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14 | Ilia: discover the land of ancient Olympia 24 | Nafplio: a unique city-break



EPIRUS 18 | Syvota: the fjord of Greece CENTRAL GREECE 28 | Parnassus: the mountain of Apollo GREEK ISLANDS 12 | Skiathos: your destination for 2020 22 | Patmos: the island of the Apocalypse 26 | Lemnos: the island of god Hephaestus


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30 | Republic of Srpska Discover a true European gem

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Europe’s growing senior citizen population makes this a promising source market. Seniors are healthier and wealthier than previous generations and are more flexible in terms of travel periods.





approx. are the seniors 65+ in Europe

of them participate in tourism

of leisure European travels are by seniors 65+

of overnight stays by European seniors are in March-June and SeptemberNovember

Senior Travellers’ profile:

• are able to enjoy longer holidays • are looking for new experiences • are more willing to spend money on travel • prefer to travel outside of the peak season • spend more time planning their trip • safety is a priority to them • seek medical and health services They are especially interested in experience holidays that combine nature, culture, soft adventure activities and encounters with locals. They are also interested in spa and wellness treatments.



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Greek Tourism 2020

GREECE: Wellness & Silver Age Tourism The descendants of the Asclepeions

Article by Dimitris Fragakis

Greece and GNTO’s new strategy is focusing on ideas for trips to non-traditional Greek destinations, part of what is Wellness and Silver Age Tourism

Secretary General of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO)


ellness tourism is a relatively new segment within the global travel and tourism industry but the practice of wellness focused travel is not new. Since ancient times in Greece we had the famous Asclepeions! They were spaces and facilities for healing. In addition they promoted self-therapy through rest, relaxation and exercise. Asclepeions also became home to future physicians. The father of Medicine, Hippocrates received his medical training at an Asclepeion on the island of Kos. Prior to becoming the personal physician to the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Galen treated and studied at the famed Asclepeion at Pergamon. Romans traveled to baths, hot springs and seaside resorts for treatments, healthier climates, purification and spiritual rituals. People have visited the Dead Sea for its therapeutic properties. In Greece we are blessed by a great wealth of natural assets and healing traditions for wellness and medical tourism. We also have new hotels, spa and leisure centers, luxury resorts, great doctors, medical scientists and hospitality experts in these segments of tourism. Although, we still need to establish a strong national brand image for medical tourism and wellness tourism. We can become leading market players.

Greece and GNTO’s new strategy is focusing in motivating travelers to explore our culture, to experience everyday life in Greece and increase their knowledge of our country. Our main target is to fully embrace sustainable travel and offer to the global community of explorers, local experiences and ideas for trips to non-traditional Greek destinations. Part of that definitely is Wellness and Silver Age Tourism.

" Greece can become a

leading market player in Wellness and Silver Age Tourism


Medical Tourism is an older, more established concept. It has a growing international profile and is easier to define. Our government is equally paying attention to both sectors. Wellness tourism is also very important for us and I can assure you as the Secretary General of GNTO that our strategy is to differentiate ourselves and effectively capitalize on our specialties. Our tourism campaigns will include and analyze our advantages in a competitive environment.

Another tourism segment that is important for us is Silver Tourism. Greece is already a place that retired North Europeans prefer to enjoy their lives. They buy houses in Greek islands and have wonderful, sunny days all year long. But we must do more. Global ageing is the challenge of our era. By the year 2025, the elderly will represent a significant proportion of the globe’s entire population as more people lead longer lives. Mature travelers are already important to the tourism industry, and they will grow in importance even more as their size and wealth. Leisure has a positive influence on the lives of elderly people. It helps seniors’ physical and mental fitness, leading to greater life satisfaction. Unfortunately, many tourism businesses pay no specific attention at understanding senior travelers. The tourism companies based in Greece should understand senior travelers’ needs, as well as their travel behavior, in order to develop products and services. Travel agents must apply these to offer better service to this significant age group. Our Government is carefully building collaborative relationships with key players in the above sectors. The goal is to promote our strengths and market our specialized offerings to domestic and international stakeholders in the tourism industry. 5 TRAVEL

Greece 2020

SILVER TRAVELLERS Be well, be happy and be you!

Well-being is about getting the sensation of longevity while letting the blue rays of a skyscape penetrate your skin; while tasting a dish topped with spring and summer aromas; or while immersing yourself in rejuvenating turquoise waters. Human desire for feeling healthy, beautiful and achieving soul-mind-and-body balance can be fulfilled in a destination with a mild and inviting climate, a unique variety of naturescapes, and one of the healthiest diets in the world. Source: GREEK NATIONAL TOURISM ORGANIZATION

Health Tourism Feel the beneficial embrace of healing waters Apart from the rare landscapes and special natural beauties, nature also endowed Greece with springs with important therapeutic properties. Spas are part of the country’s national wealth, while their therapeutic properties were already known in ancient times. Thermal and mineral natural therapeutic springs in Greece offer visitors the opportunity to receive treatment for chronic conditions in a natural way, whereas the healing properties of seawater, seaweed or sea mud help relieve stress and anxiety, and enhance mental performance. Water therapy revitalises the spirit while eases pain and treats chronic conditions in a natural way. Spa centers with state-of-the-art facilities and specialized


staff can be found in the majority of five-star hotels, scattered all over Greece. Moreover, thalassotherapy is used as a combination of relaxation, revitalisation, recreation and healing achieved in the ideal weather conditions in Greece. A holistic approach to soulmind-and body rejuvenation is being introduced as part of using the healing properties of water, including a wide range of fitness and wellness products and services.


You can experience and embrace all these therapies and products in the finest facilities, which include parks, gardens, rivers, lakes, clinics, therapy centers, therapy-related accommodation and controlled diet under the supervision of medical specialists. Greece is the ideal land for finding physical health, emotional fulfilment and spiritual uplifting.

Gastronomy Taste euphoria Greek gastronomy keeps alive a deeprooted tradition of fine food and wine from classical times, through Rome and medieval Europe, to what we eat and drink today. Cheese, wine, honey and olive oil – four of Greece’s most valuable contributions to culinary culture – offer illuminating insight to the country’s collective gastronomic consciousness as well as a useful background to reading Greek comedy and lyric poetry. Deeper in the well of Greek gastronomic possibilities, olive oil, honey, mastic, saffron (Krokos Kozanis) and seafood form part of the modern Mediterranean diet. They are all known for the multitude of health benefits they offer as well as their cosmetic skin care applications. Vinotherapy, apitherapy, and mastic therapy are used in anti-aging cosmetic treatments and spas for over a decade already. Apart from the traditional culinary methods, molecular gastronomy creates olive oil bonbons and makes use of the power of saffron threads inspiring new, exhilarating journeys of gastronomic imagination.

