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LTMS600 Build Your Own Handout July 24 - Notes by Amanda Baker

Notes for the day Friday 7/08/11 Review of Thomas Friedman “The World is Flat� read it if you can - picture editing site (part of Google apps) embedding spreadsheets from Google docs open spreadsheet Share Publish as a webpage All Sheets Start publishing HTML for embed code - copy onto wiki page Widget - Other HTML - Paste - save Make wider - DC widget - change width to 800 Sir Ken Robinson - Daily video on teaching creativity Link - unschooled - bottom of day 3 - does a child need school? Reminder - participate in class blog daily and watch daily video - Dad reads bedtime stories for 9 years Also here Twitter - use tweetdeck to organize who you follow hasgtag - tags to search for people who are taking about a subject. More initial followers on Twitter - page 3 - list of people to follow (examples to get you started) Make sure you are listed as educator in HU program - edit your profile

Follow People - “Who to Follow” - use search function You choose who to follow and who can follow you. Open “Class list” and follow everyone in class on twitter In TweetDeck - “add column” “+” - name the column Search for #ltms600 When you tweet and want your tweet to be read by people in your group make sure you put a # “group” example: I am in class #ltms600 - for producing poles om twitter In tweetdeck, can filter columns at the bottom to search for a keyword.

Good teacher website with ideas of how to use twitter Another Twitter site __________________________________________________________________ Creative Commons - basically allowing people to use copyrighted material legally. Searchible legal database of pictures for students to use Flickr - great for storing photos Look at settings to determine how others can use your pictures - hover over the setting and an explanation will show up. Flikr has many applications for arranging, sharing, and presenting photos Google Images - use an advanced search -choose images that are user rights that are filtered -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***Read article Is Goodle Making Us Stupid and comment in discussion forums. Not mandatory.

Google Search tips: ● To search sites from another country use the domain extension for that country. ○ Example site domains: United States = US, United Kingdom = UK, Japan = JP ○ Example search to enter “ nuclear policy” in google search box to find North Korea’s nuclear policy. ○ In google advanced search enter term in “within a site or domain” box ● Example search: “google earth filetype:pdf“ if you only want pdf files. ● for search help. ● Can enter math probelms in search box for answer. ● Enter “define:frisbee” or whatever word you want to find the definition for. - gives you the google results on the left, wolfram alpha results on the right. It’s bookmarked in diigo. - doesn’t give links to answers, provides the answers - add to your toolbar search. - provides example searches Video by Conrad Wolfram on youtube and TED - how we should teach math given the fact that we can find the answers online. Food for thought. Video by Dan Meyer- problem with what we’re doing wrong in teaching math. CK12 Flexbooks - Can build your own textbook. “Some presentation sites to see” in moodle (day 3) shows powerpoint alternatives. Advantage to using slideshare is that you can embed the powerpoints and also add audio. - can also use to embed presentations. Animoto - can create really cool 30 second videos. Full song with educator account. Prezi Example Video Play around with the alternatives and find something you like (time in class). Think about whether or not it’s a tool that students can use to demonstrate their knowledge. Does it require an email address? Is it easy to use? What’s the best use to bump us up on the Bloom scale? RSA Animate Video - Sir Ken Robinson - changing education paradigms - quick audio file that can be downloaded as a WAV file.

7/26 - Day 4 Notes ● ●

Blabberize - make your photos talk (cute things but pretty lame?) Think about where these site fall on Bloom’s so they are really effective tools ○ Bloom’s Poster link ○ Levels of thinking skills ○ Verbs! ■ remember ■ understand ■ apply ■ analyze ■ evaluate ■ create

Best of Blog - Larry Ferlazzo

Will Richardson ● ● ● ● ●

We are Co-learners with out kids Every child can connect (due to the web) around the things they have a passion for. We make sure that takes place. Model that An individual’s learning practice needs to have shifted before bringing it into the classroom Build your personal network to find experts to bring into your classroom ○ have kids find them ○ Teaching doesn’t have to be isolated anymore ○ Twitter4teachers If these tools don’t raise the level of learning, we could be doing better with out time

Good Sites Showbeyond ● record option with each picture ● export powerpoint as jpgs ● upload package of jpgs ● need an account

Change width and height in embed code to change size of widget Shelfari ● book recommendations


Tube chop ● if there is a question mark at the end of the link with a whole bunch of stuff afterwards → remove everything after and including the & ● ex: becomes http://

Google Earth Google Earth 6 ○ ○ 3D street view Goolge Earth Blog ● ● ● ●

shift + down arrow tilts the screen shift + left and right arrows rotate position double click/scroll wheel zooms in

layers (bottom left) ○ turn on 3d buildings ● Street view ○ drag and drop little yellow man to a street that turns blue and drop ● Photos ○ 360 cities ○ double click to enter bubbles for real 360 view ○ make sure 3d buildings is turned off ● Webcam ○ gallery ● Tours ○ find 4 places ○ put in a folder ○ turn on camera icon (record a tour) ○ record bottom in lower left ○ turn on mic ○ watch for screencast tonight! ○ can turn on any layer you want Goolge Maps ● sign in ● create a new map ● unlisted ● done ● collaborate

○ e-mail collaborators ○ they will be able to get in and add to the map Click Edit to add push pin

LTMS600 Class Notes  
LTMS600 Class Notes  

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