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Greehey Scholars Program St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas Spring 2012 Volume 2, Issue 2

Teaching the Youth of San Antonio By Lori Mayfield

Upon graduation, I will commit two years to Teach For America, a non-profit organization that works to eliminate educational inequity in America. The mission of Teach For America is that “One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.” Within this program, I will teach Special Education in a low income community in San Antonio. My passion for teaching stemmed from my volunteer experience with Junior Achievement in which I taught elementary aged students the basics of business and how business can make our communities better places to live in. I became involved with Junior Achievement through my individual service project in the Greehey Scholars Program. My time in the classroom helped

What Comes Next? By Sara Wilkinson

Sara Wilkinson at the fifth anniversary of Mr. Greehey’s transformational gift.

“What are you doing after graduation?” For everyone who has

me realize how important individualized attention and care is to each student who I taught; even further, I strongly believe that every student, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, deserves this individualized attention that characterizes an excellent education. Without the direction that the professors at St. Mary’s have provided, I may never have seen the opportunities available in management. I have come to realize that management extends much further than the business world. It became very important to me to use my management expertise to lead students in the classroom who need direction and who are unable to see the amazing potential that they possess. I am very excited to begin the next chapter of my life and cannot wait to commit the next two years to students who will benefit in some way from my guidance.

“It feels no less than amazing to know that

my four years at St. Mary’s and my time leading in the Greehey Scholars Program have propelled me to teach within Teach For America.” -Lori Mayfield

ever asked this question, you should know that it is hated and feared by college seniors, particularly in these uncertain economic times. This is why I am incredibly thankful that every time I’m asked, I can say that I have a job waiting for me in May. Last summer, I started an internship at Tesoro Corporation in the SEC Reporting department. Within a few months, I experienced the challenge and excitement of working with young co-workers in a fast-paced environment; I was expected to take initiative and be resourceful in developing my own learning curve. After discussions about my future plans with my

supervisor, I was excited to extend my internship into the school year. Soon after, I signed an offer letter for a full-time position postgraduation. Despite the stress, the excitement of what is to come has us all itching for May. While I have loved my time here at St. Mary’s and grown undeniably in every aspect of who I am and who I am setting out to be, I feel a very strong pull towards the next step. It is a blessing to stand at this point in life, looking back at a period of hard work, struggle, and growth while looking forward to a glimpse of the challenges and opportunities ahead.


VITA Update

Developing Winning Ideas

Compiled by GSP Marketing Team

By Ryan Salts

Greehey Scholars teaching a beginner’s training session

As of February 18, 2012, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program has completed roughly 460 returns totaling over $1.1 million in refunds to residents of the neighborhoods around the St. Mary’s campus. VITA, supported primarily by the Greehey Scholars Program, helps teach beginners how to use the software and work through common site issues. “The involvement of our scholars,” according to Sara Wilkinson, “enables growth for our

site, allows for greater learning for both the trainers and the volunteers, and is a truly an act of service to our St. Mary’s VITA site.” Dr. Madison, chair of the accounting department and VITA program coordinator said, “The Greehey Scholars have made a tremendous impact on the St. Mary’s VITA program through their work in developing VITA training and through their participation in all aspects of the site’s operations.”

Alum Corner By James Eades After graduating as a Greehey Scholar, I continued to work for Barnes & Noble. Initially I worked as a head cashier at the Frisco, Texas location. I had to account for all of the funds in the store along with managing the cashiers. Within two months of becoming a head cashier, I was offered a chance to interview for a merchandise manager position at another location. After accepting this new position I was given the responsibility of managing 50% of

Abigail Hernandez at the CEO Conference in Dallas

Q: Abigail, how was your trip for the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Conference? A: It was amazing. I feel like I learned so much and gained great networking opportunities. Q: You won the Elevator Pitch Competition; what was your product? A: It was a solar powered cell phone charger. By putting the panel in a small leather pouch that can be attached to the back of a phone, it is smaller and more convenient than what is on the market.

a store including the Gift, Bargain, Children’s, Religion, History, Sports, and Education departments. Due to early successes and the rapidly changing book industry, another position became available. After multiple promotions, I became a community relations manager in Plano, Texas. Realizing that this position played to my interests more than others had in the past, I began to explore similar opportunities in other companies and found an available position as a business-to-business representative for Interstate Batteries

Q: As part of placing third you won $1500; how will you spend the money? A: By investing in my current business idea or something similar. Q: How did you come up with your idea? A: I was dealing with my own problems keeping my phone charged so I decided to look up solar chargers. I came to the conclusion that everything that was on the market was unreliableI could do it better.

in San Antonio. This opportunity played more towards sales, but also allows for the freedom to work on marketing and community outreach. I have since accepted the job and have moved back to San Antonio, where I was able to purchase my first house!

“With all the knowledge gained from the Greehey Scholars Program and the Bill Greehey School of Business, I have been prepared for a variety of different work-related situations.” - James Eades


Boeing Awaits By Lorna Cruz wanted to work in that sort of environment,” he says. Hayden will begin his internship with Boeing this summer, and he hopes to see it turn into a full-time position at the end of the program. Overall, the opportunity is sure to add priceless experience to his already diverse array of internships. Living in Seattle, one of the most beautiful places in the U.S., is a benefit that Hayden is also looking forward to. “I can’t wait to tour around the region and do some outdoor adventures since I don’t get the opportunity to Hayden Edwards visiting his future residence of Seattle, WA do so in Texas.” His experiences in working with companies as part As a junior, Hayden Edwards has interned in various companies, ranging from Standard & Poors in New York of the Greehey Scholars Program will prove to be of City to Tesoro and Valero in San Antonio. His interest in great benefit as he takes one step closer to fulfilling his highest career dreams. aviation has persisted throughout his experiences; after taking a tour of Boeing facilities in Seattle, Hayden knew “It seems like everyone [at Boeing] speaks it was where he wanted to begin his career. “I could just feel the spirit of innovation and in acronyms!” -Hayden Edwards advancement on the factory floor and I have always

Lessons Learned in Washington, D.C. In February, twelve Greehey Scholars participated in a Business Interaction Program trip to Washington, D.C. The trip was filled with meetings and presentations from some of the top leaders and businesses in our nation’s capital. Our discussions with Kenneth Feinberg, manager of the 9/11 victims fund, and Armando Falcon, a St. Mary’s alum who led the Regulations Agency for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were both

informative and inspirational. Meetings with executives from NeuStar and Unisys provided tremendous insight on the significance of data management and IT in businesses and governments throughout the world. Our meeting with DLA Piper, a global law firm, provided me with the greatest piece of knowledge from our trip to Washington, D.C. The scholars as a whole gained a better understanding of the

Scholars at the metro station

Supreme Court visit

By Matthew White need for business minds in any environment— even the legal sector. Meeting with DLA Piper has provided me with confidence that my business skills and experiences can be utilized anywhere. This can be applied to all business students, as there are a vast amount of job opportunities available to graduates with a background in business.

Looking forward to a historical tour

Newsletter produced by the GSP Marketing Team. Members: Lorna Cruz, Judi Molina, and Ryan Salts. Team Leader: Ginnette Garcia


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