See though your wine testing glass the winelands of Greece: rows of grapevines hint at the

marvelous wines that await you, while the tables for the Symposia are already set: cakes, sweets, nuts, fresh and dried fruit accompany the wine; a life depicted on vases in the metaphor of a dance of Silenus and his Satyrs.

Hike the vineyards of Northern Greece; go on a cellar tour in the South Peloponnese; and celebrate the grape harvesting in Attica.

Natural products Wear cosmetics from the workshop of nature Our ancestors used to make cosmetics with balsam, myrrh, common lime leaves, and iris. They would also dye their hair with sage leaves and myrtle fruit, and spread oil on their bodies. Thousands of years later, it has now become a trend to use natural cosmetics and healthy beauty methods. The Greek natural cosmetics have earned a distinctive position on the international market. Fruity and flowery worlds come alive into the natural cosmetics. Only nature knows how to treat your skin and that is exactly what it does with the madein-Greece products. Use lavender and lemon for hand creams, orange flowers and rose for shower creams, pure olive oil and honey for mild soaps, laurel oil and rosemary for shiny hair, pomegranate and grape for glowing skin, and mastic with cocoa butter for tender lips. All the secrets of health and beauty are sealed in a wide range of products on the market.


City breaks Immerse yourself in the midst of history while shopping When you visit Athens and Thessaloniki, you will definitely enjoy shopping during your stay. Whether you are looking for luxury items, little vintage treasures, or love strolling and shopping in traditional markets, big department stores, or shopping malls, you will fulfil your shopping wishes here. Discover handmade jewelry at little bead shops and handicraft stores downtown. Explore the numerous backstreets and arcades.

In Athens, Monastiraki and the neighbouring Psyrri area are the ideal shopping destination for those who look for authentic vintage furniture and decorative items.

In Thessaloniki, the main shopping streets are located in Tsimiski, Mitropoleos and the streets around them. These streets are renowned for their elegant shopfronts, where famous fashion ateliers and new designers are based. An enjoyable walk at beautiful Aristotelous square, where shops blend in with cafés and ouzo tavernas, is also a great place to start your shopping little journey.

If you are an artist, or an art lover, at gift shops of city museums, such as the Acropolis Museum, you will find true copies of ancient art as well as modern original works of art inspired by ancient Greek heritage. A visit to the Museum of Cycladic Art would also be a great idea, if you love the abstract style of prehistoric Cycladic Art. If, however, you prefer ornate creations, visiting the Benaki Museum is a must for you; on display you will see earrings, necklaces, and rings fit to a Byzantine noblewoman.

While in Athens, in Kolonaki district, visit galleries which house works of art by contemporary famous artists; in Gazi neighborhood you will find items created by new and rising artists.

If you are fascinated by modern jewelry, decorative art works and silkscreens, then you must pay a visit to the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.

The shop at the Teloglion Foundation of Art of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki sells its own publications as well as other interesting art books. You will find artefacts inspired by various exhibits from the Foundation’s collection as well as original ones crafted for the hosted exhibitions.

If you are more of a classic art lover, then don’t forget to make a stop by the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Museum of Byzantine Culture. The shops here have beautiful jewelry inspired by antiquity as well replicas of statues and of other museum items.

In the heart of both cities the air is filled with strong aromas of all kinds of spices; cinnamon, cloves, star anise, pepper, cardamom, curry and boukovo (hot paprika), etc.

Greek markets offer, also, a wide variety of choices for those among you who prefer eco-friendly and biological products. You can buy gifts for your loved ones from environmental organisations, and contribute to the protection of Greek nature, wildlife and stray animals.

Silver tourists can discover a real abundance of joy through the benefits Greece has on offer: hiking trails amid lush and fragrant forests; mountain villages scattered in the backbone of the Greek countryside; architecture that depicts the different conceptions of the world around us; summer performances at ancient theatres; spacious playgrounds and exciting amusement parks for children and grownups who wish to remember their age of innocence. And let’s not forget about romance: Romantic love is what all you are looking for –regardless of age. Explore medieval castle-towns, and walk around cobblestone alleys; take long, sandy walks along the shore, and watch the sun slipping into the vast blue sea colouring up the sky.


Trust the magic of new beginnings and sunsets – in Greece.

November 8-10, 2019

35th PHILOXENIA International Tourism Exhibition Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center

Greek and Southeastern Tourism Industry meet again.



The all-time classic International Tourism Exhibition

PHILOXENIA - the Greek word for hospitality - is one of the most significant exhibitions organized by HELEXPO. For the Greek and Southeastern Tourism Industry it is one of the most recognizable brands and the longest running tourism exhibition of Greece for more than 30 years now.


he International Tourism Exhibition Philoxenia, a leading meeting point for tourism professionals from Greece and the Balkans, welcomes tourism professionals and travelers to the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center from 8 to 10 November, 2019. The purpose of the organization is to highlight the latest developments of the international tourism industry, thus enriching the Greek exhibition market with a high level event. Moreover this year, Philoxenia aims to rise its internationalization, as the last three years the tourism, the most important section of the Greek economy, is presented through a well organized and full exhibition. During Philoxenia, TIF-HELEXPO invite and host important international trade visitors from specific target countries, giving the opportunity of direct contact and collaboration with global tourism business professionals to the exhibitors. Philoxenia includes also many events in parallel, providing attendees with the opportunity to be informed, trained or just have fun: – Philoxenia B2B Workshops – Branding Destinations Conference by Philoxenia – Philoxenia Happenings As every year, Philoxenia will be held alongside with the Hotelia.



Last year, the 34th edition of PHILOXENIA had an increased interest of tourism professionals, as the total number of business visitors increased by 36%, while the total number of visitors of Philoxenia and Hotelia reached 20,000. The number of Greek business visitors was up by 38% and by foreigners by 21%. The two exhibitions were at the heart of the tourist-hotel industry, hosting 615 exhibitors from 22 countries and visitors from 47 countries, and they became the springboard for new partnerships and trade agreements, through the approximately 4,000 business meetings that took place.

CONFERENCE: “Dark Tourism” Enlighting the darkness of the past Throughout its historical memory, cities over time have created their own ‘dark’ narrative with ‘authentic’ distinctive features, which in recent years, they have been the attraction for an alternative form of tourism, that of Dark Tourism. This year’s PHILOXENIA conference will attempt to explore the role that the “dark past” of a destination plays in the creation and attraction of Dark Tourism, especially for the city of Thessaloniki, which stands out many “dark” stories and paths, from antiquity to the recent years. At the same time, it will seek to address a wide range of research topics ranging from representative museums and cemeteries to war heritage and prisons and from monuments and memorials (holocaust tourism), to criminal landscape management, as well as their link to religious and cultural tourism. In this spirit, notable speakers from Greece and abroad are invited to the conference to present new perspectives on the market and tourism products arising from this category of interest.



