this room? MrsJaeDaRudeProdigy: That would be me lol. GS: Where did you get your inspiration for this layout? MrsJaeDaRudeProdigy: Well, I was in shop and I wanted something big enough for me and Big sis sparks, I seen it and was like yea I can hook this up! MrsJaeDaRudeProdigy: I have my omega lady all on the curtains.

GS: I see that, nice touch. How long did it take you to put this together? MrsJaeDaRudeProdigy: Didn't take long at all when I start on something I don't stop tell I'm done, well if you talking about furniture and all that it took a while cause I made all the furniture too. Maybe a couple of days. GS: You must be proud. iiSeDuire: She is. MrsJaeDaRudeProdigy: Yes I am. GS: It came out lovely. MrsJaeDaRudeProdigy: Thanks. GS: Thank you for allowing us to showcase it. MrsJaeDaRudeProdigy: Thank you for taking time out and featuring our Sorority. GS: You're very welcome.

Thank You! Cover: Big Brother Valor with EPO 12 Days of Greek Xmas: Delta Psi Xi Iota Nu Xi Zeta Phi Beta Sigma Kappa Omega Nu Delta Mu Mu Kappa Omega Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Psi Chi Gamma Lambda Alpha Mu Epsilon Psi Omega Kappa Nu Upsilon Gamma Psi Omega

Greek of the Month: Remarkable – Iota Nu Xi CandiceCrown – AKA Theta Nu

Organizations: Beta Alpha Delta Kappa Alpha Psi Chi Rho Delta Sigma Theta Omega Psi Phi Omega Tau Omicron Nu Gamma AKA, Theta Mu Delta Mu Lambda Nu Resh Omega Psi Phi Beta Omega Fashion: Theta Phi Xi Lambda Nu Resh – T-Lily Abrasive Zeta Phi Beta, OA Ads: DPX & LNR Party iCZaya Catty DPX presents Urban Nights MultiMedia Services by EnQuistive Miss Greek Delta Sigma Theta Xi Miss Winter Global Alpha Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Theta NeoBites Ask The Source DJ ENV! Gamma Psi Omega

Greek Source Issue #3  

Greek of the Month, Who are They, and even more! Find out what Founder of ONG has to say.