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Culture have excellent prospects and they have already had a remarkable demand. 6) LILIPOUPOLI was one of the most successful children’s programs of Greek radio in the 1970s. What do you think was the secret of its success? In your opinion, apart from its undeniable quality, how much did the social and cultural conditions of the ‘70s contribute to the success of LILIPOUPOLIS?

Summer 2018

Lilipoupoli was the fruit of the unique creative freedom concept that characterized the period of the Third Radio Program of Public Radio (ERT) under the direction of Manos Hatzidakis.

7) In 2015 there was a come-back of LILIPOUPOLIS, under the form of a spectacular show at the National Lilipoupoli was the fruit of the unique creative Theater. Had it have the appeal and response you freedom concept that characterized the period of expected from children and audience or was this time the Third Radio Program of State Radio (ERT) under addressed to a minor and adult audience over-satiated the direction of Manos Hatzidakis. Certainly, the with spectacles, technological and artistic experiences and therefore harder to satisfy? refreshing post-dictatorial wind that blew at that time played an important role. The creative team Indeed, the National Theater proposed to Regina of Lilipoupoli worked with imagination, spontaneity Kapetanaki, who together with Eleni Vlachou had and without treating children like underdeveloped conceived the initial idea of Lillipoupolis to write and direct a new Lilipepolis which I would compose adults. Of course, we couldn’t predict back then that the music for. The decision to transfer a particular the radio show’s songs would travel through three radio world to the stage with a challenging, generations and would reach fresh and alive our multidimensional performance for which even the time through recordings, publications and concerts. songs were newly recorded was a subtle issue, a Despite the reactions we worked uncensored sensitive initiative. It was a great pleasure to us in a state media by following Hatzadaki's wise when we saw tens of thousands of children attend instruction. "You are in a public media. You will put the STAR OF LILIPOUPLE show, actively participate yourselves the limits with responsibility and a sense and enjoy the new messages of the ever-young Lillipopolis that sensitized them on Environment of freedom”. and Nature issues. 8) The cultural project GEFYRES (BRIDGES CYCLE) completed 20 years of life in 2017. What was the purpose of its creation? How has it evolved as concerns its content over the years? To what extend did it achieve its goals? BRIDGES that run this year their 21st year of life have highlightened the Megaron Music Hall’s pluralistic and integrated approach to Music. The so-called "classical" music of course has a major and particular weight, but BRIDGES along with other similar projects such as the Megaron

Paul Evernden, Angela Najaryan, EOS Ensemble


Newsletter - Summer 2018  
Newsletter - Summer 2018