Located in the northwest of the Aegean Sea, Skiathos is part of the Sporades archipelago and is considered as the most cosmopolitan island in the area. It is a true paradise on earth, with lush pine forests and crystal-clear azure waters. With over sixty beaches, activities ranging from water sports, historical tours, partying and shopping, there is surely something for everyone. 1 Skiathos Town Walk around the capital town of Skiathos with its stone paved streets and white houses. It’s most important landmark is the natural harbour, which today is a popular yacht and sailing boat haven that adds a cosmopolitan flair. Visit Bourtzi, a small peninsula with lush vegetation where the ruins of a Venetian fortress still stand. Today it is one of the most romantic spots on Skiathos thanks to its densely planted pine trees and stunning views of the Aegean.

2 PARADISE BEACHES The island has over 60 superb beaches, among which Koukounaries or Golden Sand stands out for its lush pine forest that “touches” the water. Lalaria, on the northeastern part of the island, is the kind of beach you find once in a lifetime. Impressive white rock formations standing imposingly on the beach provide a beautiful natural backdrop that will take your breath away. You can only reach the beach by boat departing, weather permitting, from the port of Skiathos.



Trace the walking routes of the island and discover its hidden beauties. Nature lovers will be thrilled by the 25.197km long, well signposted walking routes and trails which pass through some of the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of the island. Depending on your stamina, you can go on walks which last from one to six hours.

Skiathos is a pole of attraction for visitors with religious interests since there are more than 50 churches and monasteries. The most remarkable ones are the Evangelistria Monastery, 5km from Skiathos town on a breathtaking hillside, and Panagia Eikonistria or Kounistra built in 17th century with remnants of really old frescoes.

5 TRAVEL IN LITERATURE Skiathos is the home of Alexandros Papadiamantis, a great writer of modern Greek literature, with many of his books translated. He was born and lived here, writing until his death in 1911. To discover more about him, visit his house and now museum in Skiathos town. The island’s airport is named after him.




The Aries Villas Collection is located in a quiet, isolated and beautiful area at the eastern end of Skiathos Island, boasting panoramic views of the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. This boutique collection comprises three luxury villas, Capricorn, Leo and Sagittarius, each retaining its own privacy and exclusivity. Every villa has its own private swimming pool, complemented by the contemporary outside seating and dining areas, all with shade-giving wooden pergolas. Each one features a BBQ and a bar area, creating the perfect atmosphere for cozy family get-togethers or memorable nights under the starry sky. The Aries Villas Collection is island living at its best – providing the backdrop to unforgettable moments, magical sunrises and ultimate relaxation. Close to the town of Skiathos, it is the perfect choice for families or couples looking for a private individual villa, as well as larger families or groups who may wish to stay in any combination of the villa collection. Our ethos ensures that even the most discerning guests will have their highest expectations met as we strive to offer incomparable comfort in a private retreat with warm hospitality.

Megas Gialos - Korakofolia • Skiathos Island • Greece Τ.: 0030 6976008845, 0030 6979182844 |




the land of ancient Olympia Located in the western part of Peloponnese, Ilia (also spelled Helia or Ileia) is an area of great historic value and amazing charms. Although it is best known for the site of Ancient Olympia, where the first Olympics took place, this marvellous destination is a treasure trove of both history and natural beauty, offering much more to explore. Spectacular hills, beaches, rivers, lakes, picturesque villages, they all form a magnetic destination for travellers in pursuit of quality and multi-thematic experiences. ANCIENT OLYMPIA is the place where the Olympic Games were born, and even today, every four years, the Olympic Flame is lit here before starting its journey to reach the city hosting the Games each time. The site covers an expanded area of ruins scattered among low trees, as well as the ancient stadium where the Olympics took place. An impressive array of artifacts which were unearthed during excavations are on exhibition at the nearby Museum.



he capital of Ilia is Pyrgos. Its chief landmarks are the two exquisite neoclassical buildings designed by Schiller, the municipal market and the Apollo Municipal theatre. In the evenings the residents congregate in the paved main square lined by cafes, pastry shops and small taverns that serve local delicacies. Amaliada is a second great city of the province, with fairytale beaches in the west (Kourouta, Palouki, Savalia, Douneika) and verdant wooded hills in the east, offering opportunities for nature and history excursions. Zacharo and Lechena are two other major towns, whereas Kyllini is a lively town since it is the port that connects the mainland with the Ionian islands.

Golden Riviera The wonderful coastline landscape in the west of Ilia features long and beautiful beaches. From Kayafa beach and Arkoudi with its white sand to cosmopolitan Kourouta, quiet Glyfa, the blue waters of Zacharo, the golden sands of Skafidia and Loutra of Kyllini, Agios Andreas, Levedohori, Samiko, Vartholomio, the coasts of the land of Olympia have a beach for every taste.

White Villas – Peloponnese • Beach Front

Peloponnese - Western Greece • Olympia (35km) 3 Villas (60-80 m² / 2-6 persons) – Serviced & fully equipped 5.000 m² fenced plot – Beach Front – Direct Access Pool – Tennis – Table Tennis – Kids’ Playground Cycles – Canoes – Windsurfing – Catamaran

White Villas – Peloponnese/West Coast

GR-27200 Amaliada, Douneika Peloponnese, Greece DE: +49 1512 7536723 • GR: +30 697 813 1186 •



Neda Waterfalls

According to Greek Mythology when Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she gave him to nymph Neda, who was a goddess of the waters, to protect him from Saturn. Today Neda river is a hidden gem offering spectacular images of nature, while waterfalls form on its path, with the largest having a height of 50 meters. Of course, the river is a perfect choice for canyoning, trekking, running or even cycling!

The forest of Foloi

Foloi is considered the oldest European self-planted beech and oak forest and the biggest of the Balkans. It spreads at 688m altitude, while the rivers Ladon and Erymanthos create a unique and enchanting environment. The forest is protected from the European Network of Natura 2000 and you can easily hike or bike among a numerous different paths. Most of the forest roads can also be accessed by car.

Andritsaina village

It is one of the most beautiful traditional villages of Ilia with stone built houses and cobbled alleys. It is near the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae, and among others, the village’s public library hosts a number of rare editions and priceless manuscripts.

KaiafaS LAKE & SPAS A magnificent and unique ecosystem including the spas, the lake, the pine forest of Strofylia, the historic mountain of Lapitha and 4km of golden sandy beach of Zacharo. At Kaiafa’s lake are the homonymous mineral water springs and curative baths. They are renowned since antiquity for healing the musculoskeletal system, gynecological and skin diseases. The hydrotherapy centre attracts many visitors, of all ages and from all over the world. Next to the spa is the famous Kaiafas lake that will leave you breathless.

Ancient Ilida

Baths of Kyllini

Gastronomy & Products

At the seaside resort of Kyllini, 43km north of Pyrgos town, one can easily combine therapeutic with seaside tourism. Kyllini Baths are also known from ancient times since their water, vapours and mud heal arthritis, asthma and skin conditions. The thermal springs are between two lines of hills (mostly sandy) which form a valley spreading up to the sea. It is an area of exceptional natural beauty, with dense vegetation by old age trees, mainly eucalyptuses.


Ancient Ilida was the regular host city of the ancient Olympic Games for more than a thousand years. The ruins of this ancient city are located pretty close to Amaliada. Nowadays, we can see what is left and excavated from the ancient market-place (agora), the theatre, the village, the citadel as well as the cemeteries.

Kourouta Beach

Precious gifts of the fertile land of Olympia offer a special food tasting experience. This is produce destined for the best delicatessens in the world and you have the chance to savour it at its source. You’ll also be able to get hands on with some of the traditional practices which help to bring these special flavours to the dining table. All this, combined with the warm hospitality of the locals, will cultivate memories to ripen with age.

Kourouta Beach • Ilia

Your Resort in Western Peloponnese In front of one of the most beautiful and longest beaches of Ilia Prefecture, the magnificent Kourouta, Harmony seaside resort reclines peacefully in 20-acre grounds, overgrown with trees and flowers, next to the vast and golden sandy beach. The modern architecture, the warm earthy colors which blend gracefully with the green, the functionality and friendly services ensure a carefree stay, turning your holiday into a magical experience. The brand new Harmony Beach Hotel offers luxury accommodation in its comfortable 17 rooms, while the autonomous bungalows, surrounded by dense vegetation, are ideal for families. Real nature lovers can also choose to stay at the camping with spacious shady positions and comfort facilities. Rich breakfast is enjoyed daily in a hall located on the beach and the Greek tavern serves local traditional delicacies. Located in a beautiful and privileged area, Harmony seaside resort is a central spot for many routes that guests can follow in the western Peloponnese, like the city and the port of Patras, the port of Killini or Ancient Olympia. An ideal destination for those who want to spend their holiday in a warm and friendly atmosphere close to nature, history and the Ionian sea.

Kourouta Beach, Ilia • Western Peloponnese • Greece Τ.: +30 26220 24921 | E-mail: | Website:



The Ionian fjord!

In the north western coastline of Epirus with the view of the blue-green waters of the Ionian archipelago, exotic Syvota do constitute an irresistible destination with an insular breeze and cosmopolitan aura, which will certainly steal your heart. Bordered by iridescent waters of the Ionian Sea and glimpses of the nearby islands of Corfu and Paxos, Syvota has boundless Greek charm and natural beauty. And it is easily accessed from Preveza airport only 1 hour drive away.


he village of Syvota is part of mainland Greece, located on the north coast overlooking the beautiful Ionian Sea. It has everything the islands are famous for… a stunning sunset, turquoise water, amazing Greek food and plenty of secluded coves to explore. It is considered as one of the most exotic destinations within Greece.

At a short distance from the coast you’ll find the small islands of Mavro Oros (meaning Black Mountain) Agios Nikolaos, Mourtemeno as well as other smaller islets. Take note that it is worth it to rent a boat and sail the calm waters of the area. Discover your own secret coves or shores and let the magic of paradise overtake you.

While in the area don’t miss the famous “Piscina” (Swimming Pool) and “Bella Vraka” beaches. Bella Vraka Beach is located on the islet of Mourtemeno and is reachable from Syvota via a walk through shallow water.



The most renown beach in Syvota area is located in Agios Nikolaos and is no other than Pisina (meaning pool); you’ll enjoy its fine white sand and green blue transparent waters nestled in a luscious green surrounding. In Mourtemeno head for the second ‘5 star’ beach of the region, Bella Vraka, which you can approach by foot by crossing over a narrow strip of golden sand from the mainland.

Near the settlement’s center visit Zavia Beach with its green surrounding and turquoise waters. Don’t miss the northern part of Syvota where Zeri and the sandy white Gallikos Molos Beaches (meaning french pier) stand out! Leaving Syvota and heading towards Perdika you’ll have two more lovely beaches waiting for you; Mikri and Megali Ammos (meaning small and big sand) where you can engage in sea sports.

SYvota DAY Excursions With Sivota as your base, you are able to visit many remarkable sites, with touristic or archaeological interest but also natural beauties.

• Paxos & Anti-Paxos: Take a speed boat to the beautiful islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos, enjoy the unparallel beauty and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Parga: like a picturesque painting! Parga is a renowned maritime town and a famous holiday destination. It is amphitheatrically built nestled in a picturesque bay, where the wooded small island of Panagia lays under the shadow of the towns’ Venetian castle. Take a stroll up to the old town where you’ll enjoy some distinguished architecture, wander around its cobbled stone streets with beautiful arches and end up by drinking in the sunset view of the emerald waters of the Ionian Sea from the Venetian walls. By nightfall take a romantic walk by the waterfront lined by tourist shops, beautiful stylish restaurants and little bars to drink or eat with a view to the lit up castle and Panagia islet.

• Acheron River: The ancient Greeks believed that the springs of Acheron were the gates to the Underworld. You can find the sources near Glyki village and enjoy trekking, rafting and other activities in the immense landscapes of peaceful and unique natural beauty that the mythical river’s flow creates. • Ioannina: The capital of Epirus, built at the

banks of lake Pamvotida, is a place full of history and natural beauties. Walking arounf the city and visiting its sights, is equivalent to leaping back in time.

• Meteora: See one of the most incredible sights in the world. Admire the amazing spectacle of the cliffs and the monasteries on the top of them, featured in James Bonds “For Your Eyes Only”. 19 TRAVEL


B e a c h O f K a r vo u n o │ S i vo t a • Th e s p ro t i a │ G R E E C E │ Te l. + 3 0 2 6 6 5 0 9 3 6 1 4 │ M o b. +21 3 0TRAVEL 6982 925570 e - m a i l : i n fo @ k a r vo u n ov i l l a s. gr │ B o o k yo u r v i l l a a t : w w w. k a r vo u n ov i l l a s. gr


The island of the Apocalypse

The Sacred Land of the Aegean - or Jerusalem of the Aegean - is known worldwide as the place where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation. It is a unique destination that combines both mysticism and devotion with a cosmopolitan character, inviting you on a journey of endless and varied experiences.


he island where Saint John the Theologian wrote the holy book of Revelation and Saint Christodoulos founded the Monastery is one of the most important religious destinations worldwide, while at the same time, it impresses with its immense natural beauty, its rich cultural tradition, its picturesque villages and coves and the multitude of tourist activities that calls the traveller in a revelation trip. The traditional white color, the houses

The Holy Cave of the Apocalypse Patmos had been used as a place of exile by the Romans on account of its steep morphology. That’s how St. John found safe refuge here in the 1st century A.D., exiled by the Emperor Domitian. According to the prevailing theory, the Book of Revelation was written in 95 A.D. in the Holy Cave of the Apocalypse, where St. John heard the voice of God talking to him. In this exact Cave we can still trace the spots where he rested his head and touched the rocky surface. The Holy Monastery of the Apocalypse was built as a castle in 1088 by the monk Christodoulos Latrinós. Buildings of different ages form the complex, comprising 10 chapels and 99 cells as well as a Library of 890 handwritten codes and 13,000 documents about the history of the site. Around the Monastery revolve Holy Week and Easter celebrations every year.


and alleys of its main town ‘Hora’ (World Heritage of Unesco), the three windmills on the island, nightlife in the picturesque port of Skala, the paths and routes that visitors can follow, the idyllic landscape, the beautiful beaches and the surrounding islets all harmoniously combined, make up an ideal tourist destination that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor, every season of the year. Apart from the religious sites, the island also features traditional villages, idyllic landscape, unspoiled beaches and offers lots of thematic activities

• In the area of the town of ‘Hora’, follow the historical narrow streets all the way from the monastery down to Skala port, and discover restaurants, cafés, shops and traditional bakeries. • At 5km from Skala have a rest stop at the village of Grikos and enjoy a swim at the beach. • The beach in Kampos is the most cosmopolitan one, whereas Psili Ammos is accessible only by boat. • The very small and mainly uninhabited islets of Arkoi are absolutely worth a visit, so catch a boat from Skala, and make sure you call in at Marathi for crystal clear waters and fresh delicious fish.

A DREAM STAY on PATMOS ISLAND Perched on a beautiful and quiet location on Patmos Island, just five minutes drive from the main village of Chora, "ONAR 1989", named after the Greek word for dream, is a fine example of the traditional minimalistic aesthetics blending harmoniously into the natural surroundings. A dreamy complex of six independent traditional houses, built in a landscape where white and azure prevail, along with soft, earthy colours and brushes of green. Names of the Nymphs of the Greek mythology characterize all houses which are decorated in an elegant traditional style, fully equipped with modern facilities and with amazing views to the Aegean, free wi-fi and daily cleaning services. At the heart of the "ONAR 1989" complex there is a large pool/jacuzzi and a terrace with outdoor facilities for dining and relaxing under the Greek sun or the starry night sky. A path gives easy access to the beach. The ideal choice for families, couples or group of friends that want to experience unforgettable moments, indulge in the sea, the sun and the endless serenity or enjoy activities and the island’s cultural events and nightlife.

Feel like home in your Neighborhood of Dreams... Welcome to ONAR 1989!

Patmos Island | Tel: +30 6977 416427 |



Nafplio, Greece’s first capital, is one of the most beautiful and romantic towns in the country. Located in the innermost spot of the Argolic Gulf, in Peloponnese, its mystical atmosphere and its rich history make Nafplio a perfect destination all year round. Nafplio’s history traces back to the prehistoric era when soldiers from here participated in the Argonautic expedition and the Trojan War alike. The town declined during the Roman times and flourished again during the Byzantine times. Frankish, Venetian and Turkish conquerors left their mark here and strongly influenced the culture, architecture and traditions during the centuries. Ancient walls, medieval castles, monuments and statues, Ottoman fountains and Venetian or neoclassical buildings mesmerize the visitor with their unique architecture and beauty.


Nafplio highlights

• Take a stroll around the medieval Old Town, the narrow cobblestone alleys,

the neoclassical well preserved mansions and the Turkish fountains. In the very heart of the city stands the Italianate Syntagma Square where you can admire important historic buildings and monuments. Two Turkish mosques, the Archaeological Museum and the Municipal Gallery are among the buildings that stand out. Very close to the modern city stand the church of Agios Spyridonas, in front of which Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias was assassinated, and the church of Agios Georgios boasting important murals such as a copy of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci work “The secret Dinner”. • Visit the Palamidi Castle, which proudly stands 216m above sea level. In order to reach it you have to climb all of its 999 steps carved into the rock. But, the view from above is totally rewarding! • In the summer, swim on the beaches of Arvanitia, Karathonas, Nea Kios, Miloi and Kiveri. You will also find popular Tolo beach, only 15min away from the town. • The most photographed spot of Nafplio is Bourtzi, the Venetian small fortress standing on the rocky islet of Agioi Theodoroi. In the summer you can reach the fortress by boat departing regularly from the port. If you are lucky enough you may even be able to attend one of the fascinating festivals taking place on the islet.

Comfortable stay in the heart of Nafplio

Hotel Elena is situated in the centre of Nafplio, just a short walking distance from the Old Town and the harbour. It promises unique moments of relaxation offering double or twin rooms with sofa according to the needs of every visitor. All rooms have balconies with beautiful views of picturesque Nafplio. They are all well equipped for a comfortable stay and elegantly decorated, exuding an air of classical charm and refined luxury. Breakfast is served every morning at the bright dining area, whereas at the cosy lounge, equipped with a flat-screen TV, guests can enjoy their drink or choose something to read from the book collection. All hotel areas have free wi-fi access and free parking is also available. With its fine services, Hotel Elena offers a relaxing retreat for outstanding holidays in the charming and historic town of Nafplio. Nafplio • Argolida, Greece │Tel: +30 27520 23217, +30 27520 21021,-2



WHERE SPA & LUXURY MEET... The dream hotel that came true One of the best 5-star ‘Spa hotels’

Suggested by Greece TRAVEL magazine experts

The elegant five-star Pirin Park Hotel is located on the western slopes of the Pirin Mountains, at the SPA and climatic resort of Sandanski. As part of the chain “Sharlopov Group”, it is a dream that came true for anyone willing to recharge in the dazzling beauty of its gardens, healing mineral waters, magnificent views, and feel at home... far away from home. Due to its excellent conditions for SPA, climatotherapy & Wellness holidays, outdoor recreation, mountain & eco tourism, cognitive cultural and historical tours, and thanks to the high professionalism of the staff, the excellent conference facilities, first-class cuisine and entertainment opportunities, Pirin Park Hotel is also a particularly popular place for holding successful business events, conferences and memorable celebrations.

Sandanski ΤEL. +359 746 35 600 / 27 TRAVEL

Greek Destinations 2020


LEMNOS The island of god Hephaestus Serenely floating in the north of the Aegean Sea, Lemnos, the island of Hephaestus (god of fire and blacksmiths) is a destination for a peaceful holiday in close contact with nature. Sheltered gulfs, extensive beaches and landscapes of volcanic rocks, alternate with small hills and traditional villages of stone houses. An island full of surprises, with unique natural beauties, history, culture and gastronomic delights that can amaze you every season of the year.


he history of Lemnos (or Limnos) is lost in the mists of time. According to mythology, Hephaestus, the ancient Greek god of fire, had his forge on the island and taught its first residents the art of processing copper. The island flourished during the prehistoric times. In 512BC it was conquered by the Persians, but it regained its liberty after the end of the Persian Wars. Since then, it had been subjugated consecutively by the Romans, the Venetians and the Turks, until its definitive liberation in 1912 during the 1st Balkan War.


The volcanic character of Lemnos lends its fertility to fruitful plains, which the locals make the best of by producing goods of unique taste and excellent quality. Among them, the renowned Muscat of Lemnos, a Designation of Origin of Superior Quality sweet white wine with golden colour, rich aroma and full taste, and the cheese “kalathaki” (=little basket) a kind of white cheese that is left to dry and mature in small straw baskets, as well as its delicious yellowish version called “melíchloro” (meaning soft cheese of honey colour). The tasteful thyme honey and the fresh fish are also some of the great gifts of nature to the lucky island.

Capital of the island is Myrina, a town beautiful for its traditional paved alleys, its old stone mansions, its promenade by the sea, and its Byzantine Castle. The impressive castle that overlooks the town lies on a rocky and steep peninsula, on the hillside.

Touring around the island is an enviable experience. A visit to Lemnos is not complete without having been to: • The magical Sand Dunes on the north side of the island, near Gomati beach, an unexpected sight, a small desert. The 17.5 acres area is full of sand and dunes constantly changing shape, just like in the Sahara desert, creating a magnificent landscape that is unique in Greece. • The Petrified Forest near the town of Moudros, where one has the chance to see fossilised trunks, leaves, fruit and palm-tree roots aged 2022 million years. • The prehistoric settlement of Poliochni which is thought to be the oldest Neolithic city in Europe.


Dream Resort

on the wonderful island of Lemnos


orto Plaza Beach Resort is located on the beach of Agios Ioannis Kaspakas, near Myrina, the capital of Lemnos island. It is the perfect choice for your dream vacation and a luxurious resort to accommodate you and your family. It offers 37 spacious rooms and 2 superior suites - one with a private swimming pool. All rooms are comfortable, fully equipped and with magnificent views of the Aegean Sea. Flawlessly combining sea and mountain, featuring excellent buildings and facilities, attentive 4-star services such as swimming pool, restaurant, free wi-fi, cable TV and all the modern technology and comfort, Porto Plaza Beach Resort will make your stay in Lemnos carefree, relaxing and unforgettable!

• The two small lakes Alyki and Chortarolimni which constitute wetland habitats, refuge and breeding places for rare and endangered bird species. • The ideal for skin conditions and urinary system problems thermal springs of Hephaestus, at only 4km from Myrina. • The waterfalls near the village of Kaspakas, where the waters rush off a height of 15m to create an appealing natural site dotted with small plateaus and tiny ponds. • The gorgeous sandy beaches of the island, which range from peaceful, remote, romantic to busy and well-organised ones. Agios Ioannis, Kaspakas │ Lemnos Island • Greece Tel: +30 22540 62101, +30 6948 073150 │ Fax:29 +30 22540 62102 TRAVEL E-mail: │ Web:


MOUNT PARNASSUS Where Apollo lived

The mythical Apollo’s mountain is full of surpises. Picturesque villages, ski resorts, historical monasteries, archaeological sites, caves, waterfalls, alpine summits hiking trails and of course Delhpi! Choose your base and start exploring!


he evergreen Mt Parnassos, covered in fir trees, is a famous destination and one of the highest mountains in Greece. Its spectacular geomorphology and rich biodiversity place it among the most important mountain environments in the country. It is an ideal destination where you can enjoy the warmth of Greek hospitality and views of

some picturesque villages in an alpine landscape. You can hike the mountain trails and discover the unspoiled Greece while following walking paths through wild flowers, lush valleys, ancient sites, and old pathways. Using the small near-by villages as your points of departure hit natural trails that will lead you to mountain peaks and breathtaking landscapes.

1 Archaeological Site of Delphi Delphi is one of the most famous places in the world and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. According to the legend, Zeus let two eagles fly from the ends of the world to find the navel of the Earth. And the sacred birds met at Delphi. Here lies the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Apollo, where pilgrims used to come to receive an oracle from the Pythia, the priestess of the god. The well preserved ruins make Delphi a unique monument.

2 ArACHOVA VILLAGE Arachova is the most renowned village of the mountain, at an altitude of 1,000m. A cosmopolitan spot with traditional guest houses, luxurious chalets and tavernas with local dishes. Don’t leave the village without tasting their local cheese, ‘formaela’, and local pasta ‘hilopites’. And take with you as a going-away present hand-made, and beautifully coloured woven carpets (rugs) and textiles.


3 PARNASSOS SKI CENTER On Mt Parnassus you will find the biggest downhill ski resort in Greece. The mountain’s high altitude offers ski lovers long-lasting snow-covered peaks, and the mountain is a very popular spot for visitors as it is located near Athens.

The classic elegance of dreamy hospitality on Mt Parnassus

HOTEL POLYDROSOS Surrounded by lush greenery, the picturesque Hotel Polydrosos will give you the sense of dreamy holidays in a traditional setting of Greece. Only 20min away from the world-famous archaeological site of Delfi, 45min from the scenic Arachova village and 10min from Parnassos Ski Center, the Hotel is the perfect getaway for nature, winter or history travels. All rooms of Hotel Polydrosos offer views of the garden or the beautiful village of Polydroso from their balcony. Each one includes A/C, heating, TV and private bathroom with bathrobes and slippers. Some rooms are equipped with a hydromassage shower. Guests can enjoy breakfast and Greek cuisine with local products in the Hotel’s restaurant next to the fireplace, use the free wi-fi throughout and relax at the cosy lounge. Hospitality at its best!

Polydrosos village • Phocis (Fokida) • Central Greece Tel. +30 2234051216 • Fax: +30 2234051749 • E-mail:

4 POLYDROSOS VILLAGE Located at the north shadows of mount Parnassus, Polydrosos village, 180km from Athens, has become a favourite tourism destination in central Greece. The village is characterised by its beautiful cobblestone square with plane trees, having nearby a church, a triple stone water spring, traditional taverns and cafes. Starting from Polydrosos, one can follow magical routes in nature and history: • Within just a 20min walking distance, you will reach the Springs of Agia Eleousa. The location impresses with its natural beauty and magnificent view. You will also see the ruins of a Byzantine church (6th -7th c.). • In winter months, you can go skiing at Parnassus, one of the most popular ski centres in Greece. • Every season you can enjoy hiking at the beautiful

trails of the mountain, biking, climbing or horse riding in an amazing nature. • Taste the local products of Polydrosos, mainly dairy and meat, and buy local wine.

For your accommodation, ‘Polydrosos Hotel’ is ideal, with its beautifully decorated rooms, its warm lounge and the fine services (Tel. +30 2234051216,


REPUBLIC OF Srpska Bosnia & Herzegovina

Discover a unique secret gem of Europe

Republic of Srpska is located on the western part of the Balkan Peninsula and is one of the two entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A bridge between East and West where Mediterranean and Alpine influences meet, it is a land rich with natural beauties and diverse cultural heritage. The 1.400.000 inhabitants are known for their big heart, hospitality and specific humor. The largest city is Banja Luka.



Republic of Srpska is the land of high mountains, valleys, crystal clear water and old forests. Experience an untouched corner of the world and enjoy with all senses. The tradition and religion of people shaped the cultural diversity of the Republic of Srpska making it unique in all its segments.


H.E. Mrs. Milica RISTOVIC KRSTIC Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Arslanagića Bridge Trebinje Banjaluka


Andrićgrad, Višegrad

Banjaluka Welcome to the capital of Republic of Srpska! City surrounded by green hills, divided into two parts by River Vrbas. Take time to truly get to know Banja Luka. Feel their authentic beauty by walking through numerous parks and visiting interesting historical places. You are fans of adventure and active holiday! Speed up your heart rhythm; meet the beauty around Banja Luka and experience extraordinary excitement, all at once. City’s pride is Fortress Kastel, placed on the banks of Vrbas river, where everything began few centuries ago. Through historical periods it has been a witness of city’s development, battles and trading, and today is a remarkable place for tourist to visit.

Trebinje Trebinje is located in the southernmost part of Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina), on the crossroads between the towns under the protection of UNESCO (Kotor, Mostar and Dubrovnik), and only 25 kilometers away from the Adriatic coast. Mediterranean climate with a lot of sunny days (260 a year) makes it an ideal place for living or spending a perfect vacation. The monastery Herzegovinian Gračanica on the hill Crkvina is one of the most beautiful sacred buildings in Herzegovina. The monastery was built on the model of the Gračanica monastery in Kosovo and Metohija. Monastery Tvrdoš was built on the foundations of a church from 4th century and it is one the oldest cultural-historical monuments in Republic of Srpska. During 16th and 17th century Tvrdoš was the seat of Hum-Herzegovina – Trebinje episcopacy. There are traces of the wine cellars in the Tvrdoš monastery dating as early as from the 15th century that successfully preserved to this day.

Monastery Tvrdoš Trebinje

Višegrad Višegrad is famous for the bridge on the Drina. It gained its fame from the Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić’s same name novel. The bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was built in 1577.The natural treasure of Višegrad is the Drina river. Drina Boat Rides, represents the most popular tourism product in this area. The excursions take visitors through impressive canyons.

Andrićgrad is tourist, cultural and educative stone town. The town itself is mixture of different epochs and styles that left their mark through history of this area: Byzantium style, Ottoman period, renaissance, classical period. Monastery Dobrun (XIV

century), 10 km from Višegrad keeps rich history, culture and tradition of this area. Not far from monastery there are remains of medieval fortified city Dobrun. As a part of monastery complex, there is a Museum of First Serbian uprising, gallery of paintings in Karađorđevići house, as well as Museum of Mitropolija Dabrobosanska.







LOCATION: The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) is situated in Kolympari, 24 km from the city of Chania and 39 km from Chania airport. CONFERENCE ORGANIZATION: In October 2018 the OAC completed 50 years (1968-2018) of operation. More than 2.550 national and international conferences have been organized and held here. The Foundation organizes meetings and is also available to others for the organization of conferences, seminars and workshops, with an experienced staff that supports the organizers from Universities, scientific and cultural Institutions and Organizations. The technical equipment in the specially designed conference rooms meets the up-to-date standards for any kind of meeting. OPEN: All year round.

projectors, display screens, speaker podiums with microphones, table and standing microphones for the speakers, laser pointers as well as 30 double-faced poster boards. Technical support is available throughout the meetings.

FACILITIES & AUDIOVISUAL EQUIPMENT: The OAC has two main conference rooms with a capacity of 650/400 and 90/70 ACCOMMODATION & MEALS: Single or double room (55 people respectively without/with tables. The large conference double rooms, 5 suites) with breakfast, coffee breaks including room has 6 interpreter’s cabins, and it may also be divided into coffee, tea, orange juice and Cretan traditional biscuits, waiter3 independent rooms. In addition, the OAC has 6 more rooms served or buffet-style lunch and dinner which may be used by working according to traditional Cretan cuisine, groups as well as meeting offices, including local wine. Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) exhibition halls and comfortable ADDITIONAL BONUS: Organization of Kolympari Kissamos, Chania - Crete spaces for outdoor events. There is conference’s excursion, trips and visits to Tel.: +30 28240 22500 / 22245 wireless internet access everywhere. ecclesiastical and archaeological sites as Fax: +30 28240 22060 The conference participants can also well as beaches. If requested, conference E-mail : photocopy or print their texts. The material can be provided. The OAC’s Site: meeting rooms are equipped with Site of the Library: libraries are at the disposal of conference video projectors, slides and overhead Facebook : Orthodox Academy of Crete participants and visitors. Instagram : orthodox_academy_of_crete 36 TRAVEL Twitter : @orth_acad_crete


Find your place in a dream land Buying property in Greece has firmly established itself as an excellent investment product with significant returns. With the country’s economy pacing steadily after a long time, and tourism recording a rise in arrivals and tourist receipts year after year, the sector’s prospects for further growth appear more promising than ever.


ccording to data published by the Bank of Greece, the inflow of foreign for the acquisition and development of real estate in Greece showed an annual increase of 130 percent in the first quarter of 2019. If the existing pace of property purchases continues throughout 2019, it is possible the year will end with total inflow of funds coming to 3 billion euros, another historic high for Greek realty. In 2018, the amount of money placed in the local property market rose 172 percent from 2017, to reach about 1.3 billion euros. Almost half of that, or 655 million euros, concerned property purchases by foreign investors, while the rest regarded investment moves, such as the development and reconstruction of existing properties. In 2017, an estimated 300 million euros came into Greece for the acquisition of properties. Real estate market professionals say that the main factors behind this massive spike in interest in Greek realty – besides a sense of financial stability after the end of the bailouts – are the expectation of considerable returns from the utilization of properties for short-term rentals and the success of the residence permit concession program for non-European Union citizens buying property assets of at least 250,000 euros. This year, up to June 4, 645 new “Golden Visas” have already been issued to non-EU investors. At this rate by the end of the year some 1,550 residence permits will have been issued, up from last year’s 1,400 Golden Visas. In total, since the start of this program in mid-2013, Greece has issued 4,537 such residence permits, with 60 percent of them (2,757) concerning Chinese investors who continue to be the most active. Russian and Turkish investors take up this option at a far lower rate.

Home sales on Greek islands ‘jump’ Holiday home transactions on selected islands of the Cyclades recorded a 54 percent annual increase in the first half of the year, according to an analysis of data from the Property Transaction Value Register of the Finance Ministry’s General Secretariat of Information Systems. The analysis, conducted by Geoaxis Property & Valuation Services, notes that the majority of buyers originated from other countries and that some of sought not only to acquire a holiday home in Greece but also to secure a residence permit for nonEuropean Union citizens (Golden Visa). Geoaxis also reports a notable increase in holiday home prices, with the biggest of these seen on Santorini. Other islands that have witnessed a surge in average rates for holiday properties include Kea, Mykonos, Paros, Kythnos, Antiparos, Aigina, Skopelos, Ithaca, Tinos. The most expensive island by far remains Mykonos. The Mykonos holiday home market, just like that on Santorini and several other islands in the Cyclades, including Antiparos, today excludes all but the wealthiest buyers – many of whom do so with investment rather than vacations in mind – mainly from the countries of the Middle East, as well as from Europe and the US. As for the Ionian Sea Region the recent report of Algean Property shows that the holiday home market in the area has continued unabated its upward course. Established destinations such as Corfu and Zante continue to produce solid yields thus attracting investors’ interest, while Lefkada and Kefalonia have emerged over the last few years as alternative options, having grown both in terms of stock and quality. (Source: 37 TRAVEL


LEFKADA Why it’s the best greek island to live and invest Every visitor is impressed with the verdurous splendor of this spot in Greece, on the unique blue waters of the Ionian Sea. In Lefkada nature and the unique culture bring forth a wondrous magic at every step and the beauty of our home awaits you with a large variety of landscape that harmoniously combines the sea with the mountain. Come and live with us… There are many reasons… By Panos Katopodis Real Estate Agent ‘Paradise Realty’ - Lefkada


efkada is the only island in Greece with the easiest access. Sections of the Egnatia Road and the underwater tunnel of Preveza-Aktio accommodate the visitor from N.W. Greece. Also, the island is reached by car since there is a floating bridge, 50 meters in length that connects it with the mainland. This offers easy access to the visitor, no matter where one comes from, also saving time and money as there are not burdens with ferry boat and ship expenses.

✓ It is near the large International Aktio Airport and the ports of Igoumenitsa and Patra that are the largest gateways of entry from western and central Europe.

✓ Lefkada offers an ultramodern marina with 600 mooring spaces including a lot of support building facilities.

✓ The beaches of the island (Porto

Katsiki, Eggremni, Gialos, Pefkoulia, Kathisma, Mylos, Ai Giannis, Gyra, Kastro, Mikros Gialos, Agiofylli etc.) are some of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean.


Find your place in Lefkada and invest in the ultimate experience

✓ Twenty four small

and larger islands are strewn across the sea and this entire archipelagos with the variety of landscape and its differences, is a challenge to everyone to explore. Meganisi is the largest of these islets and it’s a unique destination with three traditional villages, beautiful beaches and a distinct fjord coastline.

The wonderful small and large beaches of our island offer a multitude of activities to choose from: sailing, wind surfing, jet skiing, beach volley ball, diving and fishing are some of the activities that will give you unforgettable experiences.

It is the island where the “groans from the seas, the groans from the pines” cultivated some of the most sensitive poetic souls and leading individuals of Arts and Science. Aristotelis Valaoritis, our National poet, was inspired to write on the small island of Madouri. Still, Lefkada was a source of inspiration for the universal poet Aggelos Sikelianos, the historian Spyros Zabelio, the new age historian Nikos Svoronos, the internationally renowned expressionistic artist Theodore Stamos, the leading mezzo-soprano

Agni Baltsa. Also born in Lefkada was the National poet of Japan Lefkadios Hern or Iakumi Koizumi. There are still so many cases of Lefkadians who are leading academics, University professors, politicians, journalists, musicians, etc., with universal radiance.

Lefkada has rich customs and traditions for anyone to actively participate in and have fun. Theatre, music, exhibits, conventions and poetry readings take place every summer. Also, every August the streets of the island fill with dancers from all over the world who set up the “mega dance”, the dance of Peace and solidarity of all people.

It offers the visitor many and interesting sites (Museums, Libraries, Churches, Monasteries, etc.).

The heart of Hellenic hospitality beats in Lefkada. Nature has generously endowed it. It gave it natural beauty, decorated it with beautiful sandy beaches and emerald seas. People just added what was necessary to make your stay unforgettable. One thing is certain; Lefkada has so many options to offer you that it ensures you an eternal vacation full of pleasurable and truly unique experiences.


International Investment Offices Buy • Sell Property Management Valuation • Advisory KATOPODIS PANOS TEL: (+30) 26450 51622, (+30) 6982 806231 • E-mail: Our agency specializes in real estate, with many years of experience, in selling properties The agency collaborates with successful people active in real estate, in Greece and abroad. With credibility, consistency and trust, we offer innovative marketing and brokerage services in the Greek real estate market. If you want to sell a property of yours, we can help you in fully promoting your property to the right investors. Also, if you are looking for a property that meets certain criteria, we can help you find a commercial or private property that meets the right conditions. We provide excellent services in the management and development or construction of all sorts of buildings. Apart from property ads, which are available on our website, we offer opportunities and solutions to each client according to their wishes. We provide property valuations in terms of rental, sale or consideration and we also provide information on investment programs and foreign bank financing.

The satisfied client is always the goal of our services Villa in Lefkada


Island in the Ionian Sea



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Ocean front hotel in Lefkada



2 seaside villas in Lefkada